La Romana

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Eco-friendly travel guide to La Romana advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

La Romana - Bridge over the Rio Salado

  • Air quality: 4.6 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle:3.9 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.0/ 5
  • Parks: 3.1 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.4 / 5
  • Safety: 3.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$37 - $73
  • Budget per day: US$46 - $150

Responsible Travel

La Romana is one of the largest cities in the The Dominican Republic, with a population of above 130,000 people living within its boundaries. Romana comes from a balance used to weigh export merchandise during the early days. This traffic-congested city is convenient for people traveling from San Domingo and the beach resorts. It is surrounded by a large plantation of sugar, which is the primary industry that boosts its economy. La Romana is more prosperous than its neighbors and has some of the most excellent restaurants in the region. The city is among the popular tourist destinations because of its well-thought tourist infrastructure and beautiful beaches. Whether you are traveling or planning a romantic getaway, La Romana has very great resorts to help you accomplish your schedule and get satisfied to the fullest. You will also enjoy services like private beachfront pools, kid-friendly events, and endless fun activities. The city is also less than an hour's ride from the international airport, making it very easily accessible by tourists. To get to know the city better and in an eco-friendly manner, you can opt to walk, cycle or op to travel in a public bus. The methods will help you interact with la romano people, which will help you understand their culture and dos and dont's during interactions. Another right way to leave la Romana better than you found it is by buying from local shops and not the extravagant ones. Promoting these local businesses is of great help to the upcoming within the city. You can show responsible travel by avoiding commercial waste's inadequate disposal, including plastic bottles and papers

Air Quality and Pollution

According to IQAir, the air quality index of la Romana is 17AQI. The temperatures here are roughly 23degrees with a humidity of around 88% and wind speed of 11.1km/ protect from air pollution in la Romana, open your windows to bring in clean air and enjoy outdoor activities. The leading causes of air pollution in this region are industrial emission, indoor air pollution, transportation, and open burning of garbage waste. The regional governments are continuously improving quality by establishing incentives that promote pollution control technologies, reducing Sulphur content in petrol and diesel, and renewable energy.

Respect the Culture

The people of the city of La Romana are amiable and easy to interact with. They treat visitors with respect and interest. They are accustomed to a slow and unhurried pace, so don't complain if local restaurants' services are prolonged. These residents still honor their traditions through the many symbolic holidays and festivals. When communicating with the locals, note they are very emotional; hence, they often speak using gestures. Like in all other regions in this republic of Dominica carrying a weapon is not a big issue, so don't get afraid If you meet men wearing a gun hostler. The locals also hold noisy celebrations and fun events almost every month hence inspiring for fun lovers. The official language of the people of la Ramano is Spanish, while most people are Catholics. Before winding up on this topic, it is wise to note that it is very typical to be late for an hour or two for an informal event in la Romana, while it is also customary to get into a formal event 30 minutes late.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many exciting places to visit while in La Romana. Areas you can have fun with include parks, beaches, national reserves, and museums. La Romana is a modern city on the coast of the Caribbean. The place has the best resorts and parks. Some of the popular attraction sites include;

  • Altos de Chavon: This is a Mediterranean village of the 16th century located in La Romana. The town has become a cultural center for artists willing to learn weaving, pottery, silk screening, and then take their creations to the streets for showcasing.
  • Rio Chavon: This is a long river located in a place called a farmhouse. Its popularity is driven by its beautiful nature plus the yacht and houses build here by celebrities. While here, you can also take a boat ride and again try the Dominican music and food. You can fond of other delicacies on the boat, including chicken, veggies, cold beer, rice, and wine.
  • Altos de Chavon regional museum of archeology. This is the best place to learn about the origin of la Romana and its initial inhabitants. The site is equipped with quality artifacts worth seeing and understand. the archeology also attracts many scientists in the region hence a great place to educate yourself.
  • Rynna sun: While in la Romana, tour this island and explore the fantastic sun. The owners are very welcoming and ensure visitors have a wonderful time. You will have great pleasure with the boat rides plus the great choice of food in this place.
  • Teeth of the dog golf course: This top golf course has an excellent reputation. It attracts top professional golf players In the world. The field is located along the ocean hence giving it a great view. While here, you can take pictures and also try being a golfer for once. It's an ideal place for golf lovers.
  • Passion paradise adventures: This place holds one of the popular activities in La Romana, which is scuba diving. Many professional operators will take you through the whole process as they ensure your safety. Some of these include passion paradise, which helps with scuba diving, and also with snookering. Most people opt to book a full day on Catalina Island. The service operator will pick you from your hotel and back after all activities.
  • Parquet central Duarte: This is an excellent relaxing place with benches, statues, souvenir stores, and restaurants. It's an ideal place to have a good time with friends and family. There are also street vendors who you can promote by buying from them.
  • Playa bayahibe: This is one of the most popular sandy beaches in la Romana. This beach's waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming, while the long beach tends to be suitable for relaxing and sunbathing. The place is enjoyable for both adults and kids. Always carry your snorkeling gear when visiting this place.
Chavon River in Altos de Chavon


