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Eco-friendly travel guide to Penang advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Penang, Malaysia.

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$46 - $78
  • Budget per day: US$96-US$100

Responsible Travel

Penang Island, is a prominent island of the Malaysian province of Penang. Situated at the Malacca Strait, off the north western shore of Peninsular Malaysia, it is isolated from the terrain by the Penang Strait. The island is home to almost 50% of Penang's populace; the city of George Town, which covers the island and the five remote islets, is Malaysia's third biggest city by populace. The island of Penang is situated in the Strait of Malacca and was a significant shipping lane for Europe, the Middle East, India and China in the inaccessible past. It is a result of this that the island has a particularly different blend of societies; voyagers all carried their own way of life to Penang. One of the principal reasons vendors utilized Penang on their course is a result of the storm. The Strait of Malacca is actually on the intersection of two storm periods. They couldn't head out until the breezes were ideal.

  • Three and a half hours from Hong Kong, Penang makes for an ideal long end of the week escape. ... CNN Travel set Penang second in its rundown of 17 best places to visit in 2017, portraying it as "ostensibly one of Asia's best road food objections

Penang is also called as Pearl of the Orient, Penang and is well known for its delicate sandy sea shores and is affectionately viewed as the food capital of Malaysia. The absolute most intriguing destinations of Penang incorporate the sandy sea shores of Tanjung Bungah, the scene from the highest point of Penang Hill and the snakes in the Snake Temple.

Here is some more data about the delightful island.

  • George Town — the capital city of Penang and is a most loved spot for guests as it has numerous appealing pre-Second World War houses and shophouses, just as nineteenth century places of worship, sanctuaries, mosques, and frontier structures. George Town is an UNESCO World Heritage site (it was engraved as one of the Historic cities of the Straits of Malacca along with the city of Melaka). The city is perfect, protected and very much oversaw. Truly walkable as there is asphalt along most streets and the state of the asphalt is generally excellent. Great free guides are accessible at the Tourist Information Counter situated in the focal point of the air terminal appearance lobbies. One thing to note is that in the event that you eat in a coffeeshop, you should arrange a beverage regardless of whether you needn't bother with one or have your own beverage in your rucksack.
  • Batu Ferringhi — on the north coast with white sandy sea shores, sumptuous inns and cafés, a most loved spot for the two local people and guests with heaps of water sport exercises.
  • Bayan Lepas — Penang's primary electronic assembling region and area of its worldwide air terminal. Georgetown's satellite town.
  • Balik Pulau — in a real sense "Back of The Island" in Malay; a modest community settled among Malay towns, organic product plantations, and paddy fields.
  • Teluk Bahang — a tranquil small fishing town at the north western tip of the island.
  • Tanjung Bungah — arranged between George Town and Batu Ferringhi, used to be a fishing town yet now is a retreat territory with huge inns worked along the sea shore.

Air Quality and Pollution

Penang Island appreciates a warm tropical environment simply like some other pieces of Malaysia. Nonetheless, being an island, its temperature is frequently higher than the territory, with temperatures coming to as high as 35°C during the day. By and large, temperatures range between 29°C - 35 during the day and 26°C - 29°C during the evening. June to August stay to be summers at Penang. If you are a tourist at Penang, you can anticipate daylight all through the greater part of the days, yet with rainfalls in the nights during times of rainstorm winds. You may experience humidity and rainfall from April to May and from October to November. While by and large liberated from cataclysmic events, Penang Island was once hit by the Acheh tidal wave in 2004, making the specialists actualize tidal wave cautioning measures along the sea shores. Otherwise, Penang Island stays a protected spot to visit climate insightful lasting through the year. Simply remember your sunblock –make it a appoint to carry one with a higher SPF.

Air quality of Penang as per World Health Organization

  • PM10: 28
  • PM2.5: 13
  • PM10 Pollution Level: Low to Moderate
  • Pollution Index:52.49
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 90.81

Respect the Culture

Penang's lively celebrations are a vivid impression of the state's multiculturalism. Customary celebrations, for example, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost Festival, Gods Festival, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Ramadan, , Nine Emperor, Chingay Parade and have held a legitimacy that is unequalled in Asia. Local expressions celebrations are progressively well known with worldwide voyagers, for example, the profoundly foreseen festival of the George Town and the global honour winning Literary Festival of the George Town. During the end of the week, markets set ups are large at Penang. Merchants are a varying blend of entrepreneurs to energetic specialists, introducing their products and administrations to an inquisitive group. Markets such as Sunday Pop-Up Market near Hin Bus Depot are some incredible spots to purchase nearby, high quality items and watch these people creating them up close and personal. There are normally road exhibitions, workshops or exercises during these business sectors that give freedoms to members to communicate, get you hands on something or just have some good times.

  • Penang International Container Art Festival

Penang International Container Art Festival (PICAF) is a worldwide road/metropolitan workmanship celebration, highlighting the metropolitan craftsmanship on holder establishments towards commending the lively road workmanship scene in Penang. PICAF is likewise intending to keep getting through the cut-off points in craftsmanship and innovativeness towards making Penang a centre or objective for road specialists and road workmanship lovers from urban areas around the planet.

  • Kek Lok Si Display of Lights

The Kek Lok Si sanctuary is a celebrated vacation destination, particularly during Chinese New Year. The 130-year-old sanctuary, which is every year lit up, grandstands in excess of 10,000 lights and Chinese lamps.

  • Penang CNY Celebration (Miaohui)

Penang CNY Celebration (Miao Hui) is a yearly occasion that held during CNY to exhibit and advance Chinese customary culture. At times social components are held essentially through Social Media and Webinar stages.

  • Chap Goh Meh

Celebrated on the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chap Goh Meh is the last day of the fourteen day long Chinese New Year Celebration. It is otherwise called Chinese Valentine's Day. On this day, the singles do Mandarin Tossing Ceremony and anticipate inviting their new love and bliss.

  • Thai Water Festival (Songkran)

Songkran or Water Festival is a customary celebration celebrated by Thai and Burmese enthusiasts to check the start of a New Year. It is commended by generously sprinkling water on one another.

