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Eco-friendly travel guide to Iceland advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Iceland, Europe.

Iceland's Mid-Atlantic Ridge during snow

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 1 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2.5 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$22 - $600
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $1000

Responsible Travel

Iceland is a country in Europe and a Nordic island nation that attracts millions of tourists every year because of its natural beauty, and being home to some of the most beautiful glaciers and volcanoes - That is why it is called the land of fire and ice. The landscapes, geysers, volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs etc add to the beauty of Iceland. The country has more than 130 volcanoes both active and inactive. Iceland is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In the past few years, the number of tourists visiting this country has increased a lot.

Iceland is one of the countries in the world with a low population. The population of Iceland is around 338,349 people. Some of the tourist attractions are world-famous in Iceland that you can visit to have the best experience. Massive glaciers to national parks, museums, and other sites of Iceland will keep you in the country for a long time. There are some things that you need to keep in mind while visiting this country as an eco-friendly traveler.

  • Although a lot of different transportation options are available in the country for moving around. Try to opt for options that are more eco friendly like buses and metro as opposed to taxis or Ubers etc.
  • It is also recommended to walk for the most part, as this will allow you to explore the new and unfamiliar regions and landmarks more closely.
  • Tourists are highly encouraged to support the local businesses as much as possible. These local and small businesses are dependent upon visitors to sell their goods, which massively helps the country's economy.
  • Eco friendly travel agent. There are plenty of eco friendly travel agents who are doing a wonderful job planning trips that are safer for the environment by booking green hotels, choosing the most eco friendly way of travelling and educating the travellers about the impact of their actions on the planet.
  • Road over air. If it is possible to get to your destination via road then do not take a flight. Not only will that help in a massive reduction of your carbon footprint but will also protect the environment from harmful carbon emissions caused by airplanes.
  • Trying local food. A huge part of the local culture is the traditional food that is offered at the local traditional restaurants and by street food vendors. Instead of just sticking to international fast food franchises that contribute to so much waste being produced in the world, you should try the local options. Not only will it help the local economy but also will directly help the families whose sole source of earning are these small food businesses.

Air Quality and Pollution

It is important to know about the pollution levels and the air quality of a place before visiting because bad air quality and high pollution levels can have a detrimental effect on your health and can ruin your trip. In Iceland air quality is considered very good in general and the ambient pollutant concentrations are usually within defined limits. This is explained by multiple factors such as size of the country and other geographical features as well as weather conditions.

The government plays an important role in ensuring healthy living conditions in Iceland, in part by adopting laws and rules on reference limits for pollution, pollution control, industrial operating requirements and monitoring. In so doing, an attempt is made to prevent or reduce pollution which could negatively affect the quality of human life or conditions for other life forms.

All industrial activity which could result in pollution must have a valid operating licence, stating among other things reference limits for pollutants and pollution prevention, monitoring, measurement and research. The Environment Agency issues operating licences for power-intensive and large-scale industries which could cause pollution, while the Health Inspectorates of local authorities license other polluting industrial operations. These parties are also responsible for supervision of pollution prevention by the industries they license.

However, if you have any conditions like asthma or serious breathing problems, then you will need to talk to a doctor before visiting the country. They will help you to know a lot about what medicine and precautions you need to take when visiting Iceland. The average AQI (Air Quality Index) of Iceland is 23, which is considered to be good based on the WHO recommendation.

Respect the Culture

Apart from the volcanoes and glaciers, another thing that attracts tourists from different countries in Iceland is its rich culture and unique heritage. Iceland’s culture is a unique blend of its food, art music, literature and theatre with the capital Reykjavik being at the forefront of cultural activities. Iceland is a Nordic country, which means it has strong ties to the ancient Vikings. Icelanders are proud of this heritage and the many customs that come along with it, particularly in terms of the language which still has close ties to the Old Norse language that would have been spoken by early Viking settlers.

An interesting thing about Icelanders, which speaks to their history of magic and mystery, is the relatively widely-held belief in elves. 7% – 8% are certain they exist, and 45% believe that it is likely or possible that elves still roam the land. Elves, trolls, and other mythical creatures are signifiers of Iceland’s love of folklore, which remains strong to this day.

