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Eco-friendly travel guide to Mauritius advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Mauritius, Africa.

Crystal Rock in Mauritius

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 1.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5/ 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $300

Responsible Travel

Mauritius is an extremely beautiful island nation also known by the name of the Republic of Mauritius. This island nation is present in the Indian Ocean and situated about 2000 kilometres away from the coast of Africa continent. Port Louis is the capital city of the country Mauritius and one of the largest and also one of the most populated cities of this island nation. This country has a very large surface area of about more than 2000 square kilometres where a large number of the population reside. This country is a really lovely place for the tourists to explore and experience the beauty of this island nation. Every year millions of tourists pay a visit to this island nation as it is incredibly fascinating and has so many tourist attraction places where they can visit and enjoy their trip. As a tourist one should be aware of the guidelines that they should follow over here as a tourist and not to break any rules and regulations. It is really important to keep this island nation clean and tidy, and tourists are not allowed to throw garbage in public places. Tourists should not drink or smoke in the public places as it is strictly not allowed and against the rules of this country.

Air Quality and Pollution

In the recent studies and research, it was quite clear from the results that this country is one of the most polluted countries in the whole world. The air quality index of this country is between 12-14, which is much higher than the minimum value of 10. The air of this island nation is moderately unsafe, and many people are getting diagnosed with chronic diseases. The air has so many harmful chemicals and pollutants, which cause adverse effects on the body of the local people living in this island nation. Local people have started opting for air purifiers in their homes so as to filter those harmful chemical compounds from the air. Pollution rates of this island nation are really high, and there is a definite need to reduce these rates so as to keep the environment of this country safer. Vehicles are the primary cause of pollution in this island nation; the pollution caused by the burning of fuels is extremely harmful to every human being.

Respect the Culture

Local people of Mauritius are very dedicated when it comes to respecting their culture and rituals. People of this country wear traditional dresses during any of their cultural ceremonies and festivals. There is the traditional music of this country which is always being played during marriages and cultural activities. Traditional food is eaten during the festivals, and people of this country celebrate every festival with so much enjoyment. Respecting the culture is extremely important for the tourists visiting here as there are so many rules which are being made by the government. Tourists need to follow all the rules which are being made by the government of this country as there are serious punishments if they do not follow the rules. Tourists should get involved in the cultural activities of this island nation so as to know the culture of this country. It will help them to make new local friends of the country which can later help them to make their trip full of joy and excitement. Tourists will get to eat the traditional food, and they will get to wear the traditional dresses, they will get to learn the traditional dance and do many things about this island nation.

Top 10 Places to Visit

This island nation is a place worth exploring as it has so many different places to visit where people can spend some quality time. As a tourist one should search on the internet about the places, they can visit after coming to this country. This Island country has so many beautiful and fascinating places that on one trip, all of them cannot be explored. Below are the top 10 places that people should visit if they are in this country

