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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cuzco advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cuzco, Peru.

A panoramic image of Cuzco, Peru

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $150

Responsible Travel

Traveling to a new location for a vacation is one of the best ways to revitalize yourself. Going to new cities and countries opens Avenues for exploring around the city and finding new things all around the world. However, one thing that you must keep in mind when going to a foreign city is to be respectful of the place. This does not simply mean that you must be respectful to the people around you, but it also includes the place's environment. The effects of climate change are harming the global environment, which is felt in every corner of the world. So, as travelers, you must make sure to give back to the city that you are visiting rather than simply taking from it.

When it comes to Cuzco, this is one of the most important cities in Peru near the Urubamba Valley, belonging to the Andes Mountains. The city not only has historical relevance being the capital of the Inca Empire in the late 13th century, but it is also very important to this date as this is the most important city for those traveling to Machu Picchu, which is a site of great tourist importance. When traveling to Cuzco, here are a few ways you can teach the practices of responsible travel:

  • When visiting a foreign city, you must always make sure to use environmentally sustainable ways of transportation. One of the best ways to support the tourism industry while being sustainable is by taking public transport to places. In this way, you will be able to save the environment and come in close association with those who are belonging to the neighborhood. It is a great way to bridge the gap between you and them.
  • Another great means to get around the city is with other sustainable modes of transportation, which includes bicycles. Bicycles are available for rent in many places all over Cuzco at affordable rates. Cycling is one of the best ways to get along the town as it gives you the autonomy to travel in every direction you want. Another great way to get around the city is simply by walking. The city's beauty can best be felt and enjoyed by roaming around the city on your foot.
  • You need to make sure that you do not litter the places you travel to. Cuzco is an extremely scenic location with a number of great places to visit and much to do. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of being a tourist location is that people often seem to litter these places of public interest, taking away the beauty and grace. You must never indulge in such behavior as it is extremely irresponsible and can cause much harm. Always carry a spare bag with you to throw your trash and empty it when you find trash can.
  • Do not waste food and water. Cuzco is a developing city and they cannot afford wasted food and water. The food you waste could feed many mouths, and this is absolutely unacceptable. When you are trying an experimental dish, make sure to take a controlled portion of it so that you do not end up wasting it. Even when it comes to water resources, do not waste water as it has a drastically bad influence on the environment.
  • Shopping locally is one of the other things that you must always bear in mind. You need to understand that the livelihood and main earning of many people in Cuzco depends on your help. While there are various big organizations and sellers, you will have the best experience of shopping locally. So when you can make sure to buy from the local sellers and artisans. Cuzco has some of the biggest local markets, and you will be able to find the true picture of the city here.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of a place is a great indicator of its pollution level. Fortunately, the air quality of Cuzco is quite good, making it a perfect destination for one and all. If you live in a metropolitan city and are tired of the pollution levels, this is the perfect getaway for you. You will be able to spend your time basking in the beautiful nature of this place without having to worry about pollution levels. Their air quality is 19 AQI, which makes it perfect for day-to-day activities and spending time outside.

Even if you are sensitive to pollution and have had problems in the past, this place is perfect for you, and you will not have anything to worry about. When it comes to outdoor activities, Cuzco is a great place as you will be able to do it without feeling overburdened. You do not have to wear a mask or take any other extra precautions with respect to equality because it is ideal for traveling outside and performing outdoor activities. However, it would be advisable for you to wear a mask if you are highly sensitive to pollution.

Respect the Culture

Respecting the culture of a place you are visiting is one of the most basic things you must always remember. You must always be respectful of a place's traditions and cultures and the many people who live and thrive there. It is important for you to bear in mind that you will be people who belong to the community no matter where you are going. It is hence very important to be respectful towards the community and their particular traditions. The city of Cuzco is of great historical importance and has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. This has led to it becoming one of Peru's biggest tourist destinations, with over 2 million visitors per year.

