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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cook Islands advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cook Islands, Oceania.

  • Air quality: 3.6 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4.2 / 5
  • Train connections: 0 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.8 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.2 / 5
  • Safety: 3.6 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $700
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $750

Responsible Travel

Traveling out to distant nations and countries on the planet is a longing of numerous on the planet. The travel industry is a thriving industry that is a significant type of revenue in many nations. At the point when individuals visit a country, they will, in general, disregard everything and attempt to appreciate a great time. They need to regard the way of life of the spot their meeting and keep the climate clean. Here in this part, we will focus on an endless supply of the central issues that one should do to turn into a dependable explorer. Take a land excursion or attempt to fly dependably. We have perceived that a land venture is more fulfilling and gutsy than clearly going to the area via plane. While moving locally inside and around an area, choose to walk or cycle or enlist a typical taxi or take a metro to deliver fewer pollutions. Use public vehicles. Change to a greener technique for transportation. Going by means of train, transport, or even bum a ride has obtained a huge load of unmistakable quality these days. Getting a charge out of moderate travel implies is vital. There's simply such a great deal that we can be understanding in this lifetime. Taking everything into account, put quality energy in one spot and handle whatever amount of the spot needs to bring to the table. It's apparent that every so often, you can't avoid flying. Simultaneously, navigating oceans and critical distances, or if you have confined time nearby, there aren't numerous choices to book a flight. In such circumstances, you can contribute by picking constant excursions instead of visiting or flying with a transporter that propels sensible air travel either by using down-to-earth flight fuel, planting more trees, or other relative strategies. Similarly, pack light. Each extra gram of your stuff adds to your flight fuel utilization. Respect local customs Being a cognizant explorer is the underlying advance to being a dependable voyager. Travel with a responsive viewpoint. Investigation of the close-by culture before visiting any spot is significant for a traveler. Sorting out some way to a few words and articulations in the local language and utilizing them to invite people around will assist your movement with turning out to be. This will allow you to be instantly welcomed by nearby individuals. Showing yourself on the social culture, customs, and shows and continue similarly is key for being a capable explorer. Acting constantly is urgent, such as playing music on your versatile or Bluetooth speakers for everyone to tune in. This is something amazingly standard with voyagers. You might be moving in great calm woods or traveling in the mountains for certain wonderful scenes, and suddenly you will hear music coming from a Bluetooth speaker of an onlooker. Notwithstanding the way that it ruins the peacefulness of a quiet spot, it furthermore hampers the real sensations of tranquility of every person on the way who didn't choose to listen to it, nonetheless, expected to. Be smart and use earphones. Respect the quietness and disengagement of the spot similar to the insurance of people. Make an effort not to endeavor to push cameras in the lovely embodiments of neighborhood individuals. Ask them agreeably if you could click.

Air Quality and Pollution

Being in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands don't need to confront the brunt of contamination and pollution as it is separated from the huge modern areas of the world's incredible nations. A few green structures have been coming up in these islands to ensure that the environment is protected. Tragically, they are just named "green structures" with next to zero consideration of the islands' current circumstances. These foundations, which take into account the vacationers, are the great maker of dirtying specialists. The impacts of a dangerous atmospheric deviation have prompted rising ocean levels. Despite the fact that this has not influenced the absolute island region to an extreme, the rising sea temperatures have been making devastation the islands' coral reefs. One of the huge kinds of contamination in the Cook Islands is water contamination. The Pacific has been dealt with like the landfill of the world. In this way, when traveling at the Cook Islands, expect to track down a skimming jug or two in the sea. The water contamination is gradually murdering all the ocean imps, cone shells, stonefish, and corals.

