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Eco-friendly travel guide to Paraguay advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Paraguay, South America.

Nacunday National Park, Paraguay

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.0 / 5
  • Train connections: 2.0 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$45 - $200

Responsible Travel

Paraguay is one of the most important countries in South America. Argentina borders it on one side and Brazil and Bolivia on the other. While this country has a rich historical background, it also has a number of exciting places for tourist visits. All these aspects have made Paraguay an important place for tourist visits. When you come to Paraguay, you must respect the country and all that it represents. While being one of the two landlocked countries in South America, it still has much to offer to its travelers. However, when you come to Paraguay, you must indulge in the practice of responsible for traveling in order to maintain the dignity and poise of this beautiful country. Here are a few ways you can travel responsibly:

  • You must use the various public transportation methods when you come to Paraguay. It is a great way of getting access to Paraguay's local lives and an extremely important and environmentally sound decision on your behalf. When you travel using public transport, you can decrease the carbon footprint as well as lower the degree of pollution in Paraguay. It is also an extremely affordable means of travel compared to hiring a cab or a rental car.
  • One of the other economic means of traveling in Paraguay is hiring a bicycle. Bicycles are a great way of transportation, which is extremely affordable and also environmentally sustainable. You will be able to access Paraguay according to your desire without having to follow someone else's schedule. This has been listed as one of the best ways to discover a foreign land and soak in its atmosphere and ambiance.
  • You must be respectful of the traditions and community in Paraguay. One of the most interesting aspects of traveling somewhere unknown is that you come across customs and traditions different from yours. This is by no means an invitation for you to disrespect somebody else's community and traditions. Instead, it would help if you put your effort into understanding the culture better so that you can become a citizen of a global nation.
  • It is absolutely unacceptable if you litter when you visit a foreign land. It is important that you travel with an extra bag where you will be able to dispose of any waste article. When you find a trash can, you can get rid of the contents of the bag.
  • Do not waste food and water when you are in Paraguay. As already mentioned, this is a landlocked country in South America, which means getting access to such resources is difficult. When you try new food, make sure you take a little for testing before investing in it. You must also reserve water and never waste this precious resource.
  • Always shop locally when you are in Paraguay. It is natural to take some memoirs when you leave Paraguay; however, you must buy such traditional artworks and other things from the locals. Not only will you get something that has been made with much love and care, but you will also be able to support the local community instead of making the rich richer.
  • Another means of traveling responsibly is by searching for hotels and accommodations that you sustainable means of life. This can simply mean that a hotel uses solar power to supply electricity or has developed several recycling forms and reusing waste. Sustainable hotels and accommodations may be a little difficult to find. However, you must bear in mind that you should live sustainably no matter which hotel you live in. Ensure that you turn off the switches before leaving the hotel room and minimizing the amount of waste generated. By following these simple tips, you will be able to lead a more sustainable journey.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Paraguay's capital reads at around 21AQI, which indicates the average level of air quality. While equality is not severely detrimental to travelers, it is important to mention that the air is not free from pollutants. While you will enjoy outdoor activities and spend your time outside enjoying nature, it has been noted that long-term exposure to such air quality can be detrimental. However, if you are not severely allergic to particulate matter, spending time outdoors in Paraguay should not be of youth concern to you. It is recommended that you enjoy outdoor activities and open your windows when you live here.

However, if you have a severe allergic reaction to particulate matter in the air, it is recommended that you wear a mask. Suppose you are not allergic and do not have other breathing problems that are triggered by particulate matter and other substances in the air. In that case, you can enjoy outdoor activities, eat food outside, and even bring your baby out.

Respect the Culture

No matter where you are traveling, it is important that you respect your place's culture. You will often realize that the people and their customs and traditions worldwide are quite different from what you are used to. This is one of the best things about human evolution and something that you must value at all times. It is not right for you to ridicule and humiliate others for their creative expression and their traditions. The same applies when you visit Paraguay and come across its vibrant traditions and customs. The culture in Paraguay has been influenced heavily by several European countries, including Spain. This has significant historical relevance and is hence an important thing to be noticed.

