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Eco-friendly travel guide to Accra advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Accra, Ghana.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3/ 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$180 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $350

Responsible Travel

Accra is the capital of Ghana on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Accra is a favorite destination for many local and international tourists owing to the existence of plenty of tourist attraction sites like for starters the oldest University in the country.

History records Accra as a prosperous trading center in the 17th Century. The Danes and the Dutch left the region in 1850 and 1872, respectively, and in 1877 Accra became the capital of the British Gold Coast colony. Upon Ghana’s Independence in 1957, Accra became formalized as the country's capital.

Regional and international tourists alike coming into Accra are mostly going to land at Kotoka International Airport. The airport receives over 3 million passengers annually being serviced by all the major airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Fly Emirates, Air France, and more. The airport is located less than 2 kilometers from the center of Accra making travel cheaper and easier.

The airport’s location is convenient for travelers heading straight out to explore Accra or those coming in for business workshops. From the hub, travelers can use Uber which works well in Ghana. It is a very cheap and more convenient way of getting to your hotel or tourist site comfortably.

Local or even some regional travelers will prefer to use the state-operated bus service formally known as State Transportation Corporation. The bus service is on a schedule so no delays are waiting for buses to fill up.

Similar to public buses are Ford Vans privately owned but cost more. Another disadvantage is that they have to fill up first before departing. When traveling in Accra as is the same anywhere else, tourists are advised to keep their valuables close to themselves and avoid unofficial transport.

As a tourist travelling to Accra there are many things you should keep in mind in order to play your role as a responsible tourist. You need to make sure that you are not exploiting the environment in any way. You should give back in every way possible. Some of the ways to travel responsibly are:

  • Do not litter: Wherever you go, carry a disposable bag with you and make sure you put in your trash in that bag and dispose it off in designated dustbins around the area.
  • Use public transport: Using public transport will massively decrease your carbon footprint and you will find that it also a very economical way of travelling. Travelling in private vehicles not only adds to the pollution of the city but also is very expensive.
  • Carry around metal straws: It may sound like a very insignificant thing to do but every year millions of plastic straws are thrown into the sea endangering the wildlife. Carrying a disposable metal straw will not only be easy and hygienic for you but will also make a massive difference in the environment.
  • Supporting local businesses: Instead of buying from multinational chains, try to support the local artisans and entrepreneurs. This will lift up the local economy and you will not be contributing to the unethical ways of the multinational chains who do not dispose off their waste in a sustainable way or have a sustainable business model.

Air Quality and Pollution

Accra became the first African city to join BreatheLife Campaign, a program supported by the United Nations Environment’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition. The program aims to tackle air pollution via a multi-pronged local approach to improving air quality and reaping liveability co-benefits.

The BreatheLife campaign is one of the many measures taken to try and solve the challenge of Accra's worsening air pollution. Data released by Ghana's Environmental agency EPA shows Accra has average annual air pollution levels but that are about five times the WHO guideline average for the most health-damaging fine particles of PM.2.5.

Health statistics show an increasing number of children acquiring pneumonia, due to spending a lot of time on charcoal cookstoves. Older people bear the brunt of other air pollution-related diseases, such as heart attack, lung cancer, and stroke.

World Health Organization experts however argue that average annual air pollution levels are also strongly influenced by peaks experienced during seasonal dust storms.

During other months of the year, Accra's air quality is higher — with good potential for achieving even better results if the city and national authorities can take firm action.

The government through local municipality has also put in place stricter rules governing the quality of cars suitable for road use, and limited pollution from petrol manufactures and retailers.