The city has gone through various conquests and has finally become one of the most important cities in Peru that is now under Daniel Estrada Pérez, who is the mayor of the town. Having being part of the Inca civilization, the Kilke culture, and sticking from the Spanish traditions and cultures after the Spanish invasion, this city is diverse and has a culture of its own. Hence, it is important to maintain the integrity and colonial heritage of this city by being respectful towards it.

It is always to be kept in mind that you should never indulge in cultural appropriation aur make any racist comments, or bear racism in your heart. It is very important to be open-minded when you are traveling to a foreign city and consider the traditions and cultural aspects of the city. Only by being respectful will you be able to soak in the best part about the city.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There is much to see and many places to visit when it comes to Cusco. As it has quite a lot of historical relevance, this place has been revisited repeatedly by interested historians to unearth mysteries from the previous era. While it is known for its historical background, another very important aspect here has to be the natural elements. Cuzco is one of the most beautiful cities globally and has much to offer because of its geographical location. Here are some of the places that you must visit when you come to Cusco:

  • Sacsayhuaman: This is one of the most historically significant ruins in all of Cuzco and is basically an enormous fortified complex. There is a historic center near it. This place not only has a historical significance but is also important for its religious and military background. It was designed resembling the shape of a Puma. The three zigzagging defense walls take the shape of the Puma's teeth and extend for over 300 meters. Most people visit this site on their way to Pisac. It is popular for its size and the complexity of the work that has been done here. Even when the stones' size is huge and the area of irregular shapes and sizes, they fit together perfectly. It is truly a sight of a great engineering marvel.
  • Santo Domingo and Coricancha: This is a church dedicated to Santo Domingo and has been build upon the ruins of the famous Coricancha of the Inca period, Templo del Sol, or the Temple of the Sun. Coricancha basically means a golden courtyard, and it was called so as the walls used to be lined in sheets of gold. Various ornaments and statues were used to decorate the golden disc and the interior, reflecting the sun's rays. All this has been taken away now, and all that is left is the brilliant stonework from the Inca period.
  • Inca Walls: When you walk across the ancient Inca walls that run along Cusco's narrow streets, it is almost like being in an outdoor museum. These walls are what make Cusco such an interesting site. While you will find these walls all over the city, there are a few areas that are more important than the other. The best places where you will be able to see these walls include the Loreto and Hatunrumiyoc streets. The Loreto walls run southeast from Amarucancha near the Palace of Huayna Capac, making it the oldest Inca walls. At the same time, those in the Hatunrumiyoc streets can be found on the northeastern side of the Plaza de Armas.
  • Plaza de Armas: This site has been of historical significance since the establishment of the Inca Empire and was then known as the Huacaypata or Aucaypata and was the city's heart. There is a cathedral here on the northeastern side, which is a place of casual merriment for both foreigners as well as locals. The bench in the center of the square is a great place to sit and marvel at the gorgeous fountain and the luscious garden around. The plaza boasts of life and merriment generally during the evening and is a great place to sit and enjoy.
  • La Compania: This site is also called Compania de Jesus, a Jesuit church built in the 16th century. It has become a great location for sightseeing but was greatly damaged during the earthquake of 1650. However, it was rebuilt in the 1660s. It was loaded with controversy at the beginning as its royal grandeur would almost surpass that of the cathedral located in the same square. However, the church's Baroque façade still is one of the most lavish details of the cathedral, making it a great place of grandeur. The church was built on the Huayna Capac foundation, making it of great historical relevance.
  • Cathedral: The Cathedral of Cuzco is one of the most ornate places built from 1559 to 1669. It now stands where the palace of Inca Wiracocha once used to be. It has a three-aisled nave and has been made following Renaissance-style architecture. It has 14 huge pillars, which is quite less keeping in mind the size of the nave. The main altar is made of pure silver and weighs around 400 kilograms. The choir chairs have intricate patterns on cedar. They also have over 400 paintings from the Cusco school or Escuela Cuzqueña. You will find here impressive paintings from the 16th and 17th century making it a place of interest for artists band historians.
  • La Merced: The convent of La Merced and the Baroque church were built on the existing site of a church destroyed by the earthquake of 1650. It is known as the third most important cathedral in the city and has a number of important and luxurious items that are celebrated. Of the items, the most precious thing here is the sacristy, which is basically a gold monstrance set which is bejeweled with many precious stones and pearls. There are many impeccable sites and paintings inside the church, making it a fascinating site for tourists.
  • Qenqo: This is a relatively small site of importance in the city compared to the other regions. However, it is very interesting and a great mystery to historians because its purpose is not comprehensive. The complex, or what remains of it, has been copied from a single solid Rock, which includes the underground chambers as well as the winding channels. It is still not known what channels used to hold. Some people speculate that it could either be water, chichi, or blood from sacrifice. The stone site used to be covered in a gold layer, as has been understood from previous documentations.
  • San Francisco Church and Monastery: This Church and monastery are found southwest of the Plaza de Armas Anderson gigantic Church that was built in 1572 and has been restored since the earthquake of 1650. The church in itself is not that grand, but it has an intricately carved choir made of cedar as well as a huge collection of colonial a that includes the work of Diego Quispe Tito and Marcos Zapata. Another monumental piece of interest here is a painting by Juan Espinoza de Los Monteros that is of great significance. There are also two crypts found below the church where human bones are arranged in various patterns.
  • San Blas: This neighborhood is found to the northeast of the famous Plaza de Armas. This is an area filled with cobbled streets with a number of artists and workshops as well as little art galleries since Inca times. When the shops and restaurants open during the evening, this place is full of life and merriment. This is the perfect place for you to pick up souvenirs and handicrafts from the various colorful stalls all over the street.
Sacsayhuamán, Cusco, Peru


