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Eco-friendly travel guide to Almaty advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $500

Responsible Travel

Almaty is one of the most popular cities to be situated in the country of Kazakhstan and such is its fame that tourists from all across the globe throng to see it. The city is home to a population of over 2 million people and this directly does have repercussions on its natural resources and the pollution levels around. Being the largest city in the country, Almaty is the centre of all major activities in the nation. Especially being a key location for the country’s economy, comprising of one-fifths of the nation’s GDP. It is primarily a banking hub with a sizeable influence of media houses due to their presence here. The city is home to some of the most scenic places in urban Kazakhstan and it does invite scores of tourists for leisure. In addition to this, there are those tourists who visit the city for work-related purposes, this does considerably impact the environment, hence, as a tourist, you can take a few steps to ensure a greener and a cleaner trip, a few of these are given below:

A significant bit of responsible exploring needs living for your target so that you utilise the close-by resources in the best possible manner and one such course for you to do that as a traveller is to stay in an eco-friendly or a green accommodation. This will help you in ensuring that you decrease your impact on the atmosphere and picking a good green hotel will give you all the solaces and workplaces in a generously more viable manner.

In like manner, endeavour to research close by food at essential restaurants to acknowledge unfathomable Kazakh cooking. Avoid enormous advanced lifestyles and overall brands regardless. The smaller bistros, diners, and even food trucks will serve you indisputably the most real dishes, even more, in case you plan to set up your own local meal you can be guaranteed that you get the trimmings from neighbourhood food markets and not mega stores. The freshest produce including vegetables, fish, and a wide scope of meats will be found at these business areas, they will be assessed appropriately additionally and oftentimes serve to be the difference between an average dish and a masterpiece.

The close-by business areas are known to be a seldom explored jackpot, here you will find everything from old pieces to secretly made items that reflect the fine craftsmanship. Besides, this will help the local economy in a critical way as you will put money directly into the pockets of the makers/creators and possibly leap out the agents in between. This will moreover enable you to help these little organisations that don't work out of insatiability and utilise the city's benefits warily.

Lastly, do your best and use public transportation as much as could sensibly be termed as normal. There are such an enormous number of decisions and the comfort of a private vehicle or a taxi is undeniably more overwhelming, it is recommended that you use the metro, and the transports, these are profitable, monetarily astute, and they without a doubt help you with reducing your carbon impression. Also, Almaty is a city with limited options for transport and to travel around by foot or on a bicycle will similarly serve to be a glorious experience as you can avoid the rush and move at your own pace.

Air Quality and Pollution

Almaty as a city experiences a humid continental climate, this implies that here you can witness hot summers and cold winters, there is also a good amount of rainfall here but that is limited just to a couple of months. During the summers the average high temperature touches the 30-degree centigrades mark and the average low temperature is hovering between the 15 to 20-degree centigrades range. However, during the winters, you shall face severe cold as the average high temperature could dip to any significant number around the 0-degree centigrades mark and the average low temperature could go as low as -10 degree centigrades. The city receives a decent amount of snowfall during the winter months and life can be tough if you aren’t used to the weather. Thus, every tourist is recommended to pack his/her suitcase smartly depending upon the season in which they are headed to the city. Your clothing could range anywhere between a simple set of shorts and a tee to three layers of clothing including multiple coats, it just depends upon the time of the year.

As far as air pollution is concerned, all those tourists who are headed to the city of Almaty shall have more than enough reason to be concerned. The city is often ranked amongst the top 10 on the list of the most polluted cities in the world. The Air Quality Index is often indicating impending danger to everyone and especially those who are already suffering from breathing ailments. Almost four-fifths of the air contamination in Almaty is brought about by the staggering measure of traffic which is around a quarter-million cars and different vehicles moving around the city every day. Different wellsprings of polluting emanations incorporate power and heating plants and exclusive production lines. Thus, as a tourist, you are recommended to minimise your impact on the environment as much as possible and if you want to explore the outdoors, take necessary precaution, which mostly depends upon your existing medical conditions.

Respect the Culture

Welcomes and exchanging pleasantries is fairly formal because of the old school idea of society. The regular welcome is the handshake, frequently finished with two hands and a grin. Stand by until welcomed before utilising somebody's first name, despite the fact that the greeting, for the most part, comes from the get-go in the relationship. Whenever you have built up an individual relationship, dear companions of similar sex may want to embrace as opposed to shaking hands. Since numerous Kazakhs are Muslim, a few men won't warmly greet ladies, so be delicate to these strict contrasts.

