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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saba advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saba, Caribbean, North America.

View of the village of Windwardside, taken from Mount Scenery

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 2 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $60
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $120

Responsible Travel

It is a tiny island with a total area of 13 kilometers square. The population asked Calculator in 2019 was 1915. The official language of this country is Dutch; however, many people living here understand English also. It s is a particular municipality owned by the Netherlands on 10th October 2010 will stop the currency, which is accepted here in US dollars. It is the smallest one sobriety. There is a large active volcano with a height of up to 887 meters, which is the highest point in this country but in the entire Netherlands. It is a Christian territory, with 25% being Catholics and 6% being Muslims. There is I University of medicine, which is very famous. Most tourists visit this island because of ecotourism and scuba diving, climbing and hiking, other best-known activities that anyone can perform. There are few popular sports, including football, foot cell, softball, basketball, and volleyball. In terms of sustainability, Sabah's government plans to have sustainable energy to eliminate electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality and air pollution are moderate in Saba. You will feel pollution in someplace while you will get fresh and clean air to breathe. People of Saba are trying their best to reduce air pollution. They are doing more carpools or trying to travel in public transport to minimize the effect of bad pollutants. They are also trying to plant more and more trees to increase the oxygen level. You will find beautiful city parks, gardens, and wide green areas in Saba full of trees and plants with beautiful flowers on them, and you can visit there to take a break from the city's pollution.

Respect the Culture

Traditional culture is still preserved in Saba. Most of the population in Saba derives from either Europe or Africa. Saba spice is still very famous, and many women still make them. You will get to see several famous events held throughout the year in the country, and you can also take part in them. Respecting the culture will shape your identity and influences your behaviors. Respecting others will help you become friends with them, and they will guide you on how to explore the country. You should respect each other and each other's sentiments, culture, and sentiments. Sabaeans are very particular about their culture and sentiments; they expect travelers to do the same thing. They will become your guide throughout your vacation in Saba. They are very kind-hearted also.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Saba National Marine Park: Saba is a top destination for divers, as is clear from the Saba National Marine Park. Founded in 1987, this national park consists of the entire sea around the island and is known for its rich marine life. Here you can maneuver between beautiful coral reefs, special underwater formations, wrecks, caves, and tunnels. The marine reserve has an abundance of marine life, so you will likely encounter sea turtles, large barracudas, the Nassau grouper, and various sharks species. Here you will find extreme scenes also to enjoy. Those who love to go underwater and want to perform some water stunt you can definitely visit saba, and under supervision guidance, you can perform your stunts.
  • Climb the Mount Scenery: If you really want to do something special on Saba, climb Mount Scenery. With its 877 meters, this is the highest mountain in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. How cool is that when you've conquered the highest mountain in our kingdom? Mount Scenery is an extinct volcano in the center of the island and can be reached via a steep path from Windwardshire. Via stones and a concrete staircase (with 1064 steps), climb to the forest of mahogany trees at the top. This is the real adventure you can do in Saba.
  • Take a tour of The Road: Saba has only one major road, which is called The Road. Driving this 14 km long road is an adventurous experience in itself, especially if you are only used to the Dutch countryside and are wary of heights, sharp bends, or narrow roads. The Road is a winding road with many hairpin bends along ravines and sometimes an ascent or descent of 35 percent. You will get a spectacular view in return.
  • Hiking on Saba: In addition to the trek to Mount Scenery, Saba has a surprising range of hiking options. There are about 15 hiking trails on the island for both advanced and recreational walkers. There are short hikes of half an hour, but also longer hikes that require 2½ hours. During the walks, you can discover the special flora and fauna of Saba. You walk through tropical rainforest and past old banana and mango plantations. Saba is home to over 60 species of birds and native lizards, green iguanas, and the red-bellied racer snake (which is harmless). A good place to start the walk is The Trail Shop in Windwardshide. Here you can arrange maps, equipment and any guides.
  • Climb The Ladder: After climbing The Ladder, you realize how isolated Saba was for a long time. Carved into a cliff, this staircase of more than 800 steps was the only place to supply the island for a long time. Until the construction of a port and the airport in the mid-20th century, all goods had to be taken from the bay over these steep stairs to The Bottom's customs office. Now the customs office is vacated, and for fun or exercise, you can descend The Ladder to the small beach below, rest for a while, and climb back up again. It is a walk of about an hour and a half, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the bay, sailing boats, and the rocky landscape.
  • Harry Luke Johnson Museum: Windwardside is home to many of the island's shops, restaurants, and hotels, but the town is also home to the Harry Luke Johnson Museum. This is Saba's first museum, opened in 1970. Housed in a 19th century home of an old Dutch sea captain, this is well worth visiting for its charming Victorian decor. You will see antique furniture, old photographs and documents, utensils, art, and archaeological finds. The museum is named after Harry Luke Johnson (1914-1972), a police officer and artist who dedicated himself to a place that showcases his beloved island's rich history.
  • Visit Hell's Gate: In the northeast of Saba is Hell's Gate, the highest village in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (450 meters above sea level). The village is officially called Zions Hill, as the local church leaders prefer to call it. Here you will find the iconic Holy Rosary Church from 1962 (which looks medieval) and the cabins (cottages) typical of Saba built against a mountain wall. In the church's community center, women from the village sell Saba Spice, a spicy spiced rum made according to an old family recipe. In Lower Hell's Gate, a walkway leads to an abandoned sulfur mine and bat caves. You reach Hell's Gate after 14 hairpin bends of The Road.
  • Dutch Museum Saba: The Dutch Museum is Saba's second museum, which opened in 2014. Here you will discover more about the island's Dutch history, with presentations on the West India Company's history and a collection of antiques between 1600 and 1920. The collection includes paintings, Dutch pottery and porcelain, antiquarian books, mirrors, and Persian carpets. The museum also organizes guided tours of traditional cottages and charges nothing.
  • Wellness on Saba: For a bit of relaxation, you can knock on the door of Frangipani Spa, the only spa on Saba. You can go here for an outdoor swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam bath, a waterfall shower, various types of massages and facials, and body treatments. All cosmetics and massage oils are natural and handmade. Especially after a brisk walk, a wellness treatment is well deserved. You can also sign up for yoga or Zumba dance training here. Frangipani Spa is part of the luxurious 5-star Queen's Garden Resort in The Bottom. Reservations are recommended
  • Saba Summer Carnival: Just like the inhabitants of the other Caribbean islands, Saban's love to party. The highlight is the Saba Summer Carnival that occurs annually in the last week of July or August's first days. The island is then a joyful festival with colorful parades, steel drum music, and delicious dishes. For the carnival, you have to be in The Bottom. You can completely enjoy your tour of Saba, and you will never get bored after visiting such an amazing place. Try to join the summer carnival to enjoy every bit of the country.
View of Hell's gate in Saba


