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Eco-friendly travel guide to Philippines advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Philippines, Asia.

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3/ 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $60
  • Budget per day: US$50- $100

Responsible Travel

Philippines is a very fascinating and beautiful country. The Republic of the Philippines is another name of the country Philippines. The Country Philippines is also known as the archipelagic country as it has clusters of so many islands inside it. There are more than 7600 islands in this beautiful country. All the islands of the Philippines are categorized into three categories. Namely Luzon, Mindanao, and the Visayas. The capital of this country is Manila. Manila is a fascinating city, and tourists should pay a visit here. Every year millions of tourists arrive in this country to see it's beauty. This place takes every visitor very close to the environment. Being a responsible tourist is extremely important. All tourists need to follow stringent travel guidelines in this country. Tourists are not allowed to harm the environment in any way. They need to keep the environment safe. Tourists are not allowed to drink and smoke in public places as it is against their rules. Tourists coming here should also respect the culture of the Philippines. The people of this country are very conscious when it comes to respecting the culture.

• While your visit to Srilanka, you will come across many restaurants that provide traditional Srilankan food to tourists and locals. Other than that, you might witness small street side vendors offering takeaway foods and street foods. You shall try your best to support even the vendors and hawkers by buying food from them and initiating a conversation with them to get a closer look at their culture and lifestyle.

• Getting accommodation is another one of the aspects of responsible travel. You must be increasingly aware of the hotels, hostels, and other types of accommodations in the region you are visiting. It is recommended to pre-book accommodation for one night or the day prior to your visit to avoid inconvenience during your travel. Booking an accommodation makes your pre-preparations for the vacation. Choosing green hotels for your stay ensures low power consumption, increased organic use, and highly supportive staff.

• Do not get overwhelmed by the comfort of taxis and private vehicles since they can drain your pocket and strain the environment. Moving around the city via public transportation is the best way to reduce environmental impact as well as a financial burden. Other than that, the promotion of eco-tourism involves using electronic vehicles, local buses, and bicycles that emit less pollution than individual vehicles like cars, bikes, etc.

• Try to respect the local cultures and traditions of the place you are visiting. Being a tourist, it's important to leave a good impression over the locals to enjoy their hospitality. You should try to interact more with locals, staff, and other shopkeepers and vendors. Thus will give you a sense of belonging and comfort. Try not to be overly protective or defiant about other people's invitations and addresses.

Air Quality and Pollution

The Philippines is one of the most polluted countries in the whole world, ranking 58 among the most polluted counties. The air quality of the Philippines is not acceptable, and in various research, the air is found to be cancer-causing. The air of this country is extremely poisonous. And it is getting worse as the development is increasing in this country. There are so many harmful substances in the air of this country, which can cause so many diseases in human beings. Local peoples of this country are getting prone to so many deadly diseases. Diseases that are caused by these harmful air are mainly respiratory diseases. So many people are getting diagnosed with lung cancer in this country. Vehicles are causing so much pollution in this country and making the case worse. Vehicles are emitting so many harmful substances directly into the environment and thus causing pollution. People should opt for some ways to reduce this rising pollution. In the lockdown, the pollution of this country got reduced, and nature started to recover itself.

Respect the Culture

There is a very vast culture in the Philippines. It's culture is as beautiful as it's country Philippines. Currently, there is one tribe in the Philippines, which is called the Filipino tribe. Both of these tribes are catholic and have so many religious beliefs. The Filipinos tribe is very spiritual, and they are family oriented. At festivals or any cultural activity, they wear traditional costumes, eat traditional food, and play traditional music. People of this tribe are very fond of spending time with each other. And they are very conscious when it comes to respecting the culture. Tourists paying a visit to the Philippines have also to respect the culture of the Philippines. Tourists should not say anything which disrespects the culture of this country. Every tourist must be aware of these basic guidelines. Tourists should try to get involved in religious functions and ceremonies so that they can also get aware of their culture. They should again wear the traditional dresses of the tribal people so that they can remember this trip for a very long time.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Philippines has so many beautiful places to visit, and tourists will love to pay a visit here. The ten best places in the Philippines are mentioned below.