Paraguay's existence has been traced down to the marriage of original Spanish settlers with Gurani women. Paraguay has an intermingled culture based on Spanish and Gurani customs. Most of the people in Paraguay are mestizos, and they speak bilingually. Not only are they fluent in Spanish, but they also speak their indigenous language, Gurani. Their infused culture can easily be noticed through their artwork like lace making and embroidery. While Paraguay is a beautiful country, the family structure is somewhat reserved yet absolutely enchanting.

When you come to Paraguay, you must respect not only the culture of the people but also the people themselves. It would help if you treated them as your own, showing interest in their lives and life. It would help if you did not involve in cultural appropriation or treat others with disrespect. Before you move on to clicking selfies and pictures of this beautiful place, take a second to appreciate the beauty and the people who make this place so much more aesthetic. You must respect not only the people but also the surroundings no matter where you are traveling.

Top 10 Places to Visit

When you come to South America, you will find that Paraguay is one of the most underrated yet beautiful countries all around the continent. This is one of the most calming locations that are not very famous to the outside world. It has one of the most enlightening cultures of the other countries in South America, making it a popular tourist destination. Not only will you be able to find some of the most scenic locations in this beautiful country, but the people and the culture will truly stun you as well. Paraguay has maintained its sanctity because it is relatively unknown, and there is a peaceful place for you to explore. The following are some of the most exciting places to visit when you come to Paraguay.

