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Eco-friendly travel guide to Guam advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Guam, Oceania.

Guam Sunset

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.9 / 5
  • National parks: 4.3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.6 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $1200
  • Budget per day: US$X60- $150

Responsible Travel

Travelling is fun and adventurous but by travelling safe and taking all the necessary measures that are required to be taken in order to travel in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. You must try to control your activities so that you don’t cause any harm to the environment and their culture. Take these measures to travel responsibly in Guam:

  • Reduce the wastes and abide from throwing any waste materials anywhere in the city because these wastes can cause long-term damage to the environment.
  • Support the local economies and cultures by using the local products, booking local guesthouses and apartments, green hotels, etc.
  • Opting for public transport and electronic vehicles like electronic buses, metro trains, trams, cars, etc. which causes less harm to the environment and are relatively cheap
  • Visit the local parks that relieves one’s stress and helps you to feel refreshed and the green spaces

Air Quality and Pollution

According to a survey done by the World Health Organization (WHO) its been found that Guam has a bit unsafe air quality for the folks. The data shows that the PM 2.5 is 12 µg/m3 which is a high concentration and exceeds the normal rate. If you’re planning a trip to Guam keep in mind some of the key factors like you shouldn’t take children, people of unsound health, old people, or any person who might be vulnerable to these conditions and might get affected. Wear a face mask all the time to prevent any harm to your lungs or any breathing problem whatsoever.

The best time to visit Guam would be in the summers which is from January to May, the rainy seasons here are quite long which is from July to November and June and December being the transitional months. You will only require casual clothes and carry lighter clothes with you. The temperature is constant here and only dips in some rare occasions.