Cuzco is a beautiful city with a lot of historical significance, making it a perfect place for exploration and various mysteries. All you have to do is hire a bicycle, get around the city, and enjoy the various things you can do. This is the perfect place for you to gather new experiences!

City Parks

City Park is a great place to contact nature and spend outdoor time with your loved ones. If you like to spend time outside and perform a number of physical activities, Cuzco provides the perfect climate and air quality for it. The various City parks that are available all around Cuzco provide you with an amazing opportunity to come in contact with the various natural elements here and make sure that you get your daily dose of time outside. Here are some of the City parks that you must visit:

  • Plaza de Armas: This plaza has already been listed as one of the best places to visit in Cuzco. It truly is a magnificent spot where all the people of the city come together from time to time in order to celebrate life and the City itself. It has a beautiful Park that you can spend time in.
  • Eco Park: This is a beautiful park with a number of amenities making it absolutely perfect for a midday picnic with your friends and family. You can come here for a light jog or even spend time with nature here.
  • Sagrado Garden: This is a lush, beautiful garden adjacent to one of the most important Incan temples. It has a beautiful spot and wide-open spaces where various ceremonial events take place. However, you can come here for your daily exercises or simply for a stroll.
Plaza de Armas

National Parks

Cuzco has much to offer if you have a keen interest in biodiversity. The extensive parks and the various natural reserves make it a perfect place to enjoy nature and come in close association with it. Here are some do the most well known national parks in and near Cuzco:

  • Tambopata National Park: This is one of the two protected areas in Peru that thrives in both flora and fauna. The National Park is important because it has a great diversity in biological species and guarantees the maintenance of a number of biological cycles that are helpful in the conservation of a number of plants and animals.
  • Manu National Park: Manu National Park is located in a region between Madre de Dios and Cuzco and is very famous for its unique flora and fauna. You can have an exquisite time job with your friends and family and come in close contact with Peru's natural elements. This is the best place to rejuvenate your mind and body and spend the most relaxing time possible.
Manu National Park


While Cuzco is a very popular historical and geographical tourist spot, it does not have beaches where you can lounge. While there are no beaches in the city, there are other popular landmarks where you will be able to have a beautiful time.