There are so many places to explore in Saba and so many activities to do and so many things to explore and learn about them. You can also experience the underwater wonders of Saba. Dense vegetation and various rare plant species, and various kinds of animals you can see in Saba. Here you will see the eclectic mixture of flora and fauna and delicious fruit, including bananas and mangoes. It is also homes to many species of birds; most of them are seabirds. Exploring things is adventurous in itself; we get to live our lives in a very different and amazing manner. City parks, marine life, museums, and mountains in Sab also attracts many tourists to revisit this place.,

City Parks

  • Saba Conservation Foundation ( Netherlands)
  • Upper Zion's Hill' ( Caribbean Netherlands)
  • Independence Square (Caribbean)

National Parks

  • Saba National Park (Caribbean)
  • Mt Scenery Trail (Caribbean)
  • Quill National Park (Caribbean)
  • Boven National Park (Caribbean)


  • Well's Bay Beach (Dutch Caribbean)
  • Cove Bay Beach (Dutch Caribbean)
  • Duck's Beach (Saint Martin)
  • Crocus Bay Beach (Anguilla)


  • Saba, The Unspoiled Queen
  • Tent Reef Wall
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • Shark Shoal
Inside the Sacred Heart Church in Saba


  • Yoga Guy Movie Exhibit
  • Maj Osmar Simmons Museum (Windwardside)
  • Tourist Office Museum (Netherlands)


Saba has numerous restaurants, and they offer fine dining experiences at a very affordable price. The coffee house is also a very famous and refreshing spot to spend some quality time with your friends. Here you will get so many traditional restaurants that will serve you with so many traditional cuisines. Windwardside is the place where many of the island's restaurants are present. Brigadoon is the best restaurant on Saba, which offers lobster, steak, chicken, seafood, and pork dishes to die for. You will get to try something different and something really very delicious in Saba. You can visit local restaurants to try local Saba dishes and try to find out the amazing ingredients they use in their dishes to make them mouth-watering.


Bars and pubs are very famous in Saba, where you can enjoy drinking with your friends and family. Saba is a small island, so there are only a dozen or so bars and pubs, but they serve various beer and wines you can choose from. Because of a wide variety of selections, you will not get bored easily in Saba, from casual to fine dining. You will completely enjoy yourself in Saba if you visit this place during your vacation. Turkish coffee and Adani tea are also very famous in Saba's restaurants, and they are at the top of every restaurant's menu. Saba's regional drinks are its own rum that many local people love to enjoy every day, and many travelers also love to try.


