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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $500

Responsible Travel

Located in the Balkans, the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a large one but the tumultuous history associated with it in the recent past has made it into a sizeable tourist destination over the past few decades. Huge numbers of tourists visit the country and most of these are from different parts of the globe. When combined with the 3.5 million people who are residing there, the tourists visiting do have a duty to fulfil and travel responsibly. You will find that the country needs to battle its a lot of fights to guarantee that it isn't being contaminated nor are the assets being misused. Subsequently, the country has set up a large number of measures to guarantee a manageable climate and various other sustainable measures, more of which are examined through different areas of this article. Nonetheless, there is a significant effect on the local climate because of the sightseers that visit and you can follow a couple of steps to guarantee that you become a "mindful traveller".

In the first place, it is proposed that you centre yourself in a hotel that is avowed as a green housing. These will give you a huge blend of extravagances in the most possible prudent and practical manner. This consolidates restricted use of energy, eliminates outrageous usage of electricity while focussing on natural lighting, use of efficient appliances, and shedding single-use items. These will help you in having an easygoing stay without influencing the atmosphere or local resources outrageously and unjustly.

At that point try going to the local restaurants as opposed to overall inexpensive food chains which serve quick and cheap yet inauthentic food. The little restaurants and cafes that are situated in the different parts of the country will familiarize you with the true blue food of Bosnia and Herzegovina and perhaps most likely the best of the local culture. This by and large will be significantly cheaper and it will moreover uplift your eating experience generally speaking. Also, endeavour to eat at characteristic bistro's and appreciate some vegan and vegetarian meals too.

It is indispensable that you purchase from neighbourhood markets referred to run for legitimacy rather than profits. You will find a couple of stores that will consider every one of your necessities without antagonistically influencing the atmosphere. Even more so, these are known to house some undeniable pearls that give you a comprehension into the local culture and customs. So likewise, this can be said about the food markets, where you have the occasion to get some fresh produce at unbelievable rates. This will help you concoct some valid local food without breaking a sweat, just like a MasterChef perhaps.

Ultimately, it is recommended that you be an eco-obliging voyager by using the various modes of public transportation. The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is known to be home to some decent modes of private transportation though these are and large reasonable, you are proposed to take the bus and be a little greener. Moreover, you can consider the use of smaller vehicles, pool rides, even bicycle rentals to move across the major cities.

Air Quality and Pollution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a Continental to Mediterranean sort of climate with warm summers and cold frigid winters. What's more, that looks more like the climate of mainland Europe than the completely Mediterranean climate of close-by nations like Italy or Greece. Just the southwest of the nation has a Mediterranean climate. This warm oceanic climate happens where Bosnia and Herzegovina fringes the Adriatic Sea. To understand better, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the climate is the Mediterranean in the little stretch of plain close to the ocean (in an area such as Mostar), it is colder and more mainland in the uneven and hilly west-focal region, principally on account of elevation (in the capital city Sarajevo), while it is mainland, with cold winters and sweltering summers, in the northern fields ( in areas such as Bihac, Tuzla). Precipitation is plentiful in the vast majority of the nation, besides in some protected valleys and in the northernmost region, close to the fringe with Croatia. Cold waves from the north and the north-east, common of the Balkan Peninsula in the cold weather months, acquire day off ice a large portion of Bosnia, while they just bring wind and a touch of cold in the plain of Mostar. Hence, it is extremely essential that you, as a tourist, pack your bag according to the season, region and time of the year that you are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina in.

The air quality across the country is known to be quite different, hence without generalising it altogether, let us understand the levels of pollution in different cities. Beginning with the capital city of Sarajevo, we must understand that the city has generally low levels of pollution and most tourists visiting wouldn’t need to take any sort of protective measures unless they have pre-existing conditions that can hamper their normal breathing. However, cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Tuzla and Bijeljina are known to have extremely poor air quality which can cause breathing problems for even healthy tourists wandering around the city. Hence, protective measures such as masks and keeping around any prescribed medications for pre-existing breathing illnesses is extremely essential. Most of the highly polluted major cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have to deal with one major pollutant and that is PM 2.5. Nitrogen Oxides are also present in high values but PM 2.5 can be deemed to be the main culprit. Much like other cities across the globe, industrial activities and vehicular pollution is to be blamed here as well.