La Romana is a coastal city rich in cultural and luxurious sites to visit and have fun. There is a wide range of beaches, parks, museums and dining places and many other places you can spend your weekends and holidays. Some of the famous, exciting places you can explore include:

City Parks

  • Duarte Central Park: The park is located at the center of the town hence very easily accessible. It is a very relaxing place to sit and listen to music and watch people move around. There are also vendors everywhere to do some little shopping or buy some foods and electronic devices. The place is also super clean, and you will also enjoy the fresh air. It is ideal for evening hangouts with friends.
  • Conquista Park: This is a historical park located a few miles away from La Romana city center. It is a formative place recreating the Tainos' stories, who were the original settlers of la Romana. Though small, the site is ultimately interesting. It is ideal for kids and adults who want to increase their knowledge of the origin of the people of La Romana.
  • Boulevard La Romana: This is a very long park located in La Romana city. It has a very calm surrounding with a place to sit and relax. It also has very many food places around where you can order fried foods, chicken and pizza. There are also a few bars where you can grab something to quench your thirst. The cleanings of the park are very inviting. It's an ideal place to hang around with friends and family.
  • Parque Del Obelisco: It is the oldest and most visited park in La Romana city. the park got a great story and architecture. There are enough benches to sit and relax with family, alone or with friends. There are always no security

guards so take care of your belongings.

  • La Estrella Park: The park is located a few miles from the city center of La Romana. It has a massive playground for kids plus a basketball court. It is an ideal place for kids while you relax on the benches enjoying the cool air. The site has no guard so take care of your property.
View of the beautiful Parque Del Obelisco

National Parks

  • Parque Nacional Del Este: The national park was founded in 1975 and consists of over 30 thousand hectares of open land. This park is lovely and has very cheap souvenirs. People here are amicable and welcoming, allowing for significant interactions. The restaurants around also offer local food which is worth a try The atmosphere is very relaxing and enjoyable. It's ideal for a visit with family and having fun.
  • Cotubanamá National Park: It is a national park with very blue waters. The weather is here is very calm beautiful. There some restaurants around hence you can grab some fast food and have it on the beach. The people are amicable

and welcoming therefore straightforward to make new friends.

  • Isla Catalina National Park: It is a beautiful island with many activities to engage in, including snorkeling and sailing boats. The water is crystal clear and ideal for swimming and scuba diving. There are also free sunbathing chairs and clean toilets.
View of the Parque Nacional Del Este


  • Minitas Beach: This is a private sandy resort beach located in La Romana. The beach is fantastic, and the services are also top-notch. Boasting a 23-meter infinity pool, an on-site restaurant specializing in Latin and Mediterranean cuisine, an ocean view bar, and a spacious, chic outdoor lounge deck with live music and DJ entertainment. Whether you relax on the beach, or in the lounge, the panoramic Caribbean views will stun. Water sports are offered on site, including snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and paddleboats.
  • Playa El Caletón. The beach is cozy and offers top-notch services. The beach is spotless and well organized. The crystal blue waters and soft sand are also very inviting. The restaurant around offers sumptuous delicacies alongside incredible drinks at very affordable prices. The vibe is so hip and happening.
  • Caleta.: A small, rocky beach frequented by locals, Caleta Beach (Playa Caleta) gives visitors a more cultural taste of beach life in the Dominican Republic than other beaches in La Romana. You'll enjoy stunning scenery and local cuisine while at Caleta Beach (Playa Caleta).
  • Saona Island: Located 19 kilometers (12 miles) south of the mainland, Saona Island’s picture-perfect beaches attract more visitors than all of the country’s national parks combined. A protected site which is a part of Cotubanamá National Park, Saona is a dream tropical escape, where long stretches of brilliant white sand and their giant coconut trees seem to melt into iridescent turquoise waters. Visitors can take day trips to enjoy the beaches, through a myriad of options ranging from speedboat to catamaran. Riding along Saona’s stunning coastline scenery alone is worthwhile. Most trips leave out of Bayahíbe village, from its small waterfront area.
View of the Serene beach in Saona Island


