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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ilha Grande advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ilha Grande, Brazil.

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro

  • Air quality: 4.3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.6 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.6 / 5
  • Parks: 3.3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.1 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.7 / 5
  • Safety: 2.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$18 - $820
  • Budget per day: US$22 - $300

Responsible Travel

Being a tourist you’re under certain obligations to protect and respect any place you visit. So, you will have to be careful that you don’t harm the environment or the community itself. Here you might learn ways to explore the place in a sustainable way.

  • Try to move around in vehicles that don’t cause harm to the environment by causing air pollution. Go for the electric buses, metro trains, trams, etc. These vehicles may even help you save more money compared to the other vehicles which cause harm to the environment.
  • Instead of staying at luxurious hotels and guesthouses, try to opt for the one’s that follow eco-friendly measures like renewable resources, solar electricity, recyclable products, etc.
  • Prefer the local goods and services over the international brands. If you want to properly enjoy your stay you should explore the local culture, tradition, crafts, and people.
  • Try to visit the greenery of the place by visiting parks. Visiting the parks might light up your mood and even help you relax.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality and the pollution rate although is on a good level, there is nothing to worry about the air quality because it’s safe and not even the pollution rate is high. The AQI measure here is 20 and the dominant pollutant is P.M 2.5. ‘ The best time to visit Ilha Grande will be in the warm months. Weather in this place, and is perfect. The chances of raining are usually very less.

Respect the Culture

Wherever you go you should always keep in mind that you must at any cost respect the culture, and learn about their culture so that you maybe welcomed and get valuable information about the place. The places like Paraty and Morro da Villa are recognized highly among the people for its authentic historical past. These places are located along the Atlantic seaboard of South America. Brazil is considered to be the most threatened place as they are not left with much of the forests, only about 7.3% of the forests are remaining as the recent data would suggest. History suggests that the Europeans arrived in Brazil in the 16th century and chose to settle in the region because it was safe for the ships and located on the very main entry into the continent. Also, here the enslaved African’s were brought in from the entrance to the continent. The place is known for its riches and the excellent weather and even for places like Rio De Janerio which is the most popular statues of Lord Jesus.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The nation presents itself as a popular attraction for the tourist. This place is a package of tradition, nature, culture, historical life and the daily life experienced by the local people. Ilha Grande is also known as the Big Island. Here are some of the most attractive places in Ilha Grande that you should visit:

  • Lopes Mendes Beach - The Lopes Mendes Beach is an ocean beach that extends up to 3 km. Here you can relax in the shades and the sea appears very bright and gives an astounding color. It’s located on the Parque Estadual. It believed to have been a refuse for the pirates earlier. You can enjoy a walk on the Route of Pirates and Lopes Mendes which also is very popular and relaxing things to do on the beach.
  • Lagoa Azul- The water appears very clear and has got an award of the Traveler’s Choice Award in 2020. There are lots of narrow corals that allows you to get close to the beautiful fishes. You can enjoy a nice day boating in the Lagoa Azul and is a person not to be missed.
  • Aventureiro Beach - On one side there is a boulder than allows you to sit and enjoy a nice view from up there. There is a nice little restaurant called the Camping do Luis where you can relax and eat after a nice and fresh swim. This is a great place for swimmers, surfers and campers but be aware of the big waves. The beach became popular because of the large coconut trees and the white sands that are found there along with the clear sea makes it a wonderful place for tourists.
  • Pico do Papagaio - The Pico do Papagaio offers a great sunrise view and also has a great guide. You get great guides that help you learn about the place and enjoy under their guidance. The night hike is the best experience you can take home from her and also the climb at the highest point of Ilha Grande, it’s tough to climb it but worth it for you get to see an amazing view from the top.
  • Lagoa Verde - You get paddle boats offered here to you which results in good experience for the tourists. You may find big turtles here along with the beautiful sight of fishes jumping in the river. The place is surrounded with trees and you can climb up the hills here. The place is popular among the people as the best swimming place in all of Ilha Grande.
  • Dois Rios Beach - The beach has a very big area, you have to spend a couple hours exploring the whole beach and has a jail museum which is of course free of cost. You have to hike your away up to the beach and then if the sea is clear you may find a boat back but if not, you will have to hike back, but every step is worth it.
  • Preta Beach - The Preta Beach is popular for its beautiful Black sands. There are lots of big rocks. People walk around the beach, swim and play football. It’s an amazing place to meet new travelers and listen to live music. The sea looks gorgeous. You will find a very short walking distance from the closest village known as Abraao. People come here and take a nice sun bath along the black and yellow sands and the quiet waves of the sea.
  • Praia da Feiticiera - The Praia da Feiticiera is popular by the name A Little Heaven on the Island. It’s a very beautiful and relaxing place and is worth the walk to the beach. You will have to walk to the beach. The ocean is peaceful and the beach also has high hills around the sides which makes them look even more astonishing.
  • Abraaozinho Beach - it’s a lovely beach that has a nice number of trees surrounding the beach with affordable food and drinks in the restaurants and you could relax underneath the shade of the trees. It’s quite accessible as you can get the boat from both the ways which make it convenient to travel to the beach. You may encounter a hike along the jungle that takes almost 45 minutes to reach the beach and quite enjoyable. The beach is a nice small and uncrowded place.
  • Parnaioca Beach - The camping services offer tents or you can have your own tents with you, tents are also a great way to camp and enjoy yourself with your family or friends. The beach is incredible and you will be able to find freshwater. The beach has a good cover by the shade of the tree. The beach is a nice place for swimming and has a good view. They even offer the meal and drinks for you to enjoy and let them worry about your appetite.
Vista do Pico do Papagaio em Aiuruoca, Minas Gerais