Top 10 Places to Visit

While you are out with your loved ones or on an agenda of exploring a new city, how can you miss out some of the most beautiful places at Penang? Read through to know what is waiting for you.

  • St George's Church

Underlying 1818, this is the most seasoned Anglican church in Southeast Asia. The engineering highlights components of Georgian, neo-Classical and English Palladian plans, which were especially well known in the mid nineteenth century. Upheld by four significant segments in the front and an octagonal steeple venturing into the sky, this congregation is a building articulation of altruism and religion during the British provincial period.

  • Penang National Park, Penang

This might be the littlest public park in Malaysia; however, its abundance of greenery can match that of some other site. With more than 400 plant species and 150 flying creature species, this park is noteworthy for its living tropical environment. The slopes are thick, the sea shores immaculate, and since quite a while ago followed macaques amicable (as long as you don't incite them).

  • Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

With more than 15,000 free-flying butterflies and many colourful plant species, this is a place of happiness. A standard extra charge is RM 60 (USD $15) for grown-ups, this park is pretty economic and a place worth spending some quality time. Be cautious where you venture, as a couple of these sensitive animals appreciate sunbathing on the ground.

  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Otherwise called the 'Green Mansion,' this house turned-historical center displays the way of life and antiquities of well-off Chinese-conceived dealer, Kapitan Chung Keng Kwee. Intricately cut wood boards and entryways, English and Italian floor tiles, and Scottish ironworks are all important for the East-meets-West appeal. Investigate what it probably been similar to cook, eat and dress in this mid twentieth century wonder.

  • Penang Road Market

Each Sunday morning, the traffic along Penang Road will be dreadful the current being the reason. New poultry, deal apparel and family things are generally accessible here, and individuals accompany their shopping packs and trucks for a decent basic food item run. We suggest the cooked chestnuts slowdown, which is normally situated at the fork between the market and Penang Road (or simply make an inquiry or two until you discover it).

  • Jalan Kapitan Keling

On the off chance that you can overcome the intense warmth with a cap and water bottle, your prize comes as another comprehension of Malaysian muhibah (social congruity). This is the road where the most established Anglican church in Malaysia meets Penang's most established Guan Yin Temple meets the previous state mosque Masjid Kapitan Keling. You can enter every strict site for nothing, however there is a particular clothing standard for entering the mosque.

  • Little India

Bright Little India is a three-road local area in effectively diverse Georgetown that wraps guests with the sights and hints of a little road in Mumbai. On Jalan Pasar (Market Street), vivid retail facades scribbled in Brahmi content blast Hindi tunes. The people group is of the most established Indian territories in Malaysia and dates to the soonest British settlements of Georgetown in the last part of the 1700s. Wind through the limited roads and you'll discover sari and cotton garments shops, wedding flower vendors, Bollywood banners and DVDs, zest dealers, gold gem specialists and a wealth of diners with mainstream Indian top picks, for example, roti, biryani rice and baked chicken just as Malaysian Indian combination food. On close by Jalan Bandar, the Sri Mahamariammam Temple, implicit 1883 in the fancy and transcending South Indian style, it is the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary in Penang. The zone truly wakes up during Indian occasions, for example, Deepavali (Diwali) celebration of lights every harvest time.

  • Penang Hill

Departure the rushing about and warmth of tropical George Town and visit Penang Hill arranged at an elevation of 830 meters above ocean level. Appreciate awesome perspectives from the state's chief slope resort and experience the rich greenery this slope is well known for. Roosted on the slope top are some incredible lodgings that offer a sentimental escape or calm retreat. We prescribe you take the funicular rail line to the top, extraordinary in Asia, to wonder about the excellence along the course.

  • Penang Bridge

The famous Penang Bridge measures13.5-kilometers double carriageway cost connect and managed-access roadway in the territory of Penang in Malaysia. The extension interfaces Perai from the terrain side of the state with Gelugor right there on the island, across the Penang Strait.

  • The Weld Quay Clan Jetties

Situated along Weld Quay is Penang's living legacy of special Chinese settlements, the Clan Jetties. These dilapidated breakwaters are a token of the island's significance as a prime oceanic port. The most renowned among them is Chew Jetty whose occupants actually maintain the greater part of their customary methods of living and culture.

  • The Bukit Jambul Orchid and Hibiscus Garden in Penang

This dazzling Japanese nursery is a quiet escape for those looking for some isolation. Spread across two hectares, the nursery sprouts with orchids, desert flora and hibiscus. Here you will likewise will see a couple of Bengal Tigers and fowls like Emu's and Ostriches.


Penang comprises of a 285 sq. km island associated through a 13 km scaffold to an extra 760 sq. km of territory, alluded to as Seberang Perai. Business and regulatory action is gathered in the capital of Georgetown, situated on the upper east tip of the island. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is well known for its delicate sandy sea shores and is affectionately viewed as the food capital of Malaysia. The absolute most intriguing locales of Penang incorporate the sandy sea shores of Tanjung Bungah, the scene from the highest point of Penang Hill and the snakes in the Snake Temple. Penang is unequivocally known for having the best food in Malaysia; any individual who says something else obviously hasn't been around a lot. ... Stop by acclaimed places like Gurney Drive open air food court for neighborhood vendor cooking, or nutty rear entryway eatery Line Clear for the best nasi kandar in the state Malaysia is at present positioned among the world's top wellbeing the travel industry objections because of its moderate, great clinical treatment, with most of wellbeing sightseers making Penang their favored objective. ... Moderate therapy cost likewise pulled in clinical vacationers to the city. A solitary individual assessed month to month costs are 476$ (1,925RM) without lease. . Penang is 59.65% more affordable as compared to New York (without lease). By and large, 89.39% lower compared to New York.

City Parks

If your kids accompany you during your trip, below are some parks at the city you shouldn’t miss!

  • Penang Municipal Park
  • Padang Kota Lama
  • Penang Avatar Secret Garden
  • Teluk Bahang Forest Secret Park
  • Aremenian Park
  • Penang Bird Park

National Parks

Are you an animal lover and you would love to have some clicks? Well, in that case National Parks at Penang serve the purpose. Lush green areas and the lively wild life make your trip all worth it!

