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Eco-friendly travel guide to Gaborone advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Gaborone, Botswana.

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Panorama of Gaborone

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$170 - $220
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $300

Responsible Travel

Gaborone is the capital city in Botswana with an exciting environment that attracts foreigners. Don't hesitate to visit the city because there is plenty to explore. The locals also love to see tourists around.

As a responsible tourists make sure to not litter while in the city; it's recommended to keep the place clean. Gaborone is not that well-developed compared to other top cities in African but it does have various provisions made.

To move around the city, you can use public transport systems such as buses, trains or you can as well walk. As an eco-friendly tourist, here are some options for moving around the city:

  • Train: You can visit the city of Gaborone using a train. The train runs from the South African border at Lobatse through Gaborone to Francistown and across the border to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, with onward connections to Victoria Falls and Harare.
  • Cab': Taxis are recognized by their blue number plates and usually operate in set routes normally where Combis services are unavailable. There are designated taxi stops marked 'bus/taxi stop where passengers can be picked up and dropped off. It's recommended that you should directly book a private cab through a hotel.
  • Combi: Combi is a white van that looks like a minibus; the majority of locals prefer using Combi since it's accessible in all corners of the city and budget-friendly. With the Combi, traveling is made easier,
  • Buses: These buses normally operate on the highway, it's recommended that they don't drive when it's dark because wild animals cross the road.
  • Bicycle: In modern Gaborone, drivers have enjoyed the respect that comes with owning a car as opposed to a bicycle, which is now considered archaic. However, Cycling is still considered a day-to-day activity in Gaborone, where some people depend on it as a means of transport.

To have a responsible trip, here are more tips:

  • Support local businesses and shop in local markets
  • Eat local food
  • Stay in green hotels
  • Visit the city parks

Air Quality and Pollution

People are concerned about their health and the air pollution, especially when intending to visit a new city. However, if Gabarone is the city you choose to visit, you must know that they have put in effective measures aimed at curbing air pollution.

The climate of Gabarone is semi-arid so, it's rated moderately. Air pollution remains an issue in countries that are developed and industrialized. In Gabarone, the primary causes of air pollution are biogas and fumes from vehicles.

Respect the Culture

When you visit any city you should be on your best behavior if you intend to have a good relationship with the locals. While interacting with them you should show some love and talk in a friendly way.

People in Gaborone are extremely warm, hospitable, and friendly so, you should not worry about loneliness on your visit. Making them your friends should be the first thing to do and as well as mark your words when conversing with them. The locals will be pleased to welcome friendly and disciplined tourists.

Gaborone's crime rate is low. When going out at night to a restaurant or a pub call a taxi to take you to your destination. Also, basic common sense will keep you safe from criminals.

English is the official language in Botswana where's Setswana is the national language spoken by the majority of the people. Moreover, there are over 20 other languages that are mostly spoken by none Setswana language groups.

So, there would be no language barrier on your vacation since most of the people can speak English. However, if they are not perfectly fluent, they speak decently enough to enable comprehension. For you to have fun and a good time in Gaborone, you should adapt to the living style of the locals to ease communication and acceptance.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Gaborone is an exceptional place and as a tourist, you have the best and interesting places to visit. The following list shows the top 10 places you must visit in the city:

  • Gaborone Game Reserve: It's a relatively small game reserve with an area size of 5 kilometers square. Gaborone Game Reserve is located inside the city of Gaborone even though it's unusual for the game reserve to be situated in town. They are normally located deep in the wild. This game reserve is home to several of Boston's indigenous species such as Eland, Zebra, blue wildebeest, impala, steenbok and, the list goes on.
  • Kgale Hill: As a tourist, you should never forget to visit Kgale Hill. It is one of the city's manor landmarks. The hill provides a gorgeous backdrop to the area of Kyle, which includes parks and a shopping mall.
  • Matisong Culture Centre: It's an exceptionally well known Gaborone entertainment spot. For those interested in Botswana's culture and tradition, Matisong Culture is the right place to visit; there is always a live show to make your visit more exciting.
  • Mokolodi Nature Reserve: It's 3,700 hectares of donated land that was previously used by cattle farmers. The Mokolodi Reserve is currently home to a wide variety of animals, as well as plants. It offers accommodation in the form of chalets and campsites so, you should not worry about where to spend the night.
  • The Three Chiefs Monument: It's a place situated at CBD which would be superb for history buffs. The bronze statues which were designed and caste in North Korea were unveiled in the year 2005, the 39th year of Botswana's independence.
  • Sir Secrets Khama Statue: He participated in building Botswana's history. Sir Secrets Khama was the first president of Botswana. It's situated at Main Mall, within the government enclave. Sir Secrets Khama with his Botswana Democratic Party established a unified, democratic multi-party and multiracial Botswana. The party is still valuable to Botswana.
  • The National Museum and Art: The museum is located in central Gaborone city. It exhibits various aspects of the culture and heritage of Botswana. It's an interesting place to explore and opens to the public on Tuesdays till Sundays. The entrance is free. At one end, it hosts the national basket show every August. On another end, you can also see the collection of wildlife exhibits and also crafts and paintings designed by local artists. You should keep your cameras ready for some exciting pictures.
  • The Lions Park Resort: The resort is ranked as the first and only permanent amusement park in Botswana. It's located 20km from Gaborone city along the highway to Lobatse. The Lions Park Resort is good for fun especially for family time, and would almost certainly be interesting to kids. You pay at the entrance, as well as activities you would be interested in.
  • The no.1 Ladies Directive Agency Film: It was previously ranked among the top 12 exclusion in Africa by United Kingdom publication. The late award-winning British director Antony Minghella decided to choose a Cul De Sac at the base of Kgale Hill. Tv series used to be produced in the city by Minghella and his production crew.
The view from Kgale Hill


Gaborone city is immensely popular amongst tourists across the globe. Being among the top cities in Africa and home to around 250,000 people, the city often attracts the attention of travelers for its rich culture, heritage, history, and spirit.

Gaborone is home to several such Museums, landmarks, national and city parks that you can explore to make your visit more enjoyable.

Moreover, you would not need to go outside Gaborone since cultural food, street life and business are available. Aside from these, the city also has many street cuisine shops that will excite your taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes.

City Parks

  • Tsholofselo Park: The Tsholofelo Park is a green area located in the north of Gaborone. The public park mostly suits kids to play on. There are few shade trees that people assembled during lunch hour. It has a small pond that cools the atmosphere a little.
  • Wild Wheels 4×4: It offers a modern fleet of 4×4 which ideal for those intending to visit Botswana for holiday. The directors of the company have 70 plus years of experience in rugged terrain vehicles.

National Parks

  • Marketing Tikologo: It was founded in 2002 and located on the corner of South Ring and Kaunda road. It's a welcome retreat for city residents. It as well acts as an example of environmental and waste management. The park has been developed with aim of inspiring people to live an environmentally friendly life. It offers a wide range of products such as jewelry, hats, aprons, sweets, and d snacks, and the list goes on. You should think of visiting Somaraleng Tikologo.
  • Makgadkgadi Pans National Park: The National park has seasonal wildlife viewing. During the green or rainy season, you can expect to see big migrating herds of Burchell's, zebra and blue wildebeest, eland, oryx, and red hartebeest. Moreover, leopards are quite common in the Riverine forest and lions can often be seen hunting zebras. If you like wild animals, then you should think of exploring Makgadikgadi on your holiday vacation.
Makgadkgadi Pans National Park


Botswana is generally a landlocked country. Hence, as a tourist, you shall not be able to find beaches in Gaborone or anywhere close by as well. You can visit Botswana's neighboring country beaches such as South Africa beaches.


In Botswana, you can explore lots of landmarks. The most popular landmarks range from a group of large Baobab trees to giant size footprints fossilized in rocks.

Some other natural attractions include expanses of salt flats, the Kalahari Desert, and as well some very beautiful mountains that a tourist will enjoy every time he visits.

