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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nice advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nice, France.

Night view of Nice

  • Air quality: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $200

Responsible Travel

When travelling to a foreign location, it is always important to keep in mind that we must still maintain the serenity of the environment and respect the place that we are visiting. Nice is a city in France that lies along the Mediterranean seacoast and is the second-largest city along this coast. It is located right where the Alps finishes, in the French Riviera. The mere geographic location of this City provides enough evidence of the beauty and charm. The city is, in fact, so beautiful that it has been given the nickname Nice la Belle, which means Nice the beautiful.

Keeping this in mind, you need to get back to the city when travelling here. The simple ways in which you can help the City grow and maintain its serenity is with the help of responsible travelling. Here are a few ways in which responsible travelling can be performed:

  • Do not litter the streets. This is fundamental, no matter where you are visiting. Nice is, in fact, an incredibly gorgeous city with lush greenery and a natural splendidness. You must be able to protect the city, and the easiest way to do so is by never littering the town.
  • Be culturally and socially aware of the various traditions and history of the night before visiting. You mustn't immerse yourself in any stereotypes and keep an open mind about the people you meet in a new city. You will come across various people and life, and you must meet them without any discrimination. The only way you can become a responsible traveller is by respecting another region's culture and tradition. One of the best ways to do so is by never giving in to cultural appropriation. Please ensure that you do not use the customs and traditions of others in vain. You must always be respectful of those who are from a different country. It is better to understand and educate yourself about the different traditions of a foreign country and immerse yourself in the experience of getting to know what is unknown.
  • Look for green hotels in Nice. You must find hotels that use sustainable means for the management of waste as well as producing energy. This way, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and help in bringing down the pollution caused by tourism in a particular city like Nice.
  • Use public transport wherever possible. While you may find it more relaxing to be in a private car, you can use public transport more environmentally sustainable. This way, you will not contribute to air pollution and be able to get ahead by causing less congestion. Another great advantage of using public transport is getting to know the various people who live in Nice and getting a glimpse of their life.
  • Support local businesses and the various entrepreneurial ventures you see on the streets of life. Without the support of tourists, small businesses fail not to be able to sustain themselves. While big corporations may seem more attractive, local businesses need your support. There are various small shops that you will be able to come across in Nice. The quality and personal touch that we small businesses add to the product is nothing like what you will find in Biggar Corporation.

Air Quality and Pollution

One of the best parts about visiting Nice is that this region's air quality is exceptionally good. The air quality index is 30 AQI (US), making it exceptionally well suited for human life. If you live in an urban or an industrial setting and want to experience a breath of fresh air, this is the perfect place for you. Outdoor activities are encouraged here as the level of pollution is significantly less, making the air light and delightful.

However, if you are extremely sensitive, you might wear some protective gear to help yourself. Since the air quality is outstanding, it won't be a huge problem for most people. Whether you want to take your baby for a stroll or go for a picnic with your family members while on vacation, Nice offers the perfect outdoor environments for all such activities.

Respect the Culture

Every place you visit has a particular culture and tradition that has to be respected. The most important thing to keep in mind is being respectful to the people in a city you are visiting. While the Greeks established nice, there are also remains of the Roman Empire that can be observed here. It is an archaeological site that much needs to be discovered, making it a rich part of their culture.

This welcomes various artists and Painters like Matisse, Chagall, and more. It has had a waterproof effect on composers in other countries as well. The confluence of these philosophers and artists has led to the building of a number of museums that have now become the pillars of culture and tradition in Nice.

Nice genuinely has a culture of its own that has been credited to its rich history that is diverse and special in many ways. The local language in this city is called Niçard or Nissard that is believed to have originated from an Occitan or a Ligurian dialect. As the language has a strong Italian influence, it can be comprehended by Italian speakers easily. One of the most influential things about the city is that it has always welcomed immigrants from all over the world, making it a place where cultures and traditions intermingle. While diversity is celebrated in the City, practices are still maintained with folk dance and music. Farandole, which is an open-chain dance performed in the community, is one of its biggest examples.

