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Eco-friendly travel guide to Latvia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Latvia, Europe.

Turaida Castle near Sigulda, built in 1214 under Albert of Riga

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3/ 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$90 - 300

Responsible Travel

Latvia is a developing country, which is also known by the name Republic of Latvia. This beautiful country requires a lot of development, and as the years are passing by, it is getting developed. Latvia is a small European country located on the northern side of Europe; this country comes under the Baltic States of Europe as it gained its independence in 1918. It is a very small country, and the population of this country is also significantly less than around 1900000, but the population is increasing gradually. The country of Latvia is also a very popular tourist among the European countries and every year many tourists visit this country for exploration. Every tourist needs to follow the basic guidelines which are being made by the government of this country. Tourists are asked not to throw garbage in public places, and it should be thrown inside the dustbin. Tourists are not allowed to drink or smoke in public places as there are strict rules, and everyone needs to follow them. It is extremely important to follow all the rules and regulations for all the tourists as they can face many complications if they do not follow the rules.

Air Quality and Pollution

This European country's air quality is moderate and far better than other countries, but still, it can cause some health issues. Local people who are sensitive towards the pollutants are advised to wear a pollution mask so as to keep themselves healthy. Air purifiers can also be used to filter all the harmful chemicals and pollutants. Latvia comes in 69th position when it comes to the most polluted country, and this country has a lesser amount of pollution when compared to other countries. Earlier this country was not much polluted but as it started getting developed the rates of pollution are increasing rapidly in this country. It is extremely important to control the rate of pollution in this country as it can cause some severe health issues for the local people. Vehicles and industries are mostly responsible for the increasing pollution rates of this country, and opting for eco-friendly methods will reduce the pollution of this country.

Respect the Culture

The country of Latvia has a prosperous heritage of culture and for the local people of this country, respecting their culture is extremely important. Local people of this country wear traditional dresses during festivals or cultural activities, and these dresses are extremely beautiful. Every year so many cultural activities and events are Carried out in various museums of this country, and people love to participate in such activities. It is very important for the tourists and visitors to respect this country's culture and should not do anything that disrespects the culture of this country. Tourists and visitors can get involved in any of the cultural activities of this country to understand the culture of Latvia. Tourists will get to experience something new when they participate in these activities. They will get to eat traditional food, wear traditional dresses, and do the country's traditional folk dance to learn very quickly.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are so many beautiful and exciting places to visit in the country of Latvia, and this country is a very popular tourist spot. The top 10 places that people should definitely visit when they are in Latvia are mentioned below. Riga- Riga is the capital city of this country, and it is also one of the most populated cities in this country. Riga is the first choice of visit among all the tourists visiting this country as this city has so many things to explore. Riga provides the highest amount of employment to the local people of this country, and due to this, Riga is the most important city of this country and a favorite amongst the locals.

  • Gauja national park- Gauja National park is one of the most visited national parks of this country as it has so many activities to do for the tourists. This national park is perfect for the people who love to practice hiking, visitors can easily practice hiking here, and they will definitely enjoy the experience. Visitors will also love this place if they love adventurous activities like bungee jumping, bobsleighing, and many more similar activities, which attracts people towards this park.
  • Jurmala - Jurmala is a beach which is situated in this country, and this beach is a really good place to destress. Jurmala is just 20-25 minutes away from the capital city of this country, and one can easily reach here through public transport. Visitors get a massage facility on this beach, which helps to reduce the stress levels of the visitors. This beautiful beach is very nicely maintained and is a must-visit place in this country.
  • Kuldiga - Kuldiga is one of the most beautiful and most preferred places to visit in Latvia. This place is a favorite amongst the families and couples as the environment of this place is very peaceful. The houses present in this place are made from timber, which attracts visitors to visit this place. This place has some really good restaurants where tourists can eat all the popular local food of this country at very affordable and reasonable prices.
  • Rundale palace and museum - This is one of the most beautiful and fascinating palaces of this country, and the views of this palace are very soothing for the eyes. The rose garden of this palace attracts so many tourists towards itself, and the garden is very nicely maintained by the staff working here. The museum has some beautiful artwork, and people who love to see artwork should definitely visit this palace. This beautiful palace was designed by Francesco Rastrelli, a really famous architect of this country, and he also created St.Petersburg's Hermitage.
  • Turaida museum reserve - Turaida museum-reserve of Latvia takes back to the earlier times and lets the visitors regarding the tradition of this country which was followed in the past. This museum also has good information regarding the traditional music of this country and tourists will definitely learn so many things from this museum. The sweeping views from this museum are very fascinating for every visitor.
  • Cesis - Cesis is a very ancient and old town of this country where some beautiful landmarks can be seen. Castles can also be seen in this town which was made hundreds of years ago but still is in very good shape. Some good cafes are also present in this town where people can eat and drink of their choice. This town is famous for organizing musical events where people from the Latvia country arrive at this town and enjoy the event.
  • Liepaja - This place is given a tag which is"a city where the wind is bor" the atmosphere of this city is a bit windy, and that's why this title is given to this city. An outstanding architecture work by Art Nouveau is present here, which catches the attention of so many tourists. Tourists should definitely visit this city as it has so many places to explore and so many activities to do.
  • Latgale - This place is situated on the eastern side of the country of Latvia and is packed with so many surprises for the visitors who are paying a visit to this place. The fascinating lakes of this place attract the attention of so many people, and people love to pay a visit to this place. People living in latgale are very humble and like to give hospitality to all the visitors. This place is a must-visit for all the tourists who plan a trip to Latvia as a lot of exploration can be done here.
  • Ventspils - This place is extremely famous for its street sculpture, and these sculptures will fascinate outsiders. This place is really perfect for all the families visiting this country as it has so many activities for the kids to do. The city parks present in this city are a really good option for the kids to spend a good time. Tourists will never get bored in this city as it has so many places to explore.
Guaja National Park in Latvia


