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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bogotá advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bogotá, Colombia.

Downtown Bogota

  • Air quality: 2.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $150

Responsible Travel

Tourism is an ever-flourishing sector which is greatly loved and enjoyed by most people around the world. No matter where you reside, even a short vacation outside your local surroundings can impact your life. As such, large groups of tourists travel to different parts of the world to enjoy the aesthetic scenery and beauty of the place and connect with its culture on a much deeper level.

However, every tourist must know that traveling to a different place has quite a lot to do other than visiting famous landmarks and taking away souvenirs while heading home. Tourists need to abide by the rules and customs they call unknowingly to offend the city's local citizens. It is crucial for us travelers and tourists ensure that we give back to the place we are visiting as much as we are taking away from it, be it in memory or by a significant artifact.

There are many ways in which tourists can give back to the new city they are visiting so that the soul of tourism remains intact, and each one of us, be it the locals or the tourists, are content with happiness and joy. Here are some practical measures and ways you can implement in your traveling regime while visiting Bogota if you are willing to travel responsibly.

Although it is somewhat late in the day, Bogota in transit forward offers contamination-free, safe, and quick metro-railroads benefits that movement under the ground and on a superficial level. This could be the best type of transport in light for different reasons. They are reasonable, and they are swift and proficient. They are additionally protected, and even single ladies travelers visiting this city can utilize this asset.

Riding bikes is additionally an extraordinary method to move around in this city. Even though traffic is a worry, there are bike paths in numerous zones and utilized. There are multiple shops and little sources that offer bikes on a recruit, and you should use them.

Utilize public vehicles as opposed to employing vehicles and other such private methods of transport. We should remember that a public assistance transport will have the option to oblige multiple times more number of travelers when contrasted with a 25 to 30 odd individual vehicles. The general vehicle framework is a mutually beneficial arrangement both for the city and for travelers. It is a more secure method of transport and is less contaminating than taxicabs and private vehicles. It likewise prompts lesser traffic on the streets. There is no uncertainty that Bogota has perhaps the most evolved, productive, and modest street transport administrations, and you should utilize the equivalent. It additionally will imply that you are strolling the discussion as a mindful voyager.

Attempt and backing neighborhood organizations however much as could reasonably be expected. It is a reality not restricted to Bogota alone yet. It is consistent with other enormous urban areas of the existence where vacationers run.

Attempt to eat neighborhood food instead of running to the worldwide eateries and inns that dish out a few mainland dishes. You can visit these big names now, and again yet your center should be to attempt to have neighborhood food. There is no lack of nearby lodgings and cafés, and you will have the option to run over good diners, eateries, and even street-side inexpensive food joints. They offer a wide assortment of food, and Bogota has gotten celebrated for this by a considerable number of travelers across the world.

Remaining in green inns is one all the more ways you could be a dependable vacationer. Although the idea of green lodgings may not be as evolved all things considered in some western urban communities, customarily, the neighborhood individuals have consistently accepted to be near nature and reusing. Consequently, if you invest some energy and do some exploration, you will have the option to go over many green lodgings in Bogota. More insights concerning this will partake in particular areas later.

Comprehend the significance of visiting parks. Bogota has a fine assortment of numerous delightful normal and fake parks spread around the city's length and expansiveness. It would be best if you made it a highlight visit to these parks. It very well may be for morning walks or night strolls. Moving around with your relatives or proceeding onward your future is an excellent method to see more about this lovely city's greenery. You likewise can purchase a couple of things from the stores and diners that are not far away from the parks. This would be another magnificent method of carrying on with the life of a mindful voyager.

Likewise, there is the need to comprehend that supporting and aiding neighborhood makers and markets is necessary for them to endure. This should be possible from multiple points of view. There could be a propensity to pull for global organizations and notable brands that sell nearly anything under the rooftop. While the environment might be acceptable and creamy, you would improve to get the same number of things as you can from the nearby business sectors, rather than hurrying to the huge names that have activities in Bogota and different nations and urban communities of the world. There are scores of nearby business sectors.

Air Quality and Pollution

In a world governed by the impact of technology and industrial growth, it is quite necessary to know and understand the index of cleanliness and pollution of the city you are traveling to. This ensures that your journey is safe and you would not succumb to any critical concerns or health issues while traveling to a different country. However, people who are vulnerable to specific conditions like the air quality or are dealing with a pre-existing health condition are highly recommended to go through this segment cautiously to gather as much information as one would need to secure travel to Bogota.

Indeed, air quality and contamination assume a significant part in whether you live in Bogota long haul or visiting the city as a traveler. Lamentably, the town is infamous for its poor and undesirable air quality. It could prompt breathing issues, consuming and bothersome eyes, and other similar inconveniences.

The storm season is likewise tireless and could add to expanded contamination levels because the suspended particles will, in general, hold tight to the hefty environment. This way, it is smarter to visit the city during the late spring months when the atmosphere is acceptable, and the dampness levels are likewise low. June to September is viewed as the best season for visiting the city.

This is because contamination levels are additionally lesser when contrasted with different seasons and months. Anyway, one thing that should be remembered is that Bogota is infamous for its terrible air nature. As a vacationer, you should remember this when you visit the city and make prudent strides in like manner.