Respect the Culture

The dialects of the Cook Islands incorporate English, Cook Islands Māori (or "Rarotongan"), and Pukapukan. Lingos of Cook Islands Maori incorporate Penrhyn; Rakahanga-Manihiki; the Ngaputoru tongue of Atiu, Mitiaro, and Mauke; the Aitutaki vernacular; and the Mangaian lingo. Cook Islands Maori and its logic variations are firmly identified with both Tahitian and New Zealand Māori. Pukapukan is considered firmly identified with the Samoan language. English and Cook Islands Māori are true dialects of the Cook Islands, per the Te Reo Maori Act. The legitimate meaning of Cook Islands Māori remembers Pukapukan. Music for the Cook Islands is changed, with Christian melodies being very well known, yet customary moving and tunes in Cook dialects stay famous. Woodcarving is a typical artistic expression in the Cook Islands. The closeness of islands in the southern gathering helped produce a homogeneous way of cutting, yet that had extraordinary advancements in every island. Rarotonga is known for its angler's divine beings and staff-divine beings, Atiu for its wooden seats, Mitiaro, Mauke, and Atiu for mace and piece divine beings, and Mangaia for its stately adzes. The greater part of the first wood carvings was vivacious away by early European gatherers or was singed in huge numbers by evangelists. Today, cutting is not, at this point, the significant fine art with a similar otherworldly and social accentuation given to it by the Maori in New Zealand. In any case, there are persistent endeavors to show youngsters their legacy, and some great work is being turned out under the direction of more seasoned carvers. Atiu, specifically, has a solid practice of artworks both in cutting and nearby fiber expressions like tapa. Mangaia is the wellspring of numerous fine adzes cut in a quirky style with the supposed twofold k plan. Mangaia likewise delivers food pounders cut from the substantial calcite found in its broad limestone caverns.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Aitutaki Lagoon This should be what paradise resembles. Aitutaki's truly amazing tidal pond gleams in technicolor shades of turquoise, and 21 ideal islets (motu) speck the reasonable waters, enticing you to oar to their shores. Kayaking is an incredible method to investigate these little islets, yet you can likewise visit a portion of the bigger islands on travels or visits. The little island of Maina in the southwest corner of the tidal pond offers incredible swimming freedoms and is home to an excellent shoal known as "Special night Island." The tidal pond is likewise a famous spot for bonefishing, and you can enlist neighborhood guides on the island. One Foot Island Bordered by delicately bending coconut palms, wonderful Tapuaetai, or One Foot Island as it is more normally known, is the most visited of Aitutaki's motu, and in light of current circumstances. This dazzling island seems as though it has a place in a tropical island dream. You can loll on its glimmering white sands, swim and snorkel in the turquoise tidal pond, and even get your identification stepped at the small mailing station. Loner crabs abandon along the shore, and you can stroll around the whole island in around 20 minutes. The island is likewise a well-known spot for weddings. Visits to the island are perhaps the most famous activities in the Cook Islands from Aitutaki, and most incorporate a lot of time to swim. Among the ocean life generally spotted here are goliath shellfishes, monster trevally, and splendidly hued coral. Most visits likewise incorporate a grill lunch and visits to other motu (islets) in the tidal pond. Muri Beach On the southeast shore of Rarotonga, Muri Beach or Muri Lagoon, as it is here and there called, is perhaps the most famous and beautiful seashores on the island. Albeit the water quality has declined as of late, the shallows stretch into marvelous shades of sea blue, and swimmers can see numerous types of exotic fish. Four seaward islets, called motu, sparkle not too far off, upgrading the excellence of the space. Following a day in the sun, you can eat something at one of the numerous close by resorts and cafés. Titikaveka Beach On the southwest shoreline of Rarotonga, pretty Titikaveka Beach and the tidal pond is one of the island's best regions to swim and snorkel. The water is frequently obvious to the point that you need just substitute the tidal pond to spot brilliant fish. Swimmers will discover a lot of marine life around the numerous coral heads, and the tidal pond is spotted with blue ocean stars. It's additionally extraordinary for kayaking. In the little settlement close by, you can visit the coral stone Cook Islands Christian Church dating from 1841. Te Vara Nui Village A pleasant method to find out a little about the historical backdrop of the Cook Islands and conventional island life is a visit to the Te Vara Nui Village. The outing starts with a 2.5-hour guided visit through the town. Coconut husking, cooking, fishing, moving, cutting, weaving, and Maori shrub medication are only a portion of the exercises you can find out about on the visit. Subsequent to absorbing all the way of life, it's the ideal opportunity for an island-style feast. Western food and conventional Cook Islands food are anticipates in the waterside lounge area, alongside a