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Eco-friendly travel guide to Kraków advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Kraków, Poland.

Empty old town Market Square in Krakow

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $125
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $150

Responsible Travel

An eco-friendly travel guide to Kraków advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions sustainably and respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Read more about protecting the environment by making moral choices and how to travel green in Kraków, Poland. No matter which city you are visiting in the world, travelers have a responsibility towards their destination. Krakow is a city in southern Poland and close to the border of the Czech Republic. Krakow, as a place, is extremely famous for its medieval influence on its architecture. It covers 327km² in terms of area and has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Even though this city has a total population of approximately 7.80 lakhs according to a survey taken in 2019, it attracts close to 14 million tourists every year.

Krakow is the leading center of Polish cultural, artistic, and educational lifestyle. Furthermore, apart from being a symbol of excellence in Polish culture, this city has been declared one of Europe's most beautiful cities, according to UNESCO. Poland's history dates back to the Stone Age and has currently grown to attain second place in terms of importance in the country.

Since this city ranks high in importance, it requires much responsibility to be taken by the locals and visitors. Here are simple ways in which travelers can ensure eco-friendly ways to travel.

  • Krakow offers excellent transport facilities. Visitors can make use of a unified transport system that consists of bus and tram services. This runs till 23:00 from 5:00 in the morning with interspersed night services. Shared public transport is an excellent way to cut down emissions as well as travel expenses. You can make use of the app that Krakow offers to navigate through the city.
  • If you are willing to explore the city on foot, walking around is an option that is open to one and all. Almost all areas of Krakow are accessible by walking. All one needs to walk around is a good pair of walking shoes, a map, and enough water. However, it is necessary to keep one's belongings close to themselves while exploring a new city on foot. Walking also cuts down on all polluting agents. Furthermore, it helps travelers escape traffic jams and odd transport times.
  • Book your rooms in hotels that practice eco-friendly hospitality. These green hotels recycle the items they use and cut down on plastic use within the premises.
  • Support local businesses when in Krakow. Of course, shopping is fun when you are on vacation. However, it makes no sense to buy from brands you can find in any other major city. Support local businesses as they can profit from their gains. Besides, they represent the local culture also. Small brands produce less waste compared to big brands and fast fashion chains all over the world.
  • Make use of the designated areas for waste disposal in the city. Also, try to obey all pollution controls imposed by the government in the city of Krakow.

Air Quality and Pollution

Unlike what most people might think, Krakow has low air quality, which means high pollution levels. Krakow suffers from high levels of smog despite its technological advances in the city. Citizens of Krakow are exposed to several health risks from air pollution in the city. This includes disorders in the circulatory system, breathing problems, nose bleeds, and mental health disorders such as clinical depression and dementia.

Even though Krakow's city is nothing short of picturesque, it requires immediate attention to the air quality, according to the 2017 EEA report. It exceeds the PM10 annual limit in the air, which makes the air quality harmful for breathing. The laws and regulations to curb air pollution in Krakow's city have fallen short in every way possible, only to result in a constant sooty, smoke-filled air hanging over the city. The main contributors to the town's low air quality are the coal mines, cars, other vehicles, and industries. The low-stack emissions make the average air quality index (AQI) high.

Since clean air in the city is a fundamental right of every citizen, it needs immediate attention. Till that time, it falls on the citizens and the tourists to ensure healthy and eco-friendly practices in the city. The smog conditions prevail in Krakow, especially during the winter months. This makes the summer season an ideal time to visit Krakow as its pollution levels are much low.

As tourists, not only does one need to keep the city of Krakow clean, but they also need to abide by all laws and regulations in place so that there is no further damage caused by tourism. On the same note, it is equally crucial to take care of your health if you have to traverse through the polluted spaces in the city. Make it a point to carry a pollution mask, a moisturizer, and a face wash for use as and when you need it.

Coordination on all scales is necessary to ensure the right environment. This is especially true when you are in a foreign city. Thus, while at Krakow, maintain all standards as a tourist for a higher quality of clean air and better surroundings.

Respect the Culture

The main factor that attracts anyone to a place is a by-product of the local culture and heritage. It is the cultural impact on a city that adds to its personality. When it comes to Krakow, people can be drawn to the place for the same reason. To fully appreciate and understand city life, one needs to have a clear understanding of the city's culture and thereby respect it.