• Boracay- Boracay is a very beautiful island in the Philippines. It consists of more than 12 beaches on this fascinating Island. Boracay Island is known for its beaches, so it is also called the country's beach capital. This Island is a heaven for beach lovers, and tourists should come here and enjoy it.

• Bohol- This is another very beautiful island in the Philippines. This Island is known for its natural beauty, and some breathtaking scenery views can be seen on this Island. This Island has an incredibly unique place named chocolate hills. There are more than 1000 geographical formations present here. It's color changes to brown in the dry season, and that's why it is given the name Chocolate hills.

• Cebu- An extraordinarily fascinating and wonderful Island of the Philippines. This Island is known for its adventurous activities being carried out here. Tourists can experience snorkeling and diving activities here. This Island consists of so many aquatic animals like sharks, whales, sea turtles, coral reefs, and many more. This Island is a heaven for photographers as on this Island they can definitely capture some stunning pictures of nature.

• Banaue - This Island of the Philippines is known for its agricultural activities. There are so many rice terraces present on this Island, which look extremely beautiful. Sunrise looks very delightful from this place. As the rays of the sun pierce the fog, and slowly the mountains start to appear after the removal of fog is fascinating.

• Vigan- Vigan is a very ancient and historical city of the Philippines, and tourists should definitely visit this place. Some very beautiful colonial architecture can be seen in this city, which attracts so many tourists. The culture of this city is a mixture of both Chinese and Spanish culture, and the local people are very religious.

• Manila- It is the capital city of the Philippines country. It is present on the gorgeous Island of Luzon. Here the tourists can see some very traditionally colored jeeps and cars, and these are the primary mode of transportation for the local people. This beautiful city has a top-rated park called Rizal park, which is a must place for tourists.

• Davao City- It is another beautiful city in the Philippines that has a really big metropolitan area. It is a very highly populated city in the Philippines and also quite developed than other cities. This city is slowly turning into an urban area with all those big malls and Markets. Mount Apo is one of the most fascinating, beautiful, and highest mountain ranges of the Philippines.

• Sagada- This area is very steep and full of hilly areas, and driving here is challenging and adventurous. People living here are very humble and always welcome tourists very happily. They try to help the tourists in every possible way they can. The hanging coffins on some hills will definitely amaze any tourists as this is a very rare sight to see.

• Coron island- The color of some of the water bodies will definitely fascinate the tourists. A water body has two colors, which are electric blue and green water, which amazes so many people. This Island is also popular for its adventurous activities like diving. Diving on this Island is exceptionally famous, and lots of people can be seen doing this here.

• Puerto Princesa- This place is a heaven on earth. One will not be able to take his/her eyes off from the most fascinating scenery views. This place is very famous for its underground river whose water is green colored and looks very beautiful. This place is also very popular for its limestone caves, and from these caves, limestone is extracted.


Philippines is the country which is worth a very long trip as it has so many thousands of islands and one needs some 3-4 weeks to cover ¼ of them. The Philippines is a wonderful island country constituting about seven thousand islands between the China sea and the Philippines sea. The Philippines is worth exploring and holds a rich legacy and culture. The country accounts for the largest catholic population and is the largest catholic country in Asia. The country has a mix of art and culture along with rich foreign influence. The Philippines constitutes about nine most famous cities out of all, namely Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo City, Davao, Marikina, etc. Zamboanga city is one of the most magnificent cities in the Philippines with a mix of Muslim and Catholic cultures. The Latin city of Asia constitutes old and legendary mosques, grand colonial landmarks, and beautiful churches. If you are a hardcore fan of shopping, visit the Marikina city to buy some of the best and high-quality shoes in the Philippines. The city is also known as the shoe capital of the Philipines.

City Parks

There are so many beautiful city parks in the country of the Philippines. Some of them are mentioned below.

