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Eco-friendly travel guide to Gambia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Gambia, Africa.

Gambia River

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.0 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.0 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$45 - $200

Responsible Travel

The Gambia is the smallest country in West Africa, which is rich in every natural aspect. It is one of the poorest countries in Africa, and poverty is a severe concern in the Gambia. For the eco-accommodating, there are numerous approaches to travel mindfully in the city. Recorded underneath are a few things that you can do:

  • Perhaps the most effortless approach to get around the Gambia cities is cycling and walking around. For several years now, the different city specialists have updated the city's streets to fuse cycling paths. This isn't just an eco-accommodating approach to get around yet also helps diminish blockage in the downtown area.
  • The other eco-accommodating approach to get around the Gambia is by strolling. While the whole country is about 11,295 square kilometers, the downtown area and the Gambia cities make their prompt encompassing effortlessly by stepping. As a rule, walking the Gambia's central avenbia where the malls and destinations of interest are situated during the day is essentially equivalent to wandering the roads in an enormous city. Strolling is usually protected, yet one should watch the environmental factors and keep assets close. It's ideal to try not to walk the roads around evening time if conceivable. After dim, it's perfect for adhering to enlisted cabs and travel in a gathering.
  • Another dependable method to move around the cities is by utilizing the public vehicle. Public vehicles in the Gambia is involved little vans conveying around 14 travelers, minibusses, and transports communicating somewhere in the range of 25 and 66 travelers. Practically all pieces of Gambia are gotten to by passenger vans. Be that as it may, these vehicles are referred to for their disorder, for example, speeding, over-burdening, and boisterous group. The more significant transports are better overseen and are the favored transportation method for many local people.
  • Firmly identified with a public vehicle is the train administration. Although it is a more reliable and reasonable transport method, it is just accessible in specific city pieces. Notwithstanding, plans are at a high level to develop the current lines and venture into different city elements.
  • This little nation in western Africa has become more mainstream than late as a seashore objective for European voyagers. It's a moderately short flight, and there's no time contrast, and housing is, by and large, genuinely reasonable. Waterway Island National Park in Banjul is fantastic for watching natural life (notably the local monkeys).

A portion of the courses through which one can have a dependable and agreeable time while voyaging is:

  • Utilize shared vehicles whenever the situation allows.
  • Utilize assigned zones to toss waste.
  • Stroll, however much as could be expected.
  • Test nearby nourishments.
  • Learn the nearby culture.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air contamination is a noticeable issue in The Gambia. The city's helpless air quality is evident in its blocked roads where traveler vehicles, trucks, and bike taxis bump for space while burping billows of dark smoke. Gambia's development blast and practices like consuming trash just add to the degrees of open-air contaminations. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the degree of slight particulate issue in the city open-air is 15 micrograms for every cubic meter (µg/m3). This is 65% over the suggested most extreme level.

This figure could even be higher, given the nonattendance of a robust checking framework. Outside (surrounding) air contamination causes more than 3 million unexpected losses worldwide every year and builds the danger of respiratory infections and cardiovascular conditions.

What's less examined is the issue of indoor air contamination – the presence of air toxins in homes, workplaces, and study halls. These could be gases like carbon monoxide and can emerge out of different sources, for example, powers utilized for cooking and lighting. This is mostly because of the complexities of setting up observing gadgets in individuals' homes.

The issue's intangibility is exacerbated by how it's viewed as a private issue since it occurs in a family setting. Yet, it's a significant ecological danger factor for our wellbeing given that we spend a lot within recent memory inside.

Outside air contamination is a blend of synthetic substances, particulate issues, and organic materials that respond with one another to shape minuscule dangerous particles. It adds to breathing issues, constant illnesses, expanded hospitalization, and untimely mortality.

The centralization of a particulate issue (PM) is a key air quality marker since it is the most widely recognized air poison that influences the present moment and long haul wellbeing. Two sizes of the particulate issue are utilized to break down air quality; fine particles with a distance across of under 2.5 µm or PM2.5 and coarse particles with a width of under 10 µm or PM10. PM2.5 particles are additionally concerning because their small size permits them to travel further into the cardiopulmonary framework. The World Health Organization's air quality rules suggest that the yearly mean convergences of PM2.5 ought not to surpass ten µg/m3 and 20 µg/m3 for PM10.