  • As we mentioned earlier, Krakow is considered the cultural capital of Poland's country. In 2000, the European Union named this city as the European Capital of Culture due to the medieval world's strong influence on Krakow's modern state. The cultural impacts on modern-day Krakow can be witnessed from street art and graffitis, cinema, streetwear, venues, architecture, and the language.
  • You can find a taste for the local music if you attend the music festivals in Krakow's town. There are high chances to meet people who appreciate the Polish culture in such places. The regular cultural events in Krakow range from International Film Festivals, Music Festivals, and the International Print Triennial. However, Krakow's city is open to all sorts of music ranging from jazz, hip-hop, rock, and modern-day techno.
  • One will also appreciate the theatres in Krakow, wherein the National Stary Theater is considered the best in Europe's continent. You can watch plays and Polish cinema to understand Polish culture better. There is the Krakow Opera House for popular ballet shows, opera, and operetta.
  • Tourists will also be attracted to the number of museums in the city. These museums are home to some of the best collections of art. The National Museum of Krakow is the oldest national museum in Poland, while the first museum in the country is the Princes Czartoryski Museum, built-in 1801. In total, there are 28 museums in the city of Krakow.
  • Krakow has a large number of festivals celebrating all communities and cultures. These may include Easter, Christmas, and Halloween as staples. However, one will find special parades and other folk traditions in the city. Jazz festivals are ubiquitous in the city of Krakow.
  • Krakow is rich in its Jewish history and old architecture. Since the city goes back to the 7th century, it has seen several changes in history. It started from the Nazi influence during World War II to the fall of Soviet communism in 1989. All of this has had an enormous impact on how the city has been shaped in terms of the general layout, traditions, and heritage.
  • Tourists are bound to find artifacts from all these periods in the history of Krakow. Additionally, the architecture of the city is sharp and extends to all buildings – young or old. The Middle Ages in Krakow saw a rise in the number of ethnic groups the city harbored. However, few of these groups remain, yet they are the ones who contribute to a considerable variation in the kind of festivals celebrated in the mainland. The influx of immigrants also leads to a change in Krakow's city's cultural and socio-economic spheres.
  • Krakow is also known as the city of churches, which means you can find a church or a synagogue on any town corner. It is home to several religions and faiths. Polish culture is quite welcoming and therefore, it becomes a big reason for visitors to visit this country in herds.
  • As a tourist, it is essential to upload the faiths, culture, traditions, and beliefs of the land as they make more meaning when shared with people who are not a part of the same sphere. Whether where the cultural impact may be big or small according to your perception, one must agree that Krakow is a unique city on its own.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Krakow is one of Poland's major attractions that invite more than 14 million tourists every year. This city offers a considerable variation in terms of what a city can contribute to the explorers worldwide. Since Krakow's history goes back a long, long time, it is not only rich in heritage and culture, but it is also teeming with unexplored potential for tourists to take advantage of.

Krakow has several places of interest that will bowl you over by its grandiose and teach you more and more about the history of Poland and its culture.

