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Eco-friendly travel guide to Punta del Este advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

  • Air quality: 4.1 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.9 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.4 / 5
  • Safety: 4.2 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$1600 - $1800
  • Budget per day: US$700 - $900

Responsible Travel

Advancing business is an unlimited way of dealing with the search for obsessions and discovering some plans about your social orders and customs, meeting new people. Despite this, you must be committed to ensuring your commitment to change. There are express obligations and responsibilities to make your hair stand on end like a traveler. Thus, when visiting the country, you must view and control your activities in a way that does not harm the environment or the location.

• Try to use the public vehicle, as a last resort, electric vehicles, and some vehicles that cause less damage to the environment and, besides, cost less.

• Try to maintain a fundamental division of the rich 5-star offices and do a quick search for motels and daycare centers with the aim that you can consider as if you are close by and your expenses are useful.

• Try to get things and articulations from nearby brands, in case you need to know the city as a neighbor and understand your lifestyle.

• Discover the open green spaces in the city, as they are the most peaceful. Visiting the parks can be a representation of help and tranquility.

• Buy sensibly, avoiding likely dangers, and reducing waste to improve your current situation.

Air Quality and Pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) prepares that the annual impression of the registered air quality should be PM 2.5 and should not exceed 10 µg / m3 and 20 µg / m3 for PM 10. The most recent information shows that the nature of the air in Punta del Este is impossible. it could probably be called moderate, as it is ideal for a large, adjusted meeting; however, it is more discreet, and some fragile meetings may have some problems with air quality. The opportunity to visit Punta del Este should have a huge period from December to March. You can also get reasonable rates for help costs.

Respect the Culture

Uruguay has a long and rich dramatic practice that is spread across the country as the auditoriums are prominent in urban areas. Likewise, Uruguay is inseparable from tango, a style that, despite the weather, continues. Another trademark is the number of celebrations that take place in the country, often varying by the office. That is the reason why we will present the generally delegated absolute. Uruguay has lived its set of experiences as a result of the commitments of various societies and this brand is so striking in the country that it is also shown in its engineering. It makes no difference where you look, it may well be a structure in Montevideo or a provincial development, but wherever you look there is an engineering work prepared to shock you.

Top 10 Places to Visit

• Casapueblo-Casapueblo is a gallery and accommodation, perched on a cliff at the highest point of a shocking perspective in Punta Ballena. From the balconies of Casapueblo, you will see the most wonderful sunsets and sea creatures of the ocean swimming in the Atlantic just below. It was initially planned by Uruguayan artisan and designer Carlos Páez Vilaró to be his specialized studio, carrying out interesting engineering driven by the houses of the red-horned bird. You can dine in the hotel's phenomenal restaurant, with an open-air balcony that leads straight to the Atlantic, and accept the open door to investigate the design from the inside, as well as the wonderful historic center.

• Conrad Resort and Casino-Conrad is a symbol of Punta del Este. This inn is a landmark of design, a fashionable coastal center for individuals to get to know, a source of culture, shows, and exhibitions, which houses perhaps the most traditional clubs in the city and, besides, the most popular gambling club. During the day, you can visit Conrad's waterfront bar called OVO (equivalent to your club), which has people drinking and moving throughout the day. Close tonight, take a chance at the gambling club or book passes to see one of the songs, a stand-up parody, or theater shows. Likewise, the dance club OVO acquires DJs known to the public and from all over the world so that you are guaranteed to make great memories.

• Ralli Museum - This historic center has a fantastic variety of contemporary and contemporary Latin American handicrafts, alongside other modernist and postmodernist European pieces. It is located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, one of the most beautiful in Punta del Este for its gigantic houses with huge gardens, parks, and lots of greenery. This gallery is not exempt and incorporates a garden of stunning figures. This is the ideal place to satisfy your interest in the diverse workforce developments in Latin America. Look out for exciting presentations, unique occasions, and conferences.

• Punta del Este Port = The real port is exquisite to stroll around, whether at the beginning of the day when you can choose the freshest fish and fish to prepare for lunch or in the early evening to watch the dusk respecting the extreme boats and sailboats. You can book a boat trip from the port, either fish, to visit the well-known Island of the Lions of the Ocean, or to visit Gorriti Island, ideal for researching and sunbathing. You will undoubtedly see a part of the occupying ocean lions, which are wild but are close to the harbor to nibble on extra delicacies made by individuals who clean the fish.

