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Eco-friendly travel guide to Montego Bay advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

View of Montego Bay

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $620
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $800

Responsible Travel

The Second City or the Montego Bay is a tourist-centric port city in Jamaica and is among its most massive urban areas. It is famous for its refreshing beaches and resorts and is the second-largest Anglophone city after Kingston in the Caribbean region. It homes about 427,891 people only and ranked fourth in the largest Jamaican urban areas by population. It is an ideal tourist destination in Africa for people that seek to explore the beauty of the African cultures and communities. Therefore, while visiting Montego Bay, it would be best to keep your carbon footprint minimal by opting for eco-friendly options and becoming a responsible tourist.

  • The pollution levels in Montego Bay aren't that high. Still, you must not take it lightly and prefer using public transports, electronic vehicles, bicycles, or even walking as a means of traveling. Rental cars, ferry rides, and other fossil fuel operated carriers are very harmful to the local environment, and you should avoid them at any cost.
  • The local Jamaican communities in Montego Bay keep the Jamaican culture, traditions, and history alive. You must support them by using their services instead of international companies. You can visit the local food markets, flea markets, handicraft shops, eco-stores, and second-hand stores to support the local businesses and enlighten yourself with the Jamaican people's enriching culture and history.

Apart from these necessary measures, you must also use recycled and reusable products to avoid increasing pollution. You can opt for handkerchiefs, refillable water bottles, tiffin boxes, online tickets, and many more to keep your carbon footprint minimal.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air Quality and pollution level in Montego Bay is 'good' as per the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the higher usage of aluminum reefing, cement and lime manufacturing, electricity generation, transportation, etc., the air quality somewhat comes in between moderate to good.

  • Pollution Index – 67.08
  • Air Pollution – 53.86
  • Air Quality – 46.15
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) – 29 US AQI
  • Main Pollutants – PM2.5 – 7.1 g/m3

On your tour to Montego Bay, you will find lesser vehicles on roads; the air all around can be seen as cleaner than other cities in Jamaica.

