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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cannes advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cannes, France.

Cannes from Suqet Tower

  • Air quality: 3.6 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.8 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.6 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $500
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $800

Responsible Travel

The city of Cannes is located in the southern part of France on the French Riviera. Cannes is world famous for the film festival it holds every year in the city. Cannes city is said to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in France. One should always try to be a responsible tourist while traveling. You need to keep in mind that you have to try not to damage the beauty of the city by any means. Here are some ways you can be a responsible traveler. Some of the ways through which one can have a responsible and enjoyable time while traveling are:

  • Use public transport whenever possible
  • Use designated areas to throw garbage
  • Mostly walk around
  • Try the local foods
  • Learn the local culture

Air Quality and Pollution

Cannes has a Mediterranean climate just like other cities nearby on the French Riviera. The city has mild weather in winter and it is warm in the summertime. During the day, the average temperature in the city is around 28 degrees Celsius during July and August. The air and water pollution in the city is very low, whereas the city is a little noisy as it's one of the most famous cities in the world. The city is humid because of the cool water of the French Riviera. The air quality index is around 28 US AQI and the main pollutant in the city is PM2.5.

Respect the Culture

Cannes has a long and rich history and some of the places in the city perfectly reflect their culture. Thinking about French culture and their people, everyone usually assumes that they are rude to talk because of the accent and their tone but it's quite opposite. The locals in the city are very friendly and making small talk with them might make your day. The French culture is to believe in unity and equality, they also value the style and sophistication of their culture. They take a pride in the artistry and beauty of their country. In French culture, the Family is given the utmost priority.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Basking in the sun of the French Riviera, Cannes sparkles with glamour and exclusivity. This legendary seaside resorts of Cannes have all the glitz and allure of the Cote d’Azur: private beaches, marinas filled with luxury yachts, stylish boulevards, elegant Belle Epoque hotels, and fashionable restaurants. In an enchanting setting on Golfe de la Napoule bay, Cannes is blessed with a balmy Mediterranean climate. The weather is mild year-round and perfect for sunbathing by the beach from May through October. Leafy palm trees grace the streets of Cannes, and subtropical flowers flourish throughout the city, giving visitors the impression of being in paradise. The prestigious Film Festival of Cannes has been an important event since it began in 1946. Drawing famous movie stars from around the world, this annual red-carpet gala has earned an international reputation for promoting the art of filmmaking.

  • Boulevard de la Croisette: One of the most fashionable streets on the French Riviera, this palm-lined boulevard is the center of tourist activity in Cannes. The Boulevard de la Croisette is lined by Belle Epoque hotels, such as the historic Carlton Cannes, a marvelous example of grand French Art Nouveau architecture, designed by Charles Dalmas. Visitors can also admire the opulent villas and upscale boutiques. The boulevard extends from the new Palais des Festivals to the lovely "La Roseraie" park at the Square du 8 Mai 1945, with splendid private beaches on the sandy shoreline. Along this stretch, a beachfront promenade is a great place for strolling and people-watching. The promenade is appreciated for its magnificent views of the gulf and the Lérins Islands in the distance of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beyond La Roseraie park is the idyllic Port Pierre Canto, with its rows of luxury yachts docked at the harbor. Also within walking distance is another harbor, the Port de la Pointe Croisette, the departure point for regattas organized by the Yacht Club of Cannes. The yacht club also has a sailing school. Another spot for water sports enthusiasts and sunbathers is the nearby Port Palm Beach, a quiet public beach on the western side of Pointe Croisette with a snack bar and restroom facilities.