From food to clothes, the local people of Iceland are very proud of their culture. The people of the country are very helpful, well-educated, and happy, which makes the country even more appealing to foreigners and tourists. During your trip to the country, make sure to respect the culture as much as possible, and follow their traditions.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Iceland is known around the world for landscapes, volcanoes, glaciers, and others. You do not want to miss any of them during your trip as they are the must-visit sites in the country. These wonders of nature in Iceland invite a lot of travelers to the country every year. You need to know which places you need to visit first after stepping into the country. So, here are some of the best of them given below in detail that will help you to make your list and know more.

  • The Blue Lagoon - Undoubtedly, the first name that comes to mind while visiting Iceland is the famous Blue Lagoon. It is one of the top places in Iceland based on popularity. As the name suggests, the water of this palace is blue and crystal clear. This natural Spa is located in the Reykjanes Peninsula region, near Mount Torbjorn. This site has formed from the leftover of the geothermal power plant plug holes.
  • Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park - Glaciers are one of the common features in Iceland, and one of the most popular is the Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park. This park is situated near the Skogar and Vik I Myrdal cities. This snow-packed park is mostly famous for being the fourth largest park in the country and offers many outdoor activities. Hiking, Ice Caving and Ice climbing being the most common.
  • Gullfoss Waterfall - Another very popular place in the country is the Gullfoss Waterfall. The roaring waterfall provides majestic views to the travelers. The ridges are covered by green grass and sometimes the rainbows make it even more special. This waterfall is located near the Golden Circle near Reykjavik.
  • Landmannalaugar - Iceland is famous around the world and in various countries because of its natural beauty and landscapes. This mixture of hot springs and lava files is one of the places which mirrors that image and is considered to be a geological marvel. This site is a part of Fjallabak Nature Reserve that is located near the Laugahraun lava field edges. You will get to see mountain ridges and bubbling volcanic springs along with jaw-dropping landscapes.
  • 'Husavik - This quaint and charming town is located by the coastline of Skjalfandi Bay and is primarily known as a fishing town where you can also book a whale sighting tour and there is a also a chance of seeing the northern lights from this town.
  • Vik Beaches - If you think that Iceland is all about landscapes and glaciers, then you need to visit the Vik Beaches. The stunning beaches are located in a village named Vik, which is very near to the Reynisfjara beach. Once these black sand beaches ranked in the top ten lists of most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world. You can get to the Dyrholaey Lighthouse to enjoy the sunset or sunrise along with rock formations
  • Westfjords Region - Landscapes are the main attraction of Iceland and if you want to witness some of the best landscapes, then you need to visit the Westfjords Region. Some of the things that you will get to see in this region include Dynjandi waterfall, Latrabjarg bird cliffs, Isafjordur town, Raudisandur beach, and many more places. Staying more than 2-3 days in this region will help you to get the ultimate experience of the country
  • Skalholt - It is one of the historic places that you need to visit during your journey to Iceland. The place used to be one of the most important and crucial spots in the 11th century as an epicentre of Icelandic Catholicism. Now, the town has become a lot more crowded over the years. The Skalholt Cathedral gets a lot of visitors every year from both outside the country and from within the country.
  • Asbyrgi Canyon - If you love to participate in outdoor activities, then make sure to visit the Asbyrgi Canyon, which is situated 38 km away from the Husavik town. This place is very famous for offering some of the best cliffs, hiking trails, glacial valleys, green landscapes, and many other things. You will find the mention of this spot in the Norse Legend as the footfall of Sleipnir, which is known to be the mythic horse of Odin. Hiking, trekking, rock climbing, and many other outdoor activities are very common in this spot
  • Lake Myvatn - There are some lakes available in the country that you can visit to have the best experience. One that comes top of the list is the lake Myvatn. It is very well known for offering the best views and beautiful blue water. The lake is located near the Northern capital city Akureyri. Many travelers visit the lake to watch birds and hike around.
The beautiful geothermal spa known as The Blue Lagoon is one of the top places to visit in Iceland


Traveling to different countries and enjoying travel depends on exploring the destination. You will need to explore the country very well to get the best traveling experience. Iceland is known around the world very well for its landscapes, volcanoes, glaciers, and many other things. Every city has something unique to offer so you will not get bored during the entirety of your trip. While some of them offer the best landscapes, others offer famous attractions. Many places in the country offer outdoor activities to tourists from hiking to trekking.