There are some beautiful attraction sites in La Romana that represent the history and culture of its residents. These unique landmarks include

  • Amphitheater This is a historical landmark in the La Romana Dominican republic. It is less than a five minutes walk from Altos De Chavon. The place is magical and truly impressive. It hosts many events on an annual basis hence attracting multitudes of people. The home was built in early 1982 and can

accommodate more than 4000 people during concerts. A great musician who often visits here includes David Guetta, Shakira, and Lopez.

  • Altos de Chavón: It is a recreation of a Mediterranean style European village located at the Chavon river in la Romana city. It hosts a cultural center, theater, museum, and archeological site. It is also lovely and gives you a view of like 4000 years ago. The restaurants around offer unique foods and drinks at very friendly prices. The staffs at this location are amicable and professional. They're ready to help in case the need arises. The place is ideal for both kids and adults.
  • Playa Caleta: It is a tourist attraction site and landmark in la Romana city. There is no entry fee, but you will be charged for parking. There is a small beach where you can swim and have fun. The restaurants around offer great food and drinks. The services are very professional and top-notch. It's ideal for visiting with friends.
Amphitheater in Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Dominican Republic


  • Amber World Museum: This museum is a few minutes' walks from la Romana city. This is an excellent option to learn more about its culture and its native islands. It's an excellent museum that clearly shows that la Romana is not only a beach city. The place is ideal for kids and adults who want to inform themselves more about the city's past.
  • Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima: This museum located in La Romana city opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm. it is a school and an art center which is very rich in information. If you are much interested in the ark, you can enroll in classes. The place is fantastic with free piano and many paintings on the walls.
  • Museo Archeologico: It is located next to Altos de Chavon, la Romana. It's a great place to visit with family and friends and learn more history about the city. There are numerous relics of the indigenous people of the town of la Romana and the Spaniards' settlements. The staff is amiable and ready to

help in case the need arises.

Inside the Museo Archeologico


La Romana has a wide range of hotels and restaurants that offer a wide range of food options. Africa majorly influences the main cuisine, Spain, and the middle east also have their own influences . The cost of food in la Romana depends on its quality and the kind and quality you are interested in.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Restaurant La Grasa: This restaurant offers takeaway foods for its customers. It is both a restaurant and bar with great pricing for its services. It is a great place to relax with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. It's an ideal place for a visit with family and friends.
  • Café Marietta: It is an Italian restaurant located a few miles from the city center. They have a wide range of foods ranging from vegan foods and many other delicacies. The open area has a lovely breeze to relax and have a chat with friends. They also offer beers and cocktails.
  • Punto Italia: This is another popular Italian restaurant in the region that offers excellent food at affordable prices. The staffs are very professional and friendly. The place is clean and well organized, making it a beautiful place to relax after a long day.
  • SBG Casa de Campo: It is a popular restaurant in the region where you can eat, swim or watch the view. The foods are unique and at affordable prices. The staff is very courteous and friendly, and ready to help if needed. They pay attention to details making the foods very top-notch. The place is also spotless and well organized—ideal for a family dinner.
  • Pubbelly Sushi: This is an Asian inspired restaurant located in a Romana city. It mainly offers sushi dishes and western dishes as well. They offer

great cocktails and delicious meals. The staffs are also amicable and professional. The atmosphere is of high quality with fresh air. Though a bit pricey compared to its neighbors, the quality of food is worth a try.

  • Onno's Altos De Chavon: The restaurant is located in a very silent and cool place ideal for relaxing and meditating. The food and atmosphere are excellent, plus the friendly and courteous staff. The services might be a bit slow but worth it. It's a great place to go with friends and family. The foods are offered at affordable prices, so don't worry much about your pocket.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • El Morron: This is one of the popular vegan restaurants in la Romana city. El morron offers delicious, warm, and genius dishes. The desserts are also

impressive, while the drinks are just mind-blowing. The quality of the food is superb, and the service is fantastic. It is an ideal place for the health-conscious.

