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Eco-friendly travel guide to Brussels advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $350

Responsible Travel

Brussels has a reputation for being one of the most famous cities worldwide, and Belgium gets foreigners regularly. Thus, it is not surprising that many people have this city in their list of places they desire to visit.

When some people finally decide and choose Brussels as their next holiday location, they are curious to know what it entails to travel responsibly when visiting the city.

Brussels can be considered a safe city, but a city can never be too safe. There are sometimes unrest and pickpocketing stories, so you need to be sharp as you move around the city. We usually tell foreigners that you should not walk alone at night as there is strength in numbers.

If you walk alone in a lonely area, there are chances of being robbed, and that would disrupt your vacation plans. You should also ensure that you have enough cash when traveling to Brussels as you do not wish to get stranded at any point.

Air Quality and Pollution

The steady inflow of foreigners to Brussels makes it a busy city when combined with the activities of the locals. Thus, there are a lot of human activities, and it contributes to the depletion of the environment and air quality.

Since there is constant movement in this city, the air is usually polluted by fumes from cars and much more. You will notice that it is one of the cities in its region with a high concentration of Nitrogen dioxide.

Brussels is amongst the cities with low air quality, and measures are put in place to ensure rectification. People are often encouraged to walk around with a nose mask and have home air purifiers to ensure that everyone stays in perfect health.

The city also has measures to check vehicles and ensure that there are in a perfect state; else, they will be banned from being on the road. Everyone is hopeful that this measure and more would help Brussels increase its air quality in years so that people do not have to worry about health risks.

Respect the Culture

You must be familiar with the culture and traditions of Belgium before visiting Brussels so that you do not come off as disrespectful or insensitive to the locals. The worse thing for any foreigner is to be on the wrong side with the locals as the stay will not be enjoyable.

If you have any business meetings in Brussels, you should endeavor to show up on time as they take punctuality seriously. It is impolite to arrive past the time that was agreed upon. It is also considered respectful to shake hands with everyone when you are in a meeting or gathering, irrespective of their age or gender.

One can say that the people of this city are somewhat conservative, as it shows in their dressing and overall lifestyle. Thus, it would be best if you do not try to flaunt your wealth while there, as it is considered disrespectful.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many tourists interest and attractions in Brussels, so here are some of them:

• Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert: It is a marketplace but does not have the typical scene that comes to mind. Many people would describe this place as an upscale market, and it holds the interest of foreigners. The shops have catchy items that would get your attention at any time.

• Brussels Town Hall: Town halls meetings are not uncommon in some cities, and it is not shocking that the town hall in Brussels gets attention. The gothic nature of the building interests many people, and there is something about it that tourists cannot help but visit.

• Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: It is a royal castle that plays home to greenhouses, and it has been in place since the 19th Century. The best time to visit this place is during the spring, as that is when they open it to the public for some weeks. You should take advantage of this if you are within Brussels during that period.

• Coudenberg: It is one of the palaces in Brussels and has a historical story. People love to visit here because of its archeology and the stories you would get, giving an insight into the city.

• Sonian Forest: If you love hiking or exploring natural habitats, this is one place you should visit when in Brussels. It is a beautiful forest that brings peace of mind, with walking and running trails, making it easy for people to navigate.

• Autoworld: It is a private museum in Brussels with its focus on vintage cars. There are over 250 cars at this place, and we know that lovers of automobiles always love to visit it. Their collection is always mind-blowing.

• Le Botanique: Brussels promises you all-round fun when you visit it, and you can get this from entertainment as well. If you love seeing concerts and shows, you should visit this place as it is one of the cultural complexes in the city. It is located within a botanical garden, so the atmosphere is always soothing.

• Musée bruxellois de la gueuze: If you love drinks, there is no reason why you should not visit this brewery when in Brussels. You can connect with the locals and fellow tourists when you go beer tasting, and it is always an exciting experience.

• Planétarium De L'observatoire Royal De Belgique: It is a Belgian planetarium with links to their federal science policy. Although the place is not big and the show does not last long. You will have an incredible experience there, and the reception is always welcoming. If you are a science freak or generally curious, you should visit this place.