Respect the Culture

People in Montego Bay follow the Jamaican culture – it consists of the norms, traditions, religion, values, and lifestyles that define the people of Montego Bay. As the largest religion here is Christianity, people in this part of the country usually follow the Christian faith; Montego Bay houses a wide variety of Christian Churches in the city. If you are visiting Montego Bay, make sure to know and follow the culture they adhere to maintain peace and serenity in the environment among Jamaican people.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Doctor's Cave Bathing Club: One of the famous beaches in Jamaica, Doctor's Cave Bathing Club, is a must-visit tourist attraction to pay a visit. Its crystal-clear turquoise waters give you immense pleasure to see the beautiful marine creatures. The beach has near-white fine sand that gives you the joy of walking barefoot all over the place. You can come here with friends and families to have a memorable time amid the beauty of nature and marine life.
  • Sam Sharpe Square: Sam Sharpe Square is the traditional heart of Montego Bay, named in honor of Sam Sharpe, a national hero who fought against slavery, making it a must-visit tourist spot if you are in Montego Bay. You can come across several monuments and antique architectures of those times. The history behind this vital landmark gives you chills and goose-bumps. Make sure to explore every bit of the place to know more about Jamaican history. You can also find some food stalls nearby to provide you with light snacks on your way around the Square.
  • Montego Bay Marine Park Trust: Montego Bay Marine Park Trust is a perfect choice to indulge in marine life. You will be overjoyed to visit this place as it provides effective programs for public education, monitors and interprets enforcement, and helps financially preserve the beautiful marine creatures. You can also become a part of the team as a visitor to spread awareness to conserve marine wildlife.
  • Aqua Sol Theme Park: Found near Montego Bay, Aqua Sol Theme Park is a must-go destination to indulge in water sports and the beauty of this pristine beach. It is a vast amusement park right on the sea where you can find a whole range of options to get you out on the calm, safe waters of the bay. The park provides you with lots of other amenities, including snorkeling, paragliding, traditional dining options, bar clubs, and many more. Make sure to explore the amusement park and have fun with your families and friends.
  • Fort Montego: Built by the British in the early 1700s, Fort Montego protects Jamaica's coastline from the French and Spanish army's pirates and naval forces. It houses four 12-pound cannons and some lower caliber guns, making it a top attraction point for tourists and locals as well. The history behind Fort Montego is an interesting one; you can hire a tour guide to help you explore the fort and general information about its history. You have to be physically fit to walk all over around the fort as it requires a bit of hiking, so make sure to experience a hiking adventure in Fort Montego.
  • Montego Bay Cruise Port: Montego Bay Cruise Port allows you to rent cruise ships or experience sailing. It is a cruise terminal in Montego Bay that provides you with private sailing facilities and explores the sea creatures. It is a popular Jamaican port of call for cruise lines like Carnival, NCL, Viking or Cunard, and many more. Several other amenities, such as restrooms, souvenir shops, restaurants, a beverage stand, and lots more. There is a tourist office booth that provides you with general information about sailing experiences.
  • Rose Hall Great House: It is originally a Jamaican Georgian plantation house that lies in Montego Bay, Jamaica – now a historic house museum showcasing the slave history and the White Witch of Rose Hall's legend. It is the most famous tourist destination for every citizen coming from all over the world. The interior and architecture of this mansion are fascinating and horrifying at the same time. From here, you can even see the panoramic view over the coast. The artist behind Rose Hall Great House is James Hakewill. You can also find a restaurant and a bar downstairs in the mansion.
  • Montego Bay Cultural Centre: If you're a history lover, then Montego Bay Cultural Centre is a perfect spot to see the Jamaican historians' dynamic cultural belongings and essential people of those times. It houses the National Gallery West and the National Museum West. You can visit the museum any day throughout the year between 9 am to 5 pm (closed on Sundays). It offers you the most comprehensive artistic, cultural, and historical exhibitions along with the works of Jamaica's iconic and contemporary photographers, painters, and sculptors. You can also see the historic 'Freedom Monument' that shows a tribute to slaves that fought in the rebellion.
  • Jamaica Water Sports: If you want to experience freestyle sailing, Jamaica Water Sports is a must-visit tourist destination to create a beautiful memory of your journey to Montego Bay. Apart from sailing, you can also enjoy snorkeling and paragliding and many more water sport activities. Private chartering is also an option here to spend quality time with families and friends.
  • Sandals Clay: It is a part of the privately-owned all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay, popular among honeymoon couples worldwide. Owned by Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, it is a tiny island spread over across 2.5 hectares. Here, you might find a Thai restaurant along with a private swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a secluded beach, and a bar club.
Montego Bay Cruise Port


Unlike other Jamaican cities, Montego Bay is a perfect destination for your holidays and outings. It is the second-largest city after Kingston in Jamaica, providing you with immense opportunities to explore and inherit Jamaican culture and tradition. You can come across several essential places ranging from parks to museums and traditional cuisines; every corner of the city has a different story to tell. Make sure to visit every vital landmark and sight to know more about the Jamaican culture. Here are some places you might love to explore:

City Parks

  • Closed Harbour Beach Park
  • Old Hospital Park
  • Montego River Gardens

National Parks

  • Montego Bay Marine Park Trust
  • Samuel's Bay National Marine Park
  • Rocklands Bird Sanctuary


  • Mahee Bay Beach
  • Kent Avenue Beach
  • Dead End Beach/ Buccaneer Beach
  • Tropical Bliss Beach
  • Cornwall Beach
  • Montego Beach
Tropical Bliss Beach


  • Burchell Memorial Church
  • The Cage
  • Courthouse Ruins
  • Civic Centre
  • Harbour Street
  • Creek Dome
  • Saint James Parish Church
The Cage in Montego Bay


The city of Montego Bay in Jamaica has a fascinating history worth exploring for anyone who has keen interests in improving their understanding and beliefs of this incredibly diverse and cultural Caribbean island. Apart from mind-blowing beaches and tourist attractions, you might find some interesting spots to indulge in the history of Jamaica's culture and tradition. Some perfect places for you to explore are:

  • Museum of St James
  • Ahhh…Ras natango Gallery and garden
  • Greenwood Great House
  • Bob Marley Mausoleum
  • National Museum West – Montego Bay Cultural Centre


Being Jamaica's second-largest city, Montego Bay is one of the island's most important tourist destinations that serves you the best of Jamaican cuisine with high-quality food made with fresh ingredients straight from the distributor. It has an array of restaurants catering to both local and traditional platforms for Jamaican people and foreigners. Here are some highly recommended restaurants you might be interested in:

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Pork Pit: With lots of flavors and love in the dishes they serve, Pork Pit restaurant is a popular restaurant in the city that serves the best chicken-based dishes in the locality. People often come here to taste the delicious chicken dish, with their spicy sauces. You have different flavors in sauces that allow you to choose your preferences, and voila, your perfect dish is prepared and served. Feel free to come here any day between 8 in the morning to 7 pm.
  • Sugar Mill Restaurant: Sugar Mill restaurant sits at the beautiful Half Moon Resort, providing you with one of Montego's most luxurious and romantic dining experiences. The menu here serves you the best Caribbean cuisine, along with the fusion of international cuisines. To taste this wonderful tragic of flavors from all over the world, be free to visit Sugar Mill Restaurant in this part of the city. Must-try dishes include Smoked Marlin, Foie Gras, Jamaican Salad, Jerk Chicken Rolls, Grilled Lobster Tail, Chilean Sea Bass, and many more.
  • Mystic India: Indian restaurants in this part of the city are a perfect destination for you to experience the best Jamaican and Indian food. It is famous not only for its dishes but also for the restaurant's entire décor. Not much of a meat-based restaurant, although it serves you with the best of vegan dishes. Must-try dishes include chili mushrooms, butter chicken, Hara bhara kebab, and many more.
  • Pier One: Pier One restaurant serves you with the city's best seafood in the whole of Montego Bay. Diners here are given open-air views of the marina, day and night, along with the best served traditional Jamaican cuisine. You can also enjoy DJs and dance performances to lighten your busy schedule. Must-try dishes include surf & turf burger, Pier 1 Seafood Mega Pot, surf 'N' turf, and lots more. Pier One restaurant is open every day between 11 am to 7 pm.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Houseboat Grill: The Houseboat Grill Restaurant serves the best of Caribbean food in the city. People often come to this vegan-friendly restaurant as this place allows you to experience and indulge in the taste of Caribbean seafood. It provides you with outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy the best served vegan dishes with a perfect view of the city's busy life. The steak here is fantastic, along with the cheesecake pudding, making it an ideal meal to brighten your day.
  • The Pelican Grill: The best Caribbean vegan-friendly restaurant in the city – The Pelican Grill gives you plenty of plant-based dishes on the menu to lighten your day with good-quality and healthy food. You can find this restaurant across the Street from the Old Hospital Park. Hence, the restaurant is easily accessible to the public and is highly trendy amongst Montego Bay's local people. A must-try dish here would be the jerk chicken along with rice. The restaurant is not so big, but still, you may find loads of Jamaican public sitting here enjoying the best delicacies they serve.
  • Seagrape Terrace: The vegan-friendly restaurant in the city Seagrape Terrace serves you with the best vegan cuisine. You can find this place in Half Moon Resort near Rose Hall. You may experience high-quality and healthy vegetarian dishes here. From salads to main courses, every bit of the food item is full of flavor and delightful taste, you might not forget your entire life. It is affordable and gluten-free, best for every vegan customer to visit and enjoy the delicious delicacies they serve.
  • Millennium Victory: Millennium Victory Restaurant in Montego Bay is a perfect destination for every vegan-food lover to visit this fantastic gluten-free restaurant in the city. Apart from plant-based dishes, this restaurant serves high-quality fruit juices in its juice bar section. Must-try dishes here include soft tofu and vegetable pasta with fresh vegetables.

Street Food

Jamaican street food is beyond expectations. On your tour to Montego Bay, you will find immense opportunities to explore the taste of excellent Jamaican cuisine and dining options. Apart from these, Montego Bay gives you the heavenly pleasure to indulge in its street food. The food here is not only healthy and nourishing; it also allows you to explore the Jamaican culture and tradition. Some of the street foods you might love are:

  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin
  • Grilled Mahi-Mahi
  • Stamp and Go
  • Jamaican Patty
  • Escovitch Fish
  • Jamaican Roasted Breadfruit


Drinks in the Caribbean make a virtue of relaxing and memorable socializing. While exploring Montego Bay, if you want to chill and relax with friends in the warm tropical climate, a cold alcoholic beverage is a must to smoothen your day. You may see that the quality and range of alcohol they offer lends to great versatility and choice to drinkers. Here are some local but popular drinks you might find in the local bars of Montego Bay city.

