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Eco-friendly travel guide to Grenada advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Grenada, Caribbean, North America.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.9 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.9 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.8 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$1500 - $1600
  • Budget per day: US$XX - $XX

Responsible Travel

Grenada is nicknamed Spice Island because of its longstanding nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa, and clove farms. It has a plush interior that is as beautiful as its coastlines. Adding to that fantastic reef, excellent hiking trails, it is perhaps the prettiest capital in the Caribbean. It is a green island and which can be seen from the sea or the air. The mountains covered with rainforest, white-sand beaches make your first impression very cracking.

  • Participate in initiatives that aim to make Grenada a better place - Indulging into sustainable efforts might not be as easy at the beginning. It is a part of your traveling responsibility to contribute yourself when it comes to community development.

So, instead of giving money, adding to sustainable efforts is more likely to assist the whole community in the long term.

  • Use public transport – Using public transport is another way to contribute to a place. Instead of using a taxi for a solo ride, travel in a bus or train with the local people. It is a great way of exploring the place or a city you have visited and make sure to maintain your budget.
  • Read about the local laws and culture – Get to know about the culture and laws about the place you're visiting. If you do research and get to know about all this information, you'll be able to interact with the locals without any difficulty. It's also a greater way to ensure a pleasant experience for your stay.
  • Buy from the local shops – While you're traveling, try to buy and eat from the local shops and restaurants. This a great way to promote the local economy and to have a new experience. If you're buying a souvenir, try to buy it from a local shop and try to eat from a place where other local people go.
  • Search for eco-friendly accommodations - Several accommodation facilities in the country indulge in recycling measures like collection and recycle of rainwater, among other conservation measures. You are advised to book such hotels and accommodations to contribute to the eco-friendly measures.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Grenada is moderately unsafe. It contributes to poor air quality because of the energy sector and vehicle emissions. The most recent data indicates that the country's annual concentration of PM2.5 is 23 µg/m3, exceeding the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3. As a precautionary measure, do wear a mask when you're going out.

