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Eco-friendly travel guide to São Paulo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in São Paulo, Brazil.

Panoramic view of São Paulo City

  • Air quality: 4.5/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $140
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $100

Responsible Travel

We are sure that this is not the first time you will hear of São Paulo as we see a high inflow of foreigners to this place.

It is a Brazilian state, so you have the assurance that it offers a lot of fun. After all, people say that there are no introverts in Brazil as it is an outdoor world.

São Paulo is famous for many things, ranging from its rich food and culture to its traffic congestion. You might hear that it is not safe to visit some areas in Brazil due to the high crime rate, but São Paulo is not inclusive in such places.

One way of traveling responsibly to São Paulo is by ensuring that you make an impact. It could be through donations. It is essential to know that there is a visible gap between the rich and poor in this state.

Thus, you can make donations to the poor. This shows that you are a responsible tourist who is not in the state for only selfish gains.

Air Quality and Pollution

Many factors determine the quality of an area. This is to show if it is a conducive place to live or not. One of such factors is its air quality.

This factor also plays out as a determinant that some people use to decide if they will visit an area or not. We do not know if it is one of your determinants.

However, we have to talk about the air quality in São Paulo. Some people may argue that air quality is low because the locals engage in some activities that lead to air pollution. After all, there is always traffic congestion, and the fumes from cars are an air pollutant.

Two truths can stand in this case. There are activities people do in this state that leads to air pollution. However, the air quality in the area remains high.

It is safe to say that São Paulo has a conducive area for living. It would be best if you do not think twice before visiting this place as it will not affect your health.

Respect the Culture

You might have fears when visiting a new place as you do not want to go out of line or do anything that will put you in the locals’ bad books. It is why people are always curious to know what they can do in a new area in terms of being respectful.

We would say that it is easy to stay respectful in São Paulo as long as you mind your business. The key to staying in this state is to have an open mind.

It is important to note that this is not a conservative state. Thus, people can do anything they desire. If you are visiting this place, you should not be a moral instructor.

People in São Paulo dress the way they desire and even engage in a public display of affection. You do not have any right to judge them.

All you need to do is enjoy yourself in this place without being judgmental. It is a way of staying respectful. If you involve yourself in people’s business, you will be stepping on their toes.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Your holiday will not be complete if you do not visit places in the area. Here are some of the top places to visit in São Paulo:

  • São Paulo Zoo: Research shows that this is the largest zoo in Brazil. Thus, you will see that there is a high inflow of people visiting this place. Not only is the zoo clean, but the animals are always well-kept. It is fun to visit this place as you get to see different animals, including camels. You can get ice cream and other beverages as there are vending machines at this zoo. It is usually a top-notch experience.
  • Municipal Market of São Paulo: Some people may say that this is not an ideal tourist attraction. However, there are no rules to places a foreigner should visit when in a new location. Thus, we are saying that this market is one of the top places in São Paulo. You get to see an array of fruits and other food items when you visit. You also get to interact with both locals and foreigners and have a swell experience.
  • Monastery of St. Benedict: It is a famous sight in the state, and you see people visiting this place primarily because of its architectural features. It is impossible to pass this place without taking a second look. You also get to enjoy fresh pastries at this place as it has an outstanding bakery. It is safe to say that you will have a satisfactory experience when you visit this place.
  • Butantan Institute: It is a biologic research center in the city. At this place, you get to see exhibitions of all sorts, and it is fascinating. If you love to engage in bird watching, it is also possible at this place. Vipers, cobras, snakes, etc., you will see all of them here. You can also get bits of history about the area when you visit.
  • São Paulo Aquarium: It is best not to miss a chance to visit this aquarium when you are in São Paulo as it is always an unforgettable experience. We hope that you are a lover of sea animals as you get to see different varieties at this place. In some cases, you might get the chance to play with them. You can also see eateries and gift shops at this place.
  • Casa das Rosas: This is a museum in the state that radiates coziness when you visit it. You get to learn a lot about the area and understand more of its culture. Although it does not have a fancy exterior, it is one of the top places in São Paulo. It is also essential to know that entry is free, and its interiors will leave you in awe.
  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil São Paulo: One of the first comments people have about this place is that it is an old building. However, it does not make it any less beautiful. If you are a lover of entertainment, you should find yourself at this place as it is a theater and usually has many exhibitions. You will also have access to an exquisite café when you visit this place.
  • Pico do Jaraguá: If you are looking to get the best views of São Paulo, you should visit this place. After all, it is the highest mountain in the area. You get to have a lovely experience due to its peaceful ambiance. Exploring this place is a top activity for many foreigners, and they always ensure to take along a camera to document their activities.
  • Trianon Park: It is one out of the numerous parks in São Paulo. If you are looking for a place to relax and appreciate nature, this is the place for you. You will see benches at this park as they know that people are constantly visiting to relax. Its lushness and greenery add to the factors that attract people to this place.
  • Hopi Hari: This is a theme park for people of all ages. You get to have unlimited fun when you visit this place, and it is also a great avenue to make new friends. It is one of the top places to visit when you are in São Paulo.
  • Paulista Avenue: If you are looking for a bubbly environment in São Paulo, you should visit this avenue. It is one of the top areas in the state because it has many places of attraction. It is almost impossible to visit São Paulo without any of the locals recommending this place to you. Thus, it comes in handy if you visit it before leaving the region.
  • Football Museum: Are you a lover of football? If yes, we know that you will be interested in knowing the history of football in the area you are visiting. If you did not know, football is an essential part of São Paulo’s culture. Thus, it is not surprising that there is a museum dedicated to its history. You can get learn a lot at this place while interacting with other visitors and the tour guides. You will be on brad smiles when you visit this museum.
  • Rua 25 de Março: Some people say it is impossible for foreigners not to shop when they are in a new place. we can agree with this notion as we know that tourists usually visit most of the shopping malls in different regions. If you are a fan of shopping, you should find yourself at this place when you visit São Paulo. It is one of the best places in the state to get local items and souvenirs.
  • Memorial of the Immigrant: People always commend the effort put into the management of this place and its collection as it effectively covers the story and history of the immigration period in São Paulo. It was formally created on the 25th of June 1993. All its exhibitions and pictures tell a story. When you visit this place, you are sure of leaving with more knowledge and better exposure. It comes in handy when you have a curious and willing to learn mindset.
  • Instituto Itaú Cultural: Nothing beats visiting a cultural center when you are in a new place. it can be a for off recreation as entertainment make people happy. At this place, you are sure of seeing cultural exhibitions. It comes in handy that you do not have to pay when you are visiting this place. you can also meet new friend and interact with them at this place. it is possible to lose track of time when visiting this place due to the fun you will have. We recommend it to any tourist visiting São Paulo.
  • Rua Oscar Freire: Typically, most foreigners are usually on the lookout for areas that have shopping malls as they are looking to purchase souvenirs to take back to their home city. If you have this mindset, you need to visit this street when you are in São Paulo. It is popular for its stores, and we can assure you that there is nothing you desire that you cannot find on this street. We can say that it comes in handy as a lifesaver for those who love shopping. You can shop until you drop when you visit this street.
  • Mirante do Copan: Imagine getting to have exquisite views of a place. typically, you would have such views from the top of a high building. Instead of relying on imaginations, why not visit this place? It is an observation deck on a landmark building and we know that you will appreciate all the pleasant views. Some people visit this place as a way of relaxing. Understandably, some people might have a fear of heights. Thus, you should not visit this place if you not like heights. For those who not do mind being on a high location, this is a perfect location to visit in São Paulo.
  • Martinelli Building: It is one of the tall buildings in São Paulo and can classify as a landmark. Research shows that it was the first skyscraper in Brazil. This building has 28 floors and gives one of the best views you can get in São Paulo. The architectural features of this building are also outstanding and it will be impossible to miss if you are around that area. We know that this building leaves many people in awe, so we encourage that you visit this place. It classifies as one of the top sights in São Paulo.
  • Sesc Pinheiros: If you like being energetic or active, this should be amongst your list of places to visit when you are in São Paulo. You get to see a swimming pool where you can relax and have fun. It comes in handy for those who love the water and other outdoor activities. It is a perfect avenue to meet and connect with both locals and foreigners as you would see many people there. The best way to enjoy this place is by visiting it with an open mind. We can assure you that you will have unlimited fun at this place so it has to be on your list of places to visit.
Casa das Rosas


Why do people visit São Paulo?

We cannot highlight the different reasons people visit this state as it differs based on individuals. However, one common factor that they all share is the need to explore when they are in an area. We have not seen any tourist who visits a new place and will not want to explore.

It becomes disappointing when the area or region does not have many places for one to explore. It is why some places have a higher inflow of foreigners than others.

From research, we see that foreigners pay frequent visits to São Paulo. Thus, it is safe for us to assume that this state offers many places for people to explore.

It is also safe for you to prepare your mindset to see many people when visiting the area. We do not know how many places you would visit, but you should cover as much as possible.

We will help highlight different places that cut across various sectors that foreigners can explore.

City Parks

There is no need to bother about places to explore when there are city parks in an area.

Some of these city parks in São Paulo are:

  • Ibirapuera Park: Some people say that it is the biggest park in the state. The crowd you will see at this park depends on the time you visit. However, this park always stays clean and beautiful. Even if it is busy, you are sure to get a spot to relax and breathe in the fresh air. It comes in handy that it is close to the city center, so it is easily accessible.
  • Parque Domingos Luis: You can do many things at this park like walking and hiking. It is also animal friendly, so you can take your pets along. We cannot say that it is the busiest park in the city. However, you are sure to see some people when you visit. It is not a bad idea to strike up a conversation and make new friends. You can also have a quiet time at this place and use it to meditate.
Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo

National Parks

Some areas also have national parks. The government owns such parks. In the case of São Paulo, its national parks are not unique to the state. Instead, they are owned by the Brazilian government.