Penang National Park Penang National Park is situated on the north-western corner of an island situated along the shoreline of north-western Malaysia. The public park territory covers a zone of 9.9 square miles (25.4 sq km) making it the littlest public park in the country. A genuinely one-of-a-kind part of the recreation center is the meromictic lake which includes an assortment of new and saltwater species that live respectively in similar waterway however on various layers. The warm saltwater lays along the base with the cooler freshwater sitting alongside the upper level. This possibly happens between the long periods of May through November when the downpours are heavier. A significant part of the famous untamed life is found in the oceans including, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, and ocean otters. Since quite a while ago followed macaques and Dusky leaf monkeys wander the optional woodlands of the recreation center. Other mainstream untamed life incorporates pig, wild feline, screen reptiles, mouse deer, quirrels, and changed bats with a sum of 36 distinct types of well evolved creatures.


A beach is more than just another place to hang out. Beaches do have prominent benefits on your health. Here is what beaches do for your soul!.

  • Colours from the water relate to specific sentiments or feelings. Blue, which is the shade of the ocean, is related with quiet and harmony. Subsequently when we invest our energy gazing at the cool blue waters for quite a long time, we get a casual inclination. We may not know, yet gazing at the water places our brains in a reflective state. At the point when we are by the sea, our brain is in a delicate interest or a condition of mellow mindfulness. In this express, our cerebrum is both intrigued and drawn in without being over-burden by improvements.
  • Instead of going to a jam-packed rec centre, go out and go to the closest sea shore, and do a little actual exercise. Being close to the sea shore will give you a psychological lift than practicing with a group. You may likewise search for different path close to waterways, as on a stream or a lake. Practicing close to the water will bring about wellbeing and neurological advantages.
  • Strolling shoeless can be animating to your body and psyche and assists your body with retaining particles on the outside of the earth, delivering a shivering sensation. It's a similar inclination of fulfilment when you eliminate your high heels following a long and tiring day.
  • The negative particles present in the sea air can help in quieting the cerebrum. Negative particles additionally help in gloom—it resembles nature's upper. So, visiting the sea shore when you are feeling tragic and discouraged will altogether improve your general prosperity.
  • Exposing yourself to early morning sunlight helps your gain and store Vitamin D. However, try to put on sunblock to shield your skin from unsafe UV beams.

While at Penang, do not miss the beach.

  • Pantai Kerachut: This far-off sea shore is one of the cleanest you'll discover in Penang. You should call ahead (at the National Park) or inquire as to whether the sea shore is open. The beautiful view simply freshens you and leaves you with some more than valuable memories.
  • Monkey Beach: Named after the since quite a while ago followed macaques that incidentally show up, this sea shore is situated in the National Park. Journey across a half-hour of winding tree-concealed ways, and you'll show up at this little, nitty gritty, simple, and not exceptionally jam-packed sea shore.
  • Pulau Jerejak : Penang's biggest islet rides the ocean between the island and territory, and highlights fine, pale sand (at this point refuse free), thick rainforests, and water exercises including water polo and kayaking. This is additionally where you can get an unmatched perspective on the subsequent extension.
  • Pasir Panjang: Did you think Long Beach was uniquely in California? Drop by Penang's Pasir Panjang (in a real sense 'long sea shore') for the best dusk see around, and — in case you're a traveller you would enjoy the rainforest!

Gertak Sanggul : Adventure somewhat further from George Town and you'll locate this interesting, moderately undisturbed sea shore on the southwestern shores of Penang Island. The fishing local area here values its new fish, so regardless of whether you're here for the sand and ocean, make certain to remain for the shellfish, as well.


  • Penang Bridge Overview

A celebrated milestone of the country, the Penang Bridge is the longest scaffold in Asia and third longest on the planet. The notable Penang Bridge International Marathon happens here consistently and has been drawing in long distance race devotees from all pieces of the world.

  • Penang Hill in Penang

Departure the buzzing about and warmth of tropical George Town and visit Penang Hill arranged at an elevation of 830 meters above ocean level. Appreciate tremendous perspectives from the state's preeminent slope resort and experience the lavish greenery this slope is celebrated for. Roosted on the slope top are some incredible inns that offer a sentimental escape or calm retreat. We prescribe you take the funicular rail line to the top, one of a kind in Asia, to wonder about the excellence along the course.

  • Sanctuary of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Chayamangkalaram)

Situated in the interesting town of Pulau Tikus, the sanctuary stands grandly on a slope in Air Itam. It houses a 33-meter gold plated leaning back Buddha, a portrayal of Buddha's fulfillment of nirvana and pulls in enthusiasts from everywhere the world.

  • The Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower Overview

This is quite possibly the most conspicuous symbols of Penang Island. Standing 18 meters tall it was worked to celebrate the jewel celebration of Queen Victoria.

  • The Penang Museum and Art Gallery Overview

The Penang Museum and Art Gallery gives proper respect to the occupants of Penang and mirrors the rich social variety of the island. It exhibits old photos, maps, verifiable relics and canvases of early Penang and is a delightful milestone.

  • Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

The 38 room, 5 patio, 7 flight of stairs and 220 window mansion was worked by the Chinese vendor Cheong Fatt Tze. The indigo-blue house, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion was worked by experts brought particularly from China and the material used to fabricate the house was imported from Scotland. It is said that Cheong Fatt needed a house, so gigantic that it could oblige 9 ages of his family. Inherent the last part of the 1880's it was the greatest mansion of Malaysia and had just two of its sort, in size, in China.

  • Butterworth Railway Station

Butterworth Railway Station is the principle intersection for trains traveling south towards Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and north to Hat Yai in Thailand. Butterworth is the primary transportation center point for trains and transports going to Penang.


Wanna Indulge yourself in the creative world? Find some of the best museums at Penang.

