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Eco-friendly travel guide to Gabrovo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Panoramic view of Gabrovo

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.8 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.9 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.7 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$200 - $210
  • Budget per day: US$170 - $180

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Gabrovo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. A town in central northern Bulgaria, Gabrovo is located at the foot of the central Balkan Mountains, in the valley of the Yantra River. Known as the international capital of humor and satire, this town is noted for its Bulgarian National Revival architecture. The city is popular for its attractive tourist center with its clear mountain air, cultural, ethnographic, and historical monuments. The region of Gabrovo is considered to be one of the most ecologically sustainable areas of Bulgaria, as it has rich flora and fauna. It is a major industrial center that has a high in-migration population from the surrounding areas. Gabrovo is also the site of two known mass from the end of the Second World War. Among the two, grave one contains the remains of the seven German prisoners of the war that were forced to bury the victims in grave two. Grave two contains the remains of the 20 Home Guard soldiers from the prison at the Loka Castle.

  • You should always go for the ways that help the environment to maintain its freshness. This will assist you to fulfil your duty as a responsible tourist.
  • Consider using cars and buses to explore all the major destinations in the city.
  • The short distance localities in the city can be traveled by eco-friendly transportation like walking or bicycles. You can organize your trip accordingly so that it can assist you to perform your responsibility as an eco-friendly tourist.
  • Try to visit local markets for food and lodging to contribute positively to the economy of the country. You can also taste the street foods offered by the city.
  • The city has national parks which you should consider visiting while exploring. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in a fresh environment.
  • Try to travel using local transport available in the city. This will provide support to the locals. Rented cars, taxis can be some of the best options.
  • Opt to stay in the eco-friendly hotels available in the city. It will positively affect the city to stay pollution-free.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of the city is at an average level. There are places that often face a rise in the pollution rate. This mainly occurs in the central part of the city where the vehicles run in a rush and crowd. The harmful gases that emit from the engines are very harmful to humans. It has extended up to a level where taking safety measures have become a priority. Therefore, the government has taken various steps since the problem started. Further, they are even asking the public to use less fuel-based gadgets for regular use, besides, the same is conducted for public transports.

The government has taken the action to decrease the amount of usage of such devices that causes more pollution. Also, the government is effectively working on the concept and is targeting to take the necessary steps that can control the pollution. This authority is repeatedly working for providing a better life in the city. With the help of these, they have managed to reduce pollution to a certain level. On the present date, pollution is very much in control. Hence, you can plan a comfortable trip to Gabrovo.

Respect the Culture

Gabrovo is also known as the longest town in Bulgaria and holds the finest architecture in the country. There are two theatres in the city. One is the Racho Stoyanov Drama Theatre and the other is the puppet theatre, which is a House of Humour and Satire and serves as the cultural institute in the city. It is also considered a center, museum, and gallery that serves to popularise comic art. There is a cinema named Aleko Cinema, and museums and memorial houses in the town and around it that depict the rich culture and heritage of the city. The most notable is the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex and the National Museum of Education at the Aprilov National High School. Further, during the week of May, Gabrovo hosts an annual festival called the Carnival of Humour and Satire with the slogan in Bulgarian. On this day of the carnival, the streets of Gabrovo town are beautifully decorated. People are found wearing amazing costumes with fun characters like gypsies, masked musketeers, shamans, bullfighters, and much more. The carnival is very popular for its use of traditional Balkan songs, folklore dance, and display a rich Gabrovo humor and culture. Carving Festival of Laughter gives a serious account for the development and lasting presence of both in the cultural calendar of Gabrovo and in the national cultural calendar.

Top 10 Places to Visit

As known that Gabrovo is one of the best city that holds several sites of attractions and people love to visit over there. It is because there you will get some beautiful spots that have the most attractive views for your holiday trip. If you are really interested to know their names then just go through the ones which are mentioned below.