Respect the Culture

Do not be surprised if locals refuse to accept money or goods handed to them with the left hand. This is deeply offensive, and it is recommended that travelers strictly use the right hand. The reason is that, before the advent of the toilet and toilet paper, the left hand to clean yourself after obeying a call of nature. Thus, the right hand was reserved for greetings and eating. Other very important traditions you should take note of in Accra include:

  • The handshake: Traditional handshakes are not recommended due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, some locals continue with their unique handshakes. Ghanaian handshake is an elaborate meeting of palms, thumbs, and forefingers. Travelers are encouraged not to suspect any foul play as the handshake takes more time than your average Western handshake.
  • Keeping the dead: Funerals are lavish affairs in Ghana as relatives spend a lot of money on food and entertainment for guests. As such, some families can keep their deceased in mortuaries for as long as they need to source the money for lavish funerals. So, do not be surprised to come across a funeral that is lavish and certainly not similar to a western one.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park: Kwame Nkrumah was born in 1909 and rose to become the first Prime Minister in Ghana upon its Independence in 1957. He died in 1972, and in his honor, a mausoleum and memorial park were constructed along High Street in Accra, Ghana. It is recommended that travelers plan two hours as this memorial park is more of a museum with important history and knowledgeable guides. Nkrumah’s wife is also buried on the site.
  • Osu Castle: Also known as Christianborg Castle, Osu castle was a fascinating place to visit. Guides will help travelers learn about the history of the Ghanaian people. Originally built by the Danes, the castle was occupied by many other entities thereafter. The Portuguese, Dutch, British, and local rulers have occupied it over the years. All occupants were active in the slave trade. As a result, a dungeon where the slaves were held captive was built and can be seen by travelers.
  • Osu Oxford Street: This street has it all. It has a wonderful collection of the sophisticated (mall, hospitals, banks) and the earthy, including flocks of goats who roam the street. Great place for food and entertainment where you can find many bars and restaurants with great vibes. Be sure to check it out.
  • Black Star Gate: This historical monument was commissioned to mark the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II. Kwame Nkrumah himself advocated for the construction of the monument which was undertaken by the Public Works Department in Accra and completed in January 1961. Travelers can climb to the top of the monument for some breathtaking views.
  • W.E.B. DuBois Center:The center is located on Circular Road, Cantonments just a few meters from the US Embassy and close to Ghana International School in Accra. American born advocate for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois resided at the center and was laid to rest there in 1963. Travelers have access to his library as well.
  • Jamestown/Usshertown, Accra: Jamestown and Usshertown are the oldest districts of Accra. They emerged as communities around the 17th Century. Its annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival is a mix of old colonial architecture. The exciting street-market atmosphere is also a favorite event for many tourists. Travelers can climb the lighthouse for amazing views. It is recommended that travelers pop into Deo Gratia's studio, the oldest photography studio in the city.
  • Visit Accra Shopping Mall: It is located on Plot C11, Spintex Rd. Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, Accra Ghana. The mall has a big parking space for travelers using rented vehicles. Located inside the mall are a good amount of shops with both moderate and costly prices.
  • Labadi Pleasure Beach: This is a very popular beach in Accra. It is usually packed with people on weekends. The downside to the beach is that there is a lot of pollution around it which may put tourists off. Also, on weekends, there is a lot of music and noise on the beach depriving travelers of a serene experience.
  • The National Theatre: Local artists and performers frequently grace the National Theatre for live performances which travelers can also attend. Since its construction in 1990, the theatre has provided the stage for many upcoming artists and performers. There is also a national symphony orchestra available to entertain guests.
  • Makola Market: This is not your modern-day market full of renowned designer shops. No, Makola Market stands out as a typical African market where you can find all the local produce whether fresh or dried. This is an opportunity for travelers to mingle with locals who are very warm and receptive to visitors. It is recommended that travelers take only necessary goods. The place is often crowded so it is important you are security conscious.
Osu Castle


The tourism industry in Ghana is a major cash engine that provides unparalleled business returns, creates career opportunities and wealth, and stimulates various areas of the economy. This capital city is full of life and vibrancy. Whether you are an independent tourist or family, at a big annual event or on business, Accra has something to make you feel good.

City Parks

  • Mmofra Place:

The park is located on Sir Emmanuel Quist Street in the capital. It closes at 4 pm, so travelers ought to arrive earlier. The safety of the children is assured, and they will never get bored due to the spacious nature of the park.

  • Memory Lane Park:

This park is popular in Accra for hosting weddings and other social gatherings. Its complementary drinks offer attracts many event planners.

Despite the crowd, the park still has room for private visits by tourists. Just look out for events such as weddings which may be noisy.

