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Eco-friendly travel guide to Davos advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Davos, Switzerland.

Lake Davos and Seehorn

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$110 - $490
  • Budget per day: US$220 - $730

Responsible Travel

Popular for playing host to the annual meeting of global political and business elites named the World Economic Forum, Davos is a town in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Located on the Landwasser River, in the Rhaetian Alps, this town has Switzerland’s one of the biggest and most famous ski resorts with a conference center. This town is also known for its annual Spengler Cup Ice-hockey held at the end of every year and is hosted by the HC Davos local hockey team.

Davos also has many research institutes namely, the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research, the Institute of Snow and Avalanche Research of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscapes Research, the World Radiation Centre, and last but not the least the AO Foundation, which focuses on the trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Apart from these, Davos is also popular for the arts from ancient times along with holding a great role in public services and businesses, science and medicines, and sports. Several amazing tourist attractions invite a huge crowd to visit Davos, apart from only the political and business personalities.

  • As an eco-friendly tourist, you should consider staying in green hotels. These hotels contribute their role to keep the atmosphere clean.
  • To keep the environment free from impurities and conserve the natural resources of the country choose the methods that work positively on the environment. This will help you to fulfill your duty as a responsible tourist.
  • Prefer using public transport like local buses to travel in and around the town and admire the famous attractions.
  • Being a responsible tourist, make sure to visit city parks and maintain the decorum.
  • You can use the facility of cars to move around the town, Davos. It is suitable for reaching the other nearby destinations along with enjoying the views of the interior town regions.
  • Scout non-popular areas, to make it known among the other visitors. This helps to highlight the unknown places. The shops in these areas will also be benefited from your visit.
  • Prefer visiting the local markets for food and lodging. This will help to increase the local economy. It is considered as one of the most effective ways for fulfilling your job as a responsible tourist.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Davos is moderately safe. There are some regions where the quality level of air may not be acceptable for many individuals, as it can be unhealthy for sensitive people. This impure air quality causes a big threat to the health of people. The rate of pollution keeps on fluctuating every day. Hence, the government has taken certain actions ever since these problems started to grow. This group of authorities is also motivating the people to hand out their role to improve the air quality by using eco-friendly machines, and imply the same for the means of transports as well.

The management is trying to understand the concept and taking the necessary measures to cope up with the problems related to pollution. Further, the government is working hard to make the environmental condition of the city much better. As a result, the town is persistently getting better day by day. These official bodies have also taken important guidelines to reduce the number of running gadgets that increase the pollution rate. By applying these measures, they have handled the situation and managed to control the impure air quality to a certain level. Till date, the rise in pollution rate has been taken care of to an estimated rate. So, you can comfortably plan your trip to Davos.

Respect the Culture

Davos believes in preserving the culture and heritage of the city from the ancient as well as modern times. The town has seven sites that are listed as the Swiss heritage sites of national significance. These sites include the Grosses Jenatschhaus, which is a type of charity house known as Pfrundhaus, the Kirchner Museum, the Forest Cemetery named Waldfriedhof, the town Archives, and some hotels and spas such as the former Grand Hotel Belvedere, the Berghotel Schatzalp, and the Zurcher Hohenklinik von R. Gaberel. Other things that reflect the culture of Davos town are the paintings of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

The famous writing, The Magic Mountain reflects the classic literature of the town. Davos's nightlife also depicts the culture of the city in modern times. A visit to Chur, will also help the tourists to learn about the cultural history of the town and scout the museums. The Davos Festival held in the month of August is a platform for the young talented musicians who perform classic music from all around the world. The modern music and works of classical are truly commendable. The combination of Davos mountain landscapes along with the significance and spirits of the young artists attracts loads of tourists every year. This art and music also depict the culture of the town.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Davos is one of the best cities for people who love to travel. It is because there you would get some beautiful places which have the most attractive sights for your holiday trip. If you are really interested to know their names then just go through the ones which are mentioned below.

