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Eco-friendly travel guide to Constanța advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Constanța, Romania.


  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $60
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $300

Responsible Travel

The city is a globally renowned tourist destination, which often mentions tourist’s must-visit destinations list. Being hailed as one of the most popular party destinations in the region, you shall see many bachelors and bachelorette hosting parties here. More so, it also serves to be a foreign economic destination for families to tour and explore. With almost 40 million visitors making their way to the city, it is easily one of the most visited destinations across the globe on an annual basis. The city metropolitan region is home to over 15 million people, and considering this, there are many environmental issues that the city faces regularly. You can be an eco-friendly traveler and take a slew of steps to ensure that you travel sustainably, and in this article, we shall guide you around the various ways that this is possible, so read on to know more.

One of these includes eco-friendly means of transportation. The city has a mass transit system in the form of a metro rail known locally as Tram. As an eco-friendly traveler, you are recommended to use such means of transportation to ensure minimum impact on the environment as you explore the city.

This part of the world is known to be very sustainable in the way it shops here. As a result of the rapid industrialization, you shall see major global retail players, including food, clothing, and more. Still, the local people are often known to rely on the fresh produce of the local market.

Air Quality and Pollution

As a tourist, you must keep this in mind when visiting the city and taking precautionary steps accordingly. The monsoon season is also relentless and could contribute to increased pollution levels because the suspended particles tend to hang on to the heavy atmosphere. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the city is infamous for its bad air quality. People love to make inquiries before they visit any city as they would not want to compromise their health despite having fun during the holiday.

Therefore, it would be better to visit the city during the summer months when the climate is good. The humidity levels are also low if you plan for a long trip or visit the city as a tourist, infamous for its unhealthy and poor air quality. It could lead to breathing problems, burning and itchy eyes, and other such complications. The air is fresh and crisp at this time of the year, and you will enjoy bike rides and walking in the city quite a lot. After all, health is wealth. Air quality and pollution play an important role while visiting a new city.

Respect the Culture

It is not out of place that one of the first things you would hear when visiting a new place is that you should respect the culture if you want to flow well with the locals. However, some people might be lost if they do not know the traditions of the city. If you are having lunch with your local friends, then it is proffered if everyone pays for what they ordered or can offer to pay for everyone if you are hosting. Do not wait for others to pay your bill and always offer to pay for your own food.

If this city is your chosen city for a holiday, have no fear as we would give you some tips on respecting their culture. You should know that the people of this city love it when the atmosphere is relaxed. Thus, they would not jump into any business topic. Always talk about something simple and allow the host to start the conversation.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Relax Beach Mamaima: Relax Beach is impressive for its white sands, and it is located not very far off from the city. This could be one of the best beaches for swimming, and it is not very crowded, which could be one reason why so many foreigners make a beeline for this beautiful beach.
  • Lake Techirghiol: The lake Techirghilol is basically situated in Northern Dobruja, Constanta, Romania. The name of the town is also the same as the lake. It is a Brackish type of lake which is basically situated in Romania. The surface area of the lake is 11.6 km square.
  • Ovidiu Island: Though this island is located around 150 kilometers from the city, it is worth visiting it for several reasons. All the beaches here face the West. Therefore, they offer the most stunning views you could think of.
  • Constanta Aquarium: The Constanta aquarium is basically located near the Black Sea, which is in Constanta, Romania. It was constructed in the 20th century. The aquarium is divided into three freshwater parts, marine, and exotic fish.
  • Lake Siutghiol: It is the Lagoon, which is situated in Northern Dobruja, Constanta, Romania. The lake was extended to 25km square. The surface area of the lake is 20km square. It is situated in the Romanian basins.
  • Camosque: Camosque is known as the Grand Mosque of Constanta. It was constructed in the year 1913. It is located in Cranguili street Constanta, Romania. The mosque was styled in Romanian style.
  • Modern Beach: This beach is located very close to the city of Constanta. This is perhaps one of the very few beaches that can be reached without a boat or water-based transportation system. It is quite popular amongst the city population and among tourists from other parts of the country and other countries.
  • Faleza Cazino Constanta: Fortaleza Cazino Constanta is located in Constanta, Romania. It was built in the year 1880. It was demolished in the year 1891 and rebuilt in the year 1893.
  • Gravity Park: Gravity Park is well maintained, and you will have many reasons to enjoy the park for many reasons. It is open till the night, and it does have some excitement to offer once the sunsets. You have to visit this park if you want to relax your mind and body.
  • Genoese Lighthouse: The Genoese lighthouse is the historical monument of the city of Constanta, Romania. It was situated in front of the city of Constanta. It was constructed in the year 1860. It is one of the famous places for tourists.
Ovidiu Island


The city is trendy amongst tourists, and the number of visitors trickling into the city annually is a testament to this fact, with a good mix of venues to explore. The city has many things to offer apart from the many historical and culturally renowned places packed with tourists. The various parks, beaches, museums, and landmarks will help you get deep insights into the local culture and its beauty. People say that all work and no play would make one dull. This city ensures that it has places that play roles in calming and relaxing the mind. Thus, it is not surprising that people always want to visit this city.