For tourists intending to visit Botswana and enjoy a spot adventure, Gaborone is the exact destination to find natural African landmarks. Some of the popular landmarks include:

  • Tsodilo Hills: It's found in the Northwest of Botswana, rising from the surrounding plain. The trees of the hills bear local names such as " The male", "The female", " The child", while the fourth remains unnamed. It is home to a series of rock paintings and mostly to be painted by bushmen. There are more than 500 individual painting sites.
  • Baobabs ( Seven Sisters ): These trees are found in Nxai Pan National Park. This group of trees is as well known as the Seven Sisters. The trees attract hundreds of thousands of visits every year. Thomas Baines made the Seven Sisters famous, after painting them in 1962. It's unusual for African Baobab trees to grow so closely together in natural clusters.
Tsodilo Hills


  • Botswana National Museum: The museum is also known as the National Museum of Art. It's located in Gaborone city and it offers art galleries, as well as the National Botanical Garden since November 2007. It is also the presentation of Tsodilio Botswana's first world heritage area. Botswana National Museum was established in 1967.
  • Thapong Visual Arts Centre: It was established in 1998, and it seeks to promote unity amongst the locals and excellence within arts in Botswana in all communities by sharing skills, improving personal growth and development, and as well promoting arts both locally and internationally via networking.
Traditional thatched house at Botswana National Museum


The city of Gaborone is known for its delicious food that rich in flavor and a few master chefs who are famous for their recipes. There are restaurants in the city that you find with very enticing menus. In the city of Gaborone, you have iconic food, places to explore.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Cafe Khwest: This is a place to explore; you can get delicious meals while you can overlook the bustle of the street. They also offer bar services in the evening.
  • Terrace Restaurant: They offer lunch and dinner; the lunch menu includes a quick option for around BWP50 When it comes to the evening menu, you have Botswana's only Moroccan cuisine, including a lamb tagine and Moroccan Kinglalip at around P80

Vegetarian and Vegan

In Gaborone, there are Vegetarian and vegan restaurants that travelers find exciting. One must note that the majority of locals in Gaborone are vegetarians, and as a result, you will find that almost every restaurant has included vegetarian dishes on their menu.

You will not miss the vegetarian dishes of your choice regardless of where you reside in the city.

  • Basilico Italian Restaurant: It's not purely vegetarian, but it offers a vast number of vegetarian offerings. They have labeled these in the restaurant's menu, and they quite taste unique. Although you won't find many Botswana dishes, some mouth-watering dessert offerings shall make your trip worth it.
  • Chutney Restaurant: This restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers vegan options too. Their dishes are rich in flavor and they include lunch, dinner, and late-night meals in their menu. For those who like Indian food, Chutney is the right place for you. The place is pleasant and it attaches reasonable prices.

Street Food

  • White Box Food: This is the most available and is a simple lunch of starch. It is cooked in a combination with rice, pap, sorghum or camp, vegetables, and meat. The food is very delicious and sold on the streets near most offices. Don't miss the opportunity to eat this tasty food on your trip.


The people of Botswana like to drink. However, cases of excessive drinking are common.

The government of Botswana has reacted by responding with public education campaigns to curb the selling of alcohol to under 18 and to enlighten the people as well.

As a tourist, if you are looking for a sundowner, it's recommended that you pick a hotel or a restaurant with outdoor seating.


The city of Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana and with no doubt, one can expect the best possible quality of water. Water taps are safe to drink since the purification process has been done.

Over the last decade, the quality of drinking water has rapidly improved. You should stick to the purified drinking water sold in bottles. There are quite cheap.

Organic Cafés

The city of Gaborone is a major destination that attracts tourists across the globe. You would find the majority of the locals enjoy eating unprocessed healthy food which is clean even in the streets.

Several organic cafes have popped in the city. Here is a list of some cafes worthy of your visit:

  • The No.1 Ladies Coffee
  • Sanitas Tea Garden
  • News Cafe Gaborone
  • Cafe Dijo


In the past decade, it has been seen that there is an exponential rise in the consumption of brewed alcoholic drinks.

As a tourist during your vacation, you can enjoy different types of brews at some of the popular breweries. The list below consists of some of the popular breweries.

  • Kgalagadi Breweries Limited
  • Big Sip Co


Regardless of whether you are a local or a foreigner, Gaborone has something unique to offer every visitor. Take a trip and see Kgale Hill, the hill is a beautiful and natural place. A trip to Gaborone allows you to enjoy its best such as modern amenities while exploring the sights of the region.

Gaborone has plenty of historical places to visit and make your vacation superb, including well-stocked museums, nearby hiking trails, and villages.

Travelers discover the chance to enjoy an important huge number of activities in Gaborone such as sports, history, culture, and legacy as well.

