Puerto Plata

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Eco-friendly travel guide to Puerto Plata advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Panoramic view of Puerto Plata

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.1 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$800 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$600 - $800

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Plata advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Plata is a very beautiful city in the Dominican Republic; the city is very popular for its white-sand beaches, appealing mountain ranges, and Victorian-style buildings. Playa Dorada is a resort complex located near the beeches is the best tourist hub and the most popular attraction of the city, it has several restaurants, hotels, a big shopping center, and a golf course named Robert Trent Jones golf course. Plata is a custom-based tourist destination and it is also an idle place for the tourist who is budget-conscious. It is one of the most visited cities in the country due to its marvelous beachfront resorts. It can be your next favorite holiday destination for winters, as the warm waters here make it an idle place for taking a sunbathing or swimming. The breathtaking views of Damajaqua Waterfalls which is a series of 27 waterfalls are the biggest tourist attraction in the city. You can plan your trip to Plata at any time of the year, but don’t forget to fulfill your duty as a responsible traveler by following a simple guideline. Here are few things you can do to protect the environment of your favorite holiday destination

  • You should always find ways to protect the environment from damage; try to opt for non-fuel-based vehicles to travel the city
  • The inner part of the city can be explored by walking or via riding a bicycle; you can even explore the local places via riding a bicycle
  • It is very important to support the economy of the country by choosing a local place to stay and eat; it will allow your favorite holiday destination to grow stronger
  • Always make sure to visit the green parks of the city, by doing so you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh air will allow you to stay healthy as well
  • You can stay in the green hotels instead of any other regular hotel; these hotels can help you to reduce the amount of waste generation
  • You can visit all the local places of the city via local transport such as public buses or any other public transport; it is the best way of showing your support to the city
  • You can have your meal from the local shops, and the street foods of the Plata is something you should never miss when you are in the city

Air Quality and Pollution

The climate in Plata is very windy, oppressive, and hot. The best time to visit Plata could be in the rainy season which is around May or June, though the climate of the city is idle to visit any time of the year. The pollution levels of the city are under control, so you easily roam around the city without any precaution, though the older people and kids should consider wearing proper clothing to protect themselves from pollution. If you are planning to visit the city between December and April then you might find this place a bit expensive as it is the peak tourist season. If you just want to live peacefully near the mountain areas and want to avoid the beeches then consider visiting this city between the middle of June to November as it is the rainiest month and it has almost nonexistent crowds and tourists during this time of the year. You can always carry your masks to be on the safe side while traveling to an unknown place.

Respect the Culture

You will be able to witness a global culture here with a distinctive Dominican twist; the city is well known for its beautiful dreamy beaches and architectural buildings and apart from that English and Victorian architecture is also found in the city. There are several beaches filled with retreats and bustling surfing, you can visit Playa Dorado as this place is famous for its golden sand, if you love kite surfing then you can visit Cabaret. The city is full of surprises when it comes to beaches, every beach has its own story to tell and you can enjoy your holidays while spending some quality time near the beaches or soaking in the warm rays of the sun. The nightlife of the city is very fascinating and you need to stay here for a week to visit all the happening places in the town. The resorts in the city have so many restaurants, bars, and discos to keep you entertained always. You can even enjoy live music here or you can just spend some quality time with your loved ones in karaoke. Plata is considered as the rich blend of a different culture. If you want to be a part of the traditional festival of the city then consider visiting Plata in the month of June, you can attain a weeklong festival here which is filled with folk concerts, meringue, jazz, and blues. You can even witness troupes from different regions performing traditional dances of spiritual music of Africa and salsa as well. The breathtaking views of the city during this festival will definitely blow your mind.

Top 10 Places to Visit

People love to visit Plata due to its beautiful beaches and picturesque mountains along with that the city is quite cheap as compare to the other cities of the Dominican republic. Here is the list of the top 10 places to visit in Plata as your trip is incomplete without these names.