  • Alpine Botanical Garden – This garden has beautiful views of the mountain and is also home to a tremendous variety of fauna and fauna. There is also a fascinating waterfall which is a must-visit as you admire nature while relaxing in the fresh atmosphere.
  • Wintersport Museum – Having the central location, the old Post Office was the most appropriate place to present the huge collection of winter sports equipment and documents that were donated by the Jurg Kaufmann family. Special attention was given to the well-preserved exhibits such as bobsleds, skates, sleds, curling material, skis, etc. documenting the history of winter sports from its very beginning till the present day.
  • Jakobshorn – Enjoying the panorama view of the whole Davos and Klosters area, along with the Sertig Valley, from the top of the Jakobshorn is truly remarkable. The beauty of the surroundings is something you don't want to miss out on.
  • Rinerhorn – Admiring the Alpine petting zoo at the Rinerhorn summit station is liked by both children and adults. The barbeque sot namely, Abirugg is considered as a perfect place for a picnic. This place is also an ideal point for hiking into the Sertig Valley, into the Ducan Valley, or to Monstien.
  • Chur – This is the oldest town in Switzerland and holds many historical monuments such as the Rhaetian Museum, old cathedral, or the picturesque winding streets in the old town. This place also offers a broad culinary range of Graubunden delicacies, Bundner specialties, and international dishes. Besides, Chur is also home to animals and leisure parks. There is a large sports center that offers both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, inline skating, tennis, beach volleyball, and many more.
  • Parsenn – Touring with the cable railway will add an advantage to your trip. Its first section will take you from Davos Dorf to the middle station Hohenweg. The second section will continue the journey up to Weissfluhjoch, where you can enjoy the stunning view over Davos and Klosters along with the surrounding peaks.
  • Vaillant Arena – This place is a popular arena used for ice hockey. Besides, it is also home to HC Davos. Every year the Spengler Cup Ice-Hockey is played in this arena. It has a large sitting area. You can book your seat and enjoy the sports. It is a perfect place for sports lovers to spend and enjoy their time.
  • Kirchner Museum – This museum displays the splendid art of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which offers the visitors a remarkable experience. The architecture of this museum invites barrier-free access. The presentation is nicely done and the paintings portrayed here are truly amazing. Different sections here have their own displaying ambiance with makes it more remarkable.
  • Davos Skiing Resort – The best time to visit this place is when the annual meeting gets over. This place has a wide-open ski area with a wonderful fast lift system. There are several mountain eateries that serve quality food at reasonable prices. You can enjoy your day skiing in this resort without any dispute as the place has interconnected runs that won't let you stop. There are lots of meadows here as well.
  • Eua-la-la – This is an amusement park that consists of fun slides and many water pools. There is a heated outdoor pool as well as various hydrotherapy fun additions. You can opt to spend a restful time here and equally enjoy the soothing temperature of the water at an affordable price.


As you have almost known about the ten tourist attractions where you can opt to pay a visit. Apart from these, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider visiting. Here is a list of such places to explore.

City Parks

  • Madrisa – Adventure Park – Located in the open countryside on the sunny Madrisa Mountain, this park has some amazing adventure sections. These sections include a rope bridge, a steep track with an abseiling point, a long aerial ropeway for crossing the mountain stream, high climbing routes on the mountain face, and a climbing tree with an amusing view from the top.
  • Alpinum Schatzalp – Open every day from the end of May till Mid-September. This botanical garden has more than 3,000 alpine plants from the mountains all over the world including Tibet, Switzerland, China, New Zealand, Nepal, Pyrenees, etc. It is a beautiful place covered with colorful flower plants all around. You can fully enjoy the surrounding view of the fresh atmosphere.
Alpinum Schatzalp

National Parks

  • Swiss National Park – Situated in the Western Rhaetian Alps, this national park is the largest protected area of the country and is part of the worldwide UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There you can see the unique fauna that includes chamois, golden eagles, ibexes, bearded vultures, marmots, and countless other wild animals. This park is also known for preserving the natural flora and nature.
  • Bavarian Forest National Park – This national park is a few hours of distance from the Davos Platz. There is a wide range of mammals such as wildcat, mouse-eared bat, red deer, Eurasian Lynx, Bechstein’s bat, Eurasian otter, beaver, and others. There are also various species of birds such as hazel grouse, black stork, Eurasian pygmy owl, capercaillie, European honey-buzzard, and others that are rarely found in parts of the world.

This national park is also home to over 1500 beetle species and more than 10 woodland specialist species. Some of the rare insect species such as the longhorn beetle, Tragosoma depsarium. Besides, this forestry also has endangered and rare species of plants such as Swertia perennis, Dicranum viride, and others.