  • Danger: Urban communities and country regions overall are influenced by air contamination. When arranging an excursion, think about wellbeing status, age, objective, length of outing, and season to alleviate the impacts of air contamination.
  • Indications: Momentary indications about openness to air contamination include irritated eyes, nose, throat, wheezing, hacking, windedness, chest torment, cerebral pains, nausea, and upper respiratory diseases (bronchitis and pneumonia). It additionally worsens asthma and emphysema. Long haul impacts incorporate cellular breakdown in the lungs, cardiovascular infection, persistent respiratory illness, and creating sensitivities. Air contamination is additionally connected with coronary failures and strokes.
  • Anticipation: Agree to air contamination warnings - make a few inquiries and see what local people are doing and dodge exhausting exercises. Explorers with asthma or ongoing obstructive aspiratory illness (COPD) should convey an inhaler, anti-toxin, or oral steroid - counsel your primary care physician to perceive what is best for you. More established explorers with previous conditions ought to get an actual test incorporating a pressure and lung limit test before a flight. Babies and small kids ought to limit openness, however much as expected, or think about not going to territories with helpless air quality. Inquire as to whether a face veil is prudent for you.

Respect the Culture

Having a sense of respect and regard for the country you are visiting and showing gratitude towards their customary beliefs is a must for any traveler or visitor. Regarding the spot you are visiting, the social legacy is an exceptionally ignored and disregarded part of the travel industry. Notwithstanding, a dependable explorer should always acknowledge the nation you are visiting. From the outset, you may go over some new ideas and plans you probably won't be acquainted with, yet you will begin to get delighted over the long haul as you study the spot.

The Gambia has perhaps the richest and different societies in West Africa. These societies and customs are a result of over 20 diverse ethnic gatherings that call Gambia home.

One consistent across the way of life is the soul of neighborliness and liberality that has come to characterize the Gambia and its kin. This reality is promptly evident to guests visiting various pieces of the nation. Despite the impact of globalization that takes steps to disintegrate numerous conventions, a few celebrations or festivities keep on holding consistent among all clans because of their importance—a portion of these incorporate labor, inception, and marriage and burial service rights.

As an outsider, one should regard the shared conventions and convictions that hold the nation together.

Rise of the Nation. The initially composed notice of Gambia is crafted by Hanno the Carthaginian in his works about his journey to West Africa in 470 B.C.E. the Gambia at different occasions was necessary for various West African realms, including the empires of Foni, Kombo, Sine-Saloum, and Fulladou. Its other ethnic gatherings relocated to the Gambia from different regions of West Africa. The exchange was crucial to the Gambia, mainly exchange with Ghana, Songhai, and the Mali Empire (between the Atlantic Ocean and the River Niger), Kanem-Bornu, and the Hausa States.

Muslims were engaged with the trans-Saharan slave exchange, just as a more authentic exchange. Alongside business, traders brought Islam and Muslim culture to the Gambia. All the more straightforwardly, Muslim Berbers from Mauritania were the immediate specialists of Islam to the Gambia and Senegal.

  • Public Identity: Although the Gambia is contained individuals of various ethnic gatherings, there is relative amicability among them and individuals of different.
  • Religions: The Gambia has a by and extensive excellent everyday freedoms record. There is an incredible craving among its people groups to have the nation paid attention to on the planet network.
  • Ethnic Relations: The Gambia is a multi-ethnic nation; significant ethnic gatherings incorporate the Fula, Jola, Mandinka, Serahule, and Wolof. There is no importance for The Gambia that is possessed by one single ethnic community. This nearby dwelling has prompted numerous social qualities among the gatherings, which has produced a Gambian public culture. There has been a concentrated exertion to speak to the different minority ethnic groups in government. Notwithstanding native ethnic gatherings, there has additionally been a yearly movement from Senegal, Guinea, and Mali. Numerous individuals from those nations come to exchange groundnuts (peanuts) and stay to settle.

