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Eco-friendly travel guide to Freeport advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Freeport, The Bahamas.

  • Air quality:3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.0 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$120 - $130
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $300

Responsible Travel

Freeport is the district, city, and free trade zone on Grand Bahamas' island in the northwest of Bahamas. The place is the second-most populous city in the country. It is no surprise to see foreigners packing up for a holiday to Freeport. The city is famous around the country with many tourist attractions. As a responsible traveler, you must travel in such a way that your action doesn't cause any harm to the local communities or the environment. You must follow various eco-friendly measures and participate actively in the protection of the earth. There are many ways in which you can ensure responsible travel to Freeport, with some being:

  • When you book flights, always remember to take a direct flight instead of connecting. Always avoid transfer flights because it is one of the prominent reasons causing damage to the environment and taking more time to reach the final destination.
  • You can find eco-friendly hotels instead of any luxurious or 5-star hotel. The eco-friendly hotels follow specific environment-friendly practices that help to protect and support the environment. You must always prefer these hotels as they will help you in minimizing your carbon footprints. Your trip to Freeport will begin the second you book the flight.
  • There is no doubt that you will find the same products at every store despite the countries. In the end, you'll feel like a waste of time. Thus, it is recommended that you visit local shops as they possess the items that will help you understand the local tradition, livelihood, and culture of the Bahaman people.
  • If you are someone who is on tour, you must use disposable items and water bottles as they are much better in choice. These kinds of items are a part of pollution as they require a lot of natural resources to get disposed of properly.

Air Quality and Pollution

You must always be safe no matter what, which applies to the pollution and air quality. It is still best to inquire before you go to visit any city or country. You must in no chance make a compromise with your health even if you want to enjoy yourself during your holidays. If you like eco-friendly travel, it is good to know about the city's pollution and quality in advance. In comparison to the other cities, Freeport is quite good in terms of air quality and pollution. The air quality index also shows that the city has pretty good air quality. Autumn and summers are the two perfect seasons if you want to visit Freeport. The air is quite crispy and fresh during this time, and you can enjoy a bike ride and walking in the city a lot.

  • PM10 – 9
  • PM2.5 – 5
  • PM10 Pollution Level – Good

Respect the Culture

If you visit any country, respecting the culture is one thing you must never take lightly. Gestures play a crucial role in conversations, and you must avoid making any kind of disrespectful or rude gesture even it happens unknowingly. Even though the culture has evolved a lot over the past generation, traditions will always remain the same. The Bahamas is a blend of many cultures, including African, American, and some of the British influences. The country is vibrant with different cultures, and this makes Bahamian people colorful and the country rich in a unique culture.

From clothing to foods, the Bahamian culture is great at reflecting their culture. If you visit Freeport, then make sure to explore the city well and learn more about their tradition and culture. The country's history will also help you find out more about their culture and heritage. The things that you must include in the list must consist of traditional seafood, famous attraction, the lifestyle of natives, clothing preferences, and other things.

Apart from knowing the culture, always try to be humble towards the locals. Smile generously and try to have lively conversations with the people around. This way you will get to know more about their culture, and you will also be seen as a 'good tourist.'