  • House of Music

Spread the delight of music at Penang House of Music, the principal museum in Penang showcasing and documenting the variety of the nearby local area's social and musical conventions. There could be no greater method to find the musical history of Penang and Malaysia overall than through the interactive displays found in the Penang House of Music. Other than the main display loaded with fascinating information, the museum additionally comprises of a radio and cinema room. Get your hands on some musical instruments, and make some rocking memories with the whole family!

  • Dark Mansion

At the Dark Mansion, a novel museum experience anticipates as artwork is combined with sparkle in-the-dark innovation. This is the solitary sparkle in-the-dark museum in Malaysia, and contrasts from other interactive museums in Penang by having installations that grandstand dream arrives instead of the typical Penang themes. This spot will bring you out of this world and take you to places like New Atlantis: The Underwater World, and Tropical Pandora: The Forbidden Land. Posture before these wondrous settings and pretend you're in somewhere far, far away!

  • Made In Penang

The first and biggest of its kind in Penang, the Made In Penang Interactive Museum is one that has idealized the art of creating rooms where you can have the wackiest photograph operations ever! Get the best features of Penang's energetic culture from its scrumptious food and bright roads through the 3D art shows in this museum that urges you to "be part of the art". The entire family can likewise have a great time playing life-size conventional games and making customary arts and specialty.

  • Penang Tunnel Museum

The Penang Tunnel Museum, or otherwise called Penang Time Tunnel, is a museum that transports you back in history in an incredibly vivid way. Each corner is loaded up with visual chunks of information about old Penang that makes the occasions of the past more effectively edible for youthful guests. Other than the informative nostalgic time tunnel segment, they additionally have a repulsive force world and a trippy fluorescent tunnel area. These energetic and distinctive photograph spots make the outing much more pleasant

  • Ibox Museum of Glass Penang

Take your family to Ibox Glass Museum Penang for another exciting and interactive museum experience! This museum flaunts two titles in The Malaysia Book of Records: "The First Glass Museum" and "Longest Batik Motif Glass Painting". Instruct your little ones on the advantages of recycling glass, and the extraordinary ways that glass can be upcycled. Witness a live exhibition of glass cutting and sand carving, and even get involved and make your own glass to bring home as keepsakes!

  • Penang Camera Museum

Rather than the large number of museums referenced beforehand, the camera takes the front line of this next interactive museum experience. The Penang Camera Museum is a museum with an attention on cameras, showcasing its long history and the different sorts of cameras there are. Camera buffs will value the showcase of vintage cameras, however in any event, for those absent a lot of information on the matter, a guided and interactive visit will submerge you in the realm of cameras and photography. Make certain to encounter being in a dark room and test out different camera models before you leave! This museum which was recently situated on Jalan Muntri, was migrated and returned in 2018, so guarantee that you've entered the correct location on the GPS!

  • Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

You wouldn't require a lot convincing to visit the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum, which is gives over one of the coolest interactive museums around. With a huge assortment of imaginatively planned rooms, you'll have the option to catch the most amusing shots, yet in addition a lot of mind blowing optical dreams. Each room is an undertaking; in one room you'll be shielding yourself from teh tarik, and in the following you'll be trying to escape from the mouth of a goliath python.

  • Upside Down Museum

Your life in a real sense gets flipped around at the Upside Down Museum where you'll need to put on your best balancing act to get the best photographs! Make an honest effort to catch reasonable snaps of your relatives hanging off of bedposts, flights of stairs and other household things. Apart from rooms and zones inside the house, this interactive museum additionally includes settings, for example, markets and bistros in Penang. This museum is definitely where you can sneak in probably the coolest upside down traveler shots!

  • Ghost Museum Penang

Assemble your brains before you enter Ghost Museum Penang, a museum showcasing the diverse horrible animals got from different legends. Since it's a museum and not actually a spooky house, it's not intended to frighten. Instead, you'll will find out the origins of ghosts that often highlight in customary fantasies and legends, for example, Pontianak, Jiang Shi (Chinese zombie) and even Ju-on! Utilize the props furnished to mix in with the undead and take a family photograph that will genuinely frequent you for eternity.


Penang cooking is the food of the multicultural society of Penang, Malaysia. The greater part of these style of cooking are sold at street side slows down, known as "hawker food" and casually as "muckan carts". Nearby Penangites regularly discover these seller tolls less expensive and simpler to eat out at because of the omnipresence of the peddler slows down and that they are open for long hours during the day and night. Penang consists for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Enjoy traditional food of Penang at these restaurants.

  • Chok Dee Thai

In case you're desiring credible tomyam, just Chok Dee Thai will fix it from this side of the line. The Burma Road foundation has been here for quite a long time (since 2000), and its impactful tomyam and green curry dishes keep on pleasing local people. For your cash, request a Green Chicken Curry, an awesome culinary victory implanted with basil and coconut cream, and the Tom Yam Seafood, fiery and tart and served up in a hotpot. Top it up with white or singed rice, and your taste buds will not ache for whatever else for one more week.

  • Lagenda House and Cafe

This imaginative bistro saves its neighborhood legacy by presenting side dishes in a congkak set (a customary mancala game). Set in the occupied with, clamoring Campbell Street, this recently revamped shophouse is presently one of Penang's most well known objections for Malay food. The menu includes the top of the line Prawn Lemak Pineapple, introduced in a blue conelike pinnacle, and the fragrant Chicken Rendang presented with custom made sambal (a zesty bean stew topping) and egg plate of mixed greens.

  • Dark Kettle

A bistro, bread kitchen, and café, this French-combination bistro offers a little yet paramount choice of food. The Provencal Chicken highlights new, tart ratatouille under container singed chicken, and the Pouisson En Papillote conveys steamed Tilapia cooked with white wine and Shoyu dressing. Cake-sweethearts, you will love the Flourless Orange. It's citrusy without being excessively sharp, sodden without being excessively wet, and sizable however not on your midsection!