• Domaine régional Solvay: It is one of the parks in the city, and we see that many people use it as a wedding site due to its beautiful state. You can visit it to feed your eyes and soothe your mind as talking a walk here is usually peaceful. It also has provisions for bike rides.


We are sure that every foreigner has the mindset of exploring when visiting a new place. After all, you would want to have stories you can tell when you go back home.

Some foreigners do their research before visiting a city, so they already have places in mind to see when they visit. Others would interact with the locals to know those recommendable places of interest to not miss out on any of the fun.

We usually advise foreigners to mix up and interact in a new place, as it is the best way to have a joyful experience. The opportunity may never come for you to revisit the city, so there is no reason to hold back in exploring.

Every city has unique places for foreigners to visit, and it is your duty as a tourist to uncover these places. Brussels also has these unique places, and we can tell you that there are many museums in the city, so you would get adequate needed knowledge.

City Parks

One of the places to visit and explore in Brussels is its city parks. Some of them are:

• Stuyvenberg Park: The exciting thing about this park is that not many people know about it, even the locals. It is hidden but turns out to be a treasure to all who visit it. People usually go to this park to have a quiet time or for reflection. You will also notice that it has the perfect atmosphere for taking pictures and creating memories.

• Bois de la Cambre: It is a big park where creative people can carry out different activities. There is a lake where people stay and play with the water or hang out. If you want to take a ride here, it is spacious, and there are provisions. Hanging out at this place would always put a smile on your face.

• Abbaye de la Cambre Garden: It is at a strategic location in the city, making it easy to locate. It is a beautiful garden that is always clean, so people love to visit it and admire the beauty. Its serenity scores a point in the hearts of many.

National Parks

There are also national parks in Brussels for you to visit. Some are:

• Parc du Cinquantenaire: It is a large park with beautiful vegetation and museums. Many people visit this place because of the exhibitions, and it is always an incredible experience. If you love nature and wish to connect with it while in Brussels, you can also visit this park.

• Leopold Park: it is one of the peaceful parks in the city, and you can connect with locals here. You may see some people having picnics here, and some can be friendly enough to invite you to join them. People usually hang out here alone or in groups. Either way, it is always an exciting experience. You can walk around peacefully or ride your ride. There are also other things you can do while there.

• Josaphat Park: Some people choose this park as their preferred jogging location, and it is not out of place since it is large. The greenery and serenity also serve as plus on why many people love to visit it.


Another place that pops up on the list when we think of places to hang out in a new city is the beach. Many people love to hang out there because of the calm feeling they can, and it is also common knowledge that you would see many people at the beach.

Since it is usually a busy place, friendships are established, and there are numerous activities that you can do, including football and volleyball. Thus, foreigners are always curious about the location of a beach when they visit a new place.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that there is a beach in Brussels, so tourists visiting this city might be disappointed. However, there are beaches in other cities near Brussels, so you can further explore by visiting other cities in Belgium. Brussels has other places you can explore, but if you are insistent on going to the beach, you should research the one closest to you. We are sure that you would have a worthwhile experience there.


We usually hear about landmarks, and one can say that there are famous points in any city. The idea of a landmark is that no one would not know about it due to its popularity. Thus, making it easier to navigate around the city.

A landmark has no limitation, as it can be a building or a statue. The aim is for it to be tall enough or standout to see it from a distance.

Many structures classify as landmarks in Brussels, so we are sure that you would have them as guides around the city. Some of them are:

• Atomium: It was intially constructed for the Brussels world fair in 1958. It is an iconic steel atoms sculpture that is tall enough to be seen from a distance, classifying it as a significant landmark.

• Law Courts of Brussels: It is the most crucial court building in the city, and no one would not know this place. It serves as a landmark guide for foreigners.


We do not think that there is any city without a museum as it helps preserve history and stories.

Often, the city locals are familiar with these historical stories, so the stories lay awaiting exploration from foreigners. Some cities may have one museum, while others have many. The aim, in general, is to ensure that people get knowledge whenever they visit.

