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Eco-friendly travel guide to Curaçao advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Curaçao, Caribbean, North America.

The colorful buildings of the Handelskade in Willemstad, Curaçao

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 0 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2.8 / 5
  • National parks: 3.7 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.7 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$ 53 - $ 450
  • Budget per day: US$ 40 - $ 180

Responsible Travel

Curaçao is one of the most beautiful and oldest among the harbor countries on the earth. Planning to visit Curaçao during vacation is a good choice as a visitor. Some specific roles and responsibilities occur when you visit an explorer; Curaçao is no exception. In the year 1499, the Europeans first found Curaçao city. The coastal city attracts the attention of the worldwide tourist for its exceptional natural beauty; also, it's an important place in terms of Curaçao's commercial impact through the dockyard. When you explore the site, keep in mind that supporting the native facilities will necessary for the development of this beautiful place. There are some valuable facts and points to notice for a responsible traveler following beneath.

There are many more options to chose as a responsible traveler in Curaçao. A considerable number of travelers will come here to Curaçao every year to enjoy the vacation. This place is a combination of exciting sea beaches, hills, and many more cultural sites. Visiting all of these places will feal you joyful to capture a good memory of the place.

The name Curaçao means heart in Portuguese. Due to its small landscape and less population, the place is exceptionally eco-friendly in terms of tourism. Since the 18th century, the Dutch made their colonies here. The local transport system as like the buses and the taxies make more satiable to roam around. The transport cost is a bit lower side, which makes a good impact in the tourism industry.

You can see a large number of food stalls and food trucks around the cities. Curaçao is best for its typical seafood cuisine around the southern Caribbean coast. The food truck concept, especially in the coastal areas are famous for more than 30 years. Traveler those who are also food lovers will fall in love with the different range of food options served here.

Different types of travel genres are there for foreign travelers. If you love to do adventure you can do diving and some other water sports. Newly married couples are also willing to witness the beauty of the place and store some good memories for a lifetime. A group of friends and families also loves to visit the place and explore. There are 40 different beaches with a wide range of five-star hotels that will help you choose a good relaxation paradise.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality anchor a crucial role in the living of the local people and the visitors who came to explore a place. Now the air pollution makes a significant problem around the world, due to that people are willing to stay in a suitable environment for the purpose of living or traveling. The air quality of Curaçao is pretty decent to live in and also for travelers. The primary pollutant level measures PM: 2.5, and the Quality Index of Air is 25US AQI, which is an excellent score in the air pollution meter ranking. Besides all the essential statistics, June to mid of October is the best time to visit the place and explore.

Though several oil refineries are planted in Curaçao, the pollution level in the air still stands healthy. A few advance steps are taken to maintain the refineries pollution-free, and also the entire island is filled with some planed green-parks between the cities. Through all the essential process the air quality and pollution is very much suitable for all-purpose in Curaçao, and always ready to welcome you.

Respect the Culture

When you visit somewhere, the first thing that delights you is the culture of the place. Mainly if we talk about the culture of a place the communication style of the local people, traditional dresses and famous food plays the most crucial role.

As an old Caribbean island, this place has lots of uniqueness in the culture. All the ruling emperors throughout the old ages will create various good cultures here; thus, you will find some mix-up culture. Curaçao island contains a significantly less amount of population. People are well educated here; despite the low population, the people of Curaçao are very talented at performing their tasks accurately and make their mark on the world.

Different types of food in other regions are the main attraction of Curaçao. A mix of the Caribbean and Latin American traditional food offers a unique test to the world. If you love to taste seafood, you must visit the place; some unique Dutch dishes and some fruit dishes are the specialties of Curaçao's cultural cuisine.

Through many years Curaçao offers many sportspeople throughout all the sections of sports. One can easily notice the sports culture of the place. Curaçao is known for famous sports like baseball, windsurfing, scuba diving, long jump, and football.

Some publishing and translation work is also a part of the culture in Curaçao.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Many tourists love curaçao island in the world due to its different places. Different travelers may enjoy several things here, such as hiking, extreme sports activities, nature and wildlife adventure, climbing activities, safaris, special eco-tours, cultural tours, and many more.