  • Open Air Ethnographic Museum ETAR – Located in the neighborhood of Gabrovo in northern Bulgaria, this is an open-air museum. It presents the Bulgarian customs, culture, and craftsmanship. In addition, it includes water installations and houses with craftsmen's workshops attached. As a whole, it goals to illustrate the architecture, way of life, and economy of Gabrovo and the region during the Bulgarian National Revival.
  • Sokolski Monastery – Located in the southwest of Gabrovo, this monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery. The monastery has a big yard surrounded by residential and utility buildings. In the center of the yard, there is a big stone fountain with eight taps. The Sokolski Monastery is now a part of the historical site.
  • House of Humour and Satire – This is an exposition of traditional local humor art, including verbal humor, paintings, photographs, cartoons, and, sculptures. The House is a combination that features a museum and an art gallery. Its main objectives include the management of its collection along with hosting the permanent and temporary exhibitions of humorous and satirical works of art from Bulgaria and the world. Also, carrying on the publishing activity and organizing the contests and festivals of humor.
  • Dryanovo Monastery – Situated in the Andaka River Valley, in Bulgarka Nature Park in the central part of Bulgaria, this is a functioning Bulgarian Orthodox monastery. It was found during the Second Bulgarian Empire and is dedicated to Archangel Michael. Besides, it was the site of several battles during the April Uprising of 1876.
  • Shipka Pass – This pass marks the border between Stara Zagora province and Gabrovo province. It is also a scenic mountain pass through the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria that connects the towns of Gabrovo and Kazanlak. The pass is part of Bulgarka Nature Park. An important influence of this pass was the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Germany. This monument is a high stone tower in the form of a truncated pyramid.
  • Uzana – Located at the foot of Ispolin peak, this is a winter resort in Bulgaria. It consists of large meadows surrounded by forest and offers a great surrounding site that is suitable for speleology, skiing, and rock climbing. Also, Uzana is a home of rare floral species included in the Red Book of Endangered Species. It is also marked as the starting position of many mountain routes as well as the summits Shipka and Buzludja.
  • Bozhentsi – This is a village and architectural reserve in Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo Province, in central northern Bulgaria. The village lies in the middle part of the Balkan Mountains, and is noted for its well-preserved Bulgarian National Revival architecture and history, and is thus a well-known tourist destination in the area. Further, the village of Bozhentsi was proclaimed as an architectural and historical reserve and is now a part of UNESCO's cultural monuments.
  • The Liberty Memorial– This monument is the heart of the Shipka National Park-Museum and is located on Shipka Peak. It is the symbol of modern Bulgaria and the liberation of Bulgaria. Also, it was built with donations from people from all over Bulgaria. The powerful bronze lion symbolizes the coat of arms of Bulgaria, which is the symbol of the Bulgarian state and guards the entrance to the Memorial. The other three walls of the monument bear the names Shipka, Sheynovo, and Stara Zahora, which are the battlefields in defense of the Pass. On the ground floor under a marble sarcophagus, is the remains of Shipka’s defenders.
  • The Assumption Church – Located in the central part of the town, this church is a masterpiece of the Bulgarian Revival church architecture. The church has a form of a basilica with a nave and two aisles, two domes, and two rows of four columns. And, the decorative ornaments of the church consist of stone reliefs of plant and animal patterns. It is also represented as a remarkable model of post-Liberation woodcarving.
  • The Yoke Bridge – This Bridge is a sculptural composition of 4 figures including the figure of Racho Kovacha, the founder of Gabrovo; the figure of a roaring lion, which is a symbol of the reborn and rebellious Bulgarian spirit; the figure of mother Bulgaria who is shackled in chains; and the figure of the Bulgarian man who managed to break the shackles as a result of great efforts.
The iconic Dryanovo Monastery


Apart from the mentioned top ten tourist attractions, which you can opt to pay a visit, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider checking out during your tour in the city. Here is a list of such places to explore.

