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Eco-friendly travel guide to Marseille advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Marseille, France.

Old harbour of Marseille, at night, seen from the Pharo park.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.6 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$200 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $180

Responsible Travel

A short trip to Marseille would no doubt give you the perfect holiday memories that you would be able to cherish forever. It is one of the historic yet one of the fascinating cities on the Mediterranean Sea. Enveloped by Verduron Hills on one side and stunning water life on the other side, Marseille can be the perfect holiday spot for you to cherish. The city has a deep history embedded in its heart. Also known as ‘Massila’, Marseille is one of the oldest cities in France. Just like every other port around the globe, Marseille is one of the famous ports in France and if you love French artisan, then do not forget to explore this place. Here you can find a wide range of marvelous museums.

If you want to enjoy a responsible trip, then make sure that you are researching the environmental conditions of the city. Although outsiders avoid it for a poor reputation but being a bit responsible might help you to explore the city peacefully. Just like any other unfamiliar city, avoid going to places, especially at night. Try to be aware of pickpocketing and theft in the railway stations and tourist areas.

Air Quality and Pollution

The environmental condition of Marseille is not that good since the city faces a high amount of water pollution. The biggest reason for the cause of water pollution is due to public waste. Apart from that, industrial waste, agricultural runoff, also polluted the water. When it comes to air pollution, industrial gases and vehicle exhaust pollutes the air. If you are not aware of, then every year, the city produces about 18.7 tons of solid waste. However, this is just the waste that people generate. Now imagine the amount of waste, which the industries and vehicles generate.

Hence, it can be said that the air quality and pollution in Marseille is quite high. The government is taking initiatives to reduce pollution largely. Acid rain has become a major issue in the city due to the air pollution levels. It is polluting the water as well as the land. Many plants and water species are dying due to this reason. Many French plants are endangered along with animals. The air quality is gradually improving; however, it is not that good in Marseille.

Respect the Culture

As you might know, France is popular for its unique and rich French culture. Every city in France follows unique traditions as well as culture and so does Marseille. However, there is a bit different from the other part of France. By now, Marseille has turned out to be one of the regional centers due to the culture as well as entertainment. The city has an infamous opera house, maritime as well as historical museums, art galleries, and lots more. Along with that, you would come across many theatres.

French art has always been in popularity and Marseille always tops in the field of arts. The reason behind this is that the city is the birthplace of many renowned artists and poets. Hence, you can understand that if you visit the city, you would find a treasure of artwork and poetry works. Walking through the streets of Marseille and taking a glance at the buildings would let you immerse in the history of the city. Along with that, the end number of tourist attraction places would allow rediscovering things like

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Basilique Saint-Victor - It is one of the famous houses, which has been made in the memory of martyr Saint-Victor. Basilique was founded in the 5th century.
  • Vieux Port - A yet another one of the most prominent tourist attractions places that you should visit. It is the place where Marseille originated as a Greek port.
  • Le Panier - Situated on a marvelous hillside near the Vieux Port, it is one of the colorful neighborhood in the city. Apart from that, it is also the cultural heart. Le Panier is one of the oldest parts of the city.
  • Calanques National Park - If you love to explore nature, then Calanques National Park is the place for you. It is just fifteen kilometers away from the main city.
  • Chateau d’If - Due to its stunning natural setting as well as the rich history, Chateau d’If is a worth visiting tourist attraction place. It is located on IIe d’If in Frioul Islands.
  • Vieille Charite - Vieille Charite is situated on Place des Moulins, which lies on one of the highest points in the city, Le Panier. In 1640, when the City Council decided to make a place for the poor, this building was created.
  • Cathedrale de la Major - Situated on the northwest of Le Panier quarter, this mesmerizing tourist attraction features a breathtaking view of the port city.
  • Notre-Dame de la Garde - Visit the Marseille city would remain incomplete if you do not visit Notre-Dame de la Garde. It is Roman-Byzantine architecture from where you can get a stunning view of the city.
  • Fort Saint-Jean - Entrance to the Marseille Port, Fort Saint-Jean is one of the infamous fortifications from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Notre-Dame de la Garde.
  • Park Borely - Taking a break from the rich history of Marseille, you can come here to enjoy and unwind since it is one of the Notable Gardens of France.
View of Vieux-Port, Marseille