  • Golden Beach (Playa Dorada) – Playa Dorada which is popularly known as a golden beach which should be on your must-visit places list. People around the globe visit Plata just to witness the golden beach of the city. There is plenty of resort nearer to the sea, along with that there is a market area. Overall, the clear water and relaxing weather will provide you the perfect environment to hangout.
  • Key Paradise – Key paradise is an amazing island that offers snorkel, sightsee, and boat riding. This is the perfect place for a day trip. There is a bar available here from where you can purchase alcoholic drinks as well as nonalcoholic drinks like coconut juice or pineapple juice.
  • Teleferico Puerto Plata Cable car – It is a cable car ride to the top of the mountain Isabel Del Torres. It is an 800-meter high cable car that lets you experience the beautiful views of the city. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can visit the botanical garden in a cave and lagoons.
  • Damajaqua Cascades (27 waterfalls) – The combination of the 27 waterfalls is a beautiful piece of art created by nature that you need to witness when you are in Plata. This is one of the best attractions on the island and can be explored via cruise ship only. Once you reach the top of the waterfall, you can jump down while wearing all the safety gadgets.
  • Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina, and Casino – If you are traveling with family and kids then consider visiting this ocean park. There are animal shows and bird shows carried out twice a day. Everything is done to the upbeat classical music.
  • Diwa Dominicana – If you want to experience marine life in the most thrilling way possible then do visit Diwa Dominicana. The high-quality diving instructor will guide you to explore the sea world. It takes four hours to complete the tour meanwhile you can feed the animals to gain their attention but it should be under the strict guidance of the instructor.
  • Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort – This is an excellent place to relax, warm water and pleasant weather will allow you to rest and relax. The staffs are very friendly and helpful as they will provide you all the necessary things you desire. Just treasure the moments here.
  • Pico Isabel Del Torres – This is the highest point of the city from where you can witness the mesmerizing views of the whole city. There is a cable car which will take you to the highest point from where you can experience the panoramic views of the city.
  • Casa Musea General Gregoria Luperon – If you want to go one step ahead and learn about the history of the city then this is the best place for you to visit. The guides will enlighten you about the story of General Luperon and along with that, you can watch an educational film here.
  • Fort San Felipe – This is a historical place where you can roam around freely. From the top of the fort, you can witness the mesmerizing views of the oceans and mountains; there are headsets also available for the perfect self-guided tour.
Fort San Felipe


There are a lot of things that need your attention apart from the top ten places of the city. It is very important for travelers to visit the national parks, beaches, and city parks. Here are few other popular places in the city.

City Parks

  • Fun city Action Park – This Park is suitable for all age groups and filled with all fun activities. You can visit this park with your friends and family especially if are traveling with your kids. This park is also suitable for early morning walks and evening walks.

National Parks

  • Monte Cristi National Park – It is the driest park in the city but can be considered as a suitable family picnic spot. You can play outdoor games here with your friends and family, the pleasant weather of the city will let you stay sweat-free throughout the day here.
View of the Monte Cristi National Park


  • Long Beach – The mile-long beach is one of the most visited beaches in the city. Here you can watch the beautiful sunsets while relaxing on a chair near the sea. The city is famous for its relaxing environment and hospitality and it can be seen through the services provided near these beautiful beaches.
  • Playa Costambar – It is a decent place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There are lounge chairs available here on rent where you can sit have food and beverages while enjoying the views of the beautiful oceans. You should consider visiting this beach between Mondays to Friday, as the weekends are filled with the locals.


The city is famous for its white-sand beaches apart from that Malecon Puerta Plata, victorian times, amvbreallla streets, etc are the famous landmarks of the city. There are few museums in the city which will help you to understand the culture of the city deeply.


  • Amber Museum – Amber Museum has located in the Victorian-style villa Bentz buildings, this museum carries million years old minerals. You can witness the insects are trapped in the old stones which were taken as an inspiration for the world-famous movie Jurassic Park. You should definitely visit this place especially if you are traveling with kids.
  • Jewish Museum – Jewish museum carries the history of the Jewish community of Puerto Plata, these community worked here as a rancher and farmers. The museums have black and white photos of the Jewish community here.


