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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nha Trang advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

View of Nha Trang

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 1.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $800
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $1000

Responsible Travel

Nha Trang is a beautiful south-central Vietnamese coastal city that is trendy all over the world for its refreshing beaches and amazing marine life. It is a class-1 Vietnamese city that is home to about 535,000 inhabitants that majorly consists of local and tribal Vietnamese communities. Nha Trang covers an area of 251 square kilometres and is the most loved destination for tourists looking for a vacation. While visiting Nha Trang, there are several things that you need to keep in mind to avoid creating a negative impact on the local environment.

  • The city homes many international branded companies that sell products that are readily available even at your hometown. Instead of buying from such places, you should prefer local businesses that sell indigenous items that are sourced locally. Doing so will support the local communities and create a minimal impact on the local environment.
  • Nha Trang is equipped with many electronic vehicles that are aimed at reducing air pollution and providing efficient and comfortable travel. You should only prefer these kinds of cars or public transports like buses and trains to keep your carbon footprint minimal.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of this city is moderate as the main contributors are traffic and carbon emissions from factories. The air pollution here is rated 48.08 out of 100. Water pollution is at an intermediate level that is 57.6 out of 100. It is your duty that you do not pollute this city. If you want to travel anywhere, you can use eco-friendly options like walking, cycling, local buses or metro. These means of transports do not pollute the environment.

  • Air Pollution - 48.08/100
  • Noise and Light Pollution - 86.5/100
  • Water Pollution - 57.9/100

Respect the Culture

We should always respect the culture, traditions, and believes in the country that we are visiting. It helps in developing friendly relations with the locals of that city. Nha Trang is a place where many festivals are enjoyed, and the people here are very humble and generous towards the visitors. You can gain knowledge from them about the culture and can feel the richness of different cultures. You should maintain the dignity and a positive image of a tourist by respecting their culture and not harming it. There are many museums which can help you to gain in-depth knowledge about the festivals, practices, beliefs, and idols of this city. You can also see beautiful architecture and buildings made by ancient civilizations. Some of the main cultural festivals are- Po Nagar Tower Festival, Whale Festival, Salanganes Nests Festival, and Sea Festival. These occasions have their importance and motives to be celebrated.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Ba Ho Waterfalls: The Ba Ho Waterfalls is one of Nha Trang’s must-visit tourist attraction points. This beautiful spot is situated 20 kilometres north of Nha Trang and is flushed with tourists who come here to see the waterfalls and enjoy swimming, picnics, fishing, and even hiking. Visitors are allowed to visit any day throughout the year between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The entrance fee to the splendid waterfalls is priced at VND 20,000 per person.
  • Po Nagar Cham Towers: This place was built around the 7th century and was dedicated to the worship of several deities, especially Lady Po Nagar – the Goddess who created and nurtured the Earth. Visitors are attracted to this famous temple as it has soft stone towers and columns depicting a beautiful marriage of Cham (an ethnic minority in Vietnam) architecture and tradition and Hinduism influences. Earlier there were eight stone towers in total, now only four stands still, just as magnificent as ever; the other buildings were dedicated to Hindu deities – Shiva, Cri Cambhu, and Ganesh.
  • Long Thanh Gallery: The Long Thanh Gallery is famous for its exhibitions of the work of Long Thanh, who was one of Vietnam’s most prominent photographer. This photographer is known for his splendid work as he shoots powerful black-and-white images of Vietnamese moments and compelling portraits. These portraits and prints are auctioned at a starting price of around 2,000,000 dollars. Visitors are allowed to visit here Mondays to Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Sunday Closed).
  • Monkey Island: Being one of Vietnam's appealing tourist destinations, there are thousands of tourists visiting Monkey Island where you can go swimming and can watch funny monkeys coming down to getting food or watching tourists seeing them. The sandbank here was formed over millions of years owning the mountain shape. This island looks very beautiful, which attracts many anglers to pick the pandanus fruits for making medicines. Because of the appearance of dozens of monkeys on this island, the island was named ‘Monkey Island.’
  • Long Son Pagoda: As one of the most visited pagodas in Nha Trang and a beloved stop by for locals and tourists. The main attraction here is the beautiful dragon mosaics and intrinsically decorated ceramic tiles that cover the overall temple’s entrance along with some part of the roof and the altar inside. This tourist spot houses the most commonly associated image with Long Son Pagoda – a 24-meter-tall white Buddha statue, that sits slightly higher up the hill, on the grounds of Hai Duc Pagoda.
  • Thanh Citadel: This historic site in Nha Trang dating back to the 17th century Trinh Dynasty was rebuilt by Prince Nguyen Anh, later known as Emperor Gia Long, in 1973 during his successful offensive work against the Tay Son Rebels. Located 11 kilometres west of Nha Trang, near Dien Khanh town, Thanh Citadel has only a few sections of the walls and gates remaining. Visitors come here to the remaining architecture of the place and spend time wandering around the whole site and click pictures for remembering its rich history and culture.
  • Hon Mun Island: Of all the islands in Nha Trang, Hon Mun Island is the most stunning and beautiful island to discover. People come here to see the limestone cliffs, spectacular black rocks covering the coastline, and caves. Several spots offer attractive photo opportunities, as well as hiking and climbing. You can also see the island's coral reefs that attract scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world.
  • XQ Historical Village: XQ Historical Village – founded by a pair of famous artists in the 1990s, is a large complex of buildings specially designed to look older than it is. The primary aim of this place was to create a place to showcase the Vietnamese Arts of Painting Silk Embroidery and also to empower women to focus on these "almost lost arts" as a means of to be independent to start their businesses and continuing local traditions in the country. While exploring XQ Historic Village, you will see a unique mix of working space, art galleries, and several shops from where you can buy an impressive wall hanging or a small scarf or whatever you seem fit.
  • Nha Trang Cathedral: Being the largest church in Nha Trang, Nha Trang Cathedral was constructed in the provincial French Gothic style by a renowned Priest Louis Vallet during the early 19th century serving the local Catholic community, with Mass being held between 05:00 and 18:00 regularly. People of Vietnam call this church - the Stone Church or Nui Church in Nha Trang. It is also considered a popular spot for wedding and landscape photography as this entire church is made of stones featuring stained glass windows, as well as a square clock tower surmounted by a large crucifix.
  • Vinpearl Land Amusement Park: This tourist destination is a massive entertainment hub that contains several sections, including outdoor and indoor arcade centres, an outdoor water park, a shopping street, and an aquarium. Vinpearl Land Amusement Park is rated as an incredible resort that is a family-friendly entertainment centre on Phu Quoc Island. This place also offers you several amenities and spectacular displays of music, lights, and water acrobatics at the theatre. Visitors can enjoy horse racing, motor-racing, and shooting in its indoor game centre.
Po Nagar Towers