  • Trou aux biches - This is one of the most famous and also one of the most visited beaches in the island country of Mauritius. It is a perfect place to practice adventurous activities like snorkelling, and the rates are also very affordable. A right place for a family outing where one can easily practice beach picnic and spend some good time with the family. There are so many food stalls over this beach so if any visitor is hungry and wants to eat something, then he/she can purchase the food from here.
  • Chamarel coloured earth - This is one of the most popular landmarks one can find on the Island of Mauritius and this landmark will definitely leave the tourists perplexed. This landmark consists of 7 different colours of sand which look extremely fascinating and no-one will find anything like that in any other country. Tourists should definitely pay a visit to this place as this place is a very unique place, and the colourful sand looks really beautiful.
  • Black river gorges national park - This is a very famous national park of this island nation, and wide varieties of flora and fauna can be seen here. This National park has a very large surface area of about 68 kilometres where there are so many things to explore as a tourist. This is a perfect place for photographers as this place will give them so many beautiful clicks of nature.
  • Casela World of adventures - If anyone is interested in going on a jungle safari then this is the perfect place for them. This place has the facilities of the jungle safari, and the rates are also very affordable and less. People can watch lions, tigers, leopards and many more wild animals from a very short distance. People can also go on elephant rides, and these rides are very safe and full of adventure. The environment of this place is very peaceful and pleasant, so it is a very good place to relax the mind.
  • Parc Francois leguat - This wildlife sanctuary is famous for its so many wide varieties of Turtles, and this attracts so many people towards this wildlife sanctuary. This place is a really good place for kids as they will definitely get fascinated by the different kinds of turtles. This wildlife sanctuary has a very big surface area where kids get so much space to play. There are more than hundreds of turtles in this wildlife sanctuary of different varieties and ages.
  • Trou aux cerfs - This park is very famous for its dormant volcano, which is as high as 605 metres. According to the researchers, this volcano can get active anytime within some thousands of years. This is a really good park for the fitness freaks as so many people can be seen exercising and jogging in this park. This is a very peaceful place so people can stress themselves out in this park.
  • Tamarind waterfalls - These waterfalls are incredibly fascinating and very soothing for the eyes of any of the tourists visiting this place. Tourists can easily reach this place through public transportation like buses, and they can also reach here by renting taxis. This is a really good place for people who like to go on hiking, and this is the perfect place for them to practice it. Adventurous activities like Cliff jumping and canyoneering can also be done over here so if anyone likes adventures, then this place is just so perfect for them.
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam botanical garden - This botanical garden is situated in the capital city of the island nation Mauritius, and daily so many people visit here. Wide varieties of plants and trees can be observed here, and every plant or tree has an information board which helps the visitors gain information regarding every tree and plant. It would be better to hire a private taxi or a cab to reach here as people need to change a few buses to reach this place.
  • Mauritius national botanical garden - Another very famous botanical garden which has so many kinds of plants and trees which are maintained really nicely over here. This beautiful botanical garden has more than 650 varieties of plants which attract so many tourists towards this place. People can easily reach here by public buses which charge a very nominal fare. Private taxis or cabs are also a very good option for the tourists if they are unaware of any other transportation.
  • La vanille crocodile park - This park is home to more than hundreds of crocodiles, they are kept here safe and are taken care. This park also has so many giant tortoises and all of them are of different ages, people love to visit this place. Tourists should definitely visit this place as this place is really peaceful and they can also get to see new reptile species in this park.
Trou aux biches


Exploration is an extremely important factor for any of the tourists visiting any place in the whole world. Exploration makes the trip very interesting and exciting for the tourists as by exploration they get to know more places which are worth visiting. In the island country of Mauritius exploration is really important as there are many places to visit and so many activities to do.

City Parks

City parks are a great place to relax and also for reducing the stress, local people very often pay a visit to their nearby city parks on off days. Some of the popular city parks which are present in this country are mentioned below.

  • La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park - This city park was opened in the year July 1998 for the local people, and from the day it is opened it became favourite amongst the people. The local people like to visit this park on off days alone or with their respective families. This is a really peaceful place, and the chirping of the birds present in this park is very soothing for the ears. This park is spread in more than 450 acres of land; thus, people get a very large space for the exploration.
  • Sir Abdul Razack Mohamed Garden - This city park is located in the capital city Port Louis of the island nation Mauritius and is a very popular and one of the most visited parks. This park is very nicely maintained, and the staff work really hard to keep it in good shape and clean. This city park has joggers track for the people who like to jog around, and the tracks are very nicely maintained.
  • Le Val Nature Park - This park is present in St Hubert, Mauritius, people can easily reach this park by using public transportation. This place attracts so many people towards it as it has so many different varieties of birds. This place is extremely good for the people who love bird watching as they can find some rare birds also in this city park. This park is also suitable for kids as this park has a kids place area with slides.
Le Val Nature Park

National Parks

National parks are the best place to see so many different kinds of animals of different ages and species. People can easily spend their whole day in these national parks without even getting bored as these parks are very exciting. Mauritius also has so many national parks some of them are mentioned below.

  • Black River Gorges National Park - This national park was opened in the year June 1994 for the public display in the island nation of Mauritius. This national park is a heaven for the people who love bird watching as this national park has so many kinds and varieties of birds here. Animals like Mauritian flying fox, the wild boar, these animals are very rare, and people will not find them in any other country. These animals are very nicely maintained in this national park and taken care.
  • Bras d'Eau National Park - This national park was opened in the year 2011 for the public display, and since then, this national park gained so much popularity. This national park is spread in more than 5 kilometres, and some of its areas are still under construction. This national park is also very famous for its different species of birds and is the first choice place for the birdwatchers. People can reach this national park either with public buses or by hiring a taxi, hiring a taxi is a better option.
  • Islets National Park - This national park is home to so many different kinds of animal species, bird species, plant and tree species. This national park is famous for its adventurous activities like kayaking and hiking, and this park is extremely good for nature lovers. This place is just so perfect for a one day family outing as there are so many activities for the visitors to do in this park.
Black River Gorges National Park


Beaches are one of the most relaxing and soothing places for the people, and on these beaches, people also get so many adventurous activities to do. Mauritius also has so many beaches in every city, some of the beaches of this country are mentioned below.