The various locations of tourist and public interest in Cuzco have already been discussed in the previous segments. However, there are a few more places that simply stand out. Some of these places are as follows:

  • San Pedro Market: It is important to get in touch with the local life of a city you are visiting. When it comes to Cuzco, you get a slice of the life of a localite when you come to the beautiful San Pedro market. This is a colorful market with not only a lot of souvenirs for you to take homes, such as hats, handwoven rugs, blankets made of alpaca yarns, handmade fabric dolls, and much more. You will also be able to find a lot of local delicacies here, such as local bread called pan chuta. Along with this, it is also known for local fruits and vegetables.


Being a place of great historical significance, Cuzco has a number of museums showcasing the wonder of the historical era as well as paintings. These museums are the best place for those who have a keen interest in history as well as art and literature. Through visiting these museums, you will truly be able to understand the essence and history of this beautiful and magnificent place. The most important museums here include:

  • Museo de Arte Precolombino or (Pre-Columbian Art Museum): This art museum has more than 450 pieces of pre-Columbian art that have been directly restored from the storage rooms of Larco Museum situated in Lima. Among the many things, you will find here include ceramics, jewelry, silverwork, weavings, and various other important artifacts that date back to 1250 BC to 1532 AD. These artifacts come from various cultures and civilizations, including Inca, Huari, Paracas, Chancay, Chumu, Moche, and Nasca. It also has a wall filled with wooden sculptures and various paintings from Escuela Cuzqueña or the Cuzco School.
  • Museo Casa Concha: While archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu, the various artifacts were sent to Yale University Museum, where they were kept deposited. It has now been returned to Peru in 2011 and is displayed in the former house of an Aristocrat known as Jose de Santiago Concha. It consists of 12 rooms with beautiful balconies that spread around three courtyards. This house contains over 300 artifacts ranging from silver pins to huge ceramic pots. You will be able to find interactive videos and displays that will help you understand more about Machu Picchu and the Incas.
  • Museo Inca: This is the best museum for those who are interested in the Incas. This museum is contained in a beautiful and luxurious house from the 16th century. The building itself is a piece of art and belonged to Admiral Francisco Aldrete Maldonado, and was built on Inca foundations. The main focus is basically on the Incas, but you'll also be able to find those related to the petroleum culture in general. Displayed here are golden metalwork, ceramics, mummies, textiles, jewelry, and much more.
Museo Casa Concha


The Cuzco region is known for The spectacular and budget-friendly food options all over the town. Not only to find traditional Peruvian dishes but also some international delicacies. This is the perfect place for those who love food and want to try something new. Some of the most traditional dishes here include Lomo Salgado, which is basically bi steps that are stir-fried with vegetables and served over rice and french fries, papa rellena, which is a stuffed potato dish with hard-boiled eggs, beef, vegetables, and more, sopa de zapallo, which is a special kind of pumpkin soup. You must also try here alpaca meat, which is served in various forms, as well as Cuy or guinea pig, which is one of the most important holiday foods here.

Traditional Local Restaurants

If you love to indulge in traditional restaurants and try out the most original dishes no matter where you travel, here are some of the restaurants that you must visit:

  • La Cusqueñita: This restaurant is known for its extremely traditional Peruvian dishes and recipes that will totally blow your mind. One of the dishes that you must try here is called the Chiriuchu, which dates back to the Inca times. It is one of the most festive dishes here and combines a number of Peruvian specialties, including corn cakes, chaqui, cheese, guinea pig, seaweed, potato, fish roe, and much more.
  • Mercado San Pedro: This is not the fanciest restaurant and is found in the San Pedro market. One of the most important dishes that you must try here is actually a special soup which is known as Caldo de Gallina. This traditional soup has some of the freshest ingredients, including carrots, chicken, spices, rich broth, and noodles.
  • Cuyeria Sabor Moqueguano: guinea pig is one of the unique delicacies of the Andes region. This is low fat and high protein meat that has still been known as one of the most important foods in all of Peru. This restaurant is sort of a local gem that is located in a residential area. You can try the guinea pig in any form you like, fried or baked. The decor of this restaurant is quite simple, and it is popular with the locals as well.
  • Chicha: This is a fine dining restaurant that has been popular because of the most celebrated chef in Peru, known as Gastón Acurio. It is located close to the Plaza de Armas and has some of the most luxurious Peruvian dishes, including ceviche, alpaca, rocoto rellano, pork cracklings, and much more.