• The Hand Sculpture and the Brava Beach - Another registered trademark of Punta del Este is "The Hand", a model that depicts five huge fingers emerging from the sand. Designed by Chilean artisan Mario Irrazábal, right at the beginning of Praia Brava, "the fingers" (as the locals call it) have become a famous photographic goal. This even led to a small market to be created close to the fingers, where tourists can buy souvenirs while they hold on to take the exemplary photo at the top of the thumb.

• The Ocean Museum- This fascinating gallery is ideal for all individuals in the family. Here you can see ancient bones taking place with various ocean creatures and birds, and gain proficiency in the science and geology of these Atlantic coasts. Besides, they have an incredible variety of antique items identified with the navy and cruise ships and show a part of the historical scenery of Uruguay and Punta del Este. It is ideal for adding some instructions to your vacation, fun and enlightening option for a cloudy or stormy day.

• La Barra and Montoya Beach-La Barra is discovered just after the intersection of the fun La Barra connection, designed to look like waves. The undulating structure makes you experience an exciting travel sensation in the chance of crossing it with a vehicle. In some cases, you will see the local population jumping from it into the water, although this is risky, as certain points are excessively shallow. The two most famous sea coasts here are La Posta del Cangrejo and Montoya, both excellent places for horse riding, although they can get busy. In the central avenue of La Barra, there is an incredible amount of shops, bars, and cafes, so it is worth strolling through it to find the lively atmosphere.

• Manantiales and Praia do Biquikini-La Barra and Manantiales are the same; both have a central avenue corresponding to the waterfront, surrounded by delicious shops, splendid restaurants, and exuberant bars. Manantiales is more modest than La Barra, but it pays off for probably having the best cafes in Punta del Este. Some suggestions are Cactus y Pescados, where you will eat amazing fish, No Me Olvides, considered by several people as the best pizzeria on the planet, and Sipan, home to incredible Peruvian food. The two-piece beach is an example of Manantiales and popular during high season. Here you can see surfers, dance on the seafront bar, and watch the sunset against the landscape of the skyscrapers of Punta del Este.

• Pablo Atchugarry Foundation-Pablo Atchugarry is a popular contemporary Uruguayan artisan who recently established an internal and external workspace. The establishment includes some exhibition spaces, with exciting shows and an enduring collection of small artisan models. In any case, the characteristic of the establishment is its shocking park of external mold. The recreational center is available to society in general and highlights figures from various styles of specialists from around the world. Atchugar himself was a cleric for most of the recreation center, finding some kind of harmony between the common scene and the plays, to give each figure the prominence it deserves.

• José Ignacio - Driving to José Ignacio, a city on the outskirts of Punta del Este, would be a feature of your tour. It is an extraordinary hotel that has been enlarged and created to meet the needs of very good quality explorers who develop dramatically each year while maintaining their unique and serene air. José Ignacio is a little different from the impressive Punta del Este, although it still gets close to the best restaurants, shops, and handicraft exhibitions. Climbing the lighthouse to see the great scenes around is a life-changing encounter to complete the tour.


This private tour will allow you to visit the spa without stress, while your cruise remains docked in Punta del Este Bay. Having private assistance gives them the chance to invest a lot of energy in scheduled exercises. It will also allow them to have a 100% dedicated handlebar to make their involvement with Punta del Este brilliant. Are we in the Port of Punta to visit this wonderful Spa?

City Parks

One of the characteristics that mark Punta del Este is the majesty of its location. Punta del Este's nurseries and parks are universally perceived. English gardeners were concerned with presenting this set which consists of isolating the land using trees and plants in various resonances of green. Nowadays this is one of the seals of quality of this coastal city and it is conceivable considering that Punta del Este is a protected area where you can stroll to enjoy these beautiful gardens.