Sir Thomas Coventry introduced another essential addition that exists in Nice in the year 1860. Since then, canon is short every day at 12. This was initially started in order to remind the citizens this was initially formed to remind the citizens to have lunch at a time. The cannon can still be heard all over the city to this day.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city of Nice has been under the influence of both the Greek as well as the Roman civilisation rendering it an extraordinarily vast and inclusive environment. Apart from that, Nice has been visited by various artists from generations curating art in the backdrop of the city. This has led to a number of scenic spots in the City. The landscape, as well as the beautiful environmental elements, adds to the brilliance of the city. The various regions that are top tourist attractions are as follows:

  • Vieille Ville (Old Town): The old town of Nice is a picture-perfect location. It is entirely by the Zigzag barrow alleys and the cobbled streets that add an Italian charm into the city. It is popularly known as Babazouk and has been a popular tourist attraction for ages. This region is bounded by boulevards that are spacious, giving it a grand feeling. The southern end of this town is known as Ponchettes at the Cours Saleya, where you will be able to find grocers and fishmongers. The famous Marché aux Fleurs or the renowned flower market, adds to the charm on both sides of the street on all days except Monday. There are various other cultural attractions here as well.
  • Musee Matisse: If you are a budding artist or have a passion for art, please feel genuinely blow your mind. It is located on the hill of Cimiez and has been known as one of the most beautiful Museums that is surrounded by a garden from the Italian era. The permanent collection for a massive range of work by the famous artist Matisse. In total, you will be able to find 236 designs, 68 paintings, 56 cultures, and 218 drawings. There are also various sketches for decorations in the Chapel in Venice. The museum also hosts exhibitions from time to time and screenings of conferences and art films.
  • Promenade des Anglas: This is the most emblematic streets in Nice, the most beautiful pedestrian area that follows the curvature of Baie des Angels beach. This legendary road has elegant gardens and palm trees on both sides, which makes it extremely beautiful. It was developed by an Englishman in 1820 and was initially a simple footpath. However, during Queen Victoria's regime, the Duke inaugurated this road most royally. The popularity of the road has made it quite congested however the traffic has successfully been diverted with the help of underground tunnels. This is the best place for having a light stroll and is popular with skaters and cyclists.
  • Jardin Albert I: This is almost like a park area, situated between the Avenue de Verdun and Avenue des Phoceens. It is an exceptionally well decorated and extensive garden that goes as far as Place Massena. Here you will be able to see the Fontaine du Soleil, the beautiful fountain with Apollo's statue, the Greek God of sun. This place also has a charming open-air theatre known as Théâtre de Verdure, surrounded by palm and pine trees. If you visit during the summer, you will be able to enjoy music concerts and bkrock festivals in this popular location. A little walk from you will lead you to one of the biggest shopping streets in Nice, which is known as Avenue Jean Médecin.
  • Parc des Arenes de Cimiez: This luxurious Park is set in the grove of an olive tree that is a hundred years old. This beautiful garden is located just near the Cimiez monastery and is the best place to have a relaxing time. If you like to practice meditation and mindfulness, you can do this here on a beautiful sunny day. On the other hand, you can also go for a scenic walk across the garden path that will rejuvenate your mind. Apart from nature lovers, history lovers will also love this place as there are various archaeological remains in this Park from the ancient Roman City. You can enter the spark for free, and has excellent restroom facilities.
  • Cimiez Monastery: This is a fully functioning monastery located in the suburbs of Cimiez on the hilltop. This monastery was founded in the ninth century and is still operational today. You will also be able to find a beautiful room from the Roman era. The Musee Matisse is also closed from this place, and you will be able to visit the two places on the same day. This monastery provides a panoramic view of Nice and the Baie des Anges. Apart from this, we will also be able to enjoy a luxurious Garden here.
  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral: This is the biggest cathedral in Western Europe, also known as Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas. The architecture of this cathedral finished with an ornate facade, blue onion domes that are topped with golden cross adds to this place's beauty and grace. The architecture of this cathedral has made it one of the most beautiful ones you will be able to find, not only but all over the world. It was completed in 1912 in order to accommodate the number of Russian aristocrats who stayed in Nice during the winter.
  • Place Massena: This is the cultural centre of Nice and the largest square in the City. This is the most important place for various gatherings, seasonal festivals as well as a community event. It is surrounded by 17th-century architecture and provides an important link between the cities commercial district and the old town quarters. After the tramway transportation system at night was rebuilt, the Nice was designated as a pedestrian-only zone. A beautiful art installation by the famous Spanish artist Jaume Plensa was the place in the best way possible.
  • Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill): This area comprises the remains of the mediaeval fortress used to guard the Vieux Ville against the Rocky hills. It has now been turned into a beautiful park that offers the most spectacular view of the shoreline as well as the old town. Visitors can travel 213 steps to reach the summit of the hill, or you even want to take the elevator near Hotel Suisse if you want to shorten the walk. Apart from the castle walls, you will also be able to find a beautiful waterfall, a curious cemetery, and the most adorable cafes.
  • Cours Saley: This is an open market that is situated near the old town of Nice. In the past, it was known as a luxurious market for people belonging to the upper classes. Giant trees and eighteenth-century mansions surround it. Some of it has now been turned into pubs and restaurants serving the local cuisine. You will be able to find here fresh flowers and groceries in the morning. There are also stores selling collectables and antique items in the east end of the market on Monday mornings.
Promenade des Anglais