Vegetarian and Vegan

There are a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Cuzco. So, no matter what your lifestyle preferences are, you will be able to find something that is best suited for you:

  • Chia Vegan Kitchen: This place has an exquisite menu that will provide you with mouth-watering vegan dishes. This is a favorite local spot for those following a vegan lifestyle.
  • Rucula: Whether you like to get a quick brunch or A fancy dining restaurant, this place will provide you with great options, and there is a Paradise for those following a vegan lifestyle.
  • Vida Vegan Bistro: While this restaurant has a strictly vegan menu, even if you are not vegan, you will have the best time dining here. It has an extremely inclusive menu filled with the most delicious and aromatic food imaginable.
  • Avocado Toast and More: This is a Vegan and vegetarian restaurant that is popular for its brunch menu. It has great strength that you can enjoy.
  • Divina Rosa: Not only will you be able to enjoy the delicious food here, but the staff is also extremely pleasant and will make sure that you have a satisfactory experience dining here.

Street Food

Street food is extremely interesting in Cuzco and has become extremely diverse because of the number of tourists visiting here every year. Some of the most important Street foods that you must try when in Cuzco are as follows:

  • San Pedro Market: This market is one of the most important places to visit for food fun and more when coming to Cuzco. You will find the most exciting plethora of food stalls and vendors and even be able to stock up on your groceries here. Ranging from sandwiches to fresh fruit smoothies, you will be able to find everything here.
  • Choclo con Queso: This is one of the most traditional street food and is basically boiled corn with cheese. This is unlike any other corn version on the cob you ever had because Peruvian corn and itself are different and unique.
  • Roast Pork Sandwiches: Pork and breadth are one of the most exciting combinations, and Rose Park sandwich tensor was the perfect lunch or snack option for you. The park is called right in front of your eyes, and you can ask for other continents like mustard, Salsa, mayonnaise, or ketchup as well.

Other exciting Street foods include tamales and Anticucho. These street food options are available all over the town and are absolutely scrumptious. If you are into trying out the true flavors of the city, these are things that you must try at least once.

Woman vendor at the Central Market. Cusco, Peru


Cuzco has a robust nightlife, which means you will be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages here. Cuzco also has a traditional beer, which is unique and has an exciting taste. However, if you are not interested in alcoholic beverages, you will be able to find a number of fresh fruit smoothies stalls, which is one of the perfect drinks during a day of hot summer. If you enjoy your cup of tea or coffee on a regular basis, there are a number of cafes that will serve you the same.


You must not drink tap water in Cuzco. The official advice with regard to drinking tap water is to boil the water for at least 3 minutes before consuming. However, the best thing you can do is fill your bottles with filtered water from the various filters that you will find in the City. It is advised that you not buy a number of plastic water bottles as it is extremely harmful to the environment.

Organic Cafés

There are quite a lot of organic cafes in Cuzco. Some of the stuff that is worth visiting includes:

  • Organika: This organic Cafe is quite close to the Cuzco cathedral and boasts a wonderful menu that is extremely fresh and straight from the market.
  • Greens: As the name suggests, this organic Cafe near the Cuzco Cathedral has a green menu filled with fresh vegetables and fruits!
  • Sara: This is an organic cafe bistro with the best reviews. You will be able to find scrumptious food and the best drinks that are both fresh and organic.