Brazil is a vast country that has many beaches and has some really interesting history along with the famous statue “Christ the Redeemer” comes under one of the Wonders of the World because it represents Christianity and became the icon of Brazil and Rio De Janeiro. You may get to explore many things here.

City Parks

  • Ilha Grande State Park (Angra dos Reis)- It’s located on an island of Ilha Grande near Sao Paulo’s border and at the coasts of Rio. the island covers an area of 75 sq. mi. it’s become a famous tourist destination now which is admired for its scenery and richness in beauty. The highest peak of the beach is approximately 3383 in feet.
Ilha Grande State Park

National Parks

  • Itatiaia National Park - Itatiaia National Park is the oldest among the national parks of Brazil. It has Brazil’s highest mountains, along with Prateleiras as well as Agulhas Negras. The former is easy for climbing but the later is a bit tough to climb, things you will need for this trip are sunscreen and a hat or cap. You can catch glimpses of the beautiful view of the park in the summers. If you’re someone who admires birds then this place can offer a large number of species which almost counts up to 350.
  • Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park - The Chapada dos Guimaraes is located in Mato Grosso you may find some very bright flowers and greenery in the form of forests. The park is well-known for the archaeological sites and some cave paintings. The place inhabits wildlife like wildcats, deer, anteaters, wolves and eagles. The best season for paying a visit to the place is in the summer.
  • Pantanal Matogrossense National Park - The park is situated in Matto Grosso as well to its southern side. the Cuiaba River is said to be the most famous feature of the park. The park has the largest area of wetlands in all of the world. You can encounter a great number of wildlife like some of the exotic birds like parrots, ibis and macaws. You may also spot some jaguars, anteaters, monkeys and ibis, etc. The journey can take several days for one to go in and come out of the park. So, if you’re planning a trip to the park it should be for a minimum of a week.
  • Jericoacoara National Park - The park is located in Caera, the park has a beach by the same name which is great for surfing, boating, and sandboarding. The park contains beaches, swamps, areas with coconut trees and caverns. You can enter the park by only taking a vehicle that also has the same name as the park. The park has some lakes and small ponds that allow you to relax and admire the beauty of the park.
  • Chapada dos Vaedeiros National Park - It’s located in a place called Brasilia which about 240 km away from the park. The park is famous for the waterfalls. One of the main charmers is the Padreiras Waterfall that is known to be perfect for swimming and relaxing in the waters. You can find many endangered species of the guard wolves, deer, armadillos, jaguars and even swamps.
  • Lencois Maranhenses National Park - The park is located in Maranhao in the northeastern side of Brazil. The tours are directed in vehicles and people even find walking along the park fascinating. You can explore the dunes on a horse or in a helicopter or even on a small plane. It’s preferable to visit the park in the rainy season, and even the lagoons at this time are full.
Chapada dos Vaedeiros National Park