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Peterson Cay National Park: Located near Peterson Beach and roughly one mile off the shore of Grand Bahamas, the national park is a tiny island that is surrounded by beautiful active coral reefs. It covers only about 1.5 acres and is one of the smallest parks in the Bahamas. The place is about 21.9 km away from the Grand Bahamas Airport, Freeport. This is one of the incredible places for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can reach the island either by Jet Ski or boat. Some tours also include stop at this island and give visitors ample time to spend on the beach. An island is a perfect place for a picnic and enjoyment.
  • Rand Nature Center: Located in Freeport's heart, the place is nestled on 100 beautiful acres and is one of the paradises for nature lovers. Visitors can take a stroll along this two thousand foot trail. It winds through the forest of coppice and pine. You can also find plenty of educational exhibits and sign so nature enthusiasts can easily cover flora and fauna topics. The place also features traditional Bahamian culture and visuals by many local artists. The center is quite wide, with a variety of birds that reside in the park all year. The best time for birdwatch is between October and May when migratory birds arrive during winter.
  • The Garden of the Groves: If you want some relaxation and unwind, the place is perfect for anyone. The Garden of Groves is a tranquil garden oasis that has a serene atmosphere and beauty. The place has plenty of shady paths, fountains, and waterfalls. You can wander around the trails and admire the beauty of this place. It has a wide variety of green lushed tropical plants. Apart from nature you can also visit the gift store for souvenirs, meals or drink at the garden café and a visit to the picturesque church.
  • Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company: It is the only brewery in the country which is owned and operated exclusively by Bahamians. The brewery sits at a twenty-acre land near the Grand Bahama harbor, and the brewery is about the size of 60,000 square feet. Guided tours are available for this brewery, and you also get a complimentary beer tasting.
  • Cooper's Castle: The place is located at 46 acres of land and is one of the highest points in Grand Bahamas. The castle is famously known to hold the honor of being the only castle in the Bahamas. Mr. Harvard Cooper built it in the 1980s. He was a local Bahamian who went from poor to the richest man in the country. The Cooper family inhabits the castle, and guided tours are available for the public. The Cooper family also sometimes accepts the booking for weddings or other special events.
  • Pinetree Stables: The place offers one of the great opportunities to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas just on horseback. The Pinetree Stables is a place and a home to gentle horses bred and even born on the island. The ride takes approximately two hours and takes guests through a wide variety of terrain. It also includes going through pine forests and across the sand dunes in the ocean. The maximum weight of the rider must be about 200 lbs. You need to make prior reservations for this place.
  • Port Lucaya Marketplace: The place is about 12 miles away from the harbor and 9 km away from the airport. The marketplace is no doubt one of the best shopping destinations and dining places on the island. Additionally, you can find over 400 boutique shops that offer high-quality items like cameras and leather goods. Roughly more than a hundred vendors are selling handwoven bags, baskets, and many other handicrafts. You can also enjoy many snacks from the vendors, so if you want to take a break from the market atmosphere and enjoy some beach views, then there are sandy beaches which are within easy walking distance.
  • Pirate's Cove Zipline and Water park: It is a water park in the Grand Bahamas and one of the first Adventure Theme parks. The estimated distance from the airport is about 11.6 km. It is one of the perfect places to enjoy yourself with family. The park is spread nearly 7.5 acres on the beachfront property, and there is an array of tranquil and energizing activities you can do. The adventurous water park helps to indulge in the simple pleasures of relaxing on the beach.
  • The Dolphin Experience: This is one of the best places for an excursion. The shallow water allows all swimmers and nonswimmers to enjoy without any age boundaries. You can also spend a lot of time in the water with dolphins, and the trainers will share a lot of knowledge with you.
  • Xanadu Beach: If you are looking for a deserted but breathtaking beautiful beach, then Xanadu is where you can head to. The place is gorgeous with a white sand beach and crystal clear water.


If you ask some people about why they visit Freeport, their response will be along the exploration line. People often want to see something new and keep exploring new places. In Freeport, you can find a lot of places to explore. These places will also help you know more about the city, and there are also landmarks in the city, and each has unique stories. You can also explore many other things in the city of Freeport, which are parks, beaches, and many other things.

City Parks

The city has a vast collection of parks and many such places. It has an open space that lets you enjoy greeneries and spaces where you can spend time with your family and children. The views are one thing which you cannot take away from these parks. One such park in Freeport is The Ahmaad Aspen Community Park. The place is meant to be the best for a picnic and spend a great time with your family. You can explore the place and spend your time well. It also gives you a great form of satisfaction and joy.

National Parks

The country is famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources. The city is also lushed with natural resources. You can find national parks in the city and around The Bahamas, which are also not too far.