  • Saltos Del Monday: This is an extremely beautiful natural landscape, and it has a number of elegant waterfalls that will blow your mind. This city has been known as one of the best places to visit when you come to Paraguay. No matter where you come from, the gorgeous waterfalls all around the city will truly blow your mind. It is also quite an adventurous location for which you should be prepared with some hiking boots. Whether you like to stay outside and explore the city or prefer to relax down the lane, this is the perfect location for both. This place is an absolute miracle for photographers as it has to offer some of the most picturesque landscapes that you will ever come across in your life.
  • Asuncion: Like in any other country, the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion is it utmost importance not only to the citizens but also to travelers who come here from all around the globe. While you may not find the number of places to visit here, it is truly an awe-inspiring destination that you must visit. The city has been known as one of the oldest cities in Paraguay and all of Southern America. This location will provide an excellent view because of its beautiful setting. Simultaneously, this city's vibrant culture is also something you do not want to miss. The culture mixed with the elegance of the city is what makes it stand apart. Because it is the country's capital, there are a number of accommodations for you to relax and unwind simply. You can spend your time around Playa Uruguaya or Plaza de Los Heroes or deep into the history of this beautiful place by visiting the Museo del Barro. If you love nature, you can always walk down the breezy riverside.
  • Palacio de Lopez: This is one of the most important places to visit when you come to the city of Asuncion. This is a government palace that has been built under the influence of Latin America and is a remarkable site in itself. While it was built many years ago, it has not been remodeled or renovated in the near past. Hence this grand palace has been untouched for yours, making it even more gorgeous and historic. In order to beautify the palace, even more beautiful night lighting has been added. This is one of the best places to visit when you come to Paraguay and is mostly a night location.
  • Encarnacion: While this city is not one of the most visited places in South America, it has a number of activities lined up for each and every visitor. The Jesuit remains that lie just along the Parana river are simply one of the most exclusively designed places you can ever leave your eyes on. Besides, there are various other historical wonders that you will be able to find here. While being of historical and traveling importance, this is also a metropolis City center of much communication and trade. Hence you will be able to avail many services that might not be available in other cities in Paraguay. Other very important destinations that you can find in this city include the San Jose beach as well as the very famous Encarnacion-Posadas Tram, which will offer you an enchanting view of the cities. This truly is a must-visit place for travelers who love historical monuments all around the globe.
  • La Santisima Trinidad de Parana: This is another stunning location when you come to Paraguay. It is basically a formal Jesuit reduction that is of great importance and interest to history buffs and those who like to lay their eyes on something wonderful. The space ruins remain intact and will provoke interest and those who have a fond love for architecture. This palatial structure provides a gateway to understanding the rich historical customs of the Jesuit culture. Even if you have very little idea about what this culture represents, visiting this beautiful palace is mandatory when you come to Paraguay. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Encarnación that you simply cannot miss.
  • Iguazú Falls: This waterfall is almost situated along with Argentina and Brazil's borders. It is located on Paraguay's eastern edge and is just a few miles away from Ciudad del Este. This waterfall has been known as one of the greatest globally, making it absolutely a must-visit when you come to Paraguay. On the Argentinian side, there are over 250 cascades along with a bundle of jungle-like pathways. When you come to visit this waterfall, you must take the city bus, and on the way, you will also be able to visit Saltos del Monday, which is another waterfall that has already been mentioned.
  • San Bernardino: This is a calm little town located a few miles east of the capital city. This place is popular among Paraguayan citizens, and it has also recently gained traction among foreign visitors. This location becomes a popular destination between December and March and is a great place for you to enjoy natural beauty to its fullest. This place is located along the shores of Lake Ypacaraí and has a soft beach with a number of places to rest and unwind. It is important to bear in mind that no sort of watersport, including swimming, is allowed or encouraged here. That is a beautiful colonial townhouse built by Swiss and Germans is popular here and some modern restaurants.
  • Itaipú Dam: This Dam has been known as one of the seven engineering wonders worldwide, which makes set an extremely prestigious location to visit. This is an enormous structure, which is one of the biggest dams all around the world. What makes it even more interesting is that this particular Dam provides electricity to around 75% of Paraguay, making it extremely important. Another biological wonder of this place is that it maintains an intricately designed biotic environment and ecosystem for native fish and birds. You can enjoy a guided tour here or even indulge in some fishing activity in this human-made brilliance.
  • Gran Chaco: The Gran Chaco is an isolated and mammoth area in Paraguay that is marked with some dense forest as well as dry arid plains. It constitutes much of the Western half of the country, which extends into Bolivia and Argentina. If you have a deep passion for wildlife, this is where you will be able to find the most exciting wildlife species of Paraguay. Some of the most exciting wildlife species here include anteaters, jaguars, pumas, and tapirs. Along with this, there are over 500 species of Paraguayan tropical birds that you will find here. If you have a brave and adventurous mind, you can live in a tent in this natural reserve or even take a guided tour in bird watching and conservation projects.
  • Estancia Aventura: A traditional ranch is one of the most classic places to stay when you come to visit South America. For an experience like this, Estancia Aventura, located in the Cordillera mountains, is the best place for you. You will be able to go on sightseeing trips and even indulge in the local food here. This is an acquainted and undisturbed location where you can relax and unwind at your own pace. You can go for a horseback ride with gauchos along with the mountains' backdrop or even try your hand at fishing in the nearby lake. If you simply want to relax, you can sunbathe or swim along the lake as well.
Saltos del Monday, sobre el río Monday (Ciudad de Presidente Franco, Alto Paraná, Paraguay)


There is no denying that Paraguay has much to offer when it comes to its natural beauty and even human-made wonders. If you are planning to visit Paraguay, you will find that it is not a land that is flooded with tourists at all times yet has such wonders that it will blow your mind away. Ranging from the rich historical background to the splendid variety of flora and fauna found here, you will have much to visit and explore than you can imagine. The best part about exploring Paraguay is that you can do it at your own pace or even take the help of guided tours to understand Paraguay's customs and culture better.