  • Le Suquet in Old Town: Perched on the slopes of Mont Chevalier above the bay, the Le Suquet district represents the original fishing village. In a picturesque hillside setting, this area offers exceptional views as well as Old World charm. Le Suquet has retained some of the ambiance of centuries ago. Tourists are delighted by the traffic-free quarter with its narrow old staircases, pleasant courtyards, and interesting historic remnants, such as the city's ancient walls. At the heart of Le Suquet, the old church, Eglise du Suquet, and the 11th-century Tour du Mont Chevalier watchtower dominate the skyline. From the top of the watchtower, there is a wonderful panoramic outlook onto the beach and the bay out to the Lérins Islands. Another joy of visiting Le Suquet is wandering the quaint old streets. One of the old town's main shopping streets is the Rue Meynadier. This bustling pedestrian street is renowned for its specialty gourmet boutiques. Another important commercial street a few blocks away at the edge of Le Suquet is the Rue d'Antibes. A shopping destination for French Riviera fashions, the street is lined with designer prêt-à-porter clothing boutiques.
  • Festival de Cannes (Film Festival): Of all the things to do on the French Riviera, the Festival de Cannes is the most exciting. With all the glitter of celebrity, this red-carpet event is a top tourist attraction and is one of the biggest moments of the year in Cannes. The festival draws movie stars and filmmakers from all over the world, as well as crowds of fans and journalists. Originally this film festival was established to rival the Venice Film Festival. The Festival de Cannes has earned an international reputation for discovering, supporting, and promoting excellent films. The Palais des Festivals et des Congres is located on 1 boulevard at La Croisette in the city of Cannes.
  • Palais des Festivals et des Congrès: The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is the venue of the Riviera's most glamorous red-carpet affair, the Cannes Film Festival. Designed by the architects Bennett and Druet, the building was completed in 1982 and is used for events, conferences, and festivals year-round. The Palais des Festivals has 25,000 square meters of space for exhibitions as well as numerous rooms and auditoriums equipped with sophisticated sound and lighting systems. The impressive complex of buildings features state-of-the-art technical apparatus, including sound studios, simultaneous translation arrangements, audio-visual equipment, and large projectors.

Notre-Dame de I’Espérance Built on the summit of le Suquet, which dazzles with its dreamy views of the city, the Notre-Dame de l'Espérance is the most important church in Cannes. The late-Gothic edifice dates to the 16th century and has a notable 17th-century Madonna on the high altar. Today, the church is still a place of religious worship. In July, the square in front of the church is illuminated and becomes a magical outdoor venue for the Nuits Musicales du Suquet, a classical music festival featuring one week of performances under the stars.

  • Musée de la Castre: On a hill overlooking the Bay of Cannes, the Musée de la Castre occupies a classified historic monument, a medieval castle that was formerly the monastery of Lérins monks. Surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, the site boasts exceptional views of the coastline and sea. Visitors can climb to the top of the building's 12th-century tower to take in the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Cannes and its surroundings.
  • Public Beaches: Cannes is famous for its fine sandy beaches, with gorgeous views and calm Mediterranean waters ideal for bathing. Including the nearby îles de Lérin and Estérel coastline, there are seven kilometers of beach property in Cannes. With so many options, there is something for every visitor. While many of the beaches in Cannes are private property owned by hotels, there are several beaches open to the public. These include the Macé Beach and the Zamenhof Beach, located off the Boulevard de la Croisette. These beaches charge a small fee for use of the lounge chairs and parasols The lesser-known Les Rochers beach is the best choice for snorkeling.
  • Private Beaches: As an exclusive seaside resort town, Cannes also has upscale private beaches that require entrance fees. Fashionable private beaches along the Boulevard de la Croisette include the Plage Croisette, with a fancy restaurant that serves Provençal cuisine; the Royal Plage that has a casual restaurant with a pleasant patio area; beach, with a restaurant, focused on seafood; and Bâoli Beach, which boasts an exceptional gastronomic restaurant. Tucked away in a quiet environment near the Port Canto, Bijou Plage has a stellar fine-dining restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the sea, the Lerins Islands, and the Esterel Mountains. All of the private beaches have excellent facilities as well as lounge chairs and parasols available for rent, allowing sunbathers to enjoy a pampering and relaxing experience.
  • Vieux Port: Emblematic of Cannes' Mediterranean scenery, the Vieux Port (Old Port) lies below the historic Le Suquet quarter. North of the port is the picturesque Allées de la Liberté, narrow ancient alleys lined with shady plane trees. In the mornings the colorful Marché aux Fleurs (Flower Market) is held here.
  • La Californie: This lovely district of Cannes exemplifies glamorous French Riviera scenery. Gorgeous vacation villas are surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees. This charming area is a wonderful place for a relaxing afternoon stroll. Drawn by its beauty, Picasso lived in this neighborhood for a short while. It's easy to understand how the exquisite buildings and vibrant landscape would inspire an artist.
The magical Vieux Port


Cannes is one of the most beautiful places for tourists as it features lots of tourist sites as well as public places that are worth seeing and exploring. Let's take a look at some of the places one can explore while they are in Cannes.

City Parks

The city is as beautiful as ever and it’s an amazing tourist distraction. There are a few parks in Cannes that will refresh your mood and set your vibe.

  • Square Mero – Located in the Avenue de Grasse area, Square Mero is a park suitable for people of all ages. You can visit here with your kids to pass your time.
  • Jardins des Gabres – Gabres Garden is a small park. The playground is completely shaded by trees with a waterpoint nearby.
  • Square Verden – It is one of the beautiful parks in Cannes. The park is full of rosebushes, flowers, and trees. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful vibe of the park by strolling around the Croisette to this park. The Palm Beach Casino is located in the same area.