The Wolof and the Mandinka are significant ethnic gatherings. The Wolof live basically in the capital, Banjul. These gatherings speak to the Wolof's previous Empire in the Senegambian locale and the Mandingo Empires of Mali and Songhai. Creoles structure an enormous component inside the nearby tip top. Also, there are Mauritanians, Moroccans, and Lebanese in the nation. These gatherings are essentially brokers and retailers. Individuals generally speak English from all ethnic communities since it is the country's authoritative language. Every ethnic crowd communicates in its language also. Congruity among ethnic gatherings is the overall standard, to such an extent that the Gambia is viewed as a blend of West African ethnic groups.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The Gambia is a very happening place, and there are tons of beautiful spots to visit and cherish while you are in the country. Here are the top picks from all over the Gambia, and you are highly encouraged to visit these places if you are planning to go there.

  • Abuko Nature Reserve: Made in the mid-twentieth century to secure a water assortment point for close by networks, Abuko Nature Reserve is The Gambia's first hold – authoritatively framed in the 1960s. This region is wealthy in Gambian natural life and is currently the most visited vacation spot in the nation – with more than 33,000 guests every year. Protection endeavors are ongoing in this 260 section of land, save with three primate species here just as impala, porcupine, African palm civets, crocodiles, and very nearly 300 winged creature species. A pleasant reality about Abuko is that it is the nearest tropical woods to Europe.
  • Banjul: The capital of The Gambia is Banjul. It's a port city and is situated on Saint Mary's Island. Initially called Bathurst after the Secretary of State for the British Colonies, Banjul is the nation's public authority seat. Out of the blue, numerous vacationers don't allow Banjul a subsequent look. Be that as it may, with the bustling harbor, rich history, frontier engineering, and metropolitan market, there is a lot to adore about the city. Appreciate the road peddlers from Senegal and Guinea and the retailers stuffed into old frontier exchanging lodging, all making a turbulent dynamic quality to the business locale.
  • The Albert Market: The action center point of Banjul is the Albert Market. It was made during the nineteenth century and named after Queen Victoria's significant other, Prince Albert. Indeed, even in those days, it was loaded with dealing, wrangling, and riotous purchasing. The market is energizing on its most exhausting day – which, frankly, is never! You'll discover shoes, cut wood covers, housewares, electrical devices, shoes, fabulous textures, organic products, vegetables, magnificence supplies, garments, and so on. Plan to put in a couple of hours to see it all and truly sharpen your arranging abilities. In case you're searching for a nearby food experience, Albert Market has various road sellers, and drink slows down to browse.
  • Old Town: Head toward wide and inviting Ma Cumba Jallow Street only west of the ship terminal in Banjul. You'll locate a raucous variety of blurring pilgrim structures and conventional Krio-style clapboard homes. This is Old Town, which looks amazingly like Freetown in Sierra Leone in light of the numerous Freetown families who settled here in the mid-nineteenth century. There's heaps of history to appreciate as you stroll through this magnificent segment of the city.
  • Bijilo Forest Park: Bijilo Forest Park, or Monkey Park, is situated in the beachfront zone, only 11km from Banjul. It's a little hold, generally, and is a state of pride for close-by local people. The path here is very much kept up and take you through unfathomably lavish greenery, exhibition timberland, grass, and low shrubbery, on your way to the rises. The three primate species are the red colobus, vervet, and patas. Sightseers are urged not to take care of the monkeys as they can get pretty frenzy. Fledgling sweethearts will cherish the over 100 species found in the recreation center, including osprey, honey bee-eaters, and francolin. The audits appear to be predictable: an enchanting store that everybody becomes hopelessly enamored with.
  • Brufut Beach: Sitting between the Kombo South District and the Atlantic Ocean are the Brufut resort and town. Only 23km from Banjul, the seashore has fabulous brilliant sand and heaps of security. To arrive at the seashore, you need to descend the bluffs, utilizing ways that hush up steep in spots. Whenever you've shown up and marked your location, you'll see anglers and ladies competing for fish, fixing nets, and trusting that an adjustment in the tide will take them back out on the water once more.

Since it's so uncrowded, it's extraordinary for everything – sunbathing, water sports, strolls along the sand, and cycling. Visit close by Sannah-Mentoring, a consecrated journey site for Gambian Muslims seeking a gift.

