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Eco-friendly travel guide to Harare advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Harare, Zimbabwe.

City view of Harare

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $120
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $150

Responsible Travel

Harare is a magnificent and extremely joyful city in Zimbabwe Earlier, Salisbury's name knew it, but after 1982 its name changed to Harare. It is a highly populated city and the most populated city in Zimbabwe. They are so many tourist spots in Zimbabwe, which are fascinating and attract the attention of so many tourists across the globe. Many tourists arrive here every year, and there are specific rules and regulations for the tourists to follow. Tourists should be very much aware of the cleanliness of the place garbage should be disposed of in the dustbins, tourists should not drink or smoke in a public place, and people should also not harm the environment by any activities. It is the responsibility of all the tourists to follow all the guidelines.

Air Quality and Pollution

Harare is an extremely polluted city. The air quality over here is also not good, and people residing here experience various lung disorders and get diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases. Air pollution in Harare is somewhere around 60.14, which is too high, and due to this, the quality of air is also very low. Every country is facing this problem nowadays. As technology is progressing day by day and many cities are developing rapidly, pollution is growing rapidly, destroying the ozone layer. Air quality in Harare is somewhere near 39, which extremely low. We should switch over technologies which are causing pollution.

Respect the Culture

People of Harare are very precise when it comes to their culture. It has a rich ancient cultural history but later when some European settlers came here made few modifications to the culture of Harare. There are so many constitutions regarding Harare culture, and mostly the tourists arriving there need to respect the culture. No-one is allowed to say anything which goes against their culture as they all have immense respect for their culture. People are also not allowed to say anything against the government's constitution as they can face severe issues after this. People here love their culture and like to follow without any problems, so all travelers must not disrespect any cultural values.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Wild is life - It is an animal sanctuary where animals like cheetah, lion, tiger, giraffes, and many more are looked after and protected.
  • Kuimba Shiri bird sanctuary- It is situated near one of the most beautiful lakes in Harare lake chivero. The bird show over here will fascinate you and also the wide variety of birds they have.
  • Thetford game reserve- It is situated on the marowe road, tourists can experience jungle safari here at very affordable rates, and people can see a wide variety of animals here.
  • Mukuvisi woodlands- It is located in Glenara Avenue queensdale. This place takes you close to nature; it is an excellent place for those who like to go on a walk.
  • Lake chivero recreational park - It is located off A5. This place is good for kids they can enjoy here as there are so many things to do. People can also hire a guide for a better experience.
  • Twala trust animal sanctuary- This sanctuary is explicitly made by animals that have been rescued. Rescued animals are brought here and taken care of here.
  • Ngoma kurira - This place is exceptionally significant for hikers as it has several mountains with arrows marked on the way so that people can quickly get the correct pathway.
  • National botanical garden - It is located on the fifth street. This place has wide varieties of flora and lots of new species of plants and trees over here.
  • Haka game park - It is located in chinamano. This place is tranquil and peaceful. This place is perfect for nature lovers.
  • Kingfisher park - This place is perfect for a family outing, excellent place picnic, immaculate surroundings.

Just sit and enjoy the fresh breeze.


So many places to explore! Details are mentioned below:

City Parks

  • Warren park hills city view - This place is the best when it comes to scenic views, people can experience a good view of the whole city, people can also watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset which is visible from here
  • Harare gardens - This place is filled with greenery with so many plants and trees over here, the environment here is incredibly peaceful with the chirping of birds makes your mind calm. An excellent place to relax. You can spend a whole day easily over here.
  • Pioneer Park - This park is situated in South Harare. It gives a perfect view of the whole city. You can see so many airplanes taking off from the nearby airport, and the plane's height significantly less, which makes you experience the power of the airplane's engine.
  • Greystone park dam - This place is extremely beautiful, it provides you with the most relaxing environment, the fresh and cool air breeze will fascinate you, you can also sit and watch sunsets over here.
Pioneer Park Harare

National Parks

  • Zimparks - It is situated on Borrowdale Rd, Sandringham Dr. This is a very wonderful garden with so many different kinds of animals. This place is right for school kids to learn about various new species of plants and animals.
  • Ballantyne parks- This park is situated in Wellburn dr, this place is suitable for small kids as it has a good range of playground apparatus and all are in perfect condition. A fantastic place for a picnic also has some apparatus for experiencing adventure.
  • Haka camp game park - This place takes you near all the harmless animals. The environment here is incredibly peaceful, and the park is hugely maintained. People can see so many animals here, and they are taken care very nicely over here.
  • Mbizi game park - This park lets you go on the beautiful jungle safari with all the safety measures. Park is well maintained and suitable for doing adventurous stuffs, people get a chance to get close to all those wild animals which can be very dangerous.