Plata is very famous for its vegetables, fresh fruits, and a variety of seafood. There are fabulous restaurants near the beaches and in the main city where you can get all the authentic flavors of the city. You can do a favor to yourself if you really want to enjoy those typical traditional foods of the city, try to eat them from the local shops or restaurant or you can even ask a local of the city to guide you according to their favorite local place to eat. When you are in Plata you should try avocadoes, bananas, mangoes, watermelons, fresh coconut, and pineapples, you can have them while you are exploring the city. You should definitely try the homemade tortillas loaded with veggies, meats, and a variety of sauces. If you are a big fan of non-vegetarian foods then you can grab fishes, steak, fajitas, ribs, and pasta from the famous local restaurants of the city.

Rice and beans with Dominican style grilled steak along with the rice pudding as a dessert are the traditional foods of the city and it is easily available at any restaurants or hotel, but if you really want to enjoy the traditional foods of the city then opts for local restaurants. Pina colada cocktails, braised lamb Osso Bucco and crispy salmon sushi are something you should definitely try for dinner here.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional restaurants are the best places to enjoy the delicacy of the city. Old dishes with some tangy twist can be your next favorite food in the city. The city has a lot to offer to its tourists when it comes to food, you can even get international cuisines here as the city is a mixture of global culture. Here is the best traditional restaurant in the city.

  • Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros - Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros is the most famous restaurant in the city which is situated in the 5 Cofresi. This restaurant should be included in your must-visit places list when it comes to food. Everything on the menu is superb and delicious. You can start with homemade tortillas which are filled with various side dishes such as grilled meat or vegetable and don’t forget to try passion fruit margarita here.
  • Sam’s Bar and Grill – Sam’s bar and grill is situated in the costambar Puerto Plata, it is famous for its meat, salads, pasta, and fishes. This restaurant is a fun place to dine out with your friends and family. This place has a movie screening, occasional sports, and karaoke nights. This place is always filled with locals and travelers, booking in advance is highly recommended.

Vegetarian and Vegan

There are multiple vegan restaurants in the city where you can have your meals especially if you prefer the vegetarian food over nonvegetarian foods. Here is the best vegan restaurant in the city.

  • Le Papillon – This is the most famous restaurant in the city for vegan lovers. It is situated in the villas cafresi. Grilled Vegetables are the most famous dish of this restaurant, the travelers are very fond of this place due to its lovely ambiance and friendly environment. The foods are organically made with organic ingredients.
  • Ristorante Passatore – Ristorante passatore is situated in Calle principal playa Dorada mall. You can find multiple cuisines here including Mediterranian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and European cuisine. These restaurants have gluten-free options as well. Vegan foods are very healthy and affordable here. You can plan a relaxed and calm evening with your friends and family.

Street Food

Plata is filled with steakhouses, local mom and pop shots, and Italian restaurants. The city is famous for its three to four hours meals which are known as sobremesa. Street foods can be an excellent option, especially when you’re is in hurry, or you don’t have time to have lunch or dinner in a proper restaurant. There are food carts that are available at every corner of the city and each cart serves different street foods. You can try the famous medialuna here, it is pastries that look like a croissant with some buttery glace on it, and it is available in every coffee shop here. Milanesa sandwiches are other famous street food of the city, which is very famous among the travelers, these sandwiches come either with dark meat chicken or steak with super-thin bread and loaded with lots of vegetables, mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, and tomatoes. The other famous street foods of Plata are ham and cheese, Pancho, churros, pizza, empanadas, etc.


It is very important for a traveler to spare some time visiting the local bars or pubs to grab the authentic drinks of the city which represent their culture. There is a lot of local drinks alcoholic or non-alcoholic available in the city which will definitely suit your taste buds. You can start with Mamajuana, which is an alcoholic drink that is prepared as a herbal tea and highly consumed by the elderly section of the society here. Agua de coco is another famous nonalcoholic drink here that has coconut water in it and it the best source of vitamin C and fiber. Pina colada is the most famous beach drink which is easily available on every beach in the city. It is a mixture of pineapple juice, coconut milk, sugar, evaporated milk, and rum. Rum is optional here if you want to get drunk.


There is no proper data available regarding the quality of the water here. The average water quality of the country is about 68%. According to the locals and travelers, the tap water quality is fine and hence it is idle to consume tap water in Plata. It is imperative to take precautions, especially when you’re in an unknown place, and you should never mess with your health to the very least. You can use filtered water for drinking purposes and for all the other activities you can use tap water. As a responsible traveler, you should always carry your own bottles which you can fill from any shops and restaurants. Most of the hotels and restaurants here have the facility of providing filtered water here so you don’t need to worry about the safety of drinking water in the city. In rare cases, when there is no other option, you can boil the tap water for about 10 to 15 minutes before consuming it.