With their own production of beer and general view regarding drinking, there are a number of breweries all around the city. These include:

  • Paqcha Brewing
  • Cerveceria Paqcha
  • Backus Planta Cuzco
  • Cholos Brewpub
  • Cholos Craft Beers Cuzco
  • Nuevo Mundo Craft Beer Bar Cuzco
  • Cerveceria Edelmann
  • Cervecerias Cuzco SAC


There is much to do and a lot to explore in an exciting place like Cuzco. You need to plan your day when you come here, especially if you do not have a lot of time in hand. While it is always exciting to navigate whimsically, it will also benefit you to have a good idea of what to do and when to do. The activities around the city include various options, no matter what your inclinations are. In this manner, Cuzco is truly an inclusive city.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga has become quite popular in Cuzco, and hence there are a number of yoga retreats such as:

  • Pachānanda Retreat Center
  • Massage & Yoga Studio in Cuzco Paramatma Healing
  • Healing House Cuzco Yoga and Therapies
  • Peru Shamans personalized healing center
  • YogaWasi
  • Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley


Cuzco is an extremely important city in Peru because of its extensive history and because it is one of the most important destinations before people reach Machu Picchu. As it is an important tourist destination, there are a number of accommodations available all around the city. Whether you want to have a luxurious stay or a budget trip, you will be able to find something that will suit your needs perfectly.

Green Hotels

Traveling responsibly begins with knowing how sustainably you can live in a foreign city. Environmental knowledge is one of the basics when it comes to responsible for traveling. One of the best ways you can ensure that your travel is as environmentally sustainable is possible is by choosing an accommodation that has adopted means, which makes it environment friendly. While there are many places to live in Cuzco, some hotels have modified themselves and included Technologies that make them sustainable. Some of these are as follows:

  • Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Cuzco
  • JW Marriott El Convento Cuzco
  • Casa Andina Premium Cuzco
  • Hilton Garden Inn Cuzco
  • Sonesta Hotel Cuzco
  • Terra Andina Colonial Mansion
  • Casa San Blas Boutique
  • Costa Del Sol Ramada Cuzco

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket trying to find accommodation in Cuzco, you can do so by living in hostels or guest houses. These are the best way to utilize a shared space and have a luxurious stay while not spending too much money.


  • Antis Hostel Cuzco
  • The Point Hostels - Cuzco
  • Pariwana Hostel Cuzco
  • The Grasshopper Hostel
  • Namaste House
  • loki Cuzco
  • Black sheep hostel

Guest Houses

  • My House Cuzco
  • Luna House Cuzco
  • Yanuy Culinary Guest House
  • La Escala Guest House
  • Casa Salkantay


Cuzco is one of the most important areas in Peru that receives a lot of tourists from all over the world; it has a number of apartments that can easily be rented. If you are planning to live here for a month or so, hiring an apartment is one of the best ways to find accommodation here. The apartments are generally casual, but you may also be able to find luxurious apartments that are closer to your preference. You will have to make the booking for these apartments before you reach.


One of the cheapest ways in which you can live in a city is with the help of Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing provides you with an opportunity to stay in another person's house. You will essentially be staying in the house of a locality and hence be able to make a friend on your way. You can find more details at


If you love to stay out of those and have a passion for camping, you can do so in Cuzco. There are quite a lot of camping sites which include:

  • Inkas Camping
  • Quinta Lala
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima
  • SAN Carlos Camping
  • CUZCO for US
  • Ecositio Casa Ayni Cuzco

How to Get There

Being one of the busiest cities in Peru, Cuzco is quite well connected as tourism is one of the most important industries. People who come here are taking various modes of transportation from all over the world.


Alejandro Velasco Astete Cuzco Airport (CUZ) is the international airport that is located in Cuzco. Being an extremely important tourist location in South America, this airport receives a number of international and domestic flights on a regular basis. The airport is quite advanced and has a paved runway.

Alejandro Velasco Astete Cuzco Airport


There are a number of buses from various Peruvian and Bolivian cities that come directly to Cuzco. Terminal Terrestre is a little distance from the center of the city, but you can hire a taxi to reach the destination. Buses come from a number of cities like Lima, Nazca, Puno, and more. Before you get on the bus, please make sure that it either has a bathroom or will make some bathroom breaks in some hours as the journey can be quite long.