Respect the Culture

Guam is been known for the great oceanic beauty that it offers. It’s a perfect location for the families, newly married couples, divers, anyone looking to get away from their busy and crowded lives can enjoy a great relaxation trip to Guam. The culture offers them the custom clothes of the Chamorro in the form of the pre-Hispanics and is a mix of American, Mexican, and Spanish traditions. The original community of Guam is of the Chamorros and they had their own different language which was derived from the Indonesian and Southeast Asia.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Pagat Cave - The Pagat Cave is called Guam's blue cave. The road is complicated, so it is recommended to go with a tour guide. Trekking in the jungle for about an hour. It's in a cave beyond. A road that is quite sweaty and has a bad foothold. Cobalt blue inside the cave for an hour while receiving explanations from the guide. If you walk in the jungle, you will find a pitch-black cave. The inside of the cave is dark, so you need to bring a light. There is shrimp in the fountain, so you can take them and play with them. You can park your car along the road and walk. It will be a steep road from the middle, so you need to equip it appropriately. A flashlight is a must because the inside of the cave is pitch black. It is recommended because you can enjoy the feeling of exploring the jungle.
  • Ypao Beach Park - The Ypao Beach is so beautiful. It is more secure because of the safety personnel, and the GUAM cover is very beautiful with the sea. There are also barbecue places that you can use by reservation in the nearby park, but you can have a barbecue in a space without a shelter. Chamorbun helped me to make a barbecue that is healthy in nature by using wood rather than charcoal when barbecuing. The calm and sea color are different from Tumon. You can think of it as the sea in front of the Hilton, but Hilton does not have a sandy beach, but Ypao does. This is where locals come to barbecue. The beach is similar to Tumon and here and there, so you don't have to find it for swimming, but it would be okay if you pass by to take a commemorative photo with the GUAM sculpture or stop by a nearby Proa restaurant.
  • Tumon Beach - Guam has a famous tourist destination called Damon Beach. The Tumon district along this beach is lined with large hotels and downtown Guam. Many tourists are spending their time in the shallow, transparent sea that is light blue to the offshore. Another characteristic of this beach is that there are many families. It’s the most famous beach in Guam. It is a beautiful beach with white sand. The location is good as it is located in an area lined with hotels. It's a perfect beach for families with babies. The waves are calm and it is convenient because there is a hotel pool and jacuzzi nearby. There is a charge for beach chairs.
  • War In The Pacific National Historical Park - It is a park with a terrifying footprint of World War II. Flags of Japan, the United States, and Guam are raised, and anti-aircraft guns of the former Japanese army are displayed. There is a bullet mark at the entrance of the air raid shelter, which will make you feel uncomfortable. The bullet remains on the rock in a fierce battlefield with the Japanese army blocking the landing American army. The turret remains. It is a place where the rebellion is raised and you feel solemn. The island of Guam changed its rule from Spain to the United States, Japan, and then to the United States again, but there was always a war there. You can learn in an easy-to-understand manner with a short video movie. Like Okinawa, Guam is a facility where you can feel the importance of learning about the history of the island as well as sightseeing. All explanations of the exhibits are written in Japanese. There is also a souvenir shop on site.
  • Two Lovers Point - A scenic spot that represents Guam! Walking from the Tumon area is a bit reckless! It is said to be a sanctuary for local lovers, but what about that theory because you don't pay the entrance fee every time? It's a famous place for the setting sun, but it seems that no one comes here at such a late time. It would be nice to look up from Tumon Beach. The Parking is free, but the Admission fee Certainly is $5 There is a restaurant coupon on the back of the admission ticket There is a cafe next door where you can enjoy a superb view It is hot on a sunny day, but you can see the beautiful emerald blue sea. Although it is small, you can enjoy the scenery that is hard to see on the cliffs. There are various theories about the story of Two Lovers Point, but it has a beautiful view because the sunset is so beautiful. It's a standard tourist spot that you can't miss.
  • Gun Beach - It is a beach on the north side of Tumon Beach. Per Hotel Nikko. Like Tumon Beach, there are white sandy beaches. It's good for swimming. Little known, but the Japanese army behind Gun Beach? The turret or cannon remains. With Hotel Nikko in the back, walk along the beach and you will find it in front of the cliff. It's not unpleasant. It has not been modified and remains as it is. The beach is sparse and quiet, but Gun Beach has higher waves and stronger tides than Tumon Bay, so be careful if you enjoy snorkeling. Whether you're swimming or snorkeling, you should wear something like beach shoes. Quiet and relaxing. The sea is beautiful, but the transparency varies from day to day. When it's calm, you can see the fish well. There are also crabs around the rocky area. It's a place where Japanese people don't come very often.
  • Ritidian Point - It takes about 40 minutes by car from the Tumon area, and there is a heavenly space like the one in the commercial. Since it is on the premises of the US military, it is often closed. It will be completely closed at 16:00. Directions may be a little confusing, but you can get there on Google MAP. The roads have also been paved recently, making them much more accessible than they were on the previous bumpy roads. Recently, many tourists visit even on weekdays. I have the impression that there are more people in Korea in particular. There are 1-2 temporary toilets, but you shouldn't expect them because they are very small for the number of people. It is said that there are a lot of trades in cars, so I think it is better not to leave anything.
  • Underwater World - The aquarium itself is not large, but it has a long underwater tunnel and spacious fish swimming in the aquarium. There are not many fish in a small aquarium like Japanese aquariums, so you can see the fish swimming leisurely. You can sit in front of the aquarium and be surprised. It seems that you can eat at night. An aquarium inside the building. There is a long underwater tunnel. There is an atmosphere unique to here. I was surprised that the monument of the aquarium had a shadow like an airplane shot down in the war. If you like aquariums, please come visit us. If you want to see a lot of fish, it may not be recommended.
  • Micronesia Mall - It is the largest shopping mall in Guam. A spot where locals can buy clothes and food, travelers can buy souvenirs, eat, and so on. It is convenient because the trolley bus is also running. Recommended for those who have a little time. It's not too big so you can see it all, and although it's not big, there is a loss dress so you can spend some time. It is easy to see because it is not crowded. It's good because there are quite a few shops that even families can enjoy. You can enjoy it from children to adults. Children's toys are quite a bargain. There is also a bookstore and picture books for children. Anyone would want to see a Japanese shopping mall that has a restaurant, a food court, and a supermarket. Macy's also has cosmetics, which you could buy cheaper than in Japan. Don't forget to take measures for air conditioning.
  • Alupat Island - Unfortunately, the area from the Onward Hotel to Alpat Island is full of seaweed and stones, but not so many fish, this is a tropical beach! It is a barren sea far from the atmosphere. At low tide, the distance to the island is about half as shallow as the knee, and even at high tide, it is only about 150 cm deep, so anyone with a height of 160 cm or more can walk to the island. Onward hotel users can rent canoes, life jackets and snorkels, so if you are traveling with children, it is a good idea to take a family ride to the island. However, it may not be possible to borrow depending on the time because it will be a considerable competition. There are coral reefs around the island and there are a lot of fish, but marine shoes are essential because the foothold is poor from the front of the hotel to the island. You can rent it for the time being, but it is better to prepare it yourself as the number is limited. It may be more fun to feel the sense of accomplishment that you have come to an uninhabited island than to see the fish on a snorkel. It's like an easy adventure spot for families while staying at Onward Hotel.