Some of the national parks in this place are:

  • State Park Serra do Mar Nucleo Curucutu: People love this park for many reasons. One of them is because of the natural feeling you get when you visit it. People also love that it has hiking trails. Thus, you do not have a dull moment at the park. The tracks are well-tailored, and you can also have a tour guide to ensure that you get the best experience. It is one of the top places any tourist can explore in São Paulo.
  • Jaraguá State Park: Irrespective of the time or day that you visit this park, you will enjoy the experience. Since there is a hill at this park, you are sure to enjoy pleasant views. It also has both walking and hiking trails, and you can see some birds and monkeys.


Some people say that visiting a beach is one of the best ways to explore a new area. However, we also know that it is not every area that has a beach.

It would be out of place to say that there is no beach in São Paulo. However, we cannot say that hanging out on the beach is one of the top activities people do in the state. If you compare São Paulo to some other areas in Brazil, you can see more water bodies in other places than in São Paulo.

As a tourist, you can visit any of the beaches in São Paulo. But it is best to keep in mind that beaches in this state do not get as much attention as some other tourist attractions. People hope that the beaches in São Paulo get more attention with time.

When visiting the beach, you can wear whatever you desire without the fear of it being too skimpy.

Some of the beaches in São Paulo are:

  • Sun Beach
  • Usina do Rio Madeira


There are different ways of exploring a place. Typically, when one thinks about exploring, they would imagine entering a confined space. However, you can also explore statues or images erected within the area you are visiting. This is where exploring landmarks come to play.

A landmark can be anything as long as it can get your attention. Allow us to tell you that there are many landmarks in São Paulo.

The job of a landmark is to help you learn how to navigate an area. Suppose you ask the local of a region to tell you how to get to a place. They can mention or describe some features you should look out for on your way. These features are called landmarks.

Thus, we would say that it can be a tall building or a statue. What matters is that people can easily spot it out.

Some of the landmarks in São Paulo are:

  • Altino Arantes Building
  • Monumento às Bandeiras
  • Latin America Memorial
  • Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge
  • Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Monumento às Bandeiras


What do you think about visiting a museum?

It should be an ideal thing to do if you want to explore an area as museums usually contain information that gives you more knowledge about the place you visit.

In São Paulo, you will see many museums that cover various sectors of society.

Some of them are:

  • Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand: We know that lovers of art will be happy at this place as it has a collection of artworks by renowned artists. These artworks cut across different periods in history. You will love this place as it gives an exquisite aura. It is easy to lose track of time when you visit.
  • Museum Afro Brazil: This museum takes you back in time and highlights some of the country’s horrors, like the slave trade era. It is a museum of both art and history to learn about the culture while seeing artworks as well. You also get to know about the importance of the blacks and African people in Brazilian history.
Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand


We cannot fail to talk about food as it is an essential aspect of the life of any person visiting a new place. It is unimaginable to think that you would not eat when you are in a new area.

Understandably, some people have reservations about the kind of food they will get when they leave their comfort zone. It is why we want to highlight some of the traditional local foods in São Paulo so you can have your mind prepared on what to expect.

However, there is no much difference between what you will get in this state and other places. What might differ will be the preparation process.

When visiting São Paulo, you can get Virada Paulista as one of its traditional local meals. It is a combination of rice and beans, served with banana and protein. We can assure you that it is a delicious and irresistible combination.

You can also get Tutu a Mineira. It is a meal of mashed beans with other combinations like rice, roasted pork, and cabbage.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Since you are a foreigner in São Paulo, we do not expect you to know how to prepare these meals. However, it is common for us to get questions asking for places where one can get the traditional local foods.

Ideally, you can get these meals from any of the traditional local restaurants in the city. Some of them are:

  • Consulado Baiano: You can decide to either eat in or get a takeaway. It depends on your preference. However, the meals at this place are lovely and yummy. It also has a conducive environment, so you will be comfortable if you decide to dine in. People rate it as one of the top traditional local restaurants in São Paulo.
  • Mangai São Paulo: The staff of this place are highly commended as they ensure to provide the best services to everywhere. Thus, you will have nothing short of happiness when you visit this restaurant. They have a rich menu as you can get various meals from this place. It is always a pleasant experience when you decide to eat at this restaurant.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Understandably, there should also be provisions for people who do not eat regular meals. People like vegans.

As a vegan, we know that it is hard finding restaurants that cater to your food preference. Thus, we will highlight some of these vegan restaurants in São Paulo. We believe that a person’s food or eating preference should not hinder them from getting enjoyable meals when they visit a new place.

Some of the vegan restaurants in São Paulo are:

  • Loving Hut Vila Mariana: It is a vegan restaurant that serves high-quality food. You will love everything about this restaurant as it has a comfortable ambiance and its render top-notch services. You get to have different types of vegan meals, including dessert. Sometimes, you get to enjoy a buffet kind of meal. They serve nothing short of enjoyable meal options here.
  • Casa Raw: It has a cozy ambiance with warm interiors that makes you feel nice while enjoying the delicious meals. You will be delighted by the various meal options on their menu.

Street Food

Eating traditional local meals in a new area does not mean you only have to stick to heavy meals. You can also get some light meals that are unique to that region.

These light meals are often called street foods, as you can see people selling them on the roadside. Although we would not advise you to eat while walking on the road, you can see people eating them while walking.

