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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bangkok advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok at night, seen from top of Banyan Tree Hotel

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $800
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $1000

Responsible Travel

Bangkok is a globally renowned tourist destination which often finds mention in every Asian tourist’s “must-visit destinations” list. Being hailed as one of the most popular party destinations in the region, you shall see an extremely large number of bachelors and bachelorettes hosting parties here. More so, it also serves to be an economical foreign destination for families to tour and explore. With almost 40 million visitors making their way to the city, it is easily one of the most visited destinations across the globe on an annual basis. Bangkok’s metropolitan region is home to over 15 million people and considering this, there are many environmental issues that the city faces on a regular basis. As a result of this, you can see the Thai government swinging into action and taking various drastic measures to ensure sustainable growth. While the results of the various endeavours may be encouraging, you as a tourist can certainly do your bit when you visit the city. You can be an eco-friendly traveller and take a slew of steps to ensure that you travel in a sustainable manner and in this article we shall guide you around the various ways that this is possible, so read on to know more.

Bangkok is the capital city of the country of Thailand and it is also the largest and the most prosperous city, as a result of this, most of the advancements that the country witnesses as a whole can be found here in the first place. One of these includes eco-friendly means of transportation. The city has a mass transit system in the form of a metro rail which is known locally as BTS Skytrain. As an eco-friendly traveller, you are recommended to make use of such means of transportation to ensure minimum impact on the environment as you explore the city.

This part of the world is known to be very sustainable in the way it shops, here as a result of the rapid industrialisation, you shall see major global players in the fields of retail including food, clothing, and more but the local people are often known to rely on the fresh produce of the local market. They actively support local businesses and prefer getting their meat and vegetables handpicked from the known vendors, similarly, they buy a few clothing items only from local brands and smaller stores. As a tourist, you too can do the same and ask around for such hidden gems to get a first-hand experience of local shopping.

Similarly, whenever any tourist is headed to Bangkok, he/she must try to dig into a good meal at a local restaurant or a renowned food cart. Undoubtedly in a developed city such as Bangkok, you are bound to see both, local food vendors and franchises from all across the globe. On one hand, you have the option of enjoying an expensive yet fancy meal at a star-hotel or you could dig into a cheap yet sumptuous local meal that will truly connect you with the local cuisine, culture, and this shall help these local businesses to cater the authentic taste for generations to come.

Lastly, for any responsible travelling to take place, a traveller must try and live in a minimalistic manner. But finding accommodation that is eco-friendly is a slight challenge, luckily, being such a prominent city globally, in Bangkok you will find eco-friendly/green hotels to live in. Fret not, being environmentally responsible does not translate to being devoid of amenities and comforts, you shall enjoy many of the luxuries that other hotels offer, most of the sustainability is achieved by the manner in which the resources are handled and used on the rear-end. You as a traveller must make a reservation at such hotels, which are later described in detail in this article itself, so keep perusing to know more.

Air Quality and Pollution

Thailand as a nation is known to be partially-developed. There are certain areas of the nation that are extremely well developed and then there are some regions which need to be developed by leaps and bounds to ensure some sort of equality in the quality of life. However, Bangkok being the capital city of the nation, you will find that development here is at its pinnacle when the entire country is taken into consideration. But most of this development has been brought about by the rising number of industries in the city and the hardworking citizens. But much of this brought about scores of opportunities too and it resulted in two major issues. Bangkok became an industrial hub in the country of Thailand and the rapid industrialisation also contributed in a major way to the air pollution that the city battles till date. While the numerous opportunities attracted people from all across the country and even different parts of the globe to find occupation here. This in turn led to the overpopulation of the city and the congestion is pretty much evident through the traffic jams where you can see private cars polluting the environment in immense measures. With blatant disregard for the laws and subtle look-aways by the government as well, air pollution in Bangkok has become a major headache for the people and the local government.

Often the city is engulfed by thick smog, which makes life difficult as scores of people face health issues including bronchitis and asthma as well. The high levels of particulate matter in the air also leads to various respiratory illness among the young, the aged and the susceptible categories of people residing in Bangkok. Additionally, the dense smog leads to major visibility issues and trapping of heat thereby resulting in a rise of the average temperature too. Most of these effects can be seen adversely during the dry months that the country experiences. This usually lasts from the month of November to the month of March. The lack of rainfall during these months certainly causes the particulate matter and pollutants in the air to float around rather than settle down on the ground.

If you are a tourist who is particular about travelling in clean air, it is recommended that you avoid making a trip to Bangkok in the above-mentioned months. If you do end up travelling to the city, it is suggested that you equip yourself well with a good mask and necessary medications if you suffer from breathing ailments. Additionally, try and travel using well-ventilated means of transportation to ensure that you are breathing clean and purified air at all times.

The climate that Bangkok experiences is classified as a tropical savanna climate. With hot weather throughout the year, you don’t need to pack anything more than a casual jacket or a hoodie to keep you warm even in the coldest of months. The city witnesses three main seasons, summer, monsoon, and winter. The average high temperature is in the mid 30-degree centigrades throughout the year and the average low temperature is in the mid 20-degree centigrades all around the year. This itself is an indication of the kind of clothes you’d like to pack on your trip to the city. Apart from this, it is recommended that you check into a hotel with a good air-conditioning system that not only keeps you cool on your trip to the city but also efficiently utilises electricity to cater to your needs.

Respect the Culture

As a tourist, when you are headed to Bangkok, you may need to keep in mind a few basic etiquettes to ensure that you do not upset the local people. Bangkok is home to a very large population of Thai people and no matter how well educated and open-minded they are, they always prefer following their basic traditions and culture. Some of these include practices that you are alien to and you need to know about, so in this section of the article, we list out a few tips to adhere to. These will help you show your respect towards the local people and befriend them in an easier manner, not only allowing you to have a good time there but to also better the name of your country and the tourists that are bound to come here at any point in the future.