  • Jericoacoara- Jericoacoara or commonly known as Jeri or Jijoca by the folks is located in Caera. The people often boast about its beautiful appearance and the scenic view of the beach. The beach has lagoons and dunes. The beach is situated in a very remote area which makes it a challenge for the people but it’s worth the visit.
  • Brasilia - The Brasilia is located in the highlands of Brazil and the place is given. The Brasilia Cathedral is also a must-visit because of the beautiful glass roof. Brasilia has some artificial lakes that look astonishing and parks that are perfect for enjoying in the free time you have. Brasilia has advanced in the field of attracting tourists by the new architecture. The new architecture is made in a shape such as it looks like an aeroplane in it each section serves different sections like residential, commercial, cultural and government.
  • Praia Lopes Mendes - The Praia Lopes Mendes beach is located in Ilha Grande which is also known as a famous tourist spot. The beach usually has a number of visitors present. The beach is situated on a vast land which has almond trees and palm trees. The island is one of the most astonishing places in entire Brazil.
  • Espelho Beach - The Espelho beach is underrated as its arguably one of the best beaches in town that has been left unnoticed. The most attractive feature of the beach is the low tides when the water forms a sequence of shallow tides.


  • Gruta Nossa Senhora Aparecida - The Gruta Nossa Senhora Aparecida is a cave that is one of the famous landmarks of Ilha Grande. Fans of good adventure cannot miss visiting this place. On the Blue Lagoon tour, you will come across the Blue Grotto and Fenda de Nossa Senhora Aparecida where you will find the famous image of the Saint. It’s a beautiful place that has some very vibrant coloured beauty and is rich in nature. It’s definitely worth visiting.
  • Ruinas do Aqueduto - The place is known for its famous hiking experience. The hike trips are short and close to the Abraao town. To reach to the Ruinas do Aqueduto you will have to pass through a swimming hole. Altogether, the place is a nice place which is worthy of a visit. The place as the name would suggest has an aqueduct located in a jungle.
  • Aqueduto da Ilha Grande - The structure was built in the year 1893. Its length is 100 meters and 30 meters big. The Aqueduto was believed to be built by the slaves at the time of Emperor Dom Pedro II for supplying water to the quarantine hospital at that time. The visitors were quarantined for some weeks before exploring the structure. The acqueduto da is a great spot for hiking in Ilha Grande. The place is really relaxing and laid back. The hiking program arranges for you to encounter places like the aqueduct and the waterfalls followed by the prisons and the beautiful beach. You might even encounter monkeys in here. The Aqueduto da is also a safe swimming spot. You may find some interesting industrial archaeology.
  • Castelhanos Lighthouses - The tourists often recommend visiting the lighthouse. The view from the sea looks extravagant. The spiraled stairs are also one of the attractive things of the lighthouses. The lighthouse has nothing more than to just admiring it from the seaside.


  • Ecomuseu Ilha Grande- The museum is located in the Vila Dois Rios. The museums are the places that preserves the ancient history of the state. The museums have bakery machines from the previous which were used by the prisoners. The museum is worth visiting.
  • Museum of Tomorrow- The museum was inaugurated in the 2016 Olympics. It’s a science museum that rise issues like climate change and sustainability, predicts the future of the planet based on social, environmental and economic factors.
  • Museum of Art of Sao Paulo - It’s a wonderful structure that stands on a large rex box like large pillars and it’s a magnificent example of modern architecture. It was designed by Lina bo Bardi in 1968. The museum contains a Western Arts collection.
  • Oratory Museum- The Oratory Museum is located in the Ouro Preto. The museum contains Catholic oratories from the 12th century and 17th. The structure is a three-story mansion. The entire museum is filled with religious artefacts. The collections are extraordinary and are appreciated for the level of care and attention to detail given into the artefacts.
Museum of Art of Sao Paulo