According to the popularity, the top ten places to explore are:

  • Playa Porto Mari: If you want to relax in a certain part of your travel to Curaçao, then the Playa PortMari beach is the best place for it. The beach is accommodated with lots of restaurants and liquor shops. One can easily chill out here and enjoy nature.
  • Cas Abao: The Cas Abao beach is known as a clear water beach in Curaçao. If you love dirt road riding, you can take a ride to the beach from your hotel. This beach has also offered some restaurants and other refreshment shops just like the others. Some dive shops are here for your adventure purpose; you can easily make use of this.
  • Kenepa Beach: In the western part of Curaçao, the Kenepa beach was situated. It's lonely as well as the virgin beach. If you want to go to a lonely beach and spend some quality time, it's perfect for you as the modern facilities will not be there for you, just like the other beaches.
  • Klein (little): The visual experience of the beach is at the top of all. A combination of crystal clear water with white sand will blow your mind. Also, you can take an adventure boat ride over there and store the experience in your travel diaries.
  • Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge: The bridge is also known as Swinging Old Lady. Through the bridge, the city's two halves were connected. When a ship crosses the path under the bridge laterally opens to flow the process smoothly. You can admit the place as a city sightseeing in Curaçao.
  • Dolphin Academy: Exploring Curaçao and didn't do some coastal sports activities, that doesn't sound great. Well, the Dolphin Academy will offer you adventure sports activities. Here you can enjoy boat tours, water sports, outdoor activities, watching dolphin playing activities, and much more.
  • Shete Boka National Park: The beach's wave is huge; you can enjoy some fun diving here. The park here is wonderful for a walk around. You can also hike here and take some beautiful pictures of the place.
  • Punda: The Punda is the most famous place in Curaçao. If you love colors, you will love to visit here because the place is filled with multi-colored buildings. All the streets and the buildings are very colorful here, or you can say a colorful paradise. Also, this place has a floating market which makes it more vibrant to explore.
  • Sea Aquarium: In the most beautiful and unique sea aquarium, the Curaçao Sea Aquarium sets a high mark. The underwater species are set free here without any special treatment, as they are very much in normal condition by their living habits and have no problems since 1984. Different types of marine animal shoes are being organized here. Your travel diaries will be filled with some more pages after experiencing all of these.
  • Mambo Beach: Experiencing the beach and staying at a resort at the same time is possible here. This beach is filled with lots of restaurants, bars, and resorts. So enjoy the beach life and make your every happy hour count here.
Playa Porto Mari


As a traveler, you will find many places to explore within Curaçao. There are lots of beaches in Curaçao, nearly forty separate beaches for you to travel here. Also, the vibrant city culture will make you feel joyful. Lots of adventure activities are there to perform as a tourist over there. Water sports activities are the best attraction of the place. Some other places like museums, Hilltop viewpoint, etc., are there to explore in Curaçao.

City Parks

Curaçao is not famous for its parks. However, the place has a few good decorated parks for your entertainment. Some of the parks are situated in front of the beach, and some are at the hill areas. Details of some parks are given below:

  • Adventure City: This is a gorgeous park located on one of the coastal beaches in Curaçao. Here you can enjoy beach-related activities.
  • Shete Boka Park: This park offers some sports activities and has some good restaurants and resorts for your best trip experience.

Christoffel National Park: This park is situated in the northwest part of Curaçao. If you love to drive on the hills, then it's the best part for you in Curaçao. One can easily witness the beauty of nature here.

National Parks

Though Curaçao is beautiful and filled with natural resources and greeneries, and huge covered coastal areas, it only has one national park. Some details of the national park are given below for your reference:

  • Christoffel National Park: The reach variety of nature will amaze your eyes, such as the local fauna and flora. You can also do some outdoor activities here. With a specific period, you can climb the highest pick of Christoffel hill. The park authorities will organize the daily activities here to make your trip more fun. With all the activities, one can easily enjoy the travel at Christoffel National Park in Curaçao.
Christoffel National Park


Curaçao is a very beautiful island. Every year a good number of tourists have visited Curaçao to explore the beaches here. There are a vast number of beaches available in Curaçao; some are famous, and some are not. Based on the popularity we are giving a few details of some beautiful beaches:

  • Avila's Beach: The beach is separated from the wildlife part, and the waves are very calm. Multiple resorts are there for you to enjoy with your family and children. Beautiful palm trees, a white-sand beach, and clear water will offer you a dream vacation here.

