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Eco-friendly travel guide to Lausanne advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A view of Lausanne during Autumn

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$70 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $400

Responsible Travel

Lausanne, a beautiful city in Switzerland, has been ranked among the top 10 best cities to live in globally. While enjoying its scenic views and sophisticated culture, it becomes our responsibility to opt for responsible ways to make our travel sustainable and eco-friendly.

Take care of the waste you generate by dumping it into separate recyclable bins, each categorized for different types of reusable substances. The city being a part of the leading country to work for a sustainable environment globally, these bins are available anywhere in the city.

Reduce your travel footprints by using as little plastic as possible. Avoid using single-use plastics by always carrying shopping bags made of cloth or jute.

Choose eco-friendly accommodation as a tourist. Go for green hotels, local hotels, and apartments instead of chains around the world.

The whole of Switzerland, including Lausanne, has safe drinking tap water. If you’re feeling thirsty on the road, you can drink tap water from anywhere instead of buying plastic water bottles. The groundwater is protected and clean.

Air Quality and Pollution

The Air Quality of any tourist location or place is a crucial thing to keep in mind because not all tourists can adapt to a city where air pollution is low, and the air quality is good, especially for people who belong to a sensitive group. Lausanne mostly has good air quality, and pollution levels aren't bad. One can say that automobiles' effect is more than that of the people who visit the city. Other than ground transportation, the shipping industry has contributed a lot to air pollution. If you wish to get fresh and clean air in Lausanne, prefer visiting the outskirts and the hilly regions. Most of the fuels used in marine ships have a major concentration of sulfur, which is a contaminant.

Respect the Culture

Lausanne's city will be socially ill-mannered for anyone who makes fun of artwork without knowing its importance and meaning. Since Switzerland shares its borders, it isn't nice when people ask any radical question about Jewish. Respecting the culture also includes taking every step necessary to keep the city's environment clean and not to dispose of waste anywhere but designated locations. Respecting the culture of a city or a country should come by itself from inside you. It would help if you remembered that every community has its struggles and problems but is living peacefully. While exploring Lausanne's city, make sure that your actions don't affect the local communities or the environment negatively.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Some people may wonder why others would want to visit Lausanne, and the sites of tourist are amongst the reasons.

Here are the top 10 places you can see in the city:

  • The Olympic Museum: The Olympic museum is located in Quai d’Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland. It was established in the year 1993. Juan Antonio Samaranch founded the museum.
  • Lausanne Cathedral: Lausanne Cathedral is one of the famous church in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Place de la Cathedrale, Lausanne, Switzerland. The church was styled in Gothic style by the Architect named Jean Cotterell.
  • Musee De I’elysee : Musee De I’Elysee is one of the famous museums in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Avenue de I’Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland. The museum was established in the year 1985.

Sauvabelin Tower: It is one of the famous towers in the city of Lausanne. The tower is made up of wood. The tower was established in the year 2003.

  • Collection De I’Art Brut: It is the biggest museum in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Avenue Bernieres, Lausanne, Switzerland. It was established in the year 1976.
  • Palais De Rumine: One of the famous buildings in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Place de la Riponne, Lausanne, Switzerland. It was constructed in the 19th century.
  • Hermitage Foundation: An elegant lakeside museum. It is located in Route du Signal, Lausanne, Switzerland. It was established in the year 1984.
  • Platform 10: It is an Art Museum in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Place de la Gare, Lausanne, Switzerland. It is one of the famous museums in the city of Lausanne.
  • Chateau Saint-Maire: It is a castle in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Place du Chateau, Lausanne, Switzerland. The castle was established in the year 1406. The height of the building is 535 meters.
  • Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts: One of the famous museums in the city of Lausanne. It is located in Place de La Cathedrale, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Lausanne Cathedral


Lausanne is one of Switzerland's most visited cities because it is a cultural city with numerous places to see and experience. The city is home to many shrines and temples, exciting to explore, whether you are a religious person. Numerous parks are praised for meeting the exquisite standards that are associated with Swiss parks and gardens. There are also countless historical and cultural sites to see to ensure that you have the best possible memories from the city. The choice to visit the city of Lausanne is, without a doubt, a great one, and it will be worth your time and every cent spent. Keep reading to be able to find out more about this fantastic tourist destination.

City Parks

Lausanne's city is well known for having some of the best parks and gardens, and the city of Lausanne is home to some of the best in the city. Listed below are the most popular parks in the city.

  • Montbenon
  • Milan Park
  • Parc D Mon Repos
  • Sauvabelin Park
  • Louis Bourget Park
  • Parc Dr Valency
The beautiful Montbenon park

National Parks

The country has always been famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources, and so that this city has a wonderful collection of national parks and a zoo. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in and around the city but are not very far away from the city.

