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Eco-friendly travel guide to Palermo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Palermo, Italy.

Gulf of Mondello seen from Monte Pellegrino

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.9 / 5
  • Safety: 3.9/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$500 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$300 - $400

Responsible Travel

When it comes to responsible traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is preserving the heritage as well as the rich culture of any place. Yes, the rugged capital of Italy’s southernmost island Palermo. As it is the crossroads of civilizations for millennia, Palermo delivers one of the best places where you can enjoy some of the best times. A mix of modern-traditional cultures, Palermo is one of the most popular cities that you will come across. A city where you will get souk-like markets, baroque churches, date palms, and various other things. Centuries of dizzying highs and crushing lows here have formed a complex metropolis.

  • As a part of the responsible traveling, you can begin with opting for e-vehicles. The local government made the initiation. These vehicles are quite comfortable, cover every part of the city, and are within a budget.
  • Trying local food: A huge part of the local culture is the traditional food that is offered at the local traditional restaurants and by street food vendors. Instead of just sticking to international fast food franchises that contribute to so much waste being produced in the world, you should try the local options. Not only will it help the local economy but also will directly help the families whose sole source of earning are these small food businesses.
  • Do not throw waste: As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to promote sustainable living as much as possible in the city to motivate not only fellow tourists but local people. When you visit any tourists attractions especially city parks, make sure you do not throw any food wrapper and do not just stop at that but if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. It might look like a very small thing to do but has a huge impact on people watching especially the children present in the park since they learn and mimic the behaviour of other people around them.
  • Choose a green hotel: Plenty of accommodations are available in the city that provide you with a top-notch experience but instead of choosing them, you can pick green hotels for your stay. They use eco-friendly measures to reduce the pollution and waste of the city. This is one of the great ways to contribute towards the city to keep it safe and clean.
  • Shop local: In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

Before traveling to any destination, it is necessary to find out the air quality of the place. Due to this reason, make sure to find out about the air quality as well as the pollution levels in the city. As per some of the reports, it has been found that the air quality in Palermo is quite good. However, due to seasonal changes, the air quality, as well as pollution levels, vary. Thus, if you have breathing troubles, then it is best if you keep wearing facemasks. It is necessary to understand that the facemasks keep you protected throughout the day, especially if you have a dust allergy. Apart from that, to avoid smoke from vehicles, it is best to avoid exploring the city during the daytime. Local people in Palermo is quite concerned about pollution levels, the government has come up with various pollution control levels. Besides, as the temperature stays permeable throughout the year, you can explore corners of the city. Make sure to visit the city during the season, as it will help you to explore the city properly.

Respect the Culture

No matter where you are going, it is necessary to find out about the culture. Millions of tourists throughout the world visit Palermo throughout the year due to its enchanting beauty. Being one of the crucial cities of Italy, the culture of the city is steeped in art, architecture, music, and food. Italy is the Home of the Roman Empire, which means it is a major center of culture and most importantly Renaissance. Due to this reason, the cities of Italy have flourished for years. When you visit Palermo, you will find the art in every museum, church, and even public buildings. Coming to music, you will be mesmerized by the melody and if you visit operas, you will enjoy it for sure. When it comes to literature, you will find some outstanding literary works, which are necessary to explore, especially if you are interested in finding out about the culture of any place. If you want to know about the religion of Italians, then most of them are Roman Catholics. Apart from that, the locals of Palermo are full of life and love celebrating their life. Overall, Palermo is one of the cultural cities you will come across.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The oldest area borders of Palermo are Via Vittorio Emanuele that lies between Normal Palace as well as the cathedral. Besides, the city is also expanded to the harbor under Arabs during the 9th to 11th century. The Normans captured Palermo in 1072 and 1282, the rebellion is known as the Sicilian Vespers’ the French murdered by the House of Aragon. You will come across some of the most popular tourist attraction places. If you want to know more about the city, then it Is best if you search some of the popular places in Palermo. Here are some of the places where you must visit if you are in Palermo.