Exploration is one of the most important factors for the tourists and new visitors as it helps them enhance their experience during their whole trip. Latvia has so many places which are worth paying a visit, and the tourists should be aware of these places so that they can visit them during their trip. Latvia has some places where some of the most exciting adventurous activities can be practiced by the tourists and local people of the country. City parks of the country are the first choice to visit for the families as these parks are the most perfect place for the kids. People can also enjoy it by going on a jungle safari which is mostly carried out in various national parks present in this country. People can also do various other adventures in this country like bungee jumping, sea diving, snorkelling, and many more adventurous activities.

City Parks

City parks are the most preferred places for both local and tourist families, and they love spending time here. Some of the famous city parks which are present in this country are mentioned below.

  • Victory park - This beautiful park is one of the most famous and preferred parks of this country and every day so many people visit this park. This park is situated in the capital city of this country, Riga, in the zemgale suburb region of the city. The park is very nicely and beautifully maintained and also it is very neat and clean. This park has a very large surface area where so many people at a time can spend some good time.
  • Bastejkalna park - This park is situated in this country's capital city, Riga, in the central district region of this city. This park is a perfect place for spending some hours on off days or in the evening. This park is really peaceful and is a really good place for reducing stress and relaxing the mind. This park has so many different varieties of birds, and their chirping is really soothing for the ears.
  • Forest Park - Forest park of this country is a magnificent park for walking, jogging and doing exercise. The fitness freak people mostly visit this park, and nature lovers can also be seen visiting this park. The natural environment of this park reduces the stress of the visitors and helps them to relax their minds. People can very easily reach this park by opting for any public transport.
Bastejkalna park

National Parks

National parks are one of the best places where people can spend their weekends, and there are so many national parks in the country of Latvia. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Gauja National Park - Gauja national park of Latvia was opened for the local people in the year 1978 and is one of the best places for exploration. This national park is located in Latvia's gauja valley, and people can easily reach here through public transport.
  • Kemeri National Park - Kemeri national parks are one of the best places for people who love bird watching as there are so many species of birds present in this National park. This national park is a must-visit place for all the tourists paying a visit to the country of Latvia.
  • Razna national park - Rasna national park was opened in the year 2007 for the people, and it has a very large surface area of about 59000 hectares. The intention behind opening this national park was to protect and the animal and plant species of this region.
Kemeri National Park


Beaches are one of the most visited places by the families of Latvia, and they love to spend their off days on the local beaches. Some of the beaches present in Latvia are mentioned below.