Respect the Culture

  • Family has incredible significance to Bosnians. Customarily, Bosnians lived in farming networks called 'zadruga'. Bosnians are required to think about their old. Private consideration is phenomenal. Seniors are exceptionally regarded for their astuteness and experience. It's normal that their assessments beat others' in family matters.

  • Attempt to allude to the locales and regions of the nation as explicitly as possible. Common character is imperative to individuals. For instance, allude to somebody from the Southern district of the nation as 'Herzegovinian' instead of 'Bosnian'. Notwithstanding, consider also that it very well may be hard to discuss individuals' place of birth the same number of Bosnians were uprooted during the war and might not be able to return because of ethnic bigotry or the pulverization of their homes.
  • Anticipate that individuals should ask very immediate inquiries about your age, conjugal status and kids when they initially meet you. Anticipate that some Bosnians should have disorderly discussions openly, especially on the subject of governmental issues. Make an effort not to be unsettled or worried that such discussions will heighten. Bosnians are expressive all in all, particularly when looking at something that they hold a solid feeling about; these sorts of conversations are normal and once in a while lead to waiting hard sentiments.
  • Try not to show up excessively parsimonious with your cash and time around Bosnians, particularly in social circumstances. The individuals who are hesitant to show liberality can rapidly construct a negative standing. Try not to blame a Bosnian for accomplishing something incorrectly, especially before others. This can genuinely irritate their pride.
  • Try not to offer remarks that could be seen to have an insolent feeling. Bosnians can be delicate to deigning comments.
  • Try not to communicate suppositions about the causes or elements of the Bosnian War. It is an especially touchy point to examine every nationality's inclusion in it.
  • Try not to compare Bosnian culture to post-socialist Eastern European nations or expecting that it has a substantial Soviet impact.
  • Try not to push a Bosnian to disclose to you their identity on the off chance that they are reluctant. Essentially, in the event that they have not previously unveiled this data, it is best not to ask quite an inquiry except if you have a solid relationship with the individual.
  • It is normal that individuals demonstration more formal and deferential around their older folks. In the Bosnian language, they are to be tended to utilizing formal pronouns.
  • Offer your seat to an older individual, pregnant lady or lady with a little kid in the event that they don't have one.
  • It is discourteous to yell in broad daylight, especially in public places.
  • It isn't unexpected to be late or for gatherings or different occasions to run after some time. Bosnians have a significant loosened up perspective on schedule.
  • Try not to leave two windows open in a room. There is a social faith in Bosnia that when wind goes through a room, it will make individuals become ill.
  • Know that a Bosnian may feel constrained to blessing their ownership to you in the event that you praise it a great deal.
  • On the off chance that somebody brings uplifting news, it is standard to treat them with food and beverages.
  • Strolling in broad daylight shoeless can be taken as an indication of awful taste or neediness.
  • Try not to shake surrenders the limit of an entryway.
  • While taking care of a tab, it is amenable to offer to pay and reject others' cash. Be that as it may, at last after dissent, the one whose turn it is to pay will pay. Bosnians may locate the Australian custom of parting the bill abnormal.
  • It is typical for Bosnian relatives and dear companions to visit each other's homes routinely without notice. Numerous visits happen unannounced or spontaneous.
  • Companions are relied upon to visit each other to salute huge life occasions, for example, the introduction of a kid, the appearance of a lady, a child leaving for the military or a kid graduating school.
  • In the event that you are welcome to somebody's home for a social event or it's the first occasion when you've visited their home, bring a little blessing (for example blossoms, espresso, bread rolls or chocolates).
  • On the off chance that you are welcome to somebody's home for an event or it's the first occasion when you've visited their home, bring a little blessing (for example blossoms, wine, coffee or chocolates).
  • Endowments are not typically opened before the provider or simultaneously they are gotten.
  • In the event that offering blossoms to someone, be certain that the bouquet checks to an odd number of blossoms. Indeed, even quantities of blossoms are given at memorial services.
  • Try not to give liquor or pork-based items to a Muslim except if you know them well and are sure they would acknowledge the thing.
  • If you keep most of the above points in mind while interacting with local people then you shall certainly be able to please them and not rub them the wrong way, this shall definitely ensure your status as a “good tourist” in the country.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Blagaj: A genuine must on any Bosnian list, Blagaj sits settled in the profundities of a tough chasm of the Mostar Basin, directly on the detect that the Buna River blasts into reality from the underground profundities underneath. Indeed, the town's most-visited site sits perfectly on the edge of the Buna's source, ascending in excellent Ottoman styles to shape the incomparable Sufi cabin of the Tekija. In any case, that is not all the town can offer. No sir, there's exquisite Ottoman manors plus, alongside a progression of entrancing curved scaffolds in the Byzantine style and gritty homestays with wood porches and comfortable rooms in abundance.