To begin with, be socially delicate, it is extremely important for you to be culturally sensitive. Buddhism is the general faith practiced by most Thai people, so one must take exceptional consideration not to disrespect them. Wearing suitable clothing before entering a sanctuary is one such act of cultural sensitivity' Try and keep away from sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, and extra short pairs of shorts or skirts on your visit to a sanctuary. Leave your shoes outside the sanctuary as you enter. These are small yet very much noticeable and impactful gestures. Secondly, always remember that the local people are particular about the head and the feet, they consider the former to be cleanest and the holiest part of the body while the latter is the filthiest and the lowest part so avoid being overtly casual by touching a local’s head or by using your feet to point or touch another individual.

The people of Thailand are known to be very fond of the royal family of their nation, hence, as a tourist, you are suggested to avoid making any comments about the political arena of Thailand. Especially when it comes to the monarchy, your views are best kept to yourself as any criticism shall be treated as a sign of disrespect. On the other hand, if you manage to show some love and genuine admiration for the royal family and the king, by making valid statements and having factual conversations, you may blend right into certain sections of the society.

Try and be as polite as possible to the local people, this is very important as whenever you come across the local Thai people, you shall observe that not only are they friendly and hospitable in general, they are also extremely polite and helpful. So being rude, snobbish, and arrogant won’t do you much good here, to win the love of the local people in Bangkok, try and smile as much as possible. It's identified with the Thai fall back on toleration when in doubt, a relaxed culture which is something best communicated in the normal Thai manner of expression "mai pen rai" (don't worry about it). So when you are touring and exploring Bangkok, do as local people would and practice "mai pen rai". Identified with this for Thais, is that only blockheads and individuals with poor values and upbringing lose their temper in broad daylight. Boisterous voices and furious talk can be very counterproductive in the city. Thai people esteem maintaining their temper and having the best conduct in public for themselves and one another. It is recommended that you practice the "wai". Rather than shaking hands, the local people are known to practice a gesture known as the "wai", this is akin to the namaste in Indian culture or the bow in Japanese culture, as it is often used to welcome individuals. The "wai" is a short bow finished with hands held fingertips-together away from plain view often close to your face or torso. A legitimate "wai" isn't as simple as you'd suspect, so practice a little to get its hang. While this may seem a little absurd if you "wai" somebody of lower status you'll just end up humiliating the individual as this is not the common practice in the local culture.

In addition to much of this, try and ensure you follow simple greeting etiquette and dress appropriately for certain occasions. Try and avoid making people around you uncomfortable. Whenever you are given a compliment, graciously accept it, and try and honour your commitments with utmost punctuality at all times.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Bangkok is a major tourist destination which is well renowned across the globe and one of the major reasons behind the city’s fame is some of the most popular venues to visit. Given in this section of the article are the top 10 places to visit in Bangkok:

  • Yaowarat Road: The road was built in the year 1891, Yaowarat Road is almost a mile long and it slices through Bangkok's flourishing Chinatown. Here, guests will find probably the most delectable street cuisine post-sunset. Apart from the food, Yaowarat is additionally home to Wat Chakawat Ratchawat, also called The Crocodile Temple, where three goliath crocs energetically hang tight for their next bite. Also, Wat Traimit; Sampeng Lane, which is a claustrophobic tangled market. It is an interesting destination for you to visit on your trip to Bangkok.
  • The Artist’s House: This is popularly known as Baan Silapin in Bangkok. The Artist's House is more than two centuries old and is an extraordinary spot to go through a calm evening and witness agonizing Thai adolescents investing time and hanging out whilst moving ceaselessly from the generally frenzied city. The Artist's House in Thonburi is a special fascination that sits directly along the banks of one of Bangkok's numerous khlongs/channels. It is where inventive personalities can accumulate, work, get an espresso and watch a customary Thai puppetry show, which happens at in the afternoon on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This show depicts the tales of the Ramayana, always try and leave a tip for the artists and they will in return reward you with a handshake or a kiss via the performing puppets.
  • Erawan Shrine: Strict relics can be found along the numerous roads of Bangkok, and one of the most staggering of all is the Erawan Shrine. It sits at one of the greatest and busiest crossing points in the core of the city, and Thais and travellers the same regularly run to the site for supplication, customary Thai dance and by and large for any Buddhist occasion. Lamentably, the altar was incompletely obliterated during a terror besieging almost half a decade ago, yet has since been reestablished to its unique brilliance, though with a lot heavier police presence.
  • Scala Cinema: If you are a movie-buff and you take great interest in cinema, then the single-screen Scala Cinema is probably a must-visit for you as it is the most established theatre in the city, and with tickets beginning at THB 100, it still perhaps is the least expensive area to see a film. The wonderfully safeguarded entryway, with its immense light fixture, church-like roof studded with blossom emblems, and craftsmanship deco landmarks serving as ticket stands, merits the outing in itself.
  • Wat Suthat: It is maybe most popular for the massive red swing that sits simply outside its passageway. The 21-meter-tall or 69-foot-tall swing is made of teak wood and was brought to Bangkok from the territory of Phrae. It was utilized during an old Brahman celebration in which men flung themselves utilizing the two side posts in order to reach a sack of gold that hung at the top. The nineteenth-century sanctuary is one of the most seasoned in the city. It does certainly serve to be an excellent venue for you to visit and get a grip of the local cultural and religious beliefs.
  • Siam Niramit: Often considered to be an excursion to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam, The extraordinary Siam Niramit show is one of those uncommon shows that really satisfy everyone's expectations. The show depicts the verifiable, otherworldly, and social convictions of Thailand in an awesome execution spanning over three acts. Ancient developments include the primary act, the second investigates karma and portrays both paradise and hell, and the third sanctions many legitimate Thai celebrations. Around a hundred entertainers wearing customary outfits move about enormous, over-the-top stage sets for an hour and twenty minutes, conveying an extraordinary presentation. Some truly cool minutes incorporate an entertainer plunging into a dramatic lake for a shower, live elephants that wander about and twelve suspending holy angels that jump and dip nimbly. Tragically, there's a rigid no photography rule and laser pointer prepared staff checking the crowd. On the off chance that you show up sooner than expected, you can get some conventional exhibitions in the territory outside the show lobby, feed the elephants cucumbers for a small charge, and take photographs with costumed artists. As a one-time thing it merits jumping on the pricier tickets in advance.
  • Wat Pho: Nothing can set you up for the stunning size of the Reclining Buddha, so attempt to act normal upon witnessing it for the first time. Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, encompasses the 46-meter-long/151-foot-long and 15-meter-high/49-foot-high sculpture that gazes up at the roof in a look of edification. Despite the fact that the sculpture is the point of convergence of the sanctuary grounds, guests will likewise discover vivid paintings representing hundreds of pictures of the Buddha, notwithstanding a customary Thai massage academy.
  • Wat Saket: It is also known as the Golden Mount is perhaps the most established sanctuary, and highlights a sparkling brilliant chedi roosted on the head of a man-made hill. Coming to the chedi includes scaling a winding flight of stairs, yet this is a simple move with short advances and a couple of intriguing sights en route to delay and respect. While there's very little to find in the chedi itself, which houses a Buddha relic, it does gives you a superior perspective on the city. Activities here include composing your prayers on tiles or on a long red fabric. In November, Wat Saket is the site of a tremendous sanctuary reasonable and merits visiting for its candlelit parades and bubbly climate with a string of celebration based processions. Pay a snappy visit to Ban Bat or the Monk's bowl town, situated in a side road close by, to observe the last network in Thailand that actually rehearses the exceptionally old custom of hand-creating monk bowls.
  • Wat Yan Nawa: This is the place you can see the mind relics of Buddha-like grape seeds, the numerous chest, face, and brow relics, and even impression the unbelievable Naga Gem which is a gemstone found in a snake's head. Aside of the relics, do set aside some effort to welcome the special multi-religion atmosphere of this spot straight from the Chinese Kwan Yin, to the Hindu Lord Ganesha, all the different Gods here live in amicability in this sanctuary, encircled by old fashioned Buddhas and life-sized priest wax figures. You can compose notes of wishes or prayers on the little tree here. Wat Yan Nawa more commonly known amongst foreigners as the Boat Temple is essentially a unique Chinese junk vessel moulded sanctuary worked by King Rama III to help people in the future to remember the greatness of the previously well-known throwout. It's allowed to enter however you may be requested a little monetary donation for some incense to offer your appreciation at the altar. While the sanctuary itself merits a brief glance, the genuine fascination here is the incredible store of the relics of the Buddha and other edified priests, flawlessly spread out in the lobby in the close-by building. Miniscule dabs of each tone, which are as far as anyone knows changed body parts, alongside more conventional bone bits, all credited with having enchanted forces, are shown in reliquaries.
  • The Yunomori Onsen: It offers guests absolute unwinding and the opportunity to splash away their difficulties in a progression of hot, cold, spring water-filled and pressurised public showers. Women and men wash in independent regions as men go commando while women have the choice of expendable dark innerwear. In case you're an amateur simply follow the suggested washing grouping featured on the dividers. Totally reviving, it tends to be enticing to spend the better aspect of the day here as there's no restriction to the measure of time you can spend washing. Robes are accommodated to the individuals who need to leave the shower and unwind in the basic territories to peruse or eat at the Japanese bistro on the premises, before heading back inside. This is perhaps the best place to visit in Bangkok if you have enjoyed a few days of fun and frolic here and wish to enjoy some quiet time, reconnecting with nature before heading back home.
Wat Suthat