  • Palazzo dei Normanni or Norman Palace - During the 9th century, an Arabian culture built this place for their Emir. Due to this reason, the place became one of the most popular tourist attraction places amongst travel enthusiasts. Although it suffered huge neglect until the Spanish viceroy tried to extended, it while they used to stay here. Now, you will find prominent Norman structure remains in the northeast front, high Tore Pisana with its neat square stone blocks as well as the blind arcades of ogival arches. Here you will find Sala di Ercole, but now, here Sicilian Parliament sits.
  • Cappella Palatina It is a court church of the Normans that was constructed in 1140, mosaics chancel completed during 1143. Even though all the changes during the centuries, the interiors are still intact and the harmony is not lost overall. Here you will find mystical semi-darkness in this triple aisled basilica, the Byzantine dome, and mosaic decoration. Once you visit Cappella Palatina, you will find the wooden ceiling of the central aisle is decorated in Arabic style, with stalactites. Thus, make sure that you are visiting Cappella Palatina, while you are visiting Palermo.
  • La Martorana - The churches of Santa Maria is also known as La Martorana since it is popular for 12th-century mosaics. La Martorana has a domed church that comes with four arms of equal length as well as a chancel with three apses. However, it has went undergone considerable changes. Since churches play a significant role in the city, La Martorana has become one of the popular tourist attractions in the city. Hence, if you want to explore the city, then it is best if you include La Martorana in your list.
  • Archeological Museum - If you take interest in collecting antiques, then Palermo’s Museo Archeologico is one of the finest museums in Italy. It is one of the 17th-century cloisters are Egyptian as well as Phoenician items that includes Palermo Stone. The ground floor of the museum has terra-cotta decoration at Temple C. The rear wall includes a reconstruction of parts of the Pronaos Frieze, an example of Selinunte art. Thousands of tourists from around the world come here to find out about the Archeological Museum. From prehistoric stone objects to wall decorations, you will find everything here.
  • Quattro Canti - It is an open circular space that was laid out between 1608 and 1620 by the Roman architect Giulio Lasso at the junction of two major streets in Palermo during that time. Cassaro leads from the Norman Palace until the harbor. In the past, Lasso designed the square with a concave frontage in four corners. At the ground level on each corner, you will come across fountains, sculpted figures, and many other things. Since the Italian culture is filled with museums, the beauty of Quattro Canti will mesmerize you.
  • San Giovanni Degli Eremiti - The cloisters of the former monastery is an idyllic place if you want to relax. San Giovanni is an Arabic mosque that stood here as a hall with five arches that still stands to the south of Christin church. From the sixth century, there was a Benedictine monastery and the site was reconstructed under Normans. If you visit the interiors of the monastery is severe and does not have much decoration. The atmospheric cloisters are only partially preserved. Overall, it is a must-visit place that is necessary to include.
  • San Cataldo - Built next to the Martorana, San Cataldo is one of the popular churches that you must visit in Palermo. The bright red dome rises the decorative cornice. The cubic exterior that has windows on the sides of the blind arcades demonstrates the three Arabo-Normal characters. The same strong square-shaped masonry is something that looks stunning. Once you visit Palermo, the beauty of the place will mesmerize you. Besides the beautifully ornamented floor inlay as well as Corinthian capitals, you will find various other beautiful things as well.
  • Palazzo Chiaramonte - This place was built by the Chiaramonte family during the 14th century, especially when they achieved great power. The building was started building 1307 and ended in 1380; however, the second floor was left incomplete. This palace served as the residence for the viceroy from 1468 to 1517. On the first floor, you will find various beautiful windows along with pillared arcades. The beauty of the place will doubt mesmerize you.
  • Foro Umberto I and the Botanic Garden - Porta Felice’s seafront features extend Foro Umberto I, it is a broad boulevard along with the marvelous view of the Bay of Palermo. During summers, strolling around in the botanic garden will help you to refresh your mind. On the west side, you will find a wide range of plants like coconut palms, dates, banana trees, etc. This botanic garden one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.
  • Teatro Massimo - Giovanni Battista Basile as well as his son Ernesto built the theatre from 1875 to 1897. It can accommodate around 3200 seats and it was opened on 16th May 1897. Quickly, the theatre turned out Sicily’s as well as Italy’s major opera house. You will come across daily guided tours, who will describe everything regarding the Teatro Massimo.
San Cataldo