  • Rum punch
  • Tropical fruit juices
  • Puerto Rico – Pina Colada
  • Cuba – Cuba Libre
  • Bahamas – Gully Wash
  • Trinidad – Pink Gin
  • Coconut waters
  • Whiskey
  • Root Beers


Unlike other major cities in Jamaica, tap water in Montego Bay is safe to drink. You need not have to carry bottled water on your trip to this city, as it has the best quality of water purification system in terms of water purity and safety. Apart from brushing your teeth or other usages in toiletries, you can also drink water coming straight from your taps, whether it be in your hotels or any other accommodation.

Organic Cafés

Your trip to Montego Bay is incomplete without having light meals for your breakfasts or, say, brunches. According to travelers, Montego Bay has quite some famous places for you to hang out and start your day with a good meal and a refreshing morning. Breakfasts are a must if you're traveling all around the city; therefore, here are some best brunches places where you can have affordable light meals in this beautiful city of Jamaica.

  • Café Mocha
  • Starbucks Doctors Cave Beach
  • Café Blue
  • The Coffee n Crème Café


The breweries in Montego Bay are worth checking out. Here are some places you might seem interests in:

  • Brewery Sunset Restaurant & Lounge
  • Club Discreet (Wholas Bar)
  • Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville
  • Sir Winston's Reggae Club


Activities are the task which gives us full of enjoyment and refreshment. It can be of many things. Activities usually involve entertainment and refreshment of the body and sometimes even our mind. It also provides satisfaction when you participate in the desired actions. There are many options in the form of categories present in this city, including sports of water, air, or land. These fun activities provide knowledge as they include ancient history, which gives us a sense of richness in the city's culture and tradition.

  • Enjoy at beaches
  • Visit Archeological sites and museums
  • Visit gardens
  • Play Golf
  • Snorkeling

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a trendy practice since ancient times. Different yoga methods affect your body differently; some give you mental peace and remove stress and anxiety. Some strengthen your body by increasing flexibilities of muscles, and some improve the respiratory system. There are many yoga and retreats available in this city; you can join one of the yoga studios if you stay longer.

  • Art of Living - Health and Wellness Retreat
  • Teshuva Wellness
  • I am Om Yoga Studio
  • Mynt Retreat & Spa
  • Express Fitness
  • MAXX Fitness
  • Champion's Image Gym


There are many types of accommodations available here. Since there are many options available at a low price, different categories involve different facilities and costs. The stay in possibilities comprises four categories: Green Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses, Apartments, and camping areas. These options fit with different types of travelers. Where ever you stay, you must try to adopt eco-friendly measures.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are certified hotels by the government, which promotes greenery. These hotels always conserve water in every possible way as much as possible. They use groundwater and rainwater harvesting to conserve water and uses eco-friendly measures such as dustbins and gardens. There are many facilities which are available in the hotel room, including complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

  • SeaGarden Beach Resort
  • Sunscape Splash Montego Bay
  • Hotel Riu Montego Bay
  • Tobys Resort
  • Relax Resort Montego Bay
  • Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay
  • Hotel Riu Reggae

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are a solo traveler and in search of a cheaper room than a hotel with luxurious facilities, you can go to the hostel rooms. A hostel room is just a small room with a washroom attached. It will help you to boost your self-confidence and will make you independent. Some of the hostels provide breakfast for free as a complimentary dish.

  • Mobay Kotch
  • Cedar Ridge Lodging
  • Yaad Hostel
  • Future Togetherness Hostel
  • Hibiscus Hostel
  • Caribic House Montego Bay
  • Tobys Resort
  • Ridgeway Guest House
  • Verney House Resort
  • Secrets St. James Montego Bay


If you want to travel here for a longer time, you can choose an apartment on rent. It generally comes with no unique facility other than having complete privacy with your partners. Living in a guesthouse allows you to stay a little longer at a low cost. Apartments do not require any maintenance, and you have full freedom.

  • Montego Bay Club Apartments
  • Jamaican Apartment
  • West Inn Apartment
  • Montego Bay Club Apartments
  • Dyer's Studio Apartments


Couchsurfing is possible in this city, but no one ever tries because different accommodations are very much affordable. However, you must be very cautious while Couchsurfing because you must not trust any person. After all, the crime rate is so high. The chances of getting robbed as you are a tourist here and various other crimes are possible.