From above, you might have understood that Marseille has plenty of irresistible places to visit, and missing those places would keep your vacation incomplete. Being one of the oldest port cities in France, Marseille features a vast French culture. Surprisingly, the culture of the city is quite different from that of the rest of France. From opera houses, museums, to ports, you would get everything here. Talking about the locals in Marseille, they are friendly, thus making you feel homely.

When visiting a different city or a country, a lack of homely feeling can ruin your entire trip. Although the city has a rich history and culture, you would still find the essence of modish vibes here. The nightlife and the shopping culture is quite humming and interesting. If you are a true art lover, then the city will surprise you every day for sure.

City Parks

  • Park Borely - This is one of the most popular French gardens in terms of size as well as character. Here you would find various gardens, a stunning lake, and a racetrack.
  • Parc Longchamp - The locals consider this park as one of the luckiest parks and it has been in Marseille for almost fifty years as it first opened in 1869. It was once a zoo; however, later on, it was closed.
  • Jardin du Pharo - One of the famous parks that accompanies Palais du Pharo, commonly known as Pharo’s Palace. This popular park was built in 1800 after Napolean III ordered for his wife.
  • Jardin Botanique E.M Heckel - Situated within the larger Parc Borely, it is one of the most atrociously beautiful gardens, which has been named after the director Edouard Marie Heckel. In 1913, additional land was added to the park and now it is complete. If you visit the park, then you would be able to find out almost four thousand unique plant species.
Parc Longchamp

National Parks

  • Calanques National Park - It is one of the infamous national parks in Marseille and the only park in the European continent where you would get terrestrial, periurban, and marine culture. Calanques National Park is located between the Marseille communes, Cassis, as well as La Ciotat. If you are a nature lover, then you will love the place, as it is one of the aridest as well as windy areas in the entire city. From coastal creeks to a massive marine area of the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from that, here you will also get the opportunity to view some of the unique and rich flora and fauna. You can also indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities.
  • Park Borely - Yet another infamous park which you should definitely visit if you are planning to visit Marseille. The biking trails that you would get here is no doubt attractive and if you want to take a break and spend some time amidst greenery, then it is no doubt one of the best locations in Marseille.
Calanques National Park


  • Plages Escale Borely - Situated almost two miles to the south of Marseille; Plages Escale Borely is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Marseille. If you loves to sail and windsurf, then this beach would be the right choice for you. Along with that, you would come across plenty of bars, beach shacks, cafes as well as restaurants.
  • Plage de la Grande Mer - One of the popular beaches in Marseille and it is not far away from the main city. You must be aware of the fact that gorgeous beaches are one of the most important parts of the cities. Sandy beaches are one of the best choices for spending some good family time. All you can do once you visit here are sunbathe, swim, and enjoy different activities on this famous beach.
  • Calanque Port Pin - It is yet another best Cassis beaches in Marseille since due to the pristine beaches as well as the breathtaking view. If you are planning to visit Marseille, then Marseille is the best place for you. Although Port Pin is no doubt tough to access; however, you could have some unforgettable memories if you will come here.


  • Fort Saint Nicolas - Fort Saint Nicolas is one of the best landmarks in Marseille; it is located in the Vieux Port in the city. Visitors are no doubt behind the Palais du Pharo fort from the city center and have fun while enjoying a beautiful view.
  • Fort Saint-Jean - It is one of the historic forts in Marseille, which was built just to safeguard the entrance of Marseille’s Old Port. Situated on the west side of the harbor, Saint-Jean is one of the short walks from the St. Marie Majeure Cathedral.
  • Iles du Frioul - Iles du Frioul is one of the attractive island situated in the Marseille coast Frioul Islands. It is one of the environmentally fragile islands, where you will get a wide number of interesting vegetation as well as birds.
  • Joliette Docks in Marseille - Although it was once, one of the best docks in Europe and a popular landmark in Marseille.