Organic Cafés

  • Green jack tar – Green jack tar is situated in playa Dorada, this place serves the best desserts and coffee in the town. Mofongo and Mangú, Steak is something you should definitely try here. This place is a perfect combination of great food and healthy drinks. The staff is very friendly and will guide you to decide your menu. The great selection of menus will definitely suit your taste buds. You can enjoy a peaceful evening with your loved ones here.
  • Kaffe – Kaffe is situated in the Calle Prof Juan Bosch and it can be your next favorite organic café in the town. This place serves the best organic food in the town, along with that the ambiance of the café is very soothing and relaxing. The staff is amicable, and the quality of the food is marvelous. This place even has small dining rooms which are highly preferred by travelers here. Pasta carbonara is the most famous dish here.


  • Pachuche by C Brugal Cigars – If you are a big fan of cigars and drinks then this is the perfect place for you. It is decorated with marvelous artworks and the utensils used for serving are from the history of rum making. This place has outdoor areas and private dining areas as well, so you can enjoy a pint of beer the way you like, either in the open area or in a private dining area. You can even take away your orders if you like to enjoy your drinks in the comfort of your home.
  • Ocean World Terrace - Ocean world terrace is situated in Ocean World Adventure Park, Frente a la marina, Cofresi beach. This place serves the best beer in the town; it is a very small and compact restaurant with magnificent views of nature. The staffs are very co-operative and will help you to decide your menu. The snacks are very good here which will complement your alcoholic beverages.


There are a lot of things to do here and it is an interesting place for adventure lovers. This place is world-famous for windsurfing and kiteboarding, the constant strong winds and warm water of the ocean will definitely make you feel more relaxed. Water sports are the best thing to try here. Along with that, the white sand beaches are filled with local shops, cafes, and restaurants which make it a perfect holiday destination. The historical sites are another big reason to visit Plata, the picturesque views of the architecture of the Victorian style will definitely blow your mind. Laser selling and kitesurfing is the most fun part of traveling Plata, the mesmerizing dance of the locals and a number of kite surfers riding the waves are a breathtaking view of the city one should never miss.

Yoga and Retreats

When you are traveling, it is essential to take care of your health as when you are on the constant move; your body gets tired very often. Yoga can b the ultimate solution to every problem, you can enroll yourself in the yoga classes here. Most of the resorts even provide such facilities to their customers as well. You can take the help of the internet to find a perfect yoga center for yourself.


The accommodation structure of the city is very fascinating and budget-friendly as well. The prices of the places may vary and it depends on the demand of the property. You can book in advance to avoid any hurdles. There are varieties of options available for you to choose from, if you are planning to stay here for a day or two then you can go for hotels here, if you are a student or an employee and want to stay here for a longer period of time then you can choose to stay in hostels and guest houses. You can choose to stay in the outer areas of the city where you can enjoy the beautiful views of nature.

Green Hotels

Green hotels which are also known as eco-friendly hotels are best to stay here to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste generation. These types of hotels are very similar to any other regular hotel in the city. The facilities of the hotels are very similar to other hotels, but green hotels will provide you all types of reusable products including, bed sheets, curtains, etc, the foods served in the restaurants of green hotels are mostly vegetarian and made of organic products. You can take the help of the internet to find a perfect green hotel for yourself in your desired location. Here is the list of the best green hotel of the city that provides best facilities

  • Iberostar Costa Dorada
  • Gran Ventana Beach Resort

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are best for the students who are planning to shift Plata for studying purposes. The hostels in Plata will provide you the perfect ambiance for study and it will also provide all the necessary facilities which are required for a perfect studying environment. Most of the hostels in the city are nearer to the educational sector which will allow you to stay nearer to your desired location. Guesthouses can be a very good option for the employees here who are planning to shift in Plata for a longer period of time. You can easily get a guest house here in your preferable location; the accommodation structure of the city is pleasant as the rents are very low as compare to the other cities of the country. The city is filled with lots of fun and sports activities which ultimately makes this place a perfect place for studying and working. There are plenty of hostels and guest houses among which you can choose. Here is the list of the best hostels and guesthouses in the city.