The Brazilian steakhouses are believed to be very tasty and delicious around here. The cuisines consist of European, mixture of American Indian, African and Asian. The most popular dishes of Brazil are the Feijoada, which is also known as Brazil’s national dish. The name comes from (Faiza) which comes from the Portuguese which means beans. The Coxinha is a popular food which is made up of chopped chicken meat which is then filled in a flour dough, fried and served.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Las Sorrentinas - The restaurant as the name itself suggests serve sorrentinas which is a kind of ravioli with fillings. The Pasta is the most popular food item served in Las Sorrentinas. The price is also reasonable here. The design is also very vibrant with its wooden décor and the fairy light strings which adds to the beauty of the place.
  • Café do Mar - The Café do Mar is located on a beachfront which gives it a rich vibe. The café is popular among the tourists where they can peacefully relax and maybe read a book. The cafés are run by a family or group. The café is also known for the caipirinhas that are blended with different kind of fruits.
  • Steak n’ Beach - The Steak n’ Beach is also located on a beachfront. They serve classic food items of Brazil like the broccoli rice, the stakes, fish stews. Their caipirinhas are very tasty along with the other food items which are quite loved among the visitors. The staff service is also great and really friendly.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Govinda Ilha Grande - This vegan restaurant is very popular among the people and has very friendly staff, the food is delicious and incredible service. The Govinda Ilha Grande is an Italian restaurant. the restaurant is a family-run business. The tourists often visit the restaurant over and over. The surroundings of the restaurant is also very peaceful.
  • The Secret Gourmet Club - the Secret Gourmet Club is famous for its three course meals. The restaurant offers delightful dishes with mouth watering qualities. If you are in Ilha Grande you should visit this excellent restaurant and it will be worth it. The hosting is very amazing and plus the friendly staff, the impeccable service feel make you feel like home. The place is good for tourists but for solo travelers its especially great. You will have to make a booking for the place in advance for the reservations.

Street Food

  • Pao de Queijo (Cheese Bread)- The Pao de Queijo is literally just bread and soft cheese. It’s eaten as breakfast in Brazil. They can be served hot, fresh from the oven or they can be stuffed with extra cheese or anything such as a jam.
  • Mandioca Frito (Cassava Chips)- The Mandioca Frito are the twisted regular chips called Cassava or otherwise also known as yuca. The cassava is the third most loved Brazilian cuisine. Although it can prove to be poisonous unless it is nicely cooked.
  • Bolinhos de Bacalhau (Fried Chips)- the name comes from Portuguese which means “cake of cod”. These are found everywhere in Brazil from pubs and restaurants to street vendors. They are usually served with lime, made with a creamy mixture of salted cod and potato fillings. They are eaten with toothpicks as per the proper etiquettes of eating it.
  • Kibe (Meat Patties)- The recipe of Kibes come all the way from the Middle East, these have found their way into Brazilian cuisine. And these are very delicious. It’s made with a mixture of onions, beef and bulgur wheat, seasoned with different kinds of spices and herbs. The Middle Eastern dish has now extended its roots in parts of Mexico and Columbia including Brazil.


Brazil is diverse in the field of food and drinks. Almost every party must have Brazilian drinks, these are a must. The country has a vast variety in the field of drinks. If you are someone who loves to drink then Brazil is the right place for you to offer yourself a vast variety of drinks available in Brazil. Their specialty is the Cachaca which are served in almost every celebration in Brazil.


The tap water in Brazil is safe for drinking. Although it doesn’t taste good. So that it's preferable you drink packaged drinking water or filter the water before drinking it. Most of Brazilians drink water after filtering it, so if you can do that its great.

Organic Cafés

  • Atelie Cafeteria - It is located at perfect spot near the waterfalls. The service is great, the food and drinks are also very good. They serve a great number of dishes like the soups, and the sharing platters which are amazing. The setting of the café is great, it has seats under the trees and on the beaches in the sun.
  • Gurisa Bistro- The Gurisa Bistro is rated the no.1 café located in Vila do Abraao. They have amazing staff service and the food is also great. Overall its an amazing spot. The most enjoyable food items are vegan her but overall food quality is great and people tend to visit the café more than once.


  • Old Republic - the beer is great here but their burgers are popular for their great taste, on should never miss their regular or the special burgers. The Colorado Indica and the summer ale beer are the two of the speciality of the Old Republic. The bar is situated in Angra. They offer good quality food in addition to great beer. The service is also amazing.
  • Cervejaria Bohemia - It is the oldest brewing centres of Brazil built-in 1853. The building is a beauty, where you can get almost every information about the kind of beverage and you can even drink and eat here as well. It’s a great place and it presents the Bohemian history of the brewery and the process of beer making. It is highly recommended that you visit this place for getting to know the beverages and later on drink the Bohemian beer.