There are many museums with a different focus in Brussels, and some are:

• Musical Instruments Museum: If you are music inclined or have passion and curiosity for music and its instruments, you should visit this museum when in Brussels. It has a fantastic collection of musical instruments that vary from different eras, and it is pleasing to many.

• Brussels City Museum: There is a lot to gain and grasp at this place, and you can find yourself spending the whole day there. The historical stories are usually intriguing, and the collections you would see are appealing to the eyes. This museum is always worth visiting.


Some people say that it is best to get your taste buds ready when visiting a new city as there are many local cuisines you will get, and it will be wrong not to try them. We would not argue with this claim as it is always a delight to eat local meals in new places, and we know that Brussels would not be any different.

It is almost unheard of that anyone would visit Brussels and leave without eating Mussels. It is one of their traditional seafood delicacies classically prepared for you to drool and want more of it always. You can either eat it alone or with fries.

Another tasty traditional meal you can get in Brussels is rabbit with prunes. It is right to allow your imagination to run wild as you think about this dish, but we know that you will get nothing short of your expectation when you eat it.

Speculaas is one of the local snacks you can get in the city, and it is always served with coffee. Some people may want to translate this as gingerbread, while others may say it is biscuits. The taste always stands out, and it is something you must try.

Traditional Local Restaurants

We have mentioned some of the local delicacies you can get in the city, and it would be wrong if we do not highlight where you can get these meals. When you visit a new city, you should adapt and act like the locals, including eating at the places where they do.

As a tourist, visiting and eating at a traditional local restaurant is something you should do. Some of them in Brussels are:

• Restaurant le Rabassier: Many things about this restaurant appeals to people, including the warm reception that customers get. Their food menu leaves you salivating before you get the meal, and a majority of their food always turns out delicious. It is always an excellent choice to get local meals in Brussels.

• Nüetnigenough: We can assure you that you would not regret the decision to eat at this place as they have an array of Belgian meals. Their expertise is almost unrivaled, and it is a favorite place for many of the locals. Their food options are always pleasing to the taste buds.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegan visiting Brussels, be assured that there are restaurants that would attend to your needs.

Some of the vegetarian restaurants are:

• Veganwaf': We know that many people love waffles, and this place is your plug if you are a vegetarian. Their waffles are usually glutton-free and exceptionally delicious. If you have never had vegan waffles before, this place will allow you to taste it.

• Maha: The price of the foods at this place is always pleasing to many as it is affordable. Thus, it gets on the recommended list as one of the best vegan restaurants in Brussels. They have an excellent array of local food vegan options, and the customer service treatment is always superb. It is never a wrong decision to visit this restaurant.

• Liu Lin: When you eat at this restaurant, you have the assurance that your food is organic. The atmosphere is always cozy to ensure that customers feel comfortable, and they have an extensive food menu. The deliciousness of the food is always the talk of all who visit the restaurant.

Street Food

We may say that street food differs from the conventional food one gets as these are much simpler, and you can get them from small shops or food trucks.

Different cities have unique street food, and we are sure that you would enjoy the ones Brussels have to offer. How does potatoes and cheese baked together sound to you? You would get the answer when you taste tartiflette in Brussels. There are many ingredients involved in the preparation, and we know that you would be licking your fingers, desiring for more when you finish eating it.

Sausage and onion baguette is another street food in Brussels, and it is almost similar to the conventional hotdog that you would find in many countries, but it differs at the same time. Your taste buds would appreciate the deliciousness of this food.

You must have heard of or eaten kebab at one point in your life, and you would find a variation of it in Brussels. The doner kebab is amongst the street food you would find in the city, and there are no regrets when you eat it.

There are many street food options in this city, and we cannot help but mention mitraillette. It is a simple meal of sausage with fries and meat of any type. It is usually filing and delicious.


Commonly, the next thing to address after talking about food is drinks. A foreigner can enjoy different varieties of drinks in Brussels, and we would share some of them with you.

Locals in the city love to share a drink with foreigners as it is an extension of peace and friendship, so you should not hesitate to jump on this offer.

Coffee tops the list of famous non-alcoholic drinks you would get in Brussels, and you would realize that it is served with many meals.