Respect the Culture

Grenadian culture is originated from a Caribbean culture that summarizes the artistic, musical, literary, culinary, political, and social elements. It is a mix of British, African, West Indian, and French, which influences folk, dialect, music. The rich heritage of Africa is deeply rooted in their music, dance, and festivals. Grenada's French colonists brought their culture, as they brought the African slaves for the agricultural work. The combination of these cultures is what you will find on this island. There is also a huge influence of the Indians on the island's culture in recent years. The Indians later on assimilated with the existing Africans, Europeans, and other ethnicities intermarrying with each other.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Grand Anse Beach- Grand Anse is Grenada's most famous beach, edged with sea grapes, almond trees, and coconut palms. Cruise ship visits this three-kilometer arc of golden sand and gentle surf. The water's shades are clear turquoise in the shallows to deep cobalt blue; the calm waters are perfect for swimming. Many hawkers move around the sands. If you feel like going for a little shopping, midway along the beach is the Grande Anse Craft and Spice Market, another popular stop for cruise ship visitors and tourists. The best hotels of Grenada lie along the shores of Grand Anse.
  • St. George's- St. George's is one of Grenada's most beautiful towns, which curves along a horseshoe-shaped harbor backed by volcanic hills. It consists of brick-walled stone buildings with red-tiled roofs along the streets, where the locals sell their spices and hand-crafts. There are two other main historical attractions in the city: Fort George and Fort Frederick, which the French built in the early 18th century. Both of them offer a beautiful view over the town and sea. Make sure you stop by the Grenada National Museum, which is housed in a 1704 French barrack. The former prison and the Museum displays an assortment of historical items, where you'll find Carib and Arawak artifacts. There is one more place which you must visit in St. George is the House of Chocolates. Here, you can find the details of the local cocoa industry and samples of decadent sweet treats.
  • Underwater Sculpture Park- This Park is situated on the West coast of Grenada; the underwater sculpture park is a submerged gallery of different sculptures, which is unique. It also serves as an artificial reef in the marine protected area. It was created by an artist named Jason de Caires Taylor. The sculptures you will see are of American petroglyphs to life-size figures cast from local children. This place is very much popular among the divers, snorkelers, and glass-bottom boat passengers. The best way to see the artistry is to come face to face with these sculptures.
  • Spice Tours and Tastings- The unique thing you can do in Grenada is to sample the fragrant spices. You'll find plenty of interesting places where you will get to learn about the spice industry and see how the plants are cultivated. The Belmont Estate offers several tours of exploring the organic farms and the tropical fruits and spices. You can also learn about cocoa cultivation and how the fruit is processed into chocolate and can also taste it afterward. There's one more place named Laura's Herb & Spice Garden, which will offer a more intimate experience. It starts with a guided tour through the beautiful spice gardens, with tastings and tips on health benefits. For a more outward experience, stop by the Dougaldston Spice Estate. Here, local workers demonstrate how the island's spices are grown and processed.
  • Carenage- It is the inner harbor and anchorage and is known as the lively hub of St. George. It is very much popular among boaters and anglers. They unload their catches from colorful wooden schooners, and supplies are unloaded from container ships. There are brick and stone buildings with red-tiled roofs line the streets, where locals sell spices and crafts. You can also visit the shops, or relax at one of the restaurants selling fresh seafood and snacks. Wharf Road runs along the harbor offering great views of the area.
  • Morne Rouge Bay- Morne Rouge Bay is usually an alternative visiting place to Grand Anse Beach. It is one of the safest beaches in Grenada for swimming which is surrounded by calm, jade-green seas slosh upon this one-and-a-half kilometer crescent of white sands. Resort restaurants and the beach offer snacks, and the lush foliage along the beach provides you with plenty of shady areas to sit and relax. You can also rent sun lounges here, as well as paddleboards and snorkel equipment.
  • Grand Etang National park and Forest Reserve- Grand Etang National Park is home to a rich diversity of plants and animals. The interior of the island offers some beautiful rainforest scenery and rewarding hikes. One of the main attractions of the park is the beautiful crater-formed Grand. Several trails lead through the park from the Grand Etang visitor center. They range from the 30-minute self-guided Morne LaBaye Trail, with many types of native plants, to the more challenging Concord Falls Trail, which passes through a trio of cascades and the swimming areas.
  • Levera National Park- Levera National Park is situated on the northeastern shore of the island. It offers you some beautiful and dramatic scenery where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic. You'll be able to find some inviting, undiscovered, and relatively undeveloped beaches here. Cliffs, coral-sand Pathways Beach, back them. It also offers you a beautiful view of the pointy-peaked Sugar Loaf and other islands in the distance. Levera Beach is also pretty and well maintained; there are fewer visitors than Pathways beach. Sea turtles are naturally found on the beaches here. Levera Pond is also one of the tourist attractions, which is a water-filled, ancient volcanic crater. It acts as an important habitat for birds such as black-necked stilts and herons.
  • Annandale Falls- Annandale Falls is located in the northern mountains of St. George. It is a 10-meter waterfall attached to a pool tucked in the tropical foliage. There is a short trail to the falls, which begins at the Annandale Falls Centre. Along the trails, you'll be able to see beautiful tropical flowers and foliage, like ferns and wild ginger. One of the main highlights of visiting this place is to watch the fearless local divers diving into the water from the top of the falls. You can also swim at the base of the cascades, and change rooms are also available.
  • La Sagesse- La Sagesse lies on the former estate of Lord Brownlow, Queen Elizabeth's cousin. It is located on the Atlantic side of Grenada. His beachside residence has been completely renovated and turned into a romantic hotel and a restaurant. There's a golden-sand beach at the front of the hotel, with great swimming in the protected bay. The hotel is a lovely spot if you're planning for lunch. You will find a variety of seafood dishes and fruits plucked fresh from the organic garden. After lunch, you can explore the nature trails that will lead you up through the windswept hills, with pretty views over the ocean. The area is also great for bird watching as many avian species make their home in the area.