You will come across uncountable tourist attraction places that you must not miss when it comes to exploring. Here are some of the popular museums, city parks, national parks, and other places that are famous throughout Palermo.

City Parks

City parks are one of the best places, which is not only considered as one of the best places to meet unknown people but also explore some of the best tourist attractions. With plentiful parks and gardens. Palermo is one of the most popular yet beautiful cities that you will come across. Here are some of the city parks that you will find in Palermo.

  • Villa Giulia- The geometric layout is one of the 18th-century gardens that look like a patchwork quilt. Visitors here through an impressive neoclassical entrance that is situated close to the Foro Italica. At the center of the garden, you will find a marble temple complete with various sundials. Apart from that, a small artificial hill is also present in the garden that was added during the 19th century.
  • Orto Botanico - Palermo’s Botanical Garden was established during the 18th century. Inside the park, you will find a lush oasis, rich flora, and fauna, bamboo plants, papaya cotton, coffee, etc. The beauty of the place is no doubt beautiful, and make sure to include this park in your bucket list. Tourists from around the world come here to cherish the beauty of it.
Orto Botanico

National Parks

Just like the city parks, you will come across some of the beautiful national parks of Palermo. Thousands of tourists from around the world come here to explore its beauty. Let us check out some of the popular national parks in the city.

  • Monte del Gallo Park - One of the excellent natural parks that you will come across in the city. With the stunning amazing nature view as well as the peaceful surroundings, the beauty of the place will mesmerize you. Make sure to visit Monte del Gallo Park on your travel list if you ate visiting Palermo.
  • Foro Italico - The picturesque waterfront promenade, wide lawn well as peaceful surroundings that will blow your mind. National parks are something where you will get to see some exceptional species apart from flora.


Just like every other tourist attraction, beaches are something that attracts thousands of tourists. Yes, you will come across the best and the most beautiful beach. Mondello Beach is one of the most popular beaches that you will find in the city. Locals, as well as tourists from around the world, come here to unwind and relax. Blue skies, clear water, and white sandy beaches are something that you will love. You can either enjoy a peaceful time sunbathing on the beach or indulge in various water activities.

View of the beautiful Mondello Beach


You will come across uncountable landmarks in the city that helps the tourists to reach their destinations. Landmarks are one of the best ways if you want to find out about any place. Some of the popular landmarks that you will come across in the city are:

  • Norman Palace
  • Cattedrale di Palermo
  • Catterdrale di Monreale

Norman Palace is one of the popular museums that was built during the ninth century. If you want to reach your hotel or desired location, referring to Norman Palace as the landmark is the best idea. Besides, the locals here know everything about the landmarks that are popular throughout the city.

Norman Palace


Since museums are an integral part of Italy, you will find museums in every part of the city. The magnificent, as well as the colorful surroundings, the beauty of the place, the peculiar culture, are something that will mesmerize you. Along with other tourist attraction places, the museums are something that you must visit if you are traveling to Palermo. Let us check out some of the popular museums in the city.

  • Stanze al Genio - It is one of the astonishing museums situated in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi. The museum is near to the Palermo Centrale railway station. If you visit the museum, you will find a huge collection of about 2300 ancient majolica tiles. These tiles date back to the sixteenth century as well as the beginning of the twentieth century that comes from Sicily and some of them came from Naples. Apart from that, the museums also feature an exhibit of ancient writing materials. Make sure to visit the place if you are visiting Palermo.
  • Sicilian Regional Art Gallery- Sicilian Art Gallery is an outstanding Gothic-Catalan architecture. It was built during the fifteenth century. After restoring the damages that happened during World War II, it turned out to be the Regional Art Gallery of Sicily. The museum features some outstanding artworks of Antello Gagini and Francesco Laurana.