The city is extremely popular amongst tourists and the number of visitors trickling into the city annually is testament to this fact. With a good mix of venues to explore, given in the sections below are some interesting places for you to visit.

City Parks

  • Lumpini Park: One of Bangkok's most famous parks, Lumpini park is the best spot to get some outside breeze and associate with nature. Occupied particularly at sunrise or nightfall, there's bounty to do here other than unwind; work out on all the free wellness gear, or take an interest in a vigorous exercise class, which is complimentary. Other fun exercises incorporate taking a paddleboat over the lake or drawing near to the indigenous populace – in particular the recreation centre's many reptiles that appear to have no dread of individuals. Lumpini Park has the best noticeable populace of these impressive animals and it's a serious sight to watch them as they wander past individuals a simple short distance away. While the reptiles can be seen all for the duration of the day, generally resting along the lake's banks, the best opportunity to see a great deal of them is around early evening. Getting a brief look at them at different parks can be a hit and miss undertaking.
  • Bang Krachao: Often known as the green lung of the city, Bang Krachao is an island situated in the region of Phra Pradaeng simply outside the city. What's ideal about the island is that it does not have any metropolitan decorations and highlights a broad park, little yet spectacular sanctuaries, spirit homes, a market and amazingly benevolent occupants. Permit a couple of hours to appropriately look at all the neighbourhood artworks and tasty treats on offer, for example, hot hormok which is essentially steamed fish with veggies in banana leaf cups, custom made red dragon fruit frozen yoghurt/ice cream, seared scallops and crab shells loaded down with chicken and crab meat. On the off chance that you need to get away from the bounds of the city, this is one spot where you'll feel far away without truly moving ceaselessly.
Lumpini Park

National Parks

  • Khao Yai National Park: This tremendous National Park is available in Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex in Thailand. It is spread across a large territory with a rainforest in its area as well, Khao Rom. This is an incredible park to explore by cycling, climbing, and jeep safari. You can discover numerous fowls, creatures, and reptiles on your safari. It is fitting to go for climbing and journeying in the allowed puts as it were.
  • Sai Yok National Park: This National Park is available in the secured zone of the Western Forest Complex in Thailand, which is close to its capital Bangkok. It is spread across 500-sq km with Tenasserim Hills and River Kwai moving through this park. The intriguing Sai Yok Yai Lek cascade is available inside this park. It is the best spot to see caverns, mountains, waterways, and woodlands in a single spot. You can discover the second World War campgrounds and an old railroad connect as well. A road trip spanning over a day is sufficient to see the Sai Yok National Park attractions. It is the best spot to explore nature, fledgelings, and various intriguing creatures. In the event that you are fortunate, you can see the flying creatures.
  • Erawan National Park: This is a beautiful National Park, which is known for its cascades separated from its widely varied vegetation. This cascade is spread across various levels. It is a mainstream spot to take a dunk in its falls. These are outlandish spots to take postcard size photographs with cascades and evergreen rainforest as a setting. This is the best spot to visit ordinarily with sweethearts, experience nature lovers and thrill-seekers, and flying creatures including lovely birds. You can likewise visit its amazing limestone caves. A road trip is basic to explore its timberland journeying rails. It is prudent to remain in the woods hold up for a weeklong and appreciate this large National Park of Thailand.
Khao Yai National Park