When you are in Nice, you will have many places to visit and various activities to perform. This is a great city with a robust nightlife and some of the most beautiful Museums that you will ever come across. This city's local cuisine will also blow your mind, and it is something worth a try. For the people who visit Nice, taking a stroll down the various parks in itself is a rejuvenating activity going to the natural elegance of this place.

City Parks

Nice has a huge array of city parks that you can enjoy when you visit this elegant city. These parks are best for a light stroll, a picnic with your loved ones, or simply providing space for your children to enjoy nature. The best part about Nice is that it has a vast expanse of land dedicated to greenery, making it even perfect for outdoor activities as the air is so pure and breathable. Some of the most important parks here are:

  • Parc Vigier: This park is located close to the port and is a Mediterranean garden open to the sea. It offers a wide variety of flora. The two most important plants are date palm and Agathis.
  • Parc de la colline du chateau: This is one of the most robust parks in all of Nice. It is almost like a maze of greenery that has been able to become a popular centre of attraction for tourists visiting Nice. It provides the most excellent views of the old town and the beach that adds to the park's charm.
  • Cascade de Gairut: This park is a picture-perfect location for a light stroll or a dedicated jog. It has a beautiful waterfall inside the park that simply adds to the charm of the place. This is truly a location worthy of a visit.

The magnificent Cascade de Gairut

National Parks

Nice has one of the biggest and most important National Parks in all of France. This park is called Mercantour National Park and has been known for the various outdoor sports offered as well as the many hiking sites here. It is one of the ten national parks that are spread all over France. This national park has an extensive array of flora and fauna that makes it a top tourist location. This park features an elaborate landscape. You will be able to witness both the sea and the mountain from here, providing the best view in all of Nice. In your hike in the park, you will be able to witness chamois, mountain goats, marmots, bearded vultures, and much more. The most special attraction here is the wolves. This is a place that you must visit when you come to Nice.

Mercantour National Park


When it comes to Nice, every corner is beautiful. However, one of Nice's most important places, known for being extremely beautiful, has to be the beaches. If you have a natural inclination for beaches, you will enjoy the multitude of beaches available in Nice. It is hard to pick the best one as these entire beaches offer some of the best views and pristine water along the coast. Some of the beaches that you must visit when you come to Nice are as follows:

  • Castel Plage: This is a private beach in Nice that is open from 10 am to midnight during the months of April to September. This beach is located right at the end of the Promenade des Anglais right under the Castle Hill. This is the best way to relax and have a special day with your loved ones.
  • Carras Beach: This beach is close to the airport and lies on Promenade des Anglais's western side. This is a special beach as it is not only pet friendly but also accessible with a wheelchair. It is an inclusive beach in this regard and has beautiful scenery that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy jet skiing here for some months. It is a public beach that you can enjoy for free.
  • Bains Militaires: This used to be a private military beach in the past but has now been open to the public. Since it is not very popular among tourists, this is the best place for you to enjoy the serene waters in a peaceful and quiet environment.

There are many other private as well as public beaches in Nice that you must visit. The public beaches are free of cost and are a great visit. However, you will need to make prior bookings in case of the private beaches.