Black Russian is one of the famous cocktails in the city, and it is a mix of vodka and Kahlua. There are many ways it can be served as some people add cola to it. It is best if you try this cocktail before leaving the city.

We do not know how you like your beer, but we know that you cannot go wrong with fruit beers. Thus, you should try Kriek lambics when in Brussels. It comes in different variations, and they are all enjoyable.

Jenever is a type of gin you can get in Brussels, and you will have epic moments with it. Some people say that you will always feel good when you take it, and you should try validating this claim when you visit Brussels.


While many people are curious about drinks they can get in Brussels, we love having an extensive list, so we would also talk about tap water in the city.

It is one thing for there to be available water in the city, and it is another thing for the water not to be portable. It is useless if people cannot drink the water available. Thankfully, this is not the situation in Brussels.

According to the World Health Organization, the tap water in Brussels is of a high standard, so people can drink it or use it to brush without boiling. The typical characteristic of tap water is for it to be colourless, odourless, and tasteless. You will notice that tap water in Brussels meets all these criteria.

Understandably, some people may decide to stick with drinking bottled water when in a new city. If you do so in Brussels, it is out of your choice, and not because the water is not drinkable.

Organic Cafés

Brussels has many organic cafes, and some of them are:

• MOK Specialty Coffee Roaster & Bar: This place has a pleasant environment that many yearn for to relax, so people make it one of their favourite places to eat in the city. It has an array of options on its menu, and some people may argue that it is the best coffee and roaster café in Brussels. There is a hipster feeling in the atmosphere, and we are sure you would enjoy your visit.

• Horia - Oriental Natural Eatery: The name of this place already gives you an idea of what to expect as all the food items are organic. The worst mistake anyone can make is to think that the meals will not be delicious because they are organic. It will not be shocking to anyone when you find yourself almost licking your fingers and plate, demanding for more portions.

• BUDDY BUDDY: It is a little coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere that gives you the feeling of home whenever you visit it. Their pastries are always exceptional, and it is worth the visit.


The fantastic thing about visiting Brussels is that you do not have to worry about restrictions when it comes to drinks. You can drink anything you desire, and it makes people joyful.

To enjoy alcoholic drinks betters, some people would prefer to visit a brewery as it is where these drinks are made, and they would want to have the first-hand experience.

Some of the breweries in Brussels are:

• Poechenellekelder: If some people were to describe happiness, they would say it is a place where they can have any beer they desire. If you visit this brewery, you will see an array of beers, and there is always something that suits your needs. It also allows you to connect with many people and would be one of your best experiences in the city.

• Brasserie de la Senne: The setup of this place is appealing, and gets the needed attention. One can describe the beers at this brewery as premium, so we urge you to visit it whenever you are in Brussels so that you will not miss the chance to experience something fantastic.


We hear different things when people dialogue about the activities they can do when in a new city, and some of it gets our attention. A majority of the ideas any groups presents are not out of place, but you need to examine the terrain and environment of your holiday city to determine if it will be feasible.

Amongst the different options we get are fishing and kayaking. These options are usually exciting for people who love anything that has to do with water, and we cannot deny that they are things that can keep you busy while away from home.

However, these activities may not work in a city like Brussels that does not have adequate water bodies. If you want to go fishing or kayaking in Brussels, it will happen in a nearby city. Often, the distance from the place to Brussels city is not far. So, if it is a distance you would not mind covering, nothing is stopping you from engaging in these activities.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is one of the favourite activities that people in Brussels do, and it is pleasing to foreigners who are also interested in doing it. Different people have their reasons for engaging in yoga, so it will be wrong for us to generalize on the reasons. However, you should know that Brussels is an enabling ground for yoga, and you would see other people that will motivate you.

There are many yoga studios in Brussels, and the list would be long if we begin to compile. Some parks also have provisions for yogis, so you will see many places where you can do your desired activity.

As a yogi in this city, you will realize that there are different yoga coaches, and you should find one that is best suitable for your time. You can either do your yoga alone or with a group of people, but some persons say that it is more exciting to do it in a group.


We love to highlight some of the mistakes that travellers and foreigners make so that it will help you crosscheck your list and ensure that you are adequately prepared before beginning your journey.