  • Musee d’histoire de Marseille- It is one of the most popular and thirty-year historical museums to be in the city. At the time of excavation, there were various archaeological discoveries. Therefore, the museum features everything related to archaeological discoveries in the past.
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts- Situated within the Grand Palais Longchamp, the Musee des Beaux-Arts is one of the most popular museums in the city. Once you visit the museum, you will find an endless number of sculptures, drawings, and paintings from some of the infamous artists.
  • Musee Grobet-Labadie- It is one of the 19th century home, where you will get to see some of the outstanding collection of the Grobet-Labadie family. After the death of Louis Grobet, this mansion was gifted to his family as a gift. Now, this mansion has been transformed into a museum.


The popular French cuisine is world-famous due to the finesse as well as flavor. Due to this reason, no matter which city you visit in France, you will get the opportunity to taste some of the finest French cuisines. You must be aware of the fact that French cuisine depends completely on the blend of natural flavors. Every single spice is tactically blended to come up with some scrumptious and internationally popular dished. When it comes to French cuisine, cheese and wine are one of the main things.

Therefore, you would be able to taste some amazing dishes once you visit Marseille. Starting from some amazing veg dishes to non-veg, you would be able to get some mouth-watering dishes. Some of the popular dishes that you would get in Marseille Coq au vin, Chocolate soufflé, Flamiche, etc.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Une Table Au Sud - In case you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine along with the menu that alters as per the season, then you should not miss visiting Une Table Au Sud. It is located in the Old Port corner. Here you would get the opportunity to taste original gourmet French cuisine.
  • L’Epuisette - If you love indulging in the taste of seafood, then L’Epuisette is one of the famous seafood restaurants. It is located in the extreme age of the Old Port. It is infamous for the Michelin-star award dishes along with the breathtaking panoramic views. The handpicked cuisine and the nouvelle-inspired foods that you will get here are made with the finest ingredients that would lift your taste buds.
  • Restaurant Chez Michel - One of the popular Marseille institution that attracts the crowd solely due to the outstanding location, delicious gourmet dishes, and warm welcome. Once you taste the food here, you will be blown away due to the unique taste and flavor.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Flower Burger - If you are concerned about vegan food, then you can visit the Flower Burger eatery. It specializes in burgers and potato fries. One of the attractive features about the burgers that you would get here is baked and colorful burgers.
  • Green Love - yet another one of the most popular vegan restaurants that you will get in Marseille. Here you will get a wide number of cold-pressed juices, warm as well as cold dishes, delicious bakery items as well as desserts.
  • Why Not us Coffee - Apart from burgers, cookies, you will also get a wide number of fast foods and American food as well. Besides, various European dishes are also available here. From beer and wine to hot dogs, you would get everything here.
  • Grain de Sable - If you want to visit any vegan restaurant that offers a plethora of menus, then Grain se Sable is one of the best options. Here you will get almost every French vegan dish.

Street Food

  • Si Nga - It is one of the most popular street food truck that you would get in Marseille. Here you would get various Pan Asian dishes, which are quite delicious. Food trucks are popular in Marseille, and therefore do not miss eating from the food trucks.
  • Ghomrassen - Ghomrassen is another well-known street food store where you would get a wide variety of Tunisian foods and Moroccan food. Starting from the appetizers, the main course, to the desserts, everything is quite delicious here. You will no doubt get a wide range of delicious foods here.
  • Sahtein - If you want to grab a quick bite on the go, this fast food outlet is the best choice. Some of the popular dishes that you would get here are Chicken Tauok, Shawrma, Hummus, etc. The foods are fairly priced, which makes the outlet one of the popular choices for almost everyone.