These street foods are not always different from what you can get in your home city. Most times, it is the preparation process that differs or the extra that they input.

Pies are the most typical street food to get in São Paulo. It could be Pastel, which comes with different fillings like protein, cheese, or guava. You can also get Acaraje. This comes in handy for seafood lovers as it is a fried shrimp pie.

Another street food to get in São Paulo is Pao de Queijo. It is cheese bread with a delightful taste.


We are sure that you must have heard about how Brazil is a bubbly country. Thus, we are confident that you will not expect anything less from São Paulo.

Drinks are amongst the numerous options that make an area bubbly and exciting, as a drink can influence your energy level.

When visiting São Paulo, you must take some of the traditional local drinks before leaving the state. Else, we would take it that you did into have a complete stay in the city.

Allow us to tell you that you can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options amongst the types of drinks you will get when visiting São Paulo. Coffee is one of the top drinks in the state. You are sure that it is would your energy as caffeine keeps people active. Chimarrão is another drink in this area that has much caffeine.

If you have never taken spirit produced from sugar cane, you should try Cachaça. There is also the option of Brazilian lemonade and coconut water. There are many juice options in this area.


We can all agree that water is also a type of drink, so it is best to know how to get water when you visit a new area.

Typically, one would expect to get water from the taps. However, there have been concerns worldwide when it comes to drinking tap water. Thus, people are usually curious to know if they can drink tap water when visiting a new place.

If you are traveling to São Paulo, we would say that it is not safe to drink its tap water. Some people may argue that this water is safe as it does not affect health.

However, it comes with an awful taste which is not a characteristic of water. Water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. When water begins to have a taste, it has an issue.

It is best to buy bottled water when you are in this place as it is a safer option. We aim for you to have a pleasant stay in São Paulo, and you might not get this if you drink the tap water.

Organic Cafés

We know that some people are health enthusiasts and will only want to eat healthy options when they are in a new place. There is no better place to get such options than at an organic café.

Thus, here are some organic cafes in São Paulo for those visiting this state:

  • Carrito Organic: We can assure you that you will get only healthy options on the menu at this restaurant. When it comes to drinking choices, you are sure to get coconut water at this place. We earlier mentioned that it is one of the traditional local drinks you can get in the state. They also have an array of meals, and they are all organic. It is one of the best places in São Paulo.
  • Urbe Café Bar: If you are looking for a place to relax with drinks and organic pastries, you should visit this café. We can assure you that it has all the healthy options you desire. It is also easy to lose track of time at this place due to its conducive ambiance.


With the many impressive and excellent drink options that people can get in São Paulo, it is only regular that one would expect to see breweries in the state.

If you have such thoughts and expectations, allow us to tell you that you will not be disappointed as you can see breweries in São Paulo.

These breweries are usually up to standard, and you will have an enjoyable experience. Some of them are:

  • Biemeister Brewery: It is the perfect place to get beers in São Paulo. We cannot start highlighting all the types of beers you can get at this place as it is a lot. However, you are sure to have a swell time with snacks. If you are looking to strike up a conversation with people, this place also provides a perfect environment.
  • 1922 Brewery: Are you looking for where to enjoy beers in São Paulo? You should visit this brewery! It also has a rich menu as you can get other food items. It is impossible to visit this place without having a smile on your face.


You might be looking for things to do while you are in São Paulo. It should not be much of a bother as you will always see the locals engaging in one activity or another. Hiking is one of the most typical activities that people do in this state.

It could be that you are seeking something different. If you fall under such a category, we know that you are a part of those who ask if fishing and kayaking are activities one can do in São Paulo.

These are water activities, and they are a delight for some people. However, allow us to remind you that São Paulo is not a place with many water bodies. Thus, we advise that you should not put your mind to these activities.

Fishing and kayaking may happen in some of the water bodies available, but they are not top activities for the locals. Thus, you will not always see people engaging in them. It is best not to have high hopes or expectations concerning fishing and kayaking.

Yoga and Retreats

When talking about activities that a person can do in São Paulo, we cannot fail to mention yoga.

Since it is not a water activity, we can assure you that you will not have difficulty carrying about this activity in the state.

As a tourist in São Paulo, you will see many yoga centers. At these places, you are sure to connect with both newbies and professionals. It is always comforting to be in a place with people of fellow interest. Here, you are sure to improve your craft.

We know that yoga is not a popular activity in all places. However, it is popular in São Paulo. Thus, if you have thoughts of engaging in this activity, you will not be disappointed as it is feasible. Engaging in yoga can be for fun or health purpose. Since this activity helps to relax the mind as it is almost a form of meditation, it is always recommended as a way to improve your health.

Yoga is a top activity in São Paulo.


Do you have someone in São Paulo? Have you thought of where you will stay when you get to the state? If you have not, you are wrong!

Every foreigner needs to make accommodation plans before getting to their destination. It helps to ensure that they do not do things in a rush.

You will notice that booking your accommodation before arriving is cheaper than getting one when you get to your destination.