National Parks

  • Calanques National Park – Calanques Park is located in Bouches du Rhone, in the southern part of France. It’s also a famous tourist attraction near the city of Cannes. It is a calm place where one can enjoy nature.
  • Calanque d’En Vau – Calanque d’En Vau is a national forest located in Marseille. It is a suitable place for hiking.
A beautiful sight at the Calanques National Park, Marseille, France


The beaches in Cannes are well known for the crystal clear water, the golden sand, and their wide range of facilities. The beaches in Cannes are famous worldwide.

  • Carlton Beach – Every major hotel in La Croisette have their own private beaches. Carlton beach is also a private beach. Hotel Carlton owns this beach. You need to pay to get access to the beach.
  • Long Beach – The long beach is a private beach owned by Marriott Hotel in Cannes. Long Beach is a lovely place one can visit and watch the world pass by. The long beach is located in the center of the town which makes it a quite popular place.
  • Plage de la Bocca – Plage de la Bocca is a public beach also said to be one of the most famous beaches in Cannes. The beach is located far west around La Croisette and near to the airport. The beach is best suited for families and there are no charges to the beach.
View of the Carlton Hotel from the Carlton beach


Here are some of the landmarks in the city of Cannes.

  • La Croisette
  • Notre Dame D’Esperance
  • St. Michel Archange Church
  • Le Grand Jas Cemetery
  • Abbaye Notre Dame de Lérins
La Croisette


  • Archives Espace Calmette
  • Centre D’Art La Malmaison
  • Chapelle Bellini Et Parc Fiorentina

These are some of the famous museums in the city of Cannes along with many other museums. One can get to know about the history of a place by visiting a museum of that city.


Cannes is better known for its Film Festival and the Red carpet more than its food. Although, the city has some progressions in the culinary world as the country of France is famous for its French cuisine worldwide. The city of Cannes has some rich cuisines too. From baguettes and croissants to its famous Ratatouille and Bouillabaisse, Cannes has all the tasty foods. There are also local delicacies like Socca.

Ratatouille served with traditional French wine

Traditional Local Restaurants

The city is full of restaurants and is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine. The traditional cuisine in Cannes is based on Seafood. It is suggested to try these cuisines in some traditional family owned restaurants. Shrimps, lobsters, oysters, crabs, sea urchins, and langoustes are always on the menu list of the local restaurants.

  • Bistro Les Canailles
  • Le Marais
  • L’Assiette Provencale
  • La Brouette de Grand Mere

Vegetarian and Vegan

Purely vegetarian people or people who are curious to try out the vegan menus can find a lot of places to eat in Cannes. Here is a list of restaurants where you can find 100 percent vegetarian food.

  • Citronelle
  • Le Troquet a Soupes
  • Voglia di Pasta

Street Food

If you are craving to eat but you are running low on money, you can hop onto the street and explore the street stalls, cafés, vendors, etc. You can also visit the market area to try the local foods of the city. Forville, or the Gambetta and La Bocca are the markets you can head over to taste these street foods.


From a perfect coffee shop to a bar with rich drinks, everything is available in this city. Located on the French Riviera, the city has a good supply of freshwater. You can explore the city and spend some time in these cafés or bars.


The tap water in Cannes is normally safe but it can be highly chlorinated. Hence, mineral water is recommended because it is not so expensive to buy and it is sold as carbonated and still water. One should drink enough water in a hot climate.

Organic Cafés

Given below is the list of some of the organic cafés in the city of Cannes.

  • Maison Charlotte Busset
  • 14 Plage
  • L’epicurieux
  • Columbus Café & Co.
  • Marina Caffé
  • Welcome to Key West


France is called the country of wine. There are breweries in the country to make their own quality beers and rich wines. Beer is said to be a symbol of authenticity and togetherness in France. Here are some Breweries located in Cannes:

  • La Biererie
  • La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice
  • BOART Craft Beer Bar & Shop
  • La Brasserie Berroise
  • Craftazur


The city of Cannes is a resort city popular for its world famous film festivals. There are so many things to do in the city and the nearby areas of the city. It is one of the most populated tourist places during the film festival as actors, famous people, paparazzi visit here at the same time. Exploring places like Le Suquet and La Croisette can be one of your priorities because these places are the center attraction of the city. You can also explore the markets of the cities as an activity. You can spend your day on beaches with golden sands and turquoise water on it. If you did like a calm environment then you can go to a private beach by paying the necessary charges to the Hotel owning the beach. You can go sightseeing in places like Saint-Honorat, Musee de la Craste, Eglise Notre Dame, and many other places where you get to find out about the culture and history of the city.