There are no beaches in Harare.


  • Raintree venues - This place is just equal to the real Paradise. The umwinsidale valley covers the place. This place is extremely good for carrying out any events the umwinsi river presents here will attract you for its cleanliness.
  • Balancing rocks - They are situated in Off the Chiremba Road Epworth, here you can see some rocks kept upon each other perfectly balancing each other, and there size huge it's beyond our imagination when we see it, it shows the power of mother nature,
  • Anglican cathedral- This church is truly a masterpiece. It is just so beautifully built and the work done over here is just so fine. It is found just opposite the Africa unity square next to the parliament of Zimbabwe. You must visit the place.
  • National heroes acre- This place contains so many beautiful monuments made very firmly. This place is maintained well, various national monuments can be found here, and the burials of many fallen heroes are present over here.


  • The Shona sculpture gallery - Here, you can see some extraordinary stone sculptures made by leading Zimbabwean artists. They are incredibly fascinating, place Beautifully maintained, and good for art lovers. We also gain knowledge from these sculptures.
  • National Gallery of Zimbabwe - This place is situated in Julius Nyerere Way & Park Lane. This is a unique place as people can purchase different kinds of the stonework here of their choice. Regular exhibitions are also carried out over here.
  • Zimbabwe museum of human sciences - This museum is situated in Burnett way, this museum was opened decades ago, but the maintenance over here is superior. It is entirely in shape still, and the animals and humans sculptures present here looks extremely realistic
  • Tengenenge farms- This place can be called the village of sculpture artists as we can find a variety of top sculpture artists over here, it is situated around 130 km towards north of Harare, you can see a wide variety of sculptures over here, and you can also purchase them if you like any of them.
National Gallery of Zimbabwe


When you are Traveling in Harare, and you haven't tasted its food, coming to Harare is worthless. There are so many popular foods which we can eat, like dovi, muboora, chikenduza, sadza, etc. These foods give you a wide variety of different kinds of tastes, and you will enjoy eating them. These foods are delicious. You can consume them in any of the Restaurants.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Harare has wide varieties of restaurants, Which provides you with the food of your choice, the service of all the restaurants is outstanding, And the taste Of every restaurant is very similar, the staff is very nicely trained, menu's of every country is present in restaurants over here, there are many restaurants in Harare some of them are mentioned below

  • Victoria 22 restaurant
  • Amanzi restaurant
  • Queen of hearts

The quality of food is superbly maintained here, and you won't found any faults.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Many people in this world don't prefer to eat non-veg food. They like to eat vegetarian food. For people like this, restaurants should be purely vegetarian. Some people are vegan and consume a very restricted diet. For them, specific restaurants are there, which provide strictly vegan food with all the cleanliness and quality. Vegetables are very healthy for every one of us and if they are cooked in the right way they can provide us with so many health benefits. There are several vegetarian restaurants in Harare mentioned below

  • V delights restaurant
  • Alo alo restaurant
  • Queen Makeda Ethiopian restaurant

These restaurants are purely vegetarian and will help you if you are a vegetarian person.

Street Food

Street food in Harare is very famous, very delicious and it is very, very tasty. Also, there are so many people who like to eat street foods as it takes less time to prepare them and are delicious. They are so many street vendors in Harare with different kinds of foods. The best thing about street food is when you have less money and want to eat favorite things in Harare. Then you opt for the street vendors. Every kind of food is available on the street at a significantly cheaper cost to enjoy it anytime. Some of the outlets famous for street foods are listed below

  • Macadams fast food
  • Total forecourt
  • Bhello city foods

All these outlets are incredibly famous for street food, and anyone can afford it.


People living in Harare Loves parties are also fond of various kinds of drinks. Many different types of drinks are being made in Harare. Most people prefer alcoholic beverages that are very harmful to health. There are so many non-alcoholic drinks that people living there can consume as alcohol can affect various vital organs in our body.