The island of Grenada is blessed with a lot of tourist attraction points where you can visit and learn about the history of the city and the people and have fun at the same time.

City Parks

There are no such city parks on Grenada's island, but you will find other small parks in the surroundings near you.

National Parks

  • Grand Etang- It is located in the south center of Grenada, northeast of the town of St. George. It extends from the North-west to the South-east, passing several mountain peaks rising to over 2000 feet. The southern central mountains consist of the most outstanding natural forest on the island. It provides an excellent habitat for endangered species like a nine-banded armadillo and wholly opossum.
  • Levera and Archipelago- It is situated at the northeastern end of the island and the Levera pond, and three islands to the northeast. There are two conical-shaped hills along with the Levera and Archipelago national park. One is on the mainland known as Levera hill, and the other is known as Sugarloaf, which is formed as an island. It is surrounded by a red and white mangrove swamp ecosystem, an outlet to the sea that provides outstanding habitat for birds and aquatic life.
  • Mount St. Catherine- It is located in the northern center of the island. A large volcanic mountain formed during the Pleistocene glacial epoch opens to a larger crater on the southern side. The Mount St. Catherine range is known as the least disturbed ecosystem in the north of Grenada. It acts as a major water catchment area to supply domestic water to the nearer towns and villages.


  • Levera Beach- It has Grenada's largest population of leatherback sea turtles. It looks like a dramatic, golden swath situated within the 450-acre of Levera National Park on Grenada's Northern tip. The beach itself is surrounded by eroded cliffs, which indicates that the waters here are often too rough for swimming. Still, tourists visit this beach anyway for private Sugar Loaf Island views, a conical beauty covered in the jungle that sits just offshore.
  • Duquesne Bay- It is a small beach located in Grenada's northwestern region. The sand found here is dark in color and has an untouched feel. It is lined with coconut trees, palm trees, and thick tropical foliage that will provide you with plenty of shade. There are colorful wooden fishing boats for a perfectly Caribbean feel. The shallow waters here are shaded enough for pleasant swimming and snorkeling. You can find other beaches here are La Sagesse beach, Magazine Beach, Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge beach, etc.


  • Carriacou- The island of Carriacou is known as the 'Land of Reefs,' situated in the northeast of Grenada. Both white- and black-sand beaches surround the coast and coral reefs which offers great opportunities for diving. Carriacou has several small villages, but the main population center is situated in Hillsborough. Displays of Carib, European, and African artifacts are also present in the Carriacou Museum, and the island offers several hiking trails.
  • Petite Martinique- Petite Martinique is a more quiet place as compared to its neighboring settlements. The prime occupation and attraction of the place is fishing. Local people from the nearby places stop by to do fishing and stroll along its beaches. This island is a true getaway, with few tourists except a couple of guesthouses and family-run restaurants. You can catch a ferry or a water taxi from Carriacou to reach this island.


  • Grenada National Museum- The Grenada National Museum is located in St. George's, Grenada. It is housed in a building that has served as the French barracks from 1704, built on Fort George. It was used as a prison by the British for female captives until 1880. However, later it became two different hotels under different owners and at one point was used as a warehouse by a merchant working in St. George's. It was established in the year 1976 on the theme of archaeology and history. Museum sections include the display of Slavery, First Inhabitants, Plantation Economy, Whaling & Fishing Archaeology, and Early Transport & Technology, etc.
  • Carriacou Museum- It was founded in the year 1976 and has occupied three locations in Hillsborough. Later on, it was settled on Paterson Street in the year 1989. The present building has its historical interest, right from being an old cotton ginnery until it ceased operating in 1979. The Museum has a huge collection of Amerindian and African artifacts on display. Documents, furniture, glassware, and pottery from colonial times are also present there.


Grenada's crops yield all kinds of citrus, along with mangoes, papaya, callaloo, dasheen, christophene, yams, and breadfruit. All restaurants prepare dishes with locally produced food items and season them with the many spices grown throughout the island. Be sure to try the local flavors of ice cream, such as soursop, guava, rum raisin, coconut, and nutmeg. Fresh seafood, including lobster, is often prepared as a curry or stew is mostly served in all Grenadian restaurants.