  • Asomdwe Park:

Asomdwee Park is the burial grounds of the Late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, former President.

The park was recently given a facelift to enhance its status as a national monument in honor of the former President.

National Parks

  • Densu Delta Protected Area:

Densu Delta Protected Area is a reserve and has great importance for the natural treasure of Ghana. The reserve is famous for birds that migrate to the region seasonally creating a natural spectacle not to be missed. The place includes all the basic amenities such as shelters, toilets, and running water, along with many facilities to make your visit comfortable. If you are planning a day out with family and kids, this could a great option for you.

  • Efua Sutherland Children's Park:

This park is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It was started in 1979 and known as Accra Children's Park or Ridge Park and later renamed. This park is a great way to start a day out with children. The park is next to the National Theatre making it easier to combine activities with low-cost options.

  • Achimoto Forest:

This zoo is very interactive, and you can get up close and personal with the animals. The guides are very knowledgeable and helpful. The lion exhibit is especially amazing. If you do get very close to the lions, you would be amazed at how interesting they can be to watch.


  • Bojo Beach:

The lovely boat ride provides a quiet and intimate time on the beautiful waters of the Densu River. The Bojo beach is located at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean. You can find a hotel and a road close to the mainland making the beach easily accessible. The beach is a lovely place to hang out with friends and family.

  • Labadi Pleasure Beach:

This is a very popular beach in Accra. It is usually packed with people on weekends. The downside to the beach is that there is a lot of pollution around it which may put tourists off. Also, on weekends, there is a lot of music and noise on the beach depriving travelers of quiet time.

  • Kokrobite Beach:

Not one for the faint-hearted as the beach is not very active. It is still pleasant with eating options and sandy parts. Nice spots for photos can be found on the beach especially on the rocks.

  • Coco Beach:

The place is equipped with the usual facilities, as well as is food and drink. However, the beach is not as clean which can be unattractive.


  • Cathedral Church of the Most Holy Trinity:

The Cathedral is not a tourist attraction but rather a pretty landmark that travelers are likely to pass through whilst in the city. It is still functional up to now and worth a stop if you want to learn about the history of the church. The location of the Cathedral is on February Road right inside the city.

  • Accra Central Mosque:

Similar in structure to the Turkish Blue Mosque is Accra Central Mosque located on Abose-Okai Rd. The Mosque is complete with arches and a tall minaret. The complex includes a secular high school, as well as a college for Koranic studies.

  • Accra International Conference Centre:

Mostly for visitors planning to host events whilst in Accra. This modern-day conference center is equipped with spacious conference halls and an excellent PA system. It has hosted all kinds of programs, including Earl Klugh's concert in Accra in 2017. The main auditorium can host at least 300 people, and the gallery hosts another 100. Two smaller auditoriums seat about 200 each.

  • Ghana Supreme Court:

This is the apex of Ghana’s judiciary system and a nice building just to capture as you walk past. It houses the office of the Chief Justice who ranks fourth on Ghana's hierarchy of leadership. Not a tourist attraction but one for the photo album for sure.


  • National Museum of Ghana:

The museum was opened in 1957 as part of Ghana’s independence celebrations. This makes it the oldest of the six museums run by the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board. The museum is located on Barnes Road.

Unfortunately, it had been closed for a while for renovations. Visitors are encouraged to contact their holidaymakers on the status of the museum.

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum:

The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and memorial park are located in this city.

It is dedicated to the prominent Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah. The memorial complex was dedicated in 1992 and is situated on the site of the former British colonial polo grounds in Accra.

  • Museum for Science and Technology:

Exhibits in this museum include a human heart and a piece of stone from the moon. The museum incorporates a library and provides educational activities for children.

It is the brainchild of two lecturers from the Legon Campus of the University of Ghana. The Museum of Science and Technology opened its doors to the public in 1965.

The institution aims to inspire those who visit, and particularly its more youthful guests, with a desire to discover more about the sciences and technological development in the world around them.