When invited to somebody's home for a meal, it is gracious to bring something for the lady, for example, baked goods. Devout Muslims don't drink or even keep liquor, so don't give alcoholic beverages unless you are sure that your host drinks. Beyond this, there is certifiably not a lot of convention in blessing giving. Kazakhs are truly friendly individuals and appreciate facilitating suppers at their homes. You will be served tea and bread, regardless of whether you are not welcome to a feast. Since Kazakhs believe bread to be sacrosanct, serving bread is an indication of regard. When served tea, your cup will regularly just be filled midway. To fill the cup would imply that your host needed you to leave. Dress in apparel you may wear to the workplace or any place formal where etiquette is given importance. Kazakhs esteem dressing great over solace. To dress also casually may affront your hosts. It isn't basic that you show up on schedule, in spite of the fact that you ought not show up over 30 minutes late without calling first. Social graces are Continental - the fork is held in the left hand and the blade morally justified while eating. Social graces are not horribly formal in Kazakhstan. You will be given a bowl to drink stock or tea. At the point when you don't need any more, flip around your bowl as a sign. A few nourishments are intended to be eaten by hand. Your host or another visitor may serve you. In more rustic settings, you may sit on the floor. Suppers are get-togethers. Thusly, they may take a lot of time. In the event that mixed refreshments are served, anticipate a decent measure of toasting. Hope to be served second helpings. If you don't wish for a second helping leave something on your plate when you have got done with eating. This shows that you have had enough, while on the off chance that you finish all that it implies you are as yet eager and you will be served more food.

Securing connections and individuals' honour is significant. Therefore Kazakhs artfulness what they state so as to convey information in a delicate and conciliatory way. They will in general talk in an indirect manner instead of straight design. They react better to delicate examining instead of direct addressing. Simultaneously, numerous Kazakhs have a fairly unstable disposition and can speak loudly to express what is on their mind. They are known for their savage contentions. You may wish to fight back in kind, however, do so circumspectly as there is an almost negligible difference between going to bat for yourself and showing up excessively forceful. Chain of importance is regarded in Kazakhstan. Somebody more senior is never under any circumstance negated or reprimanded, particularly out in the open. You will be relied upon to treat senior Kazakhs in a similar way.

Beyond the above tips, you don’t really need to do much if you wish to be regarded as a “good tourist” here in Almaty.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Kok Tobe: Kok tobe is the most well-known activity in Almaty for families with kids. The streetcar welcomes you on the head of the Kok tobe slope where there is a little carnival and zoo for youngsters. It's an ideal spot for people viewing, however the primary motivation to come to Kok tobe is the awesome view over the city. Try not to miss the particular Beatles sculpture.
  • Rakhat Chocolate Factory: Close to the Green market you would already be able to smell Rakhat's chocolate processing plant. The plant store sells an immense assortment of Kazakh chocolate and deciding by the long queue of individuals it must be excellent. The industrial facility some of the time gives visits.
  • Republic Square: The primary square in Almaty has been utilized for celebrations, festivities, military motorcades and mass exhibitions. There are some fascinating structural tourist spots around this square and subsequently, it is among the top activities in Almaty. Above all, else there is the Independence landmark with a sculpture of a brilliant fighter on top. Underneath the landmark is an imprint of previous President Nazarbayev in a bronze duplicate of the constitution. The bronze boards encompassing the landmark show significant occasions from Kazakhstan's history. Over the landmark is the previous Presidential castle. Indeed, even intense it is shut for guests, the engineering is amazing.
  • Kazakh State Circus: On the off chance that you love Soviet art and culture, the Kazakh State Circus in Almaty is an unquestionable requirement visit. The structure takes after anything you like it to be. A carnival tent, a customary yurt or even an abandoned spaceship. There are still shows and the carnival is popular for their honour winning equestrians that perform noteworthy horseback stunts.
  • Auezov Drama Theatre: On the other side of the Kazakh State bazaar lies the Auezov Drama theatre. Another fine case of Soviet design. The majority of the venue plays are tragically in either Kazakh or Russian. For more data about its set of experiences and their timetable, you can check the theatre's site.
  • President’s Park: This huge park at the outskirts of Almaty is a well known picturesque spot for wedding ceremonies. With the mountains in the back and blossoms wherever the reason is a no brainer. It opened almost a decade ago and everything feels new and gleaming. This surely shall be a great place to visit if you want to enjoy quiet and calm on your trip to Almaty.
  • Arbat: This treelined shopping road is famous with local people and you are probably going to wind up at Arbat sooner or later during your time in Almaty. It has a pleasant air with cafe's, road performers and craftsmen selling their artistic creations. It is an excellent place to spend some time and meet with a local and have a good conversation while exploring local art.
  • The Abai Opera House: It is actually the premier place to visit if you wish to enjoy opera's, ballet performances and old-style melodic exhibitions of high calibre. You can check the Abai Opera House website to see their most recent timetable. It is located towards the conclusion of the Panfilov road promenade you will locate the lovely Abai Opera house which was constructed in the year 1934. It is perhaps the most seasoned structure in Almaty and was named after the Kazakh Poet Abai.
  • Panfilov Street Promenade: It is another expansion to Almaty, the territory saw a total remodel and was upgraded by a Danish creator. It was done in the year 2018 and is currently a wonderful person on foot road in the focal point of Almaty. As new as it looks today, this is probably the most established piece of Almaty. At the point when remaking was going on they found a cobblestone asphalt under the black-top. Students of history accept this was an aspect of the administration square that was implicit in 1928 before the main government working in Almaty.
  • Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments: In Panfilov park, you will likewise locate the little Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments. They show customary instruments, for example, the dombra. Worth a look in the event that you are into music and inquisitive to recognize what customary Kazakh music seems like. This is truly one of the best places to visit if you wish to get an insight into Kazakh traditions and culture.