Guam is a vast tourist spot that offers white sand beaches which are no doubt, very beautiful and the place is very peaceful, it also offers amazing diving sites. The two Lovers Point is a great place for entwining yourself or enjoy your time in the Guam beach and the Culture parks. A perfect place to visit in Guam are the caverns and the coral reefs from the Piti Bomb Holes reserve. You can enjoy your evenings dancing at the dance clubs of Tumon or watch the thrilling production at Sandcastle entertainment complex.

City Parks

The Barrigada Community Center is a city park in Barrigada, Guam which is a nice spot for the children, it’s shaded and offers children who are of 2 years of age or more many choices in the playground equipment section. It also has many lights for decorative purpose too. The tourists love this place, especially the ones that come here with their family. The wheelchairs are accessible here at the entrance.

National Parks

  • Asan Beach Unit- This is the perfect place for outdoor activities, its beautiful and windy. The stomp through the mini jungles are great and the view is amazing. Guam mainly has no places for the adventurous hikes, running, exploring, hiking, etc. Asan is well known for its walk arounds which takes up to 40 minutes at par. Its considered a great place to go before the sunset. This national park more or less covers everything Guam doesn’t have like all the other activities and adventurous trips. Its also a WWII historical site.
  • Fonte Plateau Unit- This national park is located at 6, Asan, Guam. It’s a great hiking spot uphill. The dam is very old but in pretty great shape and is a wonderful sight for clicking pictures. The water isn’t great for swimming. There is a place to overlook for the airport. You can bring snacks and water with you and if possible carry a bug spray.
  • War In The Pacific National Historical Park- It is a place where the rebellion is raised and you feel solemn. The island of Guam changed its rule from Spain to the United States, Japan, and then to the United States again, but there was always a war there. You can learn in an easy-to-understand manner with a short video movie. Like Okinawa, Guam is a facility where you can feel the importance of learning about the history of the island as well as sightseeing. All explanations of the exhibits are written in Japanese.


  • Matapang Beach - The beach is in front of the Fiesta Resort Guam Hotel and the Holiday Resort Hotel is also called Pan Beach. This is a place full of local feeling, as if the locals had a family and set up a tent to barbecue. There is a park and parking lot in front of the beach, and there is also a toilet. It's not shallow, so on the contrary, you can dive to your head and enjoy the transparency. Transparency that makes you think it's a pool! The sand on the beach was also clean and it was very nice. The beach at the end of the parking lot of Holiday Resort & Spa Guam is a place where you can relax with a local atmosphere. It is also very close to the center of Tumon.
  • Haputo Beach - You can walk along the beach with swimsuits. Although it is shallow, there are rocks in some places and you cannot walk on the sandy beach. If you walk on the rugged stones and go far, you will find a white star sand beach, but since no one is swimming, you can relax and be quiet. There is no shower or toilet, but it is a little-known spot. You can get down to the beach by a short hike and once you reach the destination you will be able to see how amazing the beach is.
  • Coco Palm Garden Beach - It is a private beach. It's natural to pay a fee, but it's beautiful and comfortable. Recommended for those who want to spend a quiet and relaxing time. It costs money, but it is highly recommended to rent a cabana. You may be concerned about bad roads, but it's worth the patience. The sea is the most beautiful on the beach in Guam, and the number of fishes was amazing. The transparency is outstanding. Also, renting a cabana is a very good place to relax. It is located in an unexplored region with great views along the way.
  • Fai Fai Beach - You can enjoy an adventurous mood on the way through the rocky cliffs, and when you reach the FaiFai Beach side, there are few people and the beautiful sea spreads out, which makes you feel like a paradise. It is a long beach that extends to Two Lovers Point, and it is a little-known beach in Guam. If you apply for an optional tour, you can stay slowly, but if you just want to take a walk and swim in the sea, there is a way out of Gun Beach by land. However, there are slippery places, so at your own risk. Guam may be the best in terms of the beauty of the sea. When there are few people, such as in the morning, if you walk a little offshore in front of the beach house on FaiFai Beach, you will find a lot of fish that you are accustomed to feeding.
  • Tanguisson Beach - A beach with a mysterious view. It's near Two Lovers Point, so it's easy to get there if you rent a car. However, it is not popular anyway, so you should be careful about theft. There is no little-known beach facility that only locals can go to, but it's very calm and the view is good, but you can't be alone. The waves were high, it is dangerous but it was the most beautiful. It is a beach that is almost completely unpopular with a thermal power plant nearby. When the weather is nice, the sea looks pretty, but it's not a beach with lots of algae to swim in. Access also requires a rental car, and the road near the beach is quite bad, so it is unacceptable for a compact class car with a low vehicle height. If you park your car here and walk north, you will find a cleaner beach, but be careful of car vandalism.
Matapang Beach