  • Lucayan National Park: The National park at Freeport is the star of the island's three parks. It was established in 1977 and incorporated one of the largest underwater cave systems around the globe. It has two caves which are open for locals and tourists.
  • Peterson Cay National Park: The place is located near Peterson Beach. It is around 1 mile offshore of Grand Bahamas. The national park is basically a tiny island that is surrounded by beautiful active coral reefs. The place covers only about 1.5 acres. It is one of the smallest parks in the Bahamas.
  • Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve (Tarpum Bay): We can say that the park is beyond any words, and it is one of the most eco-friendly parks on the island. You will get to see many kinds of species like birds and turtles, which are eye-catching. You will not get to see them at any other place, and you will enjoy it beyond your imaginations.
  • West Side (Kemps Bay): This park is the most beautiful park and is beyond any words. It is the most eco-friendly park, and you can take some lovely pictures from here and there. You will also get to adore it to the fullest and never want to return to everyday life.
  • Conception Island National Park (Orange Creek): If you want to get an island cum park experience, you will enjoy some great exposure to the sea birds. If you want to visit this place, then you will never face disappointments or regrets.


People often fantasize about spending time at a beach. They are often curious about beaches if they are in a new city, so you must visit Freeport if you fall in this category. You must be in a treat, and it has beaches for the people to relax and enjoy. Here are some of the most famous beaches you can find in the Freeport:

  • Xanady Beach: The beach is filled with tortoises and crabs all over. So if you are an eco-friendly traveler, then you must worry about hurting anyone around you.
  • Taino Beach: You can get around this beautiful beach. It is a clean beach with white sand and crystal clear water. You can also rent chairs and an umbrella. Jet skiing and parasailing are some of the things you can enjoy here.
  • Lucaya Beach: It is one of the best places to relax from the hustle-bustle of your daily life. You can enjoy soft powdery sugar sand and crystal clear waters with all the hues of green and blue.
  • Fortune Beach: This place is tranquil with a shoreline known for bright blue-green water and abundant seashells with few nearby restaurants.


You will not get to have any landmarks in the city of Bahamas. In simpler terms, the landmark is a long or high structure that people can quickly locate and help them keep track of places. Still, there are a few landmarks that you can find around the city, and it will help you to get around the city well:

  • Peterson Cay National Park
  • Rand Nature Center
  • Pinetree Stables
  • Port Lucaya Marketplace
  • Pirate's Cove Zipline and Water park
  • The Dolphin Experience
  • The Garden of the Groves
  • Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company
  • Cooper's Castle
  • Xanadu Beach


People go around and say it sometimes that it is not possible to keep a count of museums in The Bahamas, but it is one thing which you won't be able to enjoy while your stay at Freeport. However, you can move around The Bahamas and explore some museums that are a few miles away. Here are a few museums which you can explore:

  • Leo's Art Gallery.
  • The Junkanoo Museum of The Bahamas.
  • Sheldon Saint Fine Art.


Food is always one of the prominent things no matter which place you choose to enjoy your holiday. It is one of the exciting parts of the country. If you are a food lover and like to go to different places to explore various foods, you can try local restaurants in that place. Anywhere you go, it is sure that you'll find expensive street foods, which is the same in The Bahamas. You will also get to see many vendors who offer a variety of dishes at comparatively lower prices. From international to traditional, you can find a lot of unique recipes. Being an island, the country offers a wide variety of seafood dishes.

Compared to other places, the seafood dishes are unique because you will be served with fresh ingredients and blended with exotic spices, which makes them much more savory. When you are traveling to the Bahamas, the first thing you can look for is their traditional food, which is rare to find in any other part of the globe. If you try food from small food stalls, it will also help locals the most because they depend on tourism. You will also get to find that the local people in the Bahamas prefer to eat nutritious and healthy meals with a lot of meats and vegetables. Apart from the modern and traditional cuisines, you will also get to enjoy street food, which is mostly mouth-watering.