social exhibition joining narrating through the routine. The reminiscent over-the-water setting, expound outfits, and openings for crowd support make this experience much more essential. Lodging pickup and drop-off are likewise accessible, and you can buy simply the visit or a supper possibly bundle in the event that you like. Te Rua Manga Climbing the cross-island track is an extraordinary method to investigate Rarotonga's lavish view. The path leads from the north coast to the particular zenith rock Te Rua Manga (The Needle), one of the island's most popular milestones. It, at that point, drives through Wigmore's Waterfall toward the south coast. The falls are delightful after a hefty downpour, with a pool at their base, yet the falls are delayed to a stream during the dry season. This difficult climb requires around four hours and leads through thick woods, moving to the base of The Needle, a precarious finger of rock that extends straight high up. From the base of the Needle, you can appreciate excellent perspectives over the coast and encompassing timberland. Note that climbing The actual Needle is just for genuine stone climbers. The path at that point proceeds past Wigmore's Waterfall to the contrary side of the island. You can likewise begin at the north finish of the path, climb to The Needle, and return to a similar beginning stage. Aides are energetically suggested, however not required, and it's fundamental to have solid footwear. It's likewise best to stay away from the path after a hefty downpour, as certain segments are steep and dangerous. Aroa Marine Reserve Protected by the remote reef on Rarotonga's west coast, the perfectly clear waters of the Aroa Marine Reserve are among the best puts on the island for swimming. Parrotfish, Moorish symbols, moray eels, wrasse, and angelfish are only a portion of the animal varieties swimmers may spot here. The best part is that the tidal pond is untouchable to mechanized boats, making it particularly ok for swimming and swimming with little youngsters. Kayaking on the quiet waters is likewise a mainstream activity here. Following a day investigating the submerged life, you can unwind and watch the dusk from the excellent seashore. Not a long way from Aroa Marine Reserve, Cocoputt Cook Islands is an 18-opening small-scale fairway with a great supper bundle that is particularly well known with families. Maire Nui Garden This is a fine place to ponder around when one feels like where to go in the Cook Islands when they need a break from the seashore. A short walk around Titikaveka Beach, the superb natural Maire Nui Gardens will drench you in the lively magnificence of Cook Islands' verdure. Spotted with tropical blossoms, this seven-section of land property is a dazzling spot for a walk around lily-beat lakes, wild ginger, hibiscus, and a lot of palms among the numerous plants thriving here. Dragonflies flutter through the rich foliage, and the sweet scent of tropical blossoms floats through the warm air. In the wake of meandering through the nursery, you can unwind with a nibble at the adorable minimal open-sided bistro. The passage is by gift in a trustworthiness box by the passageway. Avarua Arranged on the north shoreline of Rarotonga, Avarua is the capital of the Cook Islands. This casual little town has a well-disposed feel, and you'll discover shops, cafés, and a few advantageous vacation destinations here. On Sunday mornings, the sweet strains of Maori psalms float from the CICC (Cook Islands Christian Church). Dating from 1853, the congregation is made of coral, and a portion of the island's most celebrated individuals are covered in its memorial park, including the primary leader of the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands Library and Museum houses an assortment of uncommon books on the Pacific, and the historical center offers a brief look at the social history of the islands. Only seaward from Avarua, you can see the rusted wreck of the Matai sticking out of the water. This extremely old wreck is a well-known spot to snorkel, and you can likewise see it on a semi-submarine. An unquestionable requirement is the dynamic Punanga Nui Outdoor Market on the waterfront. This is a famous spot for shopping in Rarotonga, with piles of mangos, pineapples, and enthusiastic organic products, just as fragrant tropical blossoms, vegetables, garments, and specialties. A mainstream trinket to purchase here are the lovely dark pearls. The vast majority of the activity happens on Saturday mornings. Not a long way from Avarua, Perfumes of Rarotonga sells aromas and colognes scented with neighborhood blossoms, and it's an incredible spot to get a few presents. Meander over to Trader Jack's at Avarua Harbor for a dusk fish supper - Friday is the most mainstream night. What's more, on the off chance that you need to absorb some culture, Cook Islands inns likewise have fun island evenings with conventional moving and throbbing drums. Mount Maungapu At 124 meters, Mount Maungapu is the most elevated point on Aitutaki. A short 30-minute climb to the top manages the cost of fabulous perspectives over the tidal pond and lavish, palm-studded scene. A sign-out and about inverse Paradise Cove denotes the trailhead, and the track is set apart on the free Cook Islands map accessible on the island.


