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Eco-friendly travel guide to Eswatini advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Eswatini, Africa.

Eswatini is a beautiful country

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 1 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2.5 / 5
  • National parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $75
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $100

Responsible Travel

Better known in English as Switzerland, this is a country that gets the attention of many tourists, and it is in the southern region of Africa. For those who have never visited this country, you need a guide on how to behave there so that you will find favor amongst the locals.

You should know that the locals of this country are warm, and it is only right that you also reciprocate the feelings. It is almost impossible for you to visit this country without having a feeling of their culture. Thus, it would be best if you never badmouth their customs and traditions.

If you want to travel responsibly to Eswatini, you must ensure to build a cordial relationship with the locals, and you can also get involved in volunteering activities.

Air Quality and Pollution

We know that not everyone can stay in a place with low air quality, and it would be wrong not to give this information ahead before they visit the country.

Many countries worldwide are battling with air pollution, and Eswatini is not an exception. It is not that they are not concerned about the air quality as we see that they put in the effort to combat air pollution. However, they have not been successful yet, so we can say that the country’s air is unsafe.

If you have breathing issues, you should pack your drugs and other requirements when visiting this country as the air could be a trigger. The locals are used to it, but some foreigners may find it difficult to adjust.

Respect the Culture

The people of Eswatini are always ready to welcome foreigners, but you should not display degrading actions. If they sense an air of pride around you, they will stay away. Thus, you should not feel that you are superior to anyone when you are in this country.

Another way of being respectful in Eswatini is by trying to learn the local language. We are not saying that you cannot communicate with the people in English, but they appreciate it when foreigners go the extra mile to learn some phrases.

You will realize that it helps you make more friends, and it makes the locals happy. Things will also go smoothly for you when you know some things in the local language. We assure you that you will not regret your stay in Eswatini.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Some of the top attractions in Eswatini are:

  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (Mbabane): If you did not know, Eswatini is a country that has many sights that helps you appreciate nature, and this is one of them. It is a haven for wildlife, and we are sure that you will see some animals you have never seen before. If you love to watch birds, you should visit this place.
  • Lebombo Mountains: It is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa’s southern region, and you can find parts of it in both Mozambique and Eswatini. We urge that you explore this mountain as it presents a beautiful sight.
  • Ezulwini Valley: Have you ever been to a valley? If no, you can do so in Eswatini. This place is also called The Valley of Heaven and lasts for about 30 kilometers. We know that you will have an exciting experience visiting this place, and it also allows people to appreciate nature.
  • Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve (Piggs Peak): If you are looking for a getaway while in Eswatini, this is one of the best places to visit. It has a beautiful and quiet environment that helps to relax the mind. You can also link up with both tourists and foreigners when you visit this place.
  • Maguga Dam (Komati River): Not many people have had the opportunity to visit a dam, but you can do this when in Eswatini by visiting this place. It comes in handy that people can have boat cruises on the Komati River, so you are sure of having a fun experience.
  • Sheba's Breast Mountain (Lobamba): If you are the adventurous type who loves hiking, you should visit this place as it is one of the city’s best hiking areas. It gives an irresistible scenic view that anyone would love to have. It is always an exciting experience at this place.
  • Sibebe Rock (Mbabane): One can say that hikers would not lack locations in this country as this is another perfect hiking location. Another name for this place is Bald Rock. It is also the second-largest monolith in the world and the largest exposed granite pluton, rising 350m above the Mbuluzi River valley.
  • Malolotja Falls: We know that it is always soothing to visit a waterfall, so we cannot help but add this to our list of top attractions to visit in Eswatini. Due to its beautiful view, you are assured of having a picture-perfect location, helping you create memories.
  • Emlembe (Drakensberg): This is the highest mountain in Eswatini, and we know that it is an accomplishment for some people when they can climb to its peak. If you are interested in doing this, you must visit this place when in the country. You will get a breathtaking view from the top of this mountain.
  • Mkhaya Game Reserve: It comes in handy that there is a tour guide at this place, so you can fully explore it whenever you visit. You also get to see many animals, including rhinos and giraffes.
Lebombo Hills behind Letaba River


There would always be things and places of interest whenever you visit a new place, and all that matters is for you to take action and explore these places. If you are visiting Eswatini, we doubt that you would run out of exciting places to explore.