Amongst the numerous mistakes that any foreigner can make is not making plans or putting enough effort into accommodation in the new city before leaving your home. We often wonder why this occurs as it does not make sense not to have proper plans for living arrangements while you are there. After all, where do you expect to sleep?

Accommodation should be amongst the top things you should finalize when preparing for a journey, and you can do it by having a budget. When you have money set aside for accommodation, it serves as a guide on what type of accommodation you would choose or not.

The number of persons travelling also determines the type of accommodation as a single person can choose Couchsurfing, but it would not work if you are in a group.

When a person has proper plans for accommodation, the trip is more enjoyable.

Green Hotels

If you are a fan of green hotels, we would assume that is the type of accommodation you desire when in Brussels, so here are some of the available options:

• Hotel Agora Brussels Grand Place: Some people might be discouraged by the building because it is old, but the reception you would get is next to none. The architecture of the building gets this hotel adequate attention due to the curious nature of the human mind. It is in a strategic location as it gives you easy access to different places in Brussels which are of walkable distances. Depending on the type of room you pay for, you can enjoy having a fireplace in your room. Generally, it is warm and comforting to lodge here.

• Sofitel Brussels Europe: It is one of the top hotels in Brussels with modern facilities. It has a rooftop terrace where you can spend your evenings enjoying the view of the town. The rooms are also spacious with comfortable beds, leaving no cause for complaints.

Hostels and Guest Houses

The idea that some people have in mind concerning accommodation when they travel to a new place is in the form of hostels and guest houses.

If you share such ideology, here are some options in Brussels:

• B&B Vaudeville: If you love food, you will be thrilled to know that this place offers free breakfast to people who lodge there. Although there are no swimming pools, the well-kept environment makes up for it. This place is not over the top exception, but it is a great place to stay.

• Sleep Well: The reception that lodgers get from the customer service at this place is always top-notch, making it more endearing. It has provisions for a game room to ensure that people have what to do, and also offers free Wi-Fi. If you are on a budget, this is a perfect place for you to stay as the price will not cut your bank account. We do not know your expectations for a hostel, but we are sure that you would be comfortable here.


Some people say that those who choose to stay in apartments when they travel are those who have enough money to spend. We cannot say if this logic is valid or not, but we know that the number of persons also determine the choice.

Brussels has many well-furnished apartments that will make your stay feel like home, and some are:

• Brussels apartments Linda: It is located in a beautiful and strategic environment, making it easy for you to adapt when in Brussels. This apartment is well-managed as it has almost everything you would desire to have a comfortable stay. There are many facilities in place, and the staff are readily available to assist if you have any issue. You will have a fulfilling time if you reside here during your stay in Brussels.

• The Opera Residence: One of the reasons why many people recommend this place is because of the refreshing view of the city it gives. If there are things the apartment cannot provide, you can easily get them around as it is at a strategic location.


It is common to hear people say that the best way to experience a city is by Couchsurfing, if you are confused, Couchsurfing is a situation where a tourist puts up with a local during their stay in the city.

You might be thinking how this is possible as the locals are strangers, and there is no prior relationship before you visit the city. Thus, how is it possible for any of them to accept a foreigner and how would you meet them.

If Couchsurfing is popular in a city, you do not need to worry. Fortunately, the people of Brussels are familiar with the idea of Couchsurfing, so some of them open up their homes to tourists.

Understandably, it can be hard to connect with these locals as it is not ideal to walk up to different people asking if they would host you or not. That is why there is a Couchsurfing website where willing local host register and foreigners can check and pair up with any of them.

People who are on a budget, usually use this as a means of minimizing costs as you do not need to pay for the accommodation. However, you should know that Couchsurfing is not always rosy as there would be conflicting ideas most times. The best way to navigate this is to understand how to have a common ground.


It is easy to sometimes say that someone is restless as they cannot stay at a specific place, and always itching for ways to go out and do something. In some cases, the something they desire doing is camping.

We know that many tourists are camp lovers, so the idea of camping is not out of place irrespective of the city they visit. However, the best thing is to understand the environment and know if camping is usually done or not.