The Cook Islands is a spot isolated from the significant landmass of New Zealand and lies in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands are loaded up with lovely environmental factors and agreeable climate areas. Nature, in this piece of the world, is an incredible sight. Here in this part, we will discuss a couple of such attractions on Cook Island.

City Parks

Te Rua Manga Arao Marine Reserve Maire Nui Botanical Garden Takitumu Conservational Area Papua Waterfall Bonefish These are all the city parks that are available in the Cook Islands.

National Parks

Suwarrow, the biggest and only national park of the Cook Islands. This park is uninhabited and is located in a distant area arranged in the Northern Cook Islands. Suwarrow (or Suvarov) lies around 800 kilometers northwest of Rarotonga and, as such, falls at the focal point of the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands.


Muri Beach Sitting on the edge of a tidal pond on Rarotonga's east coast, Muri is one of the island's most well-known objections for incredible swimming, swimming, and water sports. Youthful ones will cherish the protected and quiet shallows. At the same time, greater people can undoubtedly swim across the inlet to little Koromiri motu – or even swim there at low tide (reef shoes suggested). Most of Raro's water sports organizations work out of Muri: regardless of whether you're hoping to lease a kayak, sailboat, or kitesurf board or join a glass-base boat visit, this is the spot to do it. Arao Beach A generally unseen seashore on Raro's southwest coast, Aroa has everything. With its sugar-white sand and purplish-blue water, Aroa is a phenomenal spot for swimming and sunbathing. Concerning swimming, this is broadly viewed as the best right on target the island, with masses of marine life – brilliantly shaded butterflyfish, unicornfish, and triggerfish, in addition to octopus and Moray eels – simply a short oar from shore. Ootu Beach The dazzling Ootu Beach lies at the southern finish of the Ootu Peninsula, a slender stretch of land that borders the northeastern edge of Aitutaki's celebrated three-sided tidal pond. O'otu is the nearest terrain Aitutaki's gets to the ideal 'remote location' seashores of its seaward islands, and most local people concur that it offers Aitutaki's best swimming. Probably the most pleasant thing about Ootu is this. Because of its far-removed area, it's frequently close unfilled. Motorakau This little uninhabited island in the Aitutaki atoll has a brilliant history, having filled in as the area for both Survivors: the Cook Islands and the British unscripted TV drama Shipwrecked. It's not difficult to perceive what drew the TV cameras: Motorakau is the image postcard variant of a tropical island, all influencing palm trees, and gleaming blue water. Likewise, with all islands in the Aitutaki tidal pond, the best way to get to Motorakau is on a day journey from the terrain. Most travels will likewise make a stop at One Foot Island, beneath. Taungaroro For an otherworldly, absolutely separated seashore occasion, Atiu can't be bested. The Cooks' third biggest island draws in a couple of guests, and with its 500-in number populace thought inland, Atiu's 28 seashores are almost consistently unfilled. The pick is Taungaroro, a drastically delightful spot with fine white sand, extraordinary swimming at the elevated tide, and shallow seawater pools, or caves, in the coral precipices disregarding the seashore. Motu Tavake One of Aitutaki's most astounding islets is Honeymoon Island. Most popular for its white coral shoal sticking away from the palm naturally shaded principle a piece of the islet, Honeymoon Island is an unquestionable requirement while in Aitutaki. The tidal pond now has a sea coral sand base; no booties are required. Look at the shellfish ranch save incredible swimming toward the finish of the spit.