  • Camp Auchtembeddie
  • Camp Hope
  • South Coast Resort Retreat and Camp Center
  • Treasure Beach Camping
  • Mahogany Estate

How to Get There

There are different types of accommodation, but the direct way to reach is only by airways. To get here for airways, you must be present in Europe's major countries to take a direct flight here. People living in Asia have no direct connections with this city. Other indirect ways involve a bus, taxi, or ferry ride, cheaper than flight. Still, it has various disadvantages, including unavailability of cruises or ferries, pollution created by taxi, which will increase this city's pollution rate. If you are taking a taxi, you must be aware of various taxi scams that often happen with tourists unaware of it.


The International Airport in Montego Bay is called Sangster International Airport. This International Airport covers 3 miles to the east of Montego Bay and can occupy 9 million passengers annually. Tourists who are visiting the north coast of Jamaica, this is the most popular Airport they see. The name of this Airport comes from the ex-prime minister of Jamaica, Sir Donald Sangster. The elevation of this Airport is 4 feet. This International Airport was the first commute in 1949, and the flight was Pan American airways. After 1949 this Airport has undergone many constructions and upgradations. A new terminal in 1959 with a passenger seating up to 500 per and parking for approx seven crafts at a time is a significant improvement. However, with the increase of tourism, the Airport plans a future expansion, including its checking areas and runway renovation.

Sangster International Airport


The buses of this city possess advanced technology, and the fare prices are meager, making it affordable to almost everyone. The buses also have air conditioners for the passenger's comfort. There is a socket available next to your seat to charge your mobile phone or any other appliances. If you want to travel around entire Jamaica, then you can purchase a tourist card that will offer you ten free rides around the whole city. These buses will only be available in Jamaica and run across the city, so if you want to reach Montego Bay by bus, you have to present in Jamaica.


Presently, there is no railway network present in Montego Bay. The city had a railway station before, but the government stopped it and planned to implement a new one.


Hitchhiking is present if you want to travel to this city in Jamaica. You have to reach a highway connected to this city and attract other people by bike or car going the same way. You can stop them by simply waving your hand a bit and ask for a lift.


There are two other ways to reach Montego Bay, which are- hiring a private taxi or a ferry ride.

  • Ferry Ride - This town has a large port that allows passenger ships or cruises to reach this town. You can enjoy a ferry ride to this town from neighboring cities. It is very much economical, but this type of transportation takes a lot of time. Therefore, you must book a cruise trip only when you are here for a more extended period. You can enjoy the cruise because there are many facilities other than just sitting and watching the ocean.
  • Taxi – You can hire a private taxi or rent a car from Jamaica and reach this city. The fare of the taxis are not high and are easily affordable. The pollution rate of this city is at a moderate level; therefore, you must not use a taxi as it will increase your carbon footprints. This type of transportation shall only be used in emergencies as if you are running low on time.

Moving Around

Montego Bay is a small town with a lot of facilities for transport. You can cover many tourist attractions on foot or cycling, but the main problem is its crime rate, which is gradually increasing so you must avoid going out at night. Other means of transport including bus and taxi are useful when you are here for a shorter duration and want to cover the entire town in one or two days. However, you have to note that the buses are usually late, which might disturb your schedules.


Montego Bay is a small city that is flooded with tourists all the time. The crime rate of this town is very high; therefore, you must avoid walking at night. This town can be covered by walking, including most of the tourist places. You can walk in the gardens or various beaches like morning or evening walk, which will be good for your health, which means keeping you active and providing freshness. Walking is good for health and nature as it will reduce our carbon footprints in your tour.


This city is suitable for cycling as it has steep slopes for better exercise. Cycles are available for rent with a minimal amount and a security deposit, which is refundable. The roads here usually experience high traffic; therefore, you must check the cycle you are renting. The streets here are confusing; consequently, you must carry your mobile phones to see the map and reach the correct point. Other than this, it would be best if you have a water bottle with you so that your body does not get dehydrated.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are planned in this city to lower moderate air pollution. However, till now, there are no traces of electric cars in Montego Bay. The government of this city has planned various policies to implement when electric vehicles reach here. Electric vehicles have many benefits, including that these vehicles have low air and noise pollution rate as the technology creates a noise-free vehicle. Standard vehicles release carbon in the form of smoke when they consume natural resources such as gasoline, diesel, and petrol, which are non-renewable. In contrast, electric cars run on electricity provided by solar power plants creating electricity, a renewable energy source.