City Parks

You will be able to come across a wide variety of city parks all around the country of Paraguay. These parks provide the best spot for picnics, your regular exercise, taking your baby out for a walk, or simply enjoying your time in the outdoors. While there are some parks here, they are not hotspots for tourists. Hence, you will enjoy your outdoor time without being swamped by tourists and enjoy some peaceful time for yourself. The City parks of the perfect destination for you to enjoy beautiful nature, and you may even look out for outdoor exercising opportunities. This is a beautiful way to show your respect to the community while becoming one with it. Some of these city parks include:

  • Paseo Parque Villa Elisa
  • Plaza de Armas
  • O'Leary JUAN E. Public Square
  • Plaza De Las Residentas
  • Parque Carlos A Lopez
  • Lineal de la Costanera de Asunción Park
Parque Carlos A Lopez

National Parks

National parks are some of the most important places to visit if you have a true passion for Paraguay's wildlife and nature. There are quite a number of national parks in Paraguay that will blow your mind away. They provide a great understanding of the country's natural backdrop and are a great way for you to relax and take a deep breath amidst the brilliance of nature. Here are some of the national parks in Paraguay:

  • Eco Reserva Mbatoví: This is a great ace for those who love some action and adventure. This park has to offer a wide range of natural elements and is located in the southeast of the capital city of Asunción. It is popular for Chachi, a delicate variety of fern that is very close to extinction. There is also some wildlife available here, including rabbits, armadillos, rodents, and various birds. The activities are open during the weekends, and you can sign up for them before reaching Paraguay.
  • Parque Nacional Ybycuí: This is one of Paraguay's most popular national parks. It is a stretch of the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest. This beautiful national park has a great store of wildlife, including peccary, capuchin monkey, coati, and various other tropical birds. Entry into this amazing park costs just US$8 for each vehicle and will take you to the nearby museum as well as an iron foundry. You can enjoy the pool that is located just beneath the falls where you can take a swim. You may also want to go for a guided tour where you will be able to witness a wide range of butterflies in various hues.
  • Ñacunday National Park: This national park is located in the Ñacunday, Alto Paraná district of Paraguay and is spread over a great expanse of over 20 sq. km. The most exciting part of this national park is the Salto Ñacunday, which is a gigantic waterfall. You will witness trees from the Meliaceae family, Myrtaceae family, Palmae family, among others growing to a height of over 15 to 20 meters. Apart from these, there is also a great variety of orchids available here. Wildlife includes various mammals, rodents, and reptiles. You will also be able to find a plethora of fish in a protected segment of this park.
  • Cerro Cora National Park: This National park is very close to Brazil and is located in the Amambay Region. This is the most magnificent and versatile area of Paraguay, which has hills, rainforest, valleys, and much more. This National Park was established in 1976 and is the biggest area of land under protection in Paraguay. While nature and the wildlife there is of most importance, the land is also protected because of its historical and cultural relevance. This national park is where the final war took place and commemorates this war and the fallen soldiers. While there are a number of places of interest in Paraguay, this has to be one of the most visited and most popular places that you must visit when you come to this wonderful land.

There are many other national parks of interest in Paraguay, including National Parks In The Chaco and much more.

Eco Reserva Mbatoví


While it is true that Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America that does not come close to the ocean, there are a number of rivers and lakes here that offer beautiful beaches all around the country. The beaches that you find in Paraguay are not like the ones you have seen in other places. You will be able to enjoy your time basking in the sun and enjoy the natural galore with peace and calm all around. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Paraguay include:

  • San Jose: This beach is located in the beautiful city of Encarnación in the popularity of which has deemed the city the title of “Perla del Sur,” which is translated to Pearl of the South. In the ongoing development “Costanera” project, this beach has been made more accessible with walkways and boardwalks. The waterfront has been newly renovated along the southern banks of the Parana river. This has made this beat a popular site where you will enjoy the clearwater, stunning landscape, and beautiful sand.
  • Laguna Blanca: This is a rather quaint beach located in San Pedro. It has beautiful white sand along with clear water and sparse greenery. You can enjoy your time under the third umbrellas and relax listening to the crashing of the waves. You can also try kayaking or swimming here.
  • San Isidro and Mboi ka’e: These beaches are not the most popular ones in Paraguay and adjust some miles away from the San Jose beach. Since they have not been commercialized, this is one of the most peaceful beaches you will come across.
  • Dorado Beach: This beach is even more isolated than the ones that have been mentioned above. Because of less commercialization of this beautiful beach, it is quaint. It offers a great opportunity for adrenaline junkies or even those who love to enjoy nature in its unadulterated form. This beach is located at the Apa river and Paraguay river's junction in its North-East region. While it may be one of the most secluded beaches in Paraguay, it is also the best one to visit.