In Brussels, many of the locals and foreigners embark on camping regularly, so you would not have an issue with this. They sometimes do it at safe outdoor areas or a campsite. The goal is to connect with nature and do something different from the norm.

The energy during camping is usually contagious as everyone is happy and wearing big smiles. The experience will also help you connect with the locals and learn more about the city as they will share enthralling stories.

How to Get There

If you feel that you have made adequate preparations for your journey, the next thing is to find out how to reach your holiday city from your location.

It is easy to say that you can pick your favourite means of transportation and use it to reach there. However, you should know that your preference would not always work out.

It could be that your favourite means of travelling is on a train, but your holiday city does not have a train station. Thus, you know that it is not feasible to use that method, and you have to try other means.

If you have Brussels as your holiday city, you should know that there are many means to reach the city. Brussels classify as one of the easily accessible cities, but you need to check the available means of travelling if you can get them from your location.

Sometimes, you may need to travel to another city to use your preferred means. What matters is that you get to your location in good health.


If you prefer flying, it means you would want to use a plane when travelling anywhere. However, is there a direct flight from your curre3nt location to your destination? That should be a crucial question in determining if you would use a plane or not.

We do not want you to panic, so relax as there are ways of navigating the issue of direct flights. If you check your current location and see that there is no direct flight to your destination, the next thing is for you to check the closes city that has a direct flight down there. Then, you can go to that city and get a direct flight to your destination city.

Brussels airport accepts flights from different places, but we know that it cannot cover all cities and countries worldwide. If you are within Europe or the United States, there are high chances that you can get a direct flight from where you are down to Brussels, but it becomes difficult for someone who is not in that region.


Typically, a plane is much faster than a bus, but people still have this as their preferred choice of transportation. It could be that flying is more expensive, so they prefer to use this land transportation.

The same issue of the location has to be considered if you are using a bus. It will not be ideal for someone in one continent to think of using a bus to another continent as there will be hurdles like water bodies that you cannot navigate. Thus, if you desire to use a bus too Brussels, you should be with Europe.

Unlike flying where the plane is above these obstacles, there is no way to navigate such with a bus. Even if it can be navigated, you do not know the number of weeks you would spend on the road. The idea is to get to your holiday city in a perfect state, not to encounter issues along the way.

Many of the cities surrounding Brussels have buses that can take you to the city.


Some people will not buy the idea of using a train to Brussels because trains are slow, and they would not want to spend much time on the road. It is no secret that a train would get an award for the slowest means of transportation, so we see some tourists avoiding it.

However, they say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The same way some people would want to avoid a train is the same way others have it as their preferred means of travelling. For people who fall under the latter category and wish to reach Brussels, they are always curious about the train stations and locations they can get a train to reach the city.

Getting a train to Brussels works the same way as other means of transportation and depends on your location. There are five main train stations in Brussels, and they accept trains from different locations close to Brussels. If you are far from the city, you will not get a train down there.


Another means of reaching Brussels is by hitchhiking, but you need to be familiar with the routes. It would be not very pleasant if you stand on a road that does not lead to Brussels expecting to get a ride down there.

If you know the right route to position yourself, you will notice that there are many petrol stations. Thus, it would be best if you are in one of the stations instead of standing on the highway. There are lower chances of a car stopping for a stranger on the highway, but you can easily approach the driver if it is at a petrol station.

Typically, you should not waste time with the introduction, and it would help if you know some of the local phrases like how they greet so that you can quickly grab the attention of the driver. These drivers are usually friendly and open to helping tourist reach their destinations, so have no fear as they would help you after introductions.

Hitchhiking happens in Brussels, and you can one day try your luck.


Sometimes, you can get alternate routes to reach a city, but there are no other methods or means you can use in reaching Brussels except for the ones we highlighted above.

We know that you may be thinking about water bodies as you can use a ship to reach some cities. This is not possible in Brussels as there are no facilities for a ship or boat to dock. The water bodies in Brussels are minimal and not in the central city.

If you want to travel to Brussels, you should use other available means of transportation as they would not fail you.