  • Asan Bay Overlook- This is the place where US troops landed from Asan Bay and fought during World War II. You can overlook Asan Bay from the observation point. Why is it on the explanation board or some distance away? There is also an exhibit dug by the name of an American soldier (other than the battle in Guam) who died. It might be pretty scary at night. This is a lookout point on the hill Minute Hill in the Asan district. It is one of the battle ruins designated as the Pacific War Museum. You can also see the magnificent view from Asan Beach to Apra Harbor.
  • Guam International Raceway - There are courses such as drag racing, oval, and off-road on a very large site. Especially the off-road course was powerful and exciting. It may be only this event, but we also sell BBQ and alcoholic beverages. Nothing works there on a weekday. The main part is the track for straight arrivals. There is a go-kart track, a motocross track, and some kind of drift cup. Absolute emptiness, even on weekends.
  • Knights Of Columbus- It seems that weeds are bow bows and few people go there. There is an entrance to the hill next to the church of San Dimas near the bell tower of Melitzo. There aren't many people passing by, weeds are all-you-can-grow, and the stairs and railings are broken and unmaintained. The resting place building on the way had no roof and only a skeleton. After struggling to climb through the grass (less than 4-5 minutes), you could see Cocos Island in the distance and the lagoon was beautiful. But the road to the hill is terrible. Park your car in the church parking lot and climb a little mountain. It is difficult to understand the entrance due to weeds etc.
  • Goddess Of Life - It is located in front of the rotary behind the arrival gate on the ground floor of Guam International Airport. If you don't pay much attention to it, you won't notice it at all. When you have a relatively long time to depart, you will use the departure floor and you will not see it because it is on the upper floor. It's quite dynamic when you look at it closely. It is an outdoor goddess statue at the exit of Guam International Airport. It feels like you're passing by if you're not conscious of it, but when you look at it again, it's a beautiful image.
  • Archbishop Felixberto Flores Memorial Circle - Archbishop Flores stands in the center of a T-shaped roundabout at the intersection of San Vitres Road and Hospital Road, the main streets that connect the busy Tumon and Tamuning districts. This is the first local Chamorro to become a bishop ... There is a pedestrian crossing line and a rotary entrance on the rotary side, so you can cross here and see it nearby. It stands in the center of the roundabout in the Tamuning district.


  • Pacific War Museum- This museum is located just before returning to Marine Drive from Asan Lookout Point (Asan Bay Overlook). Weapons and materials from the time of World War II, such as tanks and cannons, are on display. Admission is free and there is free parking. In the past, the US Navy managed and operated the facility, but now it seems that it is operated by an NPO. Inside the building are World War II materials and exhibits. A two-seater Japanese Navy submarine is on display outside the building.
  • Guam Museum - A full-scale museum opened in the middle of the historic center of Hagatna's Spanish Formosa. You can study the history of Guam. The exterior is made of pure white stone, so it is a fairly dazzling building that reflects Japan Airlines. The Pope statue is in front of the museum in front of Plaza España. Come and visit us when you stroll around the Hagatna area. It is within walking distance from the Hagatna Shopping Center. The batik exhibition on the first floor is free, but the entrance fee for the exhibition on the second floor is usually $ 20 for adults, but it is $ 8 for seniors (for some reason locals). The history of Guam is exhibited in detail twice.
  • Isla Centre For The Arts- This place is located at the University of Guam. they have a brilliantly curated show which is co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation with ukiyo-e prints by Sharaku and contemporary posters that responds to the older works. Some great information is provided by them about the older works which will make your experience worth it.
Outside the Guam Museum