City Parks

  • Park Markoteya – This is one of the oldest parks in Gabrovo. It is divided into northern, central, and southern areas. The northern area is the main entrance of the park and includes the parking lot and the emblematic lake park with a fountain. There is a colorful show of lights on the lake in the evening. The central area offers space for relaxation and outdoor activities. Multiple benches and lawns are available, along with a water fountain with drinking water. During the weekends, various public events and festivals are held, besides, wedding and baptism photoshoots are common. The southern part consists of the sports area. There is a playground for children, sports equipment for the larger ones, a tennis court and a basketball court. You will also get a parking lot in this area.

National Parks

  • Central Balkan National Park – This Park is the third-largest protected territory in Bulgaria, besides being one of the largest and most valuable of the protected areas in Europe. It is home to rare and endangered wildlife species and communities, self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity. It is also considered as the historical site of global cultural and scientific significance. There are several species found here.
  • Bulgarka Natural Park – Located between the steep topography of the Central Balkan. This supports a rich diversity in flora and fauna. There are various fauna species such as red deer, golden jackal, white wagtail, magpie, golden eagle, Eurasian wolf, and others. This place also holds a variety of flora including water locust, elm, maple, birch, wild cherry, and others.
Central Balkan National Park


  • Lipite Beach – Located at a distance from the city, this beach has an amazing view that you can enjoy. It is known to protect a large nature and is always kept in an upgraded form with a proper garbage controlling system. This is a wonderful beach to spend your time with the peace in the freshness of the atmosphere.


  • Hotalich Fortress – This is the ruins of a medieval fortified town but has its origins during the Romans times. It is situated in the pl. Svoboda 1, Sevlievo. The view from the fort is excellent. There are lights, signs, paths, and stairs. Everything is well organized, and there are places to rest on the way up.
  • Statue of Liberty – The pillar of this statue is an original stone pillar from the Roman city of Nicopolis and Istrum. This project was conducted by Otto Horeishi and Italian sculptor Arnoldo Tzoki. The bronze figure is made in Vienna. It was erected in place of the gallows from which the Sevlievo fighters for the freedom of Bulgaria leave for immortality.
Hotalich Fortress


  • Interactive Museum of Industry – Situated in Nikolaevska Street, this museum is an interactive walk through the history of the town from the industrial perspective from its creation to recent times. The setting is very modern and interactive: there are video walls, interactive gesture managed timeline photo wall, info kiosks, working machinery simulations, crafts specimen, and more.
  • National Education Museum – This museum is located in the town of Gabrovo, in the building of the Aprilov High-School. It aims to keep the history of Bulgarian education and show its development until today. The first hall displays the materials that are related to Bulgarian education from the period of creating writing in Bulgaria. The Second Hall holds traces of the development of Bulgarian education during the years of the Renaissance to the liberation from Ottoman rule. The last room is reconstructed as a classroom from the past.


Being a part of Bulgaria, Gabrovo serves Bulgarian cuisine. This cuisine is a demonstration of the food from Eastern Europe. Furthers, it shares several techniques with other Balkan cuisines. The Bulgarian food cooking style is diverse. They offer some of the delicious and fresh food items that are worth trying. Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian pastry that is made by layering a combination of eggs and cheese. This dish is quite popular among the locals as well as the tourists. Next, you can opt to try the cold soup called Tarator. This is one of the Bulgarians favorite food, especially for the summer season. It is commonly made with Bulgarian yogurt, walnuts, garlic, herbs, and others. The city also serves a mixed meat grill called Meshana Skara. This dish is a combination of grilled meat that is that presented in forms and versions. It is the crème de la crème of Bulgarian food. Further, you can opt to try the Bulgarian Sarmi, which is cabbage or vine leaves stuffed with a delicious mixture of rice, spices, and meat mince. It is usually served as a starter, especially on Christmas Eve. It is said to be a must-try dish if you are in the city. Another traditional Bulgarian dish, actually a salad called Shopska Salata. It is made with chopped veggies and grated white cheese. The inimitable flavor and the taste of the salad make it popular across the country. Do try the Bulgarian soup named Shkembe, the best type of yogurt called Kiselo Mlyako, and Moussaka.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Rest Restaurant – This restaurant is located in Street Stara Planina and is known for serving European dishes with the menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The foods offered here are super delicious. With a fine and pleasant atmosphere, this restaurant attracts loads of customers including the locals as well as tourists. The staffs are friendly and the restaurant provides food at a reasonable price.
  • Mehana Etar – This traditional restaurant is popular for serving the best Bulgarian food in the town. Besides, they also serve Japanese and European menus. You can opt to spend your time here for lunch and dinner. With great sitting arrangements and lip-smacking dishes, this place remains crowded. The price might be expensive for some, but the food worth trying. Further, you can enjoy your quality time with your friends and family.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Han Dqvolski Vodi – This vegetarian-friendly restaurant is located in the Pastra in Bulgaria. Known for offering amazing barbecue and soups options, this restaurant is a great choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food serves has a delicious taste and is of decent price. The service provides by the staff is great and they are well aware of the availabilities in the restaurant. Hence, you can consider visiting this place to enjoy your meal without any dissatisfaction.
  • Starata Kashta Tavern – This restaurant is located in Angel Kanchev Street and is one of the popular restaurants in the town. They serve vegetarian-friendly food at an affordable price. This is a traditional and friendly restaurant with a decent atmosphere. You can also experience the live music that is held at the weekends and adds a cozy environment to the evening. In addition, it has beautiful surroundings with good service.