Public Bus

Some minibusses are available to move around the city. Other than this, some of the hotels you might check in provide their buses for tourists to help them visit the city. The buses are yellow-colored, which gives them a unique code of identification. At the bus terminal, there is an inspector office where you can ask for the bus timings. Moving around by bus is considered to be unreliable because the buses are not punctual and are often late.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no metro or train available in this city. If you want to move around this town, a taxi is the best option. It is the reason why this town experiences a lot of traffic along with air and noise pollution. Everyone here prefers taxi as the main public transport; therefore, the carbon emission due to petrol or diesel engine is so much that the air pollution level is gradually increasing day by day in this city. It would be best to use eco-friendly ways to move around this city, including public transport or bicycle.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping includes shopping, which positively affects nature, health, and society. Montego Bay consists of many flea markets, second-hand stores, and eco-fashion stores. Sustainable shopping includes products made using eco-friendly measures. If we focus on eco-stores, these are stores that keep dresses made from natural fabrics, including silk, linen, and many more. Some of the food products are organic; therefore, it gives a sense of quality and hygiene protection.

Food Markets

  • Montego Bay Food Market
  • Hi-Lo Food Stores
  • Mega Mart
  • Spice World Supermarket
  • Hi-Lo Food Stores

Flea Markets

  • Montego Bay Old Fort flea Market
  • Pineapple Flea Market
  • Kingston
  • Ujima Natural
  • Shopper's Fair

Second Hand Stores

  • Cashwiz
  • Android Market Sales & Services
  • Moonie's Auto Parts
  • Parts Zone Auto Parts


  • Top Mart Store
  • Zara
  • Peters fashion
  • Maxie
  • Whitter Village


In literal terms, recycling means reusing. Everything in different things, including steel, glass, plastic, and many more, are recyclable. Recycling saves nature by reducing energy consumption because the energy required to produce a new product would not be the same, resulting in recycling and converting it into a new product. It reduces pollution because the plastic bottle or any plastic item takes a lot of time to decompose appropriately, but the rates will reduce if recycled. It also helps in lowering the non-renewable use of natural resources, so recycling saves energy. Also, there is a vast dumping ground required to collect the dumps from different places, and later dumping it here, recycling will reduce the area of these landfills.


If focused on stats, around 80% of this town's people are dissatisfied with the garbage disposal, reflecting the improper and inefficient waste management policies. The lenient laws have led to people disposing of their garbage in the sea or ocean, the reason why water pollution is 70%. The government of this town has to develop strict policies, rules, and regulations to reduce dissatisfaction.

Work and Study Abroad

Being in a tourist town such as Montego Bay, there are many jobs available in the tourist industry like English-speaking guides, tourist bus drivers, and many more. There are also job vacancies for various positions, including sales executives of some famous fashion brands, including Zara or managerial jobs from lower to upper, depending upon your excellences in your education qualification. Many study programs are present for tourist students, including quality education and preferences in various fields.

Exchange Student

This program is for students who are excellent in studies and have names on the merit list. In this program, deserving students go to partnership colleges and universities in a foreign country. The International University of the Caribbean is an international university with this program, and the students are sent to other European countries to complete their remaining courses.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a couple or an individual from a foreign country who helps the local families of the country he is visiting by taking care of their child, and in return, asks them to get a temporary space to live in their house. The crime rate of this city is very high; therefore, no one gets ready to take up an Au Pair. Also, the women here are usually housewives, so they take care of their children very well. So there are scarce chances of someone putting you as an Au Pair.


These are the most popular and active NGOs available here. Some NGOs help people suffering from disasters, including drought, water supply problems, or other natural crises. You will get unique training to work in emergencies. Other than this, many NGOs work for physically challenged people by providing them education and training in specific skills in seminars and workshops. You can readily volunteer here without having any problem.

  • Red Cross Jamaica
  • Abilities Foundation
  • Angels of Love

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