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Eco-friendly travel guide to Florianópolis advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Downtown view of Florianopolis

  • Air quality: 2.6 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.8 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.7 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.9 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $200

Responsible Travel

If you love to travel and roam around all corners of the world, then you should know that nothing comes for free. It is not only about the expenses but also about the biggest asset of any place. Every state has its specific culture, locality, and nature around that place; it all makes it a heaven on earth. If you always dream of visiting Brazil or living in Brazil and wanting to go for a holiday, you will love Florianopolis.

Don't you think if the city gives you pleasure with all its hidden lagoons, lush rolling beaches, and all its beauty, then we as a tourist should also give it a return gift? We can not gift it a diamond wrapped in a glossy paper box, but we can gift it something even more valuable. We should enjoy the beauty of its place without causing pollution.

  • Florianopolis is the best place in brazil for the people whose heart craves adventure. Responsible Travel and Air Quality and Pollution Tourism encourage tourists to enjoy an eco-friendly trip around the Brazilian city Florianopolis. Imagine enjoying delicious Brazilian cuisine beside a Rolling beach or inhaling the fresh air from the green amazon trails without harming the place? Here is how tourism helps you to enjoy your eco-friendly trip.
  • Florianopolis is a city with beautiful lush rolling beaches. Who doesn't want to drive into the sea or get suntanned on the beach? You can enjoy drinks, food, photo sessions, everything there, but if you be a little aware, like not throwing the bottles or cans of juices, or maybe leaving food packets or plates anywhere on the beach, etc.. Using trash cans to dispose of all the garbage helps keep the beach clean and refreshing. When you leave plastics and other things on the beach, it goes to the sea and creates water pollution.
  • One important thing that we need to understand is that we should not do anything that could bother their locals wherever we go. Respecting the boundaries of the local people is a duty for everyone who visits there. We should not try to violate any of the rules they have made for their home town. For example, if we spit on the roads, or throw plastic bags, glasses, plates, etc., here and there, or if we criticize their lifestyle or anything, it means our contribution to the beautiful place is that we are polluting it and also ruining the sparkle of it.
  • When the city provides so much to us, why not offering it a hand to help back. Any city belongs to its locals; several people run small businesses around the city. As tourists always love to buy specialized items from wherever they go, purchasing from local shops can be a good idea.
  • Bicycling through roads can be a great option on the trip. It not only helps to reduce air pollution but also turns into a great fun activity for tourists. Cycling through the roads helps people to enjoy the fresh air and the greenery side by side. It gives you a chance to explore little things you might miss if you go there by reserved transportation.
  • Greenery is an important part of any place. Not only because they can make any place look and feel beautiful but also because nature protects us. It gives a better and clear overview of the city. It is essential to understand that parks are an important part of any tour. Visiting the 50,000 acres of Greenery in the Sam Jaoquim National park is one of the must-do's for a trip to Florianopolis.

Air Quality and Pollution

The Air Quality of any traveling area or spot is something significant to remember because not everything sightseers can adjust to a city where air contamination is high. The air quality is awful, particularly for individuals who have a place with a sensitive group. Florianopolis, for the most part, has great air quality, and contamination levels aren't awful. A few examinations show that the air quality record of Florianopolis, Brazil, is moderate. This implies that individuals in Florianopolis can live appropriately. However, individuals who have a delicate breathing system or experience breathing issues may confront difficulty living there. The genuine air quality index of Florianopolis lies between 60 to 10 points.

However, this doesn't imply that the circumstance won't be something very similar later on. Individuals need to keep the practices that have been going on till now to keep up this degree of good air quality; in any case, major issues may show up. These numbers that appeared in this article are exact and required for reasonable living in metropolitan urban areas. Tourists in Florianopolis have been following the state's laws and guidelines for controlling air quality, just like the residents. The public authority's guidelines and guidelines have assumed a fundamental part in keeping the city's air quality fit as a fiddle.

