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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cayenne advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cayenne, French Guiana.

French Guiana, Cayenne: vista from Mont Cépérou towards the Atlantic Ocean

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.8 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.9 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.2 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $900
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $400

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist who wants to visit Cayenne but as a responsible traveler? If yes, as a traveling devotee, there are specific accountabilities that you have in addition to other moral obligations.

  • While visiting the country, you need to identify and control your activities accordingly so that you don’t cause any damage to the local communities or the environment.
  • Try to opt for public transport like electronic vehicles, like available buses, metro, bikes, etc. these vehicles are eco-friendly and pocket friendly or choose walking with you close ones or prefer walking alone which will give a close enclosure of everything around you.
  • Instead of opting for lavish or luxurious 5-star hotels and guesthouses, prefer the ones that are environmentally sustainable hotels like organic soaps, renewable energy, recyclable products, etc. as a result you can keep the carbon footprint minimal during your travel.
  • Also, you would prefer buying and using products of small businesses and local artist’s services rather than multi-national brands. If you want proper exposure to the local culture, values, tradition, crafts, and societies, and the local companies will help you fulfill the needful
  • After sustaining the city life try to visit green places that act as an oasis actively and gleaming bright green and blue under the harsh sun. Visiting the parks and community gardens makes you feel refreshed.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air in Cayenne is moderately polluted. Greater than the maximum limit established for one year. The most recent data indicates the annual mean concentration of PM2.5 reading of 27μg/m³ over 2020. So before traveling to Cayenne (South America) bear that in your mind the health concern durians of children, old people and people suffering from breathing problems. Since Cayenne is suitable for travel all year round but the best time to visit Cayenne is in March and June until November when you will have a warm temperature with limited average rainfall. The highest average temperature in cayenne is 32°C in September and the lowest is 28°C in January. The water temperature is around 30°C. The average climate figure for Cayenne is associate seven, 4. This can be supported by varied factors, like average temperatures, the possibility of precipitation, and the weather experiences of others.

Respect the Culture

Cayenne’s population is heavily influenced by the French, it is multi-ethnic traditions are well preserved in Amerindian settlements. Minorities and autochthone teams contribute to the variety of cultures within the territory, having maintained their dress and spiritual beliefs. The bulk of French Guianese or Roman Catholics, however, different religions are also practiced by the people of Cayenne as well as religious belief Amerindian variations, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and different African based religions. The official language in Cayenne is French and the majority speak it fluently. Creole is spoken nonchalantly by the Creole population.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Cayenne is the capital city of French Guiana, overseas region and department of France located in South America. The city Cayenne stands on a former island at the doorway of Cayenne Watercourse on the Atlantic Coast. The city’s catchword is ‘fert aurum industria’, which implies “work brings wealth”.