  • Shish Kabab Shish Kabab: This is a Lebanese restaurant offering excellent quality vegan foods. They have a variety of foods, including; tabbouleh, kibbeh, kebab, and babaganoush. The staffs are very courteous and offer professional services. It is also well organized, clean, and unique.
  • Subway: Subway is a hoagie restaurant located a few miles away from the city center of La Romana. They have a great option of health-conscious foods. Their staffs are amicable and professional and offer fast and accurate services. The place is clean, and they are well organized.
  • Crema Pasteleria: The restaurant is located in Calle Fransisco richness, la Romana city. they have a great selection of organic, vegetarian, and vegan foods. The service is top-notch and pays much attention to details. The staff is very organized and professional. The place also has a friendly atmosphere for relaxing and having time with yourself.
  • Comedor Cafeteria Miriam: The vegetarian restaurant is located in CarreteraRomana Higuera, la Romana. They offer creative and delicious dishes that are purely organic. The foods offered are very health conscious. The staffs are friendly and courteous. The place is also excellent and with a friendly atmosphere and clean air.

Street Food

  • Pica polo: This is Dominican fried chicken. The meal is juicy, golden crust and crispy and offered with different flavors like garlic and lemon. This is a significant grab and goes food in La Romana.
  • Tostones: This is another popular streetfood among the residents of La Romana. They are firm green plantains cut into thick slices that are then fried until they soften. They are later smashed flat and fried again to produce this crispy and delicious product after they soften. Africa majorly influences Dominican foods, Spain, and the middle east as well
  • Mamajuana: It is a unique local drink mostly served in bars. It is a combination of red wine, honey, cinnamon, fermented tree barks and roots, and other medicinal spices and hubs grown locally. The product of that combination is a spicy, sweet, and warm drink.
  • Chimichurri.This is much like the American burger. It is topped with cabbage and sauce. It is mostly fed on with a milkshake, cola, or a frosty beer.


La romana residents have excellent drinking places. The top drinks in the city are tropical, margarita, mineral, and tap water.


Any health body does not publicly announce information on whether it is safe to drink tap water or not. It is better to drink purified bottled water to be on the safer side. People with sensitive stomachs are also advised to drink filtered or boiled water. The main disadvantage of drinking tap water is that it may contain pesticides washed into the rivers while also pipes could contaminate it with lead.

Organic Cafés

  • Fresh fresh cafe: The café is located just a few miles away from La Romana. They offer fantastic organic food at very affordable prices. The staff is

excellent, friendly and very professional in their duties. the place is also beautiful, clean, and well organized.

  • Sbarro: It is an Italian fast-food chain that offers fast foods. It is located in la Romana international airport hence very convenient for visitors. The services are fast and accurate. The foods are of excellent quality, and the staff is amiable and courteous.
  • Villa Sol Coconut Oil, Villa Sol Organic Food & Drinks: This is another upcoming organic café in this region that has not yet hit the market, but it's worth trying. The attendants are very professional and super friendly. There is also an excellent selection of organic foods and drinks.


  • Tacos & Beers: This is a very comfortable restaurant to take your drinks as you have a chat with friends. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. They sell their products at low and affordable prices.
  • Cerveceria Vegana: This is among the famous breweries in the region. They have excellent pints of craft beer that will keep you wanting more. The staffs are amicable and professional. The place is clean, well organized with a great atmosphere.
  • Skin Bar & Grill: This is a nice bar located a few miles away from the city center. It is a great spot to stop and grab a few drinks. The place is very calm and with some lovely music from afar. The staff are amiable and offer quick services.


La Romana has the most fun activities to indulge in in this region, including outdoor fitness, engaging in scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat riding. These activities and many others help improve physique, improved bonding, and the feel-good factor.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Ki-Ra Holistic Living. The place is lovely and located in a remote silent environment away from the city. It is an excellent place if you need a period of transition and a time to think about your life or other vital issues. The yoga teachers are amiable hence easy to interact with. The place is direct at the sea, calm and comfortable, and helps one reconnect with nature. It is an excellent place to go camping with friends or even workmates. They offer great camping facilities, lovely food, and excellent training—worth a visit.


