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Eco-friendly travel guide to North Macedonia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in North Macedonia, Europe.

Mount Korab, the highest mountain in North Macedonia

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$12 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $300

Responsible Travel

Macedonia is a small country in the southeastern part of Europe. Macedonians are basically a mixture of Bulgarians, Greeks, Americans, Russians, Romanians, and Tatars. Macedonia is also called the land of mountains, this country has beautiful mountains which is the biggest tourist attraction in Macedonia and the breathtaking views of the countryside is a perfect place for your next vacation.

The orchid lake is the most famous place in this country, people around the world come here to just witness the oldest lake in the country which is about four million years old. Macedonia is the land of mountains with the highest number of mountains and mountain peaks, it became the only country in the world with the highest number of mountain and mountain peaks. There are a lot more to see in this country but don't forget to follow these simple rules to stay a responsible traveler as ever

  • Try to use fewer fuel-based vehicles and opt for electric cars or bicycles. You can travel the inner part of the cities with electric cars
  • You should have your meals from the local shops and restaurants in the country to support the economy of the country.
  • Macedonia is a land of mountains and being a responsible traveler you should visit all the green parks of the country. Stay close to nature.
  • You can travel the country by using public transport and it will allow you to show your respect towards nature.
  • You should stay in green hotels and the country has a lot of options for it. It will help the environment to stay pollution-free
  • Try to support the local vendor by having your meals and snacks from their stalls. This will help the country to build a strong economy

Air Quality and Pollution

The major sources of air pollution in Macedonia are the emission of harmful gases from vehicles into the environment. This country is the biggest tourist attraction in the European countries which creates an opportunity for the maximum usage of transport vehicles. Regular domestic or international flights, public transports, private cars, etc are the major cause of this pollution. The capital of the country Skopje and Tevoto are considered the most polluted cities of this country. It has affected the lives of the locals and travelers as well.

However, the government has taken several measures to control the pollution of the cities here. It is very common to see air purifiers in the homes of the locals here. There are proper arrangements for the travelers as well, air purifiers’ are available at all the hotels and motels of this city. The other cities and the countryside areas are less polluted and hence idle to travel freely but you should take precautions when you are in Skopje and Devoto.

Respect the Culture

The country has a unique culture that is a mixture of different religions. The country got its independence without shedding any blood, and it is the only country in the world that got its freedom like that. There are a number of places to visit here and where you can see the culture of the country. The orchid lake is the most famous and oldest lake in the country where you can witness two hundred endemic species that are not available anywhere else in the world. The country has the highest numbers of mountain peaks in the world and most of them are unexplored, this attracts the tourists a lot here.

The countrysides are the best places to stay and admire the culture of the people here. Macedonia is a landlocked country in Europe and it is full of uniqueness. You can attain the festivals here to know deeply about the Macedonian culture. The country is a mixture of orthodox Macedonians and Islamic people so you will be able to see the diversity in the culture of the country here.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Today most of the tourists want to visit North Macedonia as it is the best country. And the cities in this country are beautiful which can easily live up to your expectations. But if you want to make your trip more enjoyable then you have to visit these 10 places.

  • Canyon Matka (Skopje) - This canyon is located in the center of the capital city Skopje. Here you can go for a long boating journey and get to see some amazing sites and caves. They are lovely and always give you a feeling of wow which you might have never imagined before. So just go for it and you will enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Yeni Mosque (Bitola) - It is a huge mosque and surrounds half of Bitola city. Here you will get more than hundreds of worshippers praying to their god. And during the evening time, the devotional music of this place becomes a point of attraction for everyone. Try it out and you will get to see something which you have never seen before.
  • St. George Church (Kumanovo) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this church was established in the period of the 14th century. It has some extraordinary things which you can find in your history books. So do not miss it because this opportunity will not come again and again.
  • Prilep Lake (Prilep) - Undoubtedly we all can say that this lake is great and here you will get a beautiful serene feeling. It leaves you awestruck and you would get absorbed into its pleasant atmosphere. In other words, you can refer to it as a place of your dreams.
  • Popova Šapka (Tetovo) - If you love to go for a skiing adventure then this place is perfect for you. Just try it over here and you will get the most valuable experience of your life. You cannot express it in your words because it has to be seen and felt in front of your eyes.
  • Samoil's Fortress (Ohrid) - It is known as another great wall of China because like that place it also has a very huge wall. Without any doubt, it is the largest wall and covers half of the fort. In the beginning, you may think that it is not enjoyable but later on you will understand its value thoroughly.
  • Kranba (Demir Kapija) - A mountain peak from where you can have a view of the whole city. It signifies the real meaning of beauty and conveys a lot of things. So instead of having any second thoughts just visit here and you will get a very fine exposure.
  • Tose Proeski Memorial House (Makedonski Brod) - This place is dedicated to honoring the martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the war period. Their works are still immortal and people have an eagerness to know about them in detail. Now if you are interested to know about them then just visit here as soon as possible.
  • St. Leontius Monastery (Strumica) - It is a holy place where you can come and wish for the best thing. And it is always believed that if you do it from your true heart then it will definitely come true. But if you miss it today then tomorrow you may feel bad about it.
  • Peshna Cave (Kichevo) - This cave is too deep and can be a little bit scary for you. But you can enter inside it and fight fear to prove your bravery. Everyone tries it out because it is something that no one has seen earlier.
Canyon Matka