Respect the Culture

Florianópolis has a large population density where the majority is made out of Brazilians of European plummet. The quantities of settlers began to increment during the eighteenth century, for the most part, with Portuguese pilgrims' appearance from the Azores Islands. The number of inhabitants in Florianópolis was made mostly out of Portuguese/Azoreans, Germans, and Italians. Further south, a few areas safeguard their provincial town personality. The social legacy left by their Azorean predecessors is observable in their tongue, in crafted works, and conventional merriments.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Public Market: Before, this market was comprised of certain tents isolated into two sections, one for the nearby vendors and one for sellers from the open country or outside of Brazil. Sold here were staples, newly arranged suppers, thus called Drogas to do sertão, which signifies 'hinterland drugs,' which were items, for example, flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa, that didn't exist in Europe and that was intriguing and worthwhile for the European merchants and vacationers. In 1838 the public authority was permitted to purchase a commercial center, which changed the area and building a couple of times until 1851 when the principal public market opened. Today, there is one market in pieces of two structures that were worked around 50 years prior. This is currently a market of food, yet additionally garments, ceramics, and painstaking work.
  • Historic centre: Certainly, a wonderful and instructive piece of Florianópolis is the noteworthy focal point of the city. There, guests will discover many recorded structures, similar to the Public Market and the Cathedral Metropolitana, just as delightful verdant parks, courts, and historical centers. Guests will likewise discover a major scope of cafés, bars, shopping prospects, and convenience of each sort. Basically, set out on a lovely stroll through the city and a tad outside of the memorable focus and appreciate the climate. You won't think twice about it.
  • Lagoinha do Leste: Hiking the Lagoinha do Leste is tourist’s #1 action on the island of Florianópolis – and for some, Lagoinha is the most lovely seashore of the entire island. The place is situated in the more settled southeast of the island; the seashore offers a stunning and secured scene with a tremendous tidal pond, some little cascades, daring climbing trails, and local backwoods. The seashore must be reached by strolling, either from the adorable fishing town of Pantano do Sul - from where it requires about 60 minutes - or from Matadeiro. In any case, the climb is somewhat simpler, and you will go over cascades and lovely bluffs. The landscape is unimaginable; ocean and wilderness are somewhat dissolving together over and over. It is suggested to taking one route there and returning the other way. The seashore of Lagoinha itself is around one kilometer long, has no bars or shops – simply a little stand where they sell coconuts in summer. The seashores feature is the perspective of Morro da coroa, which – to me – gives the best perspective overall island.
  • Lagoa da Conceição: If you visit Floripa, you ought to likewise plan an outing to Lagoa da Conceiçao. Lagoa da Conceiçao is a town near the downtown area. The absolute most lovely seashores are only a short distance away. However, the feature is the enormous freshwater tidal pond around, where you can do kite surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up-rowing, cruising, and a lot more fun exercises.

In Lagoa da Conceiçao you will discover bunches of good eateries, a skate park, little shops with nearby and biological garments, and that's just the beginning. It's a decent spot to spend time with companions, go for a lager and meet fascinating individuals en route.