  • Jawi House

This old shophouse on Armenian Street has been changed again — on account of Chef Nurilkarim. Praising the Jawi Peranakans (native Malays who wedded Indian, Arab, Turkish and Persian transients) of the district, the café's star gourmet expert joins blossoms, spices, and flavors to resuscitate the fragrant food of the community.Of note: the Lemuni, a rice dish cooked with blue telang blossoms and lemuni leaves. It's the lemuni that gives the dish its greenish tint and home grown taste

  • Ferringhi Garden

This eat in-nature idea is overwhelming Penang. With a rowdy knot of plants, rural lumber decorations, and a running water include all through the outdoors seating region, this is the place where Penangites presently visit for first dates, second dates, and Instagram posts.Main dishes range upwards of RM$40 (US$10).

  • Kebaya Restaurant

This extravagant eatery with thick curtain, pendant light fixtures, and bright tiled floors indicates the exorbitant costs you'll be paying for your dinner. However, in case you're willing to overdo it, this Nyonya high end food is the best approach to do it.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegetarian or Vegan you need worry about the availability of the same! Following restaurants serve you the best of the vegan foods.

  • Zen Xin Vegetarian
  • Brown Poodle
  • Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen – Georgetown
  • SUPE Vegan - Gurney Plaza
  • SUPE Vegan - George Town
  • Evergreen Vegetarian House
  • Fa-laugh-Ely
  • Pinxin Vegan Cuisine
  • Sushi Kitchen

Street Food

Street food of any city is all about the culture and history of a place. Below are some of the most famous street foods of Penang, which you cannot miss. While you are at Penang, you will experience vivid varieties of foods which enhance the culture and serenity. If you are a lover of street food, below are some of the dishes which are worth trying.

  • Penang Teochew Chendul/Chendol

A bowl of shaved ice loaded up with chewy green rice flour jam (chendol), red beans, new coconut milk and a sprinkle of gula melaka (earthy coloured sugar) syrup.

  • Scorch Koay Teow

A natural loved Singaporean dish. Burn Koay Teow is a public top pick in Malaysia and Singapore. Of Course, Penang does have something reasonable of popular singe koay teow slows down with their self-particular taste. What is worth appreciation is that, most from Penang-style Char Koay Teow is sort of 'wok hei', and the newness of the fixings. Likewise, if choosing the duck eggs this decision may gave a more extravagant taste to every significant piece of noodles. Lorong Selamat's Char Koay Teow may not be the best in Penang Penang, yet it is unquestionably worth visiting once.

  • Koay Teow Th'ng

Penang Koay Teow Th'ng or Koay Teow Soup normally accompanies cuts of fish/eel balls, pork, , fish cake and a delicious stock with level rice noodle. The soup stock is ordinarily bubbled from chicken or bones of pork for more profundity in flavour. A few varieties incorporate utilizing duck meat rather than pork. You may also choose a dry version of this dish. This noodle filled soup likewise accompanies and soy-vinegar and sauce of cut new red chilies in garlic or lime for an additional zing to get along with the less complex tasting fixings.

  • Penang Assam Laksa

A glad mark Penang dish, Assam laksa is an extremely rich and zesty, fish-based soup noodle stock of tamarind juice, stew glue, lemongrass, finished off with prawn glue and mackerel or sardine pieces. It feels like a tart, healthy flavour originating from the flavourful tamarind which for some may feel as excessively overwhelming.

  • Penang Rojak

Rojak is viewed as an everyday portrayal of assortment and combination. Regularly found in Malaysia and Singapore, it is a serving of mixed greens of bean curds, wastes (you tiao), bean fledglings, cuttlefish and grouping of organic products shrouded in a thick sweet nut sauce. Newly threw with pineapple cuts so sweet you would broaden your eyes in shock.

  • Lor Bak

An assortment of rotisserie prepared portions of pork flank meat enclosed by beancurd skin, plunged in a bowl of boring braised sauce (Lor 卤)- the Penang variant will in general get on the better side. Some other Lor bak fixings like egg, fishcake, tofu and frankfurter are likewise accessible in the blend. These delicious meat rolls are like the very well-known Hokkien ngoh hiang utilizing the special smell of "five-flavor powder." An entire plate of seared treats might be overpowering yet it is as yet a very decent decision for a noontime nibble or mid night sharing dish.

  • Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng is an Indian Muslim dish. The renowned Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng gives a considerable plate of noodles liberal parts of cuttlefish, potatoes and beansprouts. It is sautéed with a tart invention of tomato, bean stew and soy sauce. This would be a delight for the individuals who favour amount over quality. In any case, an or more point for extravagant showcase of wok abilities and musical throwing of noodles.


  • Teh Tarik: Malaysian Pulled Tea

Malaysia is a multicultural country with great culinary conventions of Malay, Chinese and Indians. Malay food mirrors the multi-ethnic cosmetics of its populace. Teh Tarik or Malaysian Pulled Tea is a beverage that is huge in light of the fact that it is devoured all around and furthermore joins each of the three societies. It is supposed to be the public beverage of Malaysia. Teh tarik is something beyond some tea blended in with consolidated milk; it is perhaps the most adored Malaysian beverages in the way of life, to such an extent, that it has birthed a completely new game committed to tea pulling.

  • Barley Juice

Presented with heaps of ice, barley juice is a reasonable fluid, which is marginally thick with added sugar and lime for taste. The juice accompanies entire barley pearls blended in, which are delicate, thick and improved from the sugar. The juice is flavourful, somewhat sweet and very light and reviving.

  • Nutmeg Juice

The juice is light and fruity and tastes in no way like the zest. It is presented with ice and invigorating. Nutmeg trees were developed in Penang in the late eighteenth century by the British, as a method of growing the flavour exchange business.

  • Longan Juice

The organic product is reasonable and simple to strip and eat in a hurry or nibble before a supper. In particular, longan organic products are invigorating, sweet, and delectable.

  • Air Mata Kucing Juice

Each supper in Malaysia is a chance to attempt another neighbourhood natural product juice. With each taste, you wind up opening up to new flavors and tastes. Air mata kucing is a frosted natural product juice produced using winter melon (tong kua), priest natural product (lo han kor), dried longan (long ngang), and sugar. The juice isn't sweet, however reviving and refreshing.