Nha Trang is packed with fantastic places that will help you create a memorable trip and learn a great deal about the local Vietnamese culture, traditions, and communities.

City Parks

  • Cong Vien Bo Bien: Cong Vien Bo Bien is a local urban park in Nha Trang, Vietnam where people come daily for jogging and wandering around the park. This park is quite common among Vietnamese people as it is located in a prime location where everyone can come and enjoy a peaceful walk amid the serene environment of the park. This park is usually flushed with children as it houses a playground at the corner of the park.
  • Quang Truong Dai Duong: This city park located at the centre of the city and is quite popular among the locals of Vietnam as it is open 24/7 to the public. This park has some local street food stalls present, giving people plenty of food options to explore the tastes of local Vietnamese food. This park can also be used as a picnic spot because of its beautiful lush green vegetation and blooming flowers attracting the public to wander around along with best-served snacks.
  • Nha Trang Central Park: This central park is mostly flushed with the Vietnamese public as it is a large beachfront park with sunbeds and palapas, attracting them to come and spend time with their loved ones. This park is also attached to multiple pools along with several mind-blowing restaurants. The park is centrally located that gives you plenty of amenities including best services, whether it be in restaurants or resorts. The resorts here also provide you spa services where you can relax and chill at the beachfront.
  • Bach Dang Park: Bach Dang Park is not only famous for its green and poetic space filled with the taste of the sea, but it also expresses their hearty gratitude to the national hero, Tran Hung Dao. Here, you will also be noted the tales of the legendary feats that have made a golden mark in the history of the nation, making this park an ideal entertainment spot for both tourists and locals. While exploring Bach Dang Park, you will be seeing a 10m high monument of Tran Hung Dao – a highly talented general who three times defeated Mongol invasions.