  • Puerto Plata Beach Hostel
  • Hotel Villa Carolina
  • Hotel bluebay villas doradas puerto plata


Apartments can be considered as a good choice when you are planning to stay in the city for more than three months. The modern apartment of the city is everything you need, as they are filled with all the necessary kinds of stuff. Most of the apartments in Plata has nice interiors, friendly neighbor, kitchen equipment, new plumbing, quiet area, comfortable bed, TVs, and internet. These fully furnished apartments will allow you to cook your own meal as well so if you are not a big fan of restaurant foods, you can cook on your own. You can choose to stay in the apartments nearest to your desired location. When you are staying in apartments you can interact with locals to understand the culture of the city in a better way. Here is some best apartment of the city in the best location.

  • Apartamento Las Caobas
  • Cozy Apartment on top of Puerto Plata
  • Apartments The Beach House One


Couch surfing is the modern way of traveling to new places. Couch surfing helps the community of travelers by offering food and shelter, who are exploring the hometown of any other travelers. This allows them to stay close to the culture of the city and also allows them to save a lot of money. Travelers can live in the houses of other travelers for a few days and while staying in their home they can get food to eat and a place to sleep, this is basically free of cost and the traveler doesn’t need to pay anything. Meanwhile, you can gather information about the city and explore the unknown or less famous place that needs your attention.


Camping can be a perfect option to enjoy the beautiful nature; it will allow you to spend some quality time with your friends or family, away from the pollution of the city. Puerto Plata is a city surrounded by oceans and mountains so there are plenty of places for camping in the city whether you want a camp near the beach area or in the mountain areas. The epic compelling beach life, pure joy, and playfulness of these camps will definitely let you build a lot of memories. The beautiful views of the sunsets and mountains, the magical experience of pleasant weather, everyone needs to witness that.

How to Get There

There is a number of options available when it comes to choosing a perfect mode of transportation here. There are regular domestic and international flights available for travelers, and traveling through airways can be the most convenient way of reaching the city especially when you are traveling from another country. You can rent a car or use public transport to travel to the inner parts of the city. There are a variety of options available when it comes to public transport.


You can choose to travel via plane if you are traveling from a different country as this could be the only option. Traveling through airways can be very comfortable and less time-consuming as compared to the other modes of travel. When it comes to travel by plane, you can also get a lot of other benefits as well. Puerto Plata La Union Airport is the international airport of the city. The prices of the tickets vary every season depending on the demand, you can check with your airlines for the current fares.


You can travel the inner part of the city via bus, the public and private buses of the city are highly maintained and hence idle for a comfortable journey. On top of that, traveling through public transport will help the environment to stay clean or it will help to reduce pollution. You can even plan your long trips through buses, the fare charges are very affordable and cheap, but if you are planning for long trips then booking in advance is highly recommended.

A bus in Puerto Plata


There are no current railway facilities available in the city but the country has two major railway lines. There is no approved information available regarding the construction of any railway network in the city though there are many other modes of transportation that link the city to the outer world.


Hitchhiking can be your next favorite mode of traveling as it allows you to save a lot of money. Hitchhiking is the modern way of exploring new places; you can get a lift from the locals of the city to reach your desired location. You need to find the busiest road in the city to get a lift, it could be a car, truck or any other private vehicle. While traveling you can interact with the driver to gather more information about the city, English is the most familiar language of the city so you can interact with them in English.


You can rent a car or bicycle to travel to the inner part of the city. Private cars on rent are easily available in every corner of the city, even some of the hotels provide such facilities as well. You can walk and explore the local places in the city.

Moving Around

If you really want to learn about the culture of the city then it’s best for you to walk and explore the local areas. This will allow you to stay fit and it will also help the environment to stay clean. The best traveling experience lies in the local transport where you can travel with the local people of the city.


The market areas and the shopping areas can be explored by walking only whether you want to go window shopping or you want to buy something. When you are walking down the streets, you can reach places which are not very famous but worth a visit.