  • Aquarium restaurants- This restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood. Spend your day at adjacent Magazine Beach and then break in here for a cool drink or satisfying lunch. A salad, sandwich, fresh fish, or pasta is served on the waterfront deck at the nearby restaurant La Sirena Beach Bar. Tropical plants and palm trees surround the dining room, and a waterfall adds a touch of romance in the evening.
  • La Belle Creole- It is a mixture of contemporary and West Indian cuisines with a splendid view of St. George are the delights of this romantic hillside restaurant. The menu is based on original recipes from the owner's family. It is a pioneer in incorporating local fruits, vegetables, and spices into foreign dishes. The Grenadian caviar, green-banana soup, creole fish, and baked chicken are other special dishes to be tried.
  • The Beach House - It is a family-owned restaurant built on an iconic Caribbean beach house. The gleaming white sand and the beautiful sea view are just perfect. You can stop here for a casual salad or pasta lunch on the deck or a burger at the bar. At dinner, the elegant surroundings and dishes like rack of lamb, blackened fish, and superb wines give new meaning to a beach party.
  • Bogles Roundhouse- This restaurant is surrounded by gardens and a couple of cottages which you can rent—a small structure with a concrete-filled tree trunk as its support at the center. There is a long bench that is made up of a jaw bone of a whale. The three-course menu changes according to the market conditions. It includes dishes like local goat cheese tart, cream of coconut and callaloo soup, etc.
  • Lyme and Dine- Claudia and Werner Nagel serve this three-course dinner at their cottage on the main street. This place is decorated with a lovely garden setting, and its menu changes daily. Dishes like grilled or smoked fish, roast pork, schnitzels, and Italian cuisine are served here.


  • Umbrella's beach bar- It is known as one of Grenada's most popular bars, which is situated on Grand Anse Beach. Umbrellas beach bar is a very happening place to grab a drink. The bar is on the second floor, and you will get a very beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. It offers you delicious food and different types of drink at a very affordable price.
  • Savvy's- It is a restaurant with a bar attached to it and is also a part of Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach club. Here you will find various drinks, but if you're searching for a local drink, then the bartender will serve you "River." It is a local rum made by the River Antoine rum distillery. The bottle states "Slightly Overproof Rum," but the rum is very potent.
  • La Plywood- It is a bar made up of a bunch of plywood nailed together. It offers you a fantastic view of Morne Rouge beach, which is also called the locals' BBC beach. Make sure to try the fresh fish tacos. Parking your car may be difficult around here, so make sure you walk down the hill to get to this place.
  • Laluna- Laluna is a luxury resort on the other side of Morne Rouge beach. It is pretty much affordable at happy hours. You have to walk down a steeply sloped road to get here. A secluded beach will await you with soft sand during the summer ending with a great sunset.
  • Prickly Bay Marina- Prickly Bay Marina is a restaurant and bar located in the Marina. Game nights are hosted here, along with trivia and bingo. The food is very delicious here and has great views of the Marina across the way. This bar in Grenada is always filled with people and has live music and DJs as well.


The drinking water in Grenada is safe to drink in most parts, as it is chlorinated. However, during times of heavy rainfall, the quality of the water becomes lacking. It happens particularly in the city of St. George. So it's better to purify the water before you drink it.


  • Seven sister's waterfalls hike- You can swim in natural pools fed by rushing waterfalls and hike for a whole day into the rainforest of Grand Etan National Park. Walk down the hill along the trails to a valley among the birds and monkeys who live here. Basque in the colorful flower gardens and green vegetation follows your guide to the twice cascading falls to swim in its cool and colorful pools.
  • Funtastic river tubing- It is a fun and adrenaline-filled activity from start to finish. This activity is conducted by trained and skilled guides who know and guarantee to make their guests happy during the activity. On your arrival, you will meet our friendly tour guides who will provide you with a safety briefing. Make sure you try to memorize their river names as it is surely some provoking fun. Snap on your life vests and helmets before stepping the river's edge, and you are ready to go on a fantastic river ride.