  • Janjangbureh: Otherwise called Georgetown, Janjangbureh is an old pilgrim regulatory center point situated on MacCarthy Island in the Gambia River. A stroll through town will take you to the senior Commissioner's Quarter. Liberated slaves once occupied this 200-year-old house. There is little vacationer framework here, which will the town pretty much alluring relying upon the sort of occasion you're on. Yet, the main explanation that many people come to Janjangbureh is for the winged creature viewing. Stay at a cabin or resort outside the downtown area and put in a couple of days with the territory's extraordinary fowls.
  • Sanyang Village and Beach: This is a sluggish seashore town of around 7,000 individuals made up of Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, and Jola clans. Xiangyang Beach, which is comprised of Paradise, Osprey, and Pelican seashores, is considered by numerous individuals to be the best beachfront in the entirety of The Gambia. It was a well-known fascination sometime before the traveler trail advanced there and has an extended length of a distant shore, encircled by mangroves and tidal ponds—ideal for the individuals who need to move away from the groups. The primary economy is fishing, and as such, there is a phenomenal fish market in the town. Incredible for people watching and meeting local people. As a little something extra, the region has many concealed pathways for nature traveling.
  • National Museum of Gambia: When the white just Bathurst Club, this unique structure currently houses the National Museum of Gambia. You'll locate a broad scope of shows and shows here, including everyday Gambian life, Bathurst's pioneer history, data on the Senegambia stone circle destinations, music, and dance. Even though it is small, the gallery is all around wanted to uncover this great nation's rich culture. You won't have the option to miss the goliath Kankurang cover hanging in the fundamental lobby. This incredible custom veil is utilized during transitional experiences and transitioning.
  • Wassu Stone Circles: Situated in the Central River Region, these circles are accepted as the entombment locales of antiquated rulers and bosses. Dated to 750-1000 AD, the stones and formats change from 4-6 meters across the distance, with somewhere in the range of ten to 20 stones each. Each stone has normal tallness of six feet, and numerous travelers and archaeologists have thought about their birthplaces and genuine significance.

Even though the most significant grouping of stone circles is in the Wassu region, there are many circles all through the nation. It was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, and neighborhood legend has it that on the off chance that anybody upsets the stones, they will be reviled – a decent piece of information concerning why they have stayed undisturbed for such a long time.

Brufut Beach


The Gambia has numerous things to bring to the table, and that is possibly the inspiration driving why it is seen as an acclaimed objective for some across the globe. You will love the various show lobbies, milestones, the food burger joints by the roadside, the restaurants, and the incredible beaches arranged in and around the city. It additionally has a pleasing arrangement of parks, displays, zoos, and various voyagers' fundamental spots. It also has an active nightlife; nonetheless, it isn't identical to other western metropolitan zones worldwide.

City Parks

There are quite a lot of parks and natural reserves in Gambia, West Africa. These parks are very rich in vegetation and wildlife. Here are the best parks you will find in the Gambia, and you are highly recommended to visit them while enjoying your stay in this country.

  • Abuko Nature Reserve: The Abuko Nature Reserve has been ensured as a water catchment zone since 1916. It was formally pronounced a Nature Reserve in 1968. Found near Brikama, it is effortless to visit; it can fit at whatever day visit. The reserve is open from 6.30 until 18.00 for the guests, and you need to pay a little expense. The passage is somewhat unassuming and could do with a touch of renovation; however, once you are inside, you are immersed by the rich vegetation of savannah and display woodland with palm oils or mahogany trees. The way will take you to Darwin's research station, where you can get familiar with the hold and Gambia's untamed life. You can recognize a portion of the feathered creatures and Nile crocodiles that live in the pool (we didn't perceive any) on the off chance that you are fortunate. It may be smart to guide you to take you around and show you various types of feathered creatures. There have been recorded around 270 types of winged creatures in the hold! Some prominent species incorporate Green-peaked Turaco, minimal Green Bulbul, and the African Gray Hornbill.
  • The River Gambia National Park: The River Gambia National Park was set up in 1978 and is otherwise called Baboon Island. It is a complex of five Islands (entire territory 585 ha). All islands are very level with basically display timberland and some open marshy or savannah zones. The recreation center is arranged in the Central River Division (C.R.D.) around 300 km by street from Banjul. It requires around 6 hours via vehicle to show up. The Park is home to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (C.R.P.), which we got an opportunity to visit for a couple of days. Guests are welcome from Thursday until Sunday and can join a boat trip that takes you around the islands to see the chimpanzees (Pan Hermits) (just from the boat). C.R.P. started casually in 1969 to restore stranded and seized chimps. There is only a minimal around 100 chimpanzees living in 4 social gatherings on three islands. Sadly, the chimpanzee has been terminated in the wild in the Gambia since the 1900s, and Baboon islands give the guest a possibility of how it may have glanced in the Gambia numerous years back. Other prominent primates are the Western mandrill, green vervet, and red colobus. The Upper locale of the River Gambia is likewise home to hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, manatee, and screen reptile. There is also an abundance of flying creature species-around 240 have been recorded here.
The River Gambia National Park