Those tourists who are beach lovers shall be disappointed in Bangkok. Though the city hosts some of the craziest parties in the world, there is always the lack of a good beach. The nearest beach is a few hours’ drive away and you shall have to wander into territory that doesn’t come within the city limits. Some of the beaches that are worth visiting near Bangkok are:

  • Hua Hin
  • Koh Laan
  • Koh Chang
  • Koh Samet
The scenic Koh Samet


  • Grand Palace: Bangkok's top fascination, the staggering Grand Palace is definitely not a solitary structure yet a rambling complex of corridors, structures and structures set in the midst of tremendous patios and nurseries. A mixed bag of structurally various styles welcomes the eye, a demonstration of the vision of different ruling lords who made their own increments. Take as much time as necessary strolling around the complex's numerous courts, appreciating the enormous paintings, the little scope model of the Angkor Wat, the seat corridors, exhibitions and the sky is the limit from there. The long term old Buddha picture cut from a solitary jade square at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one of Thailand's most venerated pictures. The leaflet and guide that go with the ticket give adequate course to you to discover your direction, yet aides can be employed as well.
  • Wat Arun: One of Bangkok's most notable riverside tourist spots, Wat Arun which is also known as the Temple of Dawn is additionally one of the city's most seasoned sanctuaries, well known for its interesting Khymer-style focal tower stunningly adorned with shaded porcelain. The sanctuary's lofty tower, encircled by four littler towers, overwhelms the horizon and represents the legendary Mount Meru which in Buddhist cosmology is the focal point of the universe. Steep advances lead up the focal tower and in the event that you dare the ascension, you'll be compensated with delightful perspectives on the stream, Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. The different structures and guardian sculptures in the sanctuary complex are additionally worth a look.
  • Wat Traimit: Home to the world's biggest solid gold Buddha, Wat Traimit makes for an astounding visit before entering the hurrying around of Chinatown's Yaowarat street. Going back to the 13th century, this 5.5-tonne gold sculpture was accepted to be made of mortar for quite a long time, until it was inadvertently dropped when it was being raised, making a portion of the mortar air out and uncover the sparkle of gold underneath. Past investing some energy taking in such glimmering sparkling greatness, there's not a ton to do here visit the exhibition hall on the third floor, just in the event that you have the opportunity to execute.
  • The Metal Castle: One of three structures of its sort that have been developed far and wide, the Loha Prasat which literally translates to Metal Castle in Bangkok's Wat Ratchanatdaram is the one in particular that has made due right up until the present time. It has been submitted to the UNESCO for thought as a World Heritage site as well. The most striking highlights of this shocking multi-layered sanctuary are its thirty-seven dark iron towers, which represent the thirty-seven excellencies on the way to illumination; these towers are right now being given a brilliant sheen. Loha Prasats vary from different sanctuaries in their special development – various levels are spread out on very much separated segments, and meandering through this present one's many tight passages loaded up with history displays makes for fascinating investigation. A winding flight of stairs takes you right to a cherished relic at the top and allows incredible close-up shots of the towers.
Wat Arun also known as the temple of Dawn


  • Erawan Museum: Worked by a similar visionary liable for the Ancient City of Muang Boran, this enormous, three-headed, bronze elephant sculpture is really a gallery within and includes some strange engineering intelligent of Hindu cosmology; the cellar speaks to the hidden world, and the vault, the earth. Naturally, paradise, where the Buddha lives, is situated in the elephant's paunch on the highest level, reached by a winding flight of stairs. While there's not a ton of real exhibition hall curios, it's unquestionably worth a visit for an hour or more for the hallucinogenic environment, complex pixies and mythical serpents romp everything under a stunning recoloured glass window in this dreamland. Sculptures of fanciful animals elegance the nurseries outside. It's allowed to take dishes of lotus blossoms and set them above water in the lotus lake around the historical centre, probably for the best of luck. It's ideal to visit this exhibition hall on the last part of an excursion to the Ancient City.
  • Muang Boran: The Ancient City or 'Muang Boran' is an enormous open-air historical centre, built looking like Thailand, that contains 115 precise scale models of Siam's antiquated miracles. Crossing approximately 315 sections of land and worked by the unconventional Thai tycoon additionally liable for both the Erawan Museum and the Sanctuary of Truth which is situated in Pattaya, an outing here is equivalent to encountering a microcosm of Thai history in the entirety of its awe-inspiring decent variety. Old landmarks, sublime remains, flawless sanctuaries, and notable houses are dispersed about a verdant scene accentuated by captivating social and legendary references. Specialists dealing with conventional artistic expressions and merchants selling snacks as they paddle about the city's drifting business sector give this outdoors historical centre an energetic vibe. To truly do it equity, Muang Boran needs a whole day, that too a day loaded up with interminable and extraordinary photograph openings.
  • Siriraj Medical Museum: Popularly known as the gallery of death, the Siriraj Medical Museum is loaded up with displays, for example, which can be both abhorrent and sad simultaneously, this includes conjoined twins, distorted children, skulls with discharge wounds, murder weapons, a more than two-foot-wide infected scrotum, and parasites you didn't know could exist in a human body. One of the historical centre's stars displays includes the paraffin wax-filled body of Thailand's most infamous sequential executioner, Si Quey, who ate the hearts of young men. He's flanked by an embalmed attacker in what resembles a payphone show, bearing the words 'Rape Murderer with Death Sentence.' Take your time looking at everything as the gallery is spread out across various structures, which can be somewhat dubious to find. The most upsetting segments are the ones committed to Congenital Disorders, Parasitology, and Forensic Pathology.
Muang Boran: The ancient city


The local Thai cuisine that you find in Bangkok is renowned across the globe and some of the most popular dishes that you must indulge in are:

  • Pad Thai: You have most likely had some knockoff Pad Thai before heading out to Bangkok, yet no fake unfamiliar dish can rival the mainstream noodle creation that put Thailand on the culinary guide. Cooking Pad Thai is no simple task, each fixing must be fastidiously added to make a flavourful dish. Pad Thai must be arranged rapidly also to guarantee it is hot and flavoursome.
  • Massaman Curry: While Thailand has many reasonable curries, none can equal the tasty Massaman curry. The sauce, subsequent to getting thick with flavour, is poured over rice. Massaman curry glue, delicate potatoes, onions, and coconut milk are cooked flawlessly.
  • Khao Kha Moo: Many hours are put into the making of this delicious meal. Indulge in this pork, which is boiled in soy sauce and cinnamon until it is so tender it falls off the bone. You will find this pork steaming throughout the streets of Bangkok and you will most likely smell the savoury dish before laying eyes on it, the aroma is that potent and sweet.
  • Tom Yum Goong: What do you get when you consolidate lemongrass, lime leaves, mushrooms, galangal ginger, tomatoes and chillies in one delightful soup? Tom yum Goong. Goong implies shrimp, yet you can eat on this appetising soup with chicken or make the feast veggie lover. This dish can be found in kitchens around the globe yet is particularly celebrated in Thailand.
  • Mango with Sticky Rice/ Kao Niew Mamuang: On the off chance that you have a sweet tooth, you will be not able to oppose the mango with sticky rice found on pretty much every soi (road) in Bangkok. Coconut milk is gradually cooked with both sugar and salt before being poured over newly made sticky rice. After the milk settles, chilled, ready mango is stripped, cut, and put over the warm platter. What it lacks in terms of health benefit, it compensates for in flavour.
  • Som Tum/ Papaya Salad: One of the most popular and special of a kind dishes in Thailand is the notorious green papaya serving of mixed greens. Sugar, fish sauce, garlic, lime, and tamarind squeeze all go into the creation of this heavenly serving of mixed greens. Consolidate this bounty of flavours with shredded green papaya and carrots, peanuts, chillies, tomatoes along with sticky rice, and you have yourself the ideal Thai dish.
  • Khao Suey: This isn't your regular noodle soup. Khao Suey is a northern dish that is accepted to have originated from Myanmar however it became famous in view of the tasty turn Thailand gave it. Chicken, meat, pork, or tofu is moderately cooked in a velvety, coconut-based curry. Consolidate this with yellow egg noodles, cilantro leaves, and pan-fried noodles to finish everything off, and you have a noodle soup, not at all like some other versions.
  • Pad See Eiu: While Pad Thai is unquestionably Thailand's most amazing noodle dish, Pad See Eiu, or sautéed flat noodles, certainly gives the dish tough competition with regards to taste. Soy sauce, garlic, eggs, and noodles are cooked flawlessly with your decision of meat before being presented with ground white pepper, bean stew chips, sugar, and vinegar.
  • Pad Kra Pao Moo: This dish may sound customary, yet it is by a long shot one of the most flavourful Thai mixtures to be found in Bangkok. An apparently basic plate of rice is changed by fiery, tasty basil that is singed with your decision of meat. Top off the dinner with a seared egg for the ideal combination of surface and flavour.
  • Tom Kha Gai: Coconut milk is a shared factor among these top Thai fortes. This smooth soup, comprising of chicken cooked in velvety coconut milk, is rich with lemongrass, ginger, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It makes certain to get one of your preferred dishes while visiting Bangkok.
Mango with sticky rice at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Supanniga Eating Room: Here at Supanniga Eating Room, glass dividers separate you from the scenic waterfall almost similar to a houseboat, and the said houseboat additionally has a modern layout, pressed with a horde of graduate understudies, vibrant Thai adults, and families out for a good meal. There are different seating and sofas, iron and wooden seats, a long bar, and steps paving the way to an outdoor rooftop, which is the ideal spot for eating. The kitchen here is known for strong flavours, enormous bits of conventional Thai solace nourishments, and a substantial scramble of inventiveness. You shall see everything from smoked fish to braised severe melon.
  • Err: It is a customary shophouse reconsidered as a crazy one-room eatery in Bangkok's imperial quarter. The entryways are constantly swung wide, which means there's no cooling, regardless of whether you select to sit inside in the midst of the befuddled seats and cool workmanship. It's perky and welcoming, particularly in case you're in the temperament to drink with companions. Garlic, bean stews, soy, betel nut, ginger, lemongrass: This is Thai drinking food at its best. You snack on frankfurters or remove pork from satay sticks with your teeth. It's collective, easygoing, and never stupefied for sightseers.
  • Sorn: Sorn centres around conventional cooking procedures, from charcoal to earth pot to ageing and accentuates on utilising just the freshest fixings carefully sourced from fourteen southern areas of Thailand. Sorn ever so often utilises current procedures to advance the kinds of specific fixings. The menu incorporates twenty-two unique dishes beginning from the minuscule sand mole crabs on a powder of seaweed, stew, and chilli trailed by a little piece of crude Phuket lobster. Another remarkable dish on the menu is the flame-broiled firm pork belly, impeccably crunchy and brilliant skin, presented with a plunging sauce produced using khua Kling curry paste. A little choice of wines is accessible. The yellow curry with young and fresh mangosteen and gu fish is new and fragrant.
  • Nahm: It is situated in COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is by each measure, perhaps the best café around. There are perky canapés to begin, trailed by starters like the acclaimed pigeon larb plate of mixed greens and scope of innovative, fiery soups. The mains are divided to share, and each dish has something that you've probably never had. Talented workers are anxious to reveal to you about the wok-seared fiddlehead plants or the prawns. This eatery is a strong pick whenever of day. Want an extreme lunch or a night tasting menu, you must visit Nahm.
  • Sra Bua: In the event that you like Thai dishes, you will like the nourishments served here. They are imaginative, credible, and holding the trait of Thai dishes despite the fact that it is served in a combination way. The administrations are magnificent and the costs for the set menus are sensible. This molecular gastronomy restaurant practising exclusively in Thai food offers a total feasting involvement with a fantasy style of Thai cuisine. An advanced understanding of Thai cooking behind flawlessly made food, recognisable kinds of customary dishes are kept up while the gourmet specialists push the limits of structure, surface, and temperature of your meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Rasayana: One of Bangkok's solitary raw food eateries, Rasayana hangs out in its group for it sweeping menu as well as for its detox program that incorporates things like juice scrubs, colon hydrotherapy, detox showers, infrared saunas, and fragrance based treatment kneads. At the point when you're set there, you can decide on a Pilates class before polishing off with a raw pizza or pasta at their in the open-air bistro, which makes for a shocking evening office in case you're searching for a peaceful way of life with raw cake and espresso.
  • The DAG: Established by Chef Van, the 30-seat eatery works like a Chef's Table with a menu that changes each week or two and is served at one long mutual table. Strolling into Warehouse 30, you'll be welcomed by lines of all shapes and sizes containers overflowing with brackish water that are maturing the fixings used to plan dishes. Most, if not all, fixings are produced using scratch since Chef Van needs to recount to the entire story behind the food he serves directly down to the start, and that goes past the preliminary strides to its social centrality. Furthermore, the mixed drinks, goodness the mixed drinks, they are just the absolute most one of a kind Thai-combination mixed drinks around. Head to The Dag to attempt crude, provincial, and customary food yet with a contort.
  • Broccoli Revolution: Broccoli Revolution has become a city staple not just for its combination veggie lover cooking picture broccoli quinoa charcoal burgers with yam fries yet in addition for the mechanical stylish inside that is seen it become one of Bangkok's most attractive objections for digital nomads and travellers, business experts, and moms-to-be. The space is self-portrayed as a socially cognisant veggie-lover, a quick easygoing eatery that obliges veggie lover and vegan palates with plates from societies like Burmese, Italian, Thai, South American and that's just the beginning. Its super advantageous area along the BTS makes it a continuous stop for most Bangkokians searching for breakfast, lunch or supper however in the event that you do end up there at night, start with a kale mojito. Except if you're a day consumer, at that point, we suggest it for lunch as well.
  • Bo.lan: Indeed, perhaps reserve a spot first. Gourmet specialist couple Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones hence "Bo" and "Lan", who were as of late included in a scene of Netflix's Chef's Table for their economical cooking practices go, watch it currently, source all of their fixings from inside Thailand and head to nearby towns themselves to discover and uphold free ranchers. Their complex and work escalated strategies are conveyed as a component of a degustation menu that has won the café a Michelin star and their capacity to combine high-end food and conventional Thai culture (surprisingly you won't find any Pad Thai here) with a zero-carbon impression has won them gestures from cognisant foodies everywhere in the world. On the off chance that you think you've had everything with regards to Thai food, you haven't seen anything yet.