National Parks

  • Hon Mun Marine Protected Area: This protected area is a unique project undertaken by Vietnamese officials to support the conservation of critical marine biodiversity values at Hon Mun Island. This secure area is set to protect the globally essential examples of Vietnam's best-remaining mangrove forests, coral reef, and seagrass ecosystems.


  • Tran Phu Beach: Tran Phu Beach is the city's most famous beach that attracts tons of tourists. Tourists here are blessed with having opportunities to do lots of activities day and night, making Tran Phu much noisier but also full of amenities – including great high-class local restaurants and places to rent equipment for water sports. Here, people can indulge in various sport water activities like snorkelling, paragliding, sea diving, and whatnot. The restaurants here give you plenty of options on the menu, filled with rich flavours and local ingredients.
  • Hong Chong Beach: People of Vietnam are attracted towards this beach because of its calm waters and palm trees; not much famous among tourists, but is one the best location to hang out and spend a private time with your loved ones. Visitors are offered an array of coffee shops and cafés nearby the beach. They are also allowed to go scuba diving, surfing, or snorkelling.
  • Bai Tru Beach: Bai Tru Beach is located on an island connected to Nha Trang via the world’s longest sea cable car, making it the most searched places in the country. This family-friendly beach is home to several beachgoers who loves swimming and spending time under the heat of the sun. Visitors or locals are also allowed to hire a motorboat to drive around the neighbouring islands and coastline.
  • Bai Dai Beach: About 17 miles south of Nha Trang, Bai Dai beach can be seen as a quiet beach with a laid-back vibe making your trip a perfect one. This beach boasts several hotels and resorts, which makes your tour easier, as you can relax and stay in the beautiful beachfront hotels and resorts enjoying the best panoramic view of the ocean. The water near the coastline is shallow, hence making it perfect for swimming and exploring via water sport activities like jet skis, rafts, surfboards, and kayaks.
Tran Phu Beach


  • Hong Chong Promontory: Hong Chong Promontory is considered a vital landmark while exploring Nha Trang which houses a beach that adds more local flavour than any other Nha Trang’s beaches. Visitors come here to see the narrow granite promontory that offers fine views of the mountainous coastline north of Nha Trang and the nearby islands. While exploring, you can also see a reconstructed Ruong House – a handmade wooden residence in the traditional and authentic style of the region. You might even spot some cafés around the place, serving you with the best of local snacks in the locality.
  • Do DienKhanh Gallery: This gallery is famous for displaying portraits of young children and older adults, immortalized landscapes, and scenes of the daily life of Vietnam – all in black and white versions. The artist behind this extraordinarily thoughtful and artistic mind is Do Dien Khanh who was born in 1962 in Nha Trang and was professionally established as a photographer in 1990. This art gallery is among the crucial landmarks because his work has been rewarded many times.
  • Hon Mieu Aquarium: This famous outdoor aquarium comes under the most-visited landmarks of Vietnam. Hon Mieu Aquarium is visited by thousands of visitors every year to see the fish-breeding farm that houses over 40 species of fish, crustacean, and other marine creatures are raised. Visitors are thrilled to see the large marine turtles that are kept in tanks here. They can also feed them with turtle food which you can buy from the shops near the entrance area. For visiting, you have to pay an amount of 90,000 dollars to explore this mind-blowing museum.


  • National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam: National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam is housed in a beautiful French-colonial building. The splendid museum section of the centre houses thousands of bird and marine specimens, as well as showcases several displays and exhibits that are organized to educate the public on marine conservation and the life of aquatic species. This museum is said to be the biggest Vietnamese research centre mainly focused on marine ecology and biodiversity – dated back to the early 20th century and one of the oldest scientific research institutes in Vietnam.
  • Alexander Yersin Museum: Alexander Yersin Museum – a must-visit museum in Vietnam dedicated to the French-Swiss bacteriologist who co-discovered the bubonic plague bacteria and did splendid work while living in Vietnam. While exploring the museum, you will see an extensive collection of original equipment and furniture – including his bed and desk, along with several specialized letters and documents. You might also spot the collection of photographs Yersin took of Vietnam’s ethnic legendary groups during his travels around the country.
  • Bao Dai Villas: Bao Dai Villas is built on Nha Trang’s most pleasing piece of real estate as a local residence for the nation's last Emperor. This French-style villa complex operates as a rundown hotel where one of the city's best assets is offered up while enjoying some of Nha Trang’s best views. Visitors are allowed to see the expansive gardened compound and the recently opened small museum in the main villa contains items of questionable authenticity and provides some necessary information about the history of the building or its connection to the former Emperor.
Bao Dai villa, near Lak lake