• Kasalikasan Garden- This is a very good park for fitness freaks. It is present in Taguig in the metro Manila city of the Philippines. A very peaceful park with a thick cover of trees. A right place for nature lovers and people can come and relax themselves over here. One can see so many people running, jogging, and walking in this park. This place has a very pleasant and also a very relaxing atmosphere.

• UP Sunken Garden- UP Sunken Garden is the most glorious park in the Philippines as it has a very thick cover of trees and a place good for nature lovers. It is found in Roxas Ave in Diliman in the Quezon City Metro Manila in the Philippines. So many people can be seen cycling and jogging over here. There is a cycling track in this park which is very nicely maintained, and tourists should definitely pay a visit to this place to stress themselves out.

• Washington Sycip Park

It is one of the most nicely maintained parks of the Philippines, where everything is in good shape. This park is suitable for people who love to go on a walk. It has so many walking tracks where people can walk, and so many trees surround these tracks. It is a lovely park for relaxing and having a good time alone. It also has chairs where the visitors can sit after getting tired. A good park for getting some perfect photographs as the views of this park is just so beautiful.

National Parks

There are so many incredible national parks in the Philippines. Some of them are mentioned below.

• Calauit Safari park- It can be found on the Calauit island of the Philippines. Tourists can experience a very good safari ride through the whole wildlife sanct kiuary. There are wide varieties of both plants and animals in this wildlife sanctuary. Also, this national park is very nicely maintained, and the charges for the entrance are also very affordable. This national park is known for its giraffes as there are so many giraffes in this park. All these giraffes are taken care of and conserved in this park.

• Aurora memorial national park- This National park can be found precisely between the Sierra Madre mountain range and looks very fascinating. There are many species of birds in this national park, which fascinates the visitors. If the tourists are fond of tranquil escape, then this is the perfect place for them to do this. They can practice this thing over here very easily and conveniently. Many animals, both domestic and wild animals, can be found here, and all of them are taken care of very nicely over here.

• Puerta Princesa subterranean river national park- This National park is the home to so many wildlife species in the Philippines. In place is extremely good for biodiversity conservation. Tourists can go on a river tour over here, and the river is very neat and nicely maintained. The color of the river is greenish, and tourists don't very often see this kind of river whose color is green. It shows how much people are concerned about the water bodies present in their cities.


There are so many beautiful and fascinating beaches in the Philippines. Some of them are mentioned below.

• White Beach Boracay- This beautiful beach is spread over almost 3-4 kilometers of area. So many tourists at a time can have a good time and relax themselves. The white sand of this beach is a little bit warm, and when the tourists walk on it, they feel a bit relaxed. This beach has some food stalls so that if anyone gets hungry, he/she can eat on these food stalls. This beach is covered by so many palm trees, which bring all the cold breeze and make the environment cooler. Many adventurous activities like snorkeling, diving, and many more can be experienced on this beach by the tourists.

• El Nido Palawan- This beach can be found on the island of Palawan, and it is very beautiful. This beach attracts so many tourists towards itself due to its fascinating views. There are all the necessary facilities on this beach which a tourist want in a beach. They provide the tourists with a very big umbrella and a lounge chair where they can relax and reduce their stress levels. The light water currents and the sound produced by them are very pleasant for the ears and provide a soothing effect on one's mind.

• Paradise Beach- Like its name, the beach is also not less than paradise in the Philippines. This beach can be found on the island of Bantayan in the Philippines. On this beach, so many couples can be soon who are newlywed. This beach is always very empty as it is spread in a vast surface area. People get all the privacy they want here. People can relax here very nicely and effectively. Although on the weekends it seems to be filled with so many people.


• Chocolate hills- These hills are one of the most memorable and incredible hills in the whole world. These hills can be found on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. There are over 1200 hills in this place, which turns into a brown-colored hill after the arrival of the dry season. These hills range from 40-150 meters in height, and every hill is of different size. This landmark is protected by UNESCO, which shows how popular and famous it is.