Some of the activities in Gaborone include:

  • Kalahari Cocktail: It's a classy venue inside the Grand Plam Resort Complex. Kalahari is located behind reception in the Walmont Ambassador. They offer the best food that might leave you admiring the place.
  • Caravela Portugueses Restaurant: It serves up assured Mediterranean cookies in a pretty garden setting. The restaurant is close to Gaborone city but situated in a quiet residential corner.

If you are a tourist, you should seize the opportunity and go explore this place; their dishes include Portuguese steaks. This kind of food makes Caravela a terrific place to eat.

Yoga and Retreats

Botswana might not be a top destination for yoga retreat across the globe, but you would be surprised at how much it offers. It would look great if you combine your yoga escape with a Safari adventure. Your trip in Gaborone will look complete, just imagine sitting in the shadow of the Seven Sisters tree.

You are much welcome to discover Botswana's various wildlife; from elephant to hippos, and lions as well. If you are planning to visit Gaborone or maybe you are there already, you should book a yoga retreat in Botswana today and prepare to marvel at nature's endless wonders.


In the city of Gaborone, accommodation options are quite diverse. As a tourist, whether local or foreign, you have a wide range of options that you can explore on your vacation. You can find cheap motels in the city's regions and swanky four-star hotels in Gaborone popular regions. Below are a few options you can select from for accommodation in the city of Gaborone.

Green Hotels

  • Hilton Inn Gaborone: Hilton Inn Gaborone is one of the most prestigious lavish hotels in Africa. It's situated in Gaborone and offers free wifi for their customers. It provides a swimming pool for luxurious moments as well as a business center and meeting room available. As a traveler, don't miss the opportunity to spend your night in Hilton Inn Gaborone since it is prepared to accommodate the requirement of any traveler. While you are in this hotel, you can as well explore Sir Secret Khama International Airport, a distance that is less than a 25 minutes drive away.
  • Travelodge: Travelodge is in the suburb of black 3, Gaborone city. It's convenient for people traveling towards the center due to its location in Western Bypass. It offers outstanding accommodation, as well as a cozy environment at a reasonable price. The rooms are well equipped with all amenities to meet the expectation of a modern-day traveler.
  • Green Acres Guest House: This is a superb restaurant to visit. It has all requirements of a traveler. Some of their amenities include family rooms, an electric kettle, and delicious meals such as snacks. They also serve both breakfast and dinner. You can book Green Acres Guest House via their website or their booking offices in the city. As a tourist, this should be your next place to explore.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Mokolodi Backpackers: This is an initiative to help Backpackers explore the maddening city of Gaborone. Their interesting amenities include free parking, wifi, a swimming pool, a non-smoking hotel, and laundry services. The features of the rooms offered are a kitchenette and a charming hostel style room.
  • Berry Bless Guest House: Rated one of the best guest houses in the city, you will find a wide range of amenities provided to make you comfortable. It specializes in local and international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Travelers can as well enjoy drinks.
  • Planet Lodge: Planet lodge is one of the most prestigious guest houses in Gaborone. It's furnished to meet the needs of an eco-friendly traveler. Their user-friendly environment attracts lots of tourists. They also serve delicious meals. These amenities include snug rooms, an outdoor pool, a casual restaurant/bar, as well as a garden.


Renting an apartment in the city of Gaborone might be a good idea only if you have plans to live with some locals for a long period.

Moreover finding a suitable apartment in Gaborone is quite easy since the residents are not against renting private apartments in the city.

Furthermore, there is a document to be signed upon your agreement with the owner for security purposes. People in Gaborone are not covetous so when you decide to buy land and be a citizen no one will interfere. You can as well book an apartment online before your journey commences.


Couch surfing as a concept is yet to take off in the country of Botswana. Some people believe in couch surfing and often make their home place to host visitors local and as well as foreigners.

However, there are a set of risks and it is advisable you go against this unless you know a trustworthy person.

If you intend to visit Gaborone and not sure of your accommodation you can just register on social network platforms. This would enable you to interact with the locals in Gaborone who offers to lodge for Travellers.

There is usually not a high cost involved in couch surfing since most people who offer their homes are people who are just interested in meeting new faces from other countries. To be fair you can bring your host some gifts or give them some money.


For eco-friendly tourists who intend to have some fun in the lap of nature during their trip to Gaborone, then you can as well explore options such as camping.