Swiss National Park


  • Davos Beach – This beach is quite an attraction of the town, Davos. Beautifully set up with resting and beach party spots, there are several options that you can opt for according to your preference and enjoyment. They offer a private beach for relaxation and comfort. There is a separate zone such as the lounge zone with amazing sitting arrangements of tables and sofas, and the gaming zone where you can do various activities with your friends and families.

The beach also has a beach bar terrace that offers a delicious and lip-smacking food menu including a variety of pasta, grilled items, and other Italian dishes. They also serve a wide range of cocktails and juices. During summer, you will see various arrangements of water and beach sports, competitions, and team building activities on the beach and in the water in the daytime.


  • Hohe Promenade Walk – This one-hour round trip covered by foot, begins from Davos-Platz, the road behind the Seehof Hotel, and continues the lane to the Catholic Church. It is considered as a perfectly planned level road that is sometimes under trees and is kept clean of snow in winter.
  • Fluelapass – This place is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. The beautiful and stunning road that is in fine condition makes it a must-visit place for tourists. Because the roads are great here, therefore you will see many cyclists and drivers. Further, you need to beware of the animals.
Panorama of the Flüelapass


  • Davos local History Museum – This museum in Davos narrates the local history of the town. The everyday life of the people, their traditions, and crafts are beautifully portrayed in this museum. The large Jenatschhaus presents a rich collection of documents and objects. Being an old patrician house and a historic building, this museum narrates many stories. Sometimes, special exhibitions are held in the museum of local history.
  • Medicine Museum – The documentation of Davos' medical scientific development foundation has taken the responsibility to preserve and document the x-ray images, tools, and files reflecting the work of the best scientists and physicians of Davos. This museum is accessible to the students for study purposes. The collection is considered an inviting addition to the documentation library.


Being one of the popular cities of Switzerland, Davos is famous for its traditional Swiss cuisines. Originated from the Italian, German, and French culinary tradition, the town is popular for serving both traditional and local dishes that are delicious and cooked in a unique style. The land serves a variety of dishes made from butter, vegetables, cheese, eggs, milk, and meat. Bread cheese sandwiches and coffee are traditionally eaten by the locals for breakfast.

Fondue is the main meal that is prepared by mixing various ingredients such as cheese, spices, and wine. This fondue is served with a platter consisting of pieces of meats, potatoes, bread, and other vegetables. This dish is widely offered in mainly every local restaurant. It is quite popular among the locals and even the visitors. Hence, you will get various types of fondue in the town such as chicken fondue in which chicken is made with cream sauce and served in platter form. Besides, the dessert fondue is made using fruits and ice creams.

Another popular dish offered by Davos is the raclette, which is basically a vegetarian dish. The potatoes are filled with melted cheese and are served with spices, herbs, vegetables, and other items. The town also offers special cheese soup, which is served with fried bread and various kinds of cheese salads. Julienne is a banal dish like scrambled eggs and is another popular dish among the locals of Davos.

Some of the other dishes served in the town include fried potato tortilla roesti, pork legs, and sausage salad, Krapfli. The land also serves a variety of seafood dishes. Local meat schnitzels are worth trying. The town is also known for serving various desserts and sweet options such as honey cakes, custard, muffins, rolls, cookies with almonds and chocolate, puff cakes, and other Swiss sweets.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Yama Restaurant Alte Post – Located in the Landwasserstrasse in Davos, this restaurant is popular for serving delicious Japanese dishes along with the traditional menu. With a pleasant ambiance, it also offers vegan options. The must-try dish of this restaurant is the wide variety of sushi that are creatively made with a flavorsome taste. The restaurant also serves quality wines and shakes.
  • Restaurant Hanggi’s Davos – Known for serving great seasonal and local dishes, this restaurant is located in Mattastrasse, Davos. With quick service and quality food, this place offers an Italian and European menu as well. The ambiance of this restaurant is warm and cozy. The staff is well trained and friendly. Overall, it is a great place to spend the evening with your partner, family, or friends. Wine from Wallis and Spain are also served here.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Alpenhof Davos – This classy and cozy restaurant is located in Hofstrasse in Davos. It offers a great menu including Italian, Swiss, European, Mediterranean, and local dishes. The vegan and gluten-free food served here are fresh and super delicious. It has an amazing view with a beautiful setup. You can opt for this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even brunch snacks. It is one of the best vegan restaurants you should definitely visit.
  • Restaurant Bergfuhrer – Situated in Sertigerstrasse, this restaurant is located at the edge of a village with an amazing view of the mountains. The food served here has delicious menu options that include Swiss and European dishes. The dishes are full of flavors and part of local specialties. With nice staff, this restaurant is of reasonable price.