Other museums in Ghana include:

  • Volta Regional Museum
  • Cape Coast Castle Museum
  • The Museum of Nzema Culture and History
  • Upper East Regional Museum


Accra certainly does not disappoint serving some of the most delicious dishes on the continent. The capital’s restaurants are filled with chefs buzzing with excitement at the opportunity to re-create amazing traditional dishes and even new ones. Here is a couple of local restaurants you should try whilst in the capital.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • The Ghanaian Village:

Traditional Ghanaian dishes taste even better accompanied by the spectacular views of the beach at the Ghanaian Village. It offers dishes on reservations, outdoor seating, and table service basis. Dishes on offer include seafood and fish, and the local beer club or a glass of South African wine.

  • The Neem Grill:

Located on Mama Adjele Rd, Accra, Neem Grill specializes in grilled meat, seafood, and brick-oven pizza. The phenomenal cocktail drinks complement the well-cooked variety of fish, seafood, and vegetables on offer usually served as platters. The modern woodwork and maintained lawn add to the cozy environment awaiting travelers at The Neem Grill.

  • Chez Clarisse:

This is one of the many local restaurants on Oxford Street. Chez has a nice African outdoor setting. It is more of a courtyard, so travelers are recommended to wear something long to cover your legs if you are visiting in the evening. Dishes on offer include acheke (made from cassava) with grilled tilapia.

  • Buka Restaurant:

Buka is located on 10th Lane, Osu, Accra. It offers not only local dishes, but its menu includes dishes from all over the continent served by warm personnel. The restaurant is a cut above the rest as it offers vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options to relevant customers.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Assase Pa - The Earth is Good

The restaurant has taken the approach to serve traditional Ghanaian foods vegetarian way. It is located on AMA Compound, High St, Accra. The operation schedule is from Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm. Also available is a juice bar and soya milk.

  • Pat's Vegetarian Health Food Center

The vegan restaurant serves Ghanaian food on a daily-changing menu. Open mainly for lunch hours, with snacks such as soy-kebabs and veggie burgers available in the later hours of the .day Also available is a shop that sells organic and natural health products. Other vegetarian restaurants available include:

  • Tatale Vegan Restaurant
  • Beas Vegan Kitchen
  • Health Valley Ghana

Street Food

Streets of Accra are filled with many small entrepreneurs operating food stall located conveniently for the late and hungry local person or traveler. likewise in the mornings, street food stalls are a hive of activity with customers queuing up for a quick bite before heading out to work or the airport. Here is a list of recommended street food outlets to try:

  • Philippo’s Tilapia Joint:

For the best-grilled tilapia in town, visit Philippo’s Tilapia Joint which is located in East Legon. The fish grilled in front of the public is spiced with peppers and other indigenous herbs, with the customers having an input on how spicey they want the fish to be. Be sure to give it a try.

  • Auntie Muni Waakye:

If the choice of food outlet is based on popularity alone, then this outlet comes second to none. It gained popularity in Accra for the introduction of Waakye (cooked rice and beans) for breakfast and lunch. With Waakye, you get to experience the variety of flavors that Ghanaians savor daily, as it combines many other sub-foods with the rice-and-bean base. It is recommended that travelers visit the outlet for a try.

  • Pork Office

The simplified menu on offer is centered on juicy, spicy hunks of pork, either grilled or fried. Its Jollof is guaranteed to make you a fan of the Ghanaian version putting to bed the argument with the Nigerian version. This is not just because it’s affordable but because of the subtle yet exciting flavors locked into the grains of rice – guaranteed to make you crave more.


Water and beverages in any community provide an insight into the quality of living in any location. Water especially is a marker of pollution and the general health of residents. Travelers are encouraged to be cautious of what they drink on tour.


Drinking water is difficult to find anywhere in Ghana and Accra is no different. There are two other drinking water options: filtered water and uncontaminated bagged water. Filtered water is what you know in the West and Voltic is a big brand here. When getting any of this, make sure the seal is flawless. Uncontaminated water is sold everywhere in small, fixed plastic bags.

Although a filtration system has been developed for this type of water, there are no guidelines, and all organizations that create clean water use an alternative filtration procedure.