National Parks

Parque Salto del Penitente-The team REFUSES to go to a meeting of four (3 outsiders, vacationers), as they have a meeting of about 20 young people to have lunch. In the chance that they had a pleasant disposition and asked us to wait at the bar until they had the ideal opportunity to make a dish, we would take a break. In any case, it was the rudest staff EVER. They need to improve their habits. Besides, entrance to the recreational center (leisure area) costs a dollar for each individual, just to use a bathroom without light and in the worst conditions I have ever seen. Not recommended AT ALL. Just a few kilometers you can discover the Arequita or UTE parks with well-educated staff and better cleaning.


Praia Mansa-Praia Mansa is an ideal place for family travelers. This coastal area is known for its friendly and peaceful air. Praia Mansa is located in the northeastern part of the city. As this sea coast is not far from the meeting point of the river with the sea, close to the port, this coastal territory is deprived of high waves and huge storms. The water near Praia Mansa has a yellowish tone due to the high muddy substance at the base. The edge of the sea is covered with sand, so it is pleasant to relax here without hammocks. It is possible to rent them directly on the seafront.


La Mano - This strange landmark was introduced on one of the banks of the neighborhood - Brava - in 1982. Chilean artisan Mario Irarrázabal is the creator of the strange model. Nowadays, the Fingers is the most famous place for both hotel residents and visitors, so the region close to the landmark is constantly crowded. In the beginning, the craftsman needed to make a mark committed to the individuals who kicked the bucket in the sea. The five fingers of the landmark appear as if they are infiltrating the emptiness of the sand, trying to reach the light, grab something and save themselves from the inevitable passage.


Casapueblo Museum - Ensure your entry into the greatest social fascination of Punta del Este by booking your affirmation ticket to Casapueblo in advance. The home of the Uruguayan artisan Carlos Páez Vilaró has been in the middle of the year for some time. The house is currently an exhibition hall, a craft show, an inn, and a bistro. Stroll through the evening drinking at concerts dedicated to the artisan and do not miss the Ceremony of the Sun, an idyllic presentation that takes place minutes before dusk.


In Uruguayan drifts, gastronomy has a place almost as significant as the banks of the sea: two of the public undertakings that coordinate the prestigious position "50 Best Restaurants in Latin America" are found, many decisions where to enjoy Uruguayan fish, floating choices to try ( experience passionate feelings for) chivito, without losing pizzas and snacks, combined with wines - Tannat is the work of public art, Uruguayan specialty beers, and mixed summer drinks. In the summer (from December to February) the alternatives increase with the "Golondrinas" proposition, which is open for the season, but most of the places we choose here are open throughout the year, so you can enjoy them during any month. you decide to visit.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Rodovia GOURMET = At the intersection of Roosevelt and Pedragosa Sierra highways, near the outlet Punta Shopping, a circuit known as Boulevard Gourmet was brought to the world by the concentration and variety of gastronomic proposals; From time to time, gastronomic fairs take place in which cafés and bistros open tents in the city at lower costs: check with your hotel or Google to find out when the next one will take place! There, the full tea for two incorporates scones, hot sandwiches, cakes, tartlets, and cakes, all assembled in the destinations. These pleasures can be enjoyed inside, in your nursery - they offer warm coverings for cool nights - and they also offer take-out food. If your arrangement is a tea supper, there are also sandwiches, omelets, cocktails, wines, and sparkling wines.

Jose Ignacio = Take advantage of the information in your private guide on this luxurious half-day gastronomic and wine tour of Punta del Este. Enjoy a short visit to a winery where you will have a private tasting including tannant, then devour lunch at a grape plantation while enjoying Uruguayan cuisine and more wine.

Vegetarian and Vegan

EN GARZÓN- This humble community around the Peninsula has become a place of appreciation since Argentine gourmet specialist Francis Mallman opened the store at the Garzón restaurant (Rua Costa José Ignacio, Rua La Capilla, tel. +598 4410 2811). The costs are incredibly high, but for those who have the methods, it is beneficial to meet at least once on the blue moon. For visitors, the menu is complete: breakfast, lunch, snacks, and supper. Another less expensive option for those who need to visit the city without feeling in their pocket is the cafeteria, barbecue, and Panadería de la Mama (Rua Costa José Ignacio and La Cantera, in front of the main square) which offers loaves of bread and sandwiches natively built. , cakes, portions of different vegetables, and different dinners along the way. On the outskirts of the city are the grape plantation and the Bodega Garzón, owned by the Argentine chef Alejandro Bulgheroni, which incorporates an haute cuisine cafe and also offers visits to grape and olive plantations, tastings, open-air picnics, and balloon rides surprisingly touring.