• Banaue Rice Terraces- This is the place in Ifugao island in the Philippines where the cultivation of rice takes place. The shape of these terraces is very amusing for any tourist. But when seen from a distance, it looks gorgeous and delightful. A good amount of rice has been cultivated in this place. UNESCO visited this place and preserved it because the way of cultivating rice was very unique and effective.

• St Augustine's Church- This is a very historical and ancient church in Paoay in Luzon's island in the Philippines. Every year, so many tourists come to pay a visit to this place. This church teaches the tourists about the culture and heritage of the Philippines. The religion followed by the tribal people is Christian, so many cathedrals are in the Philippines. This cathedral is built very finely, and it looks so delightful.


There are so many museums in the Philippines which let the visitors know about the ancestry and culture of the Philippines. Some of the museums are mentioned below.

• National Museum of anthropology- It is a very nicely built and maintained museum which is owned by the government of the country. It remains open six days of the week. On Monday, it remains closed. This museum has so many artifacts depicting the culture and heritage of the Philippines. It has some ancient art pieces which are being made by the people who used to live here earlier as a tourist one should definitely visit here to get to know the culture.

• Ayala museum- This museum has a rich heritage of culture and ancestry of the country Philippines. This museum lets visitors know about how evolution took place in the Philippines. It provides all the necessary information regarding how people used to live here and what practices they used to do. This museum is owned by one of the private companies in the Philippines.

• University of Santo Tomas museum of arts and sciences- This museum is one of the most ancient and the oldest museums in the Philippines. This museum is situated in the capital city of Manila of the Philippines, so reaching here is very easy and convenient. This museum lets the tourists know all the facts and information about the 17th century. This museum provides information regarding the people in the 17th century about how they used to live and what they used to wear, and much more.


Tribal people of the Philippines always involve food in their every cultural and religious activity. Food is extremely important for every human being, and if everyone gets a proper two-day meal, he/she would be delighted. Everyone nowadays runs behind the taste of the food as it should taste good. There are so many restaurants and food stalls in the country of the Philippines. Tourists get every type of cuisine in the restaurants present here. The satisfaction of the tourists is extremely important, and for this, restaurants of the Philippines started Including cuisines of most of the countries. Some really good restaurants are present in this country which serve delicious food to every visitor. Foods that every tourist should when they are in the Philippines are adobo, lechon, sisig, crispy pasta, chicken inasal, and many more. These dishes are very famous in the Philippines, and at every party or festival, these foods are available to eat.


Philippines has so many kinds of different traditional drinks that they consume. Some are alcoholic drinks, and people living in the Philippines are really fond of consuming alcoholic drinks. At every festival or on a special day the locals consume drinks. Drinks play a significant role in the lives of the tribal people of the Philippines. There are so many people who don't prefer to drink alcoholic drinks. So there is an option of non-alcoholic drinks which people like these can drink in the ceremonies. The country of the Philippines has an age limit for consuming alcoholic beverages, which are 18. People aging lower than 18 are not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. Tourists coming to the Philippines should definitely try their traditional drinks, which the tribal consume in the ceremonies. Some traditional beverages of this country are Mojito de Mayon, mango mojito, manila sunshine, and many more. If anyone wants to consume, then he/she can go to the nearby restaurants and bars and have them.


Tap water is never safe to drink for anyone as it has so many impurities and infection-causing microorganisms. These harmful microorganisms can cause so many diseases in the human body. No-one should consume the tap water directly as it can cause some serious illness. Tap water in the Philippines is also not safe to drink like every other country. Another option other than tap water is the packaged drinking water bottles. But these are very costly and not every person can purchase it. If one is paying a high amount of money, then he/she expects that they will get a big bottle to drink. But the water bottle is also very small as per the charges they are taking. Tourists should always carry a water bottle with them as soon as it gets empty, they can refill it in the refilling stations of the Philippines. People of the Philippines opt for water purifiers to purify the tap water so that they can drink it.