  • Rynek Glowny: The Rynek Glowny or the Main Market Square is one establishment in Krakow, which has been around since the Medieval Ages. This square was constructed in the 13th century and eventually became the leading center for trade and commerce. The Rynek Glowny was built after the city of Krakow was brought to dust by the Tatars. Currently, the main market square has rows of open-air cafeterias, horse and carriage services, vendors selling various items, and old buildings. The Rynek Glowny is always crowded with tourists shopping and eating at the cafes. The most ordered item is the obwarzanek – a salted Polish bagel. The flock of pigeons adds an aesthetic feel to this place. At the bottom of the Town Hall Tower, one will find a vast, sculpted head made out of stone. This serves as a great spot to clock pictures. The Rynek Glowny is the largest square in the entire of Europe since Medieval times.
  • Cloth Hall: If you visit the Rynek Glowny, then there is no reason to miss the Cloth Hall. The Cloth Hall has been a part of Krakow since the Medieval Ages as well – the 14th century. This place is famous for selling trinkets, souvenirs, handicrafts, and other essential items. The Cloth Hall in the Rynek Glowny attracts tourists who wish to shop for their loved ones or themselves. Through the items available at the Cloth Hall, people can have to themselves something that belongs exclusively to Krakow.
  • St. Mary's Basilica or the Kosciol Mariacki: Mary's Basilica is a 14th century Goth styled church which serves as the most popular attraction of the Rynek Glowny. More often than not, when you see pictures of Krakow on magazines and postcards, you will find the Kosciol Mariacki being associated with Krakow's identity. The St. Mary's Basilica is made out of extended, towering architecture and stained glass that adds the goth touch, especially to the interiors. For one to witness the detailed Goth architecture in the interiors, they will be required to pay a basic admission fee of P.L.N. 15. The ceiling is the main attraction of this place – it is a bright blue that stands out among the earthy and golden tones. The artwork inside the Kosciol Mariacki is extraordinarily detailed and unique in its style.
  • Town Hall Tower: Here is a place we spoke of while describing the Rynek Glowny. The Town Hall Tower is the place in the square that allows a bird's eye view of the whole area from the top of it. Under perfect weather conditions, the authorities allow tourists and locals to climb the tower, but they are most certainly not allowed to step out onto the tower's terrace.
  • St. Florian's Church: Krakow has 120+ places of worship, consisting of synagogues, churches, and cathedrals. St. Florian's Church is one of the famous churches in the city wherein St. Florian's relics are stored. Amidst a fire in 1528, the relics inside the St. Florian's made it through the disaster. 16th century onwards, the St. Florian's Church has been a University Collegiate.
  • Florianska Street and St. Florian's Gate: When in Krakow, one cannot miss Florianska Street considering its popularity. It is the connecting road between Rynek Glowny and Florian's Gate. This street has souvenir shops, antique shops, convenience stores, and boutiques on both sides of the road. If visitors want to eat out, then they will find restaurants in this street as well. Florian's Gate is the building present at the end of Florianska Street. Along with its centuries-old walls, the building guard the town's portion that is the oldest in terms of the establishment.
  • Wawel Castle: Krakow has several castles in its area as well. This includes the Royal Wawel castle. This castle is a perfect mix of various influences on architecture – Renaissance, Goth, Romanesque, and Rococo. The Wawel castle is the highest structure in Krakow's city and is visible from any point in the city. The court, which was once home to many Polish kingdoms, is currently a museum and exhibit of the old royal lifestyle. Visitors who are willing to take a tour through the Wawel Castle can book themselves on the Wawel Castle Guided Tour.
  • Barbikan: The only remaining gateway acting as a fortification in the Medieval Ages that remain is the Barbican. This fortification surrounds Krakow's entire city at one point in time to protect it from other invaders from foreign countries and keep the kingdom consolidated. The Barbikan was made out of bulwarks in the 13th century. Currently, the residents of Krakow often host exhibitions or plays in the Barbikan.
  • The Dragon's Den: Looking away from all the Goth architecture, the Dragon's Den is a natural attraction that lives up to every fantasy tale you have ever heard of. This is a limestone cave close to Krakow that is also known as the Smocza Jama locally. Walk around inside the caves and observe nature's raw beauty amidst a town that celebrates humankind's growth over the centuries.
  • Vistula Boulevards: The river Vistula flows through Krakow's city, making it a significant attraction if you wish for a break away from the hustle and bustle. The boulevards make for a perfect spot to sit in and soak in the sun. The Vistula banks have greenery stretches that offer space for seasonal market spaces, beer stalls, and café boats. Vistula Boulevard is a perfect place to go for an evening stroll. You can alternatively go for an active workout session with your cycle or skipping rope. Bide your time and watch the ferries pass by the calm waters of Vistula.
The view of St. Mary's Basilica and Cloth Hall on main Market Square in Krakow, Poland.


Krakow is a right mix between the royal remains of a township and natural beauty. Poland's second-best city offers you a wholesome approach to all sides of the history of Poland. If you are looking for a walk down memory lane, then the Nazi establishments will take you back to WWII. The Jewish impact on the architecture is one to take note of. The churches and cathedrals shape Krakow's character, while the castles add more meaning to the history of the place.