The scenic Castel Plage


There are a number of important landmarks in Nice that you must visit. While many of these have been already discussed in the previous section, some of the others as follows:

  • Monument des Morts: This monument can be found at the base of Castle hill across the port of Nice. It was built in memory of those who had given their lives in the wars of France. It is an important monument as it pays homage to the fallen heroes.
  • Tere au Carré: This is a piece of Mediterranean architecture that is extremely enjoyable and important in the city of Nice. This is one of the most important factors all around the city that you must pay a visit to, especially if you are an art fanatic.
  • Commerce Center: Although this is not a tourist centre, it is an attractive building known as the Chamber of Commerce. It has been recognised as an important monument and a landmark at night that reflects both Italian and French influences in the architecture
Monument des Morts


Nice has seen the influx of various artists throughout the years, making it extremely culturally rich places in all of France. There is a wide plethora of museums, most of which have been dedicated to the various artists of Nice and are maintained in celebration of the art. Some of these museums that you must visit are as follows:

  • Villa Masséna Musée: This villa was made in 1898 as a residence for Massena's aristocrat. The House now belongs to the city of Nice and has been restored in the year 2008. It is now a famous museum in Nice with beautiful carvings and even includes a copy of Napoleon's death mask.
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nice: This is an Italianate villa that has now been transformed into one of Nice's biggest museums. It houses some of the best artworks from the historical time period, ranging from the 15th to the 20th century. It is an extremely important Museum for those who are passionate about art and painting.

Some of the other important Museum that you must visit when in Nice are Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain (MAMAC), which is dedicated to American and European style of modern art; Musée National Marc Chagall, which is an art gallery dedicated to Marc Chagall and the Musée Archéologique de Nice-Cimiez, which is an archaeological Museum situated in Nice.

Villa Masséna Musée


You need to venture into the various cuisines that are famous in Nice. The traditional dishes are extremely tasty and will give you a taste of the robust culture and the spirit of Nice. The diversity that you can experience in Nice is self-explanatory when it comes to the food here; the local food is a great delicacy in itself.

Typical French pâtisserie

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the most famous local restaurants in Nice are as follows:

  • Le Cantine de Lulu: This is a restaurant with a pristine environment. You will be able to enjoy various French foods like Ratatouille, Pan Bagnat and all.
  • Bistrot de l'Opera: This restaurant will is one of the best in Nice. You can enjoy some of the most traditional yet exciting food here. It is opening for takeout and dines in.
  • Lou Pistou: Freshness is what this restaurant has to offer. If you live fresh food of French dissent, this restaurant will not disappoint you. You can enjoy a splendid time with your friends and family here.
  • Chez Acchiardo: This restaurant has beautiful decor that is a perfect balance between modern and traditional. The food here is impressive and is absolutely authentic.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Nice has a huge collection of vegetarian as well as vegan restaurants to suit every lifestyle. You can enjoy the most intricate delicacies in these wonderful restaurants. Some of the most impeccable vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Nice are as follows:

  • Casa Leya: This is an absolutely mind-blowing restaurant located in one of the city's tourist places. It does not have a huge wait time and provides the freshest foods at all times.
  • KOKO GREEN Vegan and Raw Food: This restaurant has the best array of vegan food in all of Nice. The quality of food is so superior that you will be almost convinced into becoming vegan yourself. The tacos here are mind-blowing, and the raw pizza is something that you must try.
  • Vegan Gorilla: This is a vegan and gluten-free food joint providing food of the best quality to locals and tourists. The mozzarella sticks and the delicate dessert menu are worth a try.

Street Food

Cities all over the world have some special street food that is absolutely delicious. Some of the street food joints in Nice are:

  • Georges Roll Seafood: As the name suggests, here you will be able to find some of the best street foods from underwater. It has a delicious range of food that you can enjoy on the go.
  • Bonta: Get some of the best Italian food here. It is rich, tasty, and best on the go.
  • Pitaya Nice: This is located in Nice's best part and will provide you with a gastronomic experience like never before.


There is no ban on alcohol in Nice. There are some exceptional bars and restaurants that provide the most delicate array of drinks that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

However, if you do not enjoy alcoholic drinks, you will also be able to find a number of great alternatives and soft drinks that are exceptionally well made. Apart from tea and coffee, you will also be able to find various juice stalls and other such cafes drinking great drinks.

French wines are usually made to accompany French cuisine


Like in most European countries, it is safe to drink the tap water here in Nice. You will not have to buy mineral water bottles of any kind. In this way, you will be able to reduce the amount of plastic waste as well. It is advisable to carry your own water bottle that you can fill from time to time, rather than buying a bottle of water.