Blue Bay Beach: The beach is located in the northwest part of Curaçao. It is a shady beach, and you can enjoy the water sports activities here. Also, this place has some good bars and restaurants for the visitors. The Blue Bay Beach is chargeable, so you have to pay a bit to enjoy the sight.

Boka St. Michiel Beach: The fisherman's village surrounds this beach. The Boka St. Michiel beach is located in the western part of the island. A couple of good fish restaurants are there for you to enjoy some fish items in your meal. This place has a small number of sand areas to roam and a small hill tail to climb up as a sports activity. Locals are also called this beach Boka Sami.

Caracasbaai Beach: The Caracasbaai beach is one of the famous beaches in Curaçao. This beach is made up of pebbles, and coarse sand, also perfect for diving as the area where it's located is a part of an underwater park. Besides all these, there are many small and big restaurants available for you. If you want to enjoy swimming in the sea, you can do it here as the water here is very calm and clear.

Cas Abao Beach: The beach is very popular among tourists. The beauty of the hill and sea combination here is exceptionally good. White sand, extremely clear water, lots of gazebos, and a massive number of palm trees offer you an incredible vacation to enjoy. All the modern facilities are available here for you. Scuba diving and swimming are the main two water sports activities which are famous here. Like the other beaches, you will also get some good restaurants and bars here for your enjoyment. 8 am in the morning to 6 pm is the accessible time here.

Daaibooi Beach: The Daaibooi beach takes second place after Cas Abao Beach is a tourist attraction. This beach is mainly made of rocky foundations, covered with a small fisherman's colony. If you want to relax somewhere at a beach, then this is the place made for you. The calm water of the sea and lots of palm shades will make you feel pleasant. For food and drinks purposes, this place has a few snacks bar for your refreshment.

Jan Thiel Beach: This beach is a package of all your needs, like shopping, sports entertainment, sea, restaurants and many more. In Curaçao, Jan Thiel Beach is known for its famous restaurants and their delicious foods. The beach is ideal for a group of friends or family vacations.

Klein Curaçao Beach: The Klein beach in Curaçao is the whitest and the longest among all. From the central city, tourists mainly visit here for picnic and diving purposes. This beach offers less shadow in the morning, and at night it is perfect for beach parties and refreshments. A couple of resorts are there for your accommodation. Overall it's very beautiful to roam here at the beach.

Kokomo Beach: This beach is a professional diving spot. If you want to see the deep sea world, you can visit the beach. Apart from that, there are many drinks shops available for you to enjoy cocktails, cold beers, etc. For a family trip, one can visit Kokomo Beach in Curaçao.

Playa Porto Mari Beach: This beach is located in the western part of the island. White coral and sand, along with the clean water, will blow the sea lover's mind. Like the other famous beach, this beach also has all the facilities like restaurants, sports activities, diving, etc. The Playa Porto Mari is an eco-friendly beach as the seawater are used for all the external purpose after recycling; also the disposable products are being recycled here for further use. These are all the famous beaches in Curaçao. There are lots of other beaches there as Curaçao is mainly an island. Some of the beaches are known and worthy of travel, and some are not. Through the details aforementioned, you can easily plan your next holiday in Curaçao.

Jan Thiel Beach


Curaçao is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Here you can find some excellent landmarks in terms of beauty and culture. Some of the most famous sites are being described here for your best travel experience.

Natural Landmarks:-

Boka Tabla: An impressive cave-tunnel that starts from the land and finishes into the sea. The seawater goes to the tunnel with a very smooth noise, and the sight was delightful to watch. The dimension of the place is 25m wide and 30m deep approximately.

Boka Wandomi Natural Bridge: This is a natural bridge made of coral stone.

Barber Kapok Tree: This is an enormous ceiba tree that is considered 800 years.

Hato Caves: This is a prehistoric cave made up of stalagmites, stalactites, and some old dripstone formations. The cave has a few petroglyphs of some Amerindian tribes and also has some burials of prehistoric times.

Fort Landmarks:-

Fort Amsterdam: This place is also known as the Curaçao Govt. Building. It was constructed in the year 1635, and till now, it's most important in Curaçao's fort list.