While these are some of the more important beaches in Paraguay, there are various other ones that you can truly enjoy. Some of these beaches include La Rotonda Beach, Paradise Beach, and more.

Laguna Blanca


While most of the must-visit locations in Paraguay have been already discussed in the previous sections, this country has much to offer. Some of the most prominent landmarks of Paraguay include:

  • Plaza de Los Héroes: This is the most recognizable and important building in the capital city. It is home to the remains of Mariscal Francisco Solano Lópezas and important figures associated with Paraguay's historical conflicts. You will be able to witness a number of ceremonies here.
  • Yaguarón Church: This Franciscan church of the 18th century is of paramount importance and homage to the colonial architecture prevalent in this country. While the external design is simple with an exquisite wooden Belltower, the interior design is truly inspiring. There are a number of beautiful paintings as well as religious art, making this one of the grandest churches in South America.
  • Sambadromo Carnaval: This is basically a parade ground for carnivals located in the beautiful city of Encarnación. This place is located along Costanera, and this is an important part of Paraguayan nightlife. While the spot is most famous for its carnivals, it is also well known for other events.

While these are some of the most important landmarks in Paraguay, there are also a number of national parks and museums that are of great importance in this country.


It is no surprise that there are a number of historically accurate and beautiful museums all over the country of Paraguay. These museums are filled with artifacts and pieces of history; the buildings in themselves are Marvels to behold. If you have a keen interest in visiting museums, this is the perfect opportunity for you to live your passion. These museums are the perfect place to unravel the mystery of paragraphs and learn more about them. If you have a keen interest in visiting museums, this is the perfect opportunity for you to live your passion. Some of the most important museums in Paraguay include:

  • Museo Ferroviario: This is the railway Museum located in the capital city of Asunción, celebrating day oldest railway station of the country. You will need to pay a negligible entry fee, which provides you a glimpse into the 19th. You can wander through the waiting rooms, the dining car, and get a good look at Paraguay's rich past.
  • Museo del Barro: This is one of Paraguay's most fascinating museums, with over 4,000 artifacts and artworks in the capital city. Ranging from lease weavings from 18 century and the religious Franciscan art data over 500 years old, you will be able to find everything here. This is the perfect place for You to understand the history and culture of this fascinating country.
  • Museum del Futbol Sudamericano: If you love football, this Museum located around 10 miles away from Asuncion, in Luque, is truly one of the best places for you. Football is one of the most celebrated sports here. This Museum is dedicated to this port and is an exciting destination for one and all.
  • Museo Guido Boggiani: This is a famous archeological and ethnographic Museum located in San Lorenzo. This Museum is a tribute to one of the biggest explorers and artists, Guido Boggiani, who was the first to study the Paraguayan Chaco's indigenous people. This Museum is located in a beautiful bungalow that is an architectural Marvel and itself. It consists of a huge plethora of artifacts and treasures as well as art by these indigenous people. This is truly an important monument in all of Paraguay.

Some of The other museums located in Paraguay include Museo Guido Boggiani, Museo de Jakob Unger, Museo del Cabildo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, among others.


Whenever you visit a new country, you must make the most of it by indulging in the flavors exclusive to this area. When it comes to the Paraguayan culture and its diverse food practices, find a vibrant palette making it one of the most exciting destinations for food lovers. Some of the more traditional dishes here include chipá, which is basically a bread roll made with mandioca, cheese, and eggs. There are a number of variants that are made with peanuts, cornflour, and more. A rich and delightful fowl broth known as borí borí laid with tomatoes, bacon fat, carrots, celery, and more will warm your soul. Mbejú basically means cake in Guraní and has an almost cake-like patty layered with crumbled cheese, milk, pork fat, eggs, and more to give it a sensational taste. There is also something called Kivevé made from a juicy pumpkin and is almost a dessert to be savored. You will also find Pira Caldo, which a hearty fish soup is made from local fish harvested in the country.