City Parks

The city is big, and it has a big collection of parks and other such places. It has big open spaces and greeneries where you can spend time with your children and other family members. The views are one thing you cannot take away from parks.

Here are some famous city parks in the city:

  • City Park Mall
  • Parc
  • Promenda Faleza Nord

National Parks

The country has always been famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources, and so that this city has a wonderful collection of national parks and a zoo. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in and around the city but are not very far away from the city.

  • Microrezervatie
  • Aqua Magic Park


Those tourists who are beach lovers shall be disappointed in Constanta. Though the city hosts some of the world's craziest parties, there is always the lack of a good beach. The nearest beach is a few hours’ drive away, and you shall have to wander into territory that doesn’t come within the city limits. Some of the beaches that are worth visiting near the city are:

  • Plaja De Carte
  • Corbu Beach
  • H2O Beach
  • Mai
Plaja De Carte


The city of Constanta also has its share of memorable landmarks and monuments. You must try and visit as many as you possibly can. While the list is quite long, we are mentioning a few of them for our readers' benefit.

  • Cathedral Of Saints Peter And Paul
  • Plaja Eforie Nord
  • Ovidiu Square
Cathedral Of Saints Peter And Paul


Visiting museums would be the icing on your holiday package, especially if you are in this city, as it shows that you have adequately explored the city.

Here are some of these museums given are as follows:

  • Museum Of National History And Archeology
  • Constanta Art Museum
  • 'Romanian Navy Museum
Constanta Art Museum


You will find that the locals prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food with lots of vegetables and meats. Apart from these traditional and modern cuisines, the local street food is a must-try one that will leave your mouth lingering with their flavors. You will find that vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes are popular, and you will not find much trouble conveying your food preferences. Here are some famous local restaurants, vegetarian and vegan, and street foods are given below.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some famous local restaurants which serve their authentic traditional foods are given below:

  • Restaurant Rustic
  • La Ana Si Ion
  • Restaurant Toscana Constanta

Vegetarian and Vegan

Sometimes the habits of two people are different. Thus, everyone does not have the same eating habit or love the same pattern when it concerns food choices. If you are a vegetarian, you do not need to worry when you are in this city as there are many restaurants to attend to your needs. With these places, you will get to enjoy traditional meals properly with your regular choices. Some of these vegan restaurants are:

  • Pur & Simple
  • Pofta De Verde
  • Nom Nom

Street Food

The street food in the city is renowned worldwide, and some of the most popular dishes were mentioned in the sections above. Nonetheless, a couple of sellers have become an ace at their exchange, who have spent a lifetime sharpening ages-old skills and recipes flawlessly. The preparation time for them does not take long, and it is something you can eat on the go. One thing about street food is that you can try out varieties at the same time.

  • Hambar
  • Burgr Factory
  • La Papa Bun


It is essentially a large bucket filled with various alcoholic drinks and mixers, decided upon by you and your friends, who shall all gulp it together. The local rum is also very popular here in the city. As a tourist, you can visit the city and enjoy some hard drinks with the local Redbull, a non-carbonated and stronger version of the Redbull found in western countries. Lastly, the locals enjoy The Bucket drinks, which are an absolute rage at parties and music festivals.


The city's tap water is one of the safest and drinkable ones. The water quality is so good that the locals drink it directly from the tap. The primary source of tap water comes from surface water, but other sources include boreholes as well. Even the water that is available in hotels and street-side food joints may be unsafe to drink. Hence, carrying bottled water is a good suggestion. Drinking water is also available in plastic bottles and is considered to taste better than tap water but is very harmful to the local environment and costly. Water is unstable even to the small majority who have a direct connection to tapped water. Different areas of the city receive water on specific days of the week, some for a few days and others for just a few hours.

Organic Cafés

Healthy eating is increasingly gaining traction amongst people across the globe. The city has stood up to the task of catering for all segments of the population, including those with a preference for organic foods. Since some people would prefer to eat organic, it is not out of place to have organic cafes in different cities. While they are not as obvious as the mainstream restaurants, the city has several organic eateries:

  • The American Café
  • Noi Café
  • Haute Cup Lahovari 17
  • Corretto Capitol


The people of the city have always been very passionate about their beers, and you can enjoy some delicious brews here in the city; given below is a list of some of the most popular breweries that you must visit on your trip:

  • Heineken
  • Ordinal Berarilor Fabrica De Bere
  • La Tactile
  • Bierhaus
  • Restaurant Mcm


One such activity is organic farming; many new farms allow tourists to come and spend a day learning about organic farming and planting their own saplings; this is interesting and helps you connect with nature on the whole. Another such activity is taking a cooking class. If you enjoy eating local food, you can master the art of preparing it as well; various classes shall offer you a shortcut to the soul of local cuisine. The museums and art exhibitions are always there for you to explore, making you appreciate art. Even if you are not a lover of artwork, something in you will be compelled when you see them. It would be best to make friends with the locals to have an epic experience in the city.