  • Hercílio Luz Bridge: To get to the island part of Florianópolis, everyone needs to cross the Hercílio Luz Bridge. It acquired its name from Governor Hercílio Luz, under whom the extension was worked as the initially fixed association between the island and territory Brazil. In 1926, the scaffold was opened, following three years of building time, and from that point forward, it has been the milestone of the Florianópolis. What is unique about this scaffold is that it is the longest engineered overpass in Brazil and the second greatest in South America.
  • Fortaleza de Santo Antônio de Ratones: This stronghold is arranged on the little island of Ratón Grande and lies in the inlet north of the Isle of Santa Catarina. It was implicit in the eighteenth century and filled in as guard office to subsidize and keep up the south of Brazil and keep up the Portuguese rule over Colonia del Sacramento. Another fortification that merits visiting is Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa, which is additionally situated in the north of the island of Florianópolis.
  • State Park Of Serra do Tabuleiro: This park is situated in the south of Florianópolis and has parts on the island and a greater region. There is plenty of mountains, waterways, and cascades, which likewise fill in as the water supply for the occupants of Florianópolis. Likewise, there is an extraordinary part that can be visited and shows some of jeopardized and regular creatures, similar to the ungulate and the capybara. It is the ideal territory for strolling, climbing, and getting a charge out of nature.
  • Praia do Forte: Praia do Forte is situated in the north of the island of Santa Catarina, between the seashores of Jurerê and Daniela, just 25km from the downtown area. It is perhaps the calmest seashores in the city where families, for the most part, appreciate loosening up a day outside. Since Praia do Forte is on the western side of the island, it faces Brazil's terrain slopes, not the sea. This seashore in Florianópolis has this name since it is situated close to the eighteenth century São José da Ponta Grossa Fortress, which was utilized to ensure the Santa Catarina Bay. The fort is available to appearance, and road signs demonstrate how yet be cautioned: it's a sloping way. All things considered, it's a beautiful view! Concerning the seashore, the waves are quite quiet contrasted with different seashores in Florianópolis, and in case you're going with kids, this is probably the best spot to sunbathe.
  • Mole Beach: The most blazing seashore in Florianópolis consolidates movement, game, and youngsters who appreciate surfing, seeing, and being seen. On its slants, there is a paragliding departure slope, which upgrades the vibe. With beachside bars, cafés, unrecorded music, and DJ parties, Mole is energetic in summer and winter. Notwithstanding, Mole is viewed as the riskiest seashore in Floripa for jumping as high and solid waves break here the entire day, making it ideal for surfing. Past that, Praia Mole has clear and cold water and cushy and delicate sand, subsequently the name. It is important to follow a little and clear path to arrive, leaving the SC-406 parkway. Additionally, there is a vehicle leave close by for the individuals who need to arrive at it via vehicle.
  • Campeche Island Beach: Praia da Ilha do Campeche, otherwise called the Caribbean of Southern Brazil, is quite possibly the most well-known seashore objection in Florianópolis in summer. This little island is found east of Santa Catarina Island. To gain admittance to this heaven, you should go on a snappy boat outing departing Barra da Lagoa, Armação Beach, or Campeche Beach (Not to be mistaken for the seashore on Campeche Island. Campeche Beach is on Santa Catarina Island). Since Campeche Island is a significant archaeological site, guests' quantity is restricted to 770 (low season)/800 (high season – Brazilian summer) individuals each day. Additionally, the boat trip is dependent upon environmental conditions. On the island, there are trails to see rock engravings just as a submerged path for swimming. In the event that that wasn't sufficient to make Campeche and unfathomable spot, the seashore, the just one on the island, is viewed as quite possibly the most lovely seashores in Florianópolis. It is a flawless white sand stretch and clear water abounding with fish.
Praia do Forte


Florianopolis is one of the biggest cities in Brazil in regards to the tourist count. People worldwide know about the crazy and fun lifestyle that people of Florianopolis live and come from time to time to experience that themselves. There are different areas of interest that tourists visit, and here we will talk about some of them.

City Parks

Florianopolis is a city that is filled with greenery and scenic locations. The city is also filled with parks and recreational parks throughout. These parks are a common area for residents as well as tourists to get together and know more about each other’s customs. Here is the list of some of the top city parks in Florianopolis.

  • Parque de Coqueiros
  • Parque Municipal do Córrego Grande
  • Praça Nagib Jabor
  • Praça Comunitária do Parque Linear do Córrego Grande
  • Parque de Capoeiras
  • Praça Dalva Cardoso
  • Pista De Skate
  • Praça Getulio Vargas
  • Luz Park
  • Parque Natural Municipal do Morro da Cruz
  • Passarela Trilha
  • Praça Contador Marcus Carvalho
  • Parque dos Curumins
  • Parque Linear João Manoel Gomes
  • Av.beira Mar Continental Florianopolis
  • Praça Adolfo Luiz Dias
  • Rio Vermelho State Park
  • Arena de Esporte e Lazer Prainha-Mocotó
  • 'Praça XV de Novembro
Parque de Coqueiros

National Parks

  • P7 Costa Da Lagoa
  • Carjihos Ecological Station

Represa De Capitação De Agua Da Casan No Rio Tavares These are some of the most famous national parks that one can visit while traveling to Florianopolis, Brazil.