  • Jurmala - Jurmala is present in the capital city of Latvia, and this beach is always full of people, and they love to spend time here. Restaurants are also present here so that if anyone gets hungry, then he/she can eat over here.
  • Ventspils - Ventspils is one of the favorites for the people to visit as this place is very relaxing and has so many facilities for the visitors. People can easily reach at this place by public transports like buses, or they can also opt for taxis.
  • Pavilosta - Pavilosta is given with a tag which is surfers Paradise as so many people can be seen surfing on this beach. This beach is also suitable for people who love adventurous and other outdoor activities, and they should definitely pay a visit here.
Jurmala Beach


Landmarks of Latvia helps the visitors know about the past of this country, and it shows the country's heritage and glory. Some of the famous landmarks of this country are mentioned below.

  • Dauģēni Big Cave - Dauģēni Big Cave was formed in fragile Devonian sandstone and has been known as the longest cave in the country of Latvia. The length of this long cave is 346 meters, and anyone who loves adventures can visit this place.
  • Ergeles cliffs - Ergeles cliffs are awe-inspiring and fascinating, and so many people pay a visit to this place daily. The height of the cliffs present in this place is 22 meters, and the place is really nicely maintained.
  • Liepas Ellīte - Liepas Ellīte is one of the fascinating monuments present in the country of Latvia and tourists love to visit this place as it is built very beautifully. This monument is very ancient and was made many years ago and still is in perfect shape.
Liepas Ellīte


Museums are the best places if anyone wants to gain information on any topic of the country and this country has many museums, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Latvian national museum of art - Latvian national museum of art is a beautiful museum where people can see beautiful art pieces and exhibitions. This museum is one of the most famous museums in Latvia and every day so many people visit this museum.
  • Riga Motor museum - Riga motor museum is the largest museum in Latvia where diverse and antique vehicles can be seen. People who love vehicles will definitely enjoy visiting this museum as this museum is perfect for them.
  • Latvian ethnographic open-air museum - Latvian ethnographic open-air museum is a perfect place for nature lovers, and there are many things to explore in this place. This museum is situated in the capital city of Latvia, and reaching here is extremely easy.
Building of Latvian National museum of Art


Local people of this country are food lovers, and they love to experiment with the food they eat. The local food of this country is not so different from the cuisines of other countries, and tourists won't find the traditional food of this country at any other place so that they can taste it at any of the local restaurants in Latvia. Tourists can opt for any of the restaurants present in their locality to eat food, and restaurants also have cuisines of other countries, so if anyone does not want to consume the local food, they can opt for another cuisine. Traditional food is only consumed during festivals, ceremonies, or any other special occasion, and it is very delicious to eat. People also have a choice of food stalls, and here they can also eat the local food of this country and at very affordable and budget-friendly rates. Some of the common local and traditional foods being consumed in the country of Latvia are mentioned below.

  • Dill
  • Potato pancakes
  • Smoked fish
  • Kvass
  • Bread soup


Local people of this country are very fond of consuming drinks, and whether it be an alcoholic or non-alcoholic, they prefer to drink them with the food they are consuming. Alcoholic drinks are extremely common in the country of Latvia, and people consume them mostly at parties, ceremonies, and events. However, Latvia's government has kept an age limit, and people below 18 are not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. Vodka is one of the most consumed drinks of this country, and people prefer to drink it every day and on off days. After vodka, beer is also a very popular drink in this country, and people consume it with the food they eat every day. Riga black balsam, this drink can only be found in this country only as it is the country's traditional drink. This traditional drink of Latvia is made from honey, caramel, and some juices, and the taste of the drink is really good.


Tap water in this country is not at all safe to drink as it has so many harmful chemical compounds that cause adverse effects on the human body. Tourists should be aware of this fact, and they should not consume tap water directly as there is a very high risk that they might fall ill. Consuming tap water can cause kidney-related disorders, and it can damage the kidney in a very short period of time. People can boil the tap water and then consume it, which will kill harmful microorganisms from the water and reduce the risk of causing diseases. Local people have started using water purifiers, making the water suitable for drinking by eliminating chemical compounds and microorganisms harmful to the human body. Packaged drinking water is another option that people can opt for as this water is also very safe for drinking, and the bottles can be purchased at very affordable prices from the shops. Quality of the water is essential for the human body, and everyone should be very conscious about the quality of water they are drinking.


The country is not so big compared to the size, but it still has so many activities to do, which attracts tourists. This country has many places where people can do so many adventurous activities like snorkeling, bungee jumping, hiking, jungle safari, and many more adventurous activities. Tourists can visit various ancient landmarks present in this country built hundreds of years ago and still are in perfect shape. People can go and relax on the various beaches of this country, beaches are ideal for spending an off day, and people also get to play beach volleyball on these beaches. There are so many different kinds of activities available for the tourists and the local people, which enhances their visit experience. Tourists can search for all the activities that they can do in this country for simplicity during their trip.