  • Parc Olympique
  • Jardin Botanique De Lausanne
  • Park Hermitage
Jardin Botanique De Lausanne


The city of Lausanne is known for having some of the best beaches in Switzerland. They are some of the must-visit places in the city. Below is a list of some of the most popular beaches in the city.

  • Plage De Vidy
  • Plage De Preverenges
  • Plage De St. Sulpice
  • Le Laviau
  • Plage De Cully
  • Plage De Tourronde
Plage De Vidy


The city of Lausanne also has its share of memorable landmarks and monuments. You must try and visit as many as you possibly can. While the list is quite long, we are mentioning a few of them for our readers' benefit.

  • Place De La Palud
  • Serviaon Zoo
  • Rolex Learning Center
  • Musee Du Chateau De Morges
  • Romainmotier Priory
Place De La Palud


Lausanne is a city with a story and a lot of historical value. Below is a list of some of the most prominent museums in the city.

  • Collection De L’art Brut
  • On De I’hermitage
  • Musee De I’elysee
  • Musee Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts
  • Mudac
  • Espace Des Inventions
Inside the Collection De L’art Brut


Whether a foodie or not, one of the happiest ways of enjoying a place’s traditions and cultures is by enjoying its food, the city of Lausanne has been a Masterchef in both cases of art and food. Apart from tasting the quick bites of street food, do check out the famous Swiss dishes that have been traditionally made in Lausanne for a long time. You will find that the locals prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food with lots of vegetables and meat. Apart from these traditional and modern cuisines, the local street food is a must-try one that will leave your mouth lingering with their flavors. Here are some famous local restaurants, vegetarian and vegan, and street foods are given below.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some famous local restaurants which serve their authentic traditional foods are given below:

  • La Table D’edgard
  • Café Romand
  • Anne-Sophie Pic Au Beau-Rivage Palace
  • Pinte Besson
  • Eat Me
  • Le Berceau Des Sens

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegetarian, you do not need to worry when you are in this city as there are many restaurants to attend to your needs. With these places, you will get to enjoy traditional meals properly with your regular choices. Since it is already established that cravings for the vegetarian and vegan dishes in a city, here are some of the local vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city of Lausanne:

  • Vege Café
  • Plant Smart
  • Tibits
  • Au Couscous
  • Luncheonette
  • Veganopolis Café
  • Le Valdo

Street Food

Various cities have various food they classify as street food. Suppose you are a street food enthusiast and would want to try some in this city. The preparation time for them does not take long, and it is something you can eat on the go. One thing about street food is that you can try out varieties at the same time. You know those foods you can easily get on the roadside without the need for a fancy restaurant—those classified as street food.

  • Boutefas
  • Fondue
  • Papet Vaudoisnusstorte
  • Rosted Flour Soup
  • Rosti
  • Basler Leckerli


You have dozens of big, small, and medium-sized bars to choose from. There is no doubt that the local people love to drink regularly, especially on special occasions with friends and family. You can enjoy almost all types of drinks that you get in any good western restaurant and bar. There are many local alcoholics and non-alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in the city. These drinks will help you understand the significance and increasing popularity amongst the locals. People in the city of Lausanne love to drink, especially at gatherings and special occasions. The locals are simple and laid-back ones that prefer enjoying the time they have. The city offers a wide variety of wines from the different areas of the country.


The tap water in the city is 100% safe to drink without any harm to your health. But most of the Swiss people in the city drink it without boiling. The locals recommend it to drink. You can drink tap water without filtering, but the locals will give you some side-eye. Boiling or filtering is not necessary, but you can do it just like locals. One of the most common things tourists need to know before landing in the city is water quality. Knowing the quality of tap water will help you to know if you can drink it or not. As an eco-friendly traveler, try to avoid drinking packaged water. Instead, boil and filter the tap water and drink it. If you are staying in a green hotel, you will get the best drinking water. In most parts of the city, you will be able to get bottled mineral water that you can buy.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the most famous names of the organic cafes that you need to try in Lausanne to get the best experience. Most of these places provide 100% genuine organic vegetables for the customers.

  • Be Oh! Restaurant Lausanne
  • Lemoncha
  • Café De Grancy
  • Minuit Soleil
  • Street Kitchen Café
  • Plant Smart
  • Loxton


For those who prefer healthier foods and are more on the conscious side, organic cafes and restaurants are ideal places to detox your body. If you love alcoholic drinks, you will have a swell time in the city as there are many fabulous options for you. These places serve vegetarian and vegan dishes with 100% organic ingredients that are quite mouth-watering and pocket friendly.

