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Eco-friendly travel guide to Montevideo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Panoramic view of Montevideo

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $400

Responsible Travel

Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay. It is a major city located along the Bay of Montevideo. Most people have heard many good tales about this place, and they wish to visit to experience it for themselves. Thus, it is not surprising that there is a high inflow of foreigners to this city regularly. The issue is not to visit Montevideo, but you need to know how to ensure that you have responsible travel while you are in the city.

Try and use public transportation as much as possible. While there aren’t too many options and the comfort of a private car or a cab is far more superior, it is recommended that you use the waterways, the trams, and the buses, these are efficient, cost-effective. They certainly help you reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to this, Montevideo is a city whose beauty is par excellence, and exploring it on foot or a bicycle shall also serve to be a phenomenal experience.

Responsible traveling includes living in your destination so that you utilize the local resources in the most optimal possible way. One such way for you to do that as a tourist is to stay in an eco-friendly or a green hotel. This shall help you ensure that you reduce your impact on the environment, and choosing a good green hotel shall provide you with all the amenities and facilities in a much more sustainable manner.

Try and explore local food at simple restaurants to enjoy legendary Uruguay cuisine. Avoid big food chains and global brands at all costs. The smaller bistros, restaurants, and even food carts shall serve you some of the most authentic dishes; more so, if you plan to cook your Local meal, make sure you get the ingredients from local food markets and not supermarkets. The freshest produce, including vegetables, seafood, and all kinds of meats, shall be found at these markets; they shall be priced appropriately and often serve to be the difference between a good home-cooked meal and a great one.

The local markets are known to be a treasure trove; here, you will find everything from antiquities to locally produced goods that reflect the fine craftsmanship. Additionally, this shall help the local economy in a major way as you shall put money directly into the pockets of the manufacturers/creators and possibly skip out the middleman. This will further enable you to support these small industries that don’t operate out of greed and carefully utilize the city’s resources.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in the city of Montevideo is known to be stupendous; as a tourist, you will enjoy fresh air no matter which part of the city you are exploring. With AQI scores in the range of 13, you can be assured of pure air at all times. Yes, the smaller population, the lack of too many industries, and the residents' minimum carbon footprint contribute to ensuring this. You as a tourist must further this by ensuring that you pollute as minimum as possible. Use public transportation or electric vehicles. Try walking and cycling over shorter distances, and do not smoke in public areas. The climate, in general, is also quite exceptional. Enjoying a humid subtropical climate, any tourist can visit in the summer months, which lasts from May to September, and find the average high ranging between 16 to 28-degree centigrades while the average low in those months is between 10-18 degree centigrades. However, during the remaining months of the year, you will find the average high ranging between 6-10-degree centigrade. The city also witnesses a decent amount of precipitation, so when you plan a trip to the city of Montevideo, pack your bag according to the season in which you are headed there.

Respect the Culture

Generally, the locals of the city are friendly, although it may not show in their expressions. However, it would be best if you did not let it scare you away as you will notice their warmness when you have a conversation with any of them. You should not take this for granted, and you should always return the gesture by being polite. Respectful foreigners always have higher points in the books of any local. It is also thought that you take a gift when visiting a local as it shows that you appreciate the invite.

Every foreigner should have an unwritten rule at the back of their mind that they must be respectful to the people and customs when in a new city. It is the only way to have a delightful stay while you are there, and the city is not an exception. If you want to try out local meals in the city, you should do it in a place with an abundance of locals, and you should not talk down on the food. This way, you will have a better and friendlier relationship with them.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Some people may wonder why others would want to visit Montevideo, and the sites of tourist are amongst the reasons.

Here are the Top 10 places you can see in the city:

  • Plaza Independencia: Plaza Independencia is the most important plaza in Montevideo. The square was established in 1830. Bernardo Poncini redesigned it.
  • Salvo Palace: Salvo Palace is a historical landmark in the city of Montevideo. It is located in Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established in the year 1928. It was designed by an architect named Mario Palanti.
  • Mercado Del Puerto: Mercado Del Puerto was established in the year 1868. It is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the famous tourist places in the city of Montevideo.
  • Mercado Agricola De Montevideo: Mercado Agricola De Montevideo is a market in the city of Montevideo. It is located in Departmento de Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Palacio Legislativo: Palacio Legislativo is a monumental building in the city of Montevideo. It is situated in the Barrio of Aguada, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was constructed in the year 1908.
  • Bodega Bouza: Bodega Bouza is a family winery offering a classic car collection, tours, and a restaurant. It was styled in Chateau style. It is located in Departmento de Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • National Museum Of Visual Arts: National Museum of Visual Arts is located in Av Tomas Giribaldi, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established in the year 1911. Enrique Aguerre is the director of the museum.
  • Gateway Of The Citadel: Gateway of The Citadel is a historical landmark in the city of Montevideo. It is located in Departmento de Montevideo, Uruguay. It was surrounded by the oldest part of the city of Montevideo.
  • Pittamiglio Castle Museo Blanes: Pittamiglio castle is a cultural center with spiritual workshops and guided tours. It is located in Rambla Mahatma Gandhi, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established in the year 1966.
  • Jardin Botanico: Jardin Botanico is the educational botanical garden in the city of Montevideo. It is located in Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera, Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established in the year 1902.
Plaza Independencia in Montevideo


If you ask some people why they are visiting the city, their response will be along the line of exploration. People always want to see something new, and exploring enters their to-do list when in a new city. There are also landmarks in the city, and each of them has unique stories. These stories will stick with you for a long time, and you will see yourself sharing it with others years after you have left the city.

Another place you can explore while in the city is the parks, and you will get different options. There are a lot of places for anyone to explore. You will notice many royal buildings, although most of them are now museums with exhibitions. However, these places will help you know more about the city. The ball is always in your court as some foreigners may get lazy and miss the opportunity to see these places. However, it is one of the biggest mistakes if you do not go out to see places, and you will be doing yourself a disservice.

City Parks

The city of Montevideo has many gorgeous parks and gardens, with some being for exercise, family time, and amusement parks, to name a few. Listed below are the most popular parks in the city.

  • Parque Jose Enrique Rodo
  • Parque Del Prado
  • Praque Social
  • Fructuoso Rivera Park
  • Jose Batlle Y Ordonez Park
Parque Jose Enrique Rodo

National Parks

The country has always been famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources, and so that this city has a wonderful collection of national parks and a zoo. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in and around the city but are not very far away from the city.

Some of the national parks in the city of Montevideo are:

  • Punta Yeguas National Park
  • Plaza De La Democracia
  • Artigas Batalla De Las Piedras National Park
  • Jardin Botanico
  • Plaza Del Entrevero
Plaza De La Democracia


Many people fantasize about spending time at a beach, and it could be that it is what you do when home. Thus, they are curious about beaches when in a new city. If you fall under this category and visit Montevideo, you are in for a treat as it has beaches for people to explore and relax.

  • Playa Del Buceo
  • Carrasco Beach
  • Ramirez Beach
  • Pocitos Beach
  • Playa De Verde
Carrasco Beach


Foreigners are usually happy and gleeful to know of landmarks in the city, and you would see them trying to keep it in mind as no one loves losing their way while exploring. We can say that a landmark is a high or long structure that people can quickly locate, helping them keep track of places. When there is a landmark around, it helps with directions and eliminates losing your way.

Some of the landmarks that would help you in the city of Montevideo are:

  • Museo Del Carnaval
  • Museo Andes 1972
  • Plaza Matriz Artigas Mausoleum
  • Feria De Tristan Narvaja
  • Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral
Museo Del Carnaval


People say that it is sometimes impossible to keep count of the number of museums in Montevideo, as there are many. The city's idea is to preserve adequate information for the coming generations and help foreigners with knowledge about the city. If you love to know about the cities you visit, we know that you will love or desire to pay a visit to any of its museums. Some Montevideo museums are:

  • Maritime Museum Of Montevideo
  • Palacio Taranco
  • Museo Del Gaucho And Currency-Palacio Heber Jackson
  • Museo De Historia Del Arte
  • Fortress General Artigas
Palacio Taranco


What do you think about local cuisines? Some people love them because it helps you get a better experience of the city. Thus, it is not out to place to see people desiring to eat traditional meals when in Montevideo. Although some people may be hesitant to try it at first because they are not used to it, you should know that it is a package that follows being a tourist. If you want to explore, you should do so to all aspects of the city, including its food. Most travelers may have tried some localized variant of these dishes in their native countries; however, you shall find the authentic version of these dishes here in the city. The sections below are some of the best restaurants for exploring in town.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The local meals of any city are usually a delight as it helps your taste buds explore. Below are some of the traditional local restaurants in the city of Montevideo, where you can enjoy the perfection of these meals without any regrets:

  • Bacana-Tres Cruces
  • Restaurant Tandory
  • Es Mercat
  • La Cocina De Pedro
  • La Fonda
  • La Perdiz

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a Vegetarian, you do not have cause to bother when in Montevideo, as there are restaurants that especially focus on vegan meals. Some of them are given below:

  • Lola Libre Vegetarian And Vegan Food
  • Vegan Wraps
  • Annapurna
  • Namaste
  • Rincon Natural Vegan Food

Street Food

We understand that many people are lovers of street food, so we cannot ignore highlighting their choices when visiting the city of Montevideo. Although you can get these street foods from kiosks and stores, you can also get them in some restaurants. It is not hard to find as almost everyone in the city is eating one of them.

  • Choripan: Choripan is a spicy kind of hot dog filled with garlic, spicy sausage, paprika, and chorizo. It is also found in South America. The sausage is cut and season with Chimichurri, a salsa that is a mixture of herbs, spices, vinegar, and oil.
  • Sopaipillas: Sopaipilla is a traditional dish in Latin America. It is known as Torta Frita in Uruguay. Sopaipilla is a kind of bread rolled in a mixture of wheat flour, water, salt, and spices. Finally, Sopaipillas are fried in hot oil.
  • Empanadas: Empanadas exist in many different shapes with different fillings in them. These are fried or baked pastries. The most common fillings are Cheese and ham, chicken or beef.


Uruguay people are known for their love for drinking, so that you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the city of Montevideo. One of the commonest drinks you will see is Vodka. Many people are used to this in their various cities, so it does not come off as strange you will also see wines and beers in addition to the vodka to choose from the varieties. There are different types of alcohol to be consumed at different times, even before and after meals; if you consume the wrong one at the wrong time, you certainly shall be warranted to a few stares.


Publicly available tap water is extremely fit for consumption in the city of Montevideo. As a tourist, there is no perceivable reason for you to purchase expensive bottled mineral water. This drinking tap water practice shall also help you avoid using disposable bottles and encourage you to use reusable water bottles.

Organic Cafés

Healthy organic restaurants are more than just a fad these days. People are increasingly conscious about sustainable food habits. These organic cafes and restaurants cater to just this category of consumers. Hence, you shall find quite a few of these in the city as well, and they are listed below:

  • Namaste
  • Café Brasilero
  • Barra 7
  • Guacamole
  • Diegos Pizza And Burgers
  • Fellini Pocitos


Drinking is a way of bringing people together in the city, and you would see it in the number of available bars, breweries, and distilleries. It is always easy to strike up a conversation at these places as the drinks make everyone more relaxed, and the atmosphere is friendly. The city of Montevideo stands as one of the cities of drinks worldwide. There are no restrictions on the number of drinks a person can take, and there are no laws or regulations against drinking. Thus, you are at liberty to take either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks while in this city.

  • Montevideo Brew House-Mbh
  • Brewery South-Davok
  • Cerveza Mastra
  • Baika Birras Uruguayas
  • Hey Chopp-Craft Beer


While the city may seem like the perfect tourist destination with plenty of activities to do, you will soon realize that the city is extremely crowded with tourists, and you may feel the urge to do some off-beat activities. Some of these include going and enjoying a few drinks and a meal with the local people. It is recommended that you go out and get lost at night in the city and explore as much as possible; it is undoubtedly at its stunning best post-sunset.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga was once a form of exercise and meditation that was practiced only widely across Asia. However, over the years, this has become a globally practiced form of exercise, and here in the city of Montevideo to you shall find quite a few yoga centers; given below is a list of retreats that you could visit for a rejuvenating experience:

  • Yoga Al Aire Libre
  • Padma Centro De Yoga
  • Prado Pilates And Fitness Space
  • Soham Yoga
  • Movimiento/Yoga Y Pilates
  • Yogapraxyz Montevideo


When you go to a new place, you would need where to rest, and if you did not make adequate plans for preparation, you would be stranded. It is always challenging to be stranded in a different environment, and the feeling is draining. When such happens, people start having regrets and wishing they did not embark on the journey initially. However, you can avoid all these with proper planning. Different accommodation types have different prices, but you would not go astray if you have a budget.

If you work with your budget, you will make a decision faster, and it helps you be stranded when you get there as you already have plans in motion. One of the first things you should do when deciding to visit a foreign city is to keep a specific amount aside for accommodation. It serves as your budget and would help you determine the type of places you would search for.