  • Ade's Dream- It is a family-owned and managed small hotel which is located centrally in Hillsborough. It offers you self-contained studio rooms with a telephone, TV, air-conditioners and a kitchen. You can also find plus economy rooms with a shared kitchen. Supermarket & internet access are also available on the premises of the hotel.
  • Armadillo guesthouse and restaurants- Armadillo guesthouse & restaurant is a great place for relaxation & fine dining. It is located in the north of Grenada amid a tropical garden overlooking the Grenadines. The beach is just 5 minutes away from the guesthouse. It has three airy, bright & spacious rooms, each one of them has its veranda. And you need to have reservations for lunch and dinner.

Green Hotels

  • Green roof inn- It is a romantic inn located by the sea on the island of Carriacou. It is just like a little private oasis. The oceanfront hotel has five guest rooms with a proper sea view. An internationally renowned restaurant on the upstairs veranda encompasses the sunset and panoramic ocean views. There are two private cottages nestled in the lush garden leading to the sea. There is also a massage parlor, lounge, and yoga Pavillion.
  • Radisson Grenada beach resort- It is located on Grand Anse Beach; Radisson Grenada Beach Resort will offer you a complete Caribbean experience with beachfront rooms, a dive shop, and four island-themed restaurants. However, moving around the island is simple. There is a bus station just outside the hotel. You can hike the trails at Grand Etang National Park, which is 30 minutes away from the hotel. Explore the unique shops and attractions in St. George's or walk to the beach to watch the sunset. It also features a crystal-clear waterfall, a swim-up bar, and vibrant gardens.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Cabier ocean lodge- This lodge offers you an old Caribbean feel. Before mass tourism, it was run by a family. You will find the natural beauty of the Caribbean all around you at Cabier. It consists of 11 guest rooms plus two Bays Villa and Studios. The sea surrounds it on three sides, and on one side, you'll find beautiful palm trees on the Cabier beach with its calm, clear waters, ideal and safe for swimming.

.* Little Palace BNB- This bed and breakfast hostel is located in the Grand Anse area, which is 7 kilometers away from the Maurice Bishop International airport. Little Palace BNB offers all the necessary amenities to make this your home. The kitchen here consists of all the necessities and complimentary toiletries.

  • Rosa guesthouse- It is situated on the beachfront of Carriacou, 2.4 kilometers from Paradise beach. All rooms consist of an air conditioner, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a microwave, a kettle, a shower, a hairdryer, and a wardrobe. Guest rooms are provided with a fridge. There is also free WIFI throughout the property.


  • The Palms Grenada ltd- Palms Grenada Ltd is a three-story apartment building located at True Blue St. George's Grenada. It consists of 35 two-bedroom apartments for rent in their newly finished complex. Each apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living quarters. They are fully furnished with a refrigerator, stove, and washing machine. They also offer a weekly housekeeping service to keep the rooms clean.
  • Park-view apartments Grenada- It is located at Lance Aux Epines Main Road Next to Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel. As you enter the territory, you will be attended to by the staff, and there is a lot of greenery. On a hot day, you can swim in the outdoor swimming pool putting your valuables in the safe. Car owners are provided with the service of parking their vehicles. The hotel also has non-smoking rooms. Make sure you pay in cash for the services.
  • Divine apartments- Divine apartments are located in Calliste Land Settlement, 2.3 kilometers away from Grand Anse Beach. This property has a balcony, free private parking, and WiFi. The air-conditioned apartment is completely air-conditioned composing of 1 separate bedroom, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and one bathroom.