People living here spend so much money. On alcohol, which is not worth it. People over here consume a high amount of alcohol, and due to which many people over here experience heart diseases. The various drinks can be found in Harare Cucumber mine cooler, Pink lemonade, Virgin dalquiri, Springbrook, jager bomb, etc.

The various famous outlets where all these drinks can be found are

  • Pariah state Avondale
  • Pariah state borrodale
  • Corky's bar and drill


Tap water in Harare is highly contaminated. It has so many bacteria and viruses in it. The amount of drinkable water in Harare is significantly less as people are busy decomposing their waste into the water bodies and thus making the water contaminated. Recently in January 2020, so many people die, and many others fell ill by drinking contaminated water, which was fall off toxins. Industries present in Harare are continuously disposing of their waste Into the water bodies, which made the water full of toxins and non-drinkable. So people need to know these basic things as they make it difficult for themselves to get pure water. People Over here Mostly consume packaged water. Some people also use water purifiers to purify the water coming from the tap.

Organic Cafés

Harare is also famous for its cafes. Many of them are extremely popular, highly comfortable, and very affordable. There are so many cafeterias present in Harare that provide a wide variety of beverages snacks that attract customers. There are so many kinds of beverages that are being served in all the cafeterias of Harare. Some of them are tea, Coffee ETC. People very often Pay a visit to cafeterias in between their work to lower the amount of stress and enjoy, Some of the famous cafeterias which are present in Harare I listed below

  • The plot café
  • Bell's coffee shop
  • Afters café


In Harare so many kinds of Breweries can be found and People living in Harare are very fond of drinking them, their food is incomplete without breweries, Drinks are must With food in Harare, there are so many breweries in Harare which are very popular for their services, Brewery outlets a very common here Opening such outlets in the city like Harare is very worthy, and one can earn a reasonable amount of profit. The famous brewery outlets are mentioned below

  • Harare beer engine
  • Harare SLA2
  • Harare brewery liquid center


There are so many activities to do in Harare, which will fascinate you. Harare has few centers where you can experience various adventures, mainly hiking, as it has so many high mountains. Harare is also famous for its jungle safari, which is too adventurous as we get to see all the animals very closely. Harare is a place that is extremely close to nature. The whole area is covered with forest. You can also go trekking over and visit all the ancient museums around here, which depict Harare's history. This place takes us just so close to nature. This place is highly rich in flora and fauna, various new species of flora and fauna are found over here, so every tourist will enjoy here.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a lovely way to keep your mind peaceful and keep your body healthy, nowadays doing yoga is becoming more and more common in every country as it is not so much challenging to do and an effortless way keep yourself fit, people living in Harare are very fond of doing yoga, they like to keep themselves fit And many tourists coming over here also like to do yoga so for them there are so many good arrangements in Harare, This city has so many yoga retreats which give ideal training and space for yoga.


Planning of accommodation is the most important thing when you are planning a trip to Harare

Green Hotels

Booking of the hotel is one of the essential things. As this is where you will be going to live throughout the trip, you need to be very precise while booking the hotels as it should have everything you want. Hotels in Harare are very well furnished and well maintained with all the facilities a person wants. They contain a swimming pool, cafeterias, restaurants, Parks, and kids play areas where children can enjoy. Some of the famous hotels present in Harare are

  • Meikles hotel holiday inn Harare
  • Rainbow towers hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Female tourists are more positive about staying n a hostel. The government of Harare has also provided this facility. All these hostels are well furnished and are very safe for girls; hostels pay more attention to the female tourist's safety. If one does not want to live in the hotel he or she also has the option of guest houses they lack in certain facilities but are useful if you're going to live for 2-3 days, They're very cheap and very affordable and also very well maintained and also the staff pays equal attention to all the people residing there. Some of the most popular girls hostel present in Harare are

  • Belgravia mews

It's a small world backpackers lodge greenwood park

Some of the most popular guests houses present in Harare are

  • Simba Harare house
  • Sandalwood lodge
  • The palace guest lodge


If you are on an extended vacation like more than three weeks or so, you must choose to rent an apartment as this would be more affordable and convenient. So many good apartments are there in Harare, which contains all the facilities. The apartment starts from one BHK, and as per the requirement of the individual number of rooms can be increased. Some of the most popular apartment buildings which are present in Harare are listed below