Street Food

The street food of Gabrovo mainly consists of Bulgarian dishes which one should opt to try. The flavor and style of cooking make them quite popular among the tourists. Chushka Biurek is a perfect Bulgarian dish for vegetarians. These are basically stuffed peppers that are made of coated fried pepper stuffed with eggs and white cheese. And, if you love meat then you will also get a non-vegetarian version of it, which is made of the fillings of minced meat and rice. Another great street food includes a grilled item named Bulgarian Kebapche, which is made a mix of meats of pork and beef or only beef. This can also be enjoyed with a chilled beer on the summer days. While on your tour of the city, you can consider various other eateries that are served in the city. Madrajisko is another super delicious dish. It is eggs and cheese served in a clay pot. The flavors are finger-licking. You can try out the Bulgarian pancakes named Palacinka which are not less than crepes because of their thin texture. It is served with a great selection of savory-sweet fillings. Baklava is a sweet dessert pastry made with walnuts and honey. There are several other dishes that are worth trying. This includes Garash Cake, Jatvarska Salata, bean salad, Selski Kartofi, fried lentil balls, and others.


Exploring cities will definitely raise the urge of drinking something. Therefore, feeling thirsty is something natural, and at times like this, if you get some soothing drink is like a blessing. Hence, you should try the cocktails offered by the city. Rakia is the national drink of Bulgaria. It is a Bulgarian alcoholic drink made with strong plum, grapes, or other fruity brandy. Sometimes, this drink is mixed with herbs, sour cherries, and honey. Further, many Bulgarians distill their own Rakia. This drink is usually drunk with appetizers known as salad and meze. It is also considered a sign of hospitality in the country. Another popular drink available in the city is the Mastika. This is a strong anise-flavored drink, which is consumed chilled. It is also used to make a traditional cocktail called The Cloud when mixing with a liqueur named menta (made with spearmint oil). Bulgaria has a wide production of beer. This includes Astika, Shumensko Pivo, Kamenitsa, Zagorka, and Pirinsko Pivo. Some of the popular made in Bulgaria drinks are whiskey and vodka, which are made with a much higher concentration of alcohol. Other locally produced powerful drinks available across Bulgaria are rosaliika, mastika, and a cocktail named Oblak. A wide variety of wines are also offered by the country.


The tap water of Shenyang is partly safe to drink. There are regions where the water quality is not good enough to be used as drinking water. Therefore, necessary measures have been taken to improve the water quality. A project has been started, which focuses on improving the drinking water distribution and treatment, along with wastewater collection and treatment for Gabrovo. This will deliver great benefits to the local environment and population and will bring the area’s water system in line with EU environmental standards. Hence, you are recommended to ask the locals and hotel staff about the quality of water before using it. Further, you can purchase the bottled water available across the city at reasonable prices.