If you are a tourist and want to pay a visit to the Philippines, then you have made a very correct choice. This country has more than 7000 islands which are just so beautiful, and the tourists definitely pay a visit here. Although it's impossible to cover all the Islands in one trip, every tourist has to visit some of the fascinating islands in the Philippines. If anyone wants to experience adventurous stuff, then the Philippines is the perfect place for them. Here they can do diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and many more things like this, making the trip very adventurous. There are so many delightful tourist spots in the Philippines where tourists can visit. There are so many museums which let the tourists know about the culture of the country. There are so many national parks where the conservation of various plants and animal species is done.


Accommodation is one of the most important factors when anyone is planning a trip to the Philippines. Tourists have so many modes of housing in the Philippines, where they can live and relax. Tourists can choose any accommodation according to their choice and as per their requirements. Green hotels are one of the modes of accommodation which the tourists can choose. And there are so many green hotels in the Philippines, and every hotel has all the necessary facilities which a visitor wants. Another mode of accommodation is guest houses, which people can opt for. Guesthouses are mostly taken by the people who are on an office trip. They don't have the amount of facilities hotels have, but they are good if the tourists don't require any higher facilities. Hostels and apartments are also the mode of accommodation present in the Philippines. Tourists can opt for this mode of accommodation too.

Green Hotels

Hotels are the best mode of accommodation any tourist can get as they have so many necessary facilities for the tourists. The trend of green hotels started many years ago when the hotel management decided to use everything that is eco-friendly. Some hotels are opting for electricity, which is generated by eco-friendly methods. The paints used to color the rooms of the hotels should be free from chemicals that harm the environment. The products present in these hotels like soaps, toothpaste are made from eco-friendly substances. The rates of such hotels are very high, but the facilities provided are incredible. These hotels can be booked from anywhere in the world by the online method. Tourists should opt for this mode of accommodation on their trips.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses- Hostels are a great mode of accommodation. They are very convenient, comfortable, and safe. Female tourists should definitely opt for this mode of accommodation. They can be booked online on the sites by just mentioning the personal information. Although they are very strict about time, they ask their guests to enter the hostel before 8-9 for safety purposes. They provide their guests with a three-day meal plan, which contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are some guest houses also present in the Philippines. Guesthouses are opted for by those tourists who are basically on an office trip. Guesthouses allow 24 hours of check-in and check out. They give their guests three meals a day, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are very affordable in comparison with hotels as they have less facilities than the hotels.


Tourists who are on a long trip to the Philippines should definitely opt for apartments as their accommodation mode. They provide all the necessary facilities which the visitor wants. The apartment is a cheaper method of accommodation when compared to hotels and the number of days tourists want to stay. The rooms of the apartment are very well furnished and nicely maintained. Tourists who are on an office trip can opt for apartments as their mode of accommodation as they give the tourists all kinds of privacy to do their work.

Middle-class people of the Philippines choose apartments to stay, as they are very cheap and have all the necessary facilities. Apartments have one hall, kitchen, washroom, and the number of bedrooms can increase or decrease as per the requirement of the guests. The prices can increase if the guests increase the number of bedrooms. 2BHK apartments are more common in the Philippines.


Tribal people of the Philippines, are very humble and kind towards their visitors. They always help their visitors and guests to make their trip good. If any tourists have any relatives or friends in the Philippines, then it has so many benefits for themselves. Couch surfing is a widespread practice done in this country, and the people are also kind enough to provide the best hospitality for their guests. Local relatives and friends of the tourists can let them know about the places they should visit in the Philippines. They also tell the tourists about the mode of transportation they should use to get to their desired place. They will also let them know about the culture of their country and even the religious practices they do in the festivals. They will let their guests eat their traditional food, which they consume every day and on special occasions. Locals can also accompany their guests on their trip.


Camping is an extremely adventurous and delightful practice for anyone who loves to go on an adventure. So many jungles thickly cover the Philippines, so this practice is very common in this country. Tourists who love adventures should definitely try their hands at Camping. Although Camping has so many complications and one needs a good experience regarding some of the aspects. One should be able to cook on their own food as this is a necessity in Camping. One should also have the basic information regarding what to do when to come across any wild animal. They should even know how to make a tent and how to put it properly. There are so many centers in the Philippines that let people practice Camping. Camping in such centers is very safe as they are all covered nicely so that no wild animals can create issues.