Street Food

On the waterfront avenue, The food truck is on a permanently rugged terrain in Punta Ballena - acclaimed by CasaPueblo - next to the seaside highway known as Interbalnearia or IB, which runs between the Montevideo air terminal and Punta del Este. To figure out where to pull, pay attention next to the road markers (they go up in increments of one kilometer). Lobo Suelto is at km 118 in front of the ANCAP corner store. Exit south at the roundabout.


Punta del Este constantly hosts a wine festival that brings together several experienced winemakers and sommeliers. If you appear in the city of the retreat in late January, you will want to go to one of the affected festivals that take place in Punta del Este. Winemakers from all parts of South America make the Uruguayan city sign long-distance contracts under current circumstances, establish new commercial relationships, and meet industry experts. Initially, it seems that this is a privileged occasion that is not intriguing for a leisure traveler. In any case, there are attractions for everyone. All guests can try new varieties of wines brought from various nations and speak to famous people.


100%. You should have as a primary concern that the mineral substance maybe something extraordinary for what you are used to at home, but there is no health reason why you should add to the problem of the plastic container.

Organic Cafés

Looking for solid choices when isolating Coronavirus? These are our suggestions for alternatives of natural products in the neighborhoods of Montevideo and Punta del Este:

• Montevideo Tribe - cook at home using cans of natural food directly from your farm in Minas. Transportation within Montevideo. More information about items and expenses and ask for Oscar and Nico's WhatsApp at +598 98 769 250

• Salón No. 3 - this La Barra restaurant started selling containers of natural food from its kitchen nursery and products from suppliers it purchased for its coffee (pre-Corona), as well as a pair of natively-made treats. One of its containers came out with products from culinary experts, for example, Pablo Artigas from Mieles del Este (nectar maker) and Aurelien Bondoux (noted Franco-Uruguayan gourmet specialist). Transfer from Punta Ballena to Jose Ignacio. For more information contact Paola on WhatsApp +598 97 106 648


Jose Ignacio-Develops a line of Uruguayan wines on this extravagant visit to Punta del Este. Try the varieties of wine in the neighborhood joined by high-quality cheeses, bread, and olive oil, while enjoying the prospects of dusk in the courtyard of an award-winning hotel in José Ignacio. This visit incorporates all tastings, a sommelier control, and an inviting drink at the limitless pool.


Punta del Este, in Uruguay, is known as the St. Tropez of Uruguay for its kilometers of excellent and impeccable beaches, its sophisticated and restricted haven, its famous nightlife, and the abundance of guests in the middle of the year. Costs for the principles of the neighborhood, Punta del Este is valued attractively compared to European and American resorts. In the low season of the year, Punta del Este is looser and looks like any seaside rest resort. Many restaurants and shops close, but the wonderful shores of the sea are still there.

Yoga and Retreats

The universally eminent as the St. Tropez of South America and find the extraordinary regular coastline, vegetation that Uruguay has to bring to the table. You will perhaps remain in the most extraordinary and significant regions of the country in an extravagant extravaganza of moderate ownership with stunning perspectives from every room and pool. A genuine and strange experience where you will exchange your typical environmental factors of the Uruguayan coast to assimilate the energy of your greenest territories, your sea coasts, your natural life and to re-interact with yourself through the daily practice of Yoga and worship.


The most popular tourist city in Uruguay, Punta del Este is a splendid and vibrant seaside sanctuary, with charm and excitement tailored to it. There is a wide variety of convenience options, from simple pensions to planned inns suited to a scope of financial plans. Regardless of whether you are looking for a sincere getaway in the countryside, a trendy seaside retreat, or a smart place to have fun until the sun comes up, we have everything you need.