It is always best to have an open mind and broad perspective when exploring a new place as there are certain places in a country that you may have never imagined. It also comes in handy when a country has different options as not everyone can have the same interest. As a foreigner, it is almost like an unwritten rule that you have to explore a place, and you cannot afford to miss the opportunity; else, you will not have adequate memories.

City Parks

We have seen that some foreigners love to visit and explore city parks when they are in a new place, so we ensure to check and highlight some of the best options so that you can have a swell time.

However, we noticed that most of the cities in Eswatini do not have city parks, so we cannot say that exploring city parks is one option you have when in the country.

A city park is unique to a specific city, but there are none such in Eswatini. If visiting city parks is among your exploring options when in Eswatini, you would have to make a switch as it is not possible. This does not mean you cannot have fun as there are other places to explore.

National Parks

We know that you may think there would be no national parks in Eswatini since there are no city parks. However, you are wrong.

A national park belongs to the entire country, and you will see options of this in Eswatini. Some of them are:

  • Malolotja National Park: You can find this place on the northwestern border with South Africa. Visiting this place is always worth the trip as there are different activities to do and the atmosphere is always perfect. If you love to hike, you can do it at this place. It is not wrong to say that people will have an encompassing experience at this park as it has a waterfall, so you know that it is a perfect place for relaxation. Ensure to visit it when in Eswatini.
Malolotja National Park


When some people think about exploring a new place, they are usually excited by visiting the different beaches in the country. We have gotten questions from people asking about the beaches in Eswatini, and they are usually disappointed because our answer only sets out to burst their bubbles.

We would recommend that you do not have high expectations about visiting a beach when in Eswatini. The country has more places that appreciate nature and allows you to observe animals like a safari park. We would not say that there are beaches in this country.

That is not to say that there are no water bodies, but you would not see a beach. However, we know that you would still have a pleasant experience as there are other places to explore.


Typically, a landmark is a visible building or structure that one can see from afar. People use it as a direction guide. If you ask a local for directions to a place, they are most likely to use a landmark in describing it.

Thus, people say that seeing or visiting different landmarks is also a way of exploring a new place as it helps you get familiar with the terrain.

If you visit Eswatini, you will notice that things are different. The landmarks in the country are their mountains or parks, not necessarily tall structures. It is easier for a local to give directions to a place by pointing out the tourist attractions near it as they are sure that it will get your attention.

Some landmarks in this country are:

  • Hlane National Park (Manzini)
  • Mlawula Nature Reserve
Mlawula Nature Reserve


If you are looking to have a vast knowledge of a place, it is best to visit its museums. Some of these places in Eswatini are:

  • Bulembu Museum (Bulembu): You will see artifacts at this place that come with different stories. These stories are usually intriguing, and we are sure that you will learn something new by the time you leave the museum. It is a great place to explore and also an amazing sight for the eyes.
  • Swaziland National Museum (Lobamba): We can say that it is the country’s biggest museum, and you will get more information from it. They are usually open every day of the week, so you should pick a favorable day. If you are confused about the culture and traditions, this is the right place to cure your curiosity.


If you love to eat, we know that you are looking forward to exploring the various local food options in a new place when you travel. If you are traveling to Eswatini, we can assure you that you are well-covered as they have different tasty traditional meals.

Suppose you are a lover of porridge. It will be best if you try Shishwala before leaving the country. It is their local option, and we know that it will leave your tastebuds craving for more. Often, foreigners are curious to know the preparation process.

You will realize that the locals of Eswatini are lovers of porridge as they usually make it in many ways. Thus, you should also try Siphuphe Semabhontjisi, Siphuphesetindlubu, and Incwancwa.

You can also try the local stew when in the country. It is called Sidlwadlwa.

It is also proper when you eat in traditional restaurants in a country as it is a way of being a responsible traveler. It shows the locals that you appreciate what they are doing, and it also helps you develop a bond with them.

When you eat at these local restaurants, we are sure that you will have nothing but praises as they know how to prepare the meals perfectly and it will leave you requesting for more.