Compared to other countries, the number of places to explore in Iceland is very high. Apart from tourist attractions, you need to explore the country very well to understand the culture and traditions of the local people. The culture of Iceland is very diverse and it reflects on its food, clothing, lifestyle, and others. So, you will need to explore every corner of the country and get familiar with different things for the best experience.

City Parks

City parks are one of the places in the country that helps eco-friendly travellers get close to nature. Not only that, but you will also be able to get a break from the crowd. The fresh air and peaceful environment of the city parks will help you relax and reconnect with nature. If you do not have a list of which parks you need to visit, then given below are some of the best city parks in Iceland.

  • Arnarholl - This is one of the small parks located in Reykjavik city. The park is very popular in the locality for having the statue of Ingolfr, which is known to be the first settler of the country. The park is very popular and preferred for playing ball games. Apart from that, many local people choose this park to walk or sit for some quiet time. The green surroundings make it one of the places in the city that offers fresh air. If you are lucky, then you might also get to see some football matches or other events in the park
  • Austurvollur - Another very famous city park that is situated in the capital city of Iceland Reykjavik. Compared to other parks, this park is very large and mostly used by local people for recreational activities or sitting for some hours. You will get many benches and green grass throughout the park that is provided for the local people. In the center of this park, the statue of Jon Sigurdsson is standing still, who is known very well for playing a significant role in the independence of Iceland.

Other parks include:

  • Einarsgardur
  • Fossvogurinn
  • Frakkland
  • Hallargardurinn

National Parks

Love to witness wildlife and explore different plants and animals? Well, Iceland has many national parks where you can get the best wildlife experience. You can not afford to miss some of the top national parks in this country. So, here are some of the most famous and must-visit national parks given below that you need to visit for the best experience.

  • Vatnajokull National Park - This is one of the most famous national parks in Iceland, which invites travelers from every corner of the country. Although there is no green in this park, you will be able to see a lot of ice and snow around the place. The roaring waterfall, great landscapes, flower-packed meadows, and the horseback riding tours will ensure you have a fun filled yet adventurous time here.
  • Thingvellir National Park - Located in Thingvellir, 801 Selfoss, this is one of the best national parks in the country that offers wonderful natural beauty alongside a rich history. The place is surrounded by green in every way and offers some of the famous attractions such as the Lake Thingvallavatn that is known to be the largest in the country, underwater landscapes, and others. You will find more than 150 types of plants and 50 types of invertebrates in this park
Horseback riding tourists in Vatnajökull National Park (formerly Skaftafell National Park), Iceland


If you love to chill at beaches and like taking long walks amidst the golden sand, then you will not be disappointed in Iceland. The country offers a lot of beautiful beaches.

  • Nautholsvik Beach - The beach is located in the capital city of Iceland named Reykjavik. This is known as the geothermal heaven where you will get to experience sunbathing under the midnight sun. There are showers, steam baths and hot tubs available as well and it invites over half a million guests each year.
  • Djupalonssandur Beach - Situated near the Snaefellsjokull in east Iceland, this is a black pebbled beach and these pebbles are brought to the beach by the ocean waves. It is a marvel and one of the most unique beaches. From the road there is a path that leads through a lava field, with amazing lava formations, to the beach. The scenery on the way and on the beach is magnificent with the Snæfellsjökull glacier towering over the place. One of the most noticeable thing on the beach is a big lava rock called Söngklettur or the Singing Rock. The rock has a red color and is said to be protected by the elves in the area. There is also a lagoon called Svörtulón or the Black Lagoon at the beach and in front of the lagoon is Gatklettur, a rock with a hole through it.