The tap water in Penang Island, Malaysia, for the most part undependable to drink. The water doesn't satisfy the WHO guidelines for safe drinking water. The Malaysian Ministry of Health has set up guidelines/boundaries using those set by the World Health Organization. In any case, you can utilize tap water for cleaning, showering, and brushing your teeth. You may likewise heat up the water to make it consumable, as prompted by certain local people. However, in the event that you need to try not to ruin your get-away, you stay with filtered water that you can buy in any general stores or grocery store

Organic Cafés

Other than profiting our wellbeing with no compound utilization, it's incontestable that natural food radiates valid and crude flavours that do astound our acumen sense of taste. When was the last time you had vegetables from the homestead directly to your table? Without a doubt, the earth gives enough to fulfil each man's need. Being in the hurrying around of metropolitan way of life, it's trying to be locavores (ones who attempts to eat just privately developed nourishments.) Kick the concerns aside, this food-fixated state has various organic spots that legitimize being solid is not any more a responsibility, it's a happiness!

  • Lotus Cycles Organic Restaurant
  • Idealite Wellness Restaurant
  • The Leaf Healthy House
  • Edgecumbe Retreat
  • IE Organic
  • Real Food
  • Sushi Kitchen


Breweries at Penang come in a different style. Lose yourself at these destinations!

  • Three Environment

Parting with it with its name, this bar in Penang gets three ideas one rooftop. Get the hair style, spoil yourself with a supper and end it with a beverage without the issue. Sounds like each man's fantasy. Fortunate for you kids out there, from 11.45 am to 3 pm, this salon combination bar offers a 4-course supper beginning from RM19.90. Simple, boujee and pocket-accommodating. This very well could do it.

  • Rockafellas

Wild posse, it's an ideal opportunity to take off on the grounds that we have a definitive spot for you. Carrying New York to the Pearl of the Orient, be entranced by their astonishing menu, unrecorded music, drinks made with affection (somewhat more extreme for the mixed drinks yet worth each penny) and its insidious environment in this bar in Penang. It's a combo you would prefer not to miss so get out there and party hard.

  • The Whiski

Generally new around, this exquisite scene gets class a glass. Despite the fact that it may not seem like much at the main look, after stepping in, you'll get cleared into straightforwardness and solace. In addition, live groups in the house are consistently on toes to get the mind-set moving.

  • The Tuns Wine Bar

While some are a fanatic of lagers, wine does it for the more tasteful group and we have recently the thing for you. The Tuns Wines Bar in Penang overflows mystique in a quelled environment. In less complex words, this is the space to loosen up and unwind over a glass of impassableness.

  • No. 5 Bistro

Focused on having some good times while serving nearby enlivened gin utilizing neighborhood fixings in a vibe of Asian feels from wayang kulit plans, the No.5 bistro is tied in with refining to best at what they do. While they serve food on the better side, they're similarly enchanted to take it up an indent by serving you drinks going from espresso, wines to lagers. Along these lines, in case you're in a mind-set for high end food and better wine, adding this bistro to the rundown abandons saying. While ain't the least expensive arrangement around, they bargain it with a tasteful viewpoint and extraordinary assistance.

  • Godspeed

With the dash of the pilgrim scene, Godspeed rejuvenates Whiteaway arcade as the day goes to nightfall. An aesthetic background for the millennial group, great music, amicable individuals, and great vibes make for a phenomenal bar in Penang. Also, this joint sets the bar at where it should be.

  • Barfly

The best combinaton of a decent modest lager thus this is unquestionably a Flyest-bar around (get it haha) as they serve drinks as low as RM 5 for a mug. Noble men's League Serving you a determination of lagers and hards alcohol for the night feathered creatures hoping to slow down and unwind in a lavish environment, Gentlemen League is a bar in Penang you need to entertain yourself with.

  • Pokok

Just interpreted as a 'Tree' in Malay, Pokok Bar with its trace of naturalistic vibe amidst disorderly road pulls in a combination of voyagers from vacationers to hikers and local people needing a new and a vivacious spot to chill with draft lagers or newly made mixed drinks.

  • Scissor Sisters

Get your full glitz disposition and most elevated heels on cuz we're going to show Them who's the manager here. Welcomed by Queen B at the front, this spot improves the tongue with a buzz and flavors the night out with the young ladies!


When it comes to activities, you have a lot to do. You have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to food. With a lot more to do with the museums and treks, your activity bar stays high at Penang!

Yoga and Retreats

If your agenda of the trip is relaxation, find the below Yoga retreats for youself at Penang

  • Sunalini Yoga

This studio embraces an Indian style of yoga, which is the Iyengar Yoga. This follows Hatha yoga with the help of props to achieve the correct alignment of the body. They offer intimate, private, and group sessions and yoga retreat for the ones seeking a healthier mind and body.

  • Ambience Yoga Studio

With a group of skilled and dedicated instructors, this studio offers Yoga in Penang to all ages and levels. They will help you attain your goals and strengthen your body while nourishing the soul through traditional yet modern techniques.

  • MY Yoga

Headed by an internationally certified instructor, this is the right place to reconnect with your mind, body, and soul. Bring gradual flexibility to your body and peace to the mind and soul.

  • Active Yoga

Relieve all your worries and focus on yourself for optimal health and happiness at Active Yoga class in Penang. They are skilled at various levels spanning beginners, kids, intermediate and practice styles like Hatha, Aqua, and Iyengar yoga. You can do a beginner’s course for 3 months and continue to intermediate for a deeper understanding of yoga for a longer duration.

  • Nirmaya Yoga

Combining Yoga and psychology, this extremely inclusive yoga studio in Penang aims to help one another grasp joy and enthusiasm, to engage in self-love and kindness. It is a group of yogis that come together to achieve complete body flexibility and mind pampering. Some styles they follow are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and more

  • The Space Penang

To tap into your inner self and attain peace from your busy life, head over to The Space yoga studio in Penang. They engage people of all ages and levels. Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are available to help prepare for the miracle of childbirth and get through it. Kids and teenagers are also encouraged to participate to relieve them of pressure and can learn techniques for relaxation, self -health, and inner fulfilment.