Have a look at some of its breweries:

  • Brasserie D’ouchy
  • Dystopian Brewing Sarl
  • La Nebuleuse Sa
  • Brasserie Du Chateau
  • Le Cygne Brasserie Lausanne


Lausanne's city was recently marked among the top 10 most liveable cities globally; the city has always been a peaceful and safer place to reside, even at times of political unrest. It is a place where many famous humanists and theologians like the 15th century Erasmus have begun their work. Lausanne is a city full of cultural information of different subjects and countries (from arts and music to storing the traditional significant works of ancient races and tribes present today. There is an endless number of activities you can do in this space-limited city.

Yoga and Retreats

You will find that young people are the ones that like to participate in such fitness exercised. There are many yoga institutes in the city where you can train under a qualified and experienced yoga teacher. With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, the local people are gaining interest in yoga. Here are some of the famous yoga centers in the city of Lausanne:

  • Imyoga.Ch
  • Beat Fitness
  • Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne
  • Yoga Flame
  • Yogafree-Yoga
  • Academy And Yoga-Lausanne


There are many green hotels, camping sites, and couch-surfing hosts that offer accommodation at much cheaper rates and are ideal for those with a tight budget. It would be best to do whatever works best for you. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. We would not say that accommodation in this city is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more. There are many hotels, hostels, and guest houses that offer various rooms according to your budget's affordability. These places help the tourists to have a comfortable and convenient stay in the city of Lausanne. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.

Green Hotels

If you are an environmental enthusiast, we know that you would search for green hotels in the city to ensure that you have an eco-friendly stay in the city. Many foreigners fail to realize that they have a role to play in protecting the environment, and it does not matter if it is your place of origin or not. You should play a role in any place you find yourself.

  • Ibis Lausanne Center
  • Movenpick Hotel Lausanne
  • Carlton Lausanne Boutique Hotel
  • Beau-Rivage Palace
  • Hotel Alagare

Hostels and Guest Houses

You might not be able to get many options and features of big hotels, but they are pocket friendly. You will be able to stay in the city for a long time without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the hostels and guest houses that you can choose to stay.

  • Auberge De Jeunesse De Lausanne
  • Bed & Breakfast Le Chalet
  • Chambres Maillefer 49
  • Ada-Logements
  • Hotel Lausanne By Fassbind
  • Bernalo


Hotels are often the number one choice for tourists as they are usually cheaper and convenient, but tourists visiting the city for a longer time should always prefer renting out an apartment. A lot of these places are located near the prime locations and are the best ones to rent. Before renting out an apartment, inspect the site properly and get reviews from the other residents. It is a small apartment within a hotel ideal for families and groups. These apartments have an en-suite kitchen with the required appliances and utensils. There are many affordable apartment options for tourists.


As a foreigner, you do not need to pay your host. However, it is your responsibility to be respectful and abide by the laws of the city. It is a new concept but has taken off quite well in the city. The idea surrounding Couchsurfing is that locals of the city offer hospitality by opening their homes to foreigners. It is usually voluntary so that there will be no complaints. Thus, anyone who signs up to accommodate people through Couchsurfing is expected to treat them right as they were not forced to do it.


There are few better ways to rest, relax, and reinvigorate than to get back to nature for a dose of the inimitable joys the great outdoors offers. And among the best ways to do this is camping. Lausanne's main spots in the city and many offshore islands possess all requisite ingredients for high-quality experiences, a moderate climate, natural splendors in singular abundance and diversity considering the city's comparatively small size, something which amazes many international visitors who get out of the cities and easy access to quality sites.

  • Camping De Vidy
  • Camping Pra Collet
  • Eu Te Amo Meu Bem
  • Camping Club Leman
  • Camping De Moratel

How to Get There

Many different options are available that you can use to get to the city of Lausanne. If you are traveling from foreign countries, then the best way to reach the city might be by air. But if you are traveling from another city in Switzerland, then you will have many different options available that you can take. The best way to travel to the city depends on your location or starting point. All of the options come with different advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before choosing one.


The city of Lausanne is well connected by air. The city has one airport that is Lausanne Airport. The airport serves millions of passengers every year and is considered the busiest airport in the country. It offers many domestic flights to various major cities. Also, avoid taking any transfer flights as they result in a lot of air pollution and you may face a delay in your travel.