Moving Around

If you have reached your destination city, the next move is to figure out how movement works from one point to another. It could be that there is a registration you have to do or a payment conversion to ensure that you can move around.

Figuring out how to move around is something that no tourist can ignore as it is impossible to stay indoors throughout your stay in the city. It may be that you are not going for anything official or the distance is not long, but you would need a means of transportation to move around.

Sometimes, the available means of moving around would differ what you get in your home city. It is expected as there are different unique features to every city. It is why you have to ask questions so that you would know what to do in different situations.

It would be best if you always remember that someone who asks questions would not miss their way.


We can be bold to say that walking is the easiest and simplest form of transportation when it entails moving around in Brussels.

While walking, you do not need to pay any fare, neither do you need to dialogue or make a settlement with anyone. It is you and your feet, and you know the distance you can cover.

When in Brussels, you will notice that traffic is typical, and you should use your legs and walk to your destination if it is not far as you do not want to be stuck in traffic. Sometimes, a person can reach their location with foot and come back while someone is still at a specific point because of traffic.

It is safe to walk around in Brussels, so that should not be your fear. If you are walking alone and feel bored, you can interact with locals around, and they will be glad to indulge in any conversation. Always ensure to utilize your legs when in Brussels.


It could be that you are coming from a city where there is no traffic, so we understand your frustration when you get stuck in traffic in Brussels. People are always finding means of avoiding this traffic, and the government encourages people to utilize other means that would not get stuck in the traffic. Thus, bicycles come to play.

Some tourists love to cycle for fun, but you can cycle to get from one point to the other in Brussels. With a bicycle, you do not need to get stuck in traffic as you can navigate around the cars and get to your destination.

Some people might feel that it is not safe to cycle around, which is why we advocate that you have tour safety kit at all times. All cyclers should always have a shin guard and helmet to be on the safe side.

If you love the idea of using a bicycle to move around in Brussels, there are many bicycle rental stores that you should patronize.

Electronic Vehicles

One of the most typical electronic vehicles you would see in Brussels is the scooter, and people use it to move around. The idea is to have something that would help you get from one point to the other without being stuck in traffic, and a scooter fits the description.

Some people will say that riding a scooter is not safe, and we would agree to an extent. We understand that people are prone to accidents while using a scooter, but we also know that it can be avoided if precautions are put in place.

The government also understands the risks involved with using a scooter, so people are advised not to speed up with a scooter, but to use it at a walking pace. If you are on a walking pace with a scooter, you can use it on the pavement. However, when the speed increases, you will be classified as a cyclist.

You should also have your safety kit when riding a scooter as it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Public Bus

We do not know how the public bus system works in your city, but we can say that it operates the usual way in Brussels. One thing that is common with a public bus is buying of tickets, but there is a tweak to it in Brussels.

When you purchase a ticket to use a bus in Brussels, you have the choice of changing vehicles. This means that if you do not want to use the bus any longer, you can sue that same ticket on another transportation, like a tram. It comes as an advantage as it would have been wasted funds if this was not in place.

You can use buses to different locations within the city, but you should know a bit of the local language as that is what it operates on. You will need to signal the driver if you want to highlight, but there are different stops.

Many people use the bus in Brussels, so it is no surprise that it has high chances of being stuck in traffic.

Tram, Train and Subway

If you missed the chance to use a train and reach Brussels, do not worry, you can use it for moving around within the city.

There is not much to say about the tram system in Brussels as it operates the same way as the public bus. After all, they are all public means of transportation. The only difference is that using a tram is slower than using a public bus.

We would love to reinstate that you should pick up local phrases when in Brussels or have a local with you whenever you are using the tram so that you would not get confused at the institutions as it is usually in the local language.

There are usually willing locals within the tram to help and assist you, but you cannot always rely on them. What happens if they are in a bad mood one day?

Locals in Brussels are always ready to come through and help you learn their language, so we are sure that you would see someone to teach you these phrases.

Sustainable Shopping

The idea of sustainable shopping is to buy those things that contribute to the environment. If there is something that the locals of Brussels know how to do well, it is producing eco-friendly items, so you have no reason not to patronize them.