The water quality of Marseille is moderate and you can consume it. However, it is best if you consume packaged water to avoid any emergency. Due to the high level of water pollution, normal water can be quite risky to consume. Although the weather conditions do not have extremity; however, you might feel thirsty if you remain outside throughout the day. Therefore, the demand for drinks remains moderate here. Either you can buy packaged water or you would get many carbonated drinks and juice outlets. You can also opt for drinking tap water, but avoiding is the best idea.

Local drinks available in Marseille are thirst-quenching and you would not have the urge to consume alcohol. As the weather conditions remain moderate here, so, you can no doubt enjoy delicious tea or coffee here. You will also come across a wide number of liquor stores from where you can get exotic wines and drinks.


As already mentioned, the water pollution level is high and due to this reason, it is always a good idea to opt for the packaged drinking water. Contamination is one of the biggest issues here with tap water. Tourism is high in Marseille and therefore the government took the initiative to work on pollution and water filtration. You can drink tap water, but the option of delicious local French drinks can make you skip tap water.

Most local drinks, soft drinks, or packaged water are affordable and at the same time safe to consume. To avoid any serious health issues, consuming local drinks is the best option. If you are planning to visit Marseille, then make sure to carry packaged drinking water no matter where you go to stay safe at all times.

Organic Cafés

  • Café I’Ecomotive - This is one of the renowned organic cafeterias near the Saint Charles Station. Here you would get a wide range of delicious dishes, from vegan grubs to salads and cakes. The ambiance of the place is quite enthralling and you would no doubt feel relaxed if you visit here.
  • Green Bear Coffee - Facing the scenic beauty of the city, Green Bear Coffee is one of the most popular organic cafeterias that you should visit if you going to Marseille. The coffee is one of the USP here along with other snacks and appetizers. Also, the staffs here are friendly and helpful. Even if you do not speak or understand French, they would help you with English.
  • Café Borely - Delicious food, perfect location, great ambiance, and friendly staff make Café Borely one of the best organic cafeterias in Marseille. This one-stop destination is best if you want to take a coffee break and grab a quick snack.


  • Zoumai - It is one of the most popular breweries in Marseille where you will get a wide range of exotic beer. Apart from that, if you want to taste any local craft beer, then also you would get it here. Along with drinks, you would also get a wide range of dishes and appetizers as well.
  • Brewery De La Plaine - It is not only a brewery but also a cozy restaurant where you will get a wide number of local as well as exotic drinks and foods. If you want to enjoy some unique blend of drinks as well as a laid-back ambiance to relax, then this brewery is no doubt the best option.
  • The Black Unicorn - If you want happy hours for enjoying some local breweries, The Black Unicorn is the best option. Decoration, the behavior of the staff, and the food are impressive. You can no doubt enjoy a great time with your friends or family members here.


  • Le Panier - Also known as the Basket, Le Panier can give you a glimpse of the old version of * Marseille along with the city culture. Starting from the small and winding streets to the squared restaurants, terraced homes, Le Panier is one of the best places that you must visit if you are going to Marseille for the first time. Here you can get the opportunity to view some of the famous attractions such as Cathedrale de la Major, MuCEM, and lots more.
  • Abbaye Saint Victor - It is one of the renowned working Catholic church. Back in the 11th century, the church was found. If you are planning to visit Marseille, then do not forget to visit this church.
  • Parc National des Calanques - from the eye-soothing views of the limestone cliffs dropping into pebble beaches covered by aquamarine water, Parc National des Calanques is one of the worth visiting place. Here you can indulge either in viewing the natural beauty or in go hiking.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Fakir Club - One of the best yoga centers that you would ever come across in Marseille. The beautiful and bright ambiance is something that would automatically lift your mood. Apart from that yoga classes, here you would get the opportunity to indulge in dance sessions as well as ayurvedic treatments. Experts here are renowned and give them enough information on maintaining health and well-being.
  • Narasimha Yoga - Yet another most popular place where you cannot only get good yoga sessions as well as the warm hospitality. It is one of the best places to take a break from exploring the city. A wide number of ayurvedic as well as spa treatments are offered here, which will no doubt relax your mind and soul.
  • Yoga cote Jardin - Magnificent rooms and gardens as well as a wide number of spa rooms and yoga teachers, here you would get the best natural treatments for your health. If you visit Marseille for the first time, do not forget to visit this place.