Green Hotels

Posada de Los Pajaros is a 16-room guesthouse directly on Montoya Beach. The pool and whitewashed exterior have a Greek island feel and the rooms are bright and contemporary, with floor-to-roof windows offering fabulous views of the ocean. For adults only, this is a decent place for adults looking for a quiet place.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Atlantico Boutique Hotel is an elegant and valued property just minutes from the sea coast. The interior is modern and simple, there is an incredible swimming pool in the courtyard and there are plenty of cafés and bars within walking distance. A beautiful base for those who are eager to get to know the city.


Casa Bikini is a wonderful store located just inside, with a stunning library and an imminent swimming pool. Ten suites with many names have the names of acclaimed essayists and are uniquely designed sanctuaries with fresh white sheets and a moderate style, ideal for hiding indefinitely. Take the Coehlo suite to a private patio and separate shower. A super-private and stylish match.


Welcome to the first CS SURF MARATHON ever, where we will take you on a world tour! For 24 hours, we will have zoom meetings by country/host and we will offer you travel information, food records, culture records, virtual tours, music, history, language teaching exercises, and much more! Be sure to check the occasions in your areas, as this is recorded in CEST (Central European Daylight Time), which is UTC + 2!


Santa Claus Camp Teresa-This is possibly the most well-known campsite in the country; it is 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Punta del Diablo, a normal and charming seacoast that is simply ideal for surfing. The camping area is close to a public park, so you can enjoy the wide and immaculate nature. The abundant vegetation of the territory is what makes this place so attractive. Punta del Diablo means 'Demon Peninsula' and it is said that the name comes from the numerous shipwrecks that occurred during the 1800s when corsairs and sailors of the same crossed the stormy waters of the promontory.

How to Get There

The small mass of land, which denotes the mixture of the La Plata River and the Atlantic Ocean, includes a yacht club, extravagant shops, and some expensive summer houses. It is a jungle gym where the wealthy from Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, and countries all over the world, travel in the summer season (late December to February). For the rest of the year, sophisticated skyscrapers are gloomy and the city center is a genuine ghost town. Your experience will vary significantly depending on when you visit. In the summer, you will have the seaside during the day and nightclubs at dusk. During fall and winter, you will need a minimum of one day to wander in and out of the city and kick yourself for not being there in the summer.


Punta del Este and the city of Maldonado to the north are served by the Capitan Corbeta International Airport. Departures from Buenos Aires take less than 60 minutes. Despite this, it is cheaper to take the ship to Montevideo and then board a transport.


Current transport often leaves Montevideo during the day. It is a quick and simple 2-hour tour. The expense is 190 pesos ($ 10).


There are no decent trains accessible.


Punta del Este and Maldonado have an insignificant presence of hitchhikers.


Taxis are moderately expensive and are vital if you are trying to visit somewhere outside the Punta del Este region.

Moving Around

Punta del Este is acclaimed for its nightlife during the summer months (from late December to February). There are a few bars and clubs in Punta del Este; in any case, there is much more in La Barra, located further east. Skip a transport or taxi. The clubs start operating around 12 noon to 3 am and go on until dawn.


Punta del Este is a mobile city. At a relaxed speed, the entire length of the headland can be wrapped in about two hours.


In case you need to go a little further or a little faster, you can rent a bicycle for about $ 15 a day. Punta del Este is moderately flat.

Electronic Vehicles

No decent electronic vehicle is accessible.

Public Bus

Transport is an inexpensive alternative for getting around the greater metropolitan area. The trips cost less than 19 pesos (the US $ 1) each.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no decent trains accessible.

Sustainable Shopping

The seaside city of Punta del Este is universally renowned for its sumptuous hideaways and world-class attractions. The annual flood of individuals has created a constantly expanding market for stores and planners, each as shocking as the last. Here are nine of the best design stores in Punta del Este.

Food Markets

Natural Market - The natural market is a new development that currently has expanded to cover a ton of territories in Maldonado, similar to the urban communities of Punta del Este and Piriápolis, consistently. It is an extraordinary place to buy natural items, straight from the neighborhood plantations and free of synthetics. Early on, you would discover occasional foods grown from the ground, whole-grain loaves of bread of native construction, oils, toothpicks and jam, and normal remedies. Nowadays the market is so famous that it has expanded to bring free farm eggs, goat cheddar, sheep and different cow, different types of pates and ham, espresso, pasta and, in any case, cleaning products and cosmetics.