Other popular beaches include:

  • Alftanes
  • Seleyri
  • Nautholsvik
  • Rauðasandur
  • Grotta
The magnificent Djupalonssandur Beach


Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Solfarid - This is a must-visit landmark in Iceland that resembles the design of a Viking ship. This masterpiece was dreamed of and designed by Atrrnason as a sign of hope, exploration, and progress. You will be able to get a very good view of sunset and sunrise from this site
  • Hallgrimskirkja - It comes in the most visited list of landmarks of the country. It is a sanctuary and church that is located in Reykjavik city. The interior of this place is decorated very nicely which attracts a lot of tourists. The designs on the stained glass make the place look more beautiful
  • Lake Myvatn - Known as a geological wonder and home to several rare species, Lake Myvatn is a very popular landmark in Iceland.
  • Hvitserkur - Also known as the the Dinosaur Rock in the North is another awe-inspiring sight. Its location, incredible form, and stature is something you can’t help but admire. It is located in the North West, not far from the village of Hvammstangi or Blonduos.
  • Thingvellir National Park - It needs no introduction. This UNESCO Heritage site is one of three stops forming the Golden Circle. Therefore being one of the most visited places in Iceland. It is not just a place of groundbreaking history


From addressing key social issues to transforming how we see the future, the humble museum has the power to reflect and shape our society. The museums in Iceland offer an insight into rich history and culture of this beautiful country. There is a lot to learn and a lot to discover from these museums.

  • The Saga Museum - This museum is a bit different from all the other museums in the country as it helps history come alive. The place is smaller compared to many other museums in the country and located in Reykjavik city. You will get an audio guide to hear and learn about the Viking settlers, rich history of the country and discover the replicas of famous historical figures
  • The Phallological Museum - This is one of the museums that come at the top of the list of museums in the country. It is located in the Husavik town that offers more than two hundred phallic specimens and similar parts. You will be able to witness the parts of different mammals from land to sea. There are also some gift shops in the museum where you can buy a souvenir to take home with you.
Inside the Icelandic Phallological Museum (Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn) located on Laugavegur, Reykjavík, Iceland.


A major part of exploring the culture of a place is trying the local cuisine. Icelandic cuisine is very unique ana sometimes full of bizarre dishes as well. The key is to have an open palette. Just like landscapes and volcanoes, many travelers are there who appreciate the food of the country. The foods of Iceland can be a good treat for all the food lovers out there. There are some traditional dishes from seafood to vegan that helps to provide a great food experience.

Fish is the staple in Icelandic cuisine that comes in a lot of varieties including salmon, cod, trout etc. There’s lobster as well that’s very common in sea food. There are lots of fish soup as well. There is lamb that Icelandic love to eat. Then there is the famous Skyr Icelandic Yogurt which is used in different desserts and treats

Minke whale on a stick, at the Sea Baron restaurant in Reykjavik Harbour area, Iceland


Drinks are as important as the food. You will need to take the help of drinks during your trip to stay hydrated and get back your energy. From water to alcohol, you will find a lot of different drinks in the country. Some of them are available at a low price, and others are expensive.

You can find some of the famous soft drinks, alcohols that are made in the country and taste them to get a unique experience. While visiting the country, make sure to taste the popular and traditional drinks of the country named Brennivin. It is a local drink that is very similar to the unsweetened schnapps and known to be the national alcoholic drink.

Apart from this, there are other drinks that are known to provide the best drinking experience. Some local beers are very good and different in taste, make sure to taste them. Here is the section on a drink that will help you a lot to know more about the tap-water of the country.


Before visiting any destinations, knowing the quality of tap-water is very important. Tap water of Iceland is very safe to drink in Iceland as 95% of the water comes from the springs in the country. The water is not only safe to drink, but also known as one of the most delicious and cleanest drinking water around the world. Unlike some of the other countries nearby, the tap water of the country is free of calcium and chlorine.

Most of the local people of the country use tap water for drinking and other purposes. While some of the people drink without filtering or boiling, others prefer to drink and boil before drinking. However, as the water is well known for being the cleanest in the world, you can drink it without any problems. If you want to use bottled water for any purpose, then there are plenty of shops available in the country that offer packaged bottles of water at a low price.


Compared to other countries, the number of tourists who like to do adventure or outdoor activities are more attracted to Iceland. There are plenty of hills, glaciers, volcanoes in the country that can help you in participating in different outdoor activities. From hiking to trekking, there are many places available that you can choose to have some of the best experiences of adventure in this country. Apart from that, the waters of the country also help to take part in water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and others.