The city is immensely popular amongst tourists and there are a host of attractions, these are listed out in detail in the sections below.

City Parks

  • Panfilov Park: It is named after the Panfilov legends. 28 officers from Almaty who passed on battling the Nazi's outside of Moscow. General Panfilov figured out how to defer the development of the foe towards the capital, however, his infantry died in battle in the end. The tremendous commemoration sculpture in the recreation centre shows the 28 fighters, yet is a remembrance to all the Kazakh warriors who passed on in the first and second universal war. These days the recreation centre is a mainstream green space in the city where couples walk and youngsters feed the pigeons.
  • Gorki Park: Almaty is brimming with green spaces and Gorki Park is another park in the city famous with families. In the spring it is brimming with blossoms and there is an amusement park for kids. There are likewise a few eateries that serve magnificent shaslyck. A good place for you to cool your boots and relax even over a picnic too.

National Parks

  • Altyn Emel National Park: Lamentably this excellent national park with sand dunes, old entombment mounts, petroglyphs and hundreds of distinct types of untamed life is practically difficult to visit in the event that you don't have your own vehicle. visits are accessible, however, can be very costly. Leasing a vehicle is in certainty probably the most ideal alternative and absolutely justified, despite any trouble.
  • Botanical Garden: is loaded with blossoms in spring. The enormous green space at the outskirts of the city is average and can be developed better. It is a stroll through a pine forest where squirrels are playing in the trees. All things considered, it isn't unsavoury to meander around here and smell the new mountain air, yet then there are endless spots in Almaty where you can do that. Better head up to do some climbing in Almaty's mountains.


The city of Almaty is landlocked and there isn’t a beach around for tourists to visit. So those who are looking to get some time under the sun on the sandy beaches or a swim in the ocean shall be mightily disappointed.


  • Zenkov Cathedral: In the focal point of the Panfilov Park is the Zenkov Cathedral. One of only a handful scarcely Russian Orthodox places of worship that endured the Soviet Union. In that time it was a gallery. However, when the Soviet Union separated the congregation opened its entryways once more. The Zenkov house of prayer additionally endure a few seismic tremors, since it is totally made of wood. Astoundingly no nails were utilized in the development.
  • Arsan Wellness Centre: Arasan is one of the biggest shower houses in Asia. The women's area has two stories with various sauna lodges, showers, stripping rooms, rub rooms and a pool. There is no better activity in Almaty when the climate turns terrible at that point setting off to an old Soviet spa. In that time most homes couldn't bear the cost of their own shower, rather individuals used to go to a mutual bathhouse, the banja. Indeed, even extreme most family units currently have a shower, a visit to the banja is as yet a famous excursion for families and companions.