Accommodations are available in a wide range of options in Marseille as per your budget and needs. From affordable hostels to five-star resorts, you will get almost everything here. Being one of the most important port cities of France, Marseille features plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. If you do not want to stay in the main city, you can also opt for hostels or hotels away from the main city.

No matter what you choose or where you go, you would enjoy a comfortable stay almost in every accommodation option. Rates might vary depending on the location of the hostel or hotel. However, there are also affordable options so that you can enjoy the vacation the way you want.

Green Hotels

Although there are not many green hotels in Marseille, however, you would get a few if you move beyond the main city. The outskirts of the main city are the only area where the green hotels are found due to the location. Some of the popular green hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay are Radisson Blu Hotel and Hotel Bellevue Marseille. Here you will get exclusive amenities that can make your stay comfortable and memorable.

With the wide-open gardens, stunning view of nature, you can no doubt enjoy staying in both of these hotels. If you visit Marseille and decide to opt for green hotels, then Radisson Blu and Bellevue are two of the best options. The location, service, and food are no doubt of great quality. Apart from that, the property condition as well as cleanliness are properly maintained here.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Plan de Cuques T2 - Situated in the heart of the city, Plan de Cuques is one of the most popular * hostels that you would ever find. The accommodation option is impressive since you would get clean rooms along with a terrace. Even if you visit Marseille with your friends, you would get cozy rooms as well. It is near to the Marseille Provence Airport, which means that you do not have to worry much about transport.
  • Chateau Gombert - Set amidst Les Terrasses du Port Shopping Centre as well as Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, Chateau Gombert is yet another popular option when it comes to getting accommodation in Marseille. Here you will get multiple amenities that would no doubt make your stay comfortable.
  • LA nuit etoilee - Yet another best option when it comes to guesthouses and is located near the Les Terrasses du Port Shopping Centre; LA nuit etoilee provides comfortable stay along with exciting amenities.


Apartments are the best options when it comes to enjoying a comfortable stay with your partner or friends. You will get plenty of options and all you have to do, rent them. Although you would not get all the basic amenities like the guesthouses or the hotels; however, you can stay comfortably. Locals here do not create any objection when giving apartments and the locals are quite friendly here. If you want to get verified rooms and cleanliness is your priority, then booking rooms from Airbnb is the best choice. Most rooms available on the Airbnb platforms are verified. Renting them beforehand will no doubt make sure that you enjoy a comfortable stay.


Couchsurfing is quite famous and almost everyone here opts for the same. If you would be visiting Marseille for a solo trip and avoid the cost of the hotels and guesthouses, then Couchsurfing is the best option. If you search online, plenty of travel community is there, made by the surfers and hosts. Hosts enlist spaces and the surfers request so that they can stay. Isn’t it obvious that staying away from your house for ten to fifteen days can be quite tiring?

Once your request is accepted, you will be able to stay with local French families. As already mentioned, locals here are quite friendly and would make sure that you enjoy a comfortable stay. Overall, with Couchsurfing, you can enjoy the best travel experience in Marseille.


Camping is undoubtedly one of the best ideas when it comes to vacation since it one of the best ways to enjoy the adventure as well as unwinding. In case you enjoy relaxing amidst nature, then camping can be the best adventure for you. Marseille is enveloped with greenery and oceans, which means, you can have a great time at camping. Make sure that you are taking your friends so that you can enjoy the time with them. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will get endless peace and thrill. Adventure seekers would find heaven in Marseille if you choose to live in a tent and go on bicycle trails and camping. The memories that would get from camping and would remain priceless. Here are some of the places where you can go camping.