Yoga and Retreats

While yoga is practiced by a few here, many also practice meditation; you could dabble in that as well. You will find that young people are the ones that like to participate in such fitness exercised. There are many yoga institutes in the city where you can train under a qualified and experienced yoga teacher. With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, the local people are gaining interest in yoga.

But for those who are certain about yoga, given below are some of the highly-rated yoga retreats in the city:

  • Luna Boutique Fitness
  • One Yoga Studio
  • Yoga Joy Studio


Finding the perfect place to stay can be frustrating, especially at that time of the year when everyone seems to be on the go. Sometimes the cheapest hotels don’t offer an incredible service, and you’re left wondering what made you sign up after all. We would not say that accommodation in this city is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.

You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the city or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you.

Green Hotels

Eco hotels represent a growing sector there, according to Ecotourism Romania, an organization that promotes environmentally conscious practices in the tourism industry.

Here are some of the green hotels in the city given below:

  • Iaki Conference & Spa Hotel
  • Splendid Conference Hotel
  • Vega Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here are some comfortable and affordable guesthouses as well as hostels in the city. They are given below:

  • Eol777 Hostel
  • Dormitoare La Bloc Cu Hostel
  • Casa Elisabeta
  • Pensiunea La Lani


Renting an apartment in the city of Constanta is quite a decent endeavor; however, this shall require you to do your research thoroughly. At the same time, you might want to consider the option of renting an apartment only when you are staying in town for longer durations or if you are traveling with a bunch of people that you know and are willing to stay with you in the apartment, this makes it extremely comfortable and cost-efficient. The neighborhood's safety, the actual state of the apartment, hidden terms and conditions concerning the apartment, the possibility of nosy neighbors, and much more. If you have a known contact willing to rent out an apartment, you can be sure of it and go ahead.


Couch Surfing is popular as a concept here in Constanta, but there aren’t many who are willing to participate. A handful of young adults who are comfortable will indulge, but the rest are either living in too small spaces or do not trust letting in strange foreigners into their house. There is an online community known as, and if you are a part of it, you will be able to come across dozens of CouchSurfing mates and companions. The perk of Couchsurfing is that it is free. As a foreigner, you do not need to pay your host. However, it is your responsibility to be respectful and abide by the laws of the city. It is a new concept but has taken off quite well in the city.


The people who live in the city are not known to be avid campers, but a few passionate ones are keen on exploring; you could either tag along with such individuals or form your own group or even go solo for camping around the city. Campers describe the experience as exciting, and it lures those who have never been camping before. It helps you meet new people, and you get to do things you have never done before.

  • Camping Gpm
  • Camping S
  • Camping Meduza Eforie Nord
  • Hanul Piratilor Camping Village

How to Get There

First, the city is the largest in the country, and it has the best transportation facilities, so all you have to do is pick a suitable mode of transport. Then it is recommended that you adjust your budget and pick transportation that is as eco-friendly as possible. Getting to Constant is not a major issue for most tourists as the city is well connected by all means of transport.


The Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport is the newer airport in the city and manages all the international flights and some of the domestic flights coming into the city. The airport is one of the busiest airports globally and has flights operating to and from all the major destinations. The airport is well connected to all the country cities, so you don’t have to worry about eco-friendly travel.

The Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport


The city is well connected to the neighboring towns and cities via buses. You could opt for a local bus run by the government, or you could go for price and more luxurious offerings by private operators. On the whole, they are efficient and offer you good service for the money you pay. The bus terminuses are chaotic, and you may have to take some local help to determine which bus to choose for your requirements.

A bus in Constanta


The Constanta railway station is known to operate the trains that arrive and depart from the city. It is the largest station in the country. Constanta is one of the key destinations in rail travel across Romania. If you are positioned at one of the cities or towns connected by railway, you can easily make your way to the city.


Most drivers are naturally wary of picking up strangers, fearing carrying robbers and carjackers. Hitchhiking is common in Constanta's city only when a tourist is asking for a ride, the people generally trust tourists and are more than willing to lend a helping hand, you certainly can try your luck but the usual risks involved with hitchhiking stand true here as well. While the locals are quite friendly and hospitable and hitchhiking is a common practice in many parts of the world, it is not common to encounter hitchhikers. While there are exceptional cases of drivers who would be okay with offering one a lift, most of them would not, especially when driving at night.