Along with these, some mouthwatering street food items that you simply cannot miss out on when you come to Paraguay. These include lomito, which is basically a sandwich made with tenderloin, filled with ham, cheese, fried eggs, and many sauces. Burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas with some Paraguayan touch are also quite famous here and sold by local vendors down the street.

If you live following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you will find vegan restaurants or items on the menu for various restaurants. Even some of Paraguay's traditional food is actually vegetarian and can always be customized according to your food habits.


Alcoholic drinks are savored and are celebrated in Paraguay. This indicates that Paraguay's nightlife is quite robust, with beer and wine gaining much traction amidst the locals are well those who come here to vacation. You will be able to get a drink in various joints, and they are a common custom here. However, if you do not like the taste of alcohol, Paraguay has a refreshing drink, the National drink, known as Terere. You will easily find a variety of soft drinks and fruit juices traveling around the country. Pilsen is also quite common in this country. Another very classic and traditional alcoholic beverage is made out of sugarcane juice and is known as caña. You also get a non-alcoholic variety of this drink, which is known as most.


While drinking tap water and the capital city of Asunción is safe, it is recommended that you do not drink tap water in the other cities of this country. The water around the paragraph needs to be treated before it can be deemed potable. However, what has been made in order to make drinking water accessible in the rural parts of Paraguay.


Paraguay is a peaceful country where you can come and relax without having anything to worry about. However, if you like to participate in various activities, there are some opportunities for you. You can hike your way up to the waterfalls, and the various rivers and lakes all around the country provide a great opportunity for kayaking, boating, and swimming. Other water sport activities are not popular in this part of the world.


While Paraguay is an important country in South America, it is still considered an undiscovered treasure that is not overcrowded with tourists and travelers all around the calendar. For this reason, while there are quite a number of reasonable accommodations available all around the country, you might not be able to find them in the less popular regions.

Green Hotels

While there are a number of luxurious hotels in Paraguay, such as Ibis Asuncion, Bourbon Assuncao Convention Hotel, spread all around the country, not many of these hotels have developed sustainable models. However, even if you do not find the Green Hotel in Paraguay, you can live sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way when traveling here. Ensure that you never waste water, minimize waste production, and switch your lights off whenever not in use. With the help of these simple and sustainable means, you will be able to live in an eco-friendly manner when in Paraguay.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket when visiting Paraguay, one of the best ways is to live in the various hostels and guest houses here. Not only are the facilities clean and come with a number of options, affordable and extremely sustainable. Here are some of the most popular hostels and guest houses in Paraguay:

  • Hostel Urbanian
  • Hostal SV
  • Casa Jejui
  • Estacion Central Hostel
  • Hostel Mamma Bella
  • Posada María
  • Cabaña El Bosque
  • Muggia Bed & Breakfast
  • Pasaporte Hostel


If you plan to live in Paraguay for more than just a few days, the option is to rent an apartment. Paraguay has a number of fully furnished apartments with various facilities available at affordable ranges. Some of them are as follows:

  • Edificio Bali
  • Asuncion Rent Suites Centro
  • Villa Floreal Hotel Boutique
  • El departamento de Gonza.
  • Departamento Ruta 14 Encarnación
  • Costa del Lago-Terrazas
  • Vacaciones Aregua (Casa Pablo)


Couchsurfing is a great way of living and visiting Paraguay without spending a lot of money. For the best Couchsurfing options, visit


If you like to live close to nature and enjoy building a deep relationship with it, camping is the best option for you. Some of the most famous campsites in Paraguay include:

  • Tava Lago
  • Tava Cerro
  • El Paraje Camping


As of now, 17 departments comprise Paraguay with one capital district. The entire country is basically divided into two regions: Chaco or the "Occidental Region" and the "Oriental Region."