Organic Cafés

Cafes inside Accra ensure that even the most hard-to-please coffee and tea lovers are left satisfied. These cafes offer the usual beverages, smoothies as well as the famous jollof rice, a West African staple. Other suggested cafes include:

  • Cafe Kwae
  • Vida e Café
  • Cafe Mondo
  • Second Cup


  • Palm Wine, Akpeteshi, and Casapreco:

Mixed sodas are great for life, whether it is a set or an overnight portion (fine palm wine). The blue and white wall of stakes you see is used to show the origin of the drink or "place" from where it was brought to Ghana. Most of the time, you will see the local people spilling small drops of drink onto the floor to complement their predecessors.


Physical health does not have to stop because you are away from home and your usual surroundings. Gyms and Yoga centers are available in Accra to help you stay in top shape during your visit.

Yoga and Retreats

Afraid to miss out on your Yoga sessions? No Problem, we have made this quick guide where you can find some yoga studios and yoga shops to buy yoga equipment. The following are available for Yoga sessions:

  • Bliss Yoga Accra
  • Accra Shala Yoga
  • Pippa's Health Centre
  • Rooftop yoga at Labone
  • Ashwell studio


Accra like any other state capital has many options for accommodation ranging from top-class five-star hotels to apartments and hostels.

International tourists planning to visit the capital are advised to seek accommodation well in advance from reputable sources to avoid being defrauded off their money.

Some of the hotels recommended in Accra include:

  • Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City:

Luxurious accommodation provided by friendly and cautious staff is what is guaranteed when you enter address Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue PMB 66 Accra Ghana. The hotel was opened in the fourth quarter of 2015 and has fast 269 rooms.

It is recommended that visitors book rooms well in advance as the hotel is a popular destination for hosting many NGO’s and Government officials and delegates.

  • Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa Accra:

The hotel is located along Dr. Isert Rd North Ridge in the capital. All of its 199 rooms are furnished with amenities such as Wi-Fi, television sets, air conditioning, and room service.

Property amenities available include a tennis court and a fitness center with a gym and a workout room. The hotel offers free airport transportation which is recommended to make travel easier for tourists.

  • Golden Tulip Accra:

Golden Tulip has an edge over other hotels mainly because it is only 2 kilometers from the airport and another 10 minutes from the city center.

It gets better, the hotel is located in a quiet suburb and offers a free airport shuttle. At the Golden Tulip, visitors get to experience a hotel with an African style having a lovely ambiance and delightfully landscaped grounds. Whether for business or leisure, Golden Tulip Accra is the place to be.

  • Hill View Hotel:

This 3-star hotel is located at number 10 10th Ave McCarthy Hills, Accra. It lies overlooking the busting Accra city center. Tourists are assured of hospitality, which encompasses comfort, luxury, and elegance.

  • Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra:

The complimentary airport shuttle will get tourists to and from the hotel which is 7 kilometers away. It is recommended that business travelers choose this hotel as it is close to The Accra Financial Centre, World Trade Centre, International Conference Centre, and Government Ministries. This five-star hotel is convenient for conferences because it is equipped with facilities on the ground floor such as a 736sqm ballroom with 5 adjacent meeting rooms, a business center, and a large pre-function area.

  • Afri-Royal Hotel:

Fancy a full English or Irish breakfast whilst in Accra? Then, the Afri-Royal hotel is just the place for you. The hotel offers accommodation with a garden and free WiFi throughout the property. Places of interest within close range of the hotel include Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which is within 13 km of the hotel.

Green Hotels

Green hotels play a vital role in reducing pollution and driving forward the agenda for cleaner healthier cities and environments.

Everything about such hotels from construction to day-to-day operations is centered around finding clever solutions to reduce pollution and yet provide world-class service.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Sandpark Place, West Hills: Though the guest house is located further away from the city center, services provided here adequately fill the void. Major details concerning accommodation at West Hills is that it comes with a shared lounge, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace.

The nearest airport is Kotoka International Airport, 27 km from the guest house.

  • Logess Estates Guesthouse:

Continental and à la carte breakfast options are available every morning at Logess Estates Guesthouse. A shared lounge area allows guests to relax and mingle.