  • Lautichar apartments
  • Bright caste apartment
  • Portofino apartments


This is a prevalent practice everywhere in this world, that if you are going on a trip land at that place one of your local relatives live it becomes extremely easy for you as you have no tension about where to stay, you can easily stay at your relatives' house and also they can guide you that what are the best places here to visit and even the best restaurants that you can find over here. In Harare, all this is very common, and people over here are extremely humble when it comes to this. They help their visitors to have a great trip. You are fortunate if you have a local relative living in Harare. This also benefits you food-wise as the local people are aware of all the traditional dishes being made in Harare and they will make you eat them, so you don't need to go restaurants, you will get all this very easily.


If you are an adventurous person, then doing camping will fascinate you. Harare is covered densely by many forests and national parks and many more places where you can camp very quickly and enjoy the whole adventure. Camping is fun as you need to do everything on your own. This is a lovely experience for nature lovers as they get to experience nature very closely. The whole day you have to live in tents, make your food and bonfire.

How to Get There

Harare Is very nicely connected to Zimbabwe's nearby cities. The city has an excellent transport system Distributed evenly in every municipality, and transport services in Harare are extremely good. Though in certain areas still lots of improvement is going on, the chief transportation source in Harare is land transportation, and already lots of traffic is there on roads so we cannot develop it further.


Harare has one International Airport where a flight from all over the world arrives and departs. The city has only one airport, and thus, there is so much need to develop this air transportation. Also, tourists have to change a few flights to reach Harare, reaching here can take so much time. Hence, the government needs to think about another airport in Harare. This airport is beautifully maintained with all the standard facilities. The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe operates this airport. Earlier, this airport was named Salisbury International airport, but in 1982 its name changed to Harare international airport. This airport is the largest in the whole country. Currently, it is known by the name Robert Gabriel Mugabe international airport. Earlier in 1967, air Rhodesia established their headquarters here, and after Zimbabwe's independence in the year 1980, it was named air Zimbabwe.

Harare International Airport


When it comes to land transportation, Harare is excellent in it as it has an extensive network of road transportation. There are so many agencies which run buses for the convenience of the tourists and local people. Many buses running in Zimbabwe, whether it be a local bus or intercity buses, are comfortable. They have all the necessary facilities like sleeper coaches, seats to sit, ac, tv, and well-maintained buses, also they are always on time. The bus is never late, and even if you could not catch one for a reason, the next bus is available within no time.


The train network of Harare is also not so much developed. It is still in the developing stage. It has only one railway station named Harare railways station, a runner by Zimbabwe's National railways. The number of trains present in Zimbabwe is less and passengers have to wait very long for the next train so government should think about developing the railway network as the population of Harare is increasing day by day. Shortly, a good railway network's requirement will increase, though Harare is connected to every nearby city in Zimbabwe. Still, the trains take time to reach the other city, as the train's speed is relatively slow, although new railway lines are underway and after few years trains will also run on new routes that will connect Harare from more urban cities are much more developed.


This is one of the most common methods in urban areas when you need to cover a short distance. People in Harare are very humble when it comes to hitchhiking. They don't mind making this gesture and are very helpful to all the tourists and the locals. The people here help each other by doing this. Also, you get to know new people and make new friends. Making local friends is very important as they will help you whenever you need any guidance on your trip. Whether the places to visit in this city or the traditional food, everyone should do this as we should help everyone and spread humanity.


Other ways to reach Harare are hiring a taxi or car are you can also reach here by water transportation. Still, going by water take so much time, so people don't use it frequently. More often, they use taxis to reach here, Although they are costly. Still, they are always on time, thus very, very time-consuming. Road transportation in Harare is very good. Hence, roads are very well connected, so reaching by road in Harare is extremely easy and time-consuming, so most people choose this route only as it is very well developed. There are 50-60 taxi hiring companies and also transportation authorities which provide good service.

Moving Around

Harare Is the heart of Zimbabwe. As it is the capital city of Zimbabwe, there are so many places to visit here like City parks, national parks, botanical gardens, etc. So you need to move around and see what things are present over there. It is better to use various public transports like buses or private taxies to reach our desired location. Going by available buses is much more affordable and reasonable as you have to pay less money for it. When you are on a trip, exploring the place where you are on a trip is extremely important, so one has to always keep exploring all the areas not to miss anything in the whole city and enjoy every place.