The city is home to people who are traditionalists and nature lovers. If you are an adventurous person, it would be great to select who to spend your weekend with, camping at some of the scenic and serene places just some distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Then you have a variety of options. Below are a few camping spots that you can choose to explore, nonetheless it's recommended that you go along with trustworthy locals for your safety.

  • Marang Hotel Camping
  • Jack's Camp
  • Res Camp
  • Bahurutshe Culture Lodge
  • Makolodi Camp Sites
  • Lion par Resort

How to Get There

The country of Botswana is still a developing country. Therefore, there aren't enough eco-friendly or sustainable ways to reach the city of Gaborone. Flying to the city is the best option for tourists who comes from long distance countries.

Moreover, if you are already in Botswana, you have several options. You could try using one of the public bus shuttles to Gaborone from other cities located around, depending on the distance or you could hire a taxi or combi from your destination.


If you intend to visit the city of Gaborone, you shall be flying into Gaborone airport or sir Sereto Khama airport. However, these airports aren't connected to many major destinations across the globe.

As an eco-friendly traveler, you might get disappointed to realize that not all airlines are environmentally friendly. When you land at the city airport you have public transportation to the city.

Interior of the passenger terminal of Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone


As a traveler, if you wish to go or from the city of Gaborone via bus transportation, then have a vast variety of options. There are daily buses that connect some other popular African cities with Gaborone. The bus has some fantastic amenities such as reclining seats, and a working bathroom. You can book for one through online platforms.

Bus in Gaborone


The country of Botswana has no railway line connected to other countries in Africa except Bulawayo, Zimbabwe so, you cannot rely on the train as a form of traveling to Gaborone unless you are traveling to or from Gaborone and Francistown to Bulawayo.

BR Express Train from Gaborone to Francistown


In other nations, hitchhiking is a common practice. However, it is not the usual practice in the city. While many of the people are good, hospitable and as well caring, as a stranger, you should not be so trusting because thugs may be looking to rob or exploit you. You would be considered an easy target. You should always travel on a bus for your safety.


Reaching Gaborone through other means of transportation can as well be useful. The operation of the cab is not limited as it can reach all corners of the city.

Moreover, you can as well reach Gaborone city via Combi. Combis offers reasonable prices.

Combi which is a mini bus is often used to travel around the city

Moving Around

Reaching Gaborone through other means of transportation can as well be useful. The operation of the cab is not limited as it can reach all corners of the city.

Moreover, you can as well reach Gaborone city via Combi. Combis offers reasonable prices.


The city of Gaborone is still developing and moving around on foot is an option. You can explore nearby areas by strolling. The locals are always welcoming and respect foreigners.

Nonetheless, you should not walk alone at night if you are not a citizen of Botswana. It is recommended that you carry your passport only if you must walk at night or you have urgent business to attend to.


Using a bicycle as a form of personal transportation is not unique. Many people use bicycles as a means of transportation, especially those who cannot afford cars.

It alleviates congestion, reduces obesity, increases physical fitness, lowers air pollution, and the list goes on. Riding a bicycle in the upscale areas of town is the only option you have where riding in congested places or even in chaotic traffic might put your life at risk.

The majority of people who use a bicycle as a form of transportations are the locals.

Electronic Vehicles

Botswana's most reliable form of transportation is through petrol and diesel vehicles. Traveling in the city of Gaborone through electric vehicles is quite hard.

Nonetheless, Botswana has been named the first country in Africa where you can go on Safari in an electric Land Rover. The electric land Rover defender uses a button where the driver has to press and control the movement, unlike diesel engine as it produces loud noises and fumes that pollute the environment.

As a tourist, you have the opportunity to explore the national parks by use of the luxurious Land Rover Defender. These cars are environmentally friendly and as well provide a much better way to observe animals in the wild.

Another one is Electric Scooter. It's a type of motorbike that uses a chargeable Lithium battery. Some come with the option of a double battery pack to extend the range of usability.

Public Bus

The public buses in Gaborone only operate on CUG. These buses move on highways, and they are cheap, comfortable, and easily accessible. They are reliable, efficient since they connect to all corners of the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

As a tourist, unfortunately, you do not get tram services in the city of Gaborone but you do have a train option. Traveling by train would be a better option if you are traveling to long distances like Francistown. In other words, these trains can shuttle you to small towns, as well as cities on the outskirts.

