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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cabo San Lucas advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

View of the beautiful Cabo San Lucas

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $200

Responsible Travel

Cabo San Lucas is known to be resort city in the Mexico. The city is known for its special beaches, nightlife and water based activities. It is very safe city as the crime rate is very low which makes one simpler to move around the cit. Also the city has a long coastline. And the city of Cabo San Lucas is full of various beaches from all over. The city is quite famous for its white sand beaches all over the world. The tourists will be able to get the ultimate traditional and cultural experience in the city of Cabo San Lucas. The best part of the city is explored via walk. You will notice the beauty of the city while roaming. But make sure to follow these rules while exploring the city as an eco-friendly traveller.

  • Always make sure to use public transport such as trams, trains, streetcars and public buses which are widely available across the city. Avoid booking cab instead make use of public transports. Also tourist can walk around the city.
  • As no tour is complete without having delicious food, it also helps you to get the best travelling experience of the city. Mexican cuisines from some big restaurants are needed to be on top list, but we suggest you to try the local street food of the city. It is the best way to experience the local culture of the Mexican people.
  • You can also spend some quality time at the green places like parks and gardens of the city to get close to nature and to experience quality air.
  • And try to choose the green hotels for you stay in the city to keep the environment pollution free. Green hotels provide you the top quality services.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Cabo San Lucas is moderate. The city is considered to be one the most populated city in Mexico along with the majority of the pollution in the Cabo San Lucas. It is basically coming from transportation and there are not many heavy manufacturing industries in the city, so there is less air pollution. Also the main roadsdon’t have heavy traffic. And the air pollution from cars do not affect many people unless they have serious breathing conditions. And the city is considered to be the noisiest city as compared to other cities in Mexico. It is best to carry various medicines and other precautions before stepping in to the city of Cabo San Lucas. If the tourists have respiratory diseases like asthma, or others then the city might provide you some complications. Make sure you should carry a face mask along with you to avoid interacting with polluted air.

Respect the Culture

The city of Cabo San Lucas has a very rich culture, and a tour to the city without giving oneself up to the various exquisite cultural experiences would be complete waste. The culture of Cabo San Lucas is reflected by the city’s variety and size. Most of the Mexican cultural movements first emerged in the city. The city is center for film, theatre, dance, and visual art. Also the local government is investing well in keeping the arts alive and ensures that it funds. There are also numerous libraries, museums and historical sites and show the rich cultural background of the city.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Cabo San Lucas is an exciting and adventurous city. The city has many architectural, historical and outdoor wonders which will keep the tourist entertained throughout the tour. And here are some of the popular places that tourists should visit:

  • Whale watching: Whale watching is a spot whales in Cabo Pulmo national park. You can watch fin whales and humpback from the boat. Also you can have panoramic views of the bay in national Marine park. Make sure you have to book it ahead. You can have a day tour. It is seasonal basically visited in winter.
  • Cabo Marina walk: Cabo Marina walk is a stroll around in the waterfront of Marina walk. It is a wander along a boardwalk to the luxurious spot boats, and boutiques selling the chic tropical clothing. It is completely free of cost for the visitors. Also group of people are welcomed.
  • Chileno Bay snorkelling: It is the Snorkel over a reef in the Chileno bay. You can see rays, turtles and starfishes on a snorkelling trip to the popular beach with an offshore reef. It is the best place to visit in the city of Cabo San Lucas. And it is completely free of cost for the visitors visiting there. You can have the best experience in Chileno Bay snorkelling.
  • Kayaking to Land’s End: Kayaking to Land’s End is a paddle from the famous medano beach which is located in an iconic rock arch foundation and particularly striking at the sunset point. It is quite good for dates and group of people are welcome. Also you can take a kayak trip to the Arch.
  • San Jose’s Art Walk: San Jose’s Art walk is a studio where people can explore in San Jose del Cabo’s wonderful and colourful gallery district on a special weekly evening trail art. It is seasonal basically in spring, summer, and winter. It is very good for kids. People can visit here for small dates. It is one of the famous place in the city of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Wildlife at Land’s End: Wildlife at land’s end is a photograph sea lions at the Arch. People take snap pictures of California sea elephants and lions seals as it is laze at a framed rock arch formation in the city of Cabo San Lucas. It is good for dates, kids friendly. You can also have a paid tour in it.
  • Hot springs and swimming: Hot springs and swimming is socked in springs at sierra de la Laguna. It is basically a bathe in small cascades, freshwater pool and the soothing hot springs in pine forest reserve and in oak. It is quite good for kids, good for dates, day trip. And the most important thing that it is completely free of cost. And group of people are allowed here.
  • Pacific fishing trip: Pacific fishing trip is deep sea fishing that is located at golden gate bank. It is a reel in a marlin, and the swordfidh or yellowfin tuna. It is a charter boat at a famed off shore fishing spot in the city of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Cabo nightlife: Cabo nightlife is famous for tequila drink at a downtown bar in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo nightlife is good for dates, foods and drink, good for groups and some indoor activities. Also you can order a tequila shot or couple at a cantina sporting that is bright neon lights and some witty signs on the walls.
  • Todos Santos shopping: Todos Santos shopping has various artisan stores in the Bohemian Baja village. It is very famous for handmade jewellery and clothing by some local designers. It is one of the famous shopping market in the city. It is also known as the boutiques shopping market in Cabo San Lucas.
Cabo Marina