There are many traditional local restaurants in the various Eswatini cities, so we know you will not have a hard time locating one. If you cannot decide, you can ask a local for help.

These restaurants usually have a rich menu, and we know that you will have a pleasant experience trying the various options.

We know that not everyone has the same preferences when it concerns food. Thus, we also check the country’s restaurants to ensure that there are provisions for such people as a vegan restaurant.

If you are a vegetarian, you should not worry as there are vegan restaurants in Eswatini. We cannot say that these restaurants are as much as the regular restaurants you will find, but we know that you will not be stranded when it concerns food.

We also cannot say that you will see vegan restaurants in all the Eswatini cities, but we are sure that you will find them in the top cities. Allow us to assure you that these restaurants do not slack, so you are sure of enjoying delicious options.

The list of available food options in Eswatini will not be complete if we do not mention street foods. These are easy meals you can get on the roadside side, and their preparation process does not take time. A perfect example of this in the country is umncweba and umkhunsu. It is a meat meal that goes through a marinated preparation process and always comes out tasty.

If you are a corn lover, you are in luck as tinkhobe is one of the street food options in Eswatini. We are sure that you must have heard of corn on the cob, which is the local variety in the country.

It is always spectacular when you have different options, and Eswatini ensures that foreigners have a lovely food exploration experience.


If you think that food is the only thing to enjoy in Eswatini, you are wrong. This country also has different options for drinks, so you are sure to have an encompassing experience.

There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options in Eswatini, so people always have a swell time trying them out. You will realize that this country’s locals are lovers of beer, and one of the options is sibebe. It is one of the commonest drinks you will get in the country. You can also enjoy sour milk. We know that you might be keeping a face at this option, but we know that you will enjoy it. We do not know if you have ever tasted beer from a maize meal. It is called Tjwala in Eswatini, and you should try it before leaving the country.


We can also not forget that water is an essential drink for everyone, and people are usually concerned about the state of tap water in the country they wish to visit.

In Eswatini, we cannot say that they have perfect or clean tap water. Thus, it is unsafe to drink tap water in this country. Some areas of the country have portable tap water, but it is a low percentage.

Since we cannot be sure of the city you will stay in the country, we advise you not to drink tap water. Instead, it would be best if you stick to other safe water options.

You can buy bottled water or boil your water if you have the time. It is best to stick to these options so that you will not have a health crisis.


If you are looking for activities to do in a new place, it will not be wrong to think about water activities. However, you must be sure that there are enabling water bodies in the country.

We earlier mentioned that you should not have high hopes about swimming or seeing a beach in Eswatini, but that does not mean there are no waterbodies in the country.

You will realize that fishing is one of the bubbly activities in the country, and people use it to bond. Fishing occurs in rivers and dams across the country. If you are looking to connect with the locals, it can be through this activity.

People are usually curious about kayaking since it is also a water activity. However, it is not popular in Eswatini.

What other activities can be done in Eswatini? This is a common question we get from intending foreigners.

We have seen that yoga is something people do to keep busy in different countries, so we decided to research if it is a feasible activity in Eswatini.

We discovered that some people do yoga in Eswatini, but we cannot say that it is a popular activity. It is not easy to find yoga studios in its different cities, but there are hopes that it would change over time.

If you are a yogi, you can carry out this activity individually, but you might be in luck to find a yoga studio and connect with other yogis. However, do not write off this activity completely while in Eswatini.


It will be wrong to embark on a journey without knowing where you would stay when getting to the place, especially in foreign terrain. This is one mistake that many foreigners make, and we hope that it changes because they are often stranded, which hinders their different plans.

The right thing to do is to research all the accommodation options available at your destination so that you can have an idea of their prices. This way, you will know the one to pick based on your accommodation budget.

There are accommodation types in Eswatini, so we are sure that you will see one that fits your budget. However, ensure to research early, especially before leaving your current location, not to be ignorant.

Green Hotels

A green hotel is an eco-friendly type of accommodation, and some tourists rush for it. They sometimes say that it is the best place to stay in any country.

At green hotels, you will see facilities that ensure your comfort while protecting the environment. People usually have peace of mind when lodging at such a place.