Organic Cafés

  • Wiener Cafe at Sevlievo Plaza – This café is situated in the Plaza of Liberty, Sevlievo. The amazing coffee served is made this place one of the highly recommended cafes by the visitors. The place is quite decent with a nice atmosphere and good service. It is a family-friendly place to spend some time and admiring the view of the town center along with enjoying some of the eateries offered by the café.
  • PolCa Cafe & Deli – Located in the Krali Marko, Blagoevgrad. This café is not only famous for serving great coffee but also for its European and Deli menu long with soup options. The ambiance is decent and the food served here is fresh and are full of flavors. You can opt to try the sandwiches, smoothies, pastries, and many more. Besides, you can get to enjoy the meals that are served as breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The prices are reasonable too.


There are thirteen breweries in Bulgaria. Among them, four are owned by Molson, two are owned by Heineken, and two are owned by Carlsberg. The country also has local breweries which include Bolyraka. It makes a range of lagers and distributes the Warsteiner brand in Bulgaria. The Molson Coors brands include Kamenitza, Astika, and Burgasko. The Heineken brands include Zagorka, Ariana, and Sstolichno. The Carlsberg brands include Pirnisko Pivo and Shumensko. Apart from these, other Bulgarian brands include Ledenika, Lomsko, Boliarka, and Britos. In addition, there are international beer brands like Stella Artois, Tuborg, Heineken, Amstel, and Beck’s that have a large market share and in many cases, they are brewed locally.


Gabrovo is a tourist attraction destination of Bulgaria. You can enjoy the emotion of driving an ATV/QUAD. It will give you an unforgettable experience with off-road ATV tours. You can choose from your basic ATVs, which you find suitable for yourself, or from the more powerful racing ATVs, which are suitable for experiencing the off-road enthusiast. Further, you will get the opportunity to explore the beauty of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi from a different point of view and stop at magnificent places to discover amazing panoramic views. Next, you can consider paying a visit to the Buzludzha Monument and get to know about the history of the monument as well as other interesting stories related to the surroundings. You can enjoy hiking and a tour of Bozhentsi or elsewhere in the Gabrovo region.

Yoga and Retreats

There is a number of yoga retreats in Gabrovo that can help you to restore your energy and keep your mind peaceful. The yoga sessions are held every day, in addition to other healing retreats. Therefore, after attending a few sessions, you will feel more calm and energetic. You can also practice meditation to calm your mind while traveling through the city. Besides, your mind and body will feel relaxed, after the continuous scouting duration in the city. Further, it is very important to take care of your body during your traveling duration. Hence, do consider selecting the best yoga center for your sessions depending on your preference.


Accommodation is the most vital requirement, while to opt for traveling to different parts of the world. As the city remains crowded with tourists, you will find accommodations ranging from expensive to reasonable ones. Besides, these accommodation facilities are highly maintained and built with all necessities. Therefore, you can choose accordingly. The options of accommodation include green hotels, apartments, hostels, and guest houses will assist you with a place for your stay and help you to get relief from your tiredness, which is very important.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels available in the city play a positive role in the betterment of the atmosphere. Hence, they are very much in demand, especially among eco-friendly tourists. These hotels provide all the basic facilities that you get in an average hotel. Further, the cost of these hotels can be low or similar to the normal hotels. Other charges depend on the advanced amenities that you want to add on from the ones offered by the hotel management. Here are some green hotels you can opt for a stay in the city.

  • Koliovata Kashta
  • Hiter Petar
  • Hotel Bozhentsi
  • Balkan Hotel
  • Hotel Orlovets

Hostels and Guest Houses

These lodging systems are easily affordable and provide nearly every facility that you would get in an average hotel. Hence, it is the best choice to opt for the options of hostels or guest houses, if you are planning to stay in the city for several weeks. Hence, you can check various options online before making any reservations with the options available. Here is a list of some well-known lodging that you can consider and compare.