Fort Beekenburg: It is located at the Willemstad’s outskirt. Build-in 1703.

Fort Nassau: It was made in 1797 and was one of the finest conserved forts in Curaçao.

Plantation Landmarks:-

Groot Davelaar: The future president made it to Venezuela in the year 1865. This house is built with a local flavor style.

Landhuis Zeelandia: The Landhuis Zeelandia is the most beautiful among historically build county houses within Curaçao and was made in the late 18th century.

Man-Made Landmarks:-

Rooi Rincon: From 2300 BC, it was the oldest human settlement site and has some petroglyphs, cliff shelter.

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge: The bridge is also known as Swinging Old Lady. Through the bridge, the city's two halves were connected. When a ship crosses the path under the bridge laterally opens to flow the process smoothly. You can admit the place as a city sightseeing in Curaçao.

There are some more historical places as well as natural landmarks available in Curaçao.

Hato Caves


A lot of museums are there in Curaçao. Some of them are very important in terms of historical values. Here are some details of famous museums in Curaçao given below:

  • Kura Hulanda Museum: The museum is a small one in shape. You can feel lucky to visit the museum as the place shows the slave trade of the people and also you will know some other valuable facts about the old culture. You will also know how inhumanly the African country slaves are being treated irrespective of man, woman, or children.

Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue: It was the western hemisphere's oldest synagogue. The entire ambiance of the place is quite good. As it was one of the oldest Jewish synagogues, the museum tells a lot about the Jewish people and their culture for you. As a traveler, you don't want to miss the place to explore.

Tula Museum: This place shows the slave's life story of early days and how they were treated. Their living habit, food habit, and all the detail about the slaves are displayed here. Though it's very sad to witness all these things here, you should visit the place for once as a historical part of Curaçao.

Landhuis Bloemhof: This place was situated at a prime location in the city. The decorated garden with the thorn sculpture was amazing to watch. This place is famous for its restaurants and food also. Overall it's a good place to visit.

Maritime Museum: This is an interesting place to watch. You can take a harbor tour here and witness the history of the harbor life of the West Indies and the Dutch trade empire. Some small size of ships is displayed here for the tourists.

These are the famous museum in Curaçao.

Kura Hulanda museum


If you love to eat new dishes and rove around some good places, travel to Curaçao will make you happy. You can enjoy some good cultural food dishes, like traditional Dutch items, some Curaçao delicacies that offer an Afro-Caribbean array, and some Indonesian flavored dishes. Here are some beautiful dishes you love to taste:

  • Keshi Yena: The dish is one of the most famous in terms of the combination of cultural cuisine in Curaçao. It's a large cheese ball stuffed with spicy marinated meat, capers, onions, tomatoes, and olives. All the ingredients are appropriately baked after comprised into a large ball and served to eat.
  • Bitterballen: It's a special Dutch snack item prepared by veal or beef meat. Though the Bitterballen is a unique meatball, you can also get some vegetarian ball stuffed with the same dish's vegetables and cheese. This dish is best served with a strong mustard souse and authentic Dutch beer.
  • Oilebollen: This dish is a special version of Dutch dessert in Curaçao. The name of the dish Oilebollen stands for Oil Balls, mainly a fresh hot doughnut. This food is famous at New Year and Christmas parties as a traditional dish. You will love to taste the dish once in a lifetime.
  • Fungi Or Tutu: These dishes are generally served as a main course of food. African roots cornmeal is the prime ingredient used in the dish.
  • Stroopwafels: All around Curaçao, you can find this special snack with your tea and coffee. This food is a sweet pastry that the locals love and the tourists who came to visit in Curaçao. Don't miss trying this out at the Curaçao trip.
  • Stobo: The Stobo is a very famous dish throughout the Caribbean community. Mainly the dish is prepared as a stew of goat meat. However, one can use any combination of vegetables to it. The strong aroma of rich spices made the dish more delicate to taste, although some papaya may be used often to balance the taste of spice.
  • Seafood: If you are traveling in Curaçao, don't miss the delightful and tasty seafood. There are many kinds of seafood available here the Rauwe Haring is one of the most popular among them. It's a small fish that was frozen for some days then salted heavily to mature for cooking. You also find some tacos, including different fresh mussels here. Shrimp is one of the popular and common dishes in Curaçao. Apart from all the famous dishes, you will find some more plates of seafood here to taste.
  • Arepas: This is another lovable patties dish you will enjoy in Curaçao. The Arepas is mainly a traditional Venezuelan food, but it also very popular in Curaçao. This is made with a combination of meat, cheese, corn, avocado, tomato, and many more spices. This soft inside and crisp outside-made patties will assort your taste buds.
  • Liqueur: Besides all the great food items, the people of Curaçao love to consume drinks for their food habits. Some of the cocktails are very famous throughout the world, which is specially made here. Without tasting the traditional drinks of Curaçao, your trip may stand incomplete. The blue Curaçao liqueur is very famous and has been exported worldwide.