Tap water is not at all safe in Saba as the island's water supply mostly comes from rain gathered on rooftop cisterns or a small desalination plant, so it's not safe to drink water directly from the tap. People, her suggest to drink either packed water or purchase bottled water. Visitors should be mindful of not taking long showers and baths for so long in any beach or river. Saba's local people also purchase a water bottle for drinking and cooking purposes, and you can only wash clothes and do domestic work with tap water here. You will get to see so many water bodies here, but they all are not safe for you to drink water from them. Try to avoid drinking tap water here because of so many impurities present in them.


Saba provides you with top attraction places to visit and do adventurous things and activities with your loved ones. Here you will get to so many national parks with so many flora and fauna species, and it is also home to many birds species. You can go scuba diving; also, many people who love to go underwater come here to fulfill their dream. Saba is one of the best and finest diving and snorkeling destinations. Apart from doing adventurous things, you can spend some quality and peaceful time on the beaches of Saba island with your loved ones. A must-visit and family-friendly place in the world during your vacations.


It is a tiny island with only 12 kilometers square; therefore, there is not much tourism. However, there are accommodation options available of different categories, but to a limited extent; therefore, you can have a variety of accommodation options. There is only one result on this island which welcomes the tourist. The results are those accommodation options which offer excellent facilities such as large rooms with a private swimming pool and a lot of other things. These results are very costly; therefore, everyone cannot afford them. There are many different accommodation options available for those who do not want to spend much on these accommodation options. There are no villas and other accommodation options that can offer you a premium lifestyle the reason behind it are the size and the population of this island. The accommodation option includes hotels. There are only hotels available on this small island that provides a room that can be booked for hours. These are best if you want to reject function or visit this island for a day that stopped other hotels, including level up from necessary facilities at reasonable charges. Hotels are best for those who want to stay here for a week or two causes the rent of the hotel's rent is calculated, but they are per night. There are green hotels which are also available for accommodation. Green hotels are those hotels that are excellent in preserving nature while serving their customers. There are hostels available on this island, but these are limited to only 3 to 5 hostels. Hostels are best for those who are visiting the city alone. There is only one guesthouse because not many travelers travel here with a large group and use guest houses as their accommodation option. There are limited apartments in this island because most of the tourist prefers hotels. A few who visit this city stay for a longer time to visit this island for a longer time.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are usually certified by the government or any third party and obtain a green certificate. Green hotels are mainly known for their eco-friendly measures to protect the environment and serve their customers the best possible. Green hotels do not create much pollution and also believe in recycling. There are a lot of things which you can see which are made up of recycled items. Usually, green hotels have considerable guidance, which is maintained by the hotel itself. The customers if want to have a morning or an evening walk, they can use this garden. You can even use this garden for performing various activities such as yoga, meditation, some sports. Other than this, the towels and bed sheets are made up of natural materials such as cotton, which does not create any skin infection or allergic reaction. Even the cosmetics such as body wash, body gel, shampoo, and other such cosmetics are made without using harmful chemicals or fewer chemicals. Green hotels, also known as eco-hotels, create less pollution and consume fewer fossil fuels that are non-renewable sources of energy. Usually, the electricity which they use is generated by themselves through their solar power plants. These are the reasons why green hotels cost higher than ordinary hotels but are preferred by the customers.

Hostels and Guest Houses

As this is a small island, therefore there are few hostels available on this small island. Hostels are best for those who want to stay on this island for less duration and travel alone. Hostels have a lot of benefits, such as these are economical and save a lot of time. Other than this, these hostels are beneficial for those who are okay with the necessary facilities. The hostel can help you in increasing your social skills and can boost your confidence. As you will meet many people in hostels, you can learn many things about their nation and make them learn something about your country. There is always a kitchen you get in hostel rooms shared by you and your roommate. If your roommate is of a different nation, you can learn various new dishes in his country. You won’t feel bored here because there are a lot of things which you can do. There are two types of hostels student’s hostels and backpackers hostels. Student hostels are specially made for students and have specific time restrictions. These hostels have a kitchen where they get food at a particular time. These hostels are designed to make students disciplined. Next are the backpacker’s hostels. These are made for tourist who is traveling alone. Usually, backpacker’s tourists do not have much luggage, and they even do not stay in a city for a longer time. There are only one or two guesthouses present on this small island. The reason is that guesthouses are not easy to maintain and also it has very few customers who use it as an accommodation option. There is less tourism on this island and the ones who visit often come with family. Guesthouses are best for the ones who are accompanied by a large group.