When it comes to the food culture of Italy, you will be mesmerized by the uncountable choices. However, due to the uncountable choices, you will not be able to try everything. If you are planning to visit Palermo, make sure to try out some of the selective yet popular foods in the city. Every day, you will come across some delicious meals that you will crave to try. From regional specialties to delish seasonal delicacies, you will love every single dish that you will try here. Apart from the dishes, you must try out the dessert as well as equally delicious drinks. When it comes to Italian cuisine, your taste buds will no doubt get a lift. Altogether the taste, spices, and uncountable dishes sum up the heart and soul of various cooking traditions. For example, pizza is one of the common dishes that you must taste if you are in Palermo. Cheap and filling pizza is considered one of the common snacks or meals for the locals here.

Classico aperitivo italiano

Traditional Local Restaurants

Want to try some of the local delicacies of Italy in Palermo, then it is best to try out some of the popular traditional restaurants. Compared to the modern remixed dishes, you will find the local delicacies quite interesting and tasty. Let us check out some of the popular traditional restaurants in Palermo.

  • Cicio in Pentola - It is one of the popular local restaurants in the city where you will get a wide variety of dishes, especially when it comes to fish. Apart from that, you will even get a wide range of pizza as well. Here you will get the main course as well as equally delicious appetizers.
  • Quattroventi - Exceptional food and good ambiance is something that attracts locals as well as tourists. You must visit Quattroventi if you are in the city, especially if you find to try out the lamb delicacies. Locals here swear by the lamb delicacies.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegan restaurants are yet another one of the best food joints where you must try some of the vegetarian dishes. From sandwiches to delicious pasta, you will get everything. If you feel like experimenting, you can always try out vegan restaurants.

  • Flower Burger - The best part of this restaurant is the vegan burgers. Besides, the fast service, as well as the cozy atmosphere, makes everything perfect. The food is quite satisfying and affordable as well.
  • Verdechiaro - Although it is not a strictly vegan restaurant, you will get many delicious vegan foods. Besides, you must try out some selected coffee menus that you can enjoy along with other food items.
  • Tannura Osteria - With a nice atmosphere, minimal decoration as well as soothing ambiance, you will be mesmerized by everything. Do not forget to try out the vegetable pasta, pizza, and other delicacies

Street Food

Although you will not be able to relate Palermo with street foods, you will come across some amazing and delicious dishes. Besides, if you want to find out about the food culture, then it is best to explore the street foods of any place. Here are some of the popular street foods that you must try in Palermo.

  • Fried olives - Stuffed with ground meat, lightly breaded, and fried. It is quite popular in the city you will get near every downtown. Make sure to try out the fried olives if you are in Palermo.
  • Cannoli - It is one of the popular Italian deserts that originated from Palermo. Pastry dough is shaped in a tube, which is fried. The filling is made with sweet ricotta and then it is finished off with a candied cherry and candied orange peel.
  • Fried rice balls - Also known as Arancini, these rice balls are filled with meat ragu, cheese, and peas; however, you will get plenty of other varieties. Sicily considers them as one of the delicious snacks, which they love enjoying almost every time.


Want to try out the ultimate Italian drinks and beverages, you will easily get lost in the incredible and lengthy list of drinks. Although the never-ending list of history and food will mesmerize you, the overlooked element, which almost everyone misses out on, is the array of drinks. From local delicacies to alcoholic drinks, you will be blown away by the uncountable choices of drinks. Besides, the Italian drinks even have gained international acclaim over the years. If you want to indulge in true Italian cuisine, then it is best to accompany the dish with beverages. For example, Aperitivo is one of the excellent drinks that you must try out along with Italian dishes. Besides, it is also considered as the pre-dinner drink, which locals enjoy at the local bars. Negroni is yet another one of the popular local drinks that are made with gin, Campari, and red Vermouth. It is considered the popular Italian beverage that you must try if you are traveling to Palermo.