So you have known about the places which are mentioned in the above section. Now, what will you do if it is about exploring the cities of North Macedonia? The answer is simple to visit some city parks and museums which are totally different.

City Parks

  • Noemvri (Shtip) - The ambiance of this park is calm and you will love to come here. It is because here the scenic views are magnificent and make you happier. Therefore, this place is a must-visit because after coming here you can get peace and make yourself free from pain.
  • City Fair (Kochani) - Do not go by its name because it is a park where you can get more open spaces. These spaces are good for playing outdoor games like cricket and football. So bring your children over here and get a chance to play some nice games with them.
  • Skopje City Park (Skopje) - This place is a leading example of greenery and here you will get some adorable flowers. They smell nice and have some beautiful features which are not enough for praise. So carry a camera with you and capture their pictures so they remain as your memory.
Skopje City Park

National Parks

  • Tumbe Kafe (Bitola) - For all the campers out there you can visit here for a bonfire camping trip. It will give you a lot of enjoyment and there will be no chances of disappointment. People often say that this park is nothing but you have to come here and make your own decision.
  • Mavrovo (Gostivar) - If you are willing to have a nice family picnic then this place is the most suitable one for you. Do it over here and see how well your time is being spent. And after doing it you will feel like recommending it to your beloved persons.


  • Nensi Beach (Ohrid) - The water of this beach is pure and here you can bathe for a longer period of time. Lounge into it and you will definitely find something new over here. But remember that missing this place is never an option because this opportunity comes only once in your lifetime.
  • Nikolich (Kavadartsi) - Although this beach is not for bathing but here the waves are huge. Roam around this place and you can explore the best part of your trip. There is no specific time to visit here because it is for any time either the day or night.


  • Zebrnjak (Kumanovo) - This landmark is regarded as one of the best A-listers which is a nice selfie point. Here you can come with your family and take a selfie with them. After that, you can upload it on Facebook and wait for some positive likes and comments.


  • Vinica City Museum (Vinica) - In this museum, you will get a fair knowledge about Vinica city. It is responsible for promoting the cultural heritage of the city and telling some of its relevant facts. You should explore it vividly because it has the most precious things to offer.
  • Museum of Natural History (Skopje) - You will notice that this museum is spread all over the internet and has a better position. The reason being it has some brilliant historical artifacts which belonged to the early ages. They are remarkable and are loved by most of the tourists. And it is also guaranteed that after coming here you would want to give your good feedback and ratings about it.


Macedonian cuisine is a mixture of traditional and tasty dishes made of a variety of spices, vegetables, and meats. The travelers are very fond of Macedonian cuisine and they even try to learn the recipe so that they can recreate the dishes in their hometown. Most of the Macedonian dishes are made with organic products, high-quality dairy products, and high-quality meats. The combination has a very delicious flavor which is available only in Macedonia. The varieties of loaves of bread are the staple food of this country which is served with almost every dish here.

Salads are the most commonly served appetizer in this country and you can see the variety of salads in different states here. These foods are delicious and you should have them when you are in Macedonia. Try to have your meals from the local shops to know the culture of the country deeply. Meals made of organic products which are generally served with a variety of loaves of bread are the staple food of the country. Sarma which is a dish made of stuffed cabbage rolls is the most famous food in the country. You can get a variety of stuffing’s, you can even choose your stuffing’s from the menu.