There are some food items that you will have to try if you are here in Guam. Like the red rice which has been in the culture for centuries. It’s a very important food item at any gatherings or parties. The main ingredient used in these red rice’s is the achote seed. The Kelaguen is also a very tasty dish of the Chamorros who were known for making these, it was their signature dish. The dish is similar to the ceviche, it’s a combo of onions, hot peppers, lemon juice, and salt and also grated coconuts. Another great food is their barbeques and it can be considered as the best barbeque as compared to the other countries. These barbeques are grilled by the help of tangan-tangan woods, those found in Guam’s landscape throughout. The flavor is incredible and tastes great. There are also foods like the Kadon Pika where “kadon”, a Chamorro word means stew and “pika” which means spicy, and the cotton candies are somewhat great and very delicious.


In Guam you can find quality drinks for you to enjoy like The Local Craft Beer, a very common drink here in Guam which is been provided by the local breweries, The Cocktails, which are not even considered a luxury, the Wines of which Guam has great collection. The wines are best in bars like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a bar called the Wolf Blass Yellow Range.


The tap water of Guam is said to be healthy and safe for drinking as stated by the GWA, the water is free of any contaminations and clean. The water in Guam contains surface waters from the rivers or reservoirs and the groundwater from NGLA (Northern Guam Lens Aquifer).


There can be many exciting things to do in Guam. For example, Snorkeling, Stand-up Paddle boarding, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, 4WD Tours, visit Historic sites, appreciate the Nature and the wildlife, go on a fun ride on the hot air- balloons, and visit the important landmarks and points of interest.

Snorkeling consists of some most interesting activities or places:

  • Go Looking For An Anemone Fish House
  • Experiencing Top Rated And Guided Snorkeling Tour
  • Island Pack Deluxe Including Maritime Water Park And Sup

Stand-up paddle boating can be enjoyed at:

  • Valley Of The Latte Stand Up Paddle Boarding

For Scuba diving the most famous place will be:

  • Apra Harbor

Enjoy kayaking trip here in Guam in the Guam Ocean Park to the Alpat Island which has become a model of Hykkori Hyotan Island. Jet Skiing is best enjoyed at the Apra Harbor. You can experience the Ultimate Guam Self-Driving Audio tours and the off-Road Buggy Adventures; the go karts Racings. Historic sites like the Asan Bay Overlook, Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica, etc. The valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise allows you a trip through the Wildlife and Nature of Guam, you can enjoy parasailing, and many other exciting things.


You can find a range of good quality and affordable accommodation options and a good place to live in Guam. There are a vast number of hotels, guesthouses, and apartments.

Green Hotels

Some of the major green hotels in Guam are:

  • Wyndham Garden
  • Dusit Thani Resort
  • Lotte Hotel
  • Guam Reef Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency

Hostels and Guest Houses

People are often confused between hostels and guest houses. Guesthouses are places where you can find separate room but, in a hostel, you will have to share the room with your inmate. Guesthouses are like private houses with many rooms and hostels are cheaper but noisy and have very less privacy. Some major Hostels and Guesthouses in Guam are:

  • Guam Jaja Guesthouse
  • Ocean View Lounge
  • Siesta
  • Jj Residence
  • Ocean View Villa


Apartments can be a great place for living for people who enjoy their privacy. Some major Apartments in Guam are:

  • Swan Boutique
  • Alupang Beach Tower
  • Garden Villa Hotel
  • Casa De Pedro
  • Pedro’s Place


Couchsurfing is a service that helps you find places for staying or sharing it with people. You can connect to many travelers worldwide. You can always find new people and something new to do as they organize several events regularly in many cities all around the globe.


Most people consider camping as an activity to do in the summers, they stay away from their houses so they camp in a tent or a vehicle. The people usually get away from the developed places and to other places for a more interesting and natural camping experience. There aren’t any campgrounds in Guam but you can camp anywhere in the public parks and beaches.