If you start searching when you are in your home city, you get to see all the different choices in a relaxed manner, sort through the prices, and pick a suitable option. However, you do not have the luxury of time to do all these if you wait until you arrive at your destination.

Instead, you will hurriedly pick any available option because you are in a rush and desire to settle in and relax quickly. In such a case, you might even select an option that is above your accommodation budget.

To avoid such, it is best to check for all available accommodation options before leaving your home city.

Green Hotels

One of the available accommodation types in São Paulo is green hotels. These can also be called sustainable or eco-friendly hotels. It is because they have systems in place that ensure to protect the environment.

Staying in a green hotel can be a way of being a responsible tourist in a new place as you are protecting their environment.

Some of the green hotels in São Paulo are:

  • InterContinental São Paulo: You get to enjoy free Wi-Fi when you lodge in this hotel. It has many amenities, including a bar, pool, gym, and restaurant. It comes in handy that some of its rooms are sound-proof, and it also has multilingual staff. Thus, you are sure that someone understands you irrespective of where you are coming from. There is also a terrace if you desire to relax outside.
  • Staybridges Suítes: It is essential to know that this hotel is pet-friendly. It also has amenities in place for people with disabilities. There is a restaurant and coffee shop at this hotel, and it also offers complimentary breakfast to lodgers. You are sure to have a comfortable stay at this place.

Hostels and Guest Houses

We are sure that you must have heard about people staying in a hostel or guesthouse when they are in a new place. It is not a strange concept in places.

If you do not know, this is an available accommodation option in São Paulo. It comes in handy when you are traveling in a group as you can stay in dorm rooms with bunk beds to accommodate the group. This is not to say that you cannot get single rooms.

There is the notion that staying in a hostel is usually cheaper than other accommodation options. There are many hotels in São Paulo. Some of them are:

  • Garoa Hostel: People always commend this place’s staff saying that they are usually helpful, especially to foreigners. This assures you of having a comfortable stay. It also has a strategic location in a busy area that is accessible to other places. You can also meet new people if you lodge here.
  • Hostel Aeroporto: One highlight of this place is that it is close to the airport. Thus, making it easier and accessible for those coming in by air. It is a simple hostel, so you should not have many expectations. However, you will have a comfortable stay.


One of the top options that many people consider when they are in a new place is to stay in an apartment. It is a famous option, and we can say that it is almost impossible to visit a place without seeing apartments.

Although it may be higher than other accommodation options sometimes, people still go for it. It could be because it gives them a sense of familiarity or for different reasons.

You will see many apartments when you visit São Paulo. There is also a communal feeling when you stay in an apartment as you meet your neighbors and possibly make new friends. Although it will depend on the room you stay in, but some people say that they get exquisite views when they stay in an apartment.

Apartments are built and maintained in a way to ensure comfort. Thus, you will have no complaints when you stay in one. We would say that we recommend any of the apartments you see in São Paulo. Typically, you should get one that is close to your vicinity.


There is also the option of Couchsurfing when it concerns getting an accommodation option in a new area. However, it depends on the friendliness of the locals. If these people are not friendly or willing to host foreigners, there is no feasibility of Couchsurfing.

If you are confused, Couchsurfing entails staying in a locals’ home when you are in a new place.

We do not expect that you go knocking on their doors, asking if anyone is willing to play host. It is why there is the Couchsurfing website.

When you go on this website, all you need to do is to input your location. By doing this, you get to see the people in that area who are willing to accommodate tourists and foreigners. Of course, Couchsurfing classifies as a free accommodation option.

It comes in handy for those who do not wish to spend money on accommodation or have a low traveling budget.

The locals of São Paulo are usually friendly and ready to welcome foreigners to their homes.


Did you know that many places in São Paulo classify as a campground? We are not surprised when we see that people choose this place as their desired camping location.

A typical campground should be a conducive outdoor area. It can also be a place that allows you to connect with nature. When you look around São Paulo, you will see that many places fit into this description.

When people ask about camping in São Paulo, we tell them that it is not out of place. However, it is usually best to go in the locals’ company as they understand the area best.

These locals will help point out areas to avoid, including the dos and don’ts of the state. Camping is supposed to be a fun and swell experience. Thus, we know that you would not want any hitches or complications when you go camping. For this not to occur, it best to have the locals accompany you as you go camping.

How to Get There

It is always smoother traveling to a place when you know how to get in. Many people will be visiting a place for the first time, so they are usually confused about transportation. When the confusion sets in, you become stressed, and it affects the smoothness of your journey.

When traveling to a new place, it is always best to get information on how to get there before leaving your home city. It helps you to be well-prepared and avoid any mishaps.

For those traveling to São Paulo, we will help highlight some of the transport different that get you to this state. Since it is the biggest city in Brazil, we can assure you that it will not be difficult getting there.

It is always important to know this information before your traveling date. Thus, if you know others who desire to visit São Paulo, you should also share this information with them.

After all, we do not think anyone loves to encounter stress when going to a new place.


We earlier mentioned that São Paulo is the busiest city in Brazil. Thus, it is not surprising that it has three airports that receive international flights. Thus, you are sure of using air to this place.