P7 Costa Da Lagoa


  • Praia Dos Igleses: Praia dos Ingleses is a seashore and neighborhood on the northeast tip of the island, around 30 kilometers by street from downtown Florianópolis. The name means "seashore of the English," getting from an unbelievable story of an English wreck on the shore. Ingleses is one of the busiest and most well-known seashores on the island and a standout amongst other Florianópolis surf spots. The western stretch of the seashore is especially invested with solid waves.
  • Praia Do Santinho: Around the headland toward the east of Ingleses is a seashore that is comparably delightful yet a lot calmer: Praia does Santinho. It's not difficult to stroll between the two seashores over the rises toward the east of Ingleses and the north finish of Santinho. The south of the seashore is the most vacationer populated part, close to the famous Costão do Santinho Resort. At the fundamental seashore entrance, here you can purchase monster coconuts with straws. Similarly, as with all seashores on the east side of Florianópolis Island, the dawns are extraordinary at Santinho. It's ideal for taking a dip or a run not long before dusk as well, with the day's blurring light shining on the waves. The sea shore's hard-to-sand surface is ideal for running.
  • Praia do Barra da Lagoa: Further down the island's east side, Barra da Lagoa is a profoundly well-known seashore recognize that has developed around a customary fishing town. Praia da Barra da Lagoa is situated at the lower part of a 14-kilometer stretch of sand, incorporating Praia do Moçambique toward the north, the island's longest seashore. Barra da Lagoa is perhaps the simplest seashores to reach, situated on the island and a short drive or transport ride from the mainstream lakeside neighborhood Lagoa da Conceição. It's around 15 kilometres by street from downtown Florianópolis. The sea shore's principal stretch is loaded with shops and cafés, tables, seats, and beautiful parasols pouring out onto the sand. At the south of the seashore, the waterway is a beautiful spot to walk around.
  • Piscinas Naturais: On the off chance that you proceed on the way to the back of Prainha da Barra and afterward pursue it around the coastline, after a large portion of a kilometer or so, you will arrive at Piscinas Naturais. These common pools are our number one spot on Florianópolis. A delta makes the pools of rock, which makes an ensured zone of shallow, quiet water. As you dive to it on the way, there's a shocking perspective along the coastline.

The stones around the pools can be slippy, so take as much time as is needed and be cautious getting in and out. The rough channel makes for a marvelous common plunging board when the tide is elevated, even though we'd suggest not going in head-first.

Praia Dos Igleses


  • Ribeirao Da Ilha: By all accounts, a territory that is somewhat history, Ribeiro da Ilha is an adorable town that gloats of charmingly little homes and shops. There is history covered up in each edge of this spot. It has safeguarded Azorean culture truly well. This old town has incredible pioneer design and a seashore that is amicable for youngsters. The vivid houses make for extraordinary scenery against the purplish-blue waters.
  • Fortaleza De Sao Jose Da Ponta Grossa: This ravishing fortification was made in 1740 and arranged by Brigadier Jose da Silva Paes. It was proclaimed a chronicled legacy in 1938, and you can visit this archaeological site and witness the excellence of it all together with its wonder. Close by is the Praia de Forte that is an incredible seashore to loosen up and unwind. With new fish and pleasant ocean twists, Forte is an extraordinary each for some sun and sand. Incredible to invest energy with loved ones, this seashore is probably the prettiest stretch of sand in Florianopolis. This tranquil seashore is ideal for individuals who like it peaceful and moderate. The waters here are clean and quiet, with ideal temperatures.
Ribeirao Da Ilha


  • Museu Historico de Santa Catarina: Remaining on one side of the Praca XV de Novembro is the particular Museu Historico de Santa Catarina, which is notable for its pink and white design, and previously worked as the castle of the frontier lead representative. Today, the castle houses many intriguing and significant relics, both local and pilgrim, even though all things considered, the detailed stylistic theme is the thing that will draw your eye, especially the parquetry flooring, the Carrara marble flight of stairs, the Art Nouveau window and the brilliantly painted roofs.
  • Museu de Antropologia:One fascination for history buffs, the Museu de Antropologia is important for the Federal University of Santa Catarina complex, being situated inside the Humanities Block and overflowing with archaeological and native ancient rarities, exhumed along the coastline. In plain view are a gathering of old apparatuses, along with eating utensils, earthenware, and even skeletons of local Indians, which are all orchestrated in a reasonable sequential request.
  • Museu da Policia Militar de Santa Catarina Major Lara Ribas

Arranged in the Beira Mar Norte zone, the Museu da Policia Militar suits those interested in military history. The exhibition hall is to be found housed inside the Forte Santana, close to the Ponte Hercilio Luz (Hercilio Luz Bridge). Features incorporate various weaponry utilized in the Second World War to guard the island, different regalia, and general military memorabilia.