Green Hotels

Green hotels play a significant role in ensuring that tourists traveling to the city live, thereby impacting nature in as minimum ways as possible. Right from providing efficient appliances to sustainable amenities and good recycling programs, you can expect these green hotels to cater to your every basic need without increasing your carbon footprint. Given below are a few such green hotels you can consider:

  • Hyatt Centric Montevideo
  • Cala Di Volpe Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco And Spa
  • Alma Historica Boutique Hotel
  • Sheraton Montevideo Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you decide to lodge in a hostel or guesthouse when you visit a new place, it is cheaper than some other accommodation types. The setting may be smaller than an option like the hotel, but it is usually comfortable. Some available hostels and guest houses in the city of Montevideo are:

  • Montevideo Port Hostel
  • Charruas Hostel
  • Vatoloko Hostel Pub
  • Montevideo Dorms
  • Fauna Montevideo


Renting apartments in the city of Montevideo is known to be quite an easy option. However, rental rates are known to be quite high. As tourists, you may want to consider the option if you are living for long periods, or if you value your privacy, or if you have a couple of friends living with you, that way you get to avoid the exorbitant rates and rigid rules and regulations of hostels and hotels.


Couchsurfing is a system that pairs you with a local willing host during the duration of your holiday. If you do not have the means to pay for accommodation and you desire to travel, you can check if they do Couchsurfing in the desired country. The comfort you will feel during Couchsurfing might not be compared to what you can get from your house, but you should remember that it is only for some time, and it is better than being stranded.

It is a regular thing to see people indicate interest in Couchsurfing in Montevideo, and there is a website that assists in getting localhost. Willing locals sign up on it, while foreigners check through and follow steps and instructions on how to get paired.


Although camping is not an actual form of accommodation as it cannot serve long-term, it still falls under accommodation as it helps for days that anyone would engage in it. People share jokes and stories while camping, and it is a way of establishing new friendships. The stories will always keep you company, and some of them may be based on historical facts concerning the city. Camping is an activity that is common amongst the locals of the city of Montevideo so that you can join them on it.

Some people do not understand why anyone will leave the luxury of their homes and decide to camp. However, those who have ever had a camping experience can explain that the feeling is different and fulfilling. By camping, you are leaving your immediate environment's comfort and going to a place that is in tune with nature. These places often do not have the luxury of beds, and campers end up sleeping in tents.

  • Camping Punta Espinillo Free
  • Beway Mini Campers
  • Municipal Punta Espinillo Park
  • Parador Viejo Delta Del Tigre
  • 4 Winds (Hunting – Fishing - Camping)

How to Get There

The proper thing that any tourist should do is research the available means of transportation to the city of Montevideo from their current location. That way, you would know the options you can use, which would help you choose. There are different reasons why a person might prefer one means of transportation over another, so we know that different people have various choices. However, we are sure that you will see a means of transportation you will like to use and reach Montevideo's city.


The Carrasco International Airport serves the city, and you can reach her from almost every major city in the world. In addition to this, the city is well connected to the airport via trains, buses, taxis. Many people would agree that using air is the fastest means of transportation to anywhere, so we know that this would be the top option on the mind of some people when they want to visit the city of Montevideo.

The Carrasco International Airport


Some people love using buses because it views the landscape while traveling, and they find it exciting. However, others would not like to use a bus because it takes long hours, and there is no adequate space. When this occurs, people tend to get cranky, affecting their mood when they get to their destination. You should know that some bus companies have made great improvements to ensure that people are always comfortable whenever they use them. Thus, it is not every time that you would face inconveniences when you use a bus.

A bus in Montevideo


You would get more time to appreciate the views and nature when you use a train as your desired means of transportation. The best thing for anyone to do when using a train is to engage in other activities like reading a book or playing games to whirl away time. The main railway station is Estacion Central General Artigas that accept long-distance trains, but this does not mean that they operate worldwide. Many people love enquiring if these train stations are far from the city center and what available option they have to reach the city. You should know that each of the train stations is close to metro stations, so you should locate one once you alight from the train.


The idea of hitchhiking is to stay on the road and flag down a vehicle going your direction. Some drivers might not want to stop for strangers, but you would get a ride as someone would be compelled to stop.

It may be that you can hitchhike for free in some other places, but it does not work that way in South American cities. If a driver stops for you and agrees to carry you, they will ask you for payments. So, your money should be ready, or you will be stranded on the road. Hitchhiking is also amongst the means of transportation you can get to the city of Montevideo. However, the clause of it happening is if you are within surrounding cities.