Here are the top 10 places I am about to tell you that you should visit Cayenne.
  • Devil’s Island: Devil’s Island was built in 1852 is was commonly known for its harsh treatment of its prisoners, was a French penal facility that operated within the nineteenth and twentieth century within the salvation islands of the French geographical region. Devil’s island was ill-framed for getting used for the interior exile of French political prisoners, and a death rate of around 75% with the foremost far-framed being Captain Alfred Dreyfus. If you want your holiday to take a shape I would suggest you put Devil’s Island on your list.
  • Place Des Palmistes: if you are a person who loves great views then you should visit Place Des Palmistes, the locals call this place the “heart of Cayenne”. It is an excellent place to begin for rubber-necking or to go tour for sightseeing, relaxing, folk’s observance, or picnicking. It is surrounded by a lot of palm trees with a statue of Columb and a decent spot for a few events. Restaurants are surrounding the place and there are a lot of food trucks so if it’s a picnic you don’t have to worry about you carrying the food because there’s a lot of food trucks with innumerable dishes waiting just for you.
  • Ilet La Mere: The locals often call this place a paradise because of its fauna and it is questionable why France would make this place like hell or prison. This place is habited the most by the monkeys if you don’t have a problem with monkeys over you then I would personally suggest you visit Ilet La Mere. When visiting Ilet La mere you would be confused about whether to call it a paradise or the land of funny monkeys, bet you will be calling both, apart from you would love this place and if you crave fun places to visit in Cayenne, this is it! This is the best place to have fun.
  • St. Sauveur Cathedral: As you walk through this church St. Sauveur Cathedral you would feel nothing but peace. It was built in creole style with a light brown exterior and a central bell tower. Inside, towering white pillars from arcs down vary or divide the pews into three sections. As you have a tour of the interior, observe the small statues of saints all over this huge and beautiful national monument and it has been renovated at its best. It gives a pleasing atmosphere for prayers and meditation.
  • Fort Cépérou: Fort Cépérou is indeed a historical site and strategic site in cayenne if you are looking for one. It tells the History of however French geographic region was born since it had been taken by the French, but the foremost lovely concerning it’s the legend close it. It’s the same that Chief Ceperou an area native chief had a son named Cayenne. Cayenne was deeply enamored with aristocrat Santa Maria de Belem. Therefore to win her heart he asked the assistance of a magician. Finally, riding a bull he passes risks and gets his misses. Pleased with his son, Chief Ceperou can name the full town like him and that they all lived happily, till the French came ruined it. The view from this quite fascinating.
  • Musee Departmental Alexandre-franconie: When you enter this place you might find it small but it is quite interesting and it covers a lot of history, ethnology, archaeology, flora and fauna, mining, the Cayenne Penal Colony, and so on. It is an old fashion museum with stuffed animals, like snakes in pots, etc. these places are more suitable for children who love animals and this place teaches them quite a lot. Some paintings might fascinate you with their details, and the harshness of prison life during the past times.
  • Jardin Botanique: The Jardin botanique de Cayenne is a botanical garden situated at the edge of the avenue Charles de Gaulle, most probably end-to-end to the university, in Cayenne, French Guiana. It was established in 1879 by Jardin du Roi (King’s Garden). It now holds a monument of a well-known politician Gaston Monnerville (1897-1991). If you are an ecologist or if you love nature then you are going to love this place because of its information and the types of trees you will be found with the information written on a board hanging on a tree but there’s a little information for you is to avoid sitting or leaning on any of the trees because of the ants that might be a problem for you.
  • Montabo Beach: Montabo Beach is situated in Cayenne. The Montabo beach is a vacation site for the ones who crave fun during the holidays or tourists who is beach person then this might the only beach you would love here because you won’t find a beach like this in entire South America. It is widely popular among travelers passing through the district. It is beautiful to walk with your loved ones who include your friends too and you will find some cute baby turtles over here.
  • Fort Diamant: let me take you back to the 19th century, this fort was established between 1840-1849. Fort Diamant served as intentional perseverance again the Portuguese invasions. The previous defense is also one of the historical monuments in Cayenne. The fauna life including birds, sloths, and snakes, and a lot of animals takes a visit here with a picnic and wander by the ocean. It does have a commanding position over the surrounding areas and which is why it shows why it was built there. If you are a person who loves scenery you should visit here, just the scenery will be worth your vacation.
  • Chapelle de I’ile Royale: The Chapelle de I’ile Royale is a 19th century Chapel with an unassertive brick exterior and a central bell tower. And if you go inside you during the daytime you would see the sunlight penetrating the tainted glass windows above the altar and see-through wall frescos by one of the renowned artists Sir Francis Lagrange. Chapelle de I’ile Royale is a pleasant and peaceful place to go after enjoying every moment of your tour in Cayenne.
Montabo, Cayenne, French Guyana


The city Cayenne is the capital of the state of French Guiana, and it is a meeting point of French, Asian, African, and Brazilian cultures and if you are planning to go on a tour in Cayenne, I would like you to go during Carnival, between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, you would love to be a part of the celebrations including parades every weekend. Ecological tourism sways within the country most of them is an unspoiled geographical region, which is home to associate an astonishing diversity of life, on the shore the nature lovers will explore bird-rich swamplands, wherever caiman lurks, and Atlantic beaches, where you can find the nest of the turtles in droves. Inland, massive savannah stretches to lushly cloaked mountains, and rivers slice into the sticky or wet jungle.

City Parks

  • Les Salines de montjoly: There are coastal salt marshes situated within the city of Rémire-montjoly in Guiana. The saltworks of montjoly are usual sites on this island of Cayenne properties to the Coastal Conservatory. The name seems to originate from the natural salt deposits that form after the evaporation of saltwater at the positioning. They are created up of, the beach, whose distance across is subjected to loss due to the slit deposits drops by the Amazon. This park is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean version of South America. The water is revitalizing and deep and it is surrounded by tropical trees which offer us a shade for freshening.