Respect the Culture

Respecting the cultural heritage of the place you are visiting is a highly disregarded and overlooked aspect of tourism. However, a responsible traveler must appreciate and acknowledge the country you are visiting. At first, you might come across some new notions and agendas which you might not be familiar with, but as you learn more about the place, you will start to get amused over time.

There are a couple of things that you should find out about Bogota, and really at that time, you will have the option to comprehend, acknowledge, and regard the way of life of individuals and their lifestyles. Even though the nation is transcendently a Spanish community, the city of Bogota is cosmopolitan, and it is generally comprised of individuals from quite a lot of places of origin. The town is illustrative of around 100 odd ethnic gatherings. Hence, it would not be strange to specify that the city has an immense and assorted culture, various customs, and lifestyle. The city has figured out how to live with the old and the new existing together next to each other.

It might astonish you to discover that Bogotá is a social problem area. However, that is merely going to be an impermanent issue. Maybe it's oversimplified to state that atmosphere has been an issue in cultivating Bogota culture in such countless fields, yet living in a milder atmosphere can't improve a broad scope of indoor exercises. Bogotá is a city of books: aside from the numerous libraries, there are comprehensive book shop chains and an enormous book-distributing locale not a long way from La Candelaria. There are more than 130 colleges inside the city's limits, maybe representing the furiously learned tone of a decent extent of these books. Theatre likewise has a solid continuing in Colombia's capital, which may well clarify why it is the home to the most lavish celebration of this work of art on the planet.

Try not to stress; however, culture in Bogota isn't solely high-temple, using any means. Most importantly, football is never a long way from the awareness of most of Bogotá's residents. The three first-division groups situated in Bogotá are intensely upheld – head to a match to encounter the enthusiasm. Food is another wellspring of Bogotano's social eagerness: simply request one from its occupants their assessment of arepas. Those little circles of goodness, and other customary rarities, are all over: regardless of whether in the city or beguiling small eateries. Global food is additionally cautiously and expertly cooked for. Cafes and bars are frequented to enjoy one more of the capital's interests: moving – be it salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, or more European-style club moving. There are additionally various monstrous melodic occasions to help express this wide-spread love of hip-shaking. Bogotá will serenely deal with all your social yearnings, from the most learned, directly down to the remarkably physical. We trust you're prepared for it all!

Top 10 Places to Visit

Bogota is one of the most attractive destinations in Columbia, and tourists from all over the world are seen to visit this place every year. However, there are quite a several tourist destinations in the city that are very popular worldwide. As such, being a traveler in the city of Bogota, you should not dare to miss out on the top ten destinations that this city has to offer.

Here is the list of the ten best places for you and your family to visit while you are in Bogota:

  • Plaza Bolívar: When going in Colombia – or most South American nations, it doesn't take long to understand that Simon Bolivar is the chief. His name and highlights can be seen all over Bogotá; on the whole and premier among these caring recognitions is the square named in his honor, Plaza Bolivar. We state first in a real sense, as the bronze sculpture in his glorious resemblance, which holds pride of spot in the focal point of the square, has remained there since 1846, which implies it was Bogotá’s first open landmark. Also, premier as the court lies directly in the center of the most seasoned piece of the city, La Candelaria. Being so respected and focal, this square has seen many of the nation's good and bad times. Fire, attacks, festivities; the bronze Bolivar has seen it all and still looks unemotionally into Colombia's splendid future. Nowadays, he watches on as groups of pigeons; an intermittent exhibit; road sellers offering anything from chorizos to llama rides; manikin shows; and snap-glad travelers assemble before him. The vacationers indeed have bounty to snap: obviously, there is the unmoving Bolivar overtop on his now-diverse base; yet besides the Palace of Justice; the National Capitol; furthermore, the impressive Primary Cathedral of Bogotá, close by the Holy Chapel, where mass is still intensely joined in. However, as we would see it, all these photograph openings are equaled by the eternal procession of Bogotanos that flow around the square. Go on a Sunday, when the conclusion of Carrera 7 to vehicles releases a downpour of hesitating, upbeat residents on Bolivar's space. Music siphons, road entertainers do what they excel at, and attempt to look over all the road food being sold – chips, hued popcorn, pixie floss (cotton sweets), or frozen yogurt to give some examples of the alternatives. Around Christmas time, El Libertador benevolently shares his space with a monstrous tree, decorated with a similarly proportioned star. Court Bolivar, figuring so noticeably from quite a while ago, is a dynamic point of convergence for the current day. For the traveler, it is an excellent bouncing off-topic into the energy and life of the capital. Use it as a helpful base as you investigate the numerous eateries, galleries, and bars that swarm around it. Furthermore, tip a conscious cap to the pleased sentinel of the square as you stroll by.
  • Museo Del Oro: Smack-blast trying to clamoring La Candelaria stands this fastidiously thoroughly examined, and delicate accolade for Colombia's native individuals. Free on Sundays, and very little more, in any case, the Gold Museum is a venture of the Bank of the Republic, which was set up to safeguard and recapture Colombia's archeologically significant relics. Guided visits are accessible – both face-to-face and on earphones – to help you acknowledge both the consideration and creative mind utilized in assembling this gallery. The Museo Del Oro in Bogota comprises of four exhibitions intended to follow the tale of gold in the land currently known as Colombia. Start with a presentation that shows how the antiquated people groups found the gold and how they created it into such beautiful items. Next, you are lead into the complexities of native societies, to learn of the extraordinary relationship that this metal and the people groups delighted in; gold being an essential feature in their strict, political, and public activities. Ascend into the vault and fill your head with the imagery and cosmology characteristic in these staggering brilliant show-stoppers. The most significant experience is yet to come, nonetheless, as you are welcome to partake in "The Offering," the function behind the El Dorado legend. Perhaps the most valuable curios, the flawlessly sensitive Musical Raft with its ground-breaking and practical payload, is held in forlorn pride of spot to present the occasion. Try not to miss the finale as you close to the furthest limit of the story. There will be a staff part requesting that individuals pause before directing you into a completely dark room. From that point, you will be right in the center of the service, total with lights, sounds, and singing exuding from the dividers, in a satisfyingly fitting crescendo to your excursion. The Gold Museum is devoted to demonstrating how gold's splendid characteristics can mean far beyond financial worth. It was necessary for how daily routine was experienced. Museo Del Oro is a festival and respect to the numerous native societies of this nation and speaks to a woefully required signal; again and again – here and everywhere on the world – first people groups are cleared to the side of the road. Strolling through these corridors gives a brief look at the excellence and grandness of such brilliant societies and can leave you considering precisely the thing we could be passing up.
  • Monserrate: Turn your head east practically anyplace in Bogotá, and you'll see the statures of Monserrate peering altruistically back at you. This mountain is a point of convergence for the city in various faculties: especially regarding direction, religion, and the travel industry. Roosted three kilometers above ocean level is Monserrate's congregation, where a significant Catholic place of worship to "the Fallen Lord" is affectionately hidden. Colombian travelers make the precarious, hour-long move up the track on the end of the week mornings to offer their appreciation to their hero. In case you're feeling sporty, why not go along with them? Not exclusively is the trip supporting and the congregation wonderful. Yet, the highest point of Monserrate is without question the ideal approach to get a diagram of how enormous, clamoring Bogotá all fits together. Therefore alone, it is a shocking decision among the verifiable tourist spots in Bogotá for the primary excursion to do once you make it to the capital. Try not to surrender; however, there are all the more simple methods for transportation to the pinnacle and its scene. A train advances here and there the grade in the mornings, and a trolley (or funicular) assumes control over the employment once the train's had enough. In any case, it will require only a couple of minutes; and will slow down you under COP$20,000 return, essentially less – and prior – on a Sunday. Regardless of whether you are feeling enthusiastic, this type of movement up the mountain is suggested when there aren't gatherings of the right end of the week explorers going with you. Once there, take as much time as is needed to regain some composure; since you are obligated to lose it by and by when you see the total of Bogotá loosened up before your feet. Around Christmas time, the mountain and encompasses are exhibited with happy lights, merely adding to the display. There are likewise a few cafés if you believe you need something more considerable. Congrats! You've recently encountered the city's best perspective and subsequently can have a more grounded handle on what this vibrant, uncontrollable city is about.
  • Ciclovia: The Clovia is a week after week conclusion of a portion of Bogota's critical roads to open a protected space for walkers, sprinters, bikers, and so forth to appreciate some outside each Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm. Not exclusively is taking an interest in the very nearly 40-year-old occasion a decent method to see the city. Likewise, it's an opportunity to attempt some superb road food and see a more loosened upside to the occupied here and there wrongly generalized Bogotanos.
  • Simon Bolivar Park Botanic Garden: Simon Bolivar Park is marginally bigger than New York's Central Park. It is a pleasant spot with lakes, bicycle ways, walkways, and a public library. West of the recreation center is the Botanical Garden Jose Celestino Mutis. It has an assortment of public greenery from various climatic zones, some in nurseries and others in nurseries.
  • Flea Markets: In Bogota, you can discover numerous artistry markets offering a broad assortment of unique and surprising articles. These varied spaces where business people, artisans, and merchants display their items are great spots to go through at the end of the week. If you are not a collectibles aficionado or an artistry enthusiast, you may at present have the option to make some great memories in the swap meets. There is continually something for everybody. For instance, your stroll among the slows down could correspond with some road craftsman execution (music, tumbling, and so on), or if you are somewhat hungry, there is no deficiency of run of the mill snacks on offer (empanadas, pudding rice, fascinating organic product juices, arepas, and so forth) The swap meets are usually on Sundays. The two principal markets are the San Alejo in Las Aguas - La Candelaria and the Usaquen Market.
  • The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira: The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira isn't in Bogota; however, we choose to remember it for the top since it is worth to visit it. Found only one hour from Bogota, Zipaquira is a noteworthy town renowned for its salt mines, and the house of God cut inside the broad caverns of an old salt mine. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is positioned as perhaps the most visited vacationer and strict locales in Colombia's entirety. Filling in as a working church on Sundays to a considerable number of Catholics, the basilica likewise gets an inconceivable measure of guests from Monday to Saturday. They come to wonder about the engineering and creativity of its reality.
  • Historic Churches in the City Centre: Although the notable places of worship in Bogotá are not frequently featured as "must-see" objections in the city, Bogotá is home to some heavenly and noteworthy temples equalling those may discover on the European mainland. Each congregation flaunts a unique style in engineering just as fine art, because of the artistry style(s) in kindness during each congregation's development. Especially worth a visits are the Iglesia de San Francisco and Iglesia de la Tercera.
  • La Candelaria: La Candelaria is a memorable neighborhood in the city. Found a couple of moments stroll from Bolivar Plaza and home to la Casa de la Moneda, the Botero Museum, and the recently opened Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Centre, among other significant galleries and milestones, la Candelaria loans you, perhaps, long stretches of strolling down thin, pilgrim roads fixed with frontier-style houses and structures. When home to Spanish colonizers and their criollo relatives, La Candelaria has, lately, become known as the bohemian area of Bogota with craftsman shops, outside of what might be expected bistros and craftsman shops, galleries, and libraries.
  • Gold Museum: The Gold Museum in Bogotá is an absolute necessity for any voyager going through. The Gold Museum brags a staggering assortment of pre-Hispanic gold pieces just as different ancient rarities from different periods. The gold diversity, nonetheless, is the thing that is generally great in this historical center, subsequently the name. As indicated by the historical center, everything began with one single piece—the poporo quimbaya—and from that one piece, the exhibition hall has formed into the as of late re-established magnum opus that it is today. Regardless of whether you're not a devotee of pre-Hispanic assortments, think about making an exemption. You will love a visit to this famous gallery, and make sure to be astonished by the complicated and choice gold assortment in plain view.
Outside the Gold Museum in Bogota