Museu Historico de Santa Catarina


Brazil is a country that is known for its own taste in food and delicacies. The Brazilian steakhouses are believed to be very tasty and delicious around here. The cuisines consist of European, a mixture of American Indian, African and Asian. Brazil's most popular dishes are the Feijoada, which is also known as Brazil’s national dish. The name comes from (Faiza), which comes from the Portuguese, which means beans. The Coxinha is a popular food made up of chopped chicken meat that is then filled in flour dough, fried, and served.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Pier 54: Since 1999, Pier 54 has been treating its visitors from around the planet with incredible fish and fish. They offer different chose wines to go with the food and the later hour's delectable mixed drinks. The café offers situated convenience straightforwardly at the water, with a mind-boggling perspective to the Herzilio Luz Bridge.
  • Bistro Santa Marta: Bistrô Santa Marta is a little café with just eight tables that offers a plain and inviting climate due to the high scrupulousness in the outfitted inside. They utilize new results of the best quality to plan dishes of meat and fish, which are really a treat for the eyes and tastebuds.
  • Ostradamus: This is the reference moment that it comes to shellfish. We are discussing the eatery Ostradamus in Florianópolis. Quickly you will jump into a different universe and feel like you're in a genuine harbor eatery. It is enhanced with thoughtfulness regarding everything about the clams in an aquarium and has a private dock where you can eat drifting over the water. It represents considerable authority in getting ready clams on the whole varieties and offers fish. Visitors will track down a delicious choice of the best grape plants and unquestionably will have a remarkable encounter. These were some of the most famous restaurants in Florianopolis that serve traditional Brazilian food.

Vegetarian and Vegan

There are several vegetarian restaurants present in Florianopolis. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Hong Ju
  • Simples e Natural
  • Lila Bistro
  • Ahimsa Food Truck
  • Aldeia Indigo

Street Food

  • Brazilian Hot Dog: Cachorro quente is the Brazilian variant of a wiener comprising a bread roll loaded up with frankfurter joins, ground meat in sauce, and dissolved cheddar. The dish is customarily presented with a wide assortment of backups like pureed potatoes, corn, ground carrots, fries, peas, or pico de gallo, contingent upon the customers' preference.
  • Coxinha: One of Brazil's #1 road food sources, coxinha is a firm croquette loaded up with chicken meat and cream cheddar that is astutely formed into a chicken drumstick, at that point breaded and rotisserie.
  • Arroz carreteiro: Arroz Carretero or wagoner's rice is a generous rice and meat dish hailing from the south of Brazil. It can be made with either dried hamburger or extras from grills. Different fixings incorporate rice, onions, frankfurters, ringer peppers, garlic, oil, and parsley. When served, Arroz Carretero is regularly finished off with ground parmesan.


Brazil is a country that is known for its parties. And no party is complete without its fair share of drink. Here in this section, we will discuss some of the most authentic drinking options one can get in Florianopolis, Brazil.


In Florianopolis, the water pollution level is comparatively higher than in any other part of Brazil. People who reside in Florianopolis avoid drinking tap water and practice drinking bottled water themselves. Being a tourist, it becomes almost crucial for tourists to drink water bottled and easily available in the city.

Organic Cafés

  • Café Cultura - Lagoa da Conceição
  • Paradiso Mercato e Caffe
  • Organic Press - Suco Prensado a frio | Orgânico | Funcional
  • Mercado Sehat - Campeche
  • Café Cultura
  • Café Cultura Jurerê Open Shopping
  • Café Cultura - Multi Open Shopping
  • Ubaiá
  • Black Horse Coffee Company - Campeche
  • Uma Origem Coffee
  • ARBOR Café
  • Dom Eko Orgânicos
  • Mokka Floripa
  • Olivah Empório Natural
  • Coisinhas Gostosas da Maroca

These are all of the organic cafes that are present in the city of Florianopolis.


  • Beer & Pork Brewery
  • Ratones Craft Beer
  • Forest Witch
  • Cervejaria da lagoa
  • Cerveja Açoriana
  • Bierbaum Floripa
  • Seven Beer Distribuidora de chopp e cervejas artesanais
  • Bayer Bier - Ponte
  • brothers in beers
  • Kombica do chopp
  • Lupular Cervejaria
  • Casa Layback
  • Books and Beers
  • Cervejaria St. Oicle
  • Mr. Hoppy - Florianópolis - Santa Mônica
  • Piwo Delivery
  • Cervejaria da Ilha
  • Bierbaum Floripa representação

These are all the breweries that are present in Florianopolis.