Rail services to and from Cuzco is rather limited. You will be able to find some trains that go to Machu Picchu and Puno from Cuzco. Besides, there is a luxury rail service to the city of Arequipa as well.


It is possible for you to hitchhike to the city of Cuzco. However, make sure to nature plans from before.


The means mentioned above are the most common ways to get to the city of Cuzco.

Moving Around

The city of Cuzco is not a large one, so you will be able to cover much of the distance by walking or cycling. However, you will probably need to catch a bus or taxi if you want to reach the bus station or the airport. Please be careful walking around the city at night as there have been few cases of robberies here.


Most people who visit the city generally travel by walking around the city. The city is small enough, and the air quality is substantial for you to take a walk around most places around the city.


You will be able to rent bicycles in Cuzco. Cycling is a great way to get around the city and is also a great form of exercise. While you will find a number of taxis here and there, it is much more sustainable for you to rent a bicycle as it is better for the environment.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are not common in the city of Cuzco.

Public Bus

Every bus route in Cuzco has a particular name, and there are a number of public buses that travel all around the city. The cost of traveling on these buses is quite nominal, and it is the best way to get around the city. You will be able to come in close contact with the locals and be able to get the true essence of the city.

A bus stop in Cuzco

Tram, Train and Subway

Being a small city that can be easily accessed by walking, there are no train lines here.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. There are a number of stores in Cuzco that support sustainable shopping. These include:

  • Iya Mayta
  • The Fair Trade Store
  • Susan Wagner
  • Artesanias Las Pallas
  • La Calendria

Food Markets

Some of the food markets where you will be able to find the freshest food and groceries include:

  • San Pedro Market
  • Fair Huancaro
  • Shop Market

Flea Markets

Some of the flea markets in Cuzco are as follows:

  • San Pedro Market
  • Tikarisun
  • tienda de abarrotes
  • Mercado de Ttio
  • Baratillo or Saturday baratillo
  • Mercadito Santa anita

Second Hand Stores

Some second hand stored in Cuzco are:

  • Generacion Z
  • Repuestos Jhafej
  • Carrion Sullca Daniel Alcides
  • Volks Shop Cuzco
  • La Yapa Cuzco


Eco-fashion stores in Cuzco include:

  • A La Lau!
  • Kuna
  • Sissai
  • Lorena Pestana
  • Dedalo
  • Vernácula


Some of the places where you can recycle in Cuzco are as follows:

  • Pro Ecología S.R.L.
  • Reciklados


Cuzco has developed some means of making waste management sustainable. Although these technologies are not in full swing, these are now being used in Cuzco to make the waste management procedures environmentally friendly. When you are in Cuzco, please do not litter the streets or the historical sites. You must be very aware of the place you are and only throw waste when you see a trash can.

Work and Study Abroad

Some people come to the city in order to seek work. As the tourism industry is flourishing in Cuzco, many people come to this city in order to find jobs from the neighboring cities. Being one of the most advanced places in Peru, not only does it provide a great opportunity for businessmen but also for those who are seeking to study. Many students come to the city to pursue their education, both from the country itself and from outside.

Exchange Student

Cuzco welcomes quite a number of exchange students on a regular basis. Students can generally get well accustomed to the city as it is welcoming and extremely pleasant.

Au Pair

Au pair is becoming extremely popular in Cuzco. You will be able to find an Au pair for your family with the help of some of the best websites.


Some of the most interesting places of volunteering in Cuzco include the following:

  • Sacred Valley Communities: You can volunteer to provide English speaking skills and other community members' skills.
  • ProPeru: This is an extraordinary program, especially for students. You will be able to help communities develop irrigation systems, fish farms, as well as other structures.
  • Bruce Peru: This is an opportunity for you to work with Street children as well as the various orphanages in the City.

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