  • Vikasa Yoga

Vikasa yoga is ideal for someone who desires complete body alignment, flexibility, strength building, and body awareness. It focuses on arms, legs, core, complete body flexibility, and endurance. They have studios in multiple locations in Penang for an easier reach for their customers.


A solitary individual assessed month to month costs are 476$ (1,925RM) without lease. ... Penang is 59.65% more affordable than New York (without lease). By and large, 89.39% lower than in New York.With everything taken into account, Penang is by and large safe for voyagers, since it is local people who are frequently the objectives of wrongdoing. Experienced sightseers will experience basically no issues in Penang. There are a numerous lodging to look over at Penang. Be it in the city or on the shore.

Green Hotels

Green hotels will be hotels that have an accreditation of supportable practice by the neighborhood administering authority. These hotels are your average hotels; the solitary distinction is that they follow diverse eco-accommodating approaches to lessen their negative effect on the neighborhood climate. You will locate that these hotels are less expensive than the 5-star hotels as they utilize restricted things. Another component of these hotels is recruiting individuals from the nearby networks as their workers, supporting and developing the neighborhood networks. On the off chance that you like remaining in a lodging, at that point you ought to favor these hotels.

Here is a list of some great green hotels at Penang

  • PARKROYAL Penang Resort
  • Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
  • Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La
  • G Hotel Gurney
  • Lone Pine Hotel
  • Bayview Beach Resort

Hostels and Guest Houses

Wanting to enjoy the trip with a fixed budget? Here are some easy to stay hostels and guest houses.

  • 23 love lane
  • Cheong Fatt Tze mansion
  • Jawi Peranakan
  • Ren I Tang
  • Sinkeh
  • Campbell house
  • Coffee Atleir
  • Lang house
  • Moon Tree 47
  • Museum hotel
  • Nam Keng Hotel


Wanting to enjoy the trip with a fixed budget? Here are some easy to stay hostels and guest houses.

  • 23 love lane
  • Cheong Fatt Tze mansion
  • Jawi Peranakan
  • Ren I Tang
  • Sinkeh
  • Campbell house
  • Coffee Atleir
  • Lang house
  • Moon Tree 47
  • Museum hotel
  • Nam Keng Hotel


Couchsurfing is a help that associates individuals to a worldwide local area of voyagers. Use Couchsurfing to discover a spot to remain or impart your home and old neighbourhood to explorers. Couch surfers arrange customary occasions in 200,000 urban areas around the planet. There's continually something to do and new companions to meet. The greater part of Couchsurfing encounters are protected, however altogether extraordinary. Assuming liability for your own security when voyaging is significant. What's more, it's similarly as significant when you're utilizing Couchsurfing.


There are numerous approaches to arrive at Penang. The above all else way is aviation route, as it is the most productive one. You can book a trip to Kuala Lampur International Airport. You can discover both direct and move trips to this air terminal. Another extraordinary method to arrive at Penang is the Water way! The least expensive and regularly speediest approach to get from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is by taking the road transport. Transports withdraw at the fundamental terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Puduraya bus stop, to Sungai Nibong; the focal bus stop in Penang. The outing by transport as a rule takes around 5,5 hours.

How to Get There

There are numerous approaches to arrive at Penang. The above all else way is aviation route, as it is the most productive one. You can book a trip to Kuala Lampur International Airport. You can discover both direct and move trips to this air terminal. Another extraordinary method to arrive at Penang is the Water way! The least expensive and regularly speediest approach to get from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is by taking the road transport. Transports withdraw at the fundamental terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Puduraya bus stop, to Sungai Nibong; the focal bus stop in Penang. The outing by transport as a rule takes around 5,5 hours.


Penang is effectively available via air as it is served via flights utilizing global and homegrown courses. Penang International Airport is around 20 kilometers from the City Center. Cabs are accessible at the air terminal and for the most part have a fixed expense. You may likewise decide to go by the most used travels.


The cheapest and often quickest way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is by taking the bus. Busses depart at the main terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Puduraya bus station, to Sungai Nibong; the central bus station in Penang. The trip by bus usually takes around 5,5 hours.


Explorers can likewise take the train right from Kuala Lumpur towards Butterworth. The excursion requires around 6 hours and you have the chance to appreciate the perspectives on the open country. From Butterworth there is a ship association with Penang. These administrations are accessible 24*7 for the two travelers and vehicles


Catching a ride or Hitchhiking in Penang is a fun and safe approach to communicate with local people and investigate the region where you at. Bumming a ride in Penang, is one of the pleasant activities and involvement with Malaysia. Individuals at Malaysia being agreeable and co-employable make the experience awesome.


There is one day by day train from Singapore to Penang (the Ekspres Rakyat) that presently leaves from JB Sentral rail route station (Singapore North) toward the beginning of the day and requires roughly 13 hours to arrive at Penang's railroad station on the terrain at Butterworth.

Moving Around

Sightseers can without much of a stretch travel inside Penang as there are various types of transport promptly accessible all through the entire island aside from a couple of not all that jam-packed zones. Busses and taxicabs are the most well-known types of transport on the island. Significant attractions on the island are typically close by one of the many bus stops. Individuals: In our experience Malaysian individuals are cordial. In Penang particularly individuals appear to be loose, upbeat and open. They invite guests heartily without criticism and appear to be certain about their future and glad for their home.


George Town, a beautiful Malaysian city on the island of Penang, is a socially critical and well-known vacationer location. ... Notwithstanding its thickness and little roads entirely fit to strolling and cycling, George Town experiences a similar vehicle situated arranging that plagues urban communities everywhere on the world


Penang bridge may give you the best cycling experience! Stunning dawn along the coastline, many may not mindful of, Penang do offer a devoted bike path, from gama grocery store side lane connecting to karpal singh drive then along the sidelane lim chong ewe roadway (jelutong espressway) to the light water front region, at that point going through the under path of first Penang connect.

Electronic Vehicles

Though electronic vehicles are not used largely for public transport in Penang, electric cars are in vogue in Malaysia. You may be able to watch some of the most happening cars like Taycan, Porsche, Tesla Roadster and Nio EP9 during your stay!