Some people love the idea of hitchhiking because they think it is a way of getting a free ride and saves the cost. However, we would say that hitchhiking is a means of getting fast transportation as it saves you the stress of queuing up at bus and train stations or trying to get a ticket.


Another means of getting into the city of Montevideo is through cruise ships or ferries. We usually see this when a group of tourists decides to visit the city. In such cases, it would be that they have a tour guide waiting for them, and they are ready to have an adventurous experience. If you have never been on a ferry, it may be time to check for those who wish to visit the city around you so that you all would use it as a means of transportation to the city.

Moving Around

As a foreigner, you should make it a habit of asking the locals questions when you are in a new city. As we earlier mentioned, the city people are friendly even if it does not show in their facial expressions. People will always be moving from one place to another, and tourists would always be curious as it is a new area. The idea is to help them tailor their movement as they would not want to get lost or do something out of line because they do not have adequate information.

As a way to calm your mind, let us tell you that the city is considered a safe city, so you should not have fears if you desire to move around, and there are many available transportation means.


Walking around helps to ease the mind, and you will notice that the atmosphere and serenity of the city are alluring. It would be best to have a camera as many attractions are worth snapping at as you walk around. You can also tell a local to help take pictures of you at these places. The easiest means of moving around sometimes is by walking, as you are the one to set the pace, and you can quickly turn around if you get tired or do not feel like exploring anymore. A perk of walking is that it would not cost you as you do not need to pay for any transportation means.

However, we know that it is not always easy for a foreigner to walk around a new place due to the fear of missing your way. When you are in the city of Montevideo, you should have your map handy as you walk around. Also, please take note of the various landmarks as they will be your guide. If you need further clarification on direction, you should not hesitate to ask any of the locals and ask questions.


If Montevideo is your destination city, you should have no worries about cycling around in the city as the roads are in an excellent state, assuring you of your safety. As a plus, you should also rent helmets when you are renting a bicycle as one can never be too safe. There are many bicycle rental shops in the city, so it is easy to get a bicycle and ride around. Once you have paid the rental fee, you do not need to bother about transportation as the bicycle would help you out.

We have noticed that some people prefer using bicycles to move around, which does not change when they are in a new city. The question on their mind is usually where or how they can rent a bicycle, and if it is safe to use it on the city's roads.

Electronic Vehicles

The process of using an electronic bike is almost similar to using a bicycle as the excellent roads assure you of your safety. This does not mean that you should go around on top speed as you always need to be careful. As part of safety procedures and guidelines, anyone who desires to use an electronic bike should always ensure that they are wearing a helmet as it is better to be safe than to be sorry. The feeling you get while moving around on a bike is soothing and one of a kind, making it understandable why many people desire to use one. It will help if you have a map with you while using a bike not to lose your way while moving around.

Public Bus

Using a public bus is the most standard means of moving around in Montevideo, and the advantage is that it is cheaper than other forms or means of transportation you would find. However, it would help if you understand Cyrillic as most bus signs are written in it, making it confusing for foreigners.

Tourists usually depend on the locals' help for understanding when it comes to languages and signs that they do not understand. Asides from the regular buses, you would also see trolleybuses in the city of Montevideo. The trolleybuses are more environmentally friendly than regular buses, so you should use them if you want to be eco-friendly.

Tram, Train and Subway

Using trams is another means of moving around in Montevideo, but it is usually slow, so people only use it when they are not in a rush to go somewhere. If you are hurrying somewhere and get on a tram, you would be frustrated as the slow movement would ensure that you miss your appointment. It will help if you understand the country or bits of it before using a tram as its operations are in that language, and it gets confusing for foreigners. Many of the trams in Montevideo's city are not up to modern standards yet, and there are hopes for improvement.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a means of patronizing and buying the local craft of the people. Undeniably, there are always unique things that would catch your eyes when you visit a new city. This is extremely important as you can directly contribute to the local economy and single-handedly deal a blow to greedy capitalists. Shop from local stores if you wish to get a hold of authentic craftsmanship and avoid polluting greedy mega-corporations.

In the city of Montevideo, it may be their Imperial Porcelain, and you can take it back home as a memorial of your stay in the city. It may also be their Lacquered Boxes, from their iron painting skills, or something from a leading cosmetics brand in the city.