It is a family house, with only six rooms making it a friendly home for travelers. Logess Estates is recommended for families traveling together or small groups of travelers. This guesthouse is located in the suburb Adenta-East of Accra.

  • Feehi's Place Hostel:

South African citizens arriving at the South African embassy in Ghana would be best suited to seek accommodation at the hostel. It is located within 500 meters of the embassy and offers free parking. Couples particularly like the hostel and highly rate it so be sure to try it out when on a date in Accra.

  • Nana's Holiday Let:

Every room at this apartment is equipped with its bathroom for maximum privacy. The accommodation site is great for bikers as it offers a bike rental service. A variety of breakfast options on offer include Continental, Italian, Full English/Irish, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten-free, Kosher, Asian, American.


  • Accra Luxury Apartments:

Situated in Accra, 5 km from Independence Arch and 7 km from Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, the site offers nothing but luxury at its best.

Accra Luxury Apartments are Contemporary Story Apartments with excellent modern amenities and manicured gardens. The location makes it more attractive as it is at the heart of the city center of Accra.

From the city center, it is a fifteen mins drive from the Airport and ten mins drive from Marina Mall. Comprehensive hospitality services, car rental tours, Uber, and Taxify services are available at an affordable price to guests.

  • Connect Africa Apartments:

A business center and on-site meeting rooms cater for guests traveling for business purposes. The apartment has spacious, neat rooms that complement its quiet location.

The crews over there are always on hand to cater to any customer needs. Rooms on site are fitted with flat-screen TV sets and some select rooms come with a kitchen having an oven. The apartment accepts visitors who make prior booking arrangements. This is recommended for greater convenience.

  • Montecito Apartments:
Koala Shopping Center is within walking distance from Montecito Apartments which is a bonus for travelers seeking accommodation there. 

The fitted balcony allows visitors to relax and catch up on the day's events whilst drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Visitors can easily reach the famous Oxford Street which is only minutes away from the apartment.

Other Apartments worth mentioning include:

  • Francesco apartment 2
  • Denya Ringway


Ghana has a well-established couch surfing community for visitors itching to experience the everyday life of some locals. Many locals have successfully registered their houses on the couch surfing website and are ready to welcome visitors.

However, it is recommended that visitors intending to use couch surfing as an option for accommodation contact reliable homeowners.

Also, travelers are advised to be aware of the traditions and culture of Ghanaians to ensure that their stay is as comfortable as possible.


Camping is a growing trend for regular travelers who have grown out of favor with traditional hotels and guest houses. It offers fun, intimate time with nature but this is only if the campsite is chosen well and prepared for.

Many resorts and some hotels offer camping spaces at variable prices. Here are some of the recommended campsites in Accra:

  • Achimoto forest
  • Pentecost Prayer Camp
  • Burma Camp
  • Nordsee Beach Resort

How to Get There

Though flying is the most practical way of getting to Accra, other options such as public transport, via cruise ships, and trains are available to visitors.


Air travel is the first choice for external tourists. Travel to Accra is via the Kotoka International Airport. This airport receives over 3 million passengers annually being serviced by all the major airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Fly Emirates, Air France, and more.

The airport is located less than 2 kilometers from the center of Accra making travel cheaper and easier.


Intercity buses, known as STC buses (State Transportation Corporation), are comfortable, run regularly, and are safe for tourists. The bus service is on a schedule so there are no delays to be experienced while waiting for buses to get full.

Similar to public buses are Ford Vans privately owned. A disadvantage though is that they are more expensive. Another disadvantage is that they have to fill up first before departing. Traveling to Accra is the same anywhere else, however, tourists are advised to keep their valuables close to themselves and avoid unofficial transport.


Accra Train station was constructed in 1910 and is the main railway station in Accra. The station is located on Kwame Nkurumah Avenue.

Train service in Accra is not that reliable and visitors are recommended to use alternative methods of travel. Trains seldom arrive at scheduled time and travelers are advised to take heed.


This can be said to be a riskier option as it exposes travelers to potential robbery. Criminals will be on the lookout for foreigners and hitchhiking is not recommended.