There are so many people who like to walk and explore the nearby areas, which not only makes them aware that what all things are there in the nearby surroundings but also keep them mental and physically healthy, walking has so many benefits when it comes to health, everyone should walk at least 6 kilometers daily to maintain their good health and also keep their heart healthy, walking and exploring things give the ample amount of time to explore any area precisely, walking in the nearby streets and watching the activities going on there also lets you know about the culture of the people residing there.


Many people like cycling and exploring nearby areas. Also, this is a very environmentally friendly method as it causes no pollution. Cycling gives so many benefits, whether it be health benefits or environmental benefits. It ferries us from one place to another without causing any pollution and helps us be healthy; cycling increases our stamina and keeps our heart healthy. You can quickly cycle for around 5-6 kilometers. It is a bit time-consuming but very worthy. So if one has to go to a nearby place, he/she should cycle and go to lessen the pollution, save money, and keep ourselves healthy.

Electronic Vehicles

The number of electronic vehicles in this city is meager as the people over here prioritize the petrol and diesel vehicles. Due to this, Harare is hugely polluted. People over here are not aware of the pollution levels in their city; soon, all vehicles will be off electricity as there are minimal sources of fuel left. They cause so much pollution. Electronic vehicles have many benefits over fuel vehicles. They reduce noise pollution also as when they run. They do not make any noise. Also, they are eco-friendly; they do not cause air pollution.

Public Bus

Public bus facilities in Harare are extremely good. The buses over here are high-speed and rapid. The maintenance of these buses is excellent, and they run from time to time from one place to another. These buses are operated by the government of Zimbabwe for the convenience of local people and also the tourists coming there. The buses support a comfortable and time-saving travel experience. Being a tourist, it is fantastic as you are unaware of the routes. Hence, you need to say the place's name, and they will drop you there on time. Also, at very affordable prices, the use of public buses over here is high since people like to travel through these buses as they are instrumental for them.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trams in Harare. Earlier they used to run but now, due to heavy traffics, they got removed. Also, the train network in Harare is under development, and there are very few routes on which trains are running. There is a definite need to develop this transportation as a lot of loads is coming on-road vehicle. Buses are always full of passengers and traffic is there on the way every time, so railway routes should be increased. Harare is not such a big city where local trains can run, though it is connected to the nearby cities from every network. One of the most successful means of transportation in Harare is road transportation. Many taxi companies run their taxies throughout the city and provide their services to the passengers, cabs are the prime source of transportation here, and most people like to travel through them.

Sustainable Shopping

The famous east gate building in Harare is just so renowned in the world as it is the first building to use natural cooling without air-conditioners. This shows us that the people of Harare are interested in eco-friendly technologies. Similarly, locals and tourists also get fascinated by sustainable shopping. Right now, it is not so common here. Still, in the near future, this will catch the attention of so many people. Sustainable shopping is a great initiative as we can use all the waste products to recycle them better and make a good out of it. Also, they are not very costly, so that everybody can afford the products. Again, this practice should increase in every country as we all are just disposing of our waste anywhere we want to dispose of it, destroying our mother nature.

Food Markets

Food is the basic necessity of all human beings. We all work hard to get three meals a day, food is a vital part of everyone's life, and it also determines our health. It is imperative what we eat and when we eat. Some good food markets are there in Harare for the locals so that they can purchase all the necessary foodstuffs from here. People in Harare are food lovers, and they always experiment with the food they eat, trying to make it interesting and then consume it. There are so many profitable markets here that are providing quality food products to the people of Harare. Some of the most popular food markets present in Harare are

  • Maasdoorp Avenue marketPomona farmers market
  • Madokero farmers market

Flea Markets

Flea markets are prevalent in the city of Harare as the people living here love antique items. In Harare, so many flea markets are there so that locals and tourists can purchase items from there. The flea market consists of different kinds of stalls, like antique sculptures, stone art, clothes, and even food stalls. People can purchase anything they want of their choice at reasonable fares. These kinds of markets help the tourist know what type of culture people of Harare are following. It ideally describes what Harare is famous for. Flea markets mostly contain handmade sculptures and beautiful stone art. So if you are visiting here the first time, you should purchase something from here so that you will always remember Harare's culture. Some famous flea markets in Harare are mentioned below