Street Food

  • Davos Cuisine – Provide service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this place is located in Nightmare Promenade, Davos Dorf. They serve the best home-baked and cooked local specialties that are famous among the locals and tourists as well. You will have an option of Swiss, Deli, Diner, and street food that have lip-smacking flavors and tastes. The pleasant atmosphere with quality food and well-mannered staff make it a place worth visiting.


Besides serving great options of eateries, Davos is also popular for offering drinks with the option of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The town serves a variety of local beer options that are worth trying because of their taste and quality. But the most delicious one is the dark one from Samichlaus, which is very popular among the locals of the city. Another drink that is famous across the city is the local wine. The fine taste and variety served in the city.

The locals of the city also love to enjoy various non-alcoholic drinks. The traditional juice, tea, and coffee consumed after eating the delicious dishes of the local chefs are very common in Davos. Herbal teas are the most popular beverage in the city. When it comes to the option of coffee, you will have espresso, cappuccino, and Americano. And, if you like strong coffee, then try the ristretto offered by the city. Further, hot chocolate is popular among the locals and tourists.


The quality of tap water in Davos is safe to drink. Everyone around the city uses tap water for drinking and other purposes. There are also drinking fountains in Davos. About 80% of the water in Switzerland comes from underground sources and the remaining is taken from the lake. Therefore, the water distributed across the cities of the country meets the high-quality standard.

The groundwater protection zones established in different regions makes it accessible to distribute half of the water without treating it. Hence, the tap water of the city can be used for drinking without worrying about the health hazard. Further, the tap water of the country is considered to have a much better ecological balance as compared to the bottled mineral water.

Organic Cafés

  • Café Weber Backerei Konditorei Bar – This is one of the well-known café located in Promenade in Davos. With a super delicious Swiss and European food menu and friendly environment, this café has great coffee. You can opt to try out some dishes like salads, pasta, soups, and others. The service is good as the staff is attentive. They also serve beer, cocktails, and wine.
  • Cioccolino – Situated in Promenade, Davos Platz in Davos, this restaurant serves a fresh and delicious menu of traditional mountain food besides Italian and European dishes. In the pleasant atmosphere around you can spend quality time with your family and friends here. The prices are quite reasonable and you can opt to try the pizzas, burgers, rosti, ice creams, and other dishes available here. Don't forget to sip the coffee to feel relaxed and enjoy the blended flavors.


  • BierVision Monstein AG – This brewery is located in Hauptstrasse, Monstein in Davos. With the great pictures of the village, this place is worth visiting. They serve different types of beers and amazingly, each has a different and unique taste. Not only the tourists but also the locals prefer to visit this high altitude located brewery. The quality of the beer is fine and the ambiance is quite homely. They offer local snacks such as cured meats and cheeses, which you can enjoy with your drink.
  • Davoser Craft Beer – Located in the Bolligenstrasse, this place is known for serving the best beer in the city. Crafted with proper handwork and the finest ingredients, the quality of beer served here is excellent and quite popular. The beer here is famous because it is made with clear water from Davos Mountain and old craftsmanship. Thus, this is one of the wildest small and youngest breweries in Switzerland.


Davos has several sites that you can opt to visit. The EuroKi Event is held in the second half of March month. This is considered a significant event of winter sports in the winter season. Participants from all European countries compete together in extensive and parallel slalom. Sometimes, competitions in classical and freestyle techniques are also arranged on cross country tracks. Visiting this will give you a chilling experience that is full of excitement. The Welcome Apero is an unusual event held in the month of February and March.

Being a part of this event will help you to explore the resort with a cup of coffee and local desserts. There are events for children as well. The Children’s event Davos held during the late December to mid-April helps the children to get familiar with the local folklore and creativity of the city bards. Other events that you can enjoy are the SnowShoe Adventure Klosters. Apart from these, you can also enjoy the family barbecue at the Swiss Snow Kids Village. This event starts from the end of December to the end of March.