Roundabout is the most excellent piece of the city; that is the place where one of the island images is found. That is the Seven-In-One-Coconut-Tree special palms. They structure an exact ring; various stories and legends are related to them. As indicated by one of them, every one of the seven trees grew up from a solitary seed. Another milestone is the congregation inherent 1853. There are likewise various genuine Cook structures that are over more than 100 years of age. Arorangi town, the absolute first preacher settlement on Rarotonga, is situated on the west coast. This beautiful town has figured out how to make these days practically flawless; it offers bunches of fascinating structures to see, including the island's most significant strict milestone – Cook Islands Christian Church, otherwise called CICC. The church was inherent in the mid19th century; it is the entombment spot of teacher Papeih, who acquainted Christianity with island clans. Roundabout is the most delightful piece of the city; that is the place where one of the island images is found. That is the Seven-In-One-Coconut-Tree remarkable palms. They structure an exact ring; various stories and legends are related to them. As indicated by one of them, every one of the seven trees grew up from a solitary seed. Another milestone is the congregation implicit 1853. There are additionally various genuine Cook structures that are over more than 100 years of age. Arorangi town, the absolute first evangelist settlement on Rarotonga, is situated on the west coast. This bright town has figured out how to make due to these days practically flawless; it offers bunches of fascinating structures to see, including the island's most significant strict milestone – Cook Islands Christian Church, otherwise called CICC. The church was underlying the mid19th century; it is the internment spot of minister Papeih, who acquainted Christianity with island clans.


Cook island library and museum Cook island national museum Cook island wildlife center Te Ara Cook Islands Museum of Cultural Enterprise These are all the museums that are present in the city of cooks island.


Cook Islander individuals notice countless local area festivities that incorporate the utilization of food. These incorporate weddings, burial services, haircutting, and Constitution Day. Some strict sections praise strict occasions like Christmas and Easter, regularly following up these occasions with conventional dance festivities, gospel tunes, sacred text readings, or Bible re-authorizations. Some Cook Islander church bunches additionally observe Father's Day, what's more, Mother's Day. The two grown-ups and youngsters are associated with these social events, which are regularly joined by customary food sources. Most generic foods that people eat during breakfast include a customary breakfast comprised of occasional organic product, a mainstream decision being pawpaw with lime and coconut showered on top. The most common fruits there are Breadfruit, banana, cassava, coconut, papaya, and taro. Some of the most famous dishes are listed below. Ika Mata, produced using crude fish that is a firm, white fish like snapper or cod and vegetables like capsicum, tomato, coriander, and bean stew marinated in lemon juice and coconut cream. Rukau, produced using corned meat mostly canned with onions and coconut cream, also enveloped by rukau that is taro leaves. Poke, produced using over-ready bananas, arrowroot, coconut cream, and sugar. Bananas are bubbled for as long as 60 minutes, thickened with the arrowroot, and at that point heat in a broiler. Coconut cream, what's more, sugar is added once the other fixings have cooled. Poke can be made utilizing pumpkin rather than bananas.


Coconut water is a famous beverage in the islands since it is developed throughout the entire year. Tropical natural product juices and mixed drinks are additionally popular and promptly accessible. Other famous drinks include the Bush Beer. This lager is prepared from oranges, bananas, pawpaws, or bounce. At the point when preachers showed up on the islands, they attempted to forestall drinking kava and authorized preclusion. This solitary urged Cook Islanders to go further into the hedge and blend their own brew - in any case, today, the training is just accessible on the island of Atui.


The Cook Islands is that region of the world that has a low amount of water pollution within the region. This makes tap water drinkable, and people have been doing so for several years.


The Cook Islands are quite possibly the most courageous areas in the entirety of the world. Individuals who visit such an area make the most of their strolls and climbing in such places. Cycling, deep ocean surfing, and high mountain diving are the absolute best things to do in the Cook Islands.


Facilities for staying in the Cook Islands are quite easy to be found. The region is loaded up with unpredictable and great convenience alternatives accessible for your living. Here in this segment, we will discuss the spots one can remain while visiting the Cook Islands.

Green Hotels

The only single green hotel that is present in the region of Cook island is the Ikurangi Eco Retreat. This green hotel is present in the city of Rarotonga. This hotel is employed with some of the friendliest and the most helpful staff that one can get when they come to this region. The hotel believes in protecting the sanctity of the top-tier environmental condition of the region. Almost all the waste that is generated here is disposed of in a proper manner that causes the minimum amount of damage to the environment.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Aiai Manea Apartments Aitutaki Escape Aitutaki Private Island Resort Akaiami Paradise Amuri Sands Anchors Aweigh Anchors Rest These are some of the top-tier hostels and guest houses that one can find while traveling to the region of Cook Islands.


Living in apartments is probably the best alternative to find a place to rest the night when you are traveling and visiting the Cook Islands. Frequently individuals put their additional houses and lofts on lease for the tourists to remain in. These individuals will, in general, take less cash than inns and visitor houses.