National Parks

The National Parks in the country of Gambia is well-renowned in the world. These parks are not only significant in size but also are very rich in natural vegetation and wildlife. The varied nature in these parks is quite mesmerizing, and tourists are highly encouraged to visit these parks.

  • Makasutu Cultural Forest: Makasutu social backwoods is a private ecotourism forest hold established by two British businesspeople. The warehouse was opened to the traveler and overall population in 1999 and is situated around 5 km from Brikama. One can either remain in their lavish eco-accommodating Mandina stops for the time being or join a visit around the safe and appreciate the lunch near the creek. The visit itself takes you through riparian backwoods and mangroves occupied with abundant natural life. Maybe, the most well-known are Guinea mandrills that have been restored into the save, and now there are more than 200 of them wandering. On the off chance that you figure out how to make it here, take an excursion on a customary 'uncovered' kayak as this way certainly feel the peacefulness and concordance of this particular spot of the Gambia. After all, Makasutu, in a real sense, signifies 'sacred woodland' in Mandinka. You may experience monkeys among different species in various natural surroundings, such as Western Red Colobus Monkeys, Vervet, mongoose, bats, squirrels, and Dwarf deer crocodiles and manatees. The save contains different palm trees, such as coconuts, mangroves, silk-cotton trees (kapok), banana, camel's foot tree, mahogany, and a baobab tree. A portion of the trees and plants are utilized as methods for a conventional natural medication.
  • Bijilo Forest Park & Nature Trail: Bijilo Forest Park is also called a Monkey park. There is a high possibility of drawing near the primates' adjusted populace: the green vervet monkey, Western red colobus, and patas monkey. Different primates recorded in a recreation center are Senegal Bushbabies, Common marmoset, Campbell's Mona Monkey. The recreation center is exceptionally near the Senegambia strip, and you need to pay an extra charge and get one of the aides (mind your tip is standard). There are distinctive way choices you can browse contingent upon the length and time you need to spend in a recreation center. It's acceptable to recall not to take care of monkeys in the recreation center as they can turn out to be more forceful additional time. They have many food sources. The sign at the door says not to take care of monkeys; nonetheless, not a long way from the passageway, individuals sell peanuts, and unfortunately, sightseers get them to take close up pictures of monkeys. Regardless, it is a delight to stroll around a recreation center in a very much kept-up way and appreciate the fascinating vegetation and flying creatures!


The beaches in Gambia, West Africa, are quite beautiful and very peaceful places to be in. Here are some of the best beaches in the Gambia, which as a tourist you are highly encouraged to visit and spend time with.