It would rather be shocking if using air were not a feasible option in getting to São Paulo. Since you now have the assurance that you can use air in getting into São Paulo, people ask about places where it is possible to get a direct flight to the city.

We cannot start highlighting all the places where one can get a direct flight to São Paulo as they are a lot. Understandably, foreigners are coming in from different locations. You should check if there is a direct flight from your location.

If there is none, you should check for the closest place you can go to get a direct flight to São Paulo. However, we are sure that it would not be difficult getting a flight as this is a popular area and its flights are not scarce.

Guarulhos International Airport


There is also the option of using a bus to get into São Paulo. It comes in handy for many people, especially those who cannot afford flight fare. It is common knowledge that using air is usually the most expensive way of traveling. Thus, the next option that comes to the minds of many people is to use a bus.

Using a bus to São Paulo is feasible, but it is not as easy as it seems. Unlike flights, it is not easy to get a bus to São Paulo from different locations. You have to be in a place close to this state before you can get a bus.

If you are already within Brazil, you do not have to worry as you can get a bus to São Paulo from all cities in Brazil. You can also get a bus to this place from some cities in South America.

If you are not in any of these places, it will be impossible to use a bus to get into São Paulo.

Buses in Sao Paulo


We cannot say that there is any other way of getting into São Paulo. There are usually questions from people asking if they can use a train to get to São Paulo.

This is only feasible in places where there is a railway and train connection to other cities.

If you check, São Paulo does not have a railway connection with other places.

Others argue that it is wrong to think of using a train to travel to a new place as you do not know how long you would spend in getting there. After all, trains are the slowest means of traveling.

We agree that trains are slow, but we also know that it is a favorite way of traveling for some people. Sadly, you cannot use it to get into São Paulo. If you had this method in mind, you should cancel such thoughts as it is not feasible.

Instead, it is best to stick to other available means of traveling as one cannot use a train to get São Paulo.

Metro Train


Sometimes, there is the option of hitchhiking when it comes to moving around in a new place or trying to get to that place.

For a place like São Paulo, one can only consider hitchhiking if they are already within Brazil. Suppose you are in a Brazilian city and desire to get to São Paulo. You can consider using hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking is a way of getting a free ride to your destination. You can stay on the roadside and flag down a driver, and politely ask for a ride.

We cannot say that hitchhiking is a popular concept in São Paulo as it is difficult for drivers to stop for people.

Typically, it is easier to get a free ride from truck drivers if you want to hitchhike in this place. Although hitchhiking is not a common concept, you can try your luck.

It could be that you traveled on a budget and desire to save money while in São Paulo. Thus, we know that hitchhiking will come in handy as it saves transportation costs.


It is usual for people to ask if there are other ways of getting to São Paulo, especially those who desire to travel through water bodies.

Thus, we always get questions from tourists asking if they can use a ship or boat in getting to São Paulo. This will be possible in places that are popular for their water bodies. Since São Paulo is not known for its water bodies, it is impossible to use a ship or boat to get into the state.

This is not to say that there are no water bodies in the area. However, it is not utilized. Compared to other Brazilian states, São Paulo is not amongst the top places known for its water bodies.

You cannot get a ship or boat from anywhere that will get you to São Paulo. Instead, it is best to stick to other available means of transport.

Understandably, you might be feeling disappointed, especially if this is your favorite means of travel. But it is best not to have high hopes as it is not possible.

Moving Around

Getting to your destination is usually reliving, but you get the best relief and comfort when you know how to move around in your new location. It is one thing to get there, but it is another ball game to understand how the people get from one point to another.

This should not be much of a bother as you can easily ask questions to get clarifications on transport that work within the state. For those traveling to São Paulo, we will state some ways people move around in this city.

Understanding how the locals of an area move around is usually helpful as one cannot remain in one position throughout their stay in a new place. It might be a bit confusing at first, but allow us to assure you that you will come to terms with it as time goes on.

For starters, you might want to move around with your tour guide or any local until you are familiar with how they move around.


Some people might say that one of the best ways of moving around in a new place is walking. They argue that you learn how to navigate an area better when you walk. We would not say that we disagree with their claims. However, some factors come to play when it concerns walking around in foreign terrain.

For a place like São Paulo, it is helpful to know that their roads are always busy. Thus, one has to be careful when walking around. If you are not used to a busy place, you might feel uncomfortable when walking on its roads. It is best to look carefully and not be in a rush when you want to cross the road, as the drivers are usually trying to overtake or navigate their way.

It is also helpful not to have the mindset of connecting with the locals as you walk around as no one pays attention to pedestrians. Walking around in São Paulo is not amongst the ways to meet new people.


Another way of moving around in São Paulo is to use a bicycle. This makes sense since the city is flat land. Thus, you are sure to have a smooth cycling process.

Some people say that cycling is one of the best ways of moving around in São Paulo. This is because you can easily navigate between the cars as you cycle everywhere. It is best not to expect to see bicycle tracks on the roads. Thus, it is also helpful to be careful while cycling as you share the road with car drivers.