  • Camping Garlaban
  • Parc National des Calanques
  • Camping Les Cigales
  • Calanque d’En-Vau

How to Get There

Plenty of ways are there by which you can reach Marseille. Although Marseille is one of the oldest port cities in France, still it is quite developed. It might become tough for you to get eco-friendly traveling options. However, one of the easiest ways to reach Marseille is through the flight route. You can opt for the railway route; however, it would be possible only if you stay near France. Otherwise, it might become difficult for you to reach Marseille by train route. As of now, there is no eco-friendly route for traveling to Marseille.


The nearest airport to Marseille is Marseille Province Airport. It is situated almost twenty-seven kilometers away to the northeast. Apart from that, it is also one of the busiest airports. If you are planning to travel from Europe, you will get many options. However, there are no direct planes from the USA, but opting for the carrier flights might help you to reach Marseille.

Marseille Province Airport


Traveling by bus is only possible if you stay nearby the city. However, if you want to travel from a different country or even state, then the bus route might not be the best option due to the huge cost as well as unavailability. The nearest bus station in Marseille is St. Charles bus station situated near the main train station, which is Gare St. Charles.

A bus in Marseille


Train services are also a good choice if you want to travel to Marseille; however, it would only become possible if you stay nearby the city. Suppose, if you want to travel from Europe, then the train can be the best way. The main station of Marseille is Gare de Marseille, which is situated on the eastern side of the city. As it is the main station, most of the trains arrive as well as depart from here. Staying away from Europe might be a difficult option, especially if you want to travel by train.


Hitchhiking is popular in Marseille and if you are visiting for the first time and you are ignorant about the bus rates or the train rates, then hitchhiking can be the best option. However, it is best to take safety and then opt for hitchhiking. You would get motorbikes throughout the city although you might have to face issues due to traffic. Even if you ask any driver to pick you up, they will, but it is best if you wear a helmet for your safety. Hitchhiking is possible for the four-wheelers; however, you have to find the right spot.


Traveling to Marseille through other transport modes is only possible if you in France or adjacent cities. Only then, you would be able to opt for the local buses and the e-cars, if available. Keeping in mind about responsible-traveling it is best to opt for conventional transport options.

Moving Around

Marseille is one of the most beautiful port cities and due to this reason; it can be the best vacationing city. If exploring the city inside out is your priority; opt for foot walking since it will help you with in-detail exploring. Besides, it would become easy for you to enjoy the charm of the place. Marseille is already filled with rich culture and heritage and is different from other French cities. Here you will get mix modern-traditional vibes that will no uplift your mood.


Marseille is a huge city and even if you intend to walk through the city to enjoy the beauty of the place, then it might become tiresome for you. Therefore, whenever you are going to any distant place in the city, it is best to opt for the local transport so that you can enjoy it. Apart from that, some places can tend to be too crowded and to avoid such hassle, it is always a good idea to avoid walking.


You can also opt for bicycles if you want to explore the city considering the responsible-traveling concept, then it is best to opt for the bicycles. This would help in keeping pollution away and bicycles help in the hassle-free exploration of the city.

Electronic Vehicles

As the pollution rate is quite high in Marseille, the amount of electronic vehicles is quite high. If you want to get e-vehicles on rent, then you would no doubt get it. Marseille is turning into an energy-efficient port just to preserve the natural reserve and flora and fauna.

Public Bus

Public buses are available in plenty like other cities. However, you would get options, as half of the public buses are diesel-driven, while others are electrically driven. The reason behind this step is only to prevent the increasing rate of pollution. Apart from that, availing of public buses is a great option since they are affordable and you can go almost everywhere.

Tram, Train and Subway

Marseille has the fastest metro and is the best transit system if you want to travel from one sport to another. Due to the metro railway, many subways are available in different stations and you can only use them if you are traveling in the metro. One of the best options to reach any destination is opting for the metro since it is cheaper and quicker. Also, you will be able to avoid crowds.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is prevalent in Marseille due to the rise in pollution. You will come across plenty of small outlets and stores selling various handmade and biodegradable items. Starting from clothes to foods, you would get everything in these stores. If you love to indulge in the taste of homemade foods, like jams, organic vegetables, then do not forget to experience sustainable shopping. Silk and French art inspired clothing are quite common here and no matter what you need, you just have to ask the shopkeeper, they will show you everything. From dyed clothes to handmade DIY items, you will get everything in the small shopping outlets.