Main Building of Lausanne Airport


If you love road trips and witness the natural beauty on the way, then you can choose this option. Having a trip to the city on a bus is the best idea to get there if you are traveling from a town in Switzerland. The bus is widespread and well-used transportation that will help you to get to the city smoothly. You will reach your destination very fast at a very reasonable price. The buses are very frequent in this city, and you will find many bus terminals and hubs scattered throughout the city.

Bus in Lausanne


Another interesting way to travel to the city is by train. Although most people choose flights to reach the city from outer countries, many people like to travel on a train and look at all the beautiful scenery on the way. You will be able to get the best and memorable experience by traveling using a train. The high-speed trains take less time to reach the destination and take less time than many other transportation modes. Make sure to book the train ticket a lot before the date of the starting journey to confirm your seats and avoid being on the waiting list.

Train in Lausanne


There is a common perception that hitchhiking is only easy for women and foreigners, but it appears not true. Local people are amiable and usually very honest. Waiting times to hitch are short, and people often don't mind driving a bit further than the place where they needed to be. While the locals are quite friendly and hospitable and hitchhiking is a common practice in many parts of the city, it is not common to encounter hitchhikers. Most drivers are naturally wary of picking up strangers, fearing carrying robbers and carjackers. While there are exceptional cases of drivers who would be okay with offering one a lift, most of them would not, especially when driving at night. Hitchhiking is very much in vogue in the city, but you have to be careful when choosing the right person.


You will be able to get a perfect time on the road trip. Although it will take a lot of time to reach the city using the roadway, you will watch all the different places on your way and feel the different cultures. Make sure to take some extra time on your hand as some routes might be filled with traffic. You can take a car or bike to reach the city by road to have a unique experience.

Moving Around

Private transport consists of motor scooters, private cars, taxi cabs, and bicycles. These modes of transportations are efficient in helping you move around the city and discover the city's hidden gems. Walking is an alternative mode of moving around but is the healthiest and cheapest mode. Motor-scooters often weave between cars and occasionally through oncoming traffic. The Station serves as the comprehensive hub for the subway, bus, conventional rail, and high-speed rail. If you wish to travel, then the best option at your disposal is public transports such as subway trains, available buses, and electronic vehicles. There are many rental car services as well but try to avoid them at all costs as they will overcharge you and emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment.


You can reach even the narrowest streets and areas of the city where vehicles cannot get. The best way of exploring the city is by walking. You will find that the streets are safe for pedestrians, and the chances of accidents happening are relatively low. Despite numerous attempts to decongest the city, including increasing the parking cost in town and banning public service vehicles from accessing certain parts of the town center, the streets have continued to be congested. Away from the city and into the residential suburbs boasts of many trees along many avenues that provide shade and fresh air as you stroll along.


Lausanne's city can be best explored by foot and by cycling because not only are they eco-friendly and no carbon in the air, but also because most destinations are located quite close to each other. With your city card, you can rent an e-bike for a maximum of 3 days from the rental office. They will also offer you a lock, a charger, and a helmet for a safe ride.

Electronic Vehicles

You can even find some charging stations outside the city and enjoy various amenities that the government provides the users of such vehicles. With the increasing popularity of environment-friendly practices, electronic vehicles have become one of the best ways of moving around the city. These cars, motorbikes, and bicycles operate using renewable resources, and their charging points are available all over the city. You can either opt for buying or renting out an electronic vehicle but prefer renting out to save your precious money as a tourist.

Public Bus

Public buses are the preferable options amongst the locals. You will find that almost everyone uses buses to get to areas inside and outside the city. These buses are a very efficient and comfortable mode of moving around the town. Not only do they connect different parts of the city well but they also run on electricity too. However, the newer technology implemented here goes as far as hydrogen-powered buses as well, so be assured of the eco-friendly traveler in you being completely satisfied. The best thing about the local bus is that the fare is meager and connects with all the famous attractions. You will cover all the famous attractions of the city with just one bus as they are included in the stoppage.

Tram, Train and Subway

Lausanne has an efficient train and tram system that can help you reach different parts of the city. These are not only efficient but also relatively cheap. You will find that locals and tourists prefer traveling via trams and trains to areas inside and outside the city. You can also learn a lot about local culture and traditions by interacting with fellow passengers. As a tourist, your hotel shall accommodate you with tram tickets, since getting on the green and yellow trams in the city of Lausanne without tickets is finable and embarrassing. Also, it is forbidden to eat or carry any food into trams.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping sustainably is an important aspect of maintaining balance in the society, the small stores often cater to specific needs with sustainably manufactured products, they don’t necessarily operate for profits, but they do serve to be interesting places especially for tourists who are looking for some rare items and fine craftsmanship. Sustainable shopping is a way you can contribute to the environment by buying eco-friendly things that are made by not harming nature and wildlife and will not contribute to any kind of pollution. Also, a better way to sustainable shopping is by buying eco-friendly items from local artisans and shops. Not only does it help the local business, but you also get to carry a touch of the local art and culture.