Curaçao is a great place where you can enjoy the natural beauty with some delightful cultural dishes. Try to check out all the dishes while traveling to Curaçao.


Curaçao is not only famous for its amazing places, but the wide range of drinks is also very famous here throughout the world. Many various cocktails, exotic Mojitos, and famous blue curaçao liqueur are very famous worldwide. Some of the exciting drinks are stated below:

  • The Blue Lagoon: This is very famous among the refreshing drinks served on a warm sunny day. Relaxing on a beach with this drink will add some extra bliss to your trip to Curaçao. However, the added lemonade makes it softer than the other cocktails. One percentage of vodka, half percentage of blue curaçao, and the rest amount of lemonade is the ingredient needed to formulate a glass of Blue Lagoon.
  • The Blue Hawaiian: One of the most delightful cocktails which make your evening mode. Five main ingredients are needed to prepare this smooth drink. The bartender takes a half percentage of light rum and blue curaçao, two percent of pineapple juice, half percentage of coconut cream, and one cup of ice in a blender to blend all these smoothly. Then put all the blend in a tall highball glass and serve with some cherries and one pineapple wheel on top of the glass.
  • Midnight Kiss: The Midnight Kiss is also a very famous refreshing drink in Curaçao. The bars and the resorts are often offering this drink as a special treat in Curaçao. Place one or half percentage of vodka (according to your need), half percentage of blue curaçao, some ice, and one tablespoon of lemon juice in a shaker and shake well till all these mixes correctly. Then put in a champagne wine glass, your cocktail is ready to serve.
  • Envy: This drink register itself on the list of top fifty holiday drinks in the world. Besides the famous taste, the drink is quite beautiful by its looks. First, it takes one or half percentage of silver tequila (according to your taste) and some ice in a glass. Then add two percentage of pineapple juice in it and stir gently; after that, mix half the percentage blue curaçao, then stir very lightly. Finally, some sweet cherry on the top of the prepared mixture would make it ready to serve.
  • Big Easy Blue Punch: This drink is a bit hard. The process of making the drink is quite simple. In a shaker, add one percentage of blue curaçao, two percentage of coconut rum, and half percentage of lemon juice, then combine it very gently with some ice. Then pull the mixture into a big rock glass and add two portions of pineapple soda on top of it. The drink is ready to hand out after garnishing with a lemon wheel.
  • Blue Diablo: The Blue Diablo is much softer than the other cocktail in the list of curaçao cocktails. To prepare the drink, one-fourth percentage of Jose Cuervo Classico and one-fourth percentage of blue curaçao needed. One half lime juice, one tablespoon of lemon juice, club soda, and ice needed to prepare it. All the ingredients except the club soda are put together in a shaker to shake, keep it in a small glass, and add some club soda to the top.
  • Blue Monday: The gin lovers will love to taste the cocktail here in Curaçao. Bartenders put all the ingredients into a shaker with some ice. Two percentage of vodka, half percentage of triple sec and a half percentage of blue curaçao, and some ice are needed to prepare this elegant cocktail. Drinking too much of Blue Monday will not advisable as it's a bit hard in nature.
  • Electric Blue Margarita: In Curaçao, you can notice that some of the cocktail names will excite you to consume it; the Electric Blue Margarita is one of them. Many ingredients needed to prepare it like one percentage of triple sec, one percentage of silver tequila, half-percentage peach schnapps, half percentage of blue curaçao, four percentage of sour mix, and some fresh ice. After mixing all the ingredients in a shaker, the drink will ready to serve with a lemon wheel.