These sellers are always hopeful that tourists who buy their items, so you should not let them down. When you are in Brussels, walk around and check out items in the kiosks and stores, we are sure you would see something you fancy, and you should buy it without hesitation because they are affordable.

Food Markets

Some food markets in Brussels are:

• Marché Bio des Tanneurs: People are always happy to visit this market because they are sure of getting fresh food items. It ranges from fruits to other essentials you would need for cooking, and they sell them at affordable rates. With this market, you have the assurance of getting quality food produce.

• The Barn Bio Market – Etterbeek: There is an array of fresh produce at this market, and you would be happy to shop. Almost everything is organic, so you know that you would be eating healthy when you shop from this market.

Flea Markets

Some flea markets in Brussels are:

• Marolles Flea Market: It is a busy market that has many items available for sale. We cannot say a specific price range to expect but know that they are affordable. Most of the things do not have a permanent price as they are opening for a bargain, so it is left to your efficiency.

• Bruxelles Midi Market: There is almost nothing you desire that you cannot get at this market. The quality is also unquestionable as they ensure that whatever they are selling is in perfect condition. It is an excellent place to get items in Brussels.

Second Hand Stores

Here are some second-hand stores in Brussels:

• Think Twice: It is a store that deals on used clothing. As the name implies, they do not want you to think twice before purchasing any item as they sell only the best. The quality is always still intact, and the things are catchy. You can use this opportunity to do a wardrobe change while there.

• Feniksu: If you are looking for books, this store is one of the best choices you can get in Brussels. Their books span across different genres, and we know you would find something that aligns with your preference.


It will surprise you the number of sustainable fashion stores available in Brussels. These stores have different clothing items that are sustainable, aligning with the concept of eco-fashion.

It could be that you do not know about eco-fashion, and you may not realize that you have been wearing sustainable clothes. You will realize it in Brussels, and we advocate that you patronize the stores and purchase more eco-fashion clothes.

It is a plus that the styles are in vogue, and you will stand out uniquely. Eco-fashion is the new wave that you should join.


Recycling is something they do not joke with in Brussels, and you will notice it from their waste management. There are bags and bins for recycling around the city, and different colours represent different items.

If you see a white bag or grey/black container, you should only deposit plastic tops there. The blue bag or box is for metal tops, caps and lids.

These people believe that you can always make useful things from ‘trash’, so help them make the environment friendly by depositing these items for renewal. Many cities are urged to draw from Brussels energy towards recycling.


There are waste bins and bags around the city, so it would be wrong for you to litter when in Brussels. Anyone who litters stands the risk of paying a fine or getting a sanction. There are organizations set up by the government so ensure that the environment is clean, so you should play your role and contribute to helping them.

Typically, waste bags are searched in Brussels to sort the trash for recycling. This is why you should help separate recycling items to make the work easier for those who search the thrash.

Work and Study Abroad

The educational system in Belgium is flexible, allowing students to work while studying. Many of the schools key into this idea, although some might not give you the free hours.

If you are working and studying in Brussels, it is understood that you need something to argument your funds, so you will not be stopped. Understandably, international students find it hard to blend in at first, and any extra money they can get will be useful. If you are thinking of studying in Belgium, do not let anything hinder your dreams, especially if your fear concerns working and studying.

Exchange Student

People usually have good reviews about the educational system in Belgium, so it is no surprise that students clamour for an opportunity to study in the country.

It gave rise to the idea of exchange students so that you can do an exchange program from your school to any of the universities in Brussels.

Since foreigners regularly visit this city, you can be sure that it is friendly and suitable for international students. The scenario may be different, but you would not be treated as an outcast.

You would get a warm and welcoming reception, and we know that you would love it.

Au Pair

If you are looking for a job in Brussels, you can join an au pair website that would connect you with a local host.

These websites make it easier to connect job finders to people who seek their services, which is the idea of an au pair. It helps lessen the stress of job searching on foreigners.


It is common knowledge that Brussels is usually crawling with foreigners, and you should know that some of them are in the city for volunteering.

It may not be your initial aim of visiting Brussels, but it is not out of place to join in and make an impact.

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