National Parks

  • Place Des Amandiers - Place Des Amandiers is a very peaceful place on the edge of Cayenne. there are healthy trees by healthy trees I mean well-maintained trees with a lot of leaves in them, and there are quite a few benches to enjoy the scenery and a shelter for old people to rest, it is a great place for a picnic with your loved ones, children. If you are looking for a peaceful and soothing place I would highly recommend you to visit here.


  • Montabo Beach - The Montabo Beach is a sublime beach a foremost nesting place for leatherback turtles (they can be seen from May to August more frequently), however, you may have a pleasing time in Montabo beach with your loved ones, and prefer going there during the weekdays because during the weekdays there fewer people as compared to the weekends. It is a beautiful spot for kiting and there are no difficulties parking there.
  • La Plage Des Roches - La Plage Des Roches is an iconic beach and the main seaside resort. You can snorkel when there is no swell, and inside the shark net. The area is too small, but you can watch a few fish like triggerfish, butterflyfish, sole, and surgeonfish
  • Rémire-Montjoly Beach - It is situated in the South-east of Cayenne. Residential areas are situated along some of the Best Beaches in the Cayenne area. It is the main seaport of Cayenne and French Guiana’s. There are quite a few resorts near this beach but the tourist never misses the chance of staying in any of the resorts facing the beach because of its incredibly beautiful scenery and the palm trees which makes it more fascinating.
Montabo Beach


  • Fort Cépérou - Fort Cépérou was a fort that sheltered the town of Cayenne, French Guiana. It is made with pure wood and it is the only wooden fort situated on a hill looking over the edges of the Cayenne River in 1643. It gives a view of the entire city of Cayenne, if you love the history or you like history like you want to know about the past of everything just like my ex then this place highly recommendable for you.
  • St. Sauveur Cathedral - St. Sauveur Cathedral is also known as Cayenne Cathedral, the interior and the exterior of this church are quite fascinating though it is a historic landmark, yet it seems so modern and peaceful church which quite rare these days if you are looking for it. It has been recently renovated but some of its historic things have not been a slightest of the touch. It is a national monument of France, situated in the town of Cayenne, capital of French Guiana.
Fort Cépérou


  • Félix Éboué House-Museum - This museum is also known as Maison Natale de Félix Éboué. It was the residence of Guyanese politician Félix Éboué and was labeled as Maison des Illustres by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The history of this museum is that this museum was a house built by Félix Éboué with a ground floor and a second floor. After his death, he left his property to his widow which passed on to his children after the death of his widow. The Éboué heirs sold the house and later on it was acquired by the General Council of Guyana to turn it into a museum in tribute to the Governor Félix Éboué. This place can take you back to the life of the Governor only if you are interested to know about the lives of others.
  • Centre d’Archéologie Amérindienne De Kourou - This Museum offers us to discover the pre-Columbian Culture in Guiana. This Archeological interpretation center is found within the immediate section of the “Engraved rocks of Carapa” place classified as historical monuments. A Visit in 2 stages: - The permanent exhibition presents the origin of pre-Columbian civilizations in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana moreover as their lifestyles coupled to crafts and housing. Additionally, it shows the wealth of French geographical area in rock art. Target-hunting tour of the carved rocks of Carapa (about thirty minutes). This website is presently one of all the foremost vital rock art sites well-known in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. It’s over two hundred engravings, the overwhelming majority of that evoke kinsfolk. Several uncertainties still surround this site, the chemical analysis remains obscure and therefore the community that created these engravings remains unknown. As for the interpretations, they cowl an awfully wide field and are all subject to discussion.