A few cruise ships running between Europe and Southern Africa make temporary stops in Ghana but not long enough to allow for exploration. Main ports are Takoradi and Tema. These ports service ships run between Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and South Africa.

Moving Around

This is by far the most important factor when it comes to any travel. Navigation difficulties can put an end to a trip before it even begins. Travelers must therefore pay attention to the following options for moving around in Accra:


Walking around Accra is a great option to explore the city. However, travelers as in any city are urged to be cautious. Some of the hazards include open trenches along the roads (gutters), missing pavement stones, holes, and uneven surfaces.

If you are prone to sprained ankles, consider bringing some high-top shoes or an ankle wrap for extra support.


A couple of hotels, guest houses, and apartments have bike rental services for travelers willing to explore Accra whilst cycling.

Exploration is better done outside the city center with less traffic. Generally, Accra motorists view cyclists as a nuisance and the danger involved when using the roads is often enough to dissuade many commuters from cycling.

The Centre for Cycling Expertise carried out an in-depth study into the cycling patterns of Accra and visitors are recommended to take a look at the study for more details.

Electronic Vehicles

A study reviewed that Ghana's energy surplus of 98.59 GWh is enough to charge at least 1.5 million electric vehicles.

However, there are not many electric cars charging stations in Accra as the concept is only beginning to make its way into the capital. Travelers using electric vehicles can charge at these three hotels:

  • Uphill Lodges
  • Luxurious En-suite 4bedroom house for vacation rental
  • Nabegyi Hotel

Public Bus

  • Intercity Buses:

Intercity buses, known as STC buses (State Transportation Corporation), are comfortable, run regularly, and are safe for tourists.

Safety is of huge concern when using public transport to travel. Buses heading west and north leave from Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle station, while Tudu station at the north end of Makola Market serves travelers going out of Accra.

Buses have stops within the city center, so it is possible to take them to get around. Buses allow tourists to interact with locals which adds excitement to the journey.

  • Ford Vans:

These vans are like Tro-Tros except that they cost a little more, but are more comfortable with air conditioning. This is recommended if you intend on taking which long drives considering the prevalent weather condition in the city.

This method to get around in Accra is great if you are planning to go to Cape Coast. Ford vans however have more unstable schedules which may be frustrating to passengers.

They are less tightly regulated than public buses therefore safety during travel is an issue. Travelers are recommended to use other means of transport.

Tram, Train and Subway

Accra is experiencing rapid urbanization largely due to a natural increase and migration of people from rural areas to the main centers of commercial activity.

Unfortunately, Accra does not have a subway. Having one would go a long way to reduce traffic congestion in the capital.

To help solve the problem of congestion, the government introduced the "Metro Mass Transit" and the "Aayalolo" respectively to supplement the efforts of Ghana's commercial transport industry.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping provides a hands-on traveler experience. Time spent at markets and stores are amongst some of the best moments travelers can capture. Here are some of the food markets in Accra:

Food Markets

  • Makola:

This renowned market is hard to miss in Accra. It spans a massive 15- 20 kilometers and has different entry points due to its vastness.

There is no mistaking the market, the populace immediately increases in its number and you immediately know you have reached your destination.

Makola has everything except for cars and buses. The market is segmented into different categories. Tourists are advised to expect constant yelling out of, 'Ohema! Customer! Sweetheart! from sellers.

  • Madina Market:

Madina is not as big as Makola, however, it is just as busy. Access to the market is not as easy by car, therefore visitors are recommended to walk to the market.

Farmers from Koforidua, a popular farming district in Ghana often deliver produce at Madina before other markets. However, Madina is on average more expensive than Makola.

Food vendors at the main entrance to the market also price higher due to their favorable position so you are better off entering the market itself to get lower prices.

  • Agblogbloshie:

Produce at this market comes from farms in Northern Ghana and Burkina Faso. Most of the people at the market purchase to stock up their shops in other parts of the city.

Fruits, foodstuffs are sold in reused metal containers especially the margarine and tin tomato tins which act as weights. Hygiene at the market is not the best so travelers are encouraged to wear masks.