While visiting a great city like Nha Trang, your trip will remain incomplete and unsatisfactory if you don't explore the local Vietnamese food and drink culture.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Lac Canh Restaurant: This restaurant serves you the most delicious Vietnamese grilled beef for over 40 years along with an array of unique delicacies. You can find this restaurant near Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa and is open daily from 11:00 – 20:00. Lac Canh Restaurant is famous for its smoky, casual, and scruffy eatery in the entire city. To taste the best traditional Vietnamese dish, you must visit Lac Canh to enjoy the best seafood dishes such as spicy stir-fried frogs, noodles with crab eggs, and barbequed squid.
  • Vit Tiem 69 Bach Dang: Famous for its duck hotpot which is served with vegetables, rice noodles, chopped lemongrass, as well as Nha Trang’s signature fish sauce, Vit Tiem 69 Bach Dang is highly recommended for indulging in the city's best Vietnamese food. If you visit this restaurant, your average budget for the main course would be VND 300,000, which is inclusive of drinks, vegetables, and sauce. Apart from these, deep-fried pigtails are considered to be the top-class dish in this restaurant.
  • Lang Viet: Being Nha Trang’s first authentic Vietnamese and Asian food court and bar, Lang Viet is rated as the best restaurant for serving an array of international delicacies. You can find this restaurant near La Suisse Hotel and Tran Phu Beach. It is open daily from 07:00 – 02:00. The seafood buffet here is highly recommended from where you can choose from a wide range of live crabs, fish, shrimp, and marinated meat skewers.
  • Nem Nuong Dang Van Quyen: Nem Nuong Dang Van Quyen is one of the most popular places in Nha Trang for authentic nemnuong served with the restaurant's unique dipping sauce made with sticky rice porridge, chilli sauce, ground pork, tomato, and fish sauce. This local and traditional restaurant is always bustling with locals, and also the diners here are served at VND 40,000 – with a platter of fermented pork meat, fresh herbs, lettuce, chillies, cloves of garlic, and rice papers to wrap up the ingredients. You can come here any day throughout the year between 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Bo De: Bo De restaurant in Nha Trang serves the best authentic vegetarian food in the city. If you’re likely to visit here, do try papaya salad and the pho bokho which is a flavorful and hearty noodle soup. Customers love this restaurant's ambience and eco-friendly environment that promotes the use of healthy and fresh ingredients for the preparation of dishes in its extensive menu. You can come here any day between 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Yen Chay & Yoga: As the name suggests, this restaurant is a rad little vegetarian restaurant and yoga centre. This restaurant comes under the highly-rated most renowned restaurants in the vegan category as they bless you with delicious soups, salads, spring rolls as well as hot pots, curries, and rice dishes. If you're visiting Yen Chay, must try sweet potato curry, coconut sauce, basil, peanut mango salad, and tofu-squash soup – all of this is worth $9, which is roughly 200,000 VND.
  • May Quan Chay (May Vegetarian): May Quan Chay is a small restaurant built in the local streets of Nha Trang and is said to be very popular among foreigners. People are delighted to have this restaurant's speciality that is croissants and desserts, which is among the most served delicacies in the locality. This restaurant has an exciting menu featuring vegetarian versions of Vietnamese food as well as western dishes from salads to pizzas. You can come any day as the restaurant is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Street Food

  • Nurong La Lot: Nurong La Lot is a local traditional street food made with grilled beef that is wrapped in leaves. The presentation of this food is such that people go crazy to buy it and enjoy the delicious flavour of this mind-blowing dish. Not only the decoration is splendid, but the taste is worth remembering throughout your life. This famous street food is served in almost every food stalls and eateries.
  • Banh Can: Banh Can is a local delicacy in Nha Trang and famous street food made of mini rice flour pancakes which are topped with eggs and meat. This renowned dish's flavour has a unique taste as it is prepared and cooked over coals. Hence, the Vietnamese public is in awe of this traditional dish and can be found at any restaurant or small vendors shop.
  • Rice Vermicelli with Jellyfish or Fish: This local street food is the most popular in Nha Trang and is distinctive with the broth of the steamed sailfish, rice vermicelli, and jellyfish. This delicious street food includes crab meat, pork, and shrimp for the sweet and tasty flavour to satisfy the culinary tourists who want to experience the best seafood in this beautiful coastal city.