Couchsurfing is quite possibly the most utilized site on the internet that is used by sightseers who visit the Cook Islands. These aid individuals who live for a long period of time in others' very own homes and interact with local people in the islands.


There is no specific slot allocated in the region of Cook Islands. But it is quite common to see people practicing camping near the beaches, forests, and other regions where nature is at its prime. These areas are commonplace to camp. Tourists can find such places to camp very easily just by having a look into these regions.


The Cook Islands is a little district. This region is partitioned into various urban communities and cities. Here in this segment, we will discuss a portion of the significant cities and residential areas in the Cook Islands.


Atiu Raro Mitiaro Mauke Rarotonga Aitutaki These are all the cities that one can find while traveling and exploring the Cook Islands.

Getting There and Moving Around

When going to the Cook Islands, one requires to look very ahead of schedule for booking and flights. This is because of the absence of transport accessible inside this separated piece of the world. Here in this segment, we will discuss ways one can reach just as a movement the islands in Cook.


Rarotonga International Airport Mangaia Airport Tongareva Airport Aitutaki Airport Mauke Airport Manuae Aerodome Manihiki Island Airport Mitiaro Airport These are all the airports in the Cook Islands from where both international and domestic travel in these cities.


Buses travel almost all day 24*7 around the cities like Rarotonga and others as well. They travel to all parts and are cheap and fast as well.


There are no operational train lines or railroad tracks present in any region of the Cook Islands. Accordingly, regardless of whether one wishes to travel by means of the train in the Cook Islands, they can’t satisfy that fantasy.


The residents and locals who reside in the Cook Islands are some of the friendliest and most humble people in the world. They will assist you in reaching your destination by giving you direction and even dropping you themselves. Hitchhiking is pretty common and famous in this region for this particular reason.


There are several other means that one can take to travel around the region of Cook Island. One of the most favorable and most used means is by hiring a scooter or a bicycle to travel around the city. Horses are also used commonly for transporting people over large distances. This does take more time than necessary but is done to keep the environment clean. To enter the region, the most common way is by taking a boat or a ferry from New Zealand. Most tourists take this approach rather than taking a flight.

Sustainable Shopping

Muri Night Markets Punanga Nui Market Centre Store Super Brown Atiu Atiu Island Coffee Atiu Coffee Factory Aitutaki Market Heineken Store Baxter's Waterworld Angelo's Fruit 'n' Veg Organic Garden Maina Traders Superstore Tauono's Market and Cafe Aquila Rentals and Store


The Cook Islands is the home of the absolute cleanest urban communities and regions on the planet. Individuals in these islands are firm devotees to reusing and reusing all their non-biodegradable items however much as could be expected. They put their non-recyclable items in landfills or attempt to do some other things with that item instead of unloading it anyplace inside the islands.


Waste management and disposal in the islands is, to some degree, in a decent state. All the waste delivered in the Cook Islands is arranged and recognized in a definite way. Each kind of waste is discarded and dealt with in an appropriate way, and that is the thing that makes the administration framework in a decent state.

Work and Study Abroad

Education isn't to some degree a need for individuals in the Cook Islands. There are very few educational foundations in the Cook Islands, yet those current take in as numerous kids to teach them. They give quality schooling that will help them manage the world in some way of sorts. The travel industry is the significant business that is available in the Cook Islands. Working in large organizations may be uncommon in the Cook islands as there are relatively few significant organizations present there.

Exchange Student

UW-Platteville Education Abroad at the University of the South Pacific (USP)

University of the South Pacific 

These are the two universities in the Cook Islands that take in exchange students from abroad.

Au Pair

AU Pair-related jobs are available in the Cook Islands in extraordinary amounts. This is because of the way that guest houses and other travel industry-based organizations recruit laborers from abroad and give them a spot to remain also. The travel industry is key in this area of the world, and this makes live-in housekeeper occupations normal.


Te Ipukarea Society (Cook Islands Environmental NGO), Cook Islands. National Trust of Fiji, Fiji. University of the South Pacific, Fiji. Te Mana o te Moana, French Polynesia. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, Pacific Community, New Caledonia. These are the organizations that are present in the region of Cook islands that provide volunteer work.

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