  • Bihac: A charming little town that sits hung between the edges of the verdant Una Valley, Bihac comes covered in sprouting coniferous shades of green and the tough slopes of the Bosanska Krajina. At the town's middle stands a square-cut medievalist keep and its associative church tower, while a progression of spring up islands assailed by the turquoise-green channels of the Una itself make for some genuinely great metropolitan park walking. There's additionally a beautiful new town square to meander through, complete with prattling wellspring establishments, alongside a fascinating arabesque Ottoman burial place for sure.
  • Tuzla: Though it may not quickly seem like the best spot to while away your Bosnian days and its place smack blast in the modern heartland of the country probably won't appear to be alluring as it so happens, this beautiful and sure town is really an incredible spot to feel the beat of the genuine, crude BiH. Voyagers can dive into a spotless and all around pruned old town that comes total with taking off minarets and stone-clad squares, sunbathe on the edge of inquisitive salt lakes (a leftover of the antiquated Pannonian Sea), and experience the nation's most renowned abstract celebration with the beginning of the Mesa Selimovic occasion in July.
  • Banja Luka: Levelled and demolished again by both earthquakes and war, Banja Luka, which to a great extent obscure capital of the Republika Srpska locale of Bosnia and Herzegovina holds little of the notable Ottoman and Slavic lavishness it once oozed, save a couple of remade pearls like the Cathedral of Saint Bonaventure and modified, recent UNESCO Ferhat-Pasha Mosque. Anyway it's not for the sights that individuals head to this 200,000 in number city in the lush Vrbas River valley. They come to taste lagers and get free to the beats of the district's popular pounding electro, try Trappist wines in the Pivara Banjaluka religious community and hit the climbing trails of the mountains not too far off.
  • Brcko: It can be found riding the borderlands with Croatia toward the north, planted on the edge of the Sava River and home to Bosnia's just genuine port deserving of note. While the town brags a sprinkling exquisite Hapsburg structures and a charming common vibe, the genuine explanation it merits a visit is a result of its one of a kind situation as the nation's just self-overseeing city, where the different groups that just a short time before now were involved in the Croat–Bosniak-Serb clashes blend and produce their own interesting territory and character on the edge of BiH Federation and the Republika Srpska the same.
  • Jajce: Permanently green and reinforced by the thundering cascades that course through the metropolitan feigns at its heart, the inviting Jajce is one of the supported entryways to the lakes and canyons of the lovely Bosanska Krajina locale of the north. Back in the town itself and explorers can find a grasp of interesting galleries, similar to the AVNOJ that accounts the opposition endeavors of the Yugoslav hardliners in World War Two, underground mausoleums, enchanting Bosnian-style homes wearing painted lumber and obviously the unmissable bastion that spreads over the focal slope a leftover of the town's middle age past.
  • Mostar: It is an absolutely delightful place that commands a visit in the whole Balkan Peninsula, Mostar overflows Bosnian history from every one of its Byzantine breaks, Slavic fissure and Ottoman veneers. The masterpiece must be the curved Old Bridge that traverses the Neretva at the town's heart, presently carefully recreated following decimation in the Croat–Bosniak strife and a carrier of that pined for UNESCO tag. And all around this magnum opus cast in stone, Mostar layers Dalmatian forms and Franciscan chapels, oriental plans and arabesque mosques into one brilliant tasteful, while gold dealers keep on trading in the Old Bazaar and brew consumers taste ales in the open-air porches by the riverside.
  • Travnik: Divided by the prattling Lasva River as it moves through the focal heaps of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the lovely medium sized town of Travnik does well to adjust its fascinating past as the capital and fortress of the recent viziers of this old Ottoman sub-district and advanced experience sports and outdoorsy draws. The primary angle shows in an inquisitive cluster of customary eastern-style structures and landmarks, two Ottoman clock towers (one of a kind all through the nation) and an attractive fifteenth exceptionally old town heart. The subsequent angle makes its home on the slants of Vlasic Mountain not too far off, which is currently one of Bosnia's most commended skiing, Nordic strolling and climbing objections.
  • Trebinje: A true crown of the Republika Srpska side of Bosnia Herzegovina, Trebinje reflects wonderfully against the waters of the winding Trebisnjica River as it slices through the core of the city's notable place; a mixture of rich Ottoman ascents and unique eastern veneers that was built to a great extent in the eighteenth century. There's likewise the lovely angled extension of Arslanagic to see on the edge of town, alongside a dazzling Serbian Orthodox basilica on the edges above. Explorers ought to likewise make certain to scale to the disintegrating leftovers of the Klobuk post on the slope, which offers clearing perspectives on the Trebisnjica River valley.
  • Sarajevo: A clamouring, gurgling and astonishing European capital that is currently heading at top speed into the cutting edge age, Sarajevo has everything except shed its previous standing as an attacked combat area. Dedications to the fallen and executed from the turbulent clashes of the 1990s do in any case periphery the city's regions, yet there's surely a newly discovered certainty and panache coursing through the focal roads; one that exemplifies a genuine rebellion for the barbarities of war. Think striking mosques approaching over in the open-air lager bars, fragrant Turkic cafés peppering captivating bazaars, pretty city stops and angled stone extensions, all supported by current workmanship historical centres, jazz fests and that's just the beginning!


Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exciting country to visit despite its size. It is quite popular amongst tourists and it also has a good selection of attractions to leave you mesmerised, given below are more details about some places that you must visit on your trip to the country.

City Parks

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina have plenty of major cities which are home to stunning parks, a few of these are listed below:

  • Park Kulina bana, Zenica
  • City Park Of East Sarajevo, Lukavica
  • City Park, Prnjavor.

National Parks

National Parks are often given quite a bit of importance by tourists as they are not only calming and serene to visit but the sheer diversity of wildlife found here is truly intriguing. Given below are a few of the major national parks based in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Nacionalni park Una
  • Kozara National Park
  • Sutjeska National Park
  • Blidinje Nature Park


The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina may be highly in proximity of the Adriatic Sea but the boundary line it shares with Croatia is almost unjust to Bosnia and Herzegovina as it completely cuts the nation out from beaches despite the closest spot of Bosnia and Herzegovina being less than 20 kilometres away from the sea. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and you wish to swim in the sea or lounge on a beach, you will have to cross the boundary and enter the country of Croatia.


The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina and have some truly stunning landmarks for you to visit, these are not revolutionary or innovative in any way but the sheer beauty shall be sufficient to take your breath away! Given below are a few such landmarks that you should visit:

  • Old Bridge
  • Baščaršija
  • Kravice Waterfall
  • Jahorina
  • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque 
  • Sarajevo Tunnel


The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a tumultuous past and this has unwittingly lead to a rather deep and intriguing history for the country. As a direct result of this, you can witness interesting artefacts and pieces out of time from the historical times and remains of the country at some of the following museums:

  • The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Herzegovina Museum
  • War Childhood Museum
  • Museum of the Jews of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Customary Bosnian food imparts likenesses to Turkish and Mediterranean cooking, a tradition of four centuries of Ottoman rule. Run of the mill dishes incorporates natural meat, typically beef or lamb to meet Halal prerequisites, slow-cooked in their juices with a flavouring of spices. Dishes will, in general, be served with a lot of vegetables on the side. Given below are some of the most popular dishes to explore in the country:

  • Baklava
  • Ustipci
  • Tufahija
  • Bosanski Lonac
  • Bosnian bean soup
  • Dolma
  • Klepe
  • Begova Corba
  • Burek
  • Cevapi


Notwithstanding Bosnian cooking, individuals can likewise liven things up in an assortment of refreshments that range from brews, wines and home-made alcohols. Bosnia and Herzegovina an impeccable proposal of homegrown brews, which don't frustrate in quality contrasted with unfamiliar lagers. Herzegovina, the southern district of the nation is acclaimed for its red and white wines that appreciate worldwide applause. A portion of locale's best wine basements can be found in old religious communities.

The most well-known and most mainstream alcohol considered a Bosnians' public beverage is "rakija", which is such a home-made liquor made of plum (šljiva) yet can likewise be made of apples (jabukovača), pears (kruška) and different natural products. It is of phenomenal quality and thought about a Bosnians public beverage. Coffee drinking is perhaps the main social ceremonies. It is viewed as a chill time, time to trade stories and jokes (Bosnians are known for having incredible humour), as a rule, followed by walking around the promenades. Bosnian Coffee (otherwise called Turkish coffee) is generally presented with a "rahat lokum", a Turkish enjoyment, or basic sugar cubes.


The water that is available in taps in Bosnia and Herzegovina is known to be perfectly safe for consumption. It is certified to be in compliance with the regulations and guidelines laid down by the World Health Organisation. Any tourist need not worry about quenching their thirst by tap water here, especially if you are in the major cities of the country.


The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy the outdoors thoroughly and hence it is absolutely no surprise that you can undertake a host of activities on your trip to the country. You can begin by enjoying some river rafting, you could try skiing, horse-riding, trekking, mountain biking and much more. These activities shall truly get your pulse racing and you shall be in for one thrilling ride!


Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely not a major country on the world map, many might even be oblivious about its presence, however, this does not imply that the country does not get any visitors or nor is there any kind of economic activity taking place. Rather, there is a good balance of tourists coming in and you shall see that the options for accommodation span over different categories and budgets altogether. More details about these different kinds of accommodation is offered in the sections below.

Green Hotels

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich biodiversity and the local people do give considerable importance to conserving nature and as a result of this, they have taken numerous endeavours over the years to build a few eco-friendly/green hotels which not only cater to the needs to the traveller but also ensures that the environment is not harmed or polluted in any way. These green hotels also ensure the optimum use of natural resources without wastage of any kind. Given below are a few such options worth considering and these range from ski resorts to farm stays:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Sarajevo
  • Hotel Kostelski Buk
  • Tarcin Forest Resort & Spa
  • Eco Futura Accommodation

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are a phenomenal choice for those tourists who are travelling solo to the lovely land of Bosnia and Herzegovina and wish to meet like minded individuals without being confined to the boundaries of one room. These hostels also offer a wide variety of amenities and luxuries for a fraction of the price of hotels, therefore, given underneath are some of the most highly rated hostels that you could check-into and enjoy your stay in the country:

  • Hostel City Center Sarajevo
  • Infinity Boutique Hotel, Sarajevo
  • Hostel Dino, Mostar
  • Hostel Nina, Mostar
  • Mini Hostel, Konjic
  • City Hostel Banja Luka


Renting apartments is known to be common in the major cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a traveller, you additionally can explore this other option and remember that there may be a few real prosperity worries, especially if you book an apartment in an unsafe or unfriendly neighbourhood, use trustworthy applications or websites, it will be a good thought to try and wander on the web. Airbnb not the best choice here for most tourists while renting condominiums in the country.


Couch Surfing is not too normal in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it's anything but an outsider idea to numerous here. As a traveller, you could browse through a few sites, locate friendly hosts, make contact, seal the deal and you are set to go. Also make sure that you are helpful to your host, ensure that things are clean and show a little gratitude through a small token of appreciation.