Getting There and Moving Around

The Philippines is a developing country, and the transportation services are also getting better as years are passing down. Reaching the Philippines is a bit tougher, and it also takes time to get to this country. Tourists have only one method to get here, which is air transportation. That too they have to change several flights to get here. The Philippines have few international airports from where flights from all over the world land and take off. Road transportation is the most developed transportation in the Philippines. People mostly opt for this mode of transportation as it is cheaper and they get to their destination on time. Colorful jeeps are the most used mode of transportation in the Philippines, and daily, lots of people travel from it. Trains are currently not available in the Philippines, and there is a lot of planning going to construct a railway network in the Philippines.


Air transportation is quite developed in the Philippines. But still, there is a definite need to develop this mode of transportation as the connectivity of this country with the other countries is still not good. Mainly there two domestic airlines or companies which serve the people of the Philippines. One is the Philippine Airlines, and the other is Cebu Pacific. Both these airlines run inside the country and help people get to their desired place. The number of flights available in the Philippines is also less, and the passengers need to wait for a very long time to get their respective flights. Although the facilities are really good and the flights are always on time and are incredibly punctual. There are so many international airports in the Philippines. Some of them are mentioned below.

● Francisco Bangoy International Airport

● Subic Bay International Airport

● Mactan–Cebu International Airport

● Puerto Princesa International Airport


Bus transportation in the Philippines is very nicely developed, and every day, so many travel through the buses to get to their desired location. There are three kinds of buses found in this country: the provincial countries with a very long cover. The main connect a city to another city or a town and run daily. The second type of bus is the city buses running inside the cities to serve the local people. These buses cover the whole town and help people to get to their desired location. Other kinds of buses available are P2P buses, which are abbreviated as point-to-point buses in the Philippines. They cover a shorter route and are very punctual. Bus transportation is extremely good for tourists and newcomers as these people are unaware of the routes, so buses are really helpful for them. Some bus stations in the Philippines are mentioned below.

● Philippine Rabbit Bus Terminal

● Sto.Tomas bus stop

● Philcoa bus/jeepney station


Currently, no trains are running in the Philippines as they were shut down a few years ago. Earlier, they used to Operate and used to cover the whole country of the Philippines. Freight transport services started their train services for this country to help the people. But they were halted by the government of the Philippines as they were not getting passengers. Philippine National Railways are head of the railway departments in the Philippines. There is a definite need to bring back the trains as the population of the Philippines is increasing day by day. The tourists have also started to visit this place, which further increases the need for the trains. Work on both the railway and metro lines is going on in the Philippines, and after a few years, they can be seen providing their services to the people.


Hitchhiking is one of the most common practices being done in the Philippines. The people of the Philippines are incredibly humble, and they never mind dropping anyone on the way to their desired location. Tourists mostly ask for hitchhiking from the local people, and the locals are also kind enough to help them. This is a very beneficial practice as it helps the tourists make new friends with the local people. On the way, tourists can also ask them about the various transportation methods in the Philippines. And they will let them about the bus and jeep services available in the Philippines. Tourists can also ask about the different famous restaurants which would be ideal for themselves. Tourists can again ask about the traditional food of the Philippines, and they will let them know all about it. They will let tourists know about the best places to consume traditional food.


Other ways to travel in the Philippines are the colorful jeepneys, which serve as the country's public transport. These colorful keeps are the most used public transportation in the Philippines due to its low rates. The drivers of these jeeps are very trained and skilled. They can drive these jeeps on any challenging routes and help the people get to their respective locations. The fairs of these jeeps are significantly less, and the services of these jeeps are outstanding. They are very rapid and always make their passengers get to their destination much faster. Another mode of transportation in the Philippines is a taxi. Taxi hiring is also quite common among the locals and the tourists in the Philippines. If one is unaware about the routes, then he/she should definitely choose this mode of transportation.