Yoga and Retreats

Started from ancient India, Yoga is now practiced worldwide. There are a few Yoga retreat centers in Cannes where you can approach for daily yoga, namely:

  • Evolve Yoga
  • Calm Yoga & More
  • Center Yoga Pilates
  • Omindfulness
  • Coinspire Yoga


Known for its famous film festivals, Cannes has high maintenance for accommodation. The cost of living for a month in Cannes is around 1500 USD that includes your rent charges, food, utilities, transportation, restaurants, etc. If you opt for luxurious hotels then the cost rises to a different level.

Green Hotels

One can book any hotels given below where they can enjoy the city while having an eco-friendly stay:

  • Hotel Martinez by Grand Hyatt Cannes
  • Five Seas Hotel Cannes
  • Eden Hotel & Spa
  • Grand Hotel Cannes

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here’s a list of some of the Hostels and Guest Houses in Cannes where one can live comfortably:

  • Villa Tricia Cannes
  • Villa du Roc Fleuri
  • Chanteclair
  • Crew Lighthouse


Buying or renting an apartment in Cannes is expensive. As the city is a world famous tourist attraction. You can rent apartments that have a sea view to it, or you can rent somewhere on the northern side of the city as the price differs for both. Apartments in Cannes are luxurious just like the city.


You can reach out to the host in the locals of Cannes and can easily stay up with them. Although, Couchsurfing doesn’t ensure ones’ safety. One can go through options of hosts that are Couchsurfing in the city and can live with them.


There are a few campgrounds in the city of Cannes where one can stay without any threat of wild animals.

  • Camping Parc Bellevue
  • Camping Les Cigales
  • Beach Cannes Bungalows

How to Get There

Traveling in Cannes is easy as there are multiple transportation options available for easy travel. Some of the most common ways of transportation are:


The city of Cannes is served by a total of two airports that are suitable for traveling. The first one is the Cannes Mandelieu Airport and the other is Nice International Airport in Cote d’Azur. Cannes Mandelieu is a local airport located 6 km away from Cannes suited for domestic and private flights. Nice International Airport is the main airport for the city, major airlines run through this airport. The price of the flights rises during the holiday periods. Nice Cote d’Azur is 28 km away from the city that is approximately a 30 minutes ride. There is one more airport known as Marseille Provence Airport which is located 173 km from the city. It takes around 2 hours to reach there. This airport also provides you with most of the major airlines.


Traveling from Nice to Cannes, you get bus services provided by the government and is an efficient way to reach the city. You can book private bus services for traveling from other parts of France like Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, etc to Cannes.


SNCF is the train network that connects Cannes to the other parts of France. France’s TGV is an intercity rail service which is a high speed service that runs between Paris and Cannes. One should book seats in advance for the TGV trains. The Trenitalia train service provides trains that connect cities like Venice, Rome, Milan, and Genoa to Cancun.


One can easily get a lift from the A8 Esterel Motorway from a driver who’s traveling in the same direction as you. If your luck works, you can almost get a lift from any city nearby like Marseille, Nice, Paris, etc to Cannes sometimes for free. Hitchhiking doesn’t ensure the travelers' safety though.


You can travel in your private vehicle to reach Cannes by taking the National Highways from different parts of France. You can also travel by boat or a ferry system coming from Bastia and Calvi in Corsica. It’s an amazing experience to travel by ferry for around 3 to 5 hours. One can also chose speed boats to reach Cannes quickly.

Moving Around

Cannes has a lot to offer for tourists, including parks, beaches, etc., all of which have been mentioned above. There are multiple ways to move around and explore Cannes. Let's take a look at them.


Cannes has one way roads in the city, hence it makes it difficult and confusing to move around by vehicle. Walking is the best alternative to explore the city. Walking gives you the advantage to explore a city to it’s fullest. The city is quite small, so it’s flexible to move around on foot. There are also pedestrian zones in the Hoche district and Forville market.


Moving around on a bicycle is the most efficient and fastest way, also it’s an eco friendly mode of transport. You can rent a bicycle from various bike renting services. You can ride on the Croissette boulevard which runs along the beach. When you rent a bike, you get all the equipment and a map for you.

Electronic Vehicles

Cannes city is full of cars, you get to see all types of vehicle including electronic ones. Electric vehicles benefit the environment. Motor companies like Tesla and Nissan sell electric cars in the place. Also, there are many electric charging points in the city for these vehicles.