They are around 32 cities and towns in Paraguay, with Asunción being the capital of the country. Some of the most important cities in this country include:

  • Asunción
  • Encarnación
  • Ciudad del Este
  • Luque
  • Mariano Roque Alonso
  • Villa Elisa
  • Coronel Oviedo
  • Concepción
  • Hernandarias
  • Villa Hayes
  • San Estanislao

Getting There and Moving Around

Paraguay is more or less a well-connected country. While there is a number of males by which you can enter the country, most of these means are quite affordable. Public transport for traveling inside the country itself is also well developed.


Many flights regularly fly from various South American cities to Paraguay's capital city almost regularly. There are also scheduled flights to Ciudad del Este from São Paolo. You can also travel between the cities of this country using chartered air.

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, Paraguay


Bus services are very frequent and available from a wide variety of South American cities, including Bolivia, Argentina, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chili, Santacruz, Rio de Janeiro, and Uruguay. Traveling via bus is very common and highly developed in South American countries with even reclining seats. Even when traveling inside the country, traveling via bus is the most common option, and there are a number of companies offering the service.

A local bus at the bus terminal in Curuguatay, Paragay


There is no railway connection to and from the country of Paraguay.

Central Rialway Station in Asuncion, Paraguay


As Paraguay's country is very well connected and has a number of public transportation means, you can surely try hitchhiking to the country.


You can also enter the country of Paraguay by boat.

Boats docked at the port in Conception, Paraguay

Sustainable Shopping

When you travel to a foreign destination, you must bear in mind that it is your responsibility to support the local manufacturers. The big companies often do not consider the labor that goes into making souvenirs that are so popular with tourists. For this reason, you should be committed to shopping sustainably, and in a way, that benefits those at the bottom of the chain. One of the most important things to remember is that you must always shop from local vendors. Not only will you be able to get an excellent quality product, handcrafted and made with love at an affordable rate, but you will also be able to support those who need your help.

When you come to Paraguay and want to indulge in some shopping, there are a number of markets available here. However, you should try your hands on some of the second-hand stores or thrift stores that offer the best quality products without costing a lot. most exciting thrift stores here include:

  • Hay Feria Paraguay
  • Barato pero chuchi
  • The New Black - Showroom en Mushka
  • Shopping Bebé
  • Feria de Garage
  • Ñemonde Poră Boutique
  • Mercadito Vintage

Along With this, there are also some flea markets where you will be able to get some great bargains. Your awesome flea markets that you cannot miss out on:

  • Paseo La Galería
  • La Placita Market
  • 192 Flea Market
  • B&A Flea Market Stuart
  • Tropicana Flea Market

If you want to get a piece of the Paraguayan lifestyle, one of the best ways is by visiting the local market and their food markets. These are the places where you will be able to find the most authentic things resembling this culture. Such markets include:

  • Cantina
  • LifeStyle Paraguay
  • Carnicos Paraguay
  • Paraguay Market
  • Granja 4 Pinos Paraguay


While recycling was not a popular practice among Paraguayans, more people are interested in recycling nowadays, making it extremely nourishing for the environment. There are some recycling sites available in Paraguay, which include:

  • EISENHARDT Recycling Depósito Paraguay
  • Ecotech Paraguay - Centro de Reciclaje


Waste management systems are being installed in almost all the metropolitan cities of Paraguay. Waste products are also being recycled, making a step towards sustainability in a small nation like Paraguay. While it is only the beginning, and there is much more to accomplish when it comes to waste management, the paragraph is increasing at a solid pace.

Work and Study Abroad

Paraguay is an important city in South America, which provides job opportunities because it is an important place for tourist visits. However, it is not as important as the other bigger nations of the country, and people believe this country for other job opportunities. Hence, there is quite a bit of population influx because of those who enter the country to study for getting jobs, but some leave the country to travel elsewhere.

Exchange Student

Paraguay welcomes some exchange students from time to time.

Au Pair

Au pair services are not formally recognized or much available in Paraguay.


Some of the most important volunteering opportunities in Paraguay include:

  • Volunteer English Teaching Program in Paraguay
  • Para La Tierra Programs in Paraguay
  • Horse Farm Stay Paraguay

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