Accommodation is one of the most important factors when any tourist is planning a trip to any of the countries in the world. Choice of the accommodation should be done very carefully as this would be the place where one has to live during the whole trip. The country of Latvia has so many modes of accommodation not only for the tourists or outsiders but also for the local people of the country. Booking of accommodation can be done very easily through online mode nowadays, and it is very convenient and safe for the people. Every accommodation should have all the necessary facilities which one wants in their day to day lifestyle. There are various modes of accommodation and people can choose any of them as per their requirements and budget, some of the most common modes of accommodation are mentioned below.

  • Hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Hostels
  • Apartments

Green Hotels

Green hotels are one of the best ways to contribute to the environment, and this new concept decreased the rates of environmental degradation in so many countries. Everything used in green hotels is eco-friendly, and it does not affect the environment adversely. In Latvia, so many green hotels are present, and some of the hotels have also started using eco-friendly electricity. In the green hotels, the food is being made from organic substances that are extremely healthy for the hotel's residents. Cosmetic products available for the use of the residents of these green hotels are also made up of organic substances that are harmless to their skin. Countries of the whole world have started switching to green hotels as they are accommodating in saving the environment. There are so many green hotels in Latvia. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Green cat hotel
  • Gallery park hotel and spa
  • Radisson Blu Ridzene hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels provide a great way of comfort to the female visitors and tourists as they are extremely safe and are the best mode of accommodation for the women. Hostels can be very easily booked from online websites, and the rates of the hostels in Latvia are also very affordable. Residents cannot decide the menu in hostels; the hostel staff decides the menu, and residents have to eat it. Guesthouses are the first choice of accommodation for the people on an office trip and the people who do not want other facilities in their accommodation. Guesthouses are perfect if one has to stay for a very long period of time as the charges of hospitality are very affordable and the facilities are also good. Guesthouses of Latvia provide 3 meals in a day, which starts with breakfast, lunch, and then dinner, and the residents can suggest changes in their menu.


Apartments are the best mode of accommodation for the middle-class people of Latvia. In recent times the use of apartments has increased drastically in this country. One can very easily rent any apartment of their choice at very affordable rates, and the facilities of apartments are very similar to personal houses. Anyone who wants to rent a room in the apartment can book it easily online or by talking to the agencies directly. The rates of the apartments increase when the number of bedrooms increases, 1BHK apartment is the cheapest and is perfect for two people. 3BHK is very costly as it has three bedrooms, but it is an excellent option when anyone has a huge family. A very large proportion of the population in Latvia is living in apartments. Most of the local people of this country are middle class and find it a bit difficult to make their living properly.


Local people of Latvia are really good at giving hospitality to their relatives and friends, and couch surfing is a very common practice done in this country. Local people of Latvia are very humble and always welcome their relatives and friends with an open heart and try to provide them with the ideal hospitality. If any tourists have any relative or friend in Latvia, it will benefit them in so many ways, mainly in accommodation mode. Tourists having local friends don't have to worry about the model accommodation as they can live in their friend's house, and also they don't need to worry about the meals as they can easily get it at their friend's place. Couch surfing is a very budget-friendly practice as it saves so much money on accommodation and food, which are the basic necessities of every trip.


Camping is an adventurous activity which should only practice under a trained expert, but nowadays many agencies have made Camping really easy. In the country of Latvia, there are so many agencies that let people practice camping at their place, and it is very safe, and anyone can practice it here at a very affordable price. These agencies also have all the necessary equipment and other necessary things for camping for which they take additional charge from the visitors. People can search for these camping agencies over the internet and book their place over there very conveniently. Camping is the cheapest mode of accommodation and is very budget-friendly, and it also provides a whole new experience to the people. People practicing camping should know how to cook food over the bonfire as no stoves or other things are available to prepare their food.