A lot of travellers worry about the accommodation situation when planning a trip. It is one of most integral and important part of the travel experience. Iceland is a very popular place in the world because of its mind-blowing landscapes. People around the world visit this island country to witness these views. So, you will find a lot of accommodation options available in the country from expensive to cheap ones but even the cheap ones will be in mid range because it is a pretty expensive country overall.

Based on your budget and staying duration in the country, you need to choose a comfortable accommodation option. Among all the other ones, you can choose green hotels for your stay in the city. As an eco-friendly traveler, you will be able to get a great experience of staying in these hotels with fresh air, green benefits, recycled items, a carbon-free atmosphere, and much more. However, here are some options and details about them that will help you to choose which one is the best for you.

Green Hotels

Iceland in the far north Atlantic Ocean is a hot spot for eco friendly hotels and sustainable stays. With geothermal energy bursting from the ground, endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, and sustainably sourced cuisine, it’s a fantastic choice for a low impact vacation.

From the solar windows to recyclable water, they use natural resources as much as possible to reduce the waste production of the city. It is a great step for the country to make it clean and clear from pollution. The price of these hotels ranges from very high to low based on facilities. On average, they are quite affordable and pocket-friendly. You can book rooms online to ensure your stay and prevent the last time hassle. Some of these include:

  • Grand Hotel, Reykjavik
  • The Retreat at Blue Lagoon
  • ION Adventure Hotel, The Golden Circle
  • Hotel Fljósthlíð, South Iceland

Hostels and Guest Houses

Being a popular destination in the world, travelers from different countries visit Iceland. So, all types of accommodation are available in the country including hostels and guest houses. Generally, they are cheaper options compared to hotels but they are available in different price ranges. You can find some of them even higher than hotels and offering more facilities. If you are planning to stay more than 2-3 weeks, then the best option for you is to choose hostels and guest houses.

You will be able to save a lot of money by staying in the guesthouses and hostels. Most of them offer basic benefits at a very reasonable price. You can even share the rooms with other people to get the rooms at a further low price. However, as the number of tourists is very high in this country, you might not get a room if not booked earlier. So, make sure to use online services to book a room as early as possible.


All of the above-mentioned options are very good for staying in a country for a limited time. However, when you are thinking of staying a long time in the country, you will need to choose an option that will provide you with a very low price like apartments. It is the cheapest option available in this list of accommodation that helps to stay comfortably in any place. There are plenty of apartments available in the country that you can choose to rent and stay. The apartments are a very low price and offer all the basic benefits and facilities. One of the best things about the apartments is that it will help to understand the local people and their lifestyle up close. Apart from tourists, you will also come across many local people who are staying in these apartments. It helps you to see the culture, tradition of the local people and know more about them. Unlike other accommodation options, you can rent an apartment both online or offline from high to low ranges.


Couchsurfing is getting popular around the world as an accommodation option. Using this, you will be able to stay at the house of a local. Apart from shelter, the host will also provide you food, information, and rich history about the place. Couchsurfing is a popular option in Iceland, and you will find it easy to get a host compared to other countries.

Staying with local people will help you a lot to know about the culture and traditions of the country up close. They will help to know some of the unknown things about the city. Many travelers choose to stay in their travel destination using Couchsurfing. It is best to look for a Couchsurfing host using online services as early as possible. It will help you to get all the formalities done in time and get the best traveling experience.


If you like the adrenaline rush, then camping is also a very good way of staying in the country. You will be able to have a very good experience in this country by camping as Iceland is known for landscapes all around the world. There are plenty of places available in the country that you can choose for camping. The country offers hills, glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, and many other places that you can choose to camp.

You will be able to get some of the best landscapes and sceneries from all of the camps. Compared to all the other accommodation options, this one is best for getting close to nature. You will be able to sleep under the open sky surrounded by hills, green, or lakes. Most of these camps are also the best to take part in different outdoor activities. Take the help of online services to book these camps online and ensure your spot with all the basic facilities.