You can eat well in Cayenne, French Guiana, with an exquisite and plenty range of foods to offer, which combines local and international cuisine and reflects the country’s diverse cultural mix. This overseas region of France is situated on South America’s northern-east coast, and charms including the Hattes Beach, a key nesting place for Dermochelys coriacea turtles, the geographic region house Centre, wherever up to 9 launches a year square measure visible from the timberland or beach, and therefore the Trésor Nature Reserve offers day and night journeys, also as boat tours. There are quite a lot of finger-licking delicious cuisines of Cayenne such as Bouillon d’aoura, it is a mixture of crabs, prawns, smoked fish, chicken, and vegetables and flavored with aurora fruit from the savanna trees found only in French Guiana. Here are some of the famous dishes you might love and you would never forget the taste and might drive you crazy with its deliciousness:

  • Fricassee - A fricassee is a French word that generally means a cooking method that is a cross between a saute and stew. A fricassee is a dish be made up of meat cut into small pieces, stewed or fried, and served in a sauce of its gravy. Fricassee is one the most famous dishes all over the world, it consists of rice and beans with game meat removed from the forests, including paca, collared peccary, and tapir. A fricassee is generally served in the breakfast to start your day from a fascinating food. The local washes their meals with ti punch, lime, sugarcane syrup, and a cocktail of rum.
  • Bouillon d’aurora - Bouillon d’aurora is a mixture of crabs, prawns, smoked fish, chicken, and vegetables and flavored with aurora fruit from the savanna trees found only in French Guiana. It is probably a clear liquid, in which meat or chicken or both, fish or vegetables have been cooked, and it depends on you or the one made it to make to a soup or sauces. It is one of the most famous in South America.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Le Boeuf Au Jardin - Le Boeuf Au Jardin is a place where you can enjoy yourself with your travel buddies or your loved ones their cuisine at pocket-friendly prices. But before you enter here I must tell you that, Alcohol Abuse is dangerous, you should consume carefully, although loving a person does more damage but you should not consume great extent alcohol. It is fully air-conditioned surrounded by greenery, Le Boeuf Au Jardin offers both traditional and original cuisine. The restaurant offers precisely cut beef, and fish which are imported from France so that every customer either a local or a tourist can have whatever they want. There is an outdoor seating arrangement which is often used by the tourists to have a great experience of the normal life around them.
  • Les Palmistes – Les Palmistes was established in 1830, it is renowned as the “Palmist Bar”, by the locals of Cayenne. It is a vital get-together spot where people of all different backgrounds have a meet for lunch, dinner or drink or a party in an exquisite atmosphere. This restaurant that incorporates a soul, offers an easy menu with finger-licking dishes, a friendly atmosphere, and upon that the service on the rooftop is immensely popular and it also popular of its often cultural events and exhibitions organized here.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are vegetarian or vegan or just going through plant-based dining places, it’s good to have personal recommendations.

  • NATH Café, Thé & Co. - It is an excellent vegan café with tons and tons of alternatives of delicious vegan food and drink at pocket-friendly prices. Coffee and other beverages are made with plant milk and the buns used are also vegan. This shows how vegan foods can also bring a different taste to life.
  • Restaurant Paris Cayenne – It is a fancy place with great food and service. A very warm and cozy place to enjoy your food and the staff there are very attentive and polite towards the guests. Some good food with fancy names is red snapper, ananas carpaccio, ravioli, fricassé of octopus, and conch. You will definitely enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

Street Food

There is no better way to capture the flavor of a city than through its street food. Some of the famous street food is found in:

  • Restaurant La Mariniere – Restaurant La Mariniere is a place where the local dishes of Cayenne are beautifully cooked and served with a soothing live band playing which helps in to have a conversation with your partner. The famous dish of this restaurant is Fondant du chocolat.
  • Kaz Mimi – It is an attractive little house on the central side that serves a remarkable extravagant menu of Cayenne on its breezy terrace and homely feeding space. The dishes provide and serves dishes like oysters Bienville, shrimp remoulade, oysters en Rockefeller, gumbo, Crawfish étouffée, pompano en papillote red beans, dirty rice, and etc, and definitely worth the taste and also pocket-friendly. You can definitely have a great time with less money.


Cayenne is a place where you can find many peaceful places to unwind. Rum and locally produced firewater called tafia are the most favorites of the locals there which you will definitely enjoy if you are a good drinker. Beer and the French wine is also very popular but it can be expensive. So if you and your taste both are rich then you can definitely go with the latter.


No, you cannot drink water straight from the tap anywhere in Cayenne and you will have to boil it first. Tap water consists of higher concentrations or unfamiliar strains of E. coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium bacteria which gets destroyed after boiling the water. Tap water varies from region to region and it depends on specific factors such as the local supply and distribution system as well as the monitoring and enforcement of water quality standards. Bottled water is another choice. However, bottles could also be superannuated or tampered with. Drinking water is additionally an outsized contributor to pollution and contributes to the water crisis. If you are doing purchase drinking water, do therefore from an estimable supply and make certain the bottle cap is correctly sealed.