It comes in handy to study their driving pattern before you begin to cycle on the roads. You may be wondering how to get a bicycle in this city. São Paulo has a public bike system that allows you to pay to rent bicycles.

It comes in handy for those who desire cycling when they want to move around. The process is usually straightforward, and one can agree that cycling is perfect for eliminating being stuck in traffic congestion.

Electronic Vehicles

One can also use electronic vehicles to move around in São Paulo. The perfect example of an electronic car, in this case, is a scooter.

Using a scooter works almost the same way as a bicycle as you have to go through the same rental process. We can assure you that it is not difficult to rent a scooter in São Paulo. It is also best that you do not have second thoughts about using a scooter to move around as you would also see other people doing the same thing.

We always advise that you do not rush into driving a scooter in new terrain. This is to ensure that you have studied the driving pattern to avoid any mishap. It is also best to have a helmet and other protective gear as you move around with a scooter.

It might be easy to think that all these do not matter, but we speak from experience when we say it comes in handy. It is best always to be safety conscious.

Public Bus

The most popular and common way of moving around in São Paulo is to use a bus. It is the typical transportation system in the state.

Bus fares are low in this city, so it is no wonder why people are usually rushing to get on a bus. After all, you would not want to spend all your traveling budget on transportation within the state.

You can either pay for your bus fare with cash or with a Bilhete Unico magnetic card. The locals are in the best place to give a proper explanation for the payment method.

It is essential to know that you are not the only one trying to get on the bus. Thus, you might experience a rush when boarding. Although it is cheap to move around with a bus, people usually complain about being stuck in traffic. It is no news that São Paulo is the busiest city in Brazil, and people are always trying to get from one point to another.

The city has many public buses, but traffic congestion is high.

Tram, Train and Subway

You may be wondering why we are adding the train option to move around in São Paulo. After all, one cannot use a train to get to the city. Thus, what are the odds that you can use a train to move around?

Although São Paulo does not have a railway that connects it to other areas, there is a railway connection within the state. Thus, it is impossible to use a train when moving around.

It is almost typical for a foreigner to pick the train option over using a bus as no one desires getting stuck in traffic. Since trains can get you to different parts of the state, people do not mind using this option.

We would say that using a train is an exciting experience within São Paulo, especially for those who have never been on a train before. You can also give it a try.

Sustainable Shopping

It will be wrong for us to talk about activities that people do in a new place without mentioning shopping. It is safe to say that shopping is a guilty pleasure for most tourists.

When you check the shopping malls in an area, you will see many foreigners. It is why some people say that foreigners cannot do without shopping in a new location.

Tourists are usually shopping for different things, and it could sometimes be gift items or souvenirs that they can take back to their home city. It is one thing to shop in a new place, but are you doing it the right way?

The right way to shop as a foreigner is to engage in sustainable shopping. It is the process of buying things from local vendors. This way, you are sure to boost their sales and also the economy of the state.

Engaging in sustainable shopping shows that you are a responsible tourist. It also goes a long way in showing the locals that you appreciate what they sell and boost their morale.

Food Markets

You can engage in sustainable shopping in different ways, and one of them can be visiting food markets in the state.

One might be wondering if they would ever need to visit these food markets. If you love the local dishes, we expect that you will be curious to know the preparation process. Knowing the preparation process entails buying the items used, and you can get them from the food markets.

You might be scared to go to these markets, especially if you do not know how to speak the local language. However, the local vendors are usually friendly, and you can find someone who will act as your interpreter.

The vendors at the food markets in São Paulo try to be transparent in their dealings as they do not want you to feel cheated. It is usually an experience shopping in a food market different from what you are used to.

Some of these food markets in São Paulo are:

  • Koa Food Market
  • Municipal Market of São Paulo
  • Peg Pese Hortifruti

Flea Markets

Another way of engaging in sustainable shopping is by visiting the flea markets in the area. We do not know what you expect when you are visiting a flea market. However, one clear fact is that things are usually less expensive at a flea market.

It is safe to say that visiting a flea market is a flexible option as you get to dialogue and negotiate with the vendors. There is no fixed price for an item when you are shopping from a flea market. It also comes in handy that you get to see an array of items.

We doubt if there is anything you desire that you cannot get at a flea market in São Paulo. It also comes in handy when you understand the local language as that is one way the people will have a better flow with you.

It is essential to be friendly with the locals to get a volunteer who follows you when you want to go shopping.

Some of the flea markets in São Paulo are:

  • Heidi Brecho

Second Hand Stores

Different places have names for second-hand stores. In some areas, it is better known as thrift stores.

These second-hand stores are sometimes seen as lifesavers as you get items for a lesser price than their original cost. As the name implies, these stores sell used items. However, it will be wrong to say that the things are of lesser quality. The vendors always ensure that the items are still of high quality as they would not want to sell something of less quality.

You can see various items at a second-hand store. It could be electronics or fashion wears. You are sure to get them at a second-hand store. If you did not travel with enough money, shopping at a second-hand store ensures that you do not miss the experience of shopping in a new place. It is also a form of sustainable shopping.

There are many second-hand stores in São Paulo. Thus, you are sure that it is not hard to find.