Map of Iceland
Southwest Iceland
Home of the capital, Reykjavik and the majority of the island's population
West Fjords
Sparsely populated, rugged geography
West Iceland
Snæfellsjökull glacier, the islands of Breiðafjörður and more
North Iceland
Dramatic lava fields, turbulent waterfalls
East Iceland
More fjords and the only international passenger ferry terminal
South Iceland
Home to the most popular tourist attractions, including the Golden Circle
Glaciated mountains


  • Reykjavik (REYG-ya-veeg) — The capital of Iceland and is the largest city
Old Harbour, Reykjavik
  • Akureyri (Ahk-oo-rey-ree) — Capital of the North and the largest town outside the Southwest
  • Egilsstaðir (AY-yell-stath-er) — Main town in the East, has some of the best weather Iceland has to offer
The beautiful city of Egilsstadir
  • Hafnarfjörður (HAP-nar-FYERTH-er) — Cozy town on the outskirts of the capital region
City center of Hafnarfjörður
  • Höfn (HERP'n) — Main town on the southeastern coast
  • Húsavík (HOOS-ah-veek) — One of the world's most reliable whale watching sites during the summer
Landscape, Húsavík
  • Keflavik (KEP-la-veek) — The location of the international airport, but also an interesting town in its own right
Keflavik town from the harbor
  • Ísafjörður (EES-ah-FYERTH-er) — Biggest town of the West fjords of Iceland
Town of Ísafjörður, seen from the top of Kubbi mountain
  • Selfoss (SEL-fos) — South Iceland's largest town, hub of the main agricultural region
  • Stykkishólmur (STICK-is-hole-mur) — Main town on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, gateway to the islands of Breiðafjörður
Stykkishólmur seen from harbour
  • Seyðisfjörður (SEY-ths-fjorth-ur) — A town and municipality in the Eastfjords of Iceland

Getting There and Moving Around

Before making the plan of exploring the travel destination, you need to know what are the different available options for you to reach there. Iceland is an island country that is situated in the middle of the sea. So, by road is not a valid option to reach this country from other countries. Based on the location of the city, the air is the best and preferred way for travelers. Apart from that, there are other options also available like boats, cruises, etc.

When it comes to moving around the country, you will get all the different options available from air to by road. But make sure to choose a type of transportation that helps to keep the environment free of pollution like electronic cars. Different types of transportation modes have various advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before stepping into the country. So, here are some of the most common ways to get to Iceland and move around the country in detail.


As mentioned above, air is the most chosen mode of transportation by travelers to move from other countries to Iceland. From most of the counties, the flight to Iceland is available and very frequent as well. The Keflavik International Airport is the busiest in the country where international flights land. It is more than 50km away from the capital city of the country, Reykjavik. Also, intercity flights are available in Iceland that can help you to move around from city to city very fast.

However, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the fare of flights is far more than other transportations. If you want to get them at a low cost, then you will need to buy the tickers very early from the trip date. Also, flying your way through the country might take less time, but you will miss out on all the wonderful scenery on the way.

Inside the Keflavík Airport Airport


The bus is not available from other countries to reach Iceland. This country is an island and located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There is no road that is connected to the country from different places. When it comes to moving around in the country from city to city or famous attractions, buses are the cheapest option. You will be able to see many long distances and short distance buses in the country that help to travel to different parts of the cities.

Some of the major bus companies have different types of buses running around the country. However, you might not be able to find a bus in the country if you are traveling the country in winter. In winter, the number of buses starts to decrease and starts again in summer. If you want to travel by bus to Iceland, you could invest in a Reykjavik city card. The fare for the bus in this city is 440 ISK (Adults) and 210 ISK (children, seniors and disabled). The ticket can be bought on the bus, supermarkets, or bus terminals.

Mercedes-Benz bus on petrol station near Kirkjubæjarklaustur


Just like the roadway, there are no railway roads available to the country from other countries for the location. You will not be able to make a journey to this country using trains. Not only for getting there, but there are also no trains available in the country. Because of the low population and traffic in the country, the lack of a railway system is there. A harsh environment also plays a huge role in not having an active railway system. There are some small trains that are not very well connected to different places in the city.