Traditional Local Restaurants

You can enjoy the local meals of the city at some of the traditional local restaurants of Freeport. Here your taste buds will get to explore more about the local yet conventional dishes of the Bahamas, which will altogether be a different experience for you. Here are a few traditional local restaurants:

  • Tony Macaroni's Conch Experience
  • Robinson's Seafood Delight
  • Big Daddy's Brown Conch / Da Conch Man
  • Billy Joe's Restaurant
  • Coral Reef Beach Bar
  • Cafe Breeze
  • Becky's Restaurant
  • Zorba's

Vegetarian and Vegan

Even though many restaurants are available around the city, eating healthy is what many people now prefer, and this also helps to maintain an eco-friendly tour. You must always opt for eating healthy vegetable and vegan dishes as it allows the travelers to stay fit and healthy at all times. So if you are one of those who prefer vegan and vegetarian dishes, you can around the city and find one for yourself. The 'Natural Ethics Food Eatery' is the one place where you can find various organic food like natural juices, coffee, tea, and smoothies. The place also offers breakfast and lunch, but it is not a restaurant and is a mobile vendor. There are also vegan options available.

Street Food

The best thing about this city is the Bahamian street food that gives you the best feels of tradition and culture. You will get to enjoy street food in every corner of the city. There are some of the street foods available which you can also get around the world. The Bahamas is home to one of the most diverse marine wildlife globally and has a wide variety of street food that is hard to find anywhere else. Here are some of the street food you must try on your trip to Freeport:

  • Cracked conch: The dish is also called fried conch, and it is served in variation. The makers pound the meat with a mallet to make it thinner and tender enough before deep-frying the nuggets.
  • Conch Fritters: The fritters are the other meal derived from the meat of conch snail. It is served in different variations at different restaurants.
  • Conch salad: The salad is served as a meal or an appetizer. It is filled with many vegetables and makes it more refreshing and healthy.
  • Fried fish: The diet of every Bahamian is heavily influenced by the variety of fishes found.
  • Bahamian stew fish: The Bahamian stew fish comprises of tomato, celery, onions, and dark roux of spices, which makes it more appetizing.
  • Baked crab: The baked crabs are prepared by baking the crabs in their original shell and serving bread crumbs, seasoning, and egg.
  • Souse: The is a type of stew that can be combined with lime juice, onions, peppers, celery, carrots, potatoes, bay leaves with meat.
  • Johnnycakes: This is a sweet dish that consists of bread made from milk, flour, butter, sugar ad baking powder.
  • Guava Duff: The Guava duff is commonly known for being sweet, soft, and fragrant. It is made with a combination of dough and guava fruit, which is then served with brandy or rum with butter sauce drizzled on top.


At Freeport, you will find bars and breweries that will serve you many popular and unique liquors. There are many places which are ideal if you want to experience alcoholic drinks in the city. Here are a few places you can explore around Freeport:

  • Bones bar: The place is one of the favorite places among the locals. This waterfront bar has delicious handcrafted cocktails and a fantastic atmosphere around.
  • Out Da Sea bar and grill: The bar is an outdoor one with a full menu that features a wide variety of dishes from burgers to wings to lobster pasta and cracked conch. You can also enjoy refreshing drinks with your friends in the evening, along with the Caribbean breeze.
  • Señor Frog's: The place transforms into a nightclub after 9 pm. It is a lively place, and the staff here makes sure that everyone has a blast. Confetti, conga lines, and craziness are the norms here.
  • Manta-Ray Beach Club: If you are dining in front of the sea by the candlelight, it is an excellent way for some romantic night. You also get the best seafood and fish here, and you can get these more in Manta Bay.
  • Neptune's Cocktail lounge: Neptune's offers live entertainment from 6 pm to 10 pm. It also has some local DJs. The place is an upscale lounge that offers a 'two for the price for one' Happy hour and salsa night on Thursdays.


Tap water has many uses, and it is more heavily regulated and tested. At many places, you cannot drink water gushing from the tap or even use it for brushing teeth, but the tap water at Grand Bahamas Island is safer to drink, but if you want bottled water, then you can purchase it.