You can have it baked or fried or steamed, any way you like. This stream stuffed cabbage rolls are something you should try when you are in Macedonia. The country is filled with flavors and with a mixture of traditional recipes with modern tools but the flavors are there as it is. Every state has its own especially here and you should try the famous dishes of these cities when you visit them. Tavce grace is another famous food of the country which is mostly consumed by the locals here. It is made up of beans which are baked, combined with spices, meats, and served with pieces of bread.

You can get a variety of these baked beans in different parts of the country. Pizzas are a very common western food that is accepted by the whole world and this country has its own version of pizza which is not available anywhere else. Pastrmajlija which is Macedonian pizza is the most loved food by travelers here. This is an oval-shaped pizza filled with flavors which you should definitely try. The best way of enjoying such delicious foods is by having them from the local shops and restaurants of the country. You will get a number of options when it comes to food here.


Macedonian beverage is widely famous in north Eastern Europe. There are a variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks which you can try in the country. Mastika is the national drink of the country and it is available all over the place. Wines are a very famous alcoholic drink in Macedonia which is available in every bar and restaurant here. Red wines are mostly consumed in winters and white wines are for the summers. Beer and Razika are other famous drinks that are available only in Macedonia.

Turkish coffee is the most consumed coffee in this country, whether the people of Macedonia or the travelers, everyone loves the taste of freshly brewed coffee here. You can easily find a traditional old coffee house here where you can spend some time with your loved ones by having a sip of freshly brewed coffee. The Balkan coffeehouse is famous and the oldest place for coffee lovers here. Hence, there are modern cafes as well that serve the varieties of coffee in Macedonia.


Macedonia is a landlocked country surrounded by mountains, historical places, and lakes and Macedonia is popular for its access to drinking water which is safe to consume idly all over the world. A hundred percent of the urban population has access to safe drinking water here. You can freely roam around the country and can have water from the taps here. Most of the local places are serving tap water to their customers but in big restaurants and hotels, you might get the facilities of water purifiers.

Most of the population depends on tap water here because the urban area has the liberty to have drinkable water from the taps directly. When it comes to the rural area you might face a problem with the quality of the water. You can carry your own bottles which can be refilled from the restaurants or shops here. Though the country has good access to drinkable water here, they have the facilities of improving the quality of the water as well. In rural areas, you can use tap water in extreme cases after boiling it for a few minutes.

Hence, for a traveler, there is no need to worry about the quality of the water in Macedonia. You can freely consume tap water here no matter where you are staying. If you have a delicate stomach then you can use filtered water as it is also available at every local shop or restaurant here.


Macedonia is the most captivating country in the world. It is the most loved travel destination as well. The hospitality of the country is something which is going to be in your good books forever. The country is full of uniqueness and ancient culture which is rare to find anywhere else. It is the only place in the world with the highest number of mountain peaks; some of the peaks are still unexplored. You can add this to your to-do list in Macedonia. It can be very thrilling and challenging and if you are a mountain lover then you cannot get this type of opportunity anywhere else. Kale fortress which is in the capital city of the country is the biggest tourist attraction here which you should not miss either.

Rock climbing in Matka canyon is the biggest adventure ride you can take in this country. You can rent a kayak here to explore the beautiful canyon and if you want to rent motorboats then you can have that facility as well for a quick tour. The best way of enjoying the true sense of nature is by using the local methods of riding which is possible here if you explore the canyon by kayak. It will allow you to understand the culture of the country.


The accommodation structure of the country is very fascinating and dynamic as you can get a variety of options here whether you want to live in a five-star hotel or you want to live in a low budget lodge. Accommodation is the most important part of traveling especially when you are traveling with your family; you need to choose wisely the place to stay. All the cities and towns are well connected with water and electricity whether you want to live in the countryside or the proper cities. You will not face any problem with any of the facilities here. You can take the help of the daily newspaper or internet here to find a suitable place for yourself. You should always book your accommodation in advance so that you can save some money and time as well.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are best to stay in an unknown destination to avoid the risk of increasing environmental pollution. The country has all the facilities for their travelers and the green hotels are the best for them. You can easily find the green hotels in Macedonia; in all the cities, these hotels will provide you all the facilities like any other regular hotel. You can even get a hotel with perfect views of mountains and lakes here. The prices of staying in these hotels are comparatively low as compared to many other hotels.

Foods are the most fascinating part of staying in green hotels as you will be able to eat foods that are made of organic products. The bedsheets, bathrobes, curtains, towels, etc are reusable and it is highly maintained by the staff here. The foods in these hotels are very simple, but there is no compromise in taste. You can even get the opportunity to stay in hotels with proper swimming pools. This type of hotel believes in recycling goods as much as possible to decrease the amount of waste generation. You can do your bit as a responsible traveler by staying in these hotels and try to reuse plastic things as much as possible.