Hitchhiking option is a very popular one that is used all around the world to reach travel destinations. However, the option of hitchhiking is not available to reach Iceland as there are no highways connected to the country. Norway is the closest country to Iceland where the roads stop. When you are in the country, you will be able to hitchhike your way to cities. The cities in Iceland are very well connected by road from one to another.

People are quite friendly and do not mind giving life on the highways. However, make sure to choose places where the cars wait or slow down, such as fuel stations, traffic tolls, and many more. It is a great adventure but makes sure to carry a water bottle, food, medicines, and a map for your safety.


Most of these above-mentioned ways to travel in this country are not available because of the location. But there are many other ways that you can use that can help you to reach the country. As Iceland is an island, the best option to reach from many other countries is by water. You can take cruises and ferries from many nearby countries and reach Iceland.

It will take a lot more time than flights but provide you with an unforgettable memory. Not only reaching the city, but you can also use the ferries and boats in Iceland to reach from one city to another at very low prices. You can book the ferries online or visit them offline to get some of the best landscapes on your way to other countries.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a new way of shopping that gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. Compared to normal shopping, it helps to save a lot of resources and reduce the waste of countries. As an eco-friendly traveler, it is one of the best options for you to contribute towards the country. You will find a lot of flea markets, second-hand markets, and food markets in the country.

You will be able to get vintage items, antiques, old rare items, second-hand clothes, accessories, and many others. You might get your hands on some rare items at a low price that can increase the glamour of your collection. Make sure to visit these places very early in the morning to get all the good items before they are gone.


Recycling the country well is a very important step to preserve the natural beauty and keep the environment clean. Iceland is one of the best countries in the world in recycling. In fact, they are the first country that started the container fee system in the whole nation. According to this system, people who will return the containers after drinking the disposable drink will get reimbursed.

Iceland has taken many different measures to recycle the wastes as much as they can. In recent years, the number of landfills is decreasing in this country by a lot. The government and local people have taken care of the waste very well and adopted new initiatives of recycling to keep the country pollution-free.


Waste production plays a major role in any country to make it free of pollution. Iceland has shown huge changes in the waste management system by taking care of the extra waste. The waste productions of both municipal waste and others have decreased a lot in the past few years. You will get to see many dustbins installed on the side of the roads. All the waste is collected from there and gets separated based on which is recyclable and which is not.

They use burning pits, incineration facilities, and others to burn the waste as much they can instead of using it in landfall. Many burning pits are in operation in the country to keep them clean from waste and recycle as much as possible. During the trip to the country, make sure to play your part to keep the city clean.

Work and Study Abroad

Iceland is popular for volcanoes, glaciers, hills, and landscapes around the world. For students and workers, this country is popular for having a lot of benefits of jobs and study. You will come across many workers in Iceland who are from other countries. Also, there are many international students in the country pursuing different courses.

Iceland provides many courses and benefits to students that help them to study courses at a low price. Some of the benefits that you will get in the country, such as exchange student, Au Pair, and many more. You can check the online websites to know what courses and jobs are available in the country before stepping in.

Exchange Student

Exchange student has become one of the most helpful facilities for students around the country. It helps them to study in another country without spending much money. Fortunately, there are many universities available in Iceland that offer this benefit to students. However, to get this benefit, you will need to get nominated by the home university. Upon selection, you will be able to get to study in foreign universities with a college fee. Check your college or university and other ones in Iceland to see which are the universities that offer this facility to students.

Au Pair

Most of the students and workers face a common problem when they are visiting another country. In their initial stage of settling in the country, they had to struggle a lot. However, Au Pair is one of the best ways to get some pocket money, a shelter, and food in the initial stage in exchange for service. You can find many Au Pair jobs in the country in which you have to take care of the house, children, and elder people. You can look at the online services to find an Au Pair job easily in the country. It is best to contact the hosts earlier before visiting the country to prevent the last time hassle.


As an eco-friendly traveler, there are many ways available for you to keep the country clean. One of the most common ways among them is volunteering, which helps to keep the city out of pollution. Some of the best volunteer options are keeping the famous attractions clean, teaching languages to local people, and others. It will also help you to know a lot about the people of the country and their culture.

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