The city of Bogota has many things to bring to the table, and that is maybe the motivation behind why it is viewed as a famous objective for some across the globe. You will cherish the different exhibition halls, landmarks, the food diners by the side of the road, the cafés, and the great seashores situated in and around the city. It has a fine assortment of parks, galleries, zoos, and different travelers' essential spots. It also has an active nightlife; however, it isn't equivalent to it is in other western urban areas worldwide.

City Parks

Bogotá doesn't have standing as an incredibly green city. However, there are a lot of magnificent stops and gardens to appreciate regardless of that. Here are the most delightful holidays and parks, from excellent greenhouses to enormous metropolitan green spaces to visit Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Bogota Botanical Garden: The full name of this park is José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden. It is perhaps the most beautiful green spaces in Bogotá and a magnificent spot to visit if you're keen on Colombia's one of a kind and various biological systems, a large number of which are spoken to in the staggering nurseries and bloom shows. With a genuinely reasonable extra charge, this greenhouse is an excellent spot to go through a morning just as an eatery and restaurant.
  • Simon Bolivar Park: Bogotá's biggest park is a noteworthy 400 hectares and is large to the point that it's anything but difficult to fail to remember that you're in a city of very nearly 10 million occupants. Overwhelmed by an enormous focal lake – which you can employ pedalos or kayaks to investigate – and encompassed by battlegrounds, woods, little restaurants, and eateries, just as running and cycling tracks, there's genuinely something for everybody at Simon Bolivar Park.
  • Parque Nacional: The National Park sits close by Seventh Avenue between La Candelaria and the more present-day Chapinero area. Its metropolitan area makes it a well-known spot for joggers, canine walkers, and understudies. It truly springs up at the ends of the week when it tops off with wellness aficionados doing public dance and yoga classes. The recreation center additionally proceeds up the mountainside, where there are some great climbing trails. It's also exquisite at Christmas when it is home to a portion of Bogotá's loveliest light shows.
The park at Simon Bolivar Park

National Parks

Columbia has consistently been acclaimed for its significant standard assets, and in this manner, it has a phenomenal assortment of common parks. While the more substantial part of them is spread across the nation's length and broadness, many are also situated in Bogota's capital city. We are posting down a couple of them that may not be located in and around Bogota; however, at the equivalent are not exceptionally far away from the city.

  • Parque La Florida: Florida Park is directly on the western city cut-off points of Bogotá. However, it has gotten progressively notable lately among birders visiting the city because of its outstanding populaces of a few significant endemic animal varieties, for example, the Bogotá Rail and Apolinar's Wren. The park is generally occupied at the end of the week, with families getting a charge out of grills and flying kites. However, they secured a piece of the recreation center with an exquisite lake and reedbeds loaded with birdlife and even wild guinea pigs.
  • Cerro de La Conejera Park: Bogotá brags several secured wetland territories well known with naturalists – and La Conejera is one of the greatest and best of them. There's a more conventional park adjoining the wetlands, yet the genuine treat is investigating the forested areas, bogs, and lakes looking for lovely birdlife, including two types of owls. If you extravagant yourself a metropolitan birder, at that point, La Conejera is unquestionably the recreation center for you.
  • Parque de Los Novios: The third in a triplet of close-by green spaces – alongside the Bogotá Botanical Garden and Simon Bolivar Park – The Lover's Park is as sentimental as its name recommends. More modest and cozier than Simon Bolivar, with a lake and some beautiful water includes, the recreation center is an ideal spot for a sentimental outing or walk, around many picturesque extensions and park seats to appreciate.
Parque de Los Novios


Colombia's colorful history has since quite a while ago given explorers cause to neglect it as a vacationer location. Yet, as of late, an ever-increasing number of individuals are finding the sorcery of its excellent urban areas, wildernesses, mountains, and seashores. We list the best sandy stretches to unwind on in this Latin American nation.