Flea Markets

Manos del Uruguay - Uruguayans and tourists alike worship Manos for his work of art, pieces of private manufacture that exemplify the Uruguayan character. You will be able to discover usual garments, such as the umbrella, close to sweaters and shirts with prints or fabrics of today. Everything is done with common materials usually Uruguayan like wool, cowhide, and straw. Shoes, belts, and calfskin bags are excellent if you are looking for a conventional and elegant blessing.

Second Hand Stores

La Mano - Years before Punta del Este became an objective of the movement's radar, the Chilean artisan Mario Irarrázabal presented one of the most famous attractions in the area, the public model known as La Mano. It is also called Los Dedos (The Fingers), for its five fingers protruding from the sand of Playa Brava. Planned as a feature of an outdoor design exhibition in 1982, the fingers address a warning, as the waters behind it will generally be unpleasant. Likely, several guests are not aware of its importance while taking a break to model for a photograph by hand.


Magma-Magma is a famous store in Uruguay that sells several brands of first-rate architects. Each store has an alternative setting and assortment, elegantly selected by a group of stylish academics who combine the best neighborhood choices with extravagant brands from around the world. The popular store in Jose Ignacio is usually more centered in late spring, including many LA brands, as well as top store options like Missoni, Maison Margiela, and Uruguayan it-fashioners Margo Baridón and Nina Hauzer.


The purpose of this article is to decide the importance of ecological concerns in the occupants' view of the effects of the travel industry and general mentalities concerning the travel industry. To put the importance of this concern in perspective, the monetary concern was included in the model. The monetary concern is the key driver of support for the travel industry. To reach this level, an example of occupants from Maldonado and Punta del Este was dissected using Structural Equation Modeling.


This investigation was carried out using Partial Least Squares (PLS) relapse, a variation of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), using the Smart PLS 2.0 factual programming. The results show that the occupants' mentalities are framed from their view of financial advantages and socio-social expenses. Compared to their interests, individuals generally concerned with the climate have a more substantiated impression of ecological spending.

Work and Study Abroad

The Centro Universitário Regional Leste (CURE) is a reflection of the decentralization cycle carried out by the University of the Republic to react to the demands and peculiarities of the interior of the country. Thus, we try to be closer, with an instructional quality similar to the continuous one, producing new open doors in the area.

Exchange Student

In Uruguay, there are public and non-public schools. In general, substitute students go to a secondary school similar to that of their relatives. In some government-funded schools, substitute students can wear their clothes; however, intuition-based schools, they should normally wear uniforms. There are numerous variables associated with choosing the type of school you will enter, such as the area, the assessment of your receiving family, and so on. All YFU replacement students must go to class every day during their visit. You will have to study a similar number of subjects as your Uruguayan colleagues, so you must concentrate a lot. In Uruguay, it is not exceptionally normal to have students from abroad as colleagues, so you will be subjected to a lot of questions and, in general, other children will be extremely excited to become familiar with more information about you and your country. In general, Uruguayans are friendly and active and like to make deals with you and welcome you to go places with them all the time. It's just a piece of their lifestyle, so don't stress about not knowing anyone from the start, as you will have countless companions instantly.

Au Pair

On the chance that you google "Live in housekeeper coordinating with the site", you will get TONS of results. Many that emerge first will be office locations. Offices certainly bring benefits to them. First of all, some experts know exactly what you need and can coordinate with you with trusted families, so, in the end, it is probably the safest alternative. Besides, it offers neighborhood support in any country you are going to. They can also help a lot to obtain the correct visa, travel documents, and so on. In any case, they can cost many dollars.


This humanitarian effort takes place in a permanent place of accommodation for people with mental disabilities. At the moment, there are about 20 young people, young people, and adults with special needs. The middle is situated in a huge and excellent house, where the occupants receive consideration without stopping. A teachers' meeting deals with the prosperity and education of the occupants. The volunteers' work incorporates a wide range of exercises that promote the enthusiastic, physical, and academic turn of occupant events. The work of teachers and volunteers is fundamental to make the lives of the residents of the environment simpler and happier. They all make a great effort to establish a climate, where the occupants are very dear, something that most of them would not discover in their typical day-to-day environments.

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