  • Central State Museum: It is probably the biggest museum in Central Asia and has broad assortments about Kazakhstan's set of experiences. This is probably the best exhibition hall in Almaty. Indeed, even intense the historical centre previously opened in Almaty's church in 1931, the current structure was underlying 1985. The engineering of the structure is noteworthy. In the event that you are close to Republic square it merits investigating, even to see the exhibition hall from an external perspective.


Almaty is one of the best places in the world to enjoy some authentic Kazakh cuisine. As a tourist, you shall have to travel around a bit to visit the most renowned restaurants in town but the dining experience and the rich flavours shall be worth your time and money. Hence, in this section of the article we list out a few dishes that you must try on your trip to Almaty:

  • Beshbarmak: It is likely the most well known Kazakh dish. The name of the dish can be deciphered as five fingers, alluding to the nomad clans who lived in Central Asia and would eat the dish with their hands. Cooked horse, beef, mutton, or a blend of those three kinds of meat are served along customarily arranged thin pasta squares. The dish is then joined with a delightful sauce made with meat stock, onions, salt, and pepper, and the completed supper is ordinarily matched with a bowl of meat stock as an afterthought.
  • Baursak: It is a one of a kind singed bread with a puffy appearance comprising of flour, milk, salt, sugar, eggs, spread, and yeast. The bread is seared distinctly for unique events, for example, birthday celebrations, weddings, or remembrances. It is accepted that the smell of oil and seared bread drifts into the sky to the long lost so they can likewise appreciate the dish
  • Kazy: It is a Kazakh horse frankfurter that is additionally set up in other Central Asian nations, for example, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Customarily, the sausage is made with meat and fat taken from the ribs. It is normally prepared with garlic, pepper, and salt before being full into common housings. In spite of the fact that it is generally appreciated as a canapé, Kazy can likewise be consolidated into different dishes.
  • Tohax: It is a customary, round-moulded bread that is particularly mainstream in parts of Central Asia, for example, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It is portrayed by an enormous space in its middle. The bread is prepared until it builds up a brilliant earthy coloured covering and is generally served warm.
  • Shalgam: It is a conventional plate of mixed greens beginning from Kazahstan. It is ordinarily set up with a mix of ground radish, carrots, ringer peppers, onions, and garlic. The serving of mixed greens is dressed with a mix of white wine vinegar, sugar, oil, salt, and cayenne pepper. The fixings are combined, joined with the dressing, and the plate of mixed greens is then thrown and served, either cold or at room temperature. It is prescribed to serve it as a backup to beshbarmak, a customary meat dish.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most popular local restaurants that shall serve you authentic Kazakh cuisine are listed below:

  • Navat: This great eatery has a broad menu of focal asian and Kazakh food including works of art like beshbarmak and lagman.
  • Rumi: This restaurant is making astounding Middle Eastern and Asian food. The inside of the restaurant looks excellent and gives you the inclination you are in Arabian lands. Not the least expensive in this rundown, yet costs are as yet sensible.
  • Dastarkhan: This is a canteen buffet style restaurant that is known to be reasonable and the food earns rave reviews. It is a great pace to visit if you wish to have a hearty meal and not leave with a considerably lighter wallet.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Green House: A rare occurrence in Almaty, The Green House is a food bar that serves vegan raw food such as raw pasta, pizza, soup, bread, salad, and even desserts for those who have a sweet tooth. Here you can even sip on some delicious smoothies or opt for healthy cold-pressed juices.
  • Kaganat: It is presumably the least expensive alternative in Almaty. It is also a canteen-style buffet eatery with a blend of Russian and Kazakh food. More so, in a meat-eating city such as Almaty, it serves to be a magnificent option for vegetarians also as they have various plates of mixed greens to choose from as well.

Street Food

Street food in Almaty is really popular and there are some hidden gems for you to discover, thus, try visiting some of the popular areas which are listed below:

  • Gorki Park: This is likely to be one of the greatest places in the city to visit and enjoy shaslyck. Once you are in the vicinity you will get the scent of barbecued meat and you just have to follow the heavenly smell to reach the best place to enjoy a meal.
  • Green Market: It is a modest spot to evaluate some Kazakh and major Asian specialities, for example, Plov, Laghman and Beshbarmak. Contingent upon where you reach to grab a bite it could be a likeable or not, yet you can have your best Laghman in the Green market only. In the event that a café is occupied with swarms of people then that is a decent sign and you can go there to enjoy some sizzling hot Kazakh street food.