  • Avondale flea market

Second Hand Stores

Lots of people living in Harare have a store of second-hand materials, these kinds of stores are really famous over here, as people over here prefer to buy secondhand stuff, anything from vehicles to clothes can be there on sale on such kinds of stores mostly people choose to purchase cars and various home appliances from these stores, these stores are critical as they provide stuff which can still be used further. It is crucial for us to use everything properly, and one should not throw things away until it is not working correctly. These stores are perfect for a middle class family who can't purchase costly items. Here they can buy whatever they want at very cheap rates. Some of the second stores which are running in Harare are mentioned below

  • Ollex tech
  • Tokyo parts


It is very disappointing that people in Harare are not so much interested in eco-fashion. This is not yet so famous in this city. Still, few people came up with this idea and trying very hard to bring up this trend. Eco-fashion means clothes that are being manufactured from waste products. This is a very great initiative taken by some of the people of Harare. It will help us go environmentally friendly and save our environment because there are so many things that take hundreds of years to decompose. Still, if we want, we can easily convert it into excellent recyclable material.


People of Harare are not paying so much attention to recycling products. There are so much pollution and global warming in Harare, and the locals should do something about it. Although few people came up with some fantastic and creative ideas to recycle waste products in a very organized way, there are so many Innovative ways by which any kind of waste can be converted into usable stuff. Eastgate Center in Harare recently created history by using natural air in air conditioners and eco-friendly. They were the first to do it. Other countries should also learn from this and try to do eco-friendly things so as to help our environment. Some companies are trying to recycle stuff in Harare, and the number of these companies is slowly increasing, which is excellent news for Harare as recycled products are extremely good.


When it comes to waste management, this city is lacking behind, waste management over here is not at all good people dispose of rubbish wherever they want. Also, they do not dispose of it properly. The industry is present in Harare and is not following any guidelines for waste disposal, so many sectors are throwing their waste directly into the water bodies, which are contaminating them and due to which people are getting ill by drinking this water. The government is trying various measures to dispose of this waste in a proper manner, and also, this waste cannot harm the environment. People living here should be aware of how much they are harming the environment; specific rules must be made. All the people should follow the rules so that our nature can be recovered back. Some waste management companies present in Harare are mentioned below

  • Green Earth waste management services
  • Decibel waste management services and removals

Work and Study Abroad

Harare's education system is still under development as the quality of education provided here is not up to the mark. People over here prefer To go out and study, but this procedure requires so much paperwork and all the other formalities. The population of Harare is very high and according to the population amount of work is significantly less. Hence, people over here do any job, whether part-time or full time at low wages. Some people do business and try to make money from it. Also, there are significantly fewer companies in Harare, so the chance of getting a job there is considerably less one needs to work hard to get a job in a recognized company. Many people in Harare do positions in transportation companies as there are so many companies like this here, and the rest of others try to open certain stores and do some business to earn a living.

Exchange Student

Exchange student means studying at a particular University, and later they will send you abroad for higher education and also getting settled there. This method is not so standard in Harare as the education system is still under development. There are significantly fewer universities in Harare, which are carrying out exchange programs, and also, there are very few seats in this program. So, fewer people let a chance to enroll. Many more deserving candidates are still left behind due to seats' limitations, so students here don't enroll themselves here as the competition for it is extraordinarily high, and chances of getting a seat here are very, very low.

Au Pair

This is kind of a part-time job where people earn daily. People do this when they require money and cannot find a job in any other field; under this category, works like a caretaker, homemaking, etc. are present. Due to fewer job opportunities in Harare, so many people do this kind of work to make their living and job opportunities. Harare is very low, and people never get the job of their desires. They do whatever work they get. They also get underpaid and because of this ratio of poor people in Zimbabwe is very high. However, the ratio is decreasing but not at a very rapid rate. Still, it will take so many years to remove the poverty from here, the government is trying extremely hard to employ the poor people, and they also got successful. However, still, there are more job requirements in Harare.


Volunteering is an excellent way to show what skills and talent you have in you. People here work for some industries and companies and meager wages to showcase their work and talent. This helps them to get a permanent job later on and also get a fair amount of money. This is a pervasive process here which the people do due to fewer job opportunities and high competition. This is one of the best ways to attract attention and get yourself a good job and sound money.

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