Krakow has survived years of changes only to present to you its timeline encapsulated in its museums, theatres, and festivals. Through several kingdoms, Krakow has grown more and more open to modernization with a hint of nostalgia. Visitors can find the soul of the city flowing down the Vistula. The drawbacks of the pollution levels get balanced by the cleanliness and the sheer brilliance of the town's planning. Get lost amidst the earthy tones of Krakow only to find your way back into a church.

Krakow's vibrant festivities that celebrate culture and other spheres of life, such as music, cinema, and art, serve as meeting points for people from various walks of life. Those who like an old European charm will find Krakow to be nothing but home.

City Parks

Even though we haven't mentioned the name of a park in the list of must-visit places in Krakow, one must not forget to drop by the expansive gardens in the city. It is impossible not to notice any of the parks in Krakow.

  • Planty Park: Planty Park runs around the Old Town areNa and is the most popular among all other city parks. It has excellent connectivity to all parts of the town. Furthermore, it is a symbol of the place where the medieval walls stood to protect the city's center.
  • Blonia: Blonia is an escape from the well-constructed, properly maintained lawns and cobbled paths of parks. This is a vast open green space consisting of oak trees. This lies between the two stadiums in the city.
  • Park Jordanow: This is the perfect place to laze around away from the attention of the crowds. The grass is left wild with patches of trees here and there. On the western end, one will find a large hill. There are open-air cafes, playgrounds, and exercise equipment in parts of Jordanow Park.

There are many more parks such as the Las Wolski, Park Bednarskiego, and Park Lotnikow Polskich that comprise the green cover of Krakow.

Park Jordanow

National Parks

Krakow has one central national park – Ojcow National Park.

  • Ojcow National Park: This national park has the unique feature of being one of the best, well-maintained parks among Poland's 23 parks. Even though the Ojcow National Park is the smallest national park in terms of area, it is home to over 1,000 different plants and wildlife species.

This national park consists of unique rock formations, caves, and castles. The two biggest caves are called the Tokeitka and Ciemna, while the most extensive rock formations are Krakow Gate and Hercules' Club. The courts within the Ojcow National Park are Pieskowa Castle and Kazimierz Castle. Be it watching the wildlife, visiting the castles, or going on a hike, the Ojcow National Park is full of surprises.

The lush green Ojców National Park


Poland is a landlocked country, which means that there is no water body surrounding Poland. As a result, one will not find any beaches in Krakow. Visitors will, however, find water reservoirs and lagoons with beaches to sunbathe and swim. Some of the fantastic beaches are:

  • Plaża Budzyń
  • Przylasek Rusiecki
  • Kryspanów Lagoon
  • Zalew Bagry
  • Przystań Brzegi
  • Dzika Plaża


There are some major landmarks in Krakow:

  • Market Square or Rynek Glowny: This is the largest attraction in Krakow. Every visitor who visits the town makes it a point to visit Rynek Glowny. You can enjoy facilities such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other landmarks around the area.
  • Wawel Castle: This is the most critical castle in Krakow. It is in the same area as the Rynek Glowny. The Wawel Castle was constructed on the instructions of King Casimir III the Great. This was back in the 14th century, and since then, there has been a change of the castle's hands.
  • Kosciuszko Mound: This landmark of Krakow is a hill situated in the western part of the city. This mound was built to honor Tadeusz Kosciuszko for rising against the foreign enemies. Cobbleways lead up to the top of the bank where you can get a good view of the city.
  • Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory: This historic building, which housed 1000 Jews who worked on manufacturing ammunition shells during WWII, has presently been turned into a museum which hosts exhibitions. This is a symbol of the Nazi occupation of Poland.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine: The Wieliczka Salt Mine remained functional for centuries until all operation was stopped in the year 2007. It has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Krakow Wawel - Cathedral, Castle


Below are some museums in Krakow:

  • Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum: This museum is symbolic of Nazi occupation in Poland. The Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum is the present-day site of two Nazi concentration camps in Krakow. Children below 14 years of age are not allowed on the premises.
  • Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory: The Enamel Factory has been made functional again as a museum that showcases all the items from WWII. The Factory Museum displays films, photos, recordings, as well as artifacts from the period. This is another museum that does not allow the entry of children below the age of 14 years.
  • Cloth Hall or the Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art: This shopping site in Krakow is another place that serves as a museum. One can currently find handicrafts, jewelry, trinkets, home décor items, and rugs in this place. The upper story of the Cloth Hall is a museum that showcases a wide range of Polish art, paintings, and sculptures till the 19th century.
  • Krakow National Museum: Being the National Museum in Krakow, this institution is the best for visitors to find the most information on any period of Poland. It is home to the Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo DaVinci.
  • The Jan Matejko House: This museum has over 6000 pieces on show. The exhibits are the belongings of the artist himself and his family.
  • MOCAK: The Museum of Contemporary Art is a place that has gained prominence over the years, considering its contribution to contemporary art in Poland.

Apart from these, one can look up children's museums such as Main Market Underground Museum, WWII museum-landmarks such as the Museum of Poland under the Communist Regime, Galicia Jewish Museum, Technology museums such as the Polish Aviation Workshop& Stained Glass Museum. There are close to 30 museums in Krakow, making it difficult to list one and all in this article.

Building of the National Museum in Kraków


For one, Poland is a country that is fond of food and, thus, encourages the culture of food to live via recipes. Krakow's historical, medieval, and cultural impact can be tasted in the food that the city prepares. Some of the best-sellers in Krakow have everyone's attention – including locals. Let us find out more about Polish food and culture.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Stylo: Trust Stylowa to serve some of the best Polish dishes. This place has been in Krakow since the 1950s and continues to serve visitors throughout the year. It is an excellent representation of Polish cuisine history and, thus, is a must-try on our list of restaurants.
  • Pod Wawelem-Kompania Kuflow: The Pod Wawelem-Kompania Kuflow is an authentic Polish restaurant that serves food at affordable rates. This place reeks of Poland in the 19th century, as is evident through the restaurant's décor and the little details. Under the Wawel is their signature dish, which is steak in herb butter served alongside fries with a Wawel Castle view.
  • Starka: Starka is a high-end Polish cuisine outlet that caters to visitors who wish for a luxury experience. Find all the best Polish cuisine on the menu, such as Starka salad, pork sirloin, sour rye soup, and a wide range of flavored vodka. It is situated a little away from the Corpus Christi Basilica.
  • Pod Aniolami: The Pod Aniolami classifies as a typically hidden gem in Krakow. This is a restaurant that has been made out of a 13th-century goldsmith's workshop. The interiors of the restaurant will take you to Krakow in a different timeline. The dishes on the menu include grilled duck fillets and Polish dumplings.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Vegan: This vegan restaurant comes with vegetarian as well as vegan options. You can opt for gluten-free dishes as well. The café is loosely based on a European theme and serves Polish dishes made out of vegan recipes.
  • Cocina Verde: Cocina Verde is another restaurant that serves pizzas, calzones, desserts, and juices. All pizzas available have initially been available to vegetarians. However, they have made options for vegan food as well.
  • Hariprasad Samosa and Curry: This Indian food restaurant has been serving vegan-friendly food since 2017. Find samosas with various fillings and curries, chapatti, daal, and lunch boxes on the menu.
  • Krowarzywa: Krowarzywa is a fast-food delivery chain that makes vegan and vegetarian options unavailable. This Polish chain of vegan burgers was established in the year of 2013. Find items like vegetables, tofu, chickpeas, and millet inside your vegan burger.

Street Food

  • Maczanka Sandwich from Andrus Foodtruck: Enjoy large amounts of sauce and toppings in this easy sandwich. The meat is super tender, which makes the burger all the more of a winner.
  • Obwarzanek: This is a bagel that has drawn its inspiration from the German pretzel. Obwarzenks come with cheese and salt toppings, and the skin of the bagel is crusty, giving it a crunch. This is an extremely common Polish street food item.
  • Oscypek with Cranberries: This is a top favorite among locals. The Oscypek is a type of sheep's cheese that is salty and smoked in its flavors. They are best enjoyed with cranberries.
  • Pekelfleisch or Curled Beef Sandwich: Cured beef is a Jewish delicacy throughout Europe. This sandwich comes with well-dressed bread, spicy veggies, and moist curled beef. Topped with mustard, the pekelfleisch is a winner.