Apartments are flats that are available on rent for some time. As the rent this calculated for a fixed time, these are best if you're staying longer. There are not many apartments present on this island, but the present ones are clean and hygienic. Some apartments are surrounded by trees and gardens where you can meet a lot of people living there. Along with this, there are many benefits of living in an apartment, including that I will get a well-maintained kitchen where you can cook your food or your favorite dish. Flats are best in providing privacy as there will be no one to disturb you, such as a servant, housekeeping, or any other person. You do not need to worry about the security you will get in these apartments because cameras and guards are placed all over the premises, ensuring every resident's safety. You can enjoy yourself with your loved ones and spend some time together. The rooms are spacious to relax when you do not have any plans to visit the island. You can even enjoy it a lot when it's raining as these apartments have a balcony from which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. There are few grocery stores and food markets which are present in different cities. You can purchase all the essential items from them.


Couch surfing is a free type of accommodation option in which the tourist from a foreign country stays at locals' house with them without giving them any money. This accommodation type is very rarely followed here because the hotels and other accommodation options are mostly preferred, and even the locals are not ready to accept tourists. Got something is not a reliable accommodation option because you will not get a host so quickly. Couchsurfing cannot expect anything from the host because sometimes he can even lend you a mattress to sleep, or if you’re lucky enough, you can get your room. Other than this, you must be aware of your things because you might not know how your host. Other than this, you can learn many things from the host about the island you are visiting. You can even have different cuisines if the host is ready to make you any local and traditional dishes. More to this, there are many other benefits of couch surfing, such as this option can help you by saving a lot of money. The local can help you every famous spot of that particular city.


Camping is an adventurous activity, along with an accommodation option. Times Bing is best for those who Love two also the night Sky. There are few finds which must be kept in mind while camping. The first thing you must keep in mind is the season, which means whether the season in which you’re camping is suitable for such activities. If you’re camping in summer, you must see many different types of insects in green grass. Therefore, you must pack your bags accordingly. Camping is a free accommodation option, but still, it requires some basic essential things which have to be purchased can sometimes stop the winters can be too harsh for camping, or if there is mild winter then you must have a source of heat restaurant using a bonfire is not recommended by us because that will create too much pollution. Therefore, there are electric heaters available that can be purchased and used as a source of heat.



Getting There and Moving Around

There are only two ways to reach this small island. As this is an Island, therefore, you can get here by cruise or a ferry ride. Other than this, there is only one airport, which is mainly connected with the Netherlands. So if you cannot take a direct flight to this island, you can reach Netherland, and from there, you can take a ferry ride or a flight. Between these two flights are more convenient.


There is only one airport on this island through which you can reach here. The name of the airport is Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, whose elevation is 60 feet. The airport of this country has the shortest runway in the entire work measuring only 400 meters. It is also the smallest airport in the airport. It is a beautiful airport with two sides connected with water. Not every plane can land here, especially the jet planes, because the runway is too short.

Aerial view of the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport


There is no international bus facility in this country because this is an island and has no bridges and highways connected. There are small intercity buses present in this country that can help you travel from one city to another. These buses are the same buses that can be used to move around in this country's towns. More to this, the charges of these buses are shallow. The buses are comfortable and a travel option where you can meet a lot of people.

Bus in Saba


There is no train present in this country, not even inter-city trains. The reason behind it is that this is a tiny island with a total area of 12 km2. The population of this country is deficient. Building a railway system and trains is very costly, and there will not be much revenue. Trains can help you save a lot of time, but they are required when the area is too vast.


Hitchhiking is a free type of travel in which a tourist or any other person asks the traveler for a free ride to the desired destination. Hitchhiking is nearly impossible in this city. The reason behind it is that most of the locals believe public buses as a mode of transportation. Hitchhiking cannot rely upon because sometimes it might take a longer time. You cannot use it if you want to visit to reach a place in a shorter time.


There is only one other way to reach here, which is by waterways. There are walking and cycling available, and you can visit almost all the tourist destinations on walking. You can purchase a second-hand cycle if you are living here for a longer time. These will help you to reduce your carbon footprints during your whole trip. These two can help you to remain fit and fine.