Public Bus

The principle public transport administration is by Rapid Penang and it covers a broad territory both on the island and terrain. It likewise works a Free CAT (Central Area Transit) transport administration inside George Town. KOMTAR Terminal is the focal exchange terminal for transports that cover the entire of Penang Island.

You can purchase a pass for fast transport in Penang

  • Every single Rapid Kiosk.
  • Komtar Terminal.
  • Weld Quay Terminal.
  • Bukit Jambul Terminal.
  • Penang Sentral.

Tram, Train and Subway

Beside the customary Malayan Railway administrations along the western conditions of Peninsular Malaysia and into Singapore, the Butterworth rail route station is the southernmost end of the State Railway of Thailand's Southern Line (by means of Padang Besar) and the International Express from Bangkok. Remarkably, the train station is additionally one of the primary stops of the Eastern and Oriental Express assistance among Bangkok and Singapore.

Trains are not a mainstream method of transport because of their low speed and the accessibility of express highway transports which are more advantageous, just as the high paces of vehicle possession among Penangites.

Sustainable Shopping

If you are a zero-waste lover and wish to shop in the most sustainable way, below are some top destinations for eco-friendly and sustainable shopping.

  • Bare : The Zero Waste Store, Petaling Jaya
  • The Hive Bulk Foods, Bangsar
  • Euphoria Zero Waste Store, Kuala Lumpur
  • Shabby Zero Waste Store, Kota Kemuning
  • Stray Folk, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)
  • The Kinder Soap Company, online store
  • Frangipani KL
  • The Mineraw, online store
  • A Bit Less Bulk Store, Kepong
  • Short Zero Waste Store, Johor Bahru
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), Petaling Jaya

Food Markets

There are some exceptionally fascinating autonomous food shops conveying extraordinary quality nourishments for each one of those inhabitants and expats who care about sound living.

  • Wet Markets at Penang
  • Yin's Sourdough Bakery
  • Cilantro Magnus 'Ranchers Market'
  • Zenxin
  • Tesco Penang
  • Cold Storage Penang
  • Jaya Grocer Penang

Flea Markets

Flea markets hold a special place in the hears of the locals. Also as a tourist you would enjoy the colourful and economic take aways from the below markets at Penang. Pick up some great memories at the flea markets.

  • Farlim Pasar Malam
  • Batu Ferringhi Night Market
  • Penang Bazaar
  • Little penang Street Market
  • Lorong Kulit Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

Hands up on the off chance that you are the sort of individual who is consistently watching out for incredible arrangements, looking at costs, and will holla uproarious and pleased about a deal you grabbed ready to move. To all economical finessers out there, here is a frugality shopping guide in Penang for you. While you walk around road wall paintings and enjoy that second plate of scorch koay teow, recollect that you can look for reasonable nearly spic and span attire at second hand shops spread around the state.

Find some extraordinary assistance at the beneath stores

  • OWL Bulk Store.
  • Fujiyama Jeans/Tokyo no. 18 – Pre-adored architect products and Japanese style.
  • Fujiyama Jeans/Tokyo no. 18.
  • Doppelganger Clothing Store – Vintage streetwear and restricted version tees.
  • Kyoto Bundle – Internationally-sourced overcoats, sweaters and shoes.


Much the same as inexpensive food there is quick fashion, where the cost of attire is modest to such an extent that it is immediately discarded when the following "must-have" shows up. When out shopping, who truly contemplates what goes into making a piece of clothing just as its natural impact? Eco-accommodating fashion is a developing pattern among numerous originators who are putting resources into textures produced using eco-accommodating and practical sources like natural cotton and bamboo.

Recorded are some eco-fashion outlets in Penang

  • Sunlives
  • Nukleus Wear
  • Nature Colored
  • BLIV By Bamboo Malaysia


In accordance with the National Solid Waste Management Policy 2016 that has focused on public reusing pace of 22.0 percent in 2020, Malaysia's reusing rate in 2019 has surpassed the set objective that is 28.1 percent. Citizens in Malaysia and Penang trust in sustainable living and henceforth support the reuse constantly idea. Not exclusively will you go over zero waste stores yet additionally eco-design garments.


People at Penang are nature lovers and most of the times are inclined towards eco-friendly and zero waste shops and products. Apart from zero-waste food stalls, people at Penang also love to adapt eco-friendly fashion.

Work and Study Abroad

There are an in excess of a couple of incredible alternatives of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Penang, Malaysia. It is a file to global training in Penang posting college level examination abroad, temporary positions, volunteer and concentrated language school programs situated to American school and college understudies. Some pre-school and post-graduate alternatives are likewise included. Probably the most celebrated projects facilitated are, Study Abroad Programs in Malaysia, Student Exchange at Universiti Sains Malaysia and significantly more!

Exchange Student

Concentrating in Penang, studies will get the chance to observe the creating government and society of Malaysia. Generally famous for the vacation spots, Penang is fully rich in history. In this site, you will discover our rundown of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Penang, Malaysia. Projects are customized to your exceptional advantages. Investigate the island with vivid courses and gain abilities during investigating, which gives you an edge in your future profession. Penang trade program will consistently remind you you're some place new! Exercises outside school allow students to make a plunge and become more acquainted with the neighbourhood local area and culture of Penang just as your kindred pals an important way. There are different extra inundation exercises students can attempt, for example, joining the celebration parties with local people or having a social visit with your mates…And so on!

Au Pair

On the off chance that you need dependable, reliable, and moderate childcare, facilitating an Au Pair can be a magnificent encounter. Recruiting an Au Pair is a far and away superior thought on the off chance that you need an additional arrangement of hands to assist with everything kid related. One may discover families that cater AU matching making your visit simpler and hassle free. This likewise makes the stay financially easier and secure.


On the off chance that you wish to make your Penang trip a significant one, you may consistently head towards the blow chipping in focuses alongside local people.

  • WCC Penang
  • The Children's Protection Society
  • 4PAWS
  • Penang Heritage Trust
  • Befrienders Penang
  • Penang Hospice Society
  • Penang Green Council
  • Tzu-Chi Recycle and Education Center

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