  • Capurganá and Sapzurro: Near the Panama outskirt, this coastline zone is a nature sweetheart's fantasy. There are no engine vehicles in Capurganá, permitting guests to feel wholly disengaged from life's everyday interruptions. You'll be completely submerged and motivated by the excellence of straightforwardness in this little waterfront network. The water is obvious, and the reefs that secure the seashore have a different assortment of marine life, ideal for swimmers and jumpers.
  • Playa Blanca at Isla de Barú: Found southwest of Cartagena, Playa Blanca is located on a little island effectively open by ship from the territory. The delightful white-sand seashore and clear, blue water draw the two local people and vacationers to the island. Locate a peaceful spot and purchase a cocada from one of the neighborhood merchants. The sweet coconut treat is fantastic on a hot day. Along the seashore, there are additionally numerous spots to lease relax seats and seashore tents.
  • Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona: Tayrona National Park is perhaps the most beautiful spot in Colombia. The vegetation is the stars of this peaceful scene, with gigantic palm trees, vegetated seashores, and rough precipices flourish. Remaining on the seashores, you'll see enormous rocks sticking away from the ocean. Little islets shrouded in thick vegetation look painted against the foundation of the cerulean sea and sky. Ecotourism thrives here, as guests try to become at one with the typical habitat.
The beautiful Playa Blanca at Isla de Barú


Bogotá has a long and changed history going back to the native individuals who previously possessed the immense Cundinamarca plain before the Spanish's appearance in the sixteenth century. The city is likewise home to various lovely frontier period milestones, all of which tell part of the Colombian capital's exciting history. Here are 10 of the best local tourist spots to visit on your next excursion to Bogotá.

  • La Catedral Primada: Bogotá's prayer house is probably the most important place of worship and one of the capital's generally significant and unmistakable pioneer time milestones. Development on the house of God started in 1807 – which means it was worked towards the finish of the provincial period and into the start of the Republican time – and it likewise holds the bones of the originator of Bogotá, Gonzálo Jiménez de Quesada.
  • Iglesia de San Agustin: The San Agustin Church, in contrast to the house of God, is one of the most seasoned pioneer structures in Bogotá and dates right back to 1642. The congregation contained significant bits of pilgrim period artistry. It was additionally the setting of a renowned fight between the powers of the then-President of the Republic, Mariano Ospina Rodriguez, and the overall Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera, who was endeavoring to hold onto power.
  • Quinta de Bolivar: An excellent pilgrim house on the edge of the Candelaria area, the Quinta de Bolivar was developed back in the late seventeenth century by a Spanish trader named Jose Antonio Portocarreño, who assembled it as a nation house. At that point, it fell into deterioration. Still, it was re-established by the public authority and given to Simon Bolivar to acknowledge his part in the Wars of Independence. Bolivar lived there on-and-off somewhere in the range of 1820 and 1830, and today the excellent chateau and its grounds are a famous historical center to the Liberator.
  • Casa Del Florero: This old frontier house at the intersection of Bolivar Square is maybe the absolute most significant milestone throughout imperialism and the Wars of Independence in the nation. The house was worked toward the finish of the sixteenth century and picked up a reputation as the site wherein 1810, a gathering of men asked neighborhood, Spanish shipper, Joaquin Gonzalez Llorente, to get a jar (or 'florero'). At the point when he can't – as they were already aware he would – they rampaged in dissent, and the Independence cycle started decisively.
  • Chorro de Quevedo: The perfect, minimal square of Chorro de Quevedo is where Bogotá was established in 1538 by the previously mentioned Spanish conquistador Gonzálo Jiménez de Quesada, evidently 'most seasoned' working in the city – going back to that same year – still stands neglecting the small court. The nearby road – Calle Del Embudo – is a brilliantly windy, cobbled little road, going back to a similar period. It's presently a famous joint for understudies and artisans. However, the old provincial history appears to leak from the cobblestones.
Chorro de Quevedo


There is no better method to comprehend Colombia's story and variety than through its a-list galleries. From the intelligence of native societies to the wonderfulness of its unique and innovative present-day works, the nation has recounted many of its stories through artistry and assembled perhaps the most critical assortments in Latin America.