Sustainable Shopping

Botswana as a nation has a vibrant marketplace. For example, you can go shop Kalahari quilts in arts and crafts in Gaborone. These quilts are made by Botswana women. They make great souvenirs to take back to your home country.

Since the introduction of these products, women have been empowered. You can as well shop in malls like Riverwalk mall and others.

Food Markets

Gaborone is well known for its flavourful and heavenly food in Botswana. This is attributed to hotels and restaurants which have experienced chefs and as well as exemplary food markets.

These markets are well stocked, have a good supply chain, and goods are sold at quite a reasonable price. Here are a few for you to explore on your vacation.

  • Bu Hana Farmers market
  • Food lovers Market Gaborone
  • Jumbo Gaborone
  • Choppies Hyper Supermarket
  • Food lovers Market Gaborone

Flea Markets

Botswana is usually associated with handicrafts, as well as an open market where you can find items at a reasonable price. Most items you will find in the market include clothes, shoes, bangles, necklaces, etc.

In these markets when you find exquisite items you can further bargain and get them at a lower price. The vendors found in the flea market in Gaborone are those who are not capable of affording the money to rent expensive stalls and shops.

The following list contains a few flea markets in the city you can explore.

  • Fairgrounds Flea Market and Auction
  • Flea Market Gaborone

Second Hand Stores

Just like any other city, Gaborone is home to more than two million people and most of them rely on second-hand goods.

You can find a variety of used goods across various categories of utensils and even furniture. The following list shows a few second-hand stores you can explore in the city.

  • Cash Crusaders Gaborone City
  • Dunns Gaborone Main Mall
  • Cash Crusaders Gaborone Kagiso Mall
  • Mogochanyama
  • SBT Botswana


Botswana has several industries that manufacture clothes; the textile and apparel sector is a strategic industry of the country.

The use of organic cotton in Botswana clothing has to lead to the production of more eco-friendly clothing.

Some few stores that you can visit for eco-friendly fashion shopping sprees include:

  • Milady's Store
  • Premier Clothing
  • Cape Union Mart River Walk


The city of Gaborone has a population higher than any other city in the nation and there must be a recycling activity taking place. There are tonnes of plastic waste materials generated every day.

Research has been done that Gaborone produces over 10000 plastic waste daily. These waste materials include bags, bottles, plastic, as well as cans.

In Botswana, recycling waste material would need a little more effort compared to other countries.


Botswana is facing challenges in controlling waste. There is pressure on the waste management agencies in the country to provide information on curbing waste disposal, as well as to research ways for an effective waste management system.

Lack of implementation of national waste policy is one of the challenges that hinder waste control in Botswana. Research shows that over the last decade, the trend of the illegal dumping of waste is growing rapidly. The government itself and the Ministry of Environment are putting efforts into rejuvenating a sustainable waste management system.

Work and Study Abroad

Other than being the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone is as well home to some of the biggest international and national institutions.

If you intend to study in one of the prestigious universities or even a college in Botswana then the opportunity is yours. They offer an array of courses; you can choose to pursue a degree or diploma.

There are numerous universities in the city of Gaborone and you will find foreign students in a large number.

Exchange Student

As already mentioned above, the city of Gaborone is home to Botswana's popular institutions. These attract students around the globe. The welcoming environment of Botswana also encourages a wide number of students to enroll in some of the universities. Such universities include:

  • University of Botswana
  • Botswana University Of Agriculture And Natural Resources
  • Botho University
  • Baisogo University
  • ABM University College
  • Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology
  • Impera School Of Business And Science
  • Mega Size College
University of Botswana

Au Pair

The concept of au pair in Botswana is a norm and you would find some of the locals indulge in it. If you find a trustworthy au pair, then you are assured of help in your home. Since people are much aware of au pair and are willing to indulge in for them to earn a living, you should take this as an opportunity to find yourself one through agencies or online platforms.


Volunteering in the city of Gaborone is quite popular. You can expect various kinds of NGOs since the city holds a seat in controlling the whole country.

In this nation of great diversity, locals and foreigners volunteer to some organizations for charity work and others as paid volunteering. NGOs and welfare organizations doing their best to improve situations on various fronts in Botswana.

Whether you're a foreigner or local you can volunteer for pretty much anything. It's recommended that you select a legitimate organization and deal in a field you have sufficient experience in.

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