Regions of Latvia
Riga region


  • Riga - The capital city with more than 800 years old history, with the popular holiday suburb of Jūrmala right by
Dome square in Riga
  • Daugavpils - Second biggest city in Latvia. Features many factories and other industries.
Artillery arsenal, Daugavpils fortress
  • Jurmala - A resort town in Latvia. It claims to have the longest beach in Northern Europe.
  • Kuldīga - Kuldīga is the pearl of Kurzeme, Latvia's western region.
The masonry bridge across river Venta in the town of Kuldiga
  • Liepaja - city of music on the Baltic sea coast, which is always windy. Latvians believe that the wind starts in the city; and well-known Latvian musicians come from there. There is a very interesting former secret military town called Karosta, between a lake and the sea. One of the world's largest pipe organs. Famous summer event Baltic Beach Party in July. Fantastic unspoilt, white, soft sandy beach.
A view from Holy Trinity Cathedral in Liepaja, Latvia
  • Madona - A small scenic town in eastern Vidzeme, surrounded by hills, forests and lakes, capital of winter sports.
Panorama of Madona
  • Sigulda - popular town with many interesting castles and historic places. Most popular attraction outside Riga for foreign tourists.
Sigulda Castle
  • Valka - A town in northern Latvia, on the border with Estonia.
A windmill in Valka
  • Ventspils - hosts one of busiest ports in Europe. It is possible to observe incoming ships.
Ventspils Beach

Getting There and Moving Around

Reaching Latvia is very easy for the people living in Europe as they get Direct flights to Latvia and can reach here very conveniently. But people who are visiting Latvia from any other continent then one will face difficulties reaching this country as one has to change a few flights to reach Latvia. Flights are the most preferred modes of transportation if anyone wants to reach Latvia as it is very time-consuming, and people can reach here in a concise period of time. After getting to Latvia, tourists can either opt for public transportation or hire taxis from the agencies present in this country. Tourists mostly prefer to travel by taxis as they are unaware of the routes of this country, tourists can easily hire them through online mode and also have the option of hiring a driver.


Air transportation is one of the most rapid and convenient modes of transportation in the country of Latvia; every day, millions of people travel through this mode of transportation. Air transportation is a little bit costly, but it is the best option if anyone wants to cover a large distance in a concise period of time. Air transportation is developing at a very rapid pace in this country, and there is a lot of work going on to construct new airports in this country. This country has more than 3 international airports where flights from all over the world land and take off every day. People can easily book tickets online and choose the seat which they want as per their requirements. The economy class of the airplanes is the cheapest seat, and the business class has a higher ticket price and has much more facilities for the passengers. Name of some of the international airports which are present in the country of Latvia are mentioned below.

  • Riga International Airport
  • Liepaja International Airport
  • Ventspils International Airport
Riga International Airport


Road transportation is one of the most developed transportation in the country of Latvia and is a perfect option when anyone has to travel inside the country. Bus transportation in Latvia is very convenient and budget-friendly, but it takes more time to reach the respective destination. Buses in Latvia are run mainly by government agencies, but many private agencies are also running their buses in this country. Buses are available on every country's route for the convenience of the local people and the visitors. Traveling by bus is a very good option when anyone wants to cover a shorter distance at very affordable rates. Riga international coach terminal is the busiest bus terminal where hundreds of buses arrive every day.

Bus in Riga


Train transportation in the country of Latvia is really well developed, and there are many railway stations in every city and region of this country. People choose to train transportation when they have to cover a longer distance at a very affordable price, and also they take less time to reach the destination. Every day millions of people travel through these trains, and they are considered the lifeline of transportation in this country. Trains of Latvia follow a stringent timetable, and mostly they are on time, and the passengers don't need to wait for a very long time. Train tickets can be very easily booked on online sites, and passengers also have the facility of choosing the seat of their choice. Every region and city of this country is very well connected with the railway network, and the government is also planning to construct new railway routes.


Hitchhiking is an excellent option if anyone has to cover a very short distance, and they can ask anyone on the way to drop them at their respective destination. Hitchhiking is a widespread practice which is practiced in every country, but in recent times people stopped hitchhiking due to thieves and robbers. Hitchhiking is a beneficial practice if done properly as it helps people to make new friends on the way. This is a beneficial practice for the people who are unaware of the routes of this country, and mainly tourists can be seen practicing it. Tourists can take help from the local Hitchhikers regarding public transportation and also about the routes of transportation. Hitchhikers can also help tourists by guiding them about the places they can visit and how they can reach that place.