You will see green hotels in Eswatini, but we cannot say that they are many, especially as you will not find a green hotel in all Eswatini cities. If you plan on staying in a green hotel, you should check if there is any available at your destination Eswatini city before you arrive there.

The price of green hotels varies, so we cannot give a specific amount. However, we know that it would not wreck your budget.

Hostels and Guest Houses

We earlier mentioned that there are different accommodation options in Eswatini, and one of such is to stay in a hostel or guest houses. These options are somehow similar due to their features.

From interactions with people, they say that there is a homey feeling when you stay at either of these options as the facilities’ management or owners will always make the customers feel welcomed.

A hostel or guesthouse is usually not too big, so it is not hard to miss the sense of warmth. It is almost safe to say that staying in a hostel or guest houses is one of the top accommodation options in Eswatini as you would see them in its different cities.

It also comes in handy that this option is less expensive than some other options.


Another option when it concerns places to stay in Eswatini is an apartment. Due to its luxurious outlook and facilities contained, it is not wrong to say that it is usually more expensive in most cases.

If you are staying in the capital city of Eswatini, it is not hard to get an apartment as there are many within the city. However, we cannot guarantee the ease at which you will see an apartment in its other cities.

If you are looking for comfort, we are sure that you will get it while staying at an apartment as they strive to ensure that their customers have no complaints. It also comes in handy that most apartments are close to the city center to have an easy navigation process.


How do you feel about sharing a place with a stranger? In the case of Couchsurfing, these strangers are usually locals who do not mind accommodating foreigners for the duration of their stay.

Some foreigners may not be comfortable with this idea, while others do not mind. Those who do not mind are happy that they can stay in a place without paying.

When you stay in the house of a local, it is expected that you are ready to make compromises and respect their beliefs. If you are thinking of Couchsurfing in Eswatini, it is possible. All you need to do is to check the country’s Couchsurfing website for available options.

Since the locals are friendly, you do not need to have many worries. However, you must ensure not to step on their toes.


Some countries qualify as perfect places for camping while others do not. Different factors come to play when trying to classify a place as a perfect place for camping. However, we can say that Eswatini meets the cut, so we can say that camping is a feasible activity in this country.

Since it has places to explore that helps you to appreciate nature, there is no reason why it should not be a part of the list. You can also see campsites in some of its cities.

We have not had any negative reviews from people who went camping at different locations in Eswatini, so you can add camping to activities you should do while in this country, and we know that you will not regret it.



Getting There and Moving Around

If you think that traveling is an easy activity, you are wrong. Some things need to be in place to ensure that you have a smooth journey, and these factors cannot be neglected.

As a foreigner traveling to a new place, you should know how to get there and how to move around.

You might think that it is easy to get there, but you will realize that it is not as easy as you imagined on the said day. To ensure that you have a stress-free journey, you should ask questions to know the best time to travel. This means you need to know when you can easily get a means of transportation from your location and what type to get to your destination.

After getting to your destination, you should have in mind that there are still some things that should be in place, and one of them is knowing how to move around. After all, we do not think that you plan to stay in one position throughout your stay in the country or city.

One might feel that the best way to move around in a new place is by using the public bus. However, allow us to tell you that it is not every country that has a public bus. Thus, you need to ask questions and be well-informed.

While getting information on how to move around, you should not forget to ask about the fare to know how to allocate money while in the country appropriately.

One of the first thoughts that would come to a foreigner’s mind when in a new place is to walk to their destination. After all, walking is also a form of movement.

However, there are also questions about the country’s security level to know if it is safe to walk. If you are traveling to Eswatini, you should know that it is considered a generally safe country, so walking is not a problem.

You will see other people walking as hiking is one of the top activities in the country. It will come in handy if you are friendly with the locals to give you adequate direction while you are walking as that is the only way you can have an easy navigation process.

Another way of moving around in Eswatini is by cycling, involving the use of a bicycle. It is best if you do not think that this is a weird method as you will see others doing it, so you should not hesitate to rent a bicycle.

It is common to see people getting involved in cycling competitions, and you can do the same as it helps you interact with others and make new connections. It is a fun activity that can keep you busy while also helping you get from one point to another.

Renting a bicycle in this country is not as hard as there are rental shops in different cities. We cannot say the amount you will pay, but we are sure that it is affordable.