  • Tamarin Beach - This beach is one of the most famous beaches in this country, and daily so many people pay a visit to this beach. This beach attracts a large crowd of people and tourists every day. The beach is also home to dolphins which you can spot playing around and enjoy with them.
  • Flic en Flac Beach - Flic en Flac beach is an ideal romantic destination for many locals and tourists. Flac en Flac is a local seaside village full of tourist attractions. The oasis is large enough to host thousands of people there. Every view is breathtaking and beautiful. It is one of the longest beaches in the Island and has a stunning white sand.
  • Le Morne Public Beach - Le Morne beach is located near the mount Brabant and in the peninsula of Le Morne. The beach has a stunning view and is a popular destination among the tourists. Le Morne beach is also known for its beautiful white sand.
  • Plage Du Morne - The beach Pavillion at Du Morne is beautiful. At the beach, you can enjoy stunning views of sunset and sunrise either with your partner or alone. The marvellous view is worth checking out. Other than that the beach allows several activities. You can have a sunbath here or enjoy swimming. Snorkelling is also one of the top activities done on the beach.
Flic en Flac Beach


Mauritius has many beautiful and memorable landmarks that attract great tourist attraction every year.

  • Aapravasi Ghat: Aapravasi Ghat is located in Port Louis and is popularly known as Immigrant Depot. The beginning of the building started in 1849, and many labourers crossed this landmark during the British Empire to work in plantations. The Immigrant Depot was placed in the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Site in the year 2006.
  • Trou aux Cerfs: Located in Curepipe, Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano since a very long time. It gives an excellent 360 degrees view of Curepine. The dormant volcano is a famous tourist attraction in Mauritius.
  • Chamarel Coloured Earth: This village is in the southern-western side of the country. The unique thing about this place is that the sand here is seven coloured. Further, the passageway to Chamarel is lined with sugarcane and pineapple plantations. You can also purchase the test tubes filled with the seven coloured sand and keep the memories of a beautiful place with you.
Trou aux Cerfs


  • Blue Penny Museum: This museum is located at Caudan Waterfront in the Port Louis. The museum is dedicated to the history and art of Mauritius. As the name suggests, the museum has a vast collection of Blur Penny and Red Penny stamps. The museum is funded with the Mauritius Commercial Bank.
  • Frederick Hendrick Museum: The Fredrick Hendrik Museum is located at the Old Grand Port and is surrounded by tropical gardens. If you want to witness Dutch and French colonial settlements, this might be the historical site you would want to visit. The complex displays the beautiful historical paints and maps from the seventeenth century.
  • Natural History Museum: Located at the ground floor of the Mauritius Institute, the Natural History Museum exhibits the collections of Louis Bouton and Julien Desjardin. The museum is divided into four departments, mainly Fauna gallery, Marine Life Gallery, Meteorology, the world of Dodo, etc.
Blue Penny Museum


When on a vacation, having delicious food is on everyone's to-do list. Mauritius dishes are a wonderful blend of French, Chinese, Creol, Indian and English food. Fruits, Meats and sea foods are often imported. There are different ranges of curry, noodles and English bacon. The dishes are absolutely tremendous and uniquely styled. Usually, tomatoes, onions and gingers are the most common ingredients for Creole dishes. Some of the popular dishes of Mauritius involve Achard, Fish Vindaye, Camarons, Rougaille, etc. You can taste the amazing curried fish with mustard, onion, garlic and ginger. You can also try Mine Frites that have delicious soy soup fried noodles along with a garnishing of spring onions.


Mauritius is a great place to enjoy wonderful and exotic drinks. More interestingly, Mauritian people produce their own rum, which is worth the taste. Also, the delicious can rum is served by refreshing coconut water and a little lime dash. You can also taste some of the local beers, especially the one named Phoenix. French Black Eagle Beer is amongst the most popular beers in Mauritius. So. Whenever you visit Mauritius on a vacation, you must try one of these drinks. Other than alcohol, Mauritians are also a fan of tea drinking. Bois Chery Tea ranges are worth a taste due to their refreshing appeal and brilliant aroma. Even the long British Rule in Mauritius has promoted Whiskey drinking among the population too. So, if you are visiting Mauritius, you must enjoy the nightlife there and taste the exotic drinks.