Since the air quality of the city remains good throughout the year, consuming tap water is considered a safe option. But, if you want to be on the safe side, it is best if you consume packaged drinking water. While you are out, you might feel the urge to drink water for quenching your thirst. Even though tap water is considered is a good option, it is best to take safety precautions, try to avoid it. You will come across many small stores that sell packaged drinking water. Apart from that, you can even carry your water bottle, while you are out. Locals have already opted for the water filters for households since they efficiently purified water.

Organic Cafés

Most people these days are concerned about their health, due to this reason, the demand for the organic cafeteria is high. These are different from the normal cafeteria in almost every way. Here you will get organic food, which means foods that are free from harmful chemicals. Let us check some popular organic cafeteria in Palermo.

  • Freschette - Excellent food, stunning ambiance, and great service, Freschette is one of the popular organic cafeterias that where you must visit. From delicious non-veg dishes to scrumptious vegan dishes, you will get everything here. Moreover, the price of every dish is quite affordable.
  • Bioesseri Palermo - From delicious pizza to cold coffee, you will get everything at Bioesseri Palermo. It is yet another one of the popular organic cafeterias that you will come across in the city. The wide range of confectioneries that you will get here is equally delish.


If you love enjoying country beer or liquor, then the breweries are the best places to enjoy a wide range of delicious craft beer. Yes, you will come across an uncountable brewery that is the best place for the locals as well as tourists to spend a good time. From craft-beer, whiskies to exotic cocktails, you will get everything here. Let us check out some of the popular breweries in Palermo.

  • Ballarak - One of the best places where you can enjoy local beer along with other customized drinks. Even if you do not have any idea what you must drink, then the staff will assist you. Besides, the drinks are not very expensive. Moreover, you will get a wide range of appetizers to enjoy with country beer.
  • Birra Strammusa - It is yet another one of the popular breweries that you will find in the city. Locals, as well as travel enthusiasts, come here to enjoy the exotic drinks available. The best part is here you will get some of the authentic country beer.


The uncountable list of activities that you can try in the city will no doubt blow your mind. If you are planning to responsible-traveling to Palermo, it is best if you try out those activities that are not only environment friendly but also are fun-filled. Let us check out some of the popular activities that you must try in Palermo.

  • Visit the Palace of the Normans - Considered as one of the most visited and famous monuments, Norman Palace represents the cultural mix of Palermo. It was built for the Arab emirs; Normans, later on, occupied the place. The Norman Palace is also known as the Royal Palace of Palermo. The impressive thing in the chapel is the golden mosaics as well as marvelous human figures.
  • Explore the St. John of the Hermits - Located near the Norman Palace; St John of the Hermits is one of the medieval churches. The bright red domes are stunning and the interiors of the building are beautiful. It is a good place to take a break from the hustle and the bustle of the city.

Yoga and Retreats

You will come across many yoga and retreat institutions where you can visit and experience the power of healing. Italians believe in the power of yoga as well as other stress-relieving activities. Along with unique yoga sessions, you will also experience therapy sessions in these institutions.


No matter wherever you are traveling, comfortable accommodation is something, which every traveler search for. Palermo is filled with some best-rated hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments where you can always enjoy a comfortable stay without any issues. If you are interested in knowing about the locals in Palermo, you can stay with the locals. You can try to request the locals to let you stay with them since they are here are quite friendly. Similarly, you can book the accommodations in advance. For example, you can book them from Airbnb. Apartments in Airbnb are well furnished, clean, and comfortable. Before you are booking the rooms here, make sure that you are providing some identity proof.