Since the times of the USSR, the customary beverages devoured by most of individuals in Kazakhstan were Moldovan and Georgian sweet wine, braced wine, for example, port, and vodka and lager. The primary mixed drinks and cocktails, popular bar drinks in Almaty showed up in the late 2000s and the most famous cocktails were Mojitos and sweet shot beverages. Tea, Kumys, shubat and kymyran were the customary beverages of Kazakhs. The custom of drinking in Almaty started in the mid-60s, with the advancement of the Virgin Lands crusade, a lot of measures to expand grain creation in the USSR. In the mid-50s, more than half a million individuals of various identities showed up in Kazakhstan. They were transporters of various customs and societies and brought with them the custom of consumption of stronger liquor.


As a tourist, drinking tap water in Almaty is quite safe and you most likely won’t fall ill. However, if you have a tendency of catching the stomach bug or are aware of the sensitive nature of your digestive system, you can always opt to buy bottled mineral water which is available widely and cheaply across Almaty.

Organic Cafés

  • Cafe Eco Bar: The bistro will enchant you with a comfortable environment, where you can appreciate an assortment of dishes arranged by the conventional vegan plans of various nations of the world with the soul of the Orient! Vegan food is arranged exclusively from plant fixings that go through negligible warmth treatment to save all the useful substances, minerals and nutrients. Visiting the ECO Bar, you certainly won't stay apathetic regarding solid food and will comprehend that the taste characteristics of vegan food isn't substandard compared to the conventional.
  • Zimnii Sad: Because of the uniqueness of the inside, just as a comfortable and agreeable climate, the bistro immediately got famous. Under a straightforward rooftop, there is an excellent nursery, genuine heaven, where you can sit back, unwind and have a good time. The bistro professes to be a realm of tropical plants including in excess of sixty distinct types of palms, ficus trees and different plants and blossoms. It truly is a perfect destination to enjoy a sustainable meal.


Beers in Kazakhstan are becoming increasingly popular, mainly to the youth, who nowadays seem to enjoy fresh brews. Some of the popular breweries in Almaty are:

  • Baza Brewery
  • Hopers Bar
  • Yard House Pub


Almaty is a city of history with numerous follows left of its past. The Soviet time frame has led to the advancement of Almaty with a lot of parks, enormous squares, expansive roads, communist design and gigantic dedications. It makes Almaty a wonderful green city . The huge Kazakhstan lodging and the Abai Opera theatre are fine instances of the Soviet inheritance, however even in the most startling spots you will discover subtleties of Almaty's fascinating history. Soviet workmanship, for example, the Soviet mosaics are wherever in Almaty in the event that you realise where to search for them. Go around town and explore these places, and if you wish to do some offbeat activities, you shall find a lot more to do. Almaty is in the region of a portion of Kazakhstan's best public parks. Nature is so close and there are so many energising activities close to Almaty, yet it isn't as simple to visit these spots as you would suspect. So go for a drive, explore via public transportation. You could even be adventurous try hitchhiking, make some friends, go to these naturally well-endowed places and camp or even trek.

Yoga and Retreats

As a tourist, if you wish to practice yoga in Almaty, you won’t encounter any difficulties, in fact you can go to some of the popular yoga studios in town and practice along with like minded individuals or even learn from a few gurus. Given below are some of the most popular places:

  • Ashtanga Yoga Center of Almaty
  • Yoga Studio
  • Studiya Vozdukh
  • Pradnya Yoga
  • Amrita Yoga Studio


Almaty is the largest city in the country of Kazakhstan and there is no doubt that you shall find a wide variety of accommodations here. These accommodations are designed and equipped suitably to cater to the needs of different kinds of tourists. Right from fancy hotels with luxurious amenities and services at high tariffs to budget hotels with the bare essentials at low prices, or even private stays and various other such options, you have it all here in Almaty, just choose an accommodation giving budget, location, and safety your priority, the rest shall just fall in place.