These are some world-famous drinks you can try in Curaçao.


In different places, water plays a different role in terms of consumption. The Curaçao tap water is one of the finest water to drink. You can drink the water straight from the taps as it's safe to consume and best in class.


Curaçao is a very beautiful place for your vocational trip. This place is surrounded by the Caribbean sea where you can find many activities to perform. All the tour and tourist activities are performed with safety so that the travelers and the local people will enjoy the place.

In Curaçao, one can easily do some different activities, such as water sports, boat tours, bike riding, roaming in the seashore, jeep safaris, dirt riding sports tours, cultural tours, and some traditional food and drink tours. Through all these activities, your trip to Curaçao may become very memorable to offer someone to visit.


The Curaçao island is mainly known for its beautiful places and exotic traditional liqueurs. Every year a large number of travelers visit here for their vacation purpose. There are many resorts and hotels available on the beaches of Curaçao. According to the preference, travelers will choose 3 star, 5 star, or some standard hotels or resorts for accommodation. Here you will love the standard of the hospitality of the staff wherever you stay. You can easily find your hotels here according to your budget.

You can also find some guesthouses and some rental properties to stay. Apart from short time traveling, if someone came here to stay for a long time, they could use those options for some purposes.

Overall you can't find any discrepancy regarding your accommodation in Curaçao.

Green Hotels

In Curaçao, you will find a limited number of green hotels. The entire island is very much clean due to its cultural and commercial reasons.

Though you want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel, then the Green Pearls hotel is the best one for your accommodation. Here you will find a perfect space for your relaxation. You will find all the modern facilities in an environmentally friendly way.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Curaçao offers you some beautiful guest houses and hostels for students as well as some budget-friendly travelers. However, the number of hostels and guesthouses is quite a few. All the guesthouses and some of the hostels will offer you home-like feelings, such as TV, refrigerator, washing machines, sofas, irons, etc.


If you are planning to stay in Curaçao for a long time, then the villas and the apartments are the best places for you to stay and save on the cost of the hotel. A lot of apartments are there in Curaçao within reach of your budget. According to your desire, you have to select one. Most of the apartments and villas will give you private access.


The Couchsurfing concept is a very modern concept in Curaçao. You will find a few communities or groups are there on the internet. If you want to do some Couchsurfing activity, then you have to join those groups or communities.


The Curaçao island has lots of exciting places for camping. Also, many people will come to visit here, so camping is very famous here. Some resorts and beaches are famous for the camping activities in Curaçao.


Curaçao is mainly a Caribbean island, with the group of the ABC islands next to Bonaire and Aruba. It is located near Venezuela and outside of the Caribbean's 'hurricane zone.' Also, it's an independent country of the Netherlands kingdom. The total area of Curaçao island is 444 square km.


The Curaçao is a very small and beautiful island. There are a very short number of cities in Curaçao. List of the cities are given below:

Willemstad Sint Willibrordus Otrobanda Sint Michiel Brievengat Boka Sami Dorp Soto Barber Santa Catharina Tera Kora Lagun Westpunt Santa Rosa

These are all the cities in Curaçao.

Getting There and Moving Around

Curaçao is a travel-oriented island situated in the Caribbean sea. The mainstream option to go there is the airways. The air transportation system will connect all the American continent and Europe. There is only one airport available in Curaçao. A vast number of passenger airlines are offered to accommodate to travel here in Curaçao. Also, this place stands the third-longest runways in the Caribbean region. A considerable number of cargo flights are also served here regularly. If you want to travel in Curaçao, you don't face any hurdles as many international airways connect.

The railways are not there in Curaçao. As a result, the road transportation system is the prime way to move around here. The construction of the road transportation was also decent. You will notice some public bus services and traditional bus services as general transportation options here. The hotels and the resorts where you stay offer you some shuttle bus or van for your trip. If you want to hire your car, you can do so, though the shuttle system is very popular. Apart from all of these, you will get some taxis for small points of convenience. Some bicycle and motorbike rental agencies are there for a unique option to travel here.