Street Food

The street food in Bangkok is renowned across the globe and as some of the most popular dishes were mentioned in the sections above. Most road trucks in Bangkok spend significant time in cooking a certain something, thus they generally do that one thing truly well. Nonetheless, there are a couple of sellers that have become an ace at their exchange, who have spent a lifetime sharpening ages old skills and recipes flawlessly. Let us take a glimpse into some of the most popular street food joints to devour these dishes in this section of the article:

  • Boat Noodle Alley: Uninspiring in appearance, Boat Noodle Alley is a back street close to Victory Monument that is acclaimed for serving pontoon noodles, known as 'guay diow rua'. Little noodle parcels are served in minuscule dishes costing minimal prices, this is suggestive of the manner in which they were sold by coasting noodle merchants, the little segments implied less possibility of spillage. Local people and understudies visit here to arrange bowls by the dozen, some top picks include a scramble of new pig's blood.
  • Mit Ko Yuan: It is the most established cafe on Dinso Road, a culinary foundation that stands apart even on a road renowned for its food. "Mit Ko Yuan makes an extraordinary naam liap moo (seared rice and Chinese olives) utilizing old family plans. Individuals likewise come here for its unmistakable tom yum soup, which the retailers have been idealizing for a long time across two ages. The little eating region, complete with wooden stools and blue-green blue tabletops, is a period container of a former time of Bangkok, exceptional in the Old City territory close to the goliath swing, which is fighting off the danger of improvement.
  • Jay Fai: She was the principal street food merchant to be granted a Michelin star. Her basic cart has since swelled into an activity with a months-long waiting list. While her basic yet-flavourful crab omelette takes a large portion of the spotlight, her plastered noodles is another feature. It's ideal to book ahead of time, yet in case you're willing to blindly go for it on the day, add your name to the holding up list composed on a paper sheet outside the cafe before entryways open at 2 in the afternoon.
Jay Fai preparing her famous crab omelette


The people of Thailand are known to be extremely fond of their drinks and whether it is alcoholic or not, they seem to devour them all the same. In this section of the article, we shall try and find out a few drinks that the people of Bangkok frequently consume.

To begin with, the people of Bangkok are known to be extremely fond of fresh juices when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks. There is nothing as rejuvenating and healthy as juice squeezed from fresh fruits. Thus, you will find juice stalls all across the city and these shall offer you freshly squeezed juices at a small cost. Some favourite juices of the locals include orange juice, pomegranate juice, and sugarcane juice. Beyond this, the locals are also known to not just enjoy coconut in their food but also in their beverages or perhaps simple coconut water which is extremely healthy and loaded with electrolytes. Also, the locals are known to enjoy their coffee, primarily in two forms, the first being steaming hot variants including latte and mocha while the second variant is known to be the renowned Thai Iced Milk Tea, which is known as Chai Yen locally, irrespective of whether they are headed to work or to university, you can see every adult Thai individual in Bangkok carrying a cup of this, it may look a little unusual because of its orange colour but don’t let that deceive you as it tastes just as delicious.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, the Thai people in Bangkok are known to keep things immensely simple. Considering the weather all through the year, the Thais are extremely fond of their beer which is undoubtedly well suited. The local people have a strange habit of drinking their beer with ice in it and though you may not really be a fan you could try it once. The famous local brands of beer include Singha, Leo, and Chang. Beyond beers, the local people in Bangkok enjoy gulping whiskey, and though they may not be well educated about scotch and bourbons, they enjoy some Mekhong Whiskey. The local rum named Sangsom is also very popular here in Bangkok and as a tourist, you can visit the city and enjoy some hard drinks with the local Redbull which is a non-carbonated and stronger version of the Redbull found in western countries. Lastly, the locals enjoy Thai Bucket drinks which are an absolute rage at parties and music festivals. It is essentially a large bucket filled with various alcoholic drinks and mixers which are decided upon by you and your friends who shall all gulp it together.