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  • Grenada Lake- They have all the facilities for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. The facilities they offer are kayaking, hiking, fishing, boating, swim on beaches, hunting, and golfing. An array of camping types are located in the park packed with complete facilities.
  • North abutment campground- The North Abutment Campground is situated at the Northern end of the lake, which falls into neatly paved roads. You can sit back and enjoy the shady campsites with a hot-off-the-grill burger, then go out for a hike or a bike ride and come back to cool off by swimming in the lake.
  • Skuna-Turkey campground- This campground is famous for its variety of activities. Starting from crappie-fishing, a boat launch, hunting, multi-terrain trails to several picnic areas. Here, you can enjoy a quiet natural setting but still be within reach of crowds, playgrounds, and the Dam Area Central Sports Complex.



Getting There and Moving Around

British Airways flies from the UK to Grenada with a stop in St. Lucia. St George is one of the most famous ports in the Caribbean. There is a daily shuttle boat service to Carriacou and Petite Martinique, which you can hire to reach Isle de Ronde. While you're there, to move around you can book a car for three days and make sure that you're 25 years old. You can also take a taxi to travel around as it is available everywhere. Local buses and trains operate from Monday to Saturday.


British Airways flies from the UK to Grenada with a stop in St Lucia. You can also take a flight to Antigua and Barbuda with British airways and take a connecting flight to LIAT. The major airport is Maurice Bishop International airport.


Local buses operate from Monday to Saturday.


There are no railway transport facilities in Grenada.


Hitching is very easy in Grenada, sometimes you don't have to signal for a ride, and you may be asked whether you need a lift. There is no real spot on the island, as hitchhiking works nicely everywhere.


Ferries are the other and most common mode of transportation in Grenada. For those looking to visit Grenada's sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the best way to reach there is by ferries. It is more cost-effective.

Sustainable Shopping

  • Belmonte estate- It is known as Spice Island in Grenada. The scent of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon fills the air. Blossoming flowers such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, and frangipani release their perfume onto the breeze. So to find an attraction like Belmont Estate on the island makes perfect sense. You can also taste and buy the spices from here.
  • Diamond Chocolate factory- It is located in Victoria St. Mark, is housed in a former rum distillery, built by French monks in the year 1774. This chocolate-making facility produces the Jouvay brand of chocolate that you'll see on sale overall around Grenada. The company is owned as a cooperative by local cocoa growers. You can taste their different types of chocolates and buy them too.


As almost no waste separation is carried out in Grenada, household waste is likely to contain significant types of recyclable materials, including organic matter, plastics, and paper. It serves as the demonstration of immense potential for waste recycling.


The state of Grenada has not yet adopted any strict measures towards waste management, and most of the wastes are sent to land-fill. However, some small efforts reduce waste, including other things, like, composting, waste separation, source reduction, and reuse.

Work and Study Abroad

Employment on this island is limited to Grenadian nationals. Exceptions are there when employers are not able to find anyone with the requisite skills. When this happens, the employer must first provide documentation of their efforts to fill the role locally. Grenada has a higher form of the education system, represented by one university that provides 23 study programs. It also provides eight bachelor programs at one university, 8 Master programs at one university, and 7 Ph.D. programs at one university.

Exchange Student

St. George University and other universities like T.A. Marryshow Community College offer 46 programs. It includes disciples like arts, sciences, and technology, college awards certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees.

Au Pair

Au pair in Grenada offers you the most advanced search tools and security systems available. It makes it safe and easy to find Au Pairs with the specific traits you want. Whether you're seeking a part-time, live-out job, or perhaps you want a full-time job.


  • Childcare and development in Grenada- Volunteers around Grenada work for these children in different child care facilities, homes for disabled persons. They also work with government agencies for projects which are understaffed and underfunded. Therefore, if you want to make a difference in these children's lives, this program serves its best to those children by protecting and caring.
  • Caribbean reef buddy diving project- If you choose to join the Caribbean reef buddy project, you will be undertaking the following:
  • Advanced Open Water dive courses.
  • Specialty training in digital underwater photography.
  • Courses in coral and fish identification.
  • Lionfish containment, including hunting, analysis, and data collection.
  • Special training in reef survey protocols.
  • Training in equipment maintenance.
  • Turtle monitoring.

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