Food Markets

Without visiting the food market, you will not be able to get the city's best experience. If you are a food lover, then you will feel like you are in heaven. There are many different food markets where you can visit and do your shipping. You will get some of the local and unique food that is not available in other places. Here are some of the food markets that you need to visit in the city of Lausanne.


Flea Markets

There are many old flea markets in the city that are popular in the nearby cities. If you want to get an electrifying and dynamic experience with almost everything available, you need to visit this city's flea markets. If you are not sure which ones are the best for you, then here are some of them given below.

  • Salvation Army
  • Place De La Palud
  • Collection De I’art Brut
  • Market Evain-Les-Bains

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand markets are now evolving all around the world. You will find most of the stores very crowded and filled with quality items. Lausanne's city is no different, and second-hand markets have grown very well in the last few years. The local people have started to shop for these second-hand products and the tourists, which made these markets very crowded.

Here are some of the best second-hand shops to visit in the city.

  • Boutique Terre Des Hommes
  • Kiloboutique
  • Ateapic
  • Café Des Patronnes
  • La Boutique-Csp Vaud
  • The Galetas The Protestant Social Center


Switzerland holds onto its ethical art and culture very proudly but is also the leading country to take sustainable steps to save the environment. Whether thrifting at a second-hand shop or any clothing store on the city streets, you are sure to come across these authentic Swiss brands that tribute to sustainable fashion. All of them provide long-lasting, fashionable, and classy clothes made from reused fibers to organic cotton, peaceful silk, and other eco-friendly varieties.


Switzerland's people have made the 3 R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) as their daily motto like the classic fondue. It can be time-consuming and a little difficult at first to follow the rules accordingly, but soon you’ll get used to it. There are separate bins with specific logos and color codes. There are compulsory bin bags available for garbage disposal, but they are not meant to be recycled. If you’re planning to visit the city of Lausanne as a tourist for a few days, the hotel staff will dispose of the waste in your room responsibly, but if you’re planning to stay here for a while, please contact the Canton-Lausanne for all the rules and regulations regarding disposal of waste.


Waste management is quite efficient in Switzerland as the government, with the help of municipalities, has set various laws regarding waste disposal that are polluter pays principle-based. Under this principle, the bin bags are for the different kinds of waste and chargeable with pay per bag charges. Because of such strict rules, people produce less waste and use recycled and reusable items more.

Work and Study Abroad

Getting a well-standard job can be a little difficult for someone coming from a foreign country. However, the city and country offer a lot of opportunities. Also, getting a job in Lausanne's city depends on your past experiences and where you’re from. Some Swiss-based companies or local companies would rather hire a person who speaks German-Swiss with French and English knowledge than someone who only knows English. Some agencies promote work-abroad programs in the city of Lausanne, be careful of the fraud ones. Students have a huge opportunity to study and work part-time jobs in Lausanne (or Switzerland).

Exchange Student

Most of it depends upon your scores, German language abilities, and the final round of interviews. The exchange student is one of the trending concepts that earned a lot of popularity quickly. It helps the students from another country to get into a foreign university and continue their studies. Many universities and colleges in the city have this facility available, and they are well connected or partners with other universities in different countries. This option might not be available for you if you are not nominated. Every year, many students come from different countries using this method to study in the city of Lausanne.

Au Pair

This is a give-and-take process where you will be taking care of a child or older person for a limited time in exchange for shelter, food, and some money. Taking care of the baby or older people might not be easy because of the family members' busy schedules. Au Pair is one of the best ways of getting your study done in a foreign city while earning money. It helps the students or foreigners to explore the city and help out local people. You will be shocked to know how many people in this city desperately need Au Pairs. They lookout for the Au Pair service to get the best service and focus on work. Au pair in an online community where a person (generally a young female) gets to stay with a host family in a selected location for studying in a Lausanne university or school or to gain knowledge about the culture by living like a local, all in exchange of a safe shelter, food and some pocket expenses for looking after their house or by being a nanny. There are many families in the city of Lausanne that accept Au Pairs.


The life of the Swiss people circles around eco-friendly practices and measures. You will find many volunteering organizations in Lausanne that provide awareness and help for various societal problems like unemployment, drugs, social security, environment protection, etc. Swiss organizations urge people to participate in volunteering organizations and let the language barrier not be a difference anymore. It can be a wonderful experience to volunteer to help the needy on your trip to a foreign country.

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