  • Yovovski Yetts
  • Runya Lodge
  • Guesthouse Peyna
  • Boliarka Hostel
  • Guest House Marrakech
  • Little River Guest House
  • Gourmet House


Apartments are the best option of lodging for the ones who are planning to stay in the city for business purposes or for study. As the lodging duration is for more than a month, booking an apartment from beforehand would be more beneficial. These apartments are available on a rental basis and range from low to high cost depending on the locations. Also, you will get all the required facilities here. There are some high-rated rental apartments available in the city.

  • Lux Studio Gabrovo
  • Apartment Diamond
  • Apartment Bella
  • Apartment Orlovets Lux
  • Royal Apartment
  • Apartment Shesti Uchastak


Couchsurfing is the best way to get accommodation for the one who doesn’t want to spend much on lodging. It is a temporary stay with a group of locals, who provides services for the tourists by offering them shelter and food during the visit to their home town. Hence, it is the best way to save money and explore the culture more closely. Apart from being cheap in price, you will get almost all the facilities required. Further, it will be a beneficial one for you, as you will get to interact with the locals and understand their way of living. It will also help you to learn the local language of the city and observe the amazing features in the city.


There are no such specific camping sites in the city. But if you want to spend an adventurous and thrilling trip while staying in the city, then you can opt for the camping grounds outside the city. There are some campgrounds in the nearby locations, where you can have fun and admire the beauty of nature.

How to Get There

Gabrovo has well interlinked and highly maintained facilities of various types of modes to travel. The most suitable way to get in the city is through the airways. If you are coming from nearby cities you can prefer railways as well. As the city has widespread roadways of the city are interlinked with the routes leading the lanes and streets, you can prefer buses and cars as well. Also, can opt for taxis and urban trolley line to cover the distance inside the city.


There are no airports in Gabrovo or in the neighboring cities like Kazanluk or Veliko Turnovo. Therefore, you can use the transport facility of bus or train from one of the cities in Bulgaria in addition to the airports that are located at distances from the city Gabrovo. Some of the airports in Bulgaria that can assist you to reach Gabrovo are Sofia, Bourgas, Varna, Gorna Oryahovitsa, and Plovdiv. Among these, the nearest one is the Gorna Oryahovitsa, with a distance of 60 km to reach Gabrovo.


Regular buses are available that run daily and connect Gabrovo with most of the major cities in Bulgaria such as Plovdiv, Rousse, Sofia, Varna, and others. These may be the dedicated line that serves only Gabrovo and other city or Gabrovo may be the only stop among many. So, if you are traveling from nearby cities, then bus routes are considered to be the best ones.


Gabrovo may access through a railroad at an intersection with the European railway line that runs north to south in the small village of Tsareva Livada. This line stops on the mainline to the north including the historic Veliko Turnovo and the major transport hub of Gorna Oryahovista and stops to the south including the mountain village of Tryavna and Raduntsi and the city Stara Zagora on the southern side of the Balkan Mountains.


Hitchhiking has become an effective means of traveling when you are opting to reach nearby locations. The city provides the facility of taking a lift from the passer-by who is heading towards the same locations as yours. Normally, this mode of traveling is free of cost, but some might ask for some changes too. Also, traveling through this mode will assist you to gain a fascinating experience and help you to meet new people. Besides, you can cover the nearby distance in a short time and comfortable ride.


You can opt to get to the city by car. The city is situated at an intersection point of two of the national arterial thoroughfares, which are of great significance to the European road network and Hemus Motorway Sofia – Varna.

Moving Around

Getting an idea about the various types of transportation available in the city will help you get familiar with transport services. Therefore, the city Giza provides you several options to scout the interior of the city. Being a tourist, you need to use your mind cleverly as you have less amount of time in your hand and a lot more to explore. Hence, opting for transport services like bicycles, cars, trains, buses, etc. will be a lot helpful.


Walking is one of the most effective ways of traveling when you want to explore the nearby market areas without missing anything and to explore inside the attractions of the city. Further, this mode of traveling is an eco-friendly one. This also helps you to understand the culture of the city as you come across the localities and meet the locals. Besides, it will also help you to acquire more knowledge about the locals’ way of living and their lifestyle. You can also do shopping more attentively as you walk down the paths of the market.