Accommodation places in la romano are secure, well organized, and affordable. The different accommodations available include Apartments, luxury lodges, hotels, motels, and holiday parks, among many other varieties.

Green Hotels

  • Casa de Campo Resort and Villas: This is one of the famous green hotels in la Romana city. The hotel features private beach dining and a golf resort. The hotel has large rooms which are clean and beautiful. They offer many amenities, including free parking, free wifi, a fitness center, bar, outdoor pool, air conditioners, kitchens, and some rooms. the staff are very courteous and competent in their work.
  • La Romana Suites & Residence: The hotel is located in Fransisco Alberto calamari, la Romana city. the hotel is comfortable, clean, and located in a secure area. The staff is courteous and super friendly. The foods are delicious and at a very affordable price. The hotel also has amenities such as ample parking, large rooms. Free wifi and paid breakfasts. It is an excellent place for kids.
  • Principe Alberto Romana.: This is another green hotel in la Romana that is very bright and beautiful. The hotel is secure and located in a silent place

away from the city. they offer great food and services. Amenities include some large rooms, free wifi, and free parking.

  • Sol Azul.: Sol Azul is located in la Caleta Residencial, la Romana. Though small, the hotel offers excellent food and professional services to its customers. The place is spotless and cozy. The staff is accommodating, kind, and super friendly. The hotel has a great view of a beach nearby, which is very fantastic.
  • Olimpo Hotel.:This is an inexpensive, nice hotel located a few miles away from La Romana. The hotel is located in a very strategic place with ease of access to public services, shops, and the road. They have excellent and friendly staff who offer professional services to clients. The lace is also inexpensive, and one does not struggle to keep up.
  • Hotel Karma: Hotel karma is located in Calle hector P.Quezada, La Romana city. The staff members are beneficial and will go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable. Their foods and services are top-notch, paying attention to details.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Tropical Caribe: It's a lovely place that makes you feel at home. The guest room is clean, safe, and well organized, and with free wifi. The staffs were also friendly and professional. It's a nice place and ideal for spending with family.
  • Guest House Villa la Isla: The guest house is located a few miles from the city center. It is a cozy room in la Romana that features private bathrooms, fans, and functional décor. It has a breakfast area as well as 24hr support. The staffs are super friendly and ready to share information about anything you need about the location. Other fun areas nearby include; restaurants, bars, and beaches.


  • Edificios Teresa Marcelo IV: The apartment is located a minute's walk distance from the city of la Romana. The rooms are large enough, clean, and well organized. Available amenities include; free wifi and free parking slots. The services are top-notch, and staff members are friendly and professional.
  • Eastern Roman terraces: This is another popular apartment in this region that offer professional services and free amenities. The staff is also very courteous, generous, and helpful. The apartment is close to many shops and restaurants where you can grab some shopping.
  • Torre Vista MAR: The apartment is lovely, with great furniture and amenities like free wifi and ample parking. The staff are very competent in their duties and will go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable. The place is also super clean and cozy.
  • Maggy's House: The apartment is located in Francisco Alberto Camano avenue, la Romana. The place is nice, clean, and well organized. The people and staff are also amiable and courteous. It's an excellent place for a vacation with clean air and a lovely atmosphere. The location is near shops and restaurants where you can have your meals and do your shopping.


Couchsurfing in la Romana helps one discover unique gems that you would never have got to know. Couchsurfing is safe for everyone, provided you have a clear understanding of where you are going. You don't have already made friends; you can do that through social media sites and couch surfing sites.


  • Los Altos Residences: This is one of the camps located in La Romana city.The centers are very educational and engaging. It is a fun place to visit with friends. The hosts are very accommodating, friendly, and easy to interact with.

How to Get There

Getting to La Romana, you can either travel by water, air or road. You can use a ferry for those along the Caribbean coastline, while those from afar can use air. Both international and domestic travel connections are excellent.


Air is the fastest and most convenient means to get to La Romana. The most important thing to note is that choosing nonstop flights may be a bit pricier while saving your time than routes with connections that have a little bit of delay. The primary options to choose from include Qatar Airways, Turkish airlines, united, and your research before booking to know which is cheaper and better.


Travel by bus may prove to be one of the most affordable means of transport for shorter distances. The only downside of traveling internationally by bus is due to the time consumption and tiring. There are good road connections between la Romana and its neighbors, making it cheaper to travel.