Green Hotels

  • Royal Tulip Almaty: The lodging is situated in the eco-accommodating area of Almaty which is Medeo, in the lower regions of Alatau mountains. Medeo territory is considered as the most progressive, esteemed, and excellent zone of the city. In the 5-star inn, you will comprehend what a royal experience truly implies and that too with a host of sustainable measures.
  • Novotel Almaty City Center Hotel: The hotel is one of the mainstream option available to tourists visiting Almaty. However, the hotel is truly well equipped, it is in a great location, and the Accor group consistently takes new steps to ensure minimum use of single-use items and plastics, apart from using energy efficient appliances and a host of other eco-friendly measures.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are often an uncommon option for solo voyagers who are looking for certain allies around them and unassuming living spaces without choosing extravagances. The current choices of lodgings are dynamic, they offer some dazzling favourable circumstances and that too without begging to be spent a lot of like the significant inns. Given underneath are the best hostels that you can consider for accommodation while visiting Almaty:

  • European Backpackers Hostel: This is truly a great place for tourists to explore if they are travelling alone. Not only is it inexpensive, but it also has basic amenities, and above all it has a scenic garden for you to chill out, meditate, exercise, or even get some work done. Additionally, the hostel is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and social environment, so check in to have a blast.
  • Sky Hostel: Renowned for being an excellent hostel, Sky Hostel offers you so much more than just the run-of-the-mill amenities, instead here you get a heavenly towering view of the city of Almaty with the snow-capped peaks in front of you. Also, thanks to its location you can travel easily by metro and this shall always come-in handy.
  • Almaty Backpackers Hostel: The main reason to check into the Almaty Backpackers Hostel is the amicable Aya who prepares the morning meal, prepares the lunches, cleans the house and parts with free embraces to everybody. She will reveal to you hidden stories in Kazakh regardless of whether you don't get it. Aliya and Lana at the gathering ensure you realise how to get around Almaty and can interpret Aya's accounts for you. But even on the whole, it is astounding and an exceptionally social lodging in Almaty. In this hostel, it is anything but difficult to meet different explorers and share the expenses for visits to Big Almaty Lake, the Charyn gorge and the Kolsai Lakes. The visits the hostels offera are awesome and the staff, as mentioned above, is cordial. It is highly recommended for all tourists travelling alone to Almaty.


Leasing apartments in Almaty is an extraordinary thought particularly on the off chance that you are going in gatherings or are searching for privacy without the inflexibility and significant expenses of lodgings. Renting apartments is reliably fairly a task for tourists and voyagers since some establishment is required and one needs to investigate broadly for good neighbourhoods, constancy, cost, and security. In any case, it serves to be a wonderful option for most explorers. Airbnb is not too popular here yet it is suggested that you search for posting on other viable nearby applications and sites too.


Couch Surfing is very famous is Almaty and you also could search for an appropriate host from over 15000 listings online. While there aren't an excessive number of rules and guidelines, most hosts are youthful grown-ups and like yourself, they also may be striving to get by, so guarantee that you don't be a liability, be useful, be amicable, repay them, and if nothing ensure you give them some adoration with a little badge of gratefulness towards the end of your stay.


Charyn Canyon and Kolsai lakes are popular destinations around Almaty and as a tourist, you can visit these to enjoy some camping expedition alone or with a local company. There are many tour agencies that organise such events, browse through social media or online listings to be a part of the same.

How to Get There

Almaty is one of the biggest cities in Kazakhstan and there is no doubt that it is well connected to major destinations across the globe. Given in this section of the article are the various ways to reach the city.


Almaty has a global airport named Almaty International Airport and a few air carriers offer sensibly priced tickets to and from the city. Additionally, the airport is decently connected to the city via various modes of transportation and you don't need to worry.


Almaty is likewise moderately near Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and it takes around five hours by Marshrutka to go between the urban areas. There are several buses being offered as well, so you could explore the options.


From Kazakhstan, there are a few night trains to most major urban areas including Nursultan and Shymkent both of which can be reached via a journey of thirteen hours each.


Hitchhiking is in reality very regular in Kazakhstan, however not for nothing, a little monetary transaction is normal at the end. However, this is not recommended in all cases and you are suggested to stick to hitching a ride only during the daytime.


There are not many ways for a tourist to reach Almaty other than the above mentioned means of transportation.