If you did not know, you could also use a scooter while in Eswatini. Although it looks more like a bicycle, the registration process works the same way as a car. Thus, all regulations that pertain to riding a car in the country also applies to using a scooter.

Since you will not be staying forever in the country, you can rent a scooter for the duration of your stay. We would advise that you are observant as you drive to avoid accidents since you are not too used to the roads and their drivers.

To be on the safe side, you should have a helmet while riding a scooter. Typically, you should purchase your safety apparatus as you are renting the scooter. The goal is to stay safe while moving around.


There is only one international airport in Eswatini, and it is located in the capital city. Thus, if you are thinking about using air to reach the country, you are sure to land in the capital city.

We want you to know that you cannot get a direct flight to this country from everywhere in the world. Since it is in Africa’s southern region, it is only logical to assume that you can get a direct flight to Eswatini from any southern country in Africa. Thus, if you are in South Africa, you are sure of getting a direct flight.

If your current location does not fall in any of the southern African region countries, and you wish to use air to Eswatini, you can fly or use any means to get to these countries, especially South Africa, then get a direct flight to Eswatini.

Some people also ask questions to know if you can use air to move around in Eswatini. We would not say that this is impossible, but it is not a common method, especially as it is not big. There are other means that people use in connecting the different cities. Understandably, you would prefer using air since it is faster. However, it is also best to follow the locals’ footsteps as they understand their country better.

If you are lucky to get a domestic flight, you should be happy. However, it would be best if you are not sad if this does not work out as you would see other options.

Using air stands as a perfect means of getting into Eswatini.

King Mswati III International Airport, Manzini, Eswatini


Some people would prefer using road transportation to reach a new place, so we usually get questions about using a bus to reach Eswatini from people who wish to visit the country.

It is possible to use a bus to get into Eswatini, but you also have to be within its region. Thus, it is easier for someone in South Africa than in any other country.

If you are in the country, you will realize that its South Africa borders are usually busy as people are trooping into the country through that means.

If you wish to use a bus, you can get one from any of South Africa’s top cities. It is usually smooth for foreigners because they would see others going the same route, so you will not be lost.

You can also use a bus when it concerns moving around in Eswatini. We do not know if there are public buses in your home city, but we would say that you should not have the same expectations for how buses operate in Eswatini.

There is a significant difference in buses’ sizes as the available buses for moving around in Eswatini are minibuses. These buses can take you within a city and also connect different cities.

However, it helps to tell you that these buses are usually congested as people are rushing to get on them. Also, the local drivers are in the habit of blasting loud music while driving.

If you can endure these factors, we are sure that you would not have any issue using a public bus in Eswatini.


Is it possible to get a train that operates internationally to Eswatini? This is one of the questions we get from people who are curious about getting to Eswatini.

There is a railway in the country, but we cannot say that it is functional, especially in international destinations. Thus, one cannot use a train as a means of getting into Eswatini.

Although trains are slow, we have seen that it is a favorite means of movement for some people, which comes as disappointing news to them. However, they should know ahead than to have false hopes and be disappointed later.

It is best that you stick to other means of movement as you cannot use a train to get into Eswatini.

Since it is already established that there is a railway within Eswatini, but it does not operate internationally, we know that you will be curious to know if you can use it as a means of moving around in the country.

Sadly, this will also become disappointing news to those who love to use a train as the railway is not functional. There are plans of it working soon, but we cannot say that using a train is a means of moving around in Eswatini.

Instead, we see that using a public bus is the most common method. If you were thinking of using a train to get to the country, you should cancel this thought from your mind as it is not feasible.


There is also the concept of hitchhiking when it concerns getting there and moving around in Eswatini.

It is not out of place to think that you can get a free ride to Eswatini from South Africa. However, we would not recommend it due to safety reasons. South Africa is not known as the safest, so hitchhiking from there to Eswatini is not recommended for solo travelers.

When it concerns moving around in Eswatini, we know that some people may consider this option, especially since the country is classified as generally safe.

We would not say that you should not try hitchhiking within Eswatini, but we would say that you should not put all hopes on it as it is not every time a driver stops.