Mauritius is a beautiful country with a large tourism inflow every year. Before you visit Mauritius, There are few things that you need to take care of. Tap water in Mauritius Is absolutely safe to drink. There is no need to carry a Mineral water bottle around every time. But, The recent outbreaks of dengue and other diseases have stressed the importance of safe drinking water. Therefore, it is best to boil the water before drinking or get a water purifier established in your kitchen. You should buy and use mineral water in case you are more sensitive and are staying in a crowdy area. In Rodriguez, Tap water is just not that safe to drink. This is because the island water consists of thousands of dead animals and the waste.


Mauritius is a wonderful place and offers great adventures. Whenever on your trip or vacation, try your best to get involved in the local life and have amazing fun. You can perform several activities in Mauritius like sight seeing, playing, water sports, etc. You can pay a visit to Mauritius Aquarium whenever you want and encounter the most amazing sea life with thousands of specimens together. Enjoy the beautiful country full of extravaganza. You can also go for hiking and trekking in some important national parks of the region. Go sight seeing and explore the city.


Getting a proper accommodation for yourself is the essential part of your fun vacation. No one has enough time and energy to look for hotels to stay after tiring flight. It is better if you have at least a pre booked accommodation for one or two days. In this way, you won't worry about looking for a place to stay and move your luggage. Just get a transport and go to your respective location. You can choose from a wide range of accommodation choices. Either book a hotel or get a stay in some hostel or apartment.

Green Hotels

Hotels are the most comfortable mode of accommodation but can prove to be slightly expensive if you are visiting Mauritius for the first time and do not know. More about the city' areas and whereabouts, it is recommended you book a stay at a hotel. Several hotels offer online and advanced bookings which means you have a guaranteed stay whenever you arrive in the country. Green Hotels offer many amenities like free parking, spa, sports, pool, saloon, etc. Also, these hotels are strictly designed and obliged to follow eco-friendly methods and strategies for the welfare of both community and nature. Many hotels have changed into non smoking rooms providing safety. Whenever you visit Mauritius, you can at least book the hotel for your first day and look for other accommodations until your stay duration. Or you could stay at the hotel for the whole vacation if you have a strong budget plan.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are on a solo trip and have a low budget plan, hostels might be your best pick. In Mauritius, almost every city has few hostels and guest houses ready to give accommodation to fellow tourists and locals. Many hostels also rent a bicycle for free or at low prices to the tourists. You can stay in a hostel as long as you want and it will still not be overly expensive for your pocket. It is best to book a hostel or a guest house if you are staying for 2-3 weeks at least. Many hostels come with a free wifi facility, and cleaning service can be optional. Also, it is optional if you want a sharing room or an individual room for yourself. Some hostels also provide three meals a day, or you can cook the food for yourself. Make sure you do a proper research before visiting the country or jumping to a conclusion for your stay.


Do you need more privacy and independence? Well, Apartments provide you with both in the top-notch ranges. Many apartments offer furniture, electronic appliances, refrigerator, stove, etc. to the tourists. Apartments are an ideal choice for stay if you are on an extended vacation and planning on to stay with your family or friends. You can choose from different apartments that best suit your budget plan. It is better to stay in an apartment which is located in close proximity to the country’s centre and has easy transportation access.


People of Mauritius are very friendly. They are always ready to welcome new culture and tourists and interact with them. Couch Surfing is becoming increasingly popular these days due to the hospitable nature of locals and increased adjustment levels in the tourists. You can stay at some one’s house or accommodation in Mauritius if the person is willing to have you. This way also promotes more closer interaction between locals and tourists and encourages them to form a great bond. Learn more closely about the life of locals and make a good rapport with them by staying close to them. But before you opt for couch surfing, you should work upon your adjustment skills and attitude. Remember to take control of your actions and behave patiently and nice. This is because if you are staying at somebody else’s house, you need to stay according to their rules. Also, do not perform derogatory activities at their home, especially smoking or drinking, to access that might damage the cordial relations between you and them.