Green Hotels

Since the trend of green hotels is increasing throughout the world, many countries are equally being accustomed to the trend of green hotels. Green hotels are different from other hotels in every way. These hotels practice sustainable habits that help in preserving the economic conditions of the city. Apart from that, if you want to enjoy a secluded vacation, then nothing can be better than enjoying the vacation in green hotels. The reason behind this is green hotels are built away from the main city.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are various hostels and guesthouses that you will come across in the city. If you want to stay within budget, then nothing can be better than opting for the hostels. Just like the hotels, you will get exclusive amenities like free WiFi, parking as well as breakfast options. Besides, if you want to meet fellow travelers, then it is best to opt for the hostels or guesthouses.


If you are interested in staying with the locals, then apartments are the best choice. Not only you will get to know about the culture and traditions of the locals but also you will be saving money. Alternatively, you can book apartments through Airbnb to get verified rooms.


Couchsurfing is one of the best ways if you want to explore any city and in Palermo, you will get many Couchsurfing communities and local hosts post about it. If you are interested, you have to send a request to the host and once it is accepted, you can come and stay with other fellow travelers. If you do not want to spend huge in accommodation, then you can opt for Couchsurfing. Also, it is best if you send a request to the Couchsurfing communities in advance. Indeed staying away from your house for long is tough; however, with Couchsurfing, you can always feel at home with your fellow travelers. However, make sure that your profile is valid otherwise; your request might not be accepted.


Adventure lovers always seek fun and thrill, and for them, nothing can be better than going on campaigning. Imagine how you would feel if you have to wake up to beautiful mountains, gushing streams of the waterfall, and soothing wind. Yes, you will get this excitement if you go on camping. Palermo is undoubtedly one of the best cities where you can enjoy the thrill and fun of camping. Before you are touching down the city, make sure that you are searching for a few of the best camping places in the city. Besides, it is best if you take your friends with you since you will enjoy camping with friends. You can also arrange for a campfire and barbeque for added fun.

How to Get There

It is easy to reach Palermo through air or bus. Among the other options, it is best to opt for the flight route since it is not only easy but also, you will not have to face other hassles. Let us check out some of the best ways to reach Palermo.


Almost every city has direct flights to Palermo. However, if you do not get any direct flights, choosing connecting flights can be the best option. You can travel to Sicily from where you can either take connecting flights to Palermo or travel by car.

Palermo Airport


The bus route is also popular; however, if you can opt for it only if you are travelling from nearby cities. The bus route is only famous between the states. When traveling to adjacent cities, you can choose buses for traveling to Palermo.

An Airport bus in Palermo


Just like the bus route, the train route is best to choose if you are doing interstate traveling. Besides, if you want to opt for eco-friendly traveling, then the train route is the best option since it is cheap and does not support pollution.

A train in Palermo


Even though the concept of hitchhiking is not popular; however, many countries are there are being accustomed to the concept of hitchhiking. Similarly, you will see that hitchhiking is quite famous in the city. If you travel through the countryside, you will find many vehicles are picking up families. However, you have to aware of the fact that the vehicles do not stop in every location. Apart from that, you must be aware of your luggage as well, especially if you are traveling alone.


Other transport options are also there like the e-cars as well as bicycles. If you want to do sustainable traveling, make sure to choose such communication options that are not only easy on the pocket but also eco-friendly.

Moving Around

Palermo is a blend of modern and traditional culture thus making the city more interesting. The enthralling history along with the eye-soothing beauty of the city will no doubt make your travel to Palermo successful. From beaches, landmarks, to the monuments, you will get almost everything here. If you are interested in exploring the history of any place, then Palermo is the best place.


Walking is one of the best options in the city since most of the tourist attractions as well as the markets are near. Apart from that, walking is one of the best options if you are visiting Palermo for responsible traveling. However, if you are planning to cover four to five spots, then it is always the best idea to opt for the rented cabs or public buses.