  • Soda Chanh (Lime Soda)
  • Salanganese Soft Drink
  • Sinh To (Fruit Smoothie)
  • Ruou Can (Rice Wine)
  • Nuoc mia (Sugar Cane Juice)


Tap water of this city is fit for drinking, but you should not drink water as it may have many pathogenic organisms that may harm your body. You can purchase bottled water which is available at 0.42 dollars for 1.5 litres. Water pollution in this city is very low, especially drinking water pollution. The primary source of water is the river which flows to Nha Trang. There is no shortage of water as the city faces around ten months of a rainy season, but that doesn't mean you can waste the water. You should adequately use water and cut off the wastage of water. You should boil the water, which will make it fit for drinking.

Organic Cafés

Many people here have farms, which helps them to provide organic food that is free of chemicals and untouched by pesticides. However, organic food costs a little more because they have to maintain their farms, while other cafes who do not own farms support local farms by dealing with them.

  • Shen Tea House
  • AB Central Square Nhatrang
  • Rainforest
  • Nhatrang - Organic Food
  • OPMH Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Organic Tea & Coffee


This place has many microbreweries established for local businesses without establishing it to the global level; however, some international brewing companies felt an opportunity for profit; therefore, they have their brewing plants here. There are many varieties of beers available at different costs. Some bars have a large pot of beer attached with a tap and offer self-service.

  • Louisiane Brewhouse
  • Schulz Beer Brewery Vietnam
  • CocoMon Brewery
  • Saigon Beer Company in Khanh Hoa
  • Jelly BrewPub


No matter your choice, whether you are a sport-loving person or nature-loving person, this city is fit for every type of action starting with water, sports, land, jungle and many more. The activities here are never-ending; therefore, you must plan accordingly.

  • Go Diving
  • Try Sailing
  • Take a Hot Spring and Mud Bath
  • Visit Museums
  • Play Paintball
  • Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Take a Blind Massage
  • Visit Churches
  • Visit Waterfall
  • Play Golf

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a practice that is running for a long time. It strengthens our mind and helps in achieving inner peace. Yoga will also help you in increasing the muscles' flexibility, reduce stress, and lower the rate of anxiety and depression. There are many yoga studios across the city that focuses on a healthy lifestyle.

  • California Fitness & Yoga Nha Trang
  • Spartan Fitness and Yoga Centre Nha Trang
  • Yoga Venus
  • Yoga Ban Mai
  • My Nguyen Yoga Nha Trang


There are various accommodation options available for staying in Nha Trang. You can choose a hostel with necessary facilities if you are travelling alone. However, there are not many hostels in Nha Trang because the rent of hotel rooms is so cheap that even a tourist with a low budget can afford them. If you are planning to stay for a long time and find that hotel rooms costs are higher, then you can have an apartment on rent which will give you the necessary facilities. If you want to stargaze or enjoy the night sky, many camping areas are available where you can camp and enjoy the night, and this will give you an adventurous experience. Wherever you stay, you must adopt eco-friendly measures to reduce pollution and should stop the use of plastic as the pollution rates are very high.

Green Hotels

  • Green World Hotel
  • Green Beach Hotel
  • Green Nha Tang
  • Green Peace Hotel
  • Green Lighthouse Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Ccasa Hostel
  • The Alley Hostel
  • Bondi Backpackers Nha Trang
  • Yellow Guesthouse
  • Cat Vang
  • Hongson Guesthouse
  • Nha Ngi Thanh Nam
  • Thein Truc
  • Misa Guesthouse


  • Moonlight Apartments
  • Kat's Home Apartments
  • Moon House Tropical Garden
  • Moon House Tropical Garden – Lavender
  • Moon House Tropical Garden - Valentine


No one tries Couchsurfing in Nha Trang because the different stay options are so cheap that you can easily afford one. However, it is possible to couch surf in this city because the people here are amicable and humble towards tourists. In exchange for couch-surfing, you must help them in their daily work so that you can develop a good and friendly relation with each other.


  • Hoàng Ngưu Sơn (Camping)
  • An Nghĩa
  • Lotica's Home
  • Shop Lều Nha Trang
  • Nha Trang HQ Camp

How to Get There

There is an indirect way to reach this city which is the airways; however, there are only selected Asian countries that have a direct flight to this city. Other methods, including roadways, railways, and waterways, are all indirect ways to reach here. They are best if you want to visit another city along with this city.