When you are traveling on a constant, then your body and mind need relaxation too, and for that, you can join yoga classes here. This is the perfect way of relaxing in an unknown place. Some of the hotels have the facilities of yoga sessions as well. You can check up with your green hotels while booking the rooms in advance.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are a student and want to study in Macedonia then staying in the hostels is the best option for you. Hostels in Macedonia will provide you the best atmosphere to study and these hostels have all the facilities for the students. You can even get to share your rooms with other students here. There are playgrounds and playrooms available in some of these hostels in Macedonia. You can check the price details of these hostels online before choosing a perfect one for yourself.

Guesthouses are mostly for the people who want to stay for a longer period of time in Macedonia. You can easily get a guesthouse in beautiful locations of this country where you can stay with the other members. Most of the guesthouses have facilities for providing food to the customers. Sharing a room with another person will allow you to know about the country in a better and faster way. If you are someone who is working in Macedonia then it will help you understand the culture of the country as well by staying with the locals or other travelers.


Apartments are best for people who are planning to stay for longer or more than three months. It is like a second home in an unknown place with all the facilities like home. These well maintained and furnished apartments are perfect for your stays here. You can get all the facilities like laundry, cooking, etc. You can get a kitchen section in these apartments where you can cook your own meals if you are not a big fan of restaurants' meals. You can easily get groceries delivered to your apartments through online purchasing.

There are varieties of apartments available throughout the country depending on your budget. You can choose. You can get fully furnished apartments near your desired location. You can also get apartments in the countryside if you want to spend some time alone near to nature. Some of these apartments are situated near the beautiful lakes where you can get a perfect view of nature. There is a wide range of options available throughout the country from where you can choose a perfect one for yourself.


Macedonia is very famous for providing its travelers with opportunities to relax and take a break from city life. You can always relax a bit when your work for the day is done. They have multiple options for outdoor activities. For couch surfing, you might find a few. You can always look up the internet for the best options available at the moment. It will allow you to explore more local places at once and you can also save money. You will find so many options, you can choose according to your stay in the cities. You can use couch surfing in Warsaw to stay connected with locals and explore unique places.


Macedonia is the best place for camping whether you want to spend some quality time near the mountains or lakes, this country has all of it. There are varieties of facilities available in these campsites and each site has its own specialty. You can attain the campsite near the orchid lake which is also called the sunrise campsite. This campsite is best for the traveler who loves the beautiful sceneries of sunsets or sunrise.

You can even go to a campsite in Ljubanista which is very famous for its beautiful views of the sea and this site has its own restaurant, private beach and a grocery store for all your needs in camps. There are a lot more options with sites that you can check before visiting. Every campsite is unique and has something to offer which is rare and not available in any other campsites in Macedonia.



Getting There and Moving Around

Macedonia has very marvelous transport facilities. The country is blessed with all types of transport facilities. The airways are the best for travelers who are coming from different countries. It is the fastest and most affordable mode of traveling to the country and in the country. The rail networks are very fascinating and it is well connected with all the cities of the country. You can choose to travel to the other part of Macedonia with it. Traveling through roadways is a must when you are in Macedonia as it is called the land of mountains and historical sites, the best way of enjoying the beauty of nature here is by traveling through roadways.

It allows you to witness the beauty of nature while you are riding a bike or a car. The country has a good water network which can be used to travel the country. On the borders of Greek and Albania, there are tourist boats just for the people who want to explore the lakes of the country. You should definitely try all the modes of traveling to enjoy the beauty of the country and to know the culture of the locals as well.


Macedonia airlines are well connected with almost all countries in the world. The best and the fastest way of traveling is through airways. There are regular international and domestic flights which make the traveling experience even better. You can easily book tickets from the official websites where you can get discounts as well. Traveling through airways can be a bit expensive as compared to the other modes of transport. It is best for the people who are planning a sudden trip. There are multiple airlines among which you can choose according to your convenience.

The airports of this country are well maintained and you can easily get a taxi or bus from the airport to reach your desired location. The infrastructure of the airports are very fascinating, they have attached food shops and agencies. You can easily get a travel agency at the airport from where you can plan your trip further. The other major cities of the country are well connected with the airways so you can choose to travel through planes as it is the fastest mode of traveling.