Renting a bicycle can be a very good idea especially on a beach or mountain area. Bicycles are easily available in every corner of the city and they are super cheap. The locals are very fond of bicycles, especially the female section of the society. Riding a bicycle will allow you to stay fit and it will also create zero pollution.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are basically chargeable cars that run on electricity. These cars are easily available in the city and it can be the best option for you to stay away from pollution. Some hotels in the city provide these facilities as well so you can check while booking the hotels. There is a charging station available at every corner of the city so you don’t need to worry about charging your rented car as well.

Public Bus

Public buses are the most common mode of traveling and it is well connected with all the small areas of the city. You can plan your entire trip via public buses. The fare charges are very affordable, you can directly buy the tickets from the bus stations.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no such facilities lies in the city. Train routes are available in another part of the Dominican Republic, Plata is a mountainous region or island situated in the coastal area so there is no point in constructing any subways here. There are no tram facilities available here as well and there is no further information available of constructing any new.

Sustainable Shopping

Playa Dorada Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping center in the city. It has all the international and local brands and along with that, the mall has excellent bars and incredible restaurants. You can even spend some time just chilling or hanging out with your loved ones here, you can even go for a quick window shopping here as well. If you want to pick some local produce then you can consider visiting the local shopping shops of the city. These shops are filled with antiques, and you can even use your bargain skills here to get the best product at the best price.

Food Markets

Food markets are the best place to visit especially when you want to learn the food culture of the city. These food markets are filled with a variety of local dishes and international cuisines as well. These modern supermarkets have different departments selling different foods, you can even pick raw foods and cook in the comfort of your home. You can even learn how to make the traditional local dishes so that you can recreate those dishes in your hometown as well.

Flea Markets

Plata has a lot of flea markets selling varieties of locally produced items. If you love to collect the antiques of the places you visit then you should definitely visit these flea markets in the city. You can grab the old fancy items at a very affordable price and add them to your collection. You can save a lot of money here.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are like a lifesaver when you are in urgent need of some clothing or accessories. Second-hand stores are the best example of recycling old goods, the condition of the clothes or other accessories are super fine. Second-hand stores in Plata offer varieties of stuff including household items, furniture, shoes, etc. You should definitely visit these stores especially if you are someone who is planning to shift to Plata for different purposes.


Eco-fashion goods are environmental-friendly goods that will give you a stylish appearance and also allows the environment to stay pollution-free. Eco-friendly goods are easy to maintain and the materials are degradable as well.


You should always consider recycling goods as much as possible, especially when you are traveling. The solid waste that is affecting the environment so badly is plastic bags or other plastic items. The government has taken several initiatives to decrease the amount of waste generated in the city and you should also take part in it to keep your favorite destination as beautiful as ever.


Excessive waste generation is the major cause of the pollution in the city; the beaches are the most affected area here, mountains come the second. As a responsible traveler you can stay in green hotels to reduce the amount of waste generation apart from that you can take initiative by volunteering to keep your surroundings clean.

Work and Study Abroad

When it comes to working in Plata, the city doesn’t require any work permit and doesn’t even offer any work visa, you just need to be a resident of the country. There are several sectors of working here that include tourism in particular, the services sector in general, and agriculture, as these three sectors are major sources of jobs in the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, if you are a student and want to complete your higher studies here then again you are choosing a perfect environment and place for yourself. There is a number of courses available for foreign students among which you can choose, especially the English courses for every age group and for all the fluency levels. For detailed information, you can contact the universities here.

Exchange Student

Exchange student can be a very good option especially for someone who can’t afford to study abroad. You need to check with your hometown college regarding the partnership of the universities or you need to enroll yourself in such colleges, which is linked with Plata universities. There are several other factors are there that decide your exchange student program, that includes academic performance, overall growth, career graphs, etc.

Au Pair

Au pair can be the easiest job to find in an unknown location, you just need to be aware of some household works. Au pair is basically for the people who are shifting to the city with little money, this will allow you to earn some money as well and in exchange for the household works, you can get a safe place to sleep and eat. You can also get some monthly allowance.


You can work as a volunteer to keep your favorite holiday destination as beautiful as ever. There is a lot of work in which you can participate including cleaning, teaching, etc, by doing so, you are allowing the next person to enjoy the mesmerizing views of nature as much as you did.

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