The tap water that you will find in Bangkok is most certainly unfit for drinking. As a tourist, if you wish to enjoy a glass of water it is suggested that you drink from a water purifier at minimum. This can be ensured only at restaurants and at houses of the local people. d carts around the city.

Organic Cafés

Healthy eating is increasingly gaining traction amongst the people across the globe and the people of Bangkok are no different, they are becoming more aware about the benefits of organic cafes which help you eat healthy food in a sustainable manner. Given below are some of the most popular organic cafes in the city:

  • Simple Natural Kitchen
  • Siwilai City Club
  • Dean & Deluca Thailand
  • Theera
  • Lemon Organic Cafe
  • Paul Thailand


The people of Bangkok have always been very passionate about their beers and you can enjoy some truly good brews here in the city, given below is a list of some of the most popular breweries and distilleries that you must visit on your trip:

  • Dock no 13
  • House of Beers
  • The Beer Cap
  • Craft
  • Bottles of Beer
  • Wishbeer Home Bar
  • Golden Coins Taproom
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Mikkeller Bangkok
  • Tawandang Pub
  • Brewski Craft Beer Bar


When you are on a trip to Bangkok you certainly can enjoy a few activities that will work towards enhancing your overall experience in the city. One such activity is organic farming, many new farms provide the opportunity to tourists to come and spend a day learning about organic farming and planting their own saplings, this is interesting and helps you connect with nature on the whole. Another such activity is taking a cooking class. If you enjoy eating Thai food, you can master the art of preparing it as well, various classes shall offer you a shortcut to the soul of local cuisine. If you wish to do something more exciting then we suggest you take a few classes of Muay Thai which is a local form of martial arts. If you want something more soothing, it is highly recommended that you step out and enjoy a heavenly Thai massage. The Thai massage is an art form renowned across the globe and as the masseuse rubs oil on you and runs his/her fingers you shall feel closer than ever to Nirvana. Lastly, if you want a laid back afternoon, go rowing and fishing, you shall not only enjoy some quiet time but you may also catch your next meal.

Yoga and Retreats

The Thai culture is very closely linked to Hinduism and with many of its roots connected to the country of India, you can very well be sure about the prevalence of yoga in local culture as well. While yoga is practised by a few here, there are many who also practice meditation, you could dabble in that as well, but for those who are certain about yoga, given below are some of the highly-rated yoga retreats in the city:

  • Lullaby Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga Bangkok
  • Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Bangkok
  • Yoga Elements
  • Absolute Yoga
  • Angel Yoga Club


Bangkok is a very large city and being one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world does bring about a need to have a robust variety of accommodations to provide to the needs of these tourists. It offers a wide range of accommodations to all the visitors, right from cheap motels and inns with basic amenities to over-the-top 5-star hotels with all possible comforts and luxuries. These obviously are positioned at different price points and depending upon the budget of the tourist, they cater the services.

The Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok

Green Hotels

  • Sivatel Boutique Hotel: Getting accommodation economically no longer methods improvising in the outside. Now living Green is the new extravagance and lodgings like Sivatel are an update that as opposed to settling on comfort, practical is currently a stage up. The inn's idea of eco-accommodating cordiality incorporates the utilization of pitilessness free and privately sourced items, non-paper toiletry bundling and recyclable clothing sacks. Visitors will see a beautiful menu with new leafy foods from neighbourhood ranchers just as spices developed in their spice garden in the building itself. The inn additionally makes practical strides through a trash bank program in which the lodging staff can recycle the trash at home for money. The Sivatel is a brilliant illustration of how to mesh little green steps into a business and effectively run an eco-driven activity without settling on benefit. Be that as it may, if all you care about is an epic pool, the Sivatel has got you secured its housetop limitlessness pool gets included in touring online journals consistently.
  • Bangkok Tree House: The Bangkok Tree House takes resting under the stars to the following level with one room even named 'A View With A Room' and is basically a huge bed out in the open under a covering of stars and a divider made of timberland. The rest of the rooms are staggered treehouses that line the Chao Phraya River that additionally brag housetop sleeping quarters. The carbon-neutral and completely supportable eco-magnum opus incorporates natural produce developed nearby, sustainable power source controlled by the wind and solar sources. Note that the lodging can likewise be reached by foot, bicycle, or via boats.
  • Old Capital Bike Inn: This family-run motel is in the core of Bangkok, once called the Old Bangkok Inn, works out of a socially rich zone once home to Siam's respectable elite. The rooms and generally configuration inspire an obsolete appeal, however, manoeuvred into a 21st-century ideal of maintainability along with eco-friendly means and conservation. The renovated property utilizes only vitality effective apparatuses and lighting, a sunlight based water warmer framework, works a strong reusing program, promotes a sunshine usage plan, and consolidates furniture and installations rescued from old teak wood.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • The Yard Hostel: Developed out of old steel trailers and other reused materials, this eco-accommodating lodging has a green attitude woven into its very centre. Situated in best in class Ari, it's an extraordinary spot to loosen up on the edges of the huge city while getting a charge out of nearness to the BTS line for extreme availability. Beside its genuine upcycled development, The Yard gives glass containers to its visitors to top off all through their stay to decrease single-utilize plastic and consolidates water-sparing and vitality effective machines over the property.
  • Bodega Khao San: It isn't your average hostel, it hosts pool parties, bar crawls, DJs, market expeditions, bicycle and strolling visits, daily drinking games and astonishing food and alcohol is only the surface. So in case, you're searching for acceptable individuals, great vibes, an extraordinary social encounter and beds better than yours at home, you're at the perfect spot.


Renting an apartment in Bangkok is quite a decent endeavour, however, this shall require you to do your research thoroughly. The safety of the neighbourhood, the actual state of the apartment, hidden terms and conditions with respect to the apartment, possibility of nosy neighbours, and much more. If you have a known contact willing to rent out an apartment, then you can be sure of it and go ahead. At the same time, you might want to consider the option of renting an apartment only when you are staying in town for longer durations or if you are travelling with a bunch of people that you know and are willing to stay with you in the apartment, this makes it extremely comfortable and cost-efficient.