  • Cape Point: This tremendous field of delicate, brilliant sand, with few lodgings, set well back from the shoreline, with a lot of lawn chairs and covered parasols just as loads of room to move away from others should you wish to. This Gambia seashore is additionally the ideal spot to kick around a football or play Frisbee without upsetting any other person. At the furthest east of the seashore, you will locate the stunning eatery come seashore bar, Calypso (presented underneath), serving an incredible scope of food and beverages which you can appreciate by a creek under a covered cabana, and ideally get a brief look at the crocodiles that live here. Bright flying creatures dance from tree to tree, and you feel as though you are 1,000,000 miles from civilization even though you are only a couple minutes' stroll from the vacationer resort of Cape Point.
  • Bakau: This is a working seashore where you'll discover vivid pirogues, the nearby fishing boats, getting their catch of catfish, ladyfish, and mackerel, and a fish market. A visit to this Gambia seashore offers an excellent understanding of neighborhood life and will attack your faculties with the sights, sounds, and scents of fish being readied and smoked. Bakau isn't, in any case, the spot for swimming or sunbathing, even though the African Village Hotel here has a human-made sunbathing porch. Close by are stretches of rough bays that offer an ideal spot for seashore fishing – Ngala Lodge (presented underneath) neglects one such bay and has a beautiful, raised outdoor porch and eatery you can appreciate a light lunch ignoring the seashore.
  • Kotu Beach: Even though reasonably touristy, this Gambia seashore is a dazzling, comprehensive, and level stretch of sand, upheld by palm trees, lodgings, and cafés with many lawn chairs parasols. It's incredibly engaging at dusk for a walk around the seashore.

While being probably the best seashores in The Gambia for kids due to the tenderly racking sands, incredible consideration should be taken when swimming as there are substantial flows here.

Kotu Beach


Here are the best landmarks in the country of Gambia, West Africa, that you can most definitely visit to spend quality time with your family or loved ones.

  • The Kachikally Crocodile Pool: Sitting on nine sections of land in Bakau Old Town is the Kachikally Crocodile Pool. Local people trust in the water's mending forces, and it's a well-known spot to come for a gift. Around 80 crocodiles call the pool home, and a cool dozen are typically promptly noticeable when you show up. Additionally on the location are an ethnography historical center, gift shop, restaurant, and nature trail.
  • Makasutu Culture Forest: This is a private forest hold committed to ecotourism in the Kombo Central District. With more than 1,000 sections of land, the ensured zone is a flawless woods of riverine, palm and hardwood trees, mangrove rivers, salt pads, and savannah. In the 1990s, two Britons stepped in and started protection endeavors on this practically exposed woodland. This consecrated land is presently a famous day trip that allows guests to see quite possibly the most beautiful forested regions in The Gambia.
  • The Gambia River: There's a mainstream quote that assists with clarifying the connection between the nation and the waterway: "The Gambia River is the Gambia, and the Gambia is the river Gambia." The nation exists as two segments of land on one or the other side of the stream, and it's unquestionably the overwhelming highlight of the country. It's become a mainstream vacationer location as it gives admittance to the inside, just as to Senegal and Guinea. A waterway boat voyage will carry you to some fascinating untamed life, memorable slave exchange stations, and excellent open country.
Gambia River


There is no better technique to fathom Gambia's story and assortment than through its elite displays. From the insight of local social orders to the magnificence of its extraordinary and imaginative present-day works, the country has described a considerable lot of its accounts through creativity and amassed maybe the most historic groupings in Western Africa.

  • African Heritage Museum: The African Heritage Museum or African Heritage Centre is an exhibition hall and craftsmanship display in Bakau, Gambia. It was once in the past situated in Banjul. The Museum holds a vast assortment of African crafts and sculptures. The craftsmanship introduced in the historical center is available to be purchased and is supplanted by other neighborhood artistry when sold.
  • Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool: It is one of three consecrated crocodile pools utilized as destinations for fruitfulness rituals. The others are Folonko in Kombo South and Branding on the north bank. Kachikally is an exclusive crocodile pool having a place with the Bojang group of Bakau, establishing families and significant land proprietors of the city. Kachikally is likewise the name of the focal locale of Bakau town; different regions are Sanchaba and New Town, Mile 7, Farrokono.


The Gambia is amongst the most passionate countries in Africa when it comes to food and cuisine. Thus, you will be spoilt for a choice concerning finding restaurants in most of its cities. All inclinations and spending plans are cooked for in this combination of social orders, with humble and energetic food expeditiously available at basically every corner and delicious overall cooking to coordinate most Gambia and Western Africa regions.

  • Ngala Lodge – Fajara: Fabulous global cooking with a Mediterranean impact in an eminent area ignoring the sea.
  • Buddha Restaurant & Lounge - Cape Point: This restaurant is known to serve delicious traditional food that consists of all the flavors of Gambia.
  • The Clay Oven – Fajara: This restaurant typically serves hot and delicious Indian food and is known worldwide for its services.
  • Luigi's - South Kotu: This eating place is known to serve the best Italian food in The Gambia, and it is also famous for serving delicious ice cream.
  • Shiraz - South Kotu: If you are Lebanese, then you would love this place. It is well-renowned all over West Africa for serving the best Lebanese dish.