Organic Cafés

A vast plethora of organic cafes and restaurants in Nice will provide you with the best and most healthy food. Some of these cafes are as follows:

  • Badaboom
  • O'Quotidien
  • Aix&terra Nice - Halle de la Gare du Sud
  • Un jardin en ville - Hotel Windsor
  • Epiro Nice
  • Gaïa
  • Bistro Apéro


Nice has some of the best selection of breweries where you will be able to find crafted wine and beer. Some of these breweries have been functional throughout the years and have become a huge part of Nice's community. Some of these breweries are as follows:

  • Brasserie Bleue
  • La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice
  • Blue Coast Brewing Company
  • Balthazar
  • L' Olivier
  • Agora
  • La Bonne Bière


Nice is a happening city that has much to offer. Hence, you will not have a fully packed schedule when you visit Nice. On the other hand, if you simply want to spend some time relaxing, you can also find the perfect ways to do as well.

The various beaches and hiking sites in the city provide the perfect opportunity to become active and have fun. It also has a wide range of parks and recreational centres that will provide you with fun ways to spend your time.

Yoga and Retreats

When it comes to yoga centres and Wellness retreat, there are not many presents in Nice. However, you may find them in the locality or somewhere in the neighbourhood if you look around well.


Being an extremely popular tourist city, Nice has a huge plethora of hotels and guest houses that you can stay in. The amount of people who enter the country for tourist visits is very high, so there are a number of hotels available various price ranges. The hospitality industry is booming in this city, and your customers have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Green Hotels

Nice has a number of green hotels for you to choose from. These hotels have taken environmentally friendly measures in order to make your stay much more sustainable. Some of these hotels are as follows:

  • Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee: This is a rather high-end hotel that you will be able to enjoy in Nice. It comes with the best technologies in making your stay green and is extremely relaxing.
  • Hotel Windsor Nice: This beautiful hotel will help you to stay in touch with luscious greenery that you can enjoy to the brim. It is luxurious yet sustainable.
  • Ibis Nice Centre Gare: This is a more affordable option that you will be able to enjoy your stay in.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There is an abundance of hostels and guest houses in Nice, which are perfect for students as well as tourists who do not want to burn a hole in the pocket. These are also more sustainable options for staying in a foreign location. Some of them are as follows:

  • Backpackers Chez Patrick: This is an extremely well maintained and affordable option for those who want a cheap option in Nice.
  • Hostel Lyonnais: Get affordable hostel beds and dorms for a great visit.
  • Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel: This hostel has a great view and is near the beach. You can choose dorm rooms or even private rooms.
  • La Maïoun Guesthouse: This is a luxurious guest house with a top-notch view and excellent services.


As already mentioned, the hospitality industry in Nice is booming. Hence, there are even brilliant apartments that you will be able to find here. These apartments are open for tourists and have special pricing for this reason. If you are to stay in Nice for longer, then you can book an apartment online even before you reach the city.


You can find the best and most reliable hosts for couch surfing in Nice with the help of This is the best way for you to experience Nice like a true localite and get the city's essence like a pro.


There are quite a lot of campsites near or in Nice that you can stay in when visiting Nice. It is an extraordinary experience that will truly blow your mind.

  • Les Cent Chênes
  • Camping de la Laune
  • Parc des Maurettes
  • Camping dovecote
  • Camping Douce France
  • Camping Les Pinèdes

How to Get There

Since Nice is an extremely important city in France, especially for the tourism industry, there are many ways to get here. The various ways in which the tourism industry has made it possible to provide the utmost comfort and luxury to the various customers who visit the city each year is with the help of the best transportation system.


Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is the third busiest airport in France And is an important airport as it serves as the base for EasyJet. The airport is situated 7 kilometres from the centre of the city and is of great importance as this is the main route via which tourists enter Nice's city.


There are a number of buses in life that will take you from one place to another. Using the bus as a mode of transportation is great as not only will it help to save money, but you will also be able to reduce the amount of carbon emission in the City. There are a number of buses going to various popular tourist centres. With the help of buses, you would be able to get in touch with the localities and get a taste of their life.

Local bus in Nice


The most important rail line in Nice is the Nice-Ville system that connects to Paris in less than 6 hours. There are various trains travelling to and from the city and will help you reach from one place to another. The city's extremely well connected with the other parts of Europe with the help of various rail lines.

Train in Nice


No matter where you are coming from France, you will be able to get to Nice's city by relying on hitchhiking. It is a full-proof idea, but you will have to have GPS and proper information to get from one place to another. As it is an extremely well-connected city, you will be able to get here by some means.