Cabo San Lucas is one of the famous and most visited cities in the world because of its breath taking and numerous exciting sites. The city is whirling as it is the center of media, fashion, art, research, commerce, education, entertainment and technology. Also the city of Cabo San Lucas is rich in the culture. And it has numerous museums to remember it’s amazing and rich history. Exploring the city is an exciting and enjoyable experience as the city is very safe for locals as well as tourists. There is no violent crimes against the travelers and also the living expenses are relatively low, making it a best place to go on vacation. Cabo San Lucas is a wonderful place to spend some quality time.

City Parks

Cabo San Lucas has various amazing gardens and parks, with some being for family time, amusement parks and exercise to name a few. Given below are the most famous city parks in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • Casa Blanca Park
  • Cerrito Del Timbre
  • Pedregal Park / Parque Plaza San Lucas
  • Recreation Hojazen park

National Parks

Some of the famous national parks in the city are given below:

  • Punto de convivencia Privada Perla: Punto de convivencia Privada Perla is a national park in the city of Cabo San Lucas. It is located in Mar de Noruega, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is one of the famous tourist spot in the city of Cabo san Lucas. The park has excellent atmosphere.
  • Cerro De La Zeta: Cerro De La Zeta is located in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Also it is one of the popular recreational centers in Mexico. And you would notice people love cycling here. It also permits you to appreciate nature. If you are nature lover, it is great idea to visit this park.
  • Cabo Pulmo National Park: Cabo Pulmo National Park is one of the famous national park in the city of Cabo San Lucas. It is located in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is situated on the eastern coast of the California Peninsula. It was established in the year 1996. The official name of Cabo Pulmo national park is islands and protected areas of the Gulf of California.


Most of the people love the concept of soaking up the sun on the beach. Also enjoying the calm and peacefulness the water brings along with meeting people. And if you buy this type of idea which means the tourist would hang out at the beach if they visit Cabo San Lucas. There are various beaches in the city of Cabo San Lucas.

  • Playa Publica Cabo San Lucas: Playa Publica Cabo San Lucas is one of the famous beach in the city. The beach is very clean, nice and well kept. If as a tourist you are planning a gateway, it is one of the starting place to consider. Also if you desire to boat or swim, you can join in the fun as far as there are no restrictions.
  • Lovers beach: Lovers beach is sandy beach with rocky formations. It is one of the popular beach in the city of Cabo San Lucas. The beach has running track, a musical fountain, open air bars and a little zoo. The lovers beach is located in the city which makes it quite accessible.
Lovers beach Cabo


Cabo San Lucas is not a city where the ideal landmarks are tall buildings, just highrises, resorts and some water parks. Below given are some famous landmarks in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • La Playita
  • Plaza Amelia Wilkes
  • Cannery Beach
  • Wake Fun Cabo
  • El Medano Beach
La Playita


The fact that Cabo San Lucas is one of the famous city means that there are a lot of different stories it has to tell. Also there are multiple museums across the city of Cabo San Lucas which help to commemorate and keep the culture and story of Mexican alive. Numerous museums are worth a visit to ensure that you leave the city having learned about its culture and history. Below given are some famous museums in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • Natural History of museum in Cabo San Lucas
  • Placa de Inaugration de Terrasol
  • Golden Cactus Gallery
  • The Plaza Californias
Golden Cactus Gallery


There are several traditional Mexican foods found in Cabo San Lucas. Trying different some local dishes is one of the best things about being a traveller as you get to experience amazing dishes that they probably could never come across anywhere else. Various street vendors and restaurants sell various dishes that they could try. There is also a huge diversity of Caribbean cuisines in this city. Some popular dishes in the city are Panuchos, Marquesitas, Castacan, Pozole, Salbutes, etc. There are various beautiful and amazing places where one can dine in Cabo San Lucas with their families, relatives or friends.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most popular traditional local restaurants in the city of Cabo San Lucas are given below:

  • Cantina Mexico
  • Restaurante Los Tres Gallos
  • Taco Loco
  • Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano

Vegetarian and Vegan

Tourist have to keep in mind there are various vegetarian restaurants where a vegan people can eat vegan food. So given below are some famous places to visit in the city:

  • La Rana Vegana
  • Mako Raspados
  • Elements Indian Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Cabos

Street Food

Street food is very popular in Cabo San Lucas, and there are several places where it can be found. There are various restaurants that were sketched to sell street food along with amazing dishes. Also there are so food stalls along the city and in some of the top tourist attractions where they can buy street food. Some of the famous street foods in the city are given below:

  • Tropical Kitchen Cabo
  • Birria Los Paisas
  • Taqueria Humaderas
  • Cabo Boneless
  • Bajarosha


Many western cafes and bars are available in the city of Cabo San Lucas, where people can visit to spend some quality time. Also there are many nightclubs as well. People can drink and enjoy there all over the city. Tourists will never feel tired in this city. The city of Cabo San Lucas is full of bars, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs where people can enjoy all types of drinks You may notice that alcohol consumption is high in the city. There are many types of craft as well as local beers, wine, vodka, etc.


The tourist visiting Cabo San Lucas is mostly advisable to drink bottled or boiled water, as even the little change in your water can make you feel sick. People can brush their own teeth with this tap water. Drinking it can be more dangerous for you.

Organic Cafés

There are various cafes in Cabo San Lucas that cater specifically to such group of people. Below given are some famous organic cafes in the city:

  • Mako Raspados
  • La Rana vegana restaurant
  • Elements Indian Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Cabos
  • Sr. Beans
  • Restaurante Maria Corona


The local beer brewing industry if Cabo San Lucas is very active as the people prefer to drink local craft beers. The most popular breweries in the city are given below:

  • Baja Brewery
  • Cerveceria La Pintada
  • Baja Brewing Co.
  • La Pintada Sarbores De Baja


There are various activities which can be done as you explore the city of Cabo San Lucas. The city is one of the most visited city all over the world by both international and local tourists. The popular activities are sketched to ensure that no one is left out there. And some people of various interests can still have a great time with them. The most famous activities include hikes, museum tours, bike riding, and visits to many religious sites, game drivers and beautiful gardens.

Yoga and Retreats

Here are some famous yoga centers in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • Prana del Mar
  • Uma Yoga Sanctuary
  • Academia de Yoga Zantory
  • Baja Moon Yoga


Accommodation is a big part of your convenient and safe stay in the city. When you are not exploring ad roaming the city, you will need to rest somewhere. The different types of accommodation options before stepping into the city is quite important. From renting apartments to green hotels, all options are available to tourists that they can choose to enjoy their stay.

Green Hotels

As an eco-friendly traveller, staying in green hotels is the best option for you. Also you will get all the features and facilities which are available in hotels along with green benefits. Here are some famous green hotels in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • Menta House
  • Villa Arco del hotel resort and Spa
  • 1 Homes Preview Cabo
  • Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa

Hostels and Guest Houses

The mode of accommodation completely depends on how many days you are living in the city. If you are living for more than one week, then guesthouse or hostels are the best options for you. Below given are some of the famous hostels and guest houses in the city of Cabo San Lucas:

  • DICI Co-Living Housing Cabo San Lucas
  • Sofia Hostel Cabo
  • Ocean Tigers Dive Houses
  • Mayan Monkey Hostel and Bar


As a tourist if you are planning to stay more tha 4-5 weeks, selecting hostels, guest houses, or hotels might be a bit high on cost. As a tourists are planning a long stay, then renting apartments is the ultimate option for you. Also it will help you to stay comfortably and save lot of money. Also you will find many apartments in Cabo San Lucas with different price ranges. All of them features like a TV, air conditioner, refrigerator and others.v Tourist need to choose one depending on your choices and needs. Also use online services to select and book them before stepping to the city. And it will save your time searching and to start exploring right after reaching the city.


Couchsurfing has become one of the famous accommodation options in the whole world. Most of the travelers take support of couchsurfing to stay in the city and explore them very well. Also it is a community or group of travelers who offer other travelers to stay in their house instead of hostels and others. It helps travelers to explore the city like a local and get all the help from the host people like knowing the best place to eat, brushing up language, and others. If the tourists are searching for couchsurfing in the city of Cabo San Lucas, then you have to find the host using some online services and websites. The simplest way to stay in the city of Cabo San Lucas and witness the everyday life of locals.