Guam is known for its white sand beaches the clear waters of the oceans. It’s a perfect lace for the tourists to visit with families, and many other people can also visit like the divers or the newly wed and anyone looking for a great place to relax and relieve stress should visit this place. Guam is a city which is divided into villages that are a total of 19. Most of it’s people live on the coralline limestone plateaus in north.

Map of Guam
Northern Region
The Northern Region of Guam is comprised of large swaths of land controlled by the U.S. Military (primarily Andersen Air Force Base) toward the northernmost end of the island, and the villages of Dededo and Yigo just south of the military base. Dededo is the by far largest village on Guam, with a population exceeding 50,000. The Northern Region also contains Ritidian Beach, one of the most isolated, beautiful beaches in Guam.
Central/Metropolitan Region
The Central Region holds the majority of Guam's villages and the island's international airport. A large number of shops, restaurants, and hotels are located in this area (primarily in the village of Tumon), and as such is the island's most visited area by tourists. It is also the region of the island most prone to heavy traffic congestion around rush hour.
Southern Region
Guam's Southern Region is mostly rural and picturesque. It is one of the most untouched and undeveloped areas on the island and the Chamorro culture is most preserved here. Cocos Island and the black sand beaches at Talofofo are popular places to visit in this region.


Villages in Guam:

  • Hagåtña (Agana) - the capital (pop. 1,100)
  • Tumon - where most tourists head, on the central west of the island (part of Tamuning)
  • Dededo - The most populous on Guam. (pop. 42,980)
  • Tamuning - Guam's third-most populous city and most industrial. (pop. 18,012)
  • Mangilao - Home to the University of Guam. (pop. 13,313)
  • Talofofo - Village in the Jungles of Southern Guam. (pop. 3,215)

Getting There and Moving Around

The most important things you will need to travel anywhere are your documents such as your VISA and passport. Its otherwise very easy to travel to Guam. You can travel through a plane, sea-shuttles, ferries, etc. You can move around and visit many attractive places in Guam.


The airlines that fly to Guam are:

  • Ana (All Nippon Airways)
  • Japan Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • China Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines

The island is served by the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. This is the best possible way for international tourists to reach Guam.

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport check in lounge


The major bus services in Guam are:

  • Guam Sanko Transportation
  • Lam Lam Tours & Transportation
  • Micronesian Hospitality, Inc.
  • Miki Taxi Service
  • National Car Rental
Bus in Guam


There are no major train services to Guam.


Hitchhiking is pretty easy in Guam, you might get rides offered even when you actually don’t need them if you get a ferry ride you may get a free ferry ride back also. The people are friendly and kind.


There are no major ferries and boats in Guam.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is very essential these days as development is progressing the people are becoming more and more cautious about preserving the gifts of natural resources. The other developing countries are trying to find ways to make sustainable shopping possible and less dependent on energy sources.


Recycling is a very important process to keep your environment clean, the wastes are converted to new materials and things.


The process of finding value in things that have reached their last stage of wear and tear and can now longer be helpful for anyone, these products are therefore recycled and made useful. There are different mechanisms to ensure this. Some of the recycling companies in Guam are:

  • Pyramid Recycling
  • Global Recycling Center

Work and Study Abroad

Working and studying in abroad is a dream for some students and it helps them in exploring the cultures and traditions of the other countries as well. Guam offers great opportunities to the foreign students to come and study and work abroad. They offer several internships to the students that has some experience and can study simultaneously and pay is good too.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program offers students from secondary classes or universities to study abroad at any of the partner institutions of the school or university that’s in any other place. Guam requires that the students must have a minimum of 2.50 GPA in their campus.

Au Pair

Au Pairs are people working in your household from foreign who offer their services to the households for getting paid. They act as a part of the family. They take a share of the households responsibility. They can offer their services for child care or it can be just simple household chores. The Au pairs are not nannies as they travel to a foreign country to offer their services and the nannies are locals who offer services in exchange for monetary allowances.


Volunteering are offering of assistance to the community. It helps us in connecting with the community and it helps you make friends and create a network with people. It can also help you and your family along with the cause you’re volunteering to. Volunteering helps in making a difference in the community, enjoy meaningful conversations, contribute to causes you care about and want to make a change.

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