Located in the Indian Ocean, It is an enthralling place for a fun adventure trip. You can enjoy a lot of things here, from hiking to sightseeing and boating. But most importantly, Camping is amongst the top adventurous activities preferred by tourists on their vacation to Mauritius. It becomes even more fun when you visit the place with your friends. Imagine lighting the bonfire, sitting around, singing and dancing with your friends and families. Mauritius has a thick cover of forests and is known for its magnificent wildlife. You can go camping around the seashore or inside the wild forests and have a memorable experience. Mainly there are three popular camping sites in Mauritius named as The Outpost, Explorers and Otentic Eco Tent. Otentic is the only eco camping site in the entire country located in Deux Ferrers. Llox Cerfs and Llot Mangenie are the nearest seashores from this location. You can reach them through a short 30 minute boat ride for free.



Getting There and Moving Around

Mauritius has a well developed and connected transportation network. It was until 1920, Mauritius had a very poor transportation network, and the only mode to access the country was via ships and boats. But now, the country has a well developed system of transportation. You can visit the country through Land, Water and Air transports. You can visit Mauritius via any of the modes of transport.


Air Transportation in Mauritius has developed a lot since the first flight took off in 1922 by Major F.W.Honnet. Since 2014, There are two main airports in Mauritius, namely Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport and Sir Gaetan Duval Airport. Both these airports ferries a large passenger traffic in and across the country. Out of these two airports, Sir Gaetan Duval Airport is the most popular domestic airport in the country. It carries passengers from the one extreme corner of the city to others. At the same time, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is a primary international airport in Mauritius. It hosts a lot of passenger traffic from. The nearby countries and locations. Air France is the first and the most popular aviation company in Mauritius for international traffic and passageway.

Blue Penny Museum


National Transport Authority is the main regulating body for the Mauritius Road Transport. Established under the Road Traffic Act in 1980, the National Transport Authority decides the licenses and applications for goods transportation and vehicle charges. There are about ninety two buses sin Mauritius that carry locals and tourists from one place to another in the nation. Majorly there are around two hundred twenty bus lines in Mauritius with a road network expanding to 2,066 Kilometers. The whole bus network of Mauritius revolves in and around Port Louis with some major and minor routes. There are few major bus transportation companies in Mauritius popularly named as Rose Hill Transport, Mauritius Bus Transport, United Bus Service, etc. There are about 900 bus stops in the country that help in the local and international flow of traffic and people.


Railway Transportation in Mauritius is not that developed. The use of trains or railways is not that much in effect in Mauritius. Mainly a proper Railway system was set up in Mauritius from 1860 to 1960. These railways were primarily used for industrial purposes, but it did not gain a lot of profit. Soon, the public, as well as the government and corporates, lost their interest in railway expansion and use. But, owing to increased strain on road traffic, the government proposed the formation of railway lines to ease up the passenger flow. The main railway line is a light rail system between Curepipe and Port Louis. The railway system is believed to have about nineteen stations traversing already existing transport terminals.


Hitchhiking is one of the most economical and interesting ways to travel. But it may not be the safest and certain way to travel. In hitchhiking, you can take a lift from other people traversing through the same area you are visiting. But, it is not sure that someone would let you in their vehicle so easy. During the process, you may come across the locals or other people who completely ignore and do not help. Whereas many people who are hospitable could also give you a ride to the place you want and you may end up making great friends in the process. It entirely depends on your attitude and people’s perception towards you. What if, you make them uncomfortable, they might run away from you. Therefore you should try to be more humble and sophisticated in the process.


Rather than bus or train transport the other modes of transport like taxi, and motor vehicles are also very popular. Other than that, the use of water transport is the primary mode of transportation in and across Mauritius. The island of Mauritius encourages the use of ships and boats for transportation. Port Louis is the main water port in Mauritius located on Rodriguez Island. There are many ways to travel into Mauritius via private boats or public water transportation. Other than that, there are about eight large ships, cargos and foreign owned ships for the movement of goods.

Apart from water transportation, there are three motorway routes for the transport of e-automobiles, cars, cabs and other vehicles. These three motorways, include M1 which runs from Port Louis to International airport and connects Moka, Quatre Bornes, Curepipe on the way. The second motor route connects Pamplemousses, Port Louis and Grand Baie over the twenty three kilometre range. The third and the last M3 routeway bypasses the Port Louis and act as a Terre Rouge to Verdun Link Road.