The Curaçao international airport is the only airport in Curaçao, also called the Hato international airport. The international airport of Curaçao offers to serve many airlines as it's one it the primary airport in the Caribbean region. From Willemstad city, this airport is 12 km in the distance. It was located on the northern coast of the island and have connected to North America, South America, and Europe. This airport comes at the third position through the Caribbean region in terms of the longest commercial runway.

Hato International Airport


Unlike all the other modern cities of the world, Curaçao is not famous for its public transport. In Curaçao, there are two types of buses that are there for traveling and transportation purposes. The first one is for daily commuting and was generally a van sort of bus. The second one is made for the traditional purpose. These are the buses available in Curaçao.


There are no such railways available in Curaçao. The first railway service was started in 1874 for mining transportation, and in 1920 it was closed. The main mode of convenience is the road here.


Hitchhiking is very risky and also exciting. Here in Curaçao, you can do the hitchhiking with someone who seems to be a trustworthy person. But always try to avoid some lonely areas and nighttime for this.


Any number of beaches surrounds all the Curaçao island. Also, travelers are mainly come here to enjoy the marine beauty. Through many different ways, you can enjoy Curaçao through some activities, such as water sports activities, adventuring, and beach parties. Rather than these common acts, you can't find some other things for yourself.

If you love to ride and explore new places by riding, you can mark other things to do or some other activities to perform here in Curaçao.

Sustainable Shopping

As a responsible traveler, it's your prime duty to perform all of your travel activity sustainably everywhere in the world, wherever you visit for a vacation. Traveling in Curaçao without shopping is not possible, some the sustainable shopping places are given below for further reference:

  • 8 The experience
  • Boolchand's
  • Mambo Beach Blvd
  • Nena Sanchez Gallery
  • Serena's Art Factory
  • Sambil Mall
  • Centrum Supermarket
  • Freeport Jewelers
  • Cigar Emporium
  • Zuikertuin Mall

These are some famous sustainable shopping places for travelers in Curaçao.


The Curaçao island mainly knows for its tourism attraction. Per head, 2.5 kilograms of waste may be produced regularly by the locals and the tourists per day. The waste recycling process needs to be more systematic here, as the island is very small. To maintain the recycling chain, different recycling stations opened in different places; thus, proper collection and separation may be performed. Some crowded places such as hotels, beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls inform the customers how to help the cleaning process.


As a popular tourist place, Curaçao island produces a massive number of mixed waste every day. In the past days, the waste management system of Curaçao was not up to the mark. Since the early nineties, the island made some revolution in the field of waste management. Seiko NV is the main company in the waste management process in Curaçao. This organization is equipped with all the latest and modern facilities for the waste management process. Overall the waste management system in Curaçao is so updated, and you wouldn't notice any casualties regarding it in your trip here.

Work and Study Abroad

Study abroad is a big dream for all students. Here in Curaçao, one can come here for study purposes, though the island doesn't offer you any highest-ranking universities. Before coming here to study, you have to do some research about your choice of study.

In the field of internship as well as a permanent job, this place offers you a suitable carrier. There are various MNC available where you can find your best-suited job. Also, passionate job seekers can discover vacancies in the tourism sector as the island is a travel-oriented place.

Exchange Student

The Curaçao island is a small country in terms of all the recourses. Also, the University of Curaçao is a small one among the Caribbean island. The exchange program is essential for its development and growth. University students and some lecturers are also promoted to join the exchange program here. Mainly the exchange program will help to grow the local talents globally.

Au Pair

The au pair concept is a modern concept throughout the world. Also, Curaçao is not familiar with this, though it's a famous concept for the last few years. The main concept of the au pair is a leader, like someone who can help you navigate the island's places, and if you are interested in the service, you can join the host and explore some new ideas. A lot of au pair job services s available in Curaçao. You can search for it online and select the best according to your needs here.


Curaçao island is very beautiful by its natural beauty. Despite the charming beauty, this place has lots of needy and poor people who strongly deserve some help. If someone wants to join some volunteering organization here in terms of helping animals or some needy people, they are always welcome here. Also, helping the poor people may lead to healthy and sustainable development here in the future. A list of some volunteering organizations are given below:

  • Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao
  • CuraStage
  • Points Of Light
  • Curaçao Cares Foundation
  • Plein Air Curaçao
  • The International Wanderer

These are some excellent volunteering organizations in Curaçao.

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