There can be many activities that can be done in Brazil like some are taking a walking tour of Rio de Janeiro. The tour guides are there to help you explore every aspect of the state but the most important things to note is the political history of Brazil. the tour helps you understand aspects of politics such as dictatorship, militarism, etc. Brazil is more than just the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana. Another place to visit in Rio is the Aqua Rio Aquarium’s tour where you will find over 8000 aqua animals like sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, etc. the trip contains a pick and drop option from your respected hotels. There are almost 350 plus species of sea animals.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga helps the mind and the body in staying healthy. It increases the flexibility of muscle and builds strength. People should always take time out of their busy schedule as yoga can be very beneficial for every individual. The most famous yoga centres in Brazil are:

  • Ilha Grande Yoga
  • Espaco Zen
  • Namaste Terspias Corporais
  • Espaco Relaxer


With a huge range of good quality and affordable accommodation options you can find the perfect place to live. The vast number of hotels, guestrooms and hostels, and homestays that are also a good option for people who wish to stay in a more peaceful space.

Green Hotels

  • Hospedagem Acorde
  • Vila Pedra Mar
  • Pousada Portal Do Sol
  • Lonier Praia Inn Flats
  • Recanto Dos Lima

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some of the most popular hotels and guestrooms of Ilha Grande are:

  • Mar Da Lua
  • Pousada Cibeles
  • Pousada Costa Verde
  • Fauna
  • Jungle Lodge


Apartments are for the tourists who would like to spend time in their own place. By having their own apartments tourists can enjoy their own personal space and can enjoy the space for a short as well as for long period. Some of the most famous apartments of Ilha Grande, Brazil are:

  • Flats Jordao
  • Lonier Villa Inn Economic
  • Bugio Flats
  • Angel Ilha Flats


Couchsurfing are a travel community with its members worldwide available. The couch surfers share their personal space with other strangers making traveling anywhere more fun and it makes it a social experience. Couchsurfing is the best way to experience the places like a local.


Camping is enjoyed in the month of summer; a lot of tourists tend to enjoy camping during this time of the month. The summer months are usually dry and sunny which is favourable for camping. But In extreme conditions, there is a chance of damaging the tents. Some of the most famous camping sites in Ilha Grande, Brazil are:

  • Hostel E Suites Casa De Laio
  • Hospedagem Capitao Hula
  • Suite Caicara

How to Get There

If you are visiting Ilha Grande is would not be possible to go and come back on the same day, you should at least spend some days in order to explore every beautiful place of Ilha Grande. You can reach Ilha Grande by different transportation vehicles like a plane, bus, taxi, motorized vehicles like boat and ferries. You will require a visa if you are a tourist and passports should be a must and appropriate authorization is required.


The airways are a great transport vehicle to reach the lovely land of Ilha Grande, Brazil. First, you would have to go to Rio de Janeiro and then proceed on to one of the ports from where you can board a regular boat to take to the island. The main ports of Brazil are the Magaratiba which is the closest to Rio, the Conceicao de Jacarei which is closed to Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis closest to Sao Paulo. The main port of Ilha Grande is the Villa do Abraao and in addition to the ports, it has a large number of restaurants.

Galeao International Airport


There are many bus services that are offered to the tourists like the shuttle Transfers from Rio de Janeiro which departs from Galeao or the Santos Dumont airport or from the hotels in South Zone. The fare amounts to a minimum amount starting from Rs. 2500 per person. Another bus service is The Green Toad bus service, which is also from Rio. They offer service to the Conceido de Jacarei to a boat which will then take you to Ilha Grande. It’s a three-hour trip from Paraty. These shuttles drop off passengers from their respective hotels and set out every morning.


There are no major Railway systems in Ilha Grande.


Some major tips for hiking are that you carry drinking water, sunscreen, pack a snorkel mask, and have some cash with you, pack a mosquito repellant, a map for checking the routes, and make a reservation. Hitchhiking can be a good experience for tourists. Hitchhiking is the only option that can help you save some cash.