Sustainable Shopping

Whenever you are on a vacation, Shopping is a must do an activity. There are many things that you seem to love and have when you come across them while exploring the foreign market. Sustainable Shopping is the best way to promote environmental health and encourage responsible tourism. Being a responsible tourist, you should try to promote the local business and shopkeepers. You can encourage the use and purchase of eco-friendly products and also recommend it to your fellow tourists, family and friends. Sustainable Shopping is mainly based on the concept of low raw material consumptions to generate a larger production output. It stands on the principle of health, environment and social impact. Sustainable Shopping promotes the ideology of buying the products that you are in the dire need if and avoid purchasing the products having low appeal, use and need.

By shopping sustainably, you promote the protection of the environment and an individual’s health. Try your best to visit local shops and markets instead of just visiting expensive and large malls. This will not only promote local business but also boost their sales. Via sustainable Shopping, you can protect the workers and encourage animal welfare. Few ways in which you can promote sustainable Shopping involves avoiding the use of plastic, abandoning the use and marketing of animal made products like leather, silk, etc. Other than that, you should look for the quality of the material you are purchasing, type of fabric used, brand, etc. You can also promote local shopkeepers and purchase local goods and support small businesses.


Littering and waste generation is a big problem in Mauritius. Most of the litter and waste is recyclable in nature and promotes a sustainable approach towards the environment. In Mauritius, only 6-8% of waste is recycled, which is a concerning factor. There is more need for promoting the recycling of products and avoiding the use of plastics or other fabrics that are non recyclable. Since Mauritius is an island country and has no natural resources, it is important to promote recycling of the products. Also, the litter and waste generated pollutes the water in Mauritius and focuses on the need for recycling. The main recycling company in Mauritius is Green Limited. Many recycling bins are located at Grand Baie La Croisette. These bins recycle everything like plastic bottles, cardboard, batteries, cells, fluorescent lamps, polystyrene, etc. BEM Recycling can treat e-waste like scanners, fax machines, large household appliances, IT equipments, etc. Bel Ombre in Plankton recycles glass bottles in large numbers.


The primary method of waste disposal in Mauritius is dumping the waste into landfills and composts. Less than 5% of waste management methods involve recycling. The main landfill in Mauritius is located in Mare Chicose. It is a sanitary landfill where over 50,000 tonnes of solid waste is dumped on an average. Other than landfilling, many households have started practising home compost and disposal methods. Some of the few initiatives taken by them involve setting up of a home compost, segregation of waste and putting organic waste into use. Apart from that, individuals have focused more on the use of biodegradable products and discouraged the use of plastics. Also, the use of disposable plates and cups is highly derogatory to the environment.

Many people have also switched to recycling to promote a safer environment. Apart from that, recycling is more of a volunteer and individual effort. Locals have to carry the recyclable materials to the agency itself.

Work and Study Abroad

Mauritius is a beautiful and small island in the Indian Ocean with excellent work and study abroad opportunities. Mauritius is a really wonderful place to visit, stay or work for part time or full time. Many students like to grab study opportunities in Mauritius due to its stunning sceneries and landscapes. There are a number of beaches in Mauritius where you can enjoy and relax yourselves. Many people also go to Mauritius on a work basis. All you need is a valid study and work permit visa. Getting a work or study visa to Mauritius is very easy and does not require much documentation. Mauritius has beautiful locations, and residents here enjoy a high level of freedom. Students get excellent education experience and knowledge. They also get a chance to know more about Mauritian culture and history. Working and studying abroad gives students a chance to intermingle with different cultures and make new friends and connections.

Exchange Student

Recently, exchange education programs have gained a strong momentum in the market. Mauritius is an excellent study abroad destination with vibrant reefs, beautiful lagoons and stunning beaches. Students can opt for many different, exciting and unique courses here. There is no need to stick to old educational courses like economics, history, English, etc. Exchange students can choose various programs like wildlife, marine life, conservation and African studies.

  • University of MauritiusPadmashree Dr D.Y. Patil Medical University
  • Curtin University
  • Unicaf University

Au Pair

AU pairing is amongst the most popular cultural programs opted by students and many people wishing to work or stay in Mauritius. In AU pairing you can offer your services to any family or a person that will allow you to stay with them in return of them. The resident or people of Mauritius can sponsor your stay with them in return for your services. You can teach their kids or serves as a nanny for them. Also, you can work as a home keeper or cleaner for the people through AU pairing. This way you can enjoy the amazing beaches in Mauritius and earn good money along with entertainment.


Volunteering is the best way to extend your services and enjoy your time in Mauritius. You can volunteer for your services in Mauritius for social and environmental welfare. You can volunteer for various services like social welfare, sustainable development programs, language teaching, etc.

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