The bus facilities in this country are very opulent. All the buses are well maintained with comfortable seats and air-conditioned. The locals of the country mostly prefer to ride in the bus where they can open the windows to let the fresh air come in. You can choose according to your preference whether you want to travel in the air-conditioned buses or the other ones. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and it has two main stations which have a very good network of public buses and the fare prices are also very attractive.

The city has the facilities of providing long-distance routes as well where you can choose to travel from one city to another comfortably through these high maintained buses in Macedonia. Traveling by bus is very cheap compared to the flights and it will allow you to understand the Macedonian culture deeply. While traveling you can chat with your fellow passenger and you can gather more useful information about the country.


In spite of being a mountain country, Macedonia is blessed with rail networks as well. Traveling on trains is very fascinating and comfortable, the ticket prices are very affordable as well. The country is surrounded by mountains from all sides which makes it harder to connect all the places of Macedonia with rail networks. There are limited places that are connected through railways here. You can easily get a train to some places like Bitola, Gevgelai, etc from the capital city. There are mostly local trains for the travelers here which are very slow.

You can travel by train if you want to witness the culture of the people and the country closely. Traveling through trains can be very exciting as it will pass through the small villages and towns to reach a desirable location and meanwhile you can observe the vast culture of the country. You can visit the official website for the details of the ticket prices and the timing of arrival and departure of the train.


Hitchhiking is very common in Macedonia and it is very easy as well. Traveling from a city to another can be a bit expensive sometimes, especially if you are on a tight budget. Hitchhiking can be your lifesaver here, you just need to take a free ride from the drivers who are passing by or who are going in the same direction as you desired. For travelers, it is a very common and most preferable way of traveling.

Generally, it is free of cost but in some situations, you might need to negotiate with the drivers. Throughout the journey, you can communicate with the driver about the life of the people here. This will help you to understand the culture of the city very well. Meanwhile, you can have food from the local shops. Traveling like this can be risky but it will allow you to make some unforgettable memories that you can cherish afterward.


Rental cars or taxis are the most popular mode of traveling in Macedonia. Renting a car for traveling to different places of Macedonia is very popular among the traveler. You can even book a cab for one side ride and reach your desired location. It can be very easy and comfortable as you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of the vehicles and you can easily rebook whenever you want. You can choose from bicycles and motorbikes as well to travel the inner parts of the cities. Traveling by bicycle can be very beneficial for your health and the environment as well.

Traveling by bicycle will allow you to explore the local places which are not very popular but worth a visit. The market areas of the cities can be explored better by walking, by walking you can see the local shops selling the popular items of the country and you can even buy from these shops, window shopping or shopping can only be done by walking and observing the items sold by each vendor.

Sustainable Shopping

Old Skopje bazaar is the oldest market in Macedonia. It has changed a lot from the past few years, you will be able to get all types of materialistic things to shop from this bazaar. Your journey is incomplete without shopping, as shopping doesn’t mean that you will have to buy something expensive. You can buy the local goods or products of the country which is rare to find anywhere else. The population of Macedonia is divide into two sections of christens and Muslims, similarly, you will be able to notice the difference in the shops selling different items that represent the culture of these two religions.

All the shops have the same size whether it is owned by a Muslim or christen. Each shop is selling a different item from the others and you can even do window shopping here with your loved ones by just walking down the narrow streets of this market. The market is very big and it has also hotels and restaurants for the travelers who want to stay in this area. There is a Turkish bath which is called hammams, is also there in this market so that you can relax a bit by taking a hot bath in this gigantic Turkish bath.

Bit Pazar, Zelen Pazar, and Bunjakovec are the largest food or green markets in Skopje. These are again the oldest markets in the city. You can get here varieties of foods and other ingredients. The prices are very cheap so that you can easily buy the groceries to cook a meal for yourself. This market is here for the last hundred years as it is said that the market was very popular since then. You can even get all the dairy products here and don’t miss the flower market either. In the same place, you can witness a flower market selling varieties of flowers.

You can buy a single flower if you want or you can ask for a bouquet, you can even customize the numbers and the flowers as well. Apart from these bazaars, you can even go to the shopping malls here for branded clothes or other things. Skopje city mall is the biggest shopping mall in Macedonia with a variety of branded products. The mall is filled with international brands and there are few cinema halls as well. The cafeteria is very neat and attractive; you can have a bite here while doing your shopping.