Organic Cafés

Freeport has stood up to the task to cater to all the people's segments, including those with a preference for organic food. Some people would prefer eating organic food, and it is now common for every place to have organic cafes in the city.


Bahamian brewery is one famous brewery in Freeport city. Here you can learn about 25 stages of beer making. You will know right from malt through the end product as you tour the Bahamian brewery. The tour of the brewery showcases the brewing process and leads you through the quality control lab. The place also teaches you about the kegging and filtration process and finally takes you to the tasting room. You can also purchase some of the locally made beer, which is duty-free.


Freeport is the one most relaxing port of calls when you are traveling on the Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. It is home to beautiful sand beaches and crystalline water. The large island also offers you plenty of adventurous and exciting activities. Here are few things which you can enjoy at Freeport:

  • Viewing aquatic life on a glass-bottom boat: You can find a special vessel with a glass bottom and is perfect for everyone to get a glimpse of a colorful array of aquatic life while you are on a cruise. The boat also lets you enjoy the medieval castle's incredible view, which is a historical landmark on the island.
  • Swimming with dolphins: You get to swim with the dolphins here at Freeport, and it is one of the most popular and exciting attractions. The excursion is both interactive and educational. You also get to learn about these majestic and playful animals as you spend time with them.
  • Enjoying bottom fishing: At the Caribbean waters, you can get a wide variety of fish swimming, and you'll also get a chance to bottom fishing while you are on board with the custom-designed fishing boat. This is one of the great ways to enjoy water and sightseeing in the Bahamas while you try your luck at catching some fish.
  • Snorkeling and cruise on Catamaran: You can enjoy the view of Freeport's tropical paradise and beaches with a catamaran cruise while sailing along the coastal line. You will also get a chance to see what lies beneath the water when you take a break for some snorkeling. You will also be treated with rum punch while you enjoy some great island music.
  • Fun at the beach: Bahamian island is the largest on Freeport, and beaches surround it. If you want to enjoy some time with your family, there are many secluded beaches for enjoyment and relaxation.
  • Enjoy kayaks: You can paddle on kayaks through the creeks of Lucayan National Park and enjoy the sightings of mangrove forests.
  • Jeep tour of the island: You can enjoy some jeep drive while on tour with some of the iconic sights around the Freeport.
  • Biking across Freeport: If you want to enjoy and experience biking truly, then take a bike tour around the island.

Yoga and Retreats

When we talk about yoga and retreats, The Grand Bahamas must not be left behind. You can enjoy some yoga in Freeport. There are some yoga retreats in and around Freeport. You can also go to Nassau for the best yoga retreats.


When we talk about the accommodation, then it is neither cheap nor expensive. The price depends on the place you think about staying. The city has many options in terms of accommodations, from apartments, hostels to hotels.

Green Hotels

Tourists often fail to realize their role in protecting the environment regardless of their place of origin. If you believe in eco-friendly travel, you can search for some green hotels in Freeport to ensure that you have an eco-friendly stay in the city.

Hostels and Guest Houses

You can find few comfortable and affordable hotels, guesthouses as well as hostels in the city. All these places are easy to rent and provide a comfortable stay.


Apartments are not much cheap in the city, but it also depends on the type of accommodation you choose. It may not be as low as what you would get in other cities. Freeport has many options when we talk about accommodation, and these options range from hotels to apartments.


There are 50+ Couchsurfing hosts in the city, and you can find them online through the website. One of the best perks you get by couchsurfing is that it is free, and as a foreigner, you do not have to pay your host. But if you are Couchsurfing, you must know your responsibility and be respectful by abiding by all the city laws.


The campers describe the experience of camping in the city of Freeport as exciting as it lures those who have never been camping before. It helps you meet new people, and you get to do things you have not experienced before.

How to Get There

Freeport has some of the best transport facilities. The transportation network of the city is considered the most excellent one. The facilities are quite diversified, and some are considered as the excellent ones. Public transportation is recommended if you are on a tight budget trip.