If you are an adventure lover or you like to stay very close to nature, and then camping is one of the best accommodation option for you. And tourists will be able to make sure they stay under the open sky nature which is surrounded by lush green and forest. And compared to all the other various accommodation options, this is one of the different ones that pulls you very close to the nature. And you will be able to get various campsites in the area which offers many features along with online booking option. Also make sure to book the camp before visiting the city of Cabo San Lucas. It will help the tourist to successfully get a specialized camping spot without complication most of the spots get booked very quickly due to huge number of tourists.

  • Promotora Turistica El Medano, S.A De C.V.
  • Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa
  • Cabo Surf Safari
  • Campamento Turismo Alternativo

How to Get There

There are various modes of transport which can be used to travel to the city of Cabo San Lucas, with the most convenient for you being read out by where you are coming from, be it an international or local area. Most of the people from nearby cities usually travel to the city by bus, train or other public transport. While international tourists make use of aeroplanes. Here we have mentioned some modes of transport.


Air is the most common and convenient way to travel the city of Cabo San Lucas. As it takes less time to reach the destination as compared to other modes of transportation. You the fare of flight is relatively high compared to buses or trains. You will land at the closest airport in Cabo San Lucas named Cabo San Lucas International Airport that is quitse well connected with foreign countries. There is also another airport which is closed to the city named Los Cabos International Airport.

Los Cabos International Airport


Buses might be a worst option to select if you are coming from different countries. As it will take a lot of time to reach the proper destination from other countries. But if the travellers witness the natural beauty on the ways and love road trips then you can choose this option. Having a tour to Cabo San Lucas by bus is the ultimate idea to get there if you are travelling from a city in Mexico.

Bus in Cabo San


Another interesting way to travel to the city of Cabo San Lucas is by train. But most of the people choose flights to reach the city from some other countries. Also there are many people who love to travel by train or bus and look at the amazing scenery on the way. And you will be able to get the memorable and best experience by ravelling using train. Also make sure that you will need a lot of time to reach the required destination. And tourists have to book the train tickets earlier before staring the journey.


Hitchhiking is quite popular mode of transport across Cabo San Lucas due to the atmosphere of distrust. There are various places in the city which are perfect to hitchhiking. Tourists will need to know the roads and maps to be successful. And it might take a complete day to get a lift or they might not be able to get a lift. As the Mexican people in this city are very friendly and kind, you will not face problem, getting a lift from them.


You can take a bike or car to reach Cabo San Lucas city by road to have different experience. Also you will be able to get a wonderful time on the road trip. As it take a huge time to reach the city of Cabo San Lucas using the roadway. And you will be able to watch all the various places to feel the different cultures and on your way.

Moving Around

Moving around is the best way to explore this wonderful city by visiting to popular tourist attractions. Many different options are available for some tourists to travel to Cabo San Lucas and enjoy traditions, culture, markets, and some others. Tourists need to select which is the best way to travel the city before stepping in to the city. Here we have mentioned some common ways to move around the city.


Walking is an ultimate way to explore the city and getting to various places. And there are some places in the city which are only accessible to pedestrians. People will be able to get into some markets and then you can take some shortcuts by walking. As it takes huge time to reach your own destination compared to other mode of transportation. And walking is the best way to get close to the locals as well as their lifestyles.


Bicycle is another best mode of transportation to roam around the city and explore all the various things. Also you will be able to get a bicycle on rent from various services at a cheap cost. And there are many hostels that supply bicycles free of cost to the customers. And the best thing about exploring the city of Cabo San Lucas on bicycle is that the tourist do not have to worry about some traffic.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are fastest growing technology all over the world. It is most common with trolleybuses which collects power from overhead wires used by the loaded trolley poles. Trolley bus is quite reliable service, as they are available on some routes in the city. Electric scooters are a famous mode of transportation in the city of Cabo San Lucas. Also they are very simple and convenient to get around with it. You can book it via online application. But they are quite unsafe to use.

Public Bus

Public bus might be the most easiest and convenient way of moving from one place to another at very cheap fare. And you will be able to get various buses around this place as the city of Cabo San Lucas is quite well known city in Mexico. Public buses are quite frequent in the city and you will be able to get from all corners of the city. The fare of local buses are relatively low and it is connected to various locations of the city. Through that tourists are able to see the beauty of the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

Cabo San Lucas has some tram lines which connect most of the city’s very important areas. Also there are trains and streetcars available in the city which run through major routes across the city. High speed trains are available in Cabo San Lucas which helps tourist and locals to move places very fast. And taking trains will help you to explore the best parts of the city. It is very comfortable for tourists as well as locals.