People of Brazil live a life of partying and sports. Florianopolis residents can be seen playing football on the numerous beaches during their off days and enjoying life. At night, pubs are filled with people enjoying with friends drinking and sharing stories.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Espaço de Yoga Lisi
  • da Porciuncula
  • Yoga Clássico Floripa
  • Samatva Yoga Lagoa
  • Centro Iyengar Yoga Florianópolis
  • BUDYOGA - Aulas de Yoga e Cursos
  • Yoga Day Floripa
  • Galsatthesea
  • Yôga Lagoa da Conceição
  • Arte de Viver - Florianópolis
  • yogaretreatsbrazil.com
  • Yoga center Enchanted Mountain
  • Ashtanga Yoga Garopaba
  • Jamur Surf & Yoga
  • StudioPax

These are some of the most famous yoga studios that are present in the city of Florianopolis.


Being a major tourist destination of the world, Florianopolis sees many people traveling to the city from all across the globe. Accommodating this huge number of tourists has never been an issue since several options are available for staying. Here we will shine light upon some of these options.

Green Hotels

There are not many green hotels present in Florianopolis. The five green hotels present are super conscious about the environment and are known to keep the waste level minimum within the city.

  • Costao do Santinho Resort
  • Porto da Ilha Hotel
  • Hotel Costa Norte Ponta Das Canas
  • Novotel Florianopolis
  • Pousada Vila Tamarindo Eco Lounge

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel: If you are travelling alone and searching for a social inn, Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel is an extraordinary alternative. They offer a wide range of exercises for visitors, including surfing, sandboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and boat parties. It's the spot to come in case you're searching for a gathering as they give visitors limits to nearby clubs and then some. The inn is found right on the water, and you'll approach a semi-private seashore that is only a short leave. There are a café and bar that serves meals and beverages. There's additionally an everything-you-can-have breakfast buffet and a free beverage for visitors consistently—different conveniences including clothing offices, web access, and huge TVs. There is a lot of local area space accessible, including a grill zone, loungers, oceanfront cultivates, the café, and a social bar territory.
  • Geckos Hostel: Geckos Hostel is strategically placed in the core of Lagoa da Conceicao. This is a decent tidal pond in the place of interest of the city. It's near various seashores, sand ridges, exercises, and food choices. The inn has an eco well-disposed way of thinking. Sun-powered boards control it, and the furniture is produced using reused wood. In case you're voyaging alone, this is an incredible spot to meet different visitors and make some new companions. A huge basic region has a satellite TV and blue ray player, a PC, books, and agreeable couches. There's likewise a deck, overhang, and nursery region where you can appreciate the pool. Numerous visitors appreciate hanging out in the inn's bar, and there's additionally a grill region on the off chance that you need to set up some food. There are additionally innumerable loungers all through where you can unwind following a bustling day on the seashore.
  • Tucano House Summer Hostel: Tucano House Backpackers is a top choice, grant-winning lodging in Florianopolis. The inn is possessed and run by a gathering of worldwide and nearby explorers who endeavour to ensure you make some great memories during your visit here. They love the island and need to ensure you love it as well. The lodging is situated in a suburb along the banks of Lagoa da Coneicao. It's encircled by probably the greatest dance club and bars nearby. On the off chance that you're searching for a gathering, this is the spot to come. It's likewise around a brief drive from probably the best seashores nearby.


Another great way of living in the city of Florianopolis is taking an apartment for rent. Many people put their houses on lease for tourists to stay in. This is a cheap and affordable way of living in Florianopolis for a few days.


When searching for a Couchsurfing place online, one will find many options for living in Florianopolis. The residents of Florianopolis often register their houses on the Couchsurfing website to allow tourists to stay with them.


  • Camping Fortaleza da Barra
  • Camping Recanto do Santinho
  • Camping Recanto Remor
  • Camping Mandala Inn And Camping
  • Camping mansion - Santinho Beach
  • Camping Costa do Sol
  • Camping roots
  • Camping Caminho do Rei
  • Camping e Hospedaria - Casarão
  • Tubarão de Sunga
  • Ghaya Mini Camping
  • Camping Elase
  • Camping dos Sargentos - ASSEF
  • Pousada and Camping Lagoa da Conceição

These are all the campgrounds that are present in the city of Florianopolis.

How to Get There

Being a major city in Brazil, Florianopolis is filled with different transportation modes to enter the city. Here we will talk about all such modes of travel.


Hercílio Luz International Airport is the only major airport in Florianopolis that is present. Flights from all across the globe come to this airport. This is also one of the busiest airports in the entire nation.

Hercílio Luz International Airport


From different parts of the country, buses leave-taking passengers to the city of Florianopolis. These buses arrive at the Terminal Rita Maria, the major bus terminal located close to the city center.