Another mode of transportation that people can opt in the country of Latvia is hiring taxis. This mode of transportation is chosen mostly by the tourists as they are unaware of the routes of this country. The hiring of a cab or taxi is very easy, and people can book it simply by contacting any of the private agencies of the country. As this country's roadways are really well maintained, it makes it extremely easy for the drivers to drive in this country and reach the destination much faster than usual. People also have the option of just hiring a cab and can drive it on their own, but this is only helpful when he/she is aware of the routes of this country. Traveling in taxis is very costly, and one needs to pay a very high fare if they hire it for only some hours.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is an advantageous option to reduce environmental degradation and contribute to the environment. Products available in sustainable shopping are purely made up of eco-friendly products and substances that are harmless to the environment and human beings. The price of these products is very affordable, and anyone can purchase sustainable shopping products if they want to contribute towards the environment. Local people of this country have started using eco-friendly and organic products, and in recent years the number of sustainable shops in this country has increased at a rapid pace. These products are not only good for the environment of the earth but are also good for human beings as they are free from any of the harmful substances. The use of these products has increased rapidly in recent times, which is an excellent sign as it is very helpful for the environment.


Every person living in this work should contribute and do recycling as recycling is a beneficial process and has so many benefits both for humans and for the environment of the earth. In the country of Latvia, recycling is an extremely common process, and the government of this country has appointed so many agencies to practice recycling. Recycling has successfully reduced the rates of environmental degradation as all kinds of waste can be very easily recycled, mainly non-biodegradable waste, which is very harmful to the environment. Products obtained after recycling are safe for human use and for the environment, and the products are also cheap. This country has all the modern techniques and instruments through which they can very easily recycle any kind of waste. Waste like electronic waste, waste from industries, plastic, and many more can also be recycled nowadays through modern techniques and methods.


The country of Latvia has set an example for so many other countries on how to manage waste materials properly. Latvia is doing great in waste management and has an excellent and proper system for managing any kind of waste. They can dispose of any kind of waste material with the respective techniques so that it cannot degrade the environment. For every waste material, this country has an ideal disposal method, and any kind of waste can be very easily disposed of in this country. The government of this country has carried out so many awareness programs for the local people of this country so that they can also contribute to waste management. Waste management association of Latvia was started in the year 1994, and since then, this association has done a great job for the country in managing the waste materials.

Work and Study Abroad

The employment rate of Latvia still needs to be increased as the job opportunities are less, and the population of this country is much higher. The government of Latvia is trying extremely hard to increase the country's employment rates. Every year, job opportunities in this country are increasing, which is a very good sign for the local people. Middle-class people of this country have to work really hard to make their living, and for this hard work, they receive very less wages. Local people of this country also have the option of studying abroad if they are not satisfied with the quality of education of Latvia. Studying abroad requires a lot of money as the rates of the courses in other countries are much higher than in Latvia. Middle-class people have to work really hard and get good grades to get eligible for the scholarship and study abroad.

Exchange Student

Every year most of the universities of Latvia carry out exchange programs in which they give a chance to the students of other countries. Education in Latvia is cheaper than in other countries, and the people of other countries who cannot afford to study in their own country can study here. The quality of education in this country is really good, and if students study properly, they will definitely get success and get a decent job in Latvia. Students of other countries get all the necessary facilities in Latvia like they get a place where they can live, mess facilities are available for the students if they live in the hostel affiliated with the universities. Students enrolled through exchange programs are given equal chances and opportunities by the universities and help them in every possible way to get a decent job.

Au Pair

Au pair agencies and companies play a crucial role in providing employment to the needy people and increasing the country's employment rates. There are many au pair companies and agencies in this country that have provided employment to so many local people of this country and helped them to earn their living. Although the jobs provided by these companies do not provide enough money to the people and they have to work really hard every day to earn money. Just by doing jobs which come under au pair companies people cannot make their living, they have to do some other work also so that they can earn decent wages. Au pair agencies have really helped in bringing so many people out of poverty by providing them with employment so that they can earn money. The number of these agencies is increasing at a very rapid rate, and due to this, the rates of employment for the people are also increasing.


Volunteering is one of the best and really effective methods that students can practice after they complete the course so that they can get a decent job and make their living. Many students got a decent job after practicing volunteering, so it is a beneficial practice for the freshers to do. Volunteering is a very tough thing to do, and one has to work really hard so as to attract the members of the company, and later they can choose the individual. But the competition of getting a job through volunteering is really high, and one needs to be very hardworking and have creative ideas so as to get the job. Volunteering is a very common practice in Latvia, and every so many deserving candidate get a job for themselves.

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