Sustainable Shopping

The concept of sustainable shopping was brought many years ago, but now it has started being opted by the people of every country. In sustainable shopping, the customer purchases a product which is made up of recycled substances. Products are being made from eco-friendly substances that contribute to the environment. People of the Philippines have also started purchasing these products so that they can contribute to the environment. As the years are passing the number of sustainable shops is increasing. Which is a very good sign as the use of these products is beneficial for the people also as it has no harmful chemical substances which irritate their skin. People suggest other local people even to use these products so that everyone should start using these products in the near future. Some of the sustainable shops are mentioned below.

● Echo store

● Human nature

● Katha lifestyle store


Recycling waste products is hugely, as it contributes towards the environment. Recycling of non-biodegradable waste should be increased as they take hundreds of years to get decomposed. So people are opting for techniques to recycle this waste as it is causing so much harm to the environment. Locals are also very concerned about the environment of the Philippines and thus doing recycling. There are so many agencies and companies in the Philippines which are trying ways to recycle any substance and product. These agencies and companies have various enhanced equipments and technology through which they can recycle any material. Environmental degradation is increasing in the Philippines day by day, and there is a definite need to reduce it. Some of the recycling agencies are mentioned below.

● Philippine Recyclers Inc

● HMR envirocycle Phils Inc

● Integrated Recycling Industries Philippines Inc


Waste management is a really big problem in the Philippines, as certain areas are filled with garbage and waste materials. Many people in the Philippines don't exactly know the correct method to dispose of waste. They just dump their garbage and waste wherever they want to, causing harmful effects on the environment. But as the situation is getting worse, the people of the Philippines are also getting aware of the situation, and they are opting for measures for waste management. There are many companies and agencies in the Philippines which see the management of waste materials. They ask the local people to follow the proper guidelines to dispose of the waste. All waste services in the Philippines are a waste management company with so many authentic waste disposal methods. They can dispose of any waste material with ease and precision.

Work and Study Abroad

This country has fewer work opportunities for the people the same as other countries. However, there are so many areas where people can get a decent job in the Philippines, but they have to work really hard for it. Getting a proper job in the Philippines is not easy, and one should have many capabilities altogether to get a job. Many local people are doing odd jobs to make their living, and they are getting very little money for it.

There are some really good universities in the Philippines which help their students to study and settle abroad. Every year so many students go abroad for further studies from the Philippines. If one wants to go overseas, the individual should have good grades and be very fluent in the local language. Going abroad means a good job and high wages, and this is what a person wants.

Exchange Student

Universities of the Philippines run exchange student programs for the students. These kinds of programs are mainly for international students who came from another country and want to settle in the Philippines. In many fields, these programs are being carried out so students of any area can enroll in this program. Those international students mainly come to study in the Philippines who don't have enough money to study in their own country. The costs of living and studying in the Philippines is very low and such students can efficiently study here. Such students can apply for this program online, and they need to put their personal information and the grades they got in their earlier class. Exchange programs have made possible education for many middle-class students who could not study in their country due to lack of funds. Although the quality of education provided by the Universities of the Philippines still needs to get better. Some of the Universities present in the Philippines are

● University of the Philippines Diliman

● De la Salle University

● Silliman University

Au Pair

There are so many Au pairing companies in the Philippines that help poor people and middle-class people get a job. Au pairing companies are increasing day by day in the Philippines as there is a shortage of jobs in this country. People of this country do small jobs which give them very little money but to earn their living they have to do these jobs. They do not have any other option other than this, and they have to do it. Au pairing companies provide jobs like nanny's, caretaker, helper, and many more similar kinds of jobs. These companies have helped so many people to get them a job and earn money. Middle class and poor people should definitely go and enroll themselves in these companies to get a job.


This is a very common method opted by the individuals of the Philippines to get a proper job. Individuals work in companies and industries for free and showcase their talents to get a good job. If one is talented and has capabilities, then he/she has a very high chance to get a job. Students and other jobless individuals should do volunteering to help them get work and earn money.

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