  • Plaza Krakow: Plaza offers a great environment or has a drink or two with your friends. The open-air bar in the sun by the Vistula calls for a LIIT or a gin and tonic.
  • Wodka Café Bar: This is one of a kind café cum bar that offers both liquor and finger food. The interiors hold a small number of people that make it cozy.
  • Inka: This bar is a daytime cum night-time bar with interiors done keeping the environment-conscious way. All the furniture is recycled while the ambiance is set using hammocks and cane chairs. Order a wide range of booze from the menu.
  • Movida Cocktail Bar: Movida is undoubtedly the best cocktail bar in Krakow at the moment. The neon-colored lights in dark interiors set the mood for some heavy drinking nights. The cocktail menu holds all types of liquor to mocktails as well.


The tap water in Poland may be safe to consume. However, some residents in Krakow filter the water from the taps to avoid harmful bacteria and other particles. Most visitors prefer bottled water. However, the idea is to cut down on waste, and thus, one could opt for drinking tap water directly.

Organic Cafés

Organic eateries have been gaining quite a lot of popularity throughout the world. Some of the organic cafes in Krakow are:

  • Karma Organic Coffee
  • Sissi Restaurant & Wine
  • Ursa Maior
  • Pestka Restobar
  • Biodata Roza


Krakow harbors some of the best breweries in Poland. The Polish beer culture has been a huge thing since the 2000s. Currently, Krakow makes its craft beer and competes with wine and other luxury drinks. Some of the breweries are:

  • T.E.A. Time
  • Browar Lubicz
  • Pracownia Piwa
  • Tap House
  • Stara Zajezdnia
  • Klub Studio


Activities that visitors are sure to find in Krakow are:

  • Visiting museums
  • Shopping at the Main Market
  • Learning more about WWII
  • Visit music festivals
  • Watch Polish cinema and plays
  • Try out Polish cuisine
  • Take a walk down any of the parks
  • Visit the national park
  • Admire the cityscape from the Vistula banks

Yoga and Retreats

If you are looking for a break from the city and wish to get some rejuvenation, yoga, and retreats in Krakow is the one for you.

  • Vitality Boutique Fitness
  • Nomad Yoga
  • Ploy Therapy
  • International School of Yoga and Movement
  • Magic Fit


When in Krakow, you do not need to worry about accommodation. The hotels are spacious, but there is a wide range of rooms available based on your price range, luxury, and location. You will find hotels that offer sustainable living on their premises too.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are accommodations that make sure to lead an environmentally conscious living standard within the premises. They make sure to use sustainable products to offer a holistic living experience to their guests. Some of the green hotels are:

  • Sheraton Grand Krakow
  • Hotel Galaxy
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Novotel Krakow City West
  • Qubus Hotel Krakow
  • Park Inn by Radisson Krakow
  • Hotel Novotel Krakow Centrum

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are looking to cut down on travel expenses and experience an authentic traveler feel while exploring Krakow, we suggest taking a hostel. Otherwise, a guest house is your best bet. There are several options online.

  • Pensjonat Pola
  • Goscina Pod Sosna
  • U Pana Cogito
  • Pensjonat Stanczyk
  • Polarna 8 Cracow Apartments
  • Villa Julia
  • Pokoje Goscinne Centrum


Visitors can book apartments in Krakow to stay for a few days. In case they want to make a booking for a place for themselves, they can look up the options online. Most of the apartments offer exclusive deals as it is not a popular mode of accommodation for any visitor unless they are staying in the city for a couple of months.


Couchsurfing is a prevalent form of accommodation in Krakow. However, it requires much pre-planning before the trip to find the right house with the correct person to offer you a roof above your head. Having a close place to all amnesties helps a lot more than staying cut off from the central city.


Krakow has a handful of campsites that allow people to set up their tents and camp for a certain amount of time. Some of these campsites are:

  • Campsite Smok
  • Campsite Clepardia

How to Get There

Krakow is the second biggest city in Poland and has several ways to reach the city. Of course, you can take a flight as the air services are the simplest, but one can choose to travel by train or hiking.


Any connecting flight to Krakow Balice Airport will land them in the city. The airport leads to train stations, bus stations, as well as cab services.