The city also hosts the Cover Festival Davos at the end of March. This event annually invites numerous popular bands. The elegant Red Bull Homerun, dedicated to the end of the ski season is held at the beginning of April. You can participate in the masterclasses and competitions. This event ends with a grand party. Further, you can enjoy water skiing in the Swiss Alps, take part in the Iglu-Jam Waterslide, and enjoy the Red Bull X-Alps stage. You can be a part of the Jazz festival which is held in the month of July. Besides, you can also take part in the Wiesner Alpfest. Other popular events that you can admire are the National Alpine wrestling during Sertig Swisswrestling, Davos Festival in the month of early August, etc.

Yoga and Retreats

Your mind and body need to relax, as you are continuously moving while scouting the city. There are a number of yoga retreats in Davos that can help you to restore your energy and keep you peaceful-minded. Attending a few sessions will make you feel calm and energetic. You can also practice meditation to calm your mind while traveling through the city.


While traveling to different parts of the world, accommodation is the basic requirement. Getting a place to stay and relieve your tiredness is very important. As the city remains crowded with visitors, the accommodation facility is well maintained with all required necessities. The options of accommodation include green hotels, apartments, hostels, and guest houses.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels are very much in demand, especially among eco-friendly tourists. The positivity of these green hotels leads to the betterment of the atmosphere. The facilities provided by these hotels are the same as any average hotel. You will get all the basic necessities. The cost of these hotels can be low or similar in comparison to the normal hotels.

  • Hotel Edelweiss Davos
  • Grischa – DAS Hotel Davos
  • Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere
  • Hotel Waldhuus Davos
  • InterContinental Davos Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are planning to stay for several weeks in the city, then go with the options of hostels and guest houses. These lodging systems are affordable and provide nearly every facility that you would get in any average hotel. Here is a list of such high-rated lodging.

  • Davos Youth Hostel
  • Am Ufer
  • Damiano’s Gasthaus zum Tschuggen
  • Adventure Hostel
  • Chesa Selfranga


Apartments are highly recommended for the ones who are scheduling to stay in the city for more than a month. You will get all the required facilities. Therefore, booking an apartment beforehand would be more beneficial. These apartments are available on a rental basis and are ranging from low to high cost.

  • Parsenn Resort
  • Haus Rhatikon
  • Ferienwohnung Sunneschii
  • Bortji
  • Studio 25 Davos Platz


Couchsurfing is the best way to get accommodation if you want to spend less or if you are worried about your low budget traveling. With almost all facilities, this method of lodging helps you to observe the amazing features of the city. Though it is cheap in price it will provide lodging to you to live in the city at a low cost. As an eco-friendly tourist, this will also be beneficial for you, to interact with the locals and understand their way of living.


Camping provides another effective method to experience the adventure in the city. There are many campgrounds in Davos where you can have fun and admire the beauty of nature. The campsites of this town are tremendously attention-seeking and spread on spacious land.

How to Get There

Davos is well connected to the modes of transportation. The most suitable way to get to the city is by the airways. If you come from nearby cities you can prefer trains or buses. To travel within the city and visit the attractions you can opt for the car. The roadways of the city are interlinked with the routes leading the lanes and streets, therefore you can prefer walking too.


Airways is the fastest mode of transport. Not only is it convenient, but also saves your time. St Moritz Airport is the nearest airport to Davos. Further, Zurich, Milan Malpensa, Milan Bergamo, Milan Linate are other nearby airports to the city. Tickets price may vary depending on the airline you select.


You can use the bus route to enter the city while arriving from the close cities. The bus facility in Davos is highly maintained and the drivers are aware of all the routes. This mode of transport is less costly as compared to the airways.

A bus in Davos


A Swiss meter gauge railway, namely the Landquart – Davos Platz railway, is operated by the Rhaetian Railway. It connects Landquart in the Alpine Rhine Valley with the spa town of Davos.


This method of traveling is being carried out in many parts of the world. Taking help on the way to reach the location within the city can be used. It's time consuming but is free of cost. Opting for this option will also help you to understand the route and get to interact with the locals.


Other modes of transportation that are used to get in the city are cars. You can also opt for mountain transport like local funiculars or cable cars to get around in the town.