Nice is a port city, and the main port here is known as the Lympia port. There are various smaller ports all around Nice as well. There are ferry systems that will help you to reach other parts of France as well.

Moving Around

Once you have entered the city of Nice, you will find a number of ways to get from one place to another. the city has some of the best transportation methods that will help you travel around. Although it is much more comfortable to have a private car for you when going for a vacation, it is always better to opt for a more sustainable transportation means. Always look for other eco-friendly options like public transport and bicycling that will help you to cause less pollution in a foreign city. When you use public transport or walk around the city, you get a better picture, and it becomes much more accessible. Nice has a variety of sustainable means of transportation to help you reach your desired destination.


You can walk around the city of Nice anytime you want as it is extremely beautiful throughout the day and night. Most of the public and tourist interest places are close by, and you can walk from one destination to another without much problem. Since this city's air quality is exceptionally good, you will not face any problems in reading when you are walking.


Bicycle is one of the most sustainable transportation modes and gives extreme freedom and independence to the rider. You will easily be able to borrow bicycles from various stores in Nice itself. With the help of a bicycle, you will be able to get around the city in no time at all without causing further pollution.

Electronic Vehicles

There are some electric vehicles around the city of Nice. There are a number of charging stations for these electric vehicles as well, making it quite comfortable to be around in these modes of transportation. All the process of introducing electronic vehicles in the city has started, there is a long way to go.

Public Bus

You will be able to find the number of public buses that will take you to places of tourist interest. It is important for you to travel in these public buses as we provide a glimpse into the life of the people who live in Nice.

Tram, Train and Subway

An important aspect of Nice that makes it extremely easy for transportation are the tramlines. It first started operating in the year 1879, and it was electrified in the year 1900. This is one of the best modes of transportation within it and will help you to reach from one place to another in no time at all. It has already connected the city's northern and southern suburbs, making it a coherent system of transportation.

A tram in Nice

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is one of the most important aspects of vacation, and there are excellent sites for shopping in Nice. While there are a number of sustainable shopping stores in Paris, there are not many in Nice. You can, however, look for thrift shops where you will be able to shop sustainably.

Food Markets

If you're looking for a fresh food market in Nice, the following are some of the obvious choices:

* Saleya Food Market * Mercato di frutta e verdura de la liberation * Marché Aux Fleurs Cours Saleya * Mondial Market

Flea Markets

The most popular flea markets on Nice are as follows:

* Puces de Nice * Marché aux Puces * Carrefour Market Antibes Nice Road * Brocante Pawn shop Saleya

Second Hand Stores

Some of the top second-hand stores in Nice are as follows:

* Dépôt vente luxe Mademoiselle * o chineur * Caprice Vintage Shop * Boutique kalysta * Cash Converters Nice Lépante * Renaissance Vidini


France has quite a number of Eco Fashion brands. These brands are also available in Nice and provide sustainable clothing to own and all. Eco-fashion as becoming consistently important in order to curb pollution that is prevalent in the world right now.


Nice has become quite active in trying to get things recycled in time so that the level of pollution can be curbed as soon as possible. Keeping this view in mind, there are quite a number of recycling centres in Nice. It would help if you always tried to get your waste recycled. These centres include:

  • Valazur
  • Centre de tri - Veolia Recyclage et Valorisation des Déchets
  • Containers recyclage verre & papier


Nice has employed some new and some traditional means of waste management in order to help the citizens. It is largely autonomous when it comes to sorting and picking waste. The practice of recycling is also getting popular here.

Work and Study Abroad

A number of students visit Nice's city from time to time to study in the various prestigious colleges here. People from other European countries, as well as from other parts of the world, migrate here as well for work prospects. Art students, especially those interested in the colour painting, show great interest in the city.

Exchange Student

Exchange Student programs are quite effective, and students from all around the world often visit this city. This city has now become an important place for education. It has quite a number of prestigious universities and schools.

Au Pair

Au pair services are quite popular in Nice, and you will be able to find the number of employees in this regard. Not only will you be able to book services online, but there are also some important agencies that are popular around the city.


There are a number of volunteering opportunities all around Nice. Some of which are as follows:

  • Club Cartophile Nice Et Des Alpes Maritime
  • Nice Bénévolat 06
  • Trisomie 21 Alpes Maritimes

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