The bikes or bicycle routes are commonly available in the hilly or uphill area in the city but for the purpose of fun and adventure tours. Most people prefer to get on bikes to ride in the areas of the city during the month of July and August.

Electronic Vehicles

A tender in the city has been executed that aims to achieve sustainable and ecological urban transport via purchasing new buses. But the country as a whole is still under development in terms of the electric cars market. But they are efficiently working on the report of introducing electronic vehicles and charging stations.

Public Bus

The city offers a wide facility of public transports. There are nearly 11 urban bus lines and five urban minibus lines that offer quick transportation facilities at low cost to the destinations across the city. Further, you can use the public transport in Gabrovo city to get from one place to another. This consists of about 30 bus lines which help you to scout the city at reasonable rates.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city provides tram routes that connect the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia to Gabrovo.

Sustainable Shopping

The facility of sustainable shopping is highly offered by the city. Purchasing anything from the city for your loved ones is remarked as a gift taken from the city, thus, making shopping an important part of traveling. The Gabrovo city has several stores and shops that sell various unique items one can consider buying as a memory from the city.

Food Markets

The food market of the city is spread widely. The market includes excellent fruit and vegetable market which operates from Monday to Saturday. You will also get a wide range of seasonal produce. Also, there are stalls that sell herbs and spices, honey, dried beans, and flowers. Surrounding the market, there is a range of small shops that sells a variety of things such as shoes, bags, household goods, snacks items, dried fruits, rice, beans, oils, pastes, and others. The city also holds meat and fish markets, where you will get a variety of meats and fishes.

Flea Markets

The city offers various flea and street markets that you should opt to pay a visit to. These markets are known for selling a great variety of antiques and solid wood furniture. They also offer silverware items, bags, toys, jewelry, and others. You can consider visiting this market to purchase gifts for your loved ones.

Second Hand Stores

Second-Hand Mania is the chain of shops and the largest company in Bulgaria, known for selling second-hand clothes. The stores of this company are widely spread in the cities of Bulgaria including Gabrovo, Varna, Ruuse, Stara Zagora, Sofia, and many more. This chain of stores assists to provide financial and material support for children’s homes and mental institutions, besides raising funds for the children who need costly medical treatment along with other assistance.


Sustainable clothes are very much in demand and many fashion brands are opting for this eco-fashion business. Hence, the city also this form of eco-fashion that is manufactured using the raw materials obtained from organic plants. The extensive use of natural dyes is considered. These clothes positively affect the environment and help to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere.


The city of Gabrovo is taking several measures to recycle waste products. These recycled products are collected separately, then are send for monitoring. After all these processes they are turned into new usable products. Also, recycling helps to minimize the toxins level that can be harmful to the environment as well as humans. This makes recycling an effective way to protect nature.


The city Gabrovo invests in underground waste containers as the city does not allow to throw away the unnecessary household wastes on the street or wherever one wants to. They have set up the facility of three containers, among which two are used for recyclable wastes and one is used for biodegradable wastes. Taking these measures has helped the country as a whole to manage the wastes efficiently.

Work and Study Abroad

The city provides a great facility of education for the locals as well the foreigners. Besides, offering a good scope of conducting work in the city and the nearby locations. Hence, work and study abroad provide a good opportunity for the future of the people.

Exchange Student

An exchange student is an effective way of education for foreign students across the countries. This program offers various education options at the college fees. Further, this education system is proved to be beneficial for foreign students to boost their skills and get the acquired course that is suitable to build the career.

Au Pair

The people who came to earn a living in Gabrovo get the options of au pair in the city. This source of income involves working for a host family and in return get money to survive in the city. In some cases, the person is also offered a place to stay by the host family. So, this method of earning is effective for the ones who are looking for an alternative to survive before selling down properly.


The city offers several volunteering programs, where you can participate as a helping hand. These programs involve volunteering as a teacher, pet carer, etc. You can also work taking care of children in the hospitals, helping in the preservation of the historical monuments, and others.

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