Moving Around

The public transportation services provided by Davos are well linked. It is the most effective way to scout the city. You can use public buses to move around the city. You can also opt for traveling around by rental cars.


As an eco-friendly tourist, walking through the lanes and streets of Davos is considered as one of the best ways to scout the city. Being a small town, walking is the most effective way to explore the city corners without missing anything. It is also a good way to keep the city clean and free from pollution. Further, walking on the roads will also help you to understand the directions easily.


In Davos, you will find vendors who provide rental bikes or bicycles at a minimum cost. It is a great option to cover the markets of the city. You can also explore the nearby localities a bit faster than walking. You can ride the bike for hiking too.

Electronic Vehicles

Davos provides the facility of electric vehicles in the town. There are some electric vehicle charging stations in the region. Electric vehicles are a great alternative to keep the environment pollution-free.

Public Bus

The public buses run around the city and provide good services. These bus routes are connected to various attractions and are operated by the Verkehrsbetrieb der Landschaft Davos Gemeinde. Providing low-cost service, many visitors refer to this means of transport to scout the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no tram and subway options in the city. But the train facility is available. The RhB has two main stations, namely Davos Dorf and Davos Platz. Other stations in the municipality include Davos Glaris, Davos Weisen, Davos Frauenkirche, and Davos Monstein towards Filisur, and the Davos Laret and Davos Wolfgang towards Klosters.

Sustainable Shopping

Buying something from the place you visited is like a gift from in the city for the loved ones. Therefore, shopping is very important. Davos provides a variety of items that you can purchase from the markets of the city.

Food Markets

Davos has several supermarkets, where you will get a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, and many others. These markets are known for selling fresh food items at an affordable price. There is a lot to explore in this market as it has multiple options.

Flea Markets

The flea market in Davos is located at some distance from the main hub. These markets include Serachin. at Landquart, Kanzlei at Zurich, and others. These markets are famous in Switzerland for selling antique jewelry, paintings, fur coats, a wide range of cutlery, ancient thermos flask, Swiss knives, and many more. Souvenirs are also offered by these markets.

Second Hand Stores

There are several thrift stores in Davos. These include Da Sara, Carla Second Hand, Minichic Kinder-Second Hand, Brocki Shop Stern, and others. Usually, the items that are sold here are of minimal cost. As an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt for visiting these stores to buy items. These stores are often run for charitable purposes.


The growing demand for sustainable clothes has rapidly increased. The usage of basic materials acquired from organic plants, natural dyes, etc. to produce these clothes helps to keep the environment clean. Hence, many fashion brands are shifting their production technique to provide keen attention to eco-fashion.


Davos is working effectively on a waste management program. Hence, they have positively invested their responsibility to recycle the waste products to keep the environment clean, which further results in a low pollution rate. The by-products that can be recycled are processed and transformed into new products that are usable.


Davos is playing a vital role to gather wastes and dispose of it in an essential way. This will help them to manage the rising waste level. These wastes are harmful to nature. Therefore, they are recycled after getting monitored. Somehow, Davos has been successful to reduce waste products by recycling them into new products. This is resulting in the betterment of the people and providing them a healthy and clean atmosphere to live in.

Work and Study Abroad

Davos provides various studying options for both domestic and foreign students. Hence, many students from across the world come to this city to continue their dream education and set up a career. The city also provides extended job opportunities for the locals as well as visitors. Therefore, many people visit Davos for working purposes as well.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is getting popular worldwide. This also helps the students to enhance their skills, learn new cultures, and languages. Hence, Davos also provides such a facility of education to foreign students at the same education fees. Several colleges and universities in this city are providing exchange student facilities to the students of the partner cities and universities.

Au Pair

Au pair is basically a job, where an individual works for a host family in a foreign country and in return, gets money for their personal use. The facility of au pair will be very useful for the ones who are new in the city and are looking for some alternative source of income before getting properly settled. Besides, it is also helpful for the ones who came to earn a living in the city. Davos does provide the option of au pair in the city.


Working part-time as a helping hand under a volunteering program is considered to be a noble cause done for supporting the betterment of the city. As an eco-friendly tourist, you should participate in this program and contribute your role positively by volunteering as a teacher, pet caretaker, etc.

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