  • Adenta Market:

Adenta market is housed in a local mall. The ground floor level is well laid with arranged stalls that the market women have occupied.

Adenta is less stressful as compared to all the other markets, just smaller in size. The quality of produce at the market is very high. Every local produce is available. Parking is also easy.

Adneta is more expensive than Madina and Makola, depending on what you are purchasing. However, the added price is worth it considering the ease at which one can reach the market. The market serves the Adenta metropolitan area but surprisingly not as busy.

  • Slahaa Market

The market is close to Jamestown beach. It's proximity to the beach make it well-known for its fresh fish. Not as big as Makola, the small market is located right after the Ghana Post Office building.

Access to the market is not as stressful as Agblogbloshie due to the small size of the market. Tire-clamping is common in the market.

Visitors are recommended to be careful not to park in a no-parking zone. The usual food products can be found displayed in this market which is structured in one long stretch instead of stalls. Traditional snacks like nkatie cake, akooshi, aduulee are also available.

The fish sold at Slahaa market is relatively cheaper than what's sold at Makola, you must possess bargaining prowess to get the best prices though.

Flea Markets

There are not many flea markets in Accra because of the overwhelming competition from the big markets such as Makola.

Almost every product is available at these big markets and customers prefer to go there. However, there is one flea market worth mentioning:

  • Kejetia Market:

A tour of the Katejia market will enable visitors to experience a true taste of Ghanaian life.

Second Hand Stores

The second -hand stores in the city mostly sell clothes. Do not be surprised by the name given to second- hand clothes in Accra. Locals here label second- hand clothes ‘broni we wu' meaning 'the white person has died'.

This is from a claim that death is the most likely reason for their belongings being put back on the market.

  • Kantamanto Market:

This is Accra’s biggest and most popular second-hand market. It is located right in the heart of the capital, Accra; annexed to Makola Market. The sale of imported packages of second- hand clothes, usually given for donation in Europe and Asia.

New stock comes in on Wednesday and Saturday, hence these are the busiest days at the market.

Apart from the market, Accra has a budding online platform on Facebook for second -hand clothes. Interested parties can access these shops online and communicate there. Travelers are advised to be aware of fraudsters.


Eco shopping can be defined as clothing, shoes, and accessories that are manufactured, marketed, and used in the most sustainable manner possible, considering both environmental and socio-economic aspects.

The concept is still new to Accra however strides are being made to introduce modern-day stores that are keen on Eco shopping.


Like many other urban centers, Accra’s waste management is an issue of great concern. Encouragingly, companies there are coming up with new ways to tackle it.


An innovation to tackle the problem of waste in Accra is called SESA Program. The concept of the program was crafted by the SESA recycling company.

It aims to encourage recycling by the sorting of plastics, aluminum, and other valuable waste. The company aims to deploy fixed and mobile collecting kiosks for recyclables to generate extra income for local communities while revealing the value of waste.

Work and Study Abroad

The capital has many universities offering quality education at affordable prices. Universities accept international students on a full-time basis or exchange programs. Some of the universities found in Accra include:

  • University of Ghana
  • Regent University College of Science and Technology
  • Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
  • Valley View University
  • Ghana Technology University College
  • Central University

Exchange Student

Eligible students should be enrolled in a degree program at a home university at the time of application.

The student also must complete at least the first year of university studies. Requirements differ across institutions and interested parties should consult universities for further information.

Au Pair

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Au pairs take on a share of the family's responsibility for childcare as well as some housework.

They receive a monetary allowance for personal use. The practice is not common in Accra but is slowly finding its way as citizens get busier.


Inside Africa Volunteer (IAFRIVO) is one of the leading travel abroad, volunteer, and internship organizations without any political or religious affiliations.

It places special focus on community development projects, including a wide range of humanitarian and community outreach projects.

IAFRIVO has also partnered with reputable organizations in Ghana looking for international volunteers and interns.

The organization's projects are carefully designed for all persons, students, recent graduates, and individuals from all academic backgrounds and all levels of experience.

The programs include tailor-made short term and long -term experimental study abroad programs for school credit or career development.

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