Some of these second-hand stores are:

  • Pagu 2nd hand shop
  • Second Hand Brechó


You can sometimes carry out a test to check if your environment is eco-friendly. One way of checking is by seeing if they sell eco-fashion items in the area. Eco-fashion wear is made from recyclable items and is a way of preserving the environment.

São Paulo is an eco-friendly environment as you get to see eco-fashion brands. It is not a new thing in the state and Brazil in general.

There are many top eco-fashion brands in society, and it is best if you patronize them as it is also a form of sustainability shopping.

These brands are unique and fashionable. We know that you will love to wear these clothes as they are in vogue.

We cannot say that eco-fashion is prevalent in all societies. However, it plays out in São Paulo. If eco-fashion is not famous in your home city, it comes in handy to buy some of it from São Paulo and take it back home.

This way, you are populating the idea of spreading eco-fashion and taking it to a higher level.


One would agree that recycling is vital for all societies. However, we do not always see this playing out.

Some places understand recycling’s essences, but they have not effectively ensured that recycling becomes a significant player in their society.

What is recycling? It is the way of converting an item into something that you can use again. We do not know if this plays out in your home city.

Those visiting São Paulo will see that recycling happens in this state. It will be wrong to say that they are lowkey about their recycling process as they try to ensure that everyone gets involved in it. It is not surprising that they sometimes have lectures and programs on the importance of recycling.

You might be wondering what role you can play to support recycling when you are in a new place. You can start by patronizing vendors that sell eco-fashion items. After all, these items are made from recyclable materials.

One can also support recycling in a new area by ensuring to send plastics and other items to the recycling agencies.


Visiting São Paulo gives you an idea of the environment, and you will notice that it is appealing. This adds to the reasons why people are always eager to visit this place.

When you get to São Paulo, you will notice strict laws that concern waste management in the city. It is not a place where littering is tolerated. The best thing you can do as a foreigner is to be compliant with its waste management laws.

You will see that there are agencies tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that waste is managed correctly. These agencies, in collaboration with the government, have laws that people must follow. If you do not want to have issues with any of the authorities, you must obey these regulations.

Understandably, you might be lazy to follow them. However, it is best to obey as it shows that you are a responsible tourist. After all, if the state is not clean, you will not be eager to visit it.

São Paulo has high commendations as regards waste management.

Work and Study Abroad

Over time, we have seen that different factors appeal to people when it concerns visiting or being in São Paulo. For some, it could be the educational institutions as most of them are up to standard. Some people use schooling as a chance to be in São Paulo.

However, one question we get is people asking if it is possible to work while studying in São Paulo. This usually concerns those who desire to make extra cash while they are in school.

It is common knowledge that not all societies allow students to work while schooling, and São Paulo is such. In Brazil, students are not allowed to take up job offers.

The idea here is not that they do not want students to work. However, most of the educational institutions have in-house internship programs for their students. Thus, they serve as job opportunities.

If you desire to work while studying in São Paulo, it is best to check if your school offers internship opportunities and take up something.

Exchange Student

Brazil is used to people desiring to school in their various educational institutions, including those in São Paulo. Thus, the concept of having exchange students is common, and you can see many international students. Suppose you want a change of environment from your present school. The ideal thing will be to sign up for an exchange program. Allow us to recommend the schools in São Paulo to you. We are not trying to impose choices on you, so we will not specify any school.

Instead, if you are considering the exchange student program, it is best to check for schools that collaborate with your present institution in this aspect. Once this is in place, you can be an international student in São Paulo.

The process might take some time or have complicated or lengthy procedures. However, it is usually worth it at the end of the day. Being a part of an exchange student program allows you to experience life in a new place as a student. We know that you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Au Pair

Let’s say that you are staying in São Paulo for some months. Understandably, no one likes being ideal, especially in a new area. It could be that you have been to most of the areas of attraction, and you need to do something more. Thus, you consider the idea of getting a job.

However, you are not looking for a full-time professional job. Instead, you want something that helps you keep busy while you earn cash until you are due to leave the city. A concept that usually plays out, in this case, is the au pair system.

It is a system that allows people to get menial jobs like taking care of children or being a cleaner. Such jobs also allow you to connect with the locals as it is their homes that you perform the jobs.

How do I know if they need my services? Many foreigners ask this question.

There is the au pair website where you can check for available jobs. It is the easiest way of getting jobs when you are in a new place.


We would assume that you know about volunteering. Hence, you are interested in being a volunteer when you get to your destination. It could be that you are traveling to São Paulo.

It is essential to know that there are different areas of volunteering in São Paulo. Being a volunteer does not mean you have to be stuck in a sector you do not like. Since there are various volunteering areas, you get to pick the one you desire.

As a volunteer, you get to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of São Paulo. However, you must be making an impact in society. Being a volunteer does not stop at bearing the title. You have to work and ensure that people see your impact.

It may be hard to settle into the environment at first. However, you will get used to it with time, especially in a place that has lovely individuals. In São Paulo, you are surrounded by friendly people, so you do not have any issues.

Being a volunteer in São Paulo is an exciting experience.

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