Food Markets

The need to buy food or patronize a food market is always there, irrespective of whatever city you visit. Some of the food markets in the city of Montevideo are:

  • Mercado Agricola De Montevideo
  • Mercado Del Puerto
  • Mercadito Cyh
  • Percaderias Del Puertito Del Buceo
  • Rantifusa Huerta Organica

Flea Markets

Flea Markets are an interesting place for most tourists to find knick-knacks and perhaps even a few rare artifacts; it could also serve to be the perfect place to pick up souvenirs; hence given below are a few places you can explore:

  • Plaza Mateo
  • Feria De Antiguedades (Sabados)
  • Techitos Verdes
  • Mercado De Soriano
  • Lavianda Minimarket

Second Hand Stores

A few popular second-hand stores in the city of Montevideo mainly deal with items of clothing, furnishings, and decor; some well-known stores that you could visit for a bargain are:

  • Pandora 2Nd Hand
  • Recicla
  • Mama Second Hand
  • Antolina Second Hand
  • Opciones Boutique Second Hand


Eco-fashion is a means of making clothes that are helpful to the environment. Everyone is always trying to be eco-friendly in different capacities, and designers make their effort in the clothes they make. However, it is left you to buy it and also play a part in the system. With the country being one of the leading fashion destinations globally, you certainly can expect the city of Montevideo to have eco-friendly fashion stores. We always encourage foreigners to play a role in being eco-friendly when they visit any city and subscribing to eco-fashion is one way for anyone. The styles are also in vogue, so you do not have any worries. If you do not know, the city is one of the top sustainable cities globally, so many of its designers subscribe to the style of eco-fashion. Some people feel that sustainable clothes are not fashionable, but your mind will be blown by the varieties they have in Montevideo.


Recycling occurs in the city of Montevideo, and some people are passionate about it. One of the most typical things they recycle in this city is bottles. It could be glass or plastic, but it is always recycled, especially as many people buy bottled water. The idea is to ensure that the city stays clean and innovative. They can make other useful things from the recycled items by subscribing to recycling, while in the city of Montevideo, you are an eco-friendly tourist.


The city of Montevideo is not the dirtiest globally, but they need to put more effort to waste management. The government and many organizations advocate against littering as they strive to keep the city clean always and avoid health issues. However, some people are stubborn and usually violating such advocates. It may be that strict laws need to be put in place for them to comply, but we urge all foreigners to ensure that they effectively manage their waste by disposing of them only in designated areas. The waste collection method is quite strict, with residents having to adhere to specific segregation methods, packing, points of disposal, and even time of disposal.

Work and Study Abroad

If you are an international student who wishes to work while studying in Montevideo, it is possible. The government advocates that you do it during your free time, not to affect your studies. It is left to you to know how to balance your school and work schedule so that none is affected. We advocate that your studies should be the main priority. Also, the locals do not discriminate and are willing to pay international students adequately if they effectively render their services.

Exchange Student

Many universities in Uruguay and Montevideo that partner with schools in other countries to have a student exchange program. Thus, you should check if your school partners with anyone in the city of Montevideo if you desire to visit the city. Many students usually jump on this opportunity, and you can do so as well. During the student exchange program, you get the chance to learn South American culture thoroughly and is a plus as you also get to explore the city. The town offers comprehensive exchange programs and scholarships too. With famous universities being housed here, students often need to work hard to score good grades and capture these scholarships.

Au Pair

For cities that subscribe to the au pair idea, there is usually a website or forum where people can register and get paired with localhost whom they can work for. This exists in the city of Montevideo, so you should jump on the opportunity. If you are studying in Montevideo, it is understandable if you want to get a job to argue your finds. We also understand that it is not always easy to find these jobs, and this is where the idea of au pair comes to play.


A reason why some people visit other cities is that they want to be volunteers. They get satisfaction by volunteering and helping out in different capacities. We do not think that any city is not open to volunteers' ideas, and it happens in the city of Montevideo. You can volunteer in many areas while in the city to research and choose a focus. By volunteering, you are playing a role in being eco-friendly. Be a volunteer for a cause that you truly believe in; finding this gig isn’t too difficult as you could rely on online postings or words passed through your social circles. Engaging in volunteering activities while in the city of Montevideo shows that you are a responsible tourist. Volunteering is a rather noble act whereby an individual gives their time and energy in exchange for nothing to help those who are less fortunate. Several voluntary organizations across the city are always open to accepting volunteers on either a short or long-term basis.

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