Cam Ranh International Airport is a public and military type of fort owned by the Vietnamese government. The elevation of this Airport is 40 feet. The speciality of this Airport is that it handles 70% of international passengers with only 30% domestic passengers. This Airport has two terminals. This Airport was built by the US navy, which was captured by the South Vietnamese government in 1972. In 1975 this Airport was taken by North Vietnamese. Later the Soviet and the Russian air force took this base from 1979 to 2002. Finally, in 2004 after some construction, this Airport was established for commercial flights. Other than European countries, this report also serves some of the Asian companies like Korea, China, and many more. If you want to reach this city, you must be present in the listed countries.

Cam Ranh International Airport


There is no international bus which travels from country to country, but there are intercity buses which travel to the neighbouring cities. Many bus companies own buses that travel from town to town; therefore, there are different price ranges of bus fare. Some of the famous bus companies are Hanh Cafe, Sinh Tourist, Tam Hanh, and Viet Nhat. You can directly pay the conductor as you can easily recognize them through their dress code or you can buy a monthly ticket which depends on the number of routes you want to take.

Buses in Nha Trang


The intercity trains are air-conditioned and are best to reach this city from other cities of Vietnam. It will help you in saving a lot of your time rather than opting for internal flights, especially the overnight trains which operate in the evening and reaches the next morning. You can experience a great view from the train as it passes from one long bridge surrounded by water on both the side. Nha Trang Railway Station is the central station for the entire country serving Southeast to Northeast with four tracks. This railway station was opened in 1836.

A local train in Nha Trang


Hitchhiking is possible in this city only if you are on the highways. However, there are not many cars in this city, but you will notice that there are a lot of motor vehicles present. It is advised by some experienced hitchhikers that you must buy a helmet because there are strict traffic laws and the locals won't offer you a ride.


As this city sits alongside a river's coast, you can reach here by a ferry ride. Else you can have a private taxi from the nearby towns, but that might cost you higher than taking an intercity train. Before taking a taxi, you must be aware of the taxis scams that happen there regularly with the tourists. You should avoid a private taxi because of the air pollution this city faces. Using a taxi will increase air pollution as cars release smoke and harmful gases.

Moving Around

This city is spread across an area of 250 square kilometres, and you will get many options to move around the city. You must keep in mind that the pollution is very high and you should not increase it further. There are many other eco-friendly ways to move around the city.


Walking around the city is very safe, but you must be cautious of the small pickpockets and thieves that move around and are in search of foreigners. Other than this, there are no traces of violent crimes in Nha Trang. This city has a coastline beach which is best for an evening walk along with the sunset view. The streets here are quite confusing; therefore, you must have a GPS with live navigation so that you do not get lost.


There are bicycles available for rent throughout the country. You can even join a bicycle tour which is inexpensive and full of fun. A group of bicycle tours including two to ten cyclists will cost 65 USD. Each group of tourist is accompanied by a local guide who is excellent in speaking English offers the availability of different cycle pieces of equipment, drinking water, meals, and hotel transfer. The tour provides a scenic view as you cross the coastline and stops at Ninh Ich Village. The villagers there are very friendly towards the tourist; therefore, you can learn how to cultivate rice or how handicraft sleeping mat is made. The ending of the tour will be at a waterfall. If you are running short on time, you can choose a half-day outing at less cost.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electric vehicles in the form of taxis available in the city to reduce traffic and pollution. The electric taxis vary in size, and you can book one in advance by visiting the taxi companies' centre.

Public Bus

Nha Trang is generally a small city and can be easily covered by walking or cycling, but if you are running a bit short on time and want a quick tour, then you can use this means of transport. If you are visiting Nha Trang for the first time, you might find it challenging to understand the bus route system as it is very confusing. Buses here are painted in different colours that operate from 5:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. in the night. If you want to visit any tourist attraction, then many of these buses can help you reach them. The ticket fare is 30 cents per ride. The buses are clean and air-conditioned with soft music that can be heard on the bus. The payment for the buses can be made in two ways which include paying directly to the conductor, or you can buy a monthly pass which can be made at the bus station. The price of a monthly ticket ultimately depends on how many routes and the distance you want to travel. A limited number of courses accept this ticket. You must catch the right bus because the wrong bus can cost you to pay for money. It is not possible to cheat as the buses are equipped with CCTV cameras. These tickets often come with various discounts to attract as many people as possible.