Couch Surfing is popular as a concept here in Bangkok but there aren’t many who are willing to participate. A handful of young adults who are comfortable will indulge but the rest are either living in spaces that are too small or simply do not trust letting in strange foreigners into their house.


The people who live in Bangkok are not known to be avid campers, but a few passionate ones are keen on exploring, you could either tag along with such individuals or form your own group or even go solo for camping around Bangkok. There are a few prominent locations around, some of the worthy ones that you can explore are:

  • Phu Tub Berk
  • Camp Chiang Mai
  • Greenfield Farm

How to Get There

Getting to Bangkok is not a major issue for most tourists as the city is well connected by all means of transport. To begin with, the city is the capital of the country and it has the best of transportation facilities, so all you have to do is pick a suitable mode of transport. Then it is recommended that you adjust your budget and pick a transportation that is as eco-friendly as possible.


The city is served by the Suvarnabhumi Airport which is the newer airport in the city and manages all the international flights and some of the domestic flights coming into Bangkok. The airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and has flights operating to and from all the major destinations. The airport is well connected by the BTS Skytrain to the city so you don’t have to worry about eco-friendly travel.

Arrivals at the Suvarnabhumi Airport


Bangkok is well connected to the neighbouring towns and cities via buses. You could opt for a local bus run by the government or you could go for pricer and more luxurious offerings by private operators. On the whole, they are efficient and offer you good service for the money you pay.


The State Railway of Thailand is known to operate the trains that arrive and depart from the city. Bangkok is one of the key destinations in rail travel across Thailand, so if you are positioned at one of the cities or towns that is connected by railway you can make your way to the capital city easily.


Hitchhiking is common in Bangkok only when a tourist is asking for a ride, the people generally trust tourists and are more than willing to lend a helping hand, you certainly can try your luck but the usual risks involved with hitchhiking stand true here as well.


While there is the option of using waterways in Bangkok, it isn’t really treated as a major mode of transportation to reach the city. Beyond this, it is recommended that you stick to the usual modes of transport.

Moving Around

Moving around the city is quite a challenge for tourists as the streets can be confusing and one needs to plan their daily schedule and chart out a map well in advance. More so, the city has huge crowds in common places and the various modes of transport are jam-packed at peak hours. The greenest ways to get around are the e-buses, EV cabs and the BTS Skytrain, more details about which are given below.


Walking around the city can be a delight at night time but there are some safety issues. More so, the level of pollution crowded sidewalks and confusing layout makes things difficult.


Renting bicycles to explore the city is quite common here but the lack of dedicate pathways in all parts of the city and the unpredictability and overall safety lapses might make you reconsider your decision.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are not too common in Bangkok, you may certainly find a few private electric vehicles and cabs but self driving ones are hard to come by, you can try a few from popular car rental applications. However, finding e-scooters to zip around town is easier, but it is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the roads and traffic beforehand.

Public Bus

The public buses in Bangkok are quite efficient and they are extremely environment friendly. You can use some of these to travel over short distances and they shall be economical too. However, you need to ensure that you catch the right bus to reach your destination and things could be extremely chaotic as these buses are quite crowded.

Tram, Train and Subway

The BTS Skytrain is the backbone of transportation in the city. You can board one of these and reach the farthest corners of the city, they are efficient and economical. More so, they are the greenest mode of transportation available in Bangkok.

The BTS Skytrain passes through the business district of Sathon.

Sustainable Shopping

In Asian economies such as that of Thailand, most of the local vendors are known to struggle to ensure a thriving business, cut-throat competition and low margins makes it a sell to survive market for them, hence, it is suggested that you always indulge in sustainable shopping and purchase local goods that are made using eco-friendly practices.

Food Markets

Food Markets are immensely popular in Bangkok and some of the best ones for you as a tourist to explore are:

  • Bang Rak Food Market
  • Chatuchak Market
  • Bangkok Chinatown Market
  • Wang Lang Market
  • Khlong Toei

Flea Markets

The flea markets in Bangkok are a great place to pickup a few knickknacks and souvenirs, given below are a few markets worth exploring:

  • Chatuchak Market
  • Asiatique
  • Kwan Riam Floating Market

Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores are an excellent bargain sometimes, as they offer you almost as good as new goods at a fraction of the original price. There is a sizeable market for such goods in Bangkok and given below are a few stores you can explore:

  • Thonglor Art Village
  • Cocue Basics
  • Shades of Retro
  • Talad Rod Fai


The eco-fashion market in Bangkok is yet not very large and is growing at a slow yet steady pace. As a tourist, you can explore some of the indigenous fashion stores in the city which often sell goods made of organic materials, these are not only sustainably produced but they are also cost-effective.


Recycling in Bangkok has recently been taken very seriously, the government has always been ramping up efforts to recycle as much as possible but yet they trail considerably in comparison to other major cities across the globe. Yet incentive based recycling initiatives have been launched recently. Everything including plastic, glass, metals, e-waste, and medical waste is collected and recycled here.


Waste disposal in Bangkok is quite efficient and systematic in major residential areas as the awareness is quite high and everything is separately collected including wet and dry waste. Hazardous waste is carefully collected and transported as well. However, the waste collection system in poor areas and slums is in shambles and you may see some inefficient methods being followed.

Work and Study Abroad

Bangkok is a capital city and is a prominent destination in the Asian region. It is obvious that the city is successful in attracting large numbers of tourists from foreign destinations for both work and educational purposes.

Exchange Student

The city is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country and in Asia on the whole, hence, you can expect many exchange students in town. The universities offer short term programs and long term scholarships as well.

Au Pair

Au Pair as a concept isn’t too popular in Bangkok and having expectations of finding such an arrangement isn’t likely here, so keep your expectations in check.


The city has numerous organisations who work for a wide variety of causes. You too can contribute to society by doing your bit and volunteer for any of the programmes being undertaken by NGOs or even arms of the government. You could also volunteer for a host of activities that are taking place in corporate institutions and universities.

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