The outdoors are wonderful in Bosnia and Herzegovina, various locals like the outside and with no absence of local natural zones and pleasant regions, you additionally could go by yourself or with a social affair of buddies and likewise interested individuals. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are known to be energetic about outdoor activities, this similarly fuses with camping and such adrenaline rushing activities. A part of the perceptible regions to go for a trip and a nice camping experience are:

  • River camp Aganovac
  • River Camp Buna - Half Island
  • Camping Sarajevo



Getting There and Moving Around

Exploring the various ways of arriving in a country is significant for travelling. Likewise, before you are coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensure that you find in-detail the urban areas, methods of transportation accessible, and so forth, in the event that you love investigating nature, at that point nothing can be superior to Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of now referenced, Bosnia and Herzegovina are loaded up with endless areas to investigate; you can generally trust that your get-away will be no uncertainty fun. You can go to the nation from trips to transports and taxis in the event that you pick any choice. On the off chance that you are going from different nations, at that point the flight course is the most ideal choice. The lone thing you need to remember is taking all the significant reports at whatever point you are going to the nation.


The amazing sights planned straight away from the fantasies, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is loaded up with stunning amazements for the individuals who love voyaging, particularly in the midst of nature. As it is one of the able honeymooning locations, a great many travellers overall come here. Pretty much every nation has non-stop trips to the nation, making it significantly simpler to design a get-away. A portion of the normal air terminals that get departures from various nations are the Sarajevo International Airport, Mostar International Airport, and Bihac Golubic Airport.


The bus transportation method is another of the most mainstream alternatives on the off chance that you are venturing out to Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are travelling from any local city within the country, at that point you can settle on the bus route headed to your destination. If you are coming from a different nation, at that point the transport course probably won't be the most ideal alternative for travelling. Plus, you can likewise check online about the transport courses just as the tickets accessible.


Among the wide range of transport choices, train journeys are very famous in the country. On the off chance that you need, you can generally decide on the train course regardless of from which nation you are travelling out of. The rail course is scattered all throughout the country. You need to take a break in the excursion and get off at any stop prior to picking the train journey. Also, on the off chance that you are going starting with one state then onto the next, you can settle on the train route of your choice.


From most close by nations, you will handily hitchhike to the nation, following the principle streets and parkways. Hitchhiking is a method of venturing out to better places by taking lifts from individuals going a similar way. It is known to be a courageous excursion, which assists with saving a great deal of cash. The local individuals of the country are obliging and will give you a ride without any hesitation.


Beyond the above modes of transportation, one sincerely doesn’t have too many options to choose from. Hence, as a tourist, you are recommended to stick to the commonly used modes of transportation to ensure a smooth journey.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping sustainably is a critical piece of keeping up equilibrium in the overall population, the little stores regularly consider unequivocal prerequisites with financially made things, they don't generally work for benefits and they do serve to be captivating spots especially for voyagers who are looking for some unprecedented things and fine craftsmanship. Bosnia and Herzegovina is blessed with plenty such stores, so go out and explore!


Bosnia and Herzegovina despite its size is known to take recycling quite seriously. The people are exceptionally conscious, especially from the younger generations. There might be a few limitations in terms of awareness and technology available but soon the locals are overcoming these shortcomings as well.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 75% of the populace is covered by a waste assortment administration, with inclusion pretty much complete in bigger urban communities however dropping to low levels in rustic territories. Of all landfills, just six satisfy the necessary EU guidelines, while simultaneously a few others are being arranged.

Work and Study Abroad

Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t exactly a world leader who it comes to education and job creation but there are plenty of opportunities and people from in and around the region, so you shall see a few aspirants in the major cities of the country.

Exchange Student

With plenty of scholarships being offered to young foreign students by the local universities one can be assured of seeing many exchange students enrolling for short courses and semesters here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Au Pair

Au Pair as a concept in Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t too popular but there are quite a few openings and fewer suitable applicants. If you believe that you can beat the local competition, apply for the various opportunities available online.


Volunteering is a phenomenal way to give back to society without using money, it requires something far more valuable of yours, time and attention. This is an excellent option for young adults to give back to society and be responsible adults contributing to a cause that they strongly believe in.

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