Tram, Train and Subway

As this is a small city, there is no need for trains. However, it has the central railway station which serves intercity transport only. Metro trains are not present, but the government has planned for it, and the construction has already begun. The establishment of the metro was first proposed in 2001 as a public transport to avoid traffic and congestion. According to plans, there will be six lines in the metro system, and the overall cost would be 1.5 billion USD. This plan was further given focus. It suffered a delay in 2017 as the authorities announced that line 1 would be delayed for further two years. However, at present, there is no metro in this city but is expected to come in 2021.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping means that the items which you buy support your health, environment, and the social impact. Shopping for food products which are low on chemicals and pesticides protect, and these healthy food items also have a good effect on health, they also have less pollution. There are many other useful effects of sustainable shopping.

Food Markets

Many local shops sell organic food items that are brought directly from the local farms. You must prefer using these items to support the local farmers, producers, gardeners, etc. It will give you a change in your taste and will help you in increasing your knowledge about Vietnamese food. Some street vendors often make food in front of your eye, which shows the quality and hygienic methods of the makers.

  • Vinh Hai Market
  • Nha Trang Night Market
  • Market 11
  • Amazing Nha Trang
  • Dam Market

Flea Markets

Markets, where second-hand goods are sold, are known as Flea markets. Nha Trang has many flea markets because they sell items whose costs are a little lower than the regular products in retail shops.

  • Xom Moi Market
  • Mon Mon Shop
  • Market Buon Ma Thuot
  • Dinh Lac Market

Second Hand Stores

Markets, where second-hand goods are sold, are known as Flea markets. Nha Trang has many flea markets because they sell items whose costs are a little lower than the regular products in retail shops.

  • Xom Moi Market
  • Mon Mon Shop
  • Market Buon Ma Thuot
  • Dinh Lac Market


Eco-fashion means fashionable items like dresses, footwear, bags, and more that are made using eco-friendly measures which include either recycled materials or eco-friendly and machine free production. Some of the famous fashion brands have their store present in this city.

  • Bambou
  • Artful Collection
  • Mamadelta
  • Zara
  • Gucci


Recycling is done at a very high and efficient level in this city. Organic waste is converted into fertilizers and manure for farming and agricultural use, whereas, the metal waste such as cans other metal objects are melted to make different cheap ornaments. Electronic waste, including television computers and many other electronic types of equipment, are used by digging out the working parts or part which can be reused. Same as metal scraps, glass items are also given new shapes by melting and moulding. Woods are reused by joining each other and making floors, benches, or other wooden items.


Due to the increase in Nha Trang's pollution and the dissatisfactory garbage disposal methods, the government of this city plans resolve this situation. They are planning to equip the streets and square with garbage disposal dustbins. Many separate garbage vans are allotted for different areas to collect garbage from the localities. The government is trying very hard to reduce waste by creating efficient waste management policies. There are many organizations which work on weekends or holidays to clean beaches and public places to keep them clean.

Work and Study Abroad

You can find many jobs in different fields in this city as many MNCs have their office in Nha Trang. You must have a proper education qualification to work here because many companies are concerned with the educational qualifications of the employees. You can even apply for managerial posts in companies in this city. You can apply to different universities or colleges to study here as well as education is of good quality. Working or studying abroad will help you in becoming independent as you will have to do all your work on your own. It also helps in boosting your self-confidence to work in the competitive environment of such international institutes and companies.

Exchange Student

The student exchange is an international program in which students of different colleges or universities are sent abroad to study in foreign cities. In Nha Trang, there is a global university that sends students to another European University from which they have a partnership. Nha Trang University is the one that is part of the worldwide student exchange program in Vietnam.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is an individual or a couple from a foreign country that wants to help out a family in need. Many families in Vietnam belong to the low-income group and are barely able to get even one meal a day. You can get yourself registered for the program and such families.


There are many NGOs in this city where you can participate in volunteering activities. Some NGOs spread awareness about the need for cleanliness, and they host programs to clean public places like beaches, parks, and gardens every weekend. You can be a part of such programs by contacting or visiting such organizations.

  • Temple Suoi Ngo
  • Hung King Temple
  • Chùa Ngộ Phước
  • Decor Nha Trang

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