Sustainable Shopping

Most of the travelers choose sustainable shopping instead of fresh ones to support the nature and environment. As an eco-friendly traveller, it is their responsibility to use some specific items like eco fashion, second hand products and others that will both save your economic cost and help to lower the waste production. Sustainable shopping is a great thing to get some of the best products at very cheap price. The local people of Cabo San Lucas are adopting some sustainable shopping very well and some tourists will not face any trouble finding these shops. Also there are various markets where tourists can visit to have all of these items at same place.

Food Markets

Without actually visiting the food markets, tourist will not be able to get the amazing experience in the city. If you are a food lover, then the tourist will feel like you are in heaven. There are some various food markets where people can visit and do your shopping. Also you will get some of the unique and local food which is not available in some other places. Always make sure to have some street foods from the small stalls in these local food stores. Also the tourist will find various food markets in the city that contain various shops and they are known to be one of the big ones in the country. Here are some food markets that tourists need to visit in Cabo San Lucas:

  • California Ranch Market
  • IGY Marina Store
  • La Comer San Lucas

Flea Markets

There are some respective flea markets across Cabo San Lucas that offer both an thrilling and exciting shopping experience and a chance to mingle with some locals. Most of the locals sell various things at some reasonable prices, some of which are found in some local shops. Some of these flea markets in the city Cabo San Lucas are:

  • Mercado Marina
  • Pescaderia Cabo Mar
  • Mint Jungle Bar
  • Import Market

Second Hand Stores

The trend of second hand shops has caught the world by squall; numerous shops have started where people can buy things they wouldn’t usually provide for less than half the price. The most secon hand stores in Cabo San Lucas are:

  • Rack Cabo San Lucas back to the Cabo
  • Segnda La Privada
  • Wild Child Consignment
  • Saldos camino al Faro
  • Bazarcito Shanti


People have become more careful about how their choices and actions affect the environment and have started performing things to make sure that they reduce their carbon footprint. So below are some of the leading sustainable fashion brands in Cabo San Lucas, namely:

  • Krei Concept Store Los Cabos
  • Cabostyle
  • Pepita’s Magic of the Moon Downtown Cabo
  • Lua Boutique


Recycling is taken seriously in Cabo San Lucas and the city has many ways that recycling can be done. Many stores offers recycling services, people can return most glass cans or bottles to supermakets or shops for deposit refund. Also there are many outdoor recycling collection points found on several squares and streets all over Cabo San Lucas. And there are colourful containers which store household waste.


Cabo San Lucas has a well working waste collection system which collects waste from door to door at least once a week. Dangerous waste is collected and gathered at the location where it is generated in appropriate, in selectively containers. The solid waste management system is very bas in this city because there aren’t numerous plants available in Cabo San Lucas.

Work and Study Abroad

The city of Cabo San Lucas receives a very huge crowd of tourist every year. But all of them do not visit to see the tourist attractions in the city. Also most of the people from other countries visit Cabo San Lucas to run after their higher studies. Cabo San Lucas is a very well known for having upper level education and also offers different courses which attracts students from various countries.

Exchange Student

The exchange student is one of the famous and trending concepts which earned a lot of popularity in very less time. It supports students from other country to get in to foreign universities and complete their education. Many colleges and universities in Cabo San Lucas have this facility available and also they are very well partners or connected with other universities. You will need to be nominated by your home institution for an exchange student to get this chance. And you have to pay the required fees in the home university to enter it successfully. Once the student is in, he / she will be able to study at a required university which has a partnership with the home institution.

Au Pair

Au pair is one of the best things of getting your education done in a foreign city while earning a lot money. Au pair helps the foreigners or students to explore the city and help out local people to earn. You will be surprised to know how many people in this city are in need of au pairs. In Cabo San Lucas you can search for houses or rooms that need an au pair online and you can go and stay along with them. It is very simple to get jobs as an au pair.


Volunteering is one of the best way one can contribute their part to the mankind. There are many different ways in which one can volunteer. Also there are various types of organizations and NGOs which allows tourists to volunteer for them. As an eco-friendly traveller, it is our responsibility to contribute towards the nation or city and help to keep it green and clean. While volunteering, tourist will be able to come to meet to the local as well as new people and get to know about their lifestyles. The interaction with both foreigners and locals will increase a lot that will help you to get them. Also it will brush up your skills.

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