Moving Around

Moving around town in Almaty shouldn’t be a very difficult task and there are various means of transportation to ensure smooth exploration of Almaty for the tourists, hence, given below are details about the same.


Almaty isn't the best city to walk around in. A large portion of the activities in Almaty are very a long way from one another. All things considered, just strolling around in a portion of the areas to see the Soviet design can be very fun and agreeable. Notwithstanding the significant distances, strolling in to investigate the backstreets and rural areas is interesting. On the off chance that you have enough time strolling can be an incredible method to become more acquainted with Almaty, however, if your time is restricted and you have to get starting with one vacation destination then onto the next there are a lot of different alternatives.


In spite of the fact that bicycle use isn't popular in the city, it is currently conceivable to lease bikes. Almaty presents more than fifty computerised bike stations all through the city where you can get a bike and return it in another station. It is an exceptionally simple and moderate approach to investigate the city. You can check the website of Almaty Bikes to perceive how it functions and how you can pay.

Electronic Vehicles

The use of Electric vehicles has recently started in Almaty and there isn’t the good infrastructure for the same. So renting an EV and exploring the city isn’t really a viable option.

Public Bus

Almaty has a magnificent transport framework and tickets cost moderately. There are endless transports taking various courses that it may be precarious to discover which transport to take. One path is to tell the driver the name of your stop and they will either say yes or no. A superior path is to check the site or utilise the application 2Gis that will let you know precisely which numbers you should take. You can purchase the tickets in the transport or purchase the Onay card. In the event that you are remaining in Almaty for two or three days it is justified, despite any trouble to purchase the Onay Card. You can utilize it for both the transport and the metro and a ride is less expensive than getting it in the transport or the metro.

Tram, Train and Subway

Almaty has a good metro rail network and as a tourist you must realise that apart from walking and cycling, this is the greenest way to explore the city. So go board the metro rail and discover all the major attractions in the city, none of which are more than ten to twenty minutes away.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a central part of each eco-obliging explorers' outing and more so when you are visiting a country such as Kazakhstan. This is basic as you can clearly add to the smaller economy and that too with no additional assistance manage to deal a hit to ravenous conglomerates. Shop from neighbourhood stores if you wish to get it together of true blue craftsmanship and avoid polluting mega-brands who misuse the nearby assets for benefit and insatiability as opposed to supportability and endurance.

Food Markets

  • Green Market: It is an amazing spot to do some shopping and to encounter an Asian bazaar where you can purchase trinkets, dried natural products, flavours and new vegetables. Another motivation to come here is the authentic Kazakh food.
  • Zelionyj Bazaar: This two-story green market, in business since 1875, puts most ranchers' business sectors to disgrace, with its wide exhibit of Kazakh delights, going from bubbly, alcoholic milk to horse meat.

Flea Markets

There are quite a few flea markets in Almaty, however, the ones that are worth visiting for a few knick-knacks and souvenirs are:

  • Barakholka
  • Shymbulak
  • Jagannath Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand shops in Almaty are quite popular and you can find a host of items at different stores. Used clothing and computer goods are some of the popular products sold, the prices for these are quite low as well, so good see if you can find a good deal.


There has always been a conscious use of materials while preparing items of fashion in Kazakhstan. In addition to this, with the presence of a few eco-conscious European brands you can shop for eco-friendly fashion goods.


Recycling in Almaty is not very efficient but with the increasing awareness amongst residents, you can see a definite change. Additionally technology is being used for the same. Apps are now guiding residents about recycling and different means to do it.


Almaty is quite a clean city and most of the waste collection is done on a door-to-door basis. As a tourist, you can dispose garbage in public bins or if you are living in a hotel, you hotel staff will take care of it for you.

Work and Study Abroad

The city of Almaty is among the main education centres in the nation of Kazakhstan. Moreover, there are a lot of openings for work accessible here, thus, you will see numerous individuals from various nations rushing here to catch the odds accessible.

Exchange Student

The open doors given to youthful understudies by means of grants and through government trade programs itself sets up the base. The celebrated schools and colleges are a major draw and you can positively discover many students from abroad around town.

Au Pair

Au Pair as an idea is not too popular in Almaty but you can positively search for openings. There are posting on different sites and you should simply pick the offer that claims to you the most and start a discourse.


Kazakhstan faces a host of issues on a regular basis and if you wish to give back to society, you can volunteer for a cause that you truly believe in.

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