Krakow Balice Airport


A shuttle bus from Matuszek can cost much cheaper and take you to Krakow in two hours only. Make sure to make the bookings in advance as they cost less. The bus departure timing is entirely dependent on the arrival of your flight.

Bus in Krakow


There are several connecting trains to Krakow from various cities in Poland. InterCity trains from Warsaw run every hour. It takes around 2.5 hours to reach Krakow. Neighboring countries offer train services that are overnight. Such trains leave from cities like Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest.


Hitchhiking requires a lot more preparation than just booking trains and buses. One needs to note the routes, the highways, and the estimated time to arrive at their destination. However, any road that leads to Krakow will get you on a vehicle that can drop you off at a junction for you to take another car or walk. Be careful to avoid hiking at night as it increases the chances of crime and risks one's life to unnatural threats.


One can surely avail of private services such as a rental car or a private jet. A private airplane will require permission to land at the runway. In the case of a rental car, all you need are your documents in place.

Moving Around

Krakow is a big enough city to explore in more than one way. You can find hidden gems, historical landmarks, expansive parks, and friends in unusual places. The simplest way to move around is by sharing public transport or by car-pooling. Alternatively, you can go on foot if you wish to take more time traversing on foot.


As we mentioned earlier, walking is a great exercise that helps a city cut down on its emissions. However, as a visitor, keep in mind to carry a good pair of walking shoes, breathable pair of clothes, and water to keep yourself hydrated. Always have an I.D. on yourself.


Even though it may be challenging to get hold of a bicycle unless you buy it in Krakow, a bike as a mode of transport is an efficient way to move around the city faster and in an eco-friendly way. There are bike-friendly lanes in Krakow that encourage people to take upcycling.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are on its way to being rolled out in Krakow by replacing the fuel vehicles. If you can get a hold of an e-bike, then navigating through Krakow just became the easiest thing to do in the city. Ensure that you always carry your charger.

Public Bus

The sharing of public buses is an excellent way to reduce the number of harmful gases released into the atmosphere. Public transport, including buses, are quite frequent in Krakow, and they run every hour. There is provision for late-night routes as well.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trams and trains, along with buses, can be booked via one integrated mobile app. There are no subways or underground metro system in Krakow.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a huge thing if you are looking to support small businesses in Krakow. Companies that deal with handicrafts, local items, antique pieces, and vintage pieces should be given more importance if sustainability is on your mind.

Food Markets

Try out any of the restaurants from our list to enjoy typical Polish cuisine. The street food markets in Krakow sell all sorts of street food in the same place. In recent days, there has been a rise in the number of food trucks.

  • Dworek Street Food Park
  • Hala Targowa Unitarg
  • Plac Izzaka
  • Judah Square Food Truck Park
  • Encek Food Truck Park
  • Dajwor 21 Food Truck Park

Flea Markets

Flea markets are open from early mornings where the best of all items get sold out by evening. Try the Krakow flea markets like:

Plac Nowy Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

This is another excellent way to help the environment in Krakow. The best second-hand stores in Krakow are:

  • Tania Odziez
  • Odziez Na Wage


KOKOworld encourages eco-fashion by similarly making their products. This brand in Krakow talks about ethical fashion and thereby promotes eco-fashion


Most of the green hotels and sustainable cafes in Krakow recycle their products and waste as well. The restaurants make sure to produce less waste over time.


Krakow has advanced solid-state treatment plants in the city. The government has arranged that all the water from the waste treatment plant can be purified to release back into the river. There have been talks of waste incineration in the city to recover energy from the waste materials.

Work and Study Abroad

There are innumerable scopes to study abroad once you have finished your primary education in your country. The right to work in Krakow applies to all students who wish to stay in the city. There is the Jagiellonian University, which is quite famous for quality education.

Exchange Student

Exchange students are welcome at Krakow and the universities as well. It is much needed to soak in the ambiance of a foreign university.

Au Pair

Krakow is quite welcome to unmarry and young couples too. They can rent an apartment and settle down under the term of au pair.


Volunteering in Krakow is very welcome. Citizens can volunteer based on their interests field. You can sign up for volunteering at the nearest medical facility, at a law firm, at a park, at meetings, or even at nursing homes. You can indeed work as a volunteer in any of the institutions. Take note of the openings in various institutions in Krakow.

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