The airports in the city of Freeport are in good condition. The planes are safe and easy to travel, and they have embassies around the countries. Consider taking direct flights to the city and before you book the flights, look at different websites for better options.


There are many bus tours available when you go to the city of Freeport. There are also bus transportations available to get around the Freeport city. If you find yourself lost with the bus system, then you can ask locals for help.


Traveling to the city by trains is a popular mode of transport among travelers as this is one of the comfortable services and offers some breathtaking views of the countryside. But if you are traveling to The Grand Bahamas, keep in mind that there are no railways in the country.


Locals are quite hospitable and friendly, but you must always be alert about the coming dangers. Hitchhiking may be vogue in the city but choose the right person carefully. There are reported cases related to robbery, snatching, sexual crimes.


Harbors and marinas are plentiful on the Bahamas island, and aquatic travel is relatively easy to navigate. There are facilities, including the Lucayan Harbour Cruise facility in Freeport, which offers cruise ships for many passengers. Apart from this taxis are always an option to get to the city.

Moving Around

The modes of transportations are efficient to help you move around the city and discover the city's hidden gems. If you want to move around the city, then there are many ways.


The best way to get around and for the best eco-friendly trip is walking. Walking is the most eco-friendly means of transport, and as the city is growing, traffic jams in Freeport have become quite often.


Walking in the summers could be tiring, so the next best alternative is a bicycle. Visiting the crowded parks, monuments, and markets could be exhausting if you have to walk to transport using a bicycle.

Electronic Vehicles

The government is always kept in promoting electronic vehicles by setting up charging stations at various places. The users of electronic bikes and cars receive relaxation for taxes. The country is also trying to develop new standards of imported electric vehicles to ensure that they are safe for the environment.

Public Bus

Buses are frequent in every city, and you can get them at almost all the corners of the world. There are a few bus stops you can find around the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

As we have mentioned earlier, there are no facilities for the tram, train, and subways in the Freeport. There are no train stations in Freeport as of now, but we hope the government develops it soon.

Sustainable Shopping

Human-made products require immense labor and create more employment opportunities. Every country has sustainable clothes, and the reason being it is made by renewable energy, which is why they are also lower in costs. The products also help in reducing pollution.

Food Markets

The food market serves as a useful source of quality and fresh food products in the city. You can find local food in these markets and enjoy high-quality products at a reasonable price. You can also buy from local fishers, farmers, and producers if you want some fresh groceries.

Flea Markets

The flea market in Freeport sells items at low prices. Port Lucaya straw market is the famous one you can find in Freeport.

Second Hand Stores

There are a few second hand or thrift shops around the city of Freeport. The second-hand markets are evolving worldwide, and you can find few stores with some good quality materials.


Eco-fashion must be your top choice if you want to travel eco-friendly. There are eco-friendly shops around the city that promote zero-waste and manufacture products using recycled items. This way, you will also contribute a bit to the environment.


Freeport has advanced waste disposal and recycling technology to protect and conserve the environment. You can find many recycling stores around the Freeport.


There are many waste management companies, and in fact, the government is taking all the possible measures to control waste management. They have installed dustbins at various public places to avoid litter.

Work and Study Abroad

Working in the Bahamas is quite hard due to the Bahamian government's rules to protect the citizens and attempt to decrease the unemployment among the citizens of the Bahamas. If an international student wants to apply for the courses, they can consult the University of Bahamas.

Exchange Student

If you are an international student in Freeport, you must not fear, and you can also find many foreign exchange students in the city. There are many programs for exchange students in the city.

Au Pair

Au Pair is one of the best options to get your studies done in a foreign city while earning money. It helps the student to explore the city and help the local people. There are many Au Pairs available with in the city, and you can find them on authentic online websites.


Freeport is one destination that has beautiful beaches, islands, and nature around. You can be more than just a tourist and contribute your part by volunteering, as it is quite rewarding. There are many NGO projects which operate and help people and communities.

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