  • Museo Del Oro: Bogotá's Museo de Oro (or "Gold Museum") is situated in the city's particular focus and is perhaps the most mainstream vacation spot in the city. The Museum covers two stories and contains more than 55,000 individual bits of gold, a considerable lot of which were made into neckbands, trimmings, and holy things by Colombia's native networks. The exhibition hall contains gold found in different areas throughout Colombia and is organized both by date and network. It additionally shows data about Colombia's native past, including the narrative of El Dorado.
  • Museo Santa Clara: Colombia's just historical center church, Santa Clara, is perhaps the most staggering and agent pilgrim time structures in the entire of Bogotá. It was worked somewhere in the range of 1619 and 1647 and is home to many artworks, frontier period sculptures, and show-stoppers. It costs around a dollar to visit, so there's no genuine reason for skirting this gem of Colombian pioneer time engineering.
  • Museo Nacional de Colombia: The National Museum, or Museo Nacional, is situated in Bogotá. It's the most seasoned historical center in Colombia and one of the leading galleries in the Americas. It displays more than 2,500 relics and items going from 10,000 BC to the current day. Seventeen showrooms are highlighting lasting and impermanent presentations that mirror the set of experiences and culture of the entirety of Colombia's kin. Aside from the showcases, the historical center coordinates other social occasions, for example, dance exhibitions, varying media introductions, and shows.
  • MAMBO – Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá: Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) was planned by draftsman Rogelio Salmona somewhere between 1971 and 1988. The smooth four-story building has clean lines and is an ideal illustration of postmodern engineering in Colombia. The historical center is home to the present-day craft of the twentieth century. It has various lobbies, which are typically leased for private displays that plan to show the world the advancement and condition of contemporary craftsmanship.
Museo Del Oro


As Colombia's biggest and most cosmopolitan city, you will be spoilt for a decision regarding discovering eateries in Bogotá. All preferences and spending plans are cooked for in this mixture of societies, with modest and lively Colombian food promptly accessible at pretty much every corner and delicious worldwide cooking to match most South American urban areas.

  • La Jugueteria: As you move up one of the roads in the crazy Macarena area, you'll discover a structure on the corner that appears to be much the same as each other. Much like each different structure, the divider confronting a car park is nailed by an unusual assortment of creepy old plastic dolls. Why?

On the off chance that you pass through the entryway of this structure and plummet into the bizarre universe of La Jugueteria, you'll find the appropriate response. Step into this café, and you'll wind up baffled concerning whether you've lost yourself in a youngster's fantasy – or a kid's bad dream. A stunning assortment of vintage toys – dolls, tin vehicles, even a foosball table – hits you in a hard and fast attack on your faculties. Even though it's planned with faultless meticulousness – the wait staff all wear red and white shoes to coordinate their briskly themed garbs – it's difficult to tell whether Krusty the Klown in control or Chucky from Child's Play.

We've recently understood that we haven't said anything regarding authentic food yet. Pardon us: it's not generally the principle fascination here. While the menu is peppered with titles from your youth – the blended flame broil's called Huey, Dewey, and Louie – the value range not very costly, and the food itself all around cooked and adequately savory; it's not generally that a lot to think of home about.

However, you won't grumble, particularly if you're in a significant, celebratory gathering, something which is by all accounts the standard here. The staff is energetically mindful, and there's frequently quality unrecorded music. Furthermore, the charming? Dreadful? The stylistic layout helps you deliver your internal identity. Watch out that it doesn't spin out of control.

  • Goya by La Barra: La Goya, situated in Zona G, offers the absolute best Spanish food in Bogotá. As of late remodeled following 50 years serving hungry Bogotanos, it is rapidly getting perhaps the most famous eateries in the region for the two cafes and consumers. The menu comprises a giant exhibit of Spanish dishes, from works of art, such as paella (energetically suggested) to montaditos (little sandwiches) to tortas. Brilliantly arranged and completely tasty, there's no beating them for legitimate Spanish food, and their Spanish/Japanese sushi rolls are an absolute necessity attempt, as well.

At night La Goya changes over into a bar, so it's the ideal spot to go through a night eating and drinking and even watch sports if that is your thing. La Goya additionally has the differentiation of offering the most generous Martinis in Bogotá. So we'll see you there.

Traditional Local Restaurants

These are some of the best traditional local restaurants in the city of Bogota.

  • Wok: A wok is somewhat of an organization in Bogotá. From curries to sushi to spring moves, Wok offers an enormous choice of skillet Asian food at a reasonable cost. The sushi in Wok is incredibly delicious. Keeping in mind that it probably won't be consistent with its Japanese roots, the Colombian-styled moves are loaded with guacamole, new fish, and different pleasures are a flat out must. Such is the notoriety of Wok, and their cafés can be discovered all around Bogotá. While they're all gorgeously planned, the pack's pick is undoubtedly the one found in the verdant roads of Usaquen.
  • La Puerta Falsa: La Puerta Falsa, a couple of entryways down from Plaza Bolivar in La Candelaria, Bogota's particular focus, is one of the city's most seasoned and most conventional bistros. Going back to 1816 and planned in standard pioneer style, a visit here will feel like an excursion back. Hence, as to Old Bogota, with straightforward wooden cladding and marginally confined seating, that will mean you in a real sense need to hobnob with local people. The purpose behind La Puerta Falsa's life span can be put down to the furiously steadfast demographic who come on numerous occasions for delightful, basic, and plain food. Indeed, scarcely any spots in the vacationer center point La Candelaria can profess to have a real neighborhood following. However, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why this spot sticks out. La Puerta Falsa can honestly profess to present probably the best tamales in Bogota, just as mean hot cocoa. The shocking exhibit of mouth-watering desserts would sufficiently fulfill any hankering and leave you needing to return for additional.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Although the city's locals do not much prefer vegetarian food, several famous vegans and vegetarian restaurants serve wholesome food.