Apart from that, if you like organic-cotton products, pastel-colored outfits, and eco-friendly items, then sustainable shopping can be the best option for you. Away from the heart of the city, you will also get a wide variety of shops and stores that sell eco-sustainable items.

Food Markets

When it comes to food markets, you would no doubt find a wide number of food outlets as well as spots where you can find French ingredients for making French dishes. Apart from that, you would also get different vegetables, and lots more. Such food markets have an outstanding collection of food items.

Flea Markets

You will come across various flea markets in Marseille. These markets are quite popular since here you will find plenty of different fashion items, souvenirs, food items, and much more. Some of the popular flea markets in Marseille are Chez Lucaz, Diamant Modeste, Plain Market, etc.

Second Hand Stores

Just like the flea markets, you would come across many thrift stores that sell some outstanding second-hand items. Some of the popular thrift stores in Marseille are Coquet TE, Humana, Maison Mere, etc.


The concept of eco-fashion is quite rampant here since people like to invest in such products that are not harmful to the environment. Some of the popular eco-fashion stores in Marseille are Miaydi, Jogging Store, AKFK, etc.


As aforementioned, the pollution rate is quite high in Marseille and due to this reason; locals tend to indulge in the goodness of recycling. Due to this reason, many companies in Marseille have already opted for eco-friendly packaging and manufacture eco-friendly products so that it does not harm the environment.


Although the population is here not too high or too low; however, the city generates many wastes every year. Along with that, the amount of air, as well as water pollution, is also quite high here. The government has come up with various steps to control the pollution along with a proper waste management system. Locals here have started accepting the guides with wide-open arms. Along with that, various cleanliness drives are organized in the city to keep pollution at bay.

Work and Study Abroad

Talking about employment and career opportunities, you come to know about some of the prestigious institutions that are available here. Apart from that, the employment opportunity is also quite high here in Marseille. Many students from around the come here to take admission to the colleges. You can also stay here in the city and continue with your studies without any hassle since the locals here are quite friendly.

Some of the top MNCs are also here and you can get a chance to work with reputed companies once you complete your studies. Depending on your eligibility criteria, you would certainly get a job. Overall, it can be said that in terms of employment or further studies, you will not face any issues. Gathering experience in every field is important since it helps in improving your skillset. Apart from that, it will also help you to fetch a better job.

Exchange Student

Marseille features some outstanding colleges and universities and students from around the world come here to take admission. Scholar students also get the opportunity to avail of the special course. No matter in which subject you are good at, you will always get the chance to show your excellence. The faculty of almost every institution is good and due to this reason, students from around the globe come here. Some of the prestigious institutions in Marseille are listed below.

  • Ecole Centrale de Marseille
  • University of the Mediterranean
  • Aix-Marseille University
  • Paul Cezanne University

Au Pair

French women are always after making their identity and due to this reason, they have to stay out for work. Due to this reason, the trend of Au Pair is high in Marseille. Women having small kids have to opt for such services who would be able to look after their family as well as the kids. Once you visit Marseille, you will see many Au Pair agencies that offer such services. Apart from that, many ex-pats even get ready to help the families with the kids and other household work. If you want to work for such families and look after household things, then you should try for it.


It has been mentioned earlier that Marseille is a city of rich culture and history and due to this reason, the city holds immense power. You will find volunteering concept is high in the city. Not just in terms of history but also the culture and heritage too. Various reputed organizations as well as NGOs are there who irrespective of any situation; try their best to preserve the rich culture as well as the diversity. Marseille provides immense flexibility to people thus making volunteering easy. It is best if you contact any reputed organization, which is legit and is associated with such experience.

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