You can also have a look at the thrift stores in this country where you can get second-hand goods at a very good price. Thrift stores are very popular among the traveler as it is a one-stop destination for the people who are in the urgent need of basic things at an affordable price. You can get branded second-hand clothes at a very cheap rate, the condition of the clothes in these stores is very fine. Sometimes you won't even feel like it was used by someone else as it looks fresh and tidy. When you are traveling to a different place then you might face problems related to your clothing and accessories.

It is not possible to buy these things all the time from a renowned mall, these theft sores are like a safe solution for your budget and needs. You can get various items here including your household tools, cleaning tools, shoes, pieces of jewelry, etc. The secondhand shops in Macedonia are not only famous among the traveler but also among the locals. The locals of this country are very fond of these markets and they prefer to buy kinds of stuff from these stores more than any other stores. These shops can be your ultimate option in times of emergencies; you can replace your old broken or stolen items with a new one and at a great price.


Eco-fashion is getting popular in western countries and now it is popular in Macedonia as well. People understand the value of non-renewable resources and they are opting for goods that are made of organic products and can be recycled in several ways. You can also do your bit as a responsible traveler; try to reuse the plastic things as much as possible. Try to buy clothes and accessories which are environmentally friendly.

Eco-fashion means clothes made of organic cotton, plant-based dyes, etc. these clothes look very fashionable as well. The prices of such clothes are very affordable. You can find multiple shops in every city selling such products. You can take the help of the locals to find a perfect store for yourself where you can buy recycled goods. There is no compromise in terms of designing and coloring these eco-friendly products so you can give them a try.


Solid waste generation is the biggest problem in this country. Waste generated from houses and public places is hard to dispose of because of the plastic materials present in the waste items. The dumping grounds are not enough with the increase in the popularity of the country. Macedonia is one of the biggest travel destinations and every year there are numbers of tourists from all over the world visit this country. The government has taken several measures to control the waste generation in the country where locals are taking initiative and actively following the rules generated by the government.

You should also opt for chargeable cars for traveling, green hotels for staying, reuse plastic items as much as possible. Opt for public transport instead of private cars. These little steps can help the environment to stay clean and tidy. You should always look for ways to keep your favorite holiday destination clean so that the next person can enjoy the beauty of nature here as much as you did. Ride a bicycle instead of cars, it will help you as well indigestion and you can stay healthy as well. Leave your favorite destination as beautiful as ever so that you can get a chance to revisit the places again.

Work and Study Abroad

Studying in Macedonia can be very fascinating as you can have a brief experience of the culture of the country while studying here. The people love to enjoy life here just because of its beautifulness and you can also be a part of it. This country is not the largest country but with a population of two million people, it becomes a decent place to work and study. The expenses of the studies may vary from one university to another and you can check the official website of the university to find the approx expense of studying here.

For international students, they have a number of facilities along with a good accommodation structure. You can also find a suitable job for yourself here as the country has a lot to offer. The country has a very rich culture and cultural background which makes the economy of the country stronger by attracting tourists all over the world. All the cities and towns are well connected with the different modes of transport. The attractive salary packages along with the marvelous accommodation structure make the country an even more desirable place for working and studying.

Exchange Student

Macedonia is a home place for the great Alexander and it is also the place where the great mother Teresa was born. The country has experienced a glorious past and with a brighter future, it is giving opportunities to the people who are skillful and can apply for higher studies in Macedonia. European students can easily apply for the exchange student program here. There are multiple universities from the old to the new ones, that are associated with the universities of Macedonia.

The country has a number of options available for traveling and other activities as well. The country has a very divine culture which attracts the students and it allows you to stay close to paradise as the mountains and beaches are about a few hours away from your place. You need a peaceful environment to study and focus on your goals and Macedonia is the perfect place for this type of environment.

Au Pair

Au-pair is very common in Macedonia and there is a large section of people who are engaged in this work. For travelers, it's a very good tactic to live in this country before getting a proper job. Au-pair doesn't require any educational knowledge; it just needs household skills. You need to take care of the house or the babies and in exchange, the owner will give you a room to stay, food to eat, and also grants some pocket money. This whole procedure takes time, so you should apply for it earlier so by the time you reach Macedonia, you have a house to stay. You should be very careful while choosing a perfect house for yourself as you are completely new to the city. Choose a highly rated organization to find a proper house.


Volunteering at your favorite destination is the best you can do to protect the environment. English is the common language which is used all over the world, and with the help of this, you can volunteer for courses where speaking skills are required like some educational courses. There is always a lot more to do, you can choose according to your preference. It will allow you to know the culture of the country.

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