Travel by train has proven to be the most eco-friendly means of transport when moving too far with luggage pieces. Trains are comfortable and cost-saving. No efficient public trains are operating internationally, but the Caribbean governments are working together to ensure rail transport efficiency. The trains available are for transporting sugar produced.


Hitchhiking is very popular among Caribbean countries. in the early mornings when going to work. In the evening, when people are getting out of work, you can see many locals waiting for lifts at roadsides. In La Romana, they call it "bola."


Other modes of transport that get you to La Romana include:

(a) taxi

(b) ferry

(c) personal cars

Moving Around

Moving around in La Romana is the most exciting the thing to do since it gives you a chance to interact with the locals and learn to understand and appreciate their history and culture. The most popular way of getting around is by riding motorbikes or use a bus.


Walking is the most cost-friendly and eco-friendly way of movement since it improves overall body health. Walking will help you interact with the locals and understand their way of living. while walking you can also grab some drinks at local shops hence promoting these local businesses.


Cycling is another cost-efficient and eco-friendly means of transport. La Romana is a small city and can be easily navigated using a bike. By cycling, you will interact with other cyclists in the cycling lanes and probably make friends.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are gaining much popularity among the people of La Romana. There are many charging stations in the city, most located in private hotels and restaurants. Some companies are selling these electric cars in the region hence promoting the increase in use. electric vehicles are very eco-friendly since they use renewable energy

Public Bus

Travel by bus is prevalent among the residents of La Romana. Travel buy is cheap and very convenient. These bus services connect major cities and towns. Buses are the primary means of transport for the residents of the town.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trains for public transport. The trains available are for the vehicle of sugar and sugar products. Travel by bus is the only public means to move around the city.

Sustainable Shopping

This kind of shopping ensures that everything we buy has a positive outcome on the environment. As a visitor, you are also expected to play a part in improving the environment's state.

Food Markets

  • Plaza tropical: This is an instore shopping place with a wide selection of local products. The site is well organized, super clean, and offering fresh vegetables, milk, and fruits. Most of the products available are cheap and affordable for people of any social class.
  • Jumbo - La Romana: This is one of the most popular places people go shopping; the grocery has a great selection of food products and low prices compared to other supermarkets. The products are of high quality, fresh and in good shape. The place is also super clean and well arranged.
  • Super Colmado Los Primos: The grocery store is located in Calle restauracion, la Romana city. the grocery is packed with fresh products picked directly from the farms. The fruits are juicy, and the greens in good shape. The owner is super friendly and will give you all information needed about the store and its products.

Flea Markets

  • Colmado Providencia: This is one of the famous flea markets in this region located a few miles from la Romano city. The flea market offers many products, including foods, electronic gadgets, and clothes. The products here are sold at throwaway prices.

Second Hand Stores

  • Harmont & Blaine: It is a clothing store in La Romana that sells quality second-hand clothes. The clothes are incredibly cheap and affordable to everyone. The place is well organized hence you will be able to pick up your choice easily.


La Romano people strive to promote locally made products and eco-friendly brands. While here, try also to buy products from local fabrics. These brands are of great help to local factories and the government.


Recycling is a meaningful way to keep cities clean. It prevents air pollution and wastage of valuable raw materials. Plastics, steel and aluminum can are some of the recyclable items in La Romana.


There are many garbage sites in la Romana. While here, avoid throwing garbage around the city. Also, avoid burning plastics and agricultural waste material; instead, discard them in the city council's designated areas to come and collect.

Work and Study Abroad

La Romana is among the largest economies in Latin America. It is also among the fastest-growing economies due to its rich investments in the sugarcane and tourism sector. Some of the notable companies include; das medical and KOSFS International SRL.

Exchange Student

If you ever thought of studying in la Romana, these are the top universities in this region:

  • Dominican University O & M
  • Trace La Romana

Au Pair

Au pair is a popular thing is la Romana, especially with families with several children and older adults. You can also apply as a tutor, senior care, or housekeeper. La Romana people are amiable hence can't find it tough to work with them.


Volunteering in la Romana will help you discover this beautiful island and it's potential. Volunteering will be a great way to give back to the welcoming people of La Romana. the several things you can opt to do include;

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Support healthcare projects.

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