There are no operational railway lines that one can take to reach the city of Florianopolis.


Hitchhiking is a dangerous mode of travel that one takes. Here the travellers ask a person travelling towards the same route for a lift. This is very dangerous as situations of theft and abuse are commonly seen in this mode of travel.


Other than all this, one can also take a car to reach the city of Florianopolis. To reach there, the person has to take the BR-101 route in Brazil.

Moving Around

The best part about tourism is travelling to different sections of society. Different key areas of Florianopolis are located at quite some distance from one another. Here we will talk about the ways one can travel such distances within the city.


Though Florianopolis is a big city, the interaction with the natives can be done best while walking. Tourists enjoy walking around the city center, interacting with the locals, and learning about their customs.


Several bicycle rental service providers present within the city allow tourists to rent bicycles and travel around the city.

Electronic Vehicles

There is no electronic vehicle public transport service present in Florianopolis.

Public Bus

Public buses travel 24*7 within the city to take you to any of your desired locations. These buses travel to all the beaches within the city, which are the most populated places within the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trains, trams, or subways available for tourists to take and experience.

Sustainable Shopping

Being a major city in Brazil, Florianopolis is filled with areas to buy sustainable goods. Here is the list of some of them.

Food Markets

  • Market St George
  • Mercado Público de Florianópolis
  • Florianópolis
  • Square Market
  • Centro Útil Florianópolis
  • Mercado Itacô
  • Cia da Saúde - Esteves Júnior
  • Mercado Carvoeira
  • Mercado Alternativo
  • Jerivá Orgânicos
  • Mercado Benvenuta
  • Empório Ilha
  • Mercado agronômica
  • Divina Fruta
  • Mercado Itacorubi (14 horas)
  • Mercado Floripa
  • Duca Charcutaria Mercado São Jorge
  • Espaço Mais Saúde
  • Gimpel Groceries
  • Supermercado Sack's

Flea Markets

There are no flea markets in Florianopolis.

Second Hand Stores

There are second-hand stores present in Florianopolis, but none of them is registered as second-hand stores. These stores provide first-hand products, but you will find second-hand items there as well if you search more intensively.


  • Shopping Iguatemi Florianópolis
  • Lojas Renner
  • Laçarote Boutique
  • Clob Roupas e Acessórios
  • Farm


Brazil as a country is a firm believer in recycling. Even within the slums of the country, people recycle all the stuff that they can recycle. These items, rather than being dumped unmanaged, are taken care of in an appropriate manner.


Florianopolis’s waste management structure is in great condition. All the waste that the people generate is dumped and categorized depending on their nature. Each item is taken care of in a way they should be to uphold the top quality environment that is present.

Work and Study Abroad

Education and work are key aspects of any part of the world. In the city of Florianopolis as well, government and key officials of the city also focus on these aspects to better their people and for people who come to work and study from abroad.

Exchange Student

  • Middlebury Schools Abroad - Middlebury in Florianópolis
  • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
  • USAC Brazil: Florianópolis - International Business, Environmental/Conservation Management, and Latin American Studies
  • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
  • Intern Brazil: Professional Internship Placements in Brazil
  • ISA Study Abroad in Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina / UNISUL
  • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina: Florianópolis - Direct Enrollment & Exchange
  • Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC)
  • Veritas Christian Study Abroad: Florianopolis - Study Abroad and Missions Program
  • Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina / UNISUL
  • Universidade do Vale do Itajaí / UNIVALI: Itajaí - Direct Enrollment & Exchange
  • Universidade do Vale do Itajaí / UNIVALI
  • University of Pittsburgh: Florianopolis - Pitt in Brazil
  • Center for Study Abroad (CSA): Florianopolis - Portuguese Language & Brazilian Culture - University of Santa Catarina
  • Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina / UNISUL
  • These are all the institutions in Florianopolis that take in exchange students.

Au Pair

There are different jobs available for people in Florianopolis that include au pair amenities along with them. These jobs are easy to find when in Florianopolis.


Here is the list of all the organizations in Florianopolis that provide volunteering work.

  • ICOM Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis
  • Instituto Guga Kuerten
  • Grupo Bem-Vindos de Narcóticos Anônimos
  • AIESEC em Florianópolis
  • Jocum Floripa
  • Diretoria de Bem-Estar Animal de Florianópolis

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