There are many ferry and boat services available that will take you to Ilha Grande. Some of which are the CCR Boat service from Mangaratiba which has a capacity of up to a 1000 people. The CCR Boats are from the Angra of Kinga, which travels only one time in a day. Their fare is only $17. And only 10 ferry bikes are allowed in Ilha Grande. The schooners and schooners and schooners or speedboats from Cove of Kings and Jacara offers their services to Ilha Grande and to Grande Island.

Moving Around

Getting around in Ilha Grande means you have to either use boats, walk or there are numerous agencies in Vila do Abraao that can be of great help. They have no roads for private cars on the Island. The accommodation on the island is scarce and camping free is illegal.


The Ilha Grande beach has very less transport facility as its an Island they only use boats and ferries most of the time, they either have to move around through these mediums or can walk or hike. The island is famous for hiking its also called the paradise of hiking lovers. You can basically just walk through the jungle. By walking you can see some of the exotic animals.


There aren’t many cycling trails in Ilha Grande expect for Dois Rios Beach and Rodolfo Klautau in Abraao, they offer bicycles on rent.

Electronic Vehicles

There are no electronic buses in Ilha Grande.

Public Bus

There are buses running to Ilha Grande from several places to Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro to Costa Verde. The public bus services are relatively cheap.

Tram, Train and Subway

  • There are no major Tramways facilities in Ilha Grande but there are in Brazil. One of the most popular tram facilities are the Santa Teresa Tram which is a very old historic tram facility.
  • The training facility began is the early 19th century in Brazil. Brazil has some high-speed rails which are termed TAV (Trem de Alta Velocidade which means high-speed trains in Portuguese. The first train lines that were planned to run were between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
  • The subways are a rapidly growing transportation system in Brazil. some of the major Subways are: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Recife Metro-Metro rec, and many more projects are still in planning.

Sustainable Shopping

Brazil is considered to be the third most in sustainable shopping in all of Latin America. Most of the Brazilian consumers are either sustainability-conscious or they are rapidly becoming conscious. Brazil is the biggest exporters of Iron ore, Crude petroleum, Soybeans, Raw sugars, Poultry meat, Coffee, Corn, cars, Aircraft, Tobacco, gold, Fruit juice.

Food Markets

The food markets of Brazil are very popular for making some very delicious local dishes. The street foods are very basic but at the same time are made with very fine spices which makes it so good. The most famous street food of Brazil is the Feijoada. Its cuisine is a mixture of most every nation’s iconic dishes.

Flea Markets

Sometimes the people are very excited by the flea market shopping and if you’re someone who likes to keep something as a souvenir here are some of the major flea markets:

  • Feira Do Rio Antigo
  • Hippie Market

Second Hand Stores

Some of the most famous second-hand stores in Ilha Grande are:

  • Gawt Charity Shop
  • Fatima Crockery Hire
  • Ismail Vulcanising Works


Sustainable Eco-fashion is a process of changing fashion products and the system towards greater ecological integrity. The most famous brands that make eco-fashion clothes and accessories in Brazil are:

  • Osklen
  • Aurora Moda Gentil


The percentage of recycling in Brazil is 1% though it will vary from one city to another. Ilha Grande along with many other cities are trying their best to control the wastes.


There are different methods to ensure the final value of something that has been a waste and cannot be recycled any more. Some of the recycling companies of Brazil are:

  • Vrecycle Waste Management Services
  • Bavish

Work and Study Abroad

Studying abroad isn’t as easy as it may seem to some people. But it's not something to be afraid of. These are some of the great universities in Brazil: The Federal University of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro State University, and many more.

Exchange Student

The courses offered here are extremely promising, but there are very few spots so the competition level is high. You can get a chance to learn Portuguese. And it's mandatory that you follow Portuguese courses. Ilha Grande has been a popular tourist spot and is filled with opportunities for the students.

Au Pair

Au pairs are helpers from foreign countries working and living as a part of the host family. Au pairs are the helpers that agree to take on responsibilities of the family for childcare and some household chores for which in return they get paid. There are a large number of opportunities in Ilha Grande, Brazil.


Volunteering means voluntarily undertaking responsibilities. Opportunities are available to professionals, volunteers, nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals in Brazil.

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