La Mar Cebicheria: The culinary virtuoso behind La Mar Cebicheria is Gastón Acurio. His Peruvian food interpretation has been broadly gotten across South and North America, with eateries situated in San Francisco, New York, Lima, Panama, and Sao Paolo. Bogotá's cebicheria situates up to 380 supporters individuals line up out the entryway to get a table. With a menu spotted with fresh flavors, a trace of zest, and an acrid touch, it appears to be a bit of the Peruvian ocean has shown up in Bogotá as La Mar Cebicheria. An unquestionable requirement visit while in Bogotá.

Street Food

Bogotá is Colombia's pulsating heart, loaded with culture, history, and appeal. Landmarks, roads, markets, and mountains aside, Bogotá is known for its phenomenal road food development. Here are the best road food decisions.

  • Arepas: Quite possibly, the most well-known road food choices by a long shot are arepas. A regular breakfast decision, these treats are flatbreads. They are produced using ground maize mixture or cooked flour and cross between an English biscuit, a crumpet, and a tortilla. Served in pretty much every Colombian home, and on each city intersection in Bogotá, arepas can be delighted indifferently. For instance, they can be supplemented by masses of margarine and salt or loaded down with a fried egg. The sort of Arepa, as a rule, relies upon the district, yet with Bogotá being the blend of the nation, you can locate each kind there. Have it sweet, or have it spicy. Arepas are so different you could have them throughout the day, consistently.
  • Mazorca Desgranada: It might sound abnormal when converted into English, 'shaved corn,' yet this delicious treat is a well-known road food decision in Colombia. As the name proposes, mazorca desgranada comprises corn, newly shaven off the cob, and mixings of your decision, going from lettuce to local cheddar or even meat. Mazorca desgranada is right around a plate of mixed greens. Much like arepas, it very well may be broadened nearly as much as you can imagine. This implies it's hard to get exhausted from it. A moderately stable road food decision, since you don't select the entirety of the garnishes – sauce, bacon, crunchy potatoes, and all – Majorca desgranada is a fantastic option in contrast to a standard Western plate of mixed greens.
  • Empanadas: Empanadas are maybe the most notable Colombian food. They are accessible all over, including from road sellers. These tasty, generally seared, stuffed cakes regularly come with ground meat. However, chicken is additionally a well-known alternative. Empanadas are a famous treat all around Latin America. Notwithstanding, Colombians put their curve on the exemplary formula with a cornmeal base rather than an uncooked bread-like surface. So pick your filling, have your empanada heated or rotisserie, and appreciate this customary treat.
  • Obleas Colombiana: A conventional thing, Obleas can be found in each significant Colombian city and are a mainstream sweet treat. A monster, thin wafer, Obleas can be made significantly more delightfully adorable and debauched with garnishes. Fixings incorporate Colombia's exceptional caramel, organic product sauces, cream, cheddar, or even coconut. In case you feel like you genuinely merit a treat, request 'task' (all). In any case, don't be shocked when this truly signifies 'task,' caramel in addition to cheddar included. Disregard any eating regimen – this dessert sandwich is an unquestionable requirement attempt.


Bogota, in general, is an immaculate city with an ample supply of fresh drinking water. As such, there are no serious concerns about the availability of clean drinking water.


Bogota's tap water is relatively clean, but if you are looking for water to drink, you are recommended to boil the water first before consumption. It is highly advised to tourists who have a pre-existing condition in their body only to consume clean drinking water and avoid any form of unfiltered tap water.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the most popular organic cafes in the city of Bogota. Here you can spend some quality time with your friends and family.

  • A Seis Manos
  • El Candelario
  • Armando Records
  • Latora Cuatro Brazos
  • La Villa


Breweries are quite common in Columbia, and Bogota has some of the best breweries in South America. These are some breweries in Bogota which you are recommended to visit.

  • Cerveceria Gigante.
  • El Mono Bandido.
  • Papaya Gourmet.
  • Dos Carreras.


Bogota is a vibrant and dynamic city, and the day begins very promptly in the first part of the day and proceeds till late in the evening. Subsequently, you have many activities during the day. You could move out and become more acquainted with additional about this old and memorable city. You could enlist a bike and join body practice with an opportunity to distinguish probably the most critical and extraordinary spots of traveler interest. It may be the National Monument in focal Bogota or the different stops and gardens spread around the city.

You additionally could invest some incredible energy in the different seashores that are spread around the city. While some are close to the town, others are found a couple of hundred kilometers. You could likewise enjoy some insane shopping in the nearby shopping markets and the enormous shopping centers. Food is another considerable leisure activity that you could want, and there are unlimited alternatives to take into account the taste buds of various sorts and classes of individuals.

Yoga and Retreats

Here are the best Yoga retreats in the city of Bogota.

  • El Gitana Del Mar.
  • El Matuy.
  • Aloha Ke Akua.


From the memorable and inviting to the lavish and super cool, Bogotá lodgings are rich and asking foundations that feel like a home away from home while visiting the bustling capital.

Green Hotels

These are the best green hotels in Bogota, Columbia.