Public Bus

The Palm bus runs the bus system of Cannes. They have a bus network throughout towns like Cannes, Mougins, Mandelieu la Napoule, Le Cannet, and Theoule Sur Mer. The major bus station of Cannes is situated on Place Bernard Comut Gentille.

Tram, Train and Subway

TGV is the rail network that provides trains to many nearby cities like Nice, Marseille, and Paris. Tourist offices on the train station and in Palais des Festivals on the seafront provides you with all the information for you. There are no Tram or Subway services available in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Cannes has some amazing markets where you get to eat some delicious food, shop for great clothes, buy home-made ornaments or trinkets, and also some of the intricate jewelry of the city.

Food Markets

France is well known for its crisp food stalls. Cannes has a total of three famous food markets that are Marches Forville, Gambetta, and La Bocca. These markets are completely covered from above. The markets are so quiet that you can feel the color, smells, and hustle and bustle of the place.

  • Marché Forville – The market is one of the places where one must visit. Most of the days, vendors sell vegetables and fruits also there are stalls for the local delicacies of the city. The vendors of this market are quite friendly and will help you with all the details of the food. They also suggest to you the best suitable dish you can make from those fruits and vegetables. On Mondays, there will be no food in this market but you will find a flea market here.
  • Gambetta Market – Gambetta market is one of the major markets in the city of Cannes and is well known for the variety of stalls in the place. The specialists bring fruit, vegetables, bread, and cheeses from the nearby regions. You can also try Socca, a local delicacy in the city. There are also stalls for art and clothes.
  • La Bocca Market – La Bocca Market is one of the less tourist-like markets in Cannes. Most of the shops in this place sell goods at a cheaper price which attracts the locals to shop from here. You can find almost all types of food ingredients in the market.

Flea Markets

Flea Markets in Cannes are available for shopping only for a few days in the week. Every major market holds a weekly set up shopping for clothes, antiques, and accessories. Here are the names of some markets where you can visit and shop around.

  • Marché Forville – You can visit the market on Mondays and you will find it as a flea market.
  • Gambetta Market – There are various stalls for clothes, trinkets, antiques, etc in this market. The Gambetta Markets runs daily except in the winter season.
  • La Bocca Market – The La Bocca Market has all types of stalls with the vendors selling goods at a cheaper rate than the Forvile Market.

Second Hand Stores

There are many stores in Cannes for second-hand products, here is a list of shops you can visit if you need something.

  • Déclic Dépôt
  • De Sainte Mareville
  • Chantal H
  • Le Dépôt
  • Contrepartie
  • Montres Davis


One should always try to keep the environment clean by buying eco friendly products. The eco way is nature’s way. You should try to use and wear products that are safe for the environment and won’t affect nature in the aftereffect. Here are some organic and eco-friendly stores in the city.

  • Natural Diet Sante
  • Bio c’Bon
  • Bio les Oliviers
  • Biocoop Les Pins
  • Le Pavillon du thé
  • Le Marchand Bio


The city of Cannes is well known for its famous Film Festival and it makes the city a famous tourist attraction. Most of the towns in the city have different containers for recycling plastic, paper, and cardboard. All this waste is mixed, in bins with a yellow lid. The glass is recycled in a different container.

Recycling of clothes is also collected in a special container. There are many recycling centers in the city. Mickael Recup

  • RecyclAzur Recyclage de Cuivre
  • SMED – Recycling Depot Cannes
  • Eco boat Recycling


The Town Hall Municipal Services manages the recycling and household waste in France. The waste is separated in different bins. One can only throw waste bins outside on the roads in between a few hours. The collection dates and timings are announced in an arrêté municipal. All kinds of waste in the city are disposed of differently which is a good thing every city should practice. Medical waste, toxic waste, garden waste, large objects like washing machines and refrigerators, everything is disposed of separately.

Work and Study Abroad

Cannes' economy is primarily based on the service sector. The main field of work in the city is a tourism and the film industry or you can work in one of the technology-based companies in Marseille. First, you need to apply in the field of job you want to work in and get the visa working in the country.

Exchange Student

The city is called the Mecca of art, culture, and sophistication with quite a high tech twist. There are many famous colleges and universities in this city in which you can study as an exchange student, namely:

• College Capron • College Les Vallergues • Cours du Prado • Ilec Nice • Lyces Jules Ferry • Institut Stanis

Au Pair

Au Pair jobs are now available in every famous city worldwide. As you can find a job as an Au Pair online. You can also enquire about working as an Au Pair with the locals of the city.


Volunteering is a good deed and one should always try to volunteer even if you are on a vacation or just living for some time in the city. Even the festivals in the city hire people to volunteer for it. You can volunteer online for people and organizations of Cannes.

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