Organic Cafés

  • Maison Péruvienne - Maison Péruvienne is situated in cayenne, it offers traditional Peruvian dishes in an eco-friendly atmosphere. You will travel through delicacies like ceviches, lomo saltados, causas, seafood, pikeos and alternative specialties, on a daily basis or throughout themed evenings, you will be able to add the style of 100 percent Peruvian cocktails created with Pisco. The Fabulous team in this cafe seems to be very gentle and humble with their customers and to assist you to discover and travel through its culinary art, bar, and Latin atmosphere.
  • Ad Cook For You - It is a price-worth café with tiny do-it-yourself dishes like pasta, pleasantly delicious, and desserts like smoothies and gourmet pancakes. The à la carte du jour menu is varied and particularly at low costs. The welcome and atmosphere and a pleasant smile on all the crew working there when you enter. Particularly the workers welcome you with a smile throughout the service.


  • Cayenne café - It is a small nice bar with a beautiful infrastructural café in downtown Cayenne. The drinks they offer are well prepared and well-presented, Some of the evenings are very quiet and peaceful and some the evening there are a lot of crowds especially because of the live events or the cocktails, while I recommend you the Royal Strawberry, there are various types of appetizers you would love but I highly recommend you Royal Strawberry, this café also serves hookah if you love smoking hookah.


When you visit Cayenne, you will get curious about each and everything, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from exploring every place and the activities people like to fulfill.

Yoga and Retreats

The act of practicing yoga helps in keeping a stress-free mind and a healthy heart, it improves the blood flow and helps you in being of sound body and posture. It is also a great means of increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. It helps you in giving a better understanding of yoga. You will have a great achievement on the grounds of self-awareness. With the help of which you can explore your mind, heart, and body and feel confident. Yoga revives one’s mind and thus, here are some of the famous places that would help you if you are looking forward to it:

  • Marion Lambert : Sport & bien-être
  • Sahaja Yoga Guyane


With the wide access to a range of quality with a pocket-friendly option, the place is having impeccable options for a single person or a group of friends to live here. There is an enormous majority of hotel, guesthouses, motels, and homestays that includes first lunch or breakfast and the best part of living in any of these hotels is that you will never be bored of this impeccable view.

Green Hotels

  • Hotel Amazonia Cayenne
  • Grand Hotel Montabo
  • Hotel Ker Alberte

Hostels and Guest Houses

People often find hotels to be a place for the rich and exclusive section, but that’s not the case here. It’s all about traveling green. Some of the most renowned hotels and guest houses of Cayenne are:

  • Central Hotel Cayenne
  • Hotel Des Amandiers
  • Hotel des Palmistes
  • Petite Callebasse


Apartments are for people who love their own privacy and for the ones who do not want to get disturbed. An apartment can also be something they would like well-furnished rooms and kitchens which might help the families to spend some quality time together with their loved ones. Some of the famous apartments that you will find in Cayenne are:

  • Appartement Madeleine
  • NANA-Vue Panoramique
  • T3 Zac Hibiscus
  • L’anse et la mer


Couch Surfing could be an international welcome exchange service accessible via an internet site and mobile app. Members will request lodging publically or directly from different members, "hang out" with different members or join/create events. It is a smart way to explore Cayenne with many participants, without being a local you can still love like a local with the help of couch surfing and you will also be able to find accommodations for yourself.


Camping is undoubtedly a necessary part of summers like listening to the chirping of the cicadas and the croaking of frogs, above the head are the stars shining in the sky and you wake in the most natural scenery, what could be more Pleasurable than that? Here are some famous campsites:

  • Camp Carlacou
  • Bellzon Camp Bonaventure
  • Le Terminus

How to Get There

The tourists need to carry their visas which are commonly required in every country, and the tourists must also bring their passport which is necessarily important just like a visa and credit card. Cayenne is the capital city of French Guiana, a foreign region and department of France, the city is located on a former island on the edge of the Cayenne River on the Atlantic Coast.