Are you looking for another alternative that aids in getting to Eswatini? Do you think there is the possibility of using a ship to this country?If such thoughts are in your head, we are sorry to burst your bubble as it is impossible to use a ship to Eswatini.

One might feel that there should be the option of using a ship to Eswatini since there are water bodies. However, you should know and remember that the water bodies are not much. There are used for commercial purposes than the transportation of humans.

Sustainable Shopping

It is not possible to visit a place without seeing the locals selling something. The act of patronizing them is called sustainable shopping, and every foreigner is advised to key into it.

It is also impossible not to see something that you admire amongst the numerous items the locals are selling. It comes in handy that you can banter and make friends with the locals during patronizing them.

It would be best if you do not doubt patronizing these locals as they ensure to sell quality items that you will not regret.

If you did not know, visiting the food markets in a country is one of the best ways of engaging in sustainable shopping. You are buying the local food items and purchasing them from the locals. Thus, you are assured of getting the best and also preparation tips in the process.

It would help if you do not worry about the prices of these ingredients as they are not expensive. As a foreigner, there are chances of getting some of them for free as the locals are hyped that you are buying their local food item.

You will also see second-hand stores in the country, and patronizing them is a way of getting involved in sustainable shopping. These stores have used items that are still of great quality, and there is almost no difference between them and new items.

It comes in handy that you can get an array of items from a second-hand store, usually of lower prices. Sometimes, you can also bargain the prices. Thus, you are assured that the prices of items at a second-hand store are flexible. It is best not to waste time in visiting such stores.

We do not know what comes to your mind when you hear the term eco-fashion. It involves sustainability in making fashion items and buying these items refers to sustainable shopping.

These fashion items range from clothes, shoes, jewelry, and much more. There is almost no difference between these eco-fashion items and regular items, so it is hard to differentiate.

We know that you will see something that gets your interest, so you should waste no time buying it. After all, doing this is an endearing act to the locals.


We can say that recycling is a subcategory of waste management, and it is effective in Eswatini. While in the country, you will see people going around, gathering recyclable items and sending them to the right quarters.

As a foreigner, the right thing to do is ask if there is a special place to dispose of recyclable items. This way, you are making the work easier for those who go around to pick it up.

Since recycling happens in this country, one can say that it is eco-friendly and inviting to foreigners.


It will be wrong to say that the locals of Eswatini do not take waste management seriously. After all, we have seen that they are concerned about recycling, a major component of waste management.

It will be wrong not to dispose of your waste appropriately while in the country, and you may get to pay fines if you are caught. Thus, ensure that you ask questions and act accordingly.

When you dispose of your trash appropriately, you get accolades from the locals, and they will place you on a high pedestal. Thus, you are sure of enjoying your stay in the country.

Work and Study Abroad

Some countries do not allow people to work while studying. Others give a limited number of hours. Thus, it is not surprising that people are curious about the situation in Eswatini so that they can prepare themselves ahead.

If you are going to Eswatini to study and wish to work, it is possible as there are no restrictions when it concerns working and studying.

It is believed that students should be matured to know how to handle both aspects without slacking in any of them. If your concerns have been about working, know that it is possible.

Exchange Student

You need to choose your exchange student program to become an exchange student in Eswatini. There are different processes involved, and you should ensure to complete all of them so that you would not encounter any issues.

While doing an exchange student program in Eswatini, you would need to stay with a host family. Thus, you should be a friendly person who is ready to compromise as these are what determines a smooth stay.

We can assure you that you will enjoy your stay in the country and the exchange program experience, so there should be no worries.

Au Pair

You can get a job in Eswatini through the au pair system. People say that it is an easy way of getting jobs in a new place. You should know that these jobs are not luxurious. However, they help people get by the day.

Typically, au pair jobs center around the home, so you could be a nanny or something related. To succeed at your au pair job, you should also be able to get along with your host family.


By being a volunteer, it is expected that you would make a positive impact on the country. Understandably, it may be a far thought to expect that a person can impact a full country. However, you can stay by making a change in the city you are staying in.

Volunteers usually have vacancies in different sectors, so you should pick the one that best appeals to you. It is not out of place to see volunteers in Eswatini, so you will not be alone.

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