While there is the option of using airways in Constanta, it isn’t really treated as a major mode of transportation to reach the city. Beyond this, it is recommended that you stick to the usual modes of transport.

Moving Around

Moving around the city is quite a challenge for tourists as the streets can be confusing, and one needs to plan their daily schedule and chart out a map well in advance. The city has huge crowds in common places and the various modes of transport are jam-packed at peak hours.

If you wish to travel, then the best option at your disposal is public transports such as subway trains, available buses, and electronic vehicles.


Walking around the city can be a delight at night time, but there are some safety issues. More so, the level of pollution, crowded sidewalks, and confusing layout make things difficult. Away from the city and into the residential suburbs boasts of many trees along many avenues that provide shade and fresh air as you stroll along. Despite numerous attempts to decongest the city, including increasing the parking cost in town and banning public service vehicles from accessing certain parts of the town center, the streets have continued to be congested.


Renting bicycles to explore the city is quite common here. Still, the lack of dedicated pathways in all parts of the city and the unpredictability and overall safety lapses might make you reconsider your decision.

Electronic Vehicles

Millions of motor vehicles are driving on our roads on any given day. With the rise of electric vehicles, the country is developing new standards for electric cars that are imported to make sure they are safe for the environment. The Central Bureau of Standards has stated that vehicles will only be allowed into the country if they emit no carbon monoxide or other poisonous matter.

Public Bus

However, you need to ensure that you catch the right bus to reach your destination, and things could be extremely chaotic as these buses are quite crowded. The public buses in the city are quite efficient, and they are extremely environment friendly. You can use some of these to travel over short distances, and they shall be economical too.

Tram, Train and Subway

The tram service is the backbone of transportation in the city. You can board one of these and reach the city's farthest corners; they are efficient and economical. More so, they are the greenest mode of transportation available in the city of Constanta. The railway system in the city has endured many years of neglect, but it continues to be a convenient mode of transport for the residents of the areas in which it passes. It is preferred due to its timed schedule and fixed fare.

Sustainable Shopping

Most tourists visiting the city of Constanta, in particular, will often go for souvenirs, while the Romanian locals will be spotted shopping for everything from clothes to toys to artifacts. Most local vendors are known to struggle to ensure a thriving business; cut-throat competition and low margins make it a sell to survive market for them. Hence, it is suggested that you always indulge in sustainable shopping and purchase local goods that are made using eco-friendly practices. Whatever the case, you will almost always find everything you want in this city where people do not sleep, and everyone is a hustler of sorts.

Food Markets

Food Markets are immensely popular in the city. Some of the best ones for you as a tourist to explore are:

  • Piata Unirii
  • Piata Grivitei
  • Pinos Gourmet Market
  • Carrefour

Flea Markets

Some of these markets have specific days when traders come and display their merchandise, while others run throughout the week. Constanta has many flea markets that mainly cater to low-income earners who cannot afford items sold in exhibition stalls.

* Bella Flea Market
  • Flea Market Of Bran
  • Crafts Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

In its defense, second-hand items are what most Europeans can easily afford. The trade of second-hand items in the country, especially clothes, has weathered my opposition forms as it is blamed for the collapse of the country's manufacturing industry.

  • Second-Hand Arena Constanta
  • `Humana Second Hand
  • Outlet & Second-Hand Store


As a tourist, you can explore some of the city's indigenous fashion stores, which often sell goods made of organic materials. These are sustainably produced and cost-effective. The eco-fashion market in Constanta's city is yet not very large and is growing at a slow yet steady pace.


Everything, including plastic, glass, metals, e-waste, and medical waste, is collected and recycled here. Yet incentive-based recycling initiatives have been launched recently. Recycling in the city of Constanta has recently been taken very seriously; the government has always been ramping up efforts to recycle as much as possible, but they trail considerably compared to other major cities across the globe.


Hazardous waste is carefully collected and transported as well. However, the waste collection system in poor areas and slums is in shambles, and you may see some inefficient methods being followed. Waste disposal in Constanta's city is quite efficient and systematic in major residential areas as the awareness is quite high, and everything is separately collected, including wet and dry waste.

Work and Study Abroad

Constanta is one of the largest cities and is a prominent destination in the European region. The city successfully attracts large numbers of tourists from foreign destinations for both work and educational purposes.

Exchange Student

The universities offer short term programs and long term scholarships as well. The city is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country and Europe; hence, you can expect many exchange students in town.

Au Pair

Constanta, in particular, is yet to accept the concept of the au pair. Most prefer getting their house help from their villages or a younger relative. The best chance to stay with some is if they like your company as a foreigner and let you in.


You could also volunteer for a host of activities that are taking place in corporate institutions and universities. The city has numerous organizations that work for a wide variety of causes. You, too, can contribute to society by doing your bit and volunteering for any of the programs being undertaken by NGOs or even government arms.

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