If you want to do responsible traveling, then opting for the bicycle ride is the best option. Besides, if you want to avoid crowds, then nothing can be better than riding bicycles. You will notice that most people in Palermo opt for bicycles since not only it is a cheap option and does not cause pollution too. You will come across many shops giving bicycles on rent.

Electronic Vehicles

The trend of electronic vehicles is quite high in the city since the government has come up with various plans to keep the city free from pollution. Although the city is developing, you will find the locals here support the use of electronic vehicles. Also, the electronic buses are quite comfortable since the buses do not remain overcrowded.

Public Bus

If you are not ready to spend huge on the rented cars, then nothing can be better than opting for the public buses. Rental cars might charge you depending on the distance you are traveling. Besides, you will be able to save money and spend it on doing all the favorite activities. Public buses in Palermo are convenient and never remain overcrowded.

Tram, Train and Subway

The train route is famous in the city since the locals, as well as the travel enthusiasts, opt for it when traveling interstate.

Sustainable Shopping

The concept of sustainable shopping in the city quite famous since you will come across many stores as well as outlets selling sustainable clothes, accessories, as well as home decoration items. Sustainable items are quote useful since not only they are cheap but also eco-friendly. The city is gradually being accustomed to the concept of sustainable shopping and the locals here support it a great deal. The government made a compulsory initiative to invest n sustainable items. Sustainable shopping is a great step to make people aware of the environment.

Food Markets

Italian dishes are quite mouth-watering and have popularity throughout the world. Yes, the food markets in the city are heaven for all those who loves cooking and from here, you can buy all the secret ingredients, which the locals use for their dishes. From raw materials to spices, you will get almost everything here. Hence, make sure that you are checking out some of the popular food markets, invest in raw materials, and try out some local delicacies. Besides, you can also buy some of these secret ingredients as a souvenir for your friends or family members who love cooking.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a weakness for all those who are interested in shopping more at a wholesale rate. If you are interested in shopping for some amazing outfits, jewelry, and home decoration items, then nothing can be better than shopping in the flea markets. From home decoration to affordable yet fashionable clothes, you will get everything here. Besides, you can also get some items for your friends or family members, especially the ones that are famous in Palermo.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are yet another best option where you can shop for some outstanding items. People in Palermo believe in shopping from the thrift stores, especially they need some vintage items that too at an affordable rate. If you have the same interest, then the second-hand stores are the best place where you can get outstanding vintage clothing items as well as home decoration showpieces in these stores.


The trend of eco-fashion is quite high in the city since the locals here believe in keeping the environment healthy. You can invest in eco-fashion items and take them back as souvenirs for gifting since they are made with eco-friendly raw materials.


To keep the city surrounding clean recycling is the best option since it is one of the proven processes to maintain the cleanliness of the city. Locals here maintain rules and do not throw away litter here and there. Besides, the government has come up with various recycling methods to keep the city clean. It is better if you follow all the rules diligently being a responsible traveler.


The waste generation in the city is high as thousands of tourists from around the world come here to explore the beauty of the place. However, various waste management systems are there which efficiently help in supporting the waste management systems.

Work and Study Abroad

Many eligible students, as well as workers from outside countries, come here for education as well as employment opportunities. You will find some reputed organizations that offer the best education to the students. Many renowned companies are there that employ eligible overseas candidates looking forward to working with MNCs.

Exchange Student

You will come across prestigious colleges and universities here that provide exclusive scholarship programs for the students who want to continue with their further studies. You will find that students from every corner of the world come here to take admissions.

Au Pair

If you want to settle in Palermo, then Au Pair service is one of the best ways of earning money. Au pair is one such service where you can get efficient caretakers who will look after the kids and maintain the other important activities in the house.


Many organizations have come forward in the city to take care of and preserve the rich tradition and the culture of Palermo. You will come across many NGOs as well as other reputed organizations who took the responsibility of taking care of the architectural reminiscence in the city.

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