All in all, Gambia's country is a faultless city with a large stock of crisp drinking water. This way, there are no genuine worries about the accessibility of clean drinking water.


Every city of Gambia has access to faucet water, which is generally perfect. You are prescribed to heat the water first before utilization on the off chance you are searching for water to drink. It is profoundly encouraged to sightseers who have a prior condition in their body to devour clean drinking water and maintain a strategic distance from any unfiltered faucet water.


The Gambia is a lively and dynamic city, and the day starts speedily in the initial segment of the day and continues till late at night. Accordingly, you have numerous exercises during the day. You could move out and turn out to be more familiar with extra about this old and vital city. You could enroll a bicycle and join body practice with an occasion to recognize presumably the barest and unprecedented spots of explorer interest. It very well might be the National Monument in the central Gambia or the various stops and gardens spread around the city.

You also could put some unbelievable energy into the various coastlines that are spread around the city. While some are near the town, others are discovered several hundred kilometers. In like manner, you could appreciate some crazy shopping in the close by shopping markets and the substantial strip malls. Food is another extensive relaxation movement that you could need, and there are limitless choices to consider the taste buds of different sorts and classes of people.


Formed like a lion's tail and limited by Senegal, Gambia is known for its varied environments, particularly along the Gambia River. This great waterway broadens as it moves through two secured zones of regular excellence – the forests of Kiang West National Park toward the west and the creeks and mangroves of Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve toward the east. A safari experience here, everything except ensures sightings of monkeys, panthers, hippos, hyenas, and uncommon winged creatures. Adventure upstream to discover more hinterland ponders, from a chimpanzee island hold to the vestiges of a seventeenth-century manor.

The energetic capital, Banjul, and close by Serrekunda offer admittance to more modest parks like Abuko Nature Reserve and 80 km of seashore coastline. Sanyang Beach is a top pick of local people and guests the same. Bounce on a transport to go through a day unwinding on its brilliant sands, sponsored by coconut palms and beautiful tidal ponds. By far, most inns and lofts can be found in Serrekunda. However, overnight stays can be organized at woodland eco-holds up further along the waterway.

Green Hotels

Here are some of the best Green Hotels in the Gambia. Here you can find yourself at eternal peace and as close to the natural beauty as you would like. These are the top recommendations of hotels in the Gambia.

  • Leo's Beach Hotel: Leo's is about serenity, unwinding, and individual help, fortified by its modest number of rooms and youngster free approach. There is harmony and calm to be relished all through, from adjacent to the pool disregarding the sea and brilliant sands beneath the inn, get to using a progression of wooden advances and a short walk. The seashore here is excellent and pristine, apparently extending perpetually one or the other way, ideal for a sentimental walk.
  • Coco Ocean Resort & Spa: This noteworthy inn offers a quiet desert spring where you can appreciate lovely green yards, a three-layered pool, and an eminent spa. While for some visitors, the fundamental fascination of Coco Ocean is the fabulous spa office, the inn's shocking area on a pristine stretch of seashore merely 2.5 km from the energetic retreat of Kololi, just as its broad decision of impressive suites, make this undeniably something other than a spa lodging.

Hostels and Guest Houses

These are the best Guest Houses spread across different cities of Gambia.

  • Mandina Lodges: There isn't anything very like Mandina Lodges. Situated in the core of Makasutu Forest, yet just a little ways from waterfront resorts, visitors here can separate from regular day to day existence and associate with the encompassing nature, which incorporates monkeys, mandrills, and reptiles, just as a variety of birdlife. Mandina Lodges were highlighted in the book '1001 Escapes To Make Before You Die', and for some, a break here is one they'll wish to rehash unendingly during their lifetime, a perspective that Chris Packham underwrites ultimately.
  • Ngala Lodge: Favored by mindful yet loosened up assistance, it's incomprehensible not to begin to look all starry eyed at this desert garden of peacefulness alongside noteworthy distinction. Grant winning Ngala Lodge is arranged among Bakau and Fajara, and throughout the long term, has gained notoriety for fantastic norms and administration. As a youngster free property, the tropical nurseries stay serene for the day. You'll likewise find a few winged animals taking care of focuses all through the grounds, guaranteeing that untamed life can without much of a stretch be delighted in.