Félix Eboué Airport in French Guiana’s main international airport. It is situated close to the commune of matory, 13km southwest of French Guiana’s capital town of Cayenne. It is managed by the chamber of commerce and industry of French Guiana. This airport has a height of 27 feet which is 7 meters directly above the mean sea level, it has one smooth runway, labeled as 08/26, which measures 3,200 by 45 meters. It is unrestricted to public air traffic and international air traffic and is categorized in section D.222-2 the code of civil aviation and classified SSLIA in category 7.

Félix Eboué Airport


As one of the most important means of transportation, city buses mainly include downtown lines, suburban lines, night lines, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes. The cost of a ticket, the usual rate is 1.10 euro. The bus of a Joint Association of Public Transport (SMTC) works for only the municipality of Cayenne. Buses only stop at the bus stops (signs or shelter). The time usually the bus waits are 15-40 minutes depending on the line.


A short railway is used within the Guiana space center for transporting spacecraft inside the base to launch a pad, but it is not used for passenger use and there is no connection to reach the neighboring countries using trains.


Cayenne is a very fruitful place for hitchhiking people who would pick you up for hitchhiking is very friendly and would treat you as their guest. It is said that your hitchhiking trip starts only after you ride so you will have to make several stops to enjoy hitchhiking.


Cayenne has a vast number of options when it comes to transportation. The average price of a taxi boat is 3 euro for a five minutes river crossing which is quite beautiful in the evening and rather rare.

Moving Around

Moving around in Cayenne requires buses, and other means of transportations like cabs, ferries, and for long distances planes and taxis are also great means of moving around.


The city of Cayenne is the safest place to walk and has a couple of places that you would want to take a walk and see each and everything with a closure look on everything and each and every detail that catches your sight.


The second best thing In Cayenne or in the whole of French Guiana is a bicycle, Cayenne offers a pre-packaged bicycle tour to the tourists that include 15-20 days more or less depending on your need as to for how many days do you want.

Electronic Vehicles

If you want to travel green you need to look for electronic vehicles in the city. And some of those electronic buses are also active in Cayenne. These are a great medium of green traveling and also cause no pollution which is good for the city and the people.

Public Bus

The most convenient way of traveling through Harbin is through public buses. The extensive network of the buses in Cayenne feels like it is meant for the tourists as you can experience the local life of the people, over more than 100 buses run in this city. Usually, the buses get in the action at about 5:00 in the morning or 6:00, and in addition to that two more tourists are being carried for the tourists at around 7:00 or 7:30.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no significant tram running over the street of Cayanne.

Sustainable Shopping

In the countries that are developing day to day most of the things available are designed for tourists to take back home as something that would be a sign of a great city that they visited. The shopping sites are Centre Commercial Carrefour Matoury, the is pretty good and hygienic and well maintain, central of the city, near metro and buses, easy to get to, food spots and the clothing sections of men and women, sunglasses and handbags, are tremendously good.

Food Markets

One of the most famous food markets is situated a place close to the Place des Palmistes, Cayenne’s symbolic square planted with giant palm trees, the city’s central market is one place that you should never miss while having a tour in Cayenne, where you can find quality food here.

Flea Markets

The Flea and street markets are great to discover delicious food and famous dishes that you have never tasted in your entire life and might find starting, some of the places are:

  • Place Victor Schoelcher Market
  • Cayenne Market

Second Hand Stores

If you are someone who likes to wear a pair of clothes not for the quality but for the close resemblance of the piece to other higher-quality clothes you should probably visit these stores:

  • Le Tiroir Enchante
  • Batrosse Etienne Leonard


Eco-fashion is a movement and process of rapid changes in the fashion system and products the of clothing in Cayenne has so popular that many countries participating in their fashion festival.


Recycling has been up for improvising incentives for recycling the solid waste buildup.


The recycling company of Cayenne is:

  • Ne Plus Jeter

Work and Study Abroad

If you want to pursue a career abroad and that should be Cayenne then there are some best universities, like Université de Guyane (University of French Guiana) which is a non-profitable higher-education institution situated in Cayenne.

Exchange Student

Université de Guyane (University of French Guiana) a science and technology offers a great deal about education and if you know or would like to know about Cayenne or are interested in studying here this a great opportunity for you.

Au Pair

Au pair jobs are the ones that are accessed by a nanny and private tutors which are handed out for a limited period so people who are interested in doing part-time work this a good platform for them.


Volunteering means when people voluntarily accept a particular job and volunteer for it.

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