  • The Cranky Croc Hostel: We search for most in a lodging, aside from tidiness and boiling water, the individuals. What's more, even though it is consistently a lottery concerning what the hikers themselves resemble, the staff themselves should be substantially less of a bet. Thus, regarding amiability, accommodation, and out and out silliness, the nearby team at this Croc are not testy. Likewise, there's an all-around refreshing TV room and public region, a significant kitchen; and a feline and canine couple with a charming – if somewhat strange – relationship. When this is added to its lucky area directly in the core of the Candelaria, what you arrive at is one of our top picks for lodgings in Bogota, and, undoubtedly, in Colombia overall.
  • The Explora Hostel: Enormous and sufficiently shared to have a decent occasion to meet cool individual voyagers, while adequately little to guarantee things don't get excessively insane; the new Explora, easily directly in the center of the explorer's focal point of La Candelaria, is rapidly developing a good standing among the pack of inns around the zone. The quarters and private rooms are genuinely standard fit as a fiddle, size, and cost, with one significant stand-apart component: they're perfect. Add to that the best hot showers you're probably going to run over outside of a blue film, and you will be genuinely glad. The entire day, free espresso, modest breakfast, cordial staff, and a mixed drink bar add to the probability of joy.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here are some popular and well-rated hotels and guest houses in Bogota.

  • BH El Retiro
  • Hotel Casa Paquín
  • BH Parque 93


If you intend to live in Bogota for a sensibly extensive stretch and might want to save money on inn convenience, you could pick private condos. You will have numerous such alternatives accessible to you. Notwithstanding, not all condo proprietors may understand happy with leasing their properties to outsiders, yet things are evolving. This is because they might want to procure some easy revenue from their lofts that, in any case, would have stayed empty. You can pick various sizes of lofts relying upon your financial plan and necessities.


The idea of Couch surfing has become a massive hit in Bogota, and you can find quite a lot of associates and make friends at


Here are some of the best camping spots in Bogota.

  • Tayrona Natural National Park.
  • Tatacoa Desert.
  • Chingaza National Natural Park.

How to Get There

Bogota is the capital city, and in this manner, it is all around associated via air. You can arrive at the town from practically all world pieces, and many flights land and take off from the city. Allow us to examine probably the least demanding methods of getting into the city.


The city of Bogota is one of the most important ones in Columbia, and as such, it shares an air route to almost all major cities in the world.

Bogota Airport


Buses are grand if you are traveling intercity or smaller distances. Buses make it easy to enjoy and cherish the natural beauty of the city's outskirts.

A bus in Bogota


Trains are very dependable in Bogota, and people use them all the time, either to travel intercity or local.


Hitchhiking is quite popular in Bogota, but you are recommended to be careful while traveling with a stranger.


You can even travel in and around Bogota using private cars and other similar vehicles.

Moving Around

To cherish Bogota's beauty and aesthetic nature, you would need to move around quite a bit, and here are some ways you can do so.


You can walk around the city to better view the landmarks and food places, but you are recommended to keep a guide by your side.


Bicycles are great to roam around the city early in the morning or in the evening.

Bogota is very bicycle friendly

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles have become very common in Bogota, and due to their eco-friendly nature, tourists are encouraged to use them more often.

Public Bus

Public buses are a great way to travel in Bogota due to the many passengers it can hold. Thus, the city's traffic is kept under check.

Tram, Train and Subway

Train and subway are prevalent and used mainly in Bogota due to their time efficiency and fast pace.

Sustainable Shopping

Here are the best spots to shop in Bogota.

  • Andino.
  • San Andresito.

Food Markets

Some of the best food markets in Bogota are mentioned below.

  • Paloquemao
  • Boho Food Market
  • Usaquén Flea Market
  • Merkemovil
  • Gastronomy Market - Parque 93

Flea Markets

These are some of the most popular flea markets in Bogota.

  • Usaquén Flea Market.
  • Mercado De Las Pulgas De San Alejo
  • Huellas Colombia Mercado Artesanal.

Second Hand Stores

  • El Cuchitril.
  • La Segunda Mano.
  • Vintage Freaks Bogotá.


  • BIPOC.
  • HOPE.
  • ECO and Fashion.


The city experts in Bogota are taking a great deal of activity to reuse the city created by the city every day. They have many reusing techniques set up that help to isolate squander materials at the source. It's anything but an ideal framework; however, upgrades and the exchange about this imply trust.


Practically all waste created in Bogota is unloaded efficiently, and most of it is recycled by organic processes. Right around 2000 tons of plastic waste is sent into the sea by Bogota streams. It isn't the most eco-pleasant spot and doesn't have practical methods of trash expendable, yet it is certainly in a way that is better than some different nations.

Work and Study Abroad

Bogota is also famous for its academic institutions, and students from all over the world come here to continue their higher education.

Exchange Student

Bogota is known for being very generous with its International students. As such, scholars worldwide visit Bogota to learn more about their rich cultural heritage and make new associates in the city.

Au Pair

The idea of Au pair is yet to get up to speed in Bogota anyway. It isn't incredible. Perhaps if you contact a couple of neighborhood individuals, they will help you explore and get you in contact with individuals who are keen on the thought. You can remain with a receiving family like that.


  • Cenas para todos.
  • Just because.
  • Interchange Colombia.

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