Here are the top picks of apartments in the Gambia, and the services of all these lodgings are entirely satisfactory for the customers.

  • Brufut Gardens Villas & Apartments
  • Kingfisher Studio Apartments
  • Africa Holiday Apartments
  • Atlantic Luxury Apartments


Couch surfing has gotten a monstrous hit in Bogota, and you can discover a considerable amount of partners and make companions at


Here are the best camping spots that tourists have liked tremendously over the years.

  • Camping Gambia
  • Jelly Trees beach camping
  • Camping Sukuta Lodge
  • Marissa River camp


The name of Western district has been changed to West Coast area, "Lamin Sanneh, the locale's legislative head, affirmed this to the Daily Observer Tuesday. He clarified that the name change was effected to portray the area's natural area in the nation." It has been inquired whether the facts demonstrate that Gambia's essential developments have been changed from division to district.

The Gambia was a British state until its autonomy on 1965-02-18. Along with Senegal, it shaped an organization called Senegambia from 1982-02-01 to 1989-09-21. In content, the nation name is frequently given as The Gambia; on guides, it typically shows up as the Gambia. The nation's stamps were recorded in the Gambia until 1966 when The Gambia came into utilization.

Notwithstanding districts, Gambia is partitioned into neighborhood government regions (L.G.A.s). Four locales are comparable to L.G.A.s; the other two are partitioned into two L.G.A.s each. The L.G.A.s and the districts have both existed since autonomy (1965).


Here are the Gambia's primary cities that are known to be the country's hub and heart.

  • Abuko
  • Bakau
  • Banjul
  • Bansang
  • Basse Santa Su
  • Brikama
  • But
  • Farafenni

Getting There and Moving Around

The Gambia is a country in Western Africa, and most of the world's airlines are known to fly to and from the Gambia. Moreover, there is a stronghold railway in the country and as such, traveling around the country is a very moderate task. Here are some means of transportations whose services you can avail of to get to the Gambia and move around the country effortlessly.


The country's Air travel service is exceptionally dependable, and it shares a familiar route with most of the essential Airports in the world.


Buses and vans are quite prevalent in the country, and these are mostly used for traveling around from city to city and sightseeing purposes.


Gambia's railway service is very robust, and there are hardly any delays in scheduling trains in the country. As such, you are very well dependent on this transportation mode while enjoying your stay in The Gambia.


Bumming a ride is very famous in Bogota, yet you are cautious while going with an outsider.


You can also travel around in different cities of Gambia in private vehicles and vans.

Sustainable Shopping

Here are some of the best places to shop while staying in the Gambia.

  • Mall of Gambia
  • The Village Shopping and Dining Centre
  • Tauranga


Respective city’s specialists in the Gambia are taking a lot of action to reuse the town made by the city consistently. They have many reusing methods set up that help to detach waste materials at the source. It's not an ideal system; notwithstanding, redesigns and the trade about this infer trust.


All waste made in the Gambia is dumped proficiently, and its vast majority is reused by natural cycles. Close to 2000 tons of plastic waste is sent into the ocean. It isn't the most eco-charming spot and doesn't have down to earth techniques for rubbish extra, yet it is positively in a way that is superior to some countries.

Work and Study Abroad

The Gambia is also acclaimed for its scholarly organizations, and understudies worldwide come here to proceed with their advanced education.

Exchange Student

The Gambia is known for being too liberal with its International understudies. Like this, researchers overall visit the Gambia to get familiar with their rich social legacy and make new partners in the city.

Au Pair

An Au pair yet can find a good pace in the Gambia in any case. It isn't unbelievable. Maybe if you contact several local people, they will assist you with investigating and get you in contact with people who are enthusiastic about the idea. You can stay with an accepting family like that.


The Gambia has various strict and standard N.G.O.s. There are Muslim fraternities, Catholic missions, and global organizations attempting to think about different issues and improve endeavors.

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