Sustainable Shopping

The sustainable product involved the production of those products which does not harm nature and helps in conservation. Sustainable effects are beneficial not only for human health but also for the environment. Mostly these products require human work and less use of machines. Therefore, it generates a lot of employment. Thus, it also benefits the start of society. Other than this, many other benefits of sustainable shopping, including these products, do not cost much. The second-hand product also comes under the category of sustainable products cause there are many benefits of buying sustainable or second-hand development. Second-hand products always cost lesser than everyday Products. The reason why these products cost higher is that second-hand products are those products which have been used by another person. It creates a source of income when any person is in an urgent need. There is only one problem with second-hand products: you must buy these products after checking them because it sometimes happens that the buyer refuses to pay or refined your amount back. Therefore, you must properly cheque the product and then only you should buy it. Certain clothes are made up of natural fabrics and even the dice, but I used to color them unnatural those clothes are known as equal or sustainable clothes. There are Organic food markets or grocery stores which serve only organic fruits and vegetables for the shop. If you are accommodating in such a place where you can cook your food, you must buy them. Other than this, there are some of these organic grocery stores which are present on this island.


Recycling means reusing. There are a lot of benefits to recycling, which involves that recycling eliminates a lot of waste. It removes the debris before sending the waste to landfills as the waste gets reduced through recycling, resulting in less pollution. More this, recycling saves the environment in a lot of ways. Firstly, the most recycled item is the paper. Recycling of paper reduces newspaper production; therefore, it finally reduces trees for paper production. Iron ore, a fossil fuel, is used to obtain tin and steel for different purposes. Recycling tin and steel will help us in less use of iron ore. These fossil fuels are obtained through mining, which is damage to the earth. Reduced use of fossil fuels causes less mining. There is a lot of furniture which is recycled by fixing the damaged part. It eliminates the use of woods, which are required in huge numbers to make different furniture. Along with this, the production requires other raw materials and resources to produce finished goods. Recycling results in less use of these resources and raw material; therefore, it is very beneficial for everyone. Recycled products generally cost lesser.


Waste is the item that cannot be used and not even by recycling them; therefore, you have to dump it. Dumping waste not in its respective place can cause a lot of pollution. Some people dump waste or polythene bags in water bodies. It leads to the choking of the drainage system, which eventually damages the drainage pipes. It also shows to tap water as these pollutants can cause harmful water. Waste can be of different types – solid, liquid, and gas. Solid can cause land and water pollution if dumped improperly. Liquid waste includes untreated water from various industries such as thermal industries, chemical industries, and radioactive industries where water is used as a coolant. If this wastewater is released directly to water bodies without treating it properly, it can cause damage to water, humans, and marine life. Gaseous waste involves smoke and other gases that are released from the chimneys of factories. Therefore, many countries have fixed laws related to waste management and these factories to maintain their ducts. There are two ways to treat landfills, which involves landfills and incineration centers. These two methods are linked with each other so that You can adequately treat waste. Other than this forestation, planting trees also helps tackle the gaseous waste as trees are good natural purifiers.

Work and Study Abroad

Even though this small island does not have much population, they still have its education pattern. This island comes under the governance of the Netherlands; therefore, they follow their education system. This country's education system is divided into four parts: primary, secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary. Primary education involves students with the age group starting with 6, and primary education ends when students reach 12 years. This school involves seven years. Later the students are sent to secondary education for further studies. There is a board known as Caribbean Secondary Education Board. You have to obtain a pass certificate from this board to pass secondary education. This education starts when the student reaches the age of 12 years and ends when he turns 18. Secondary education takes five years of duration. Post-Secondary education comes under CAPE, which stands for Caribbean Advanced Placement Examination. It is the final examination that needs to be passed to go for further studies. It has a duration of 2 years. Education on this island is compulsory for the age group between 6 and 18. As this is a small island, therefore, there is not much of the work present here. However, there are small organizations, education centers, various stores, guides, trainers, and such jobs if you need work. These jobs require different skills so that you can apply accordingly. You cannot earn a lot in this country because there are not many job options available. Therefore you have to go for these jobs which can help you to make a living.

Exchange Student

A university in this country has established relations with the Netherlands, and it sponsors students to study in these colleges. There is only one problem: the university with access to this program is a medical university; therefore, only medical students can access it. More this, there are certain benefits of this program, such as boosting a student's confidence. It helps in increasing the social skills of the person. More to this, the university only has access to some of the countries. It is a good program.

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays with the local's family and has a designated work. The work is to take care of the child. It would be best if you did not confuse it with the job because it works, as it does not involve salary. Other than this job is not at all available in this country. This country's population is already significantly less, and those present in this country have females as housewives.


Volunteering involves working out of your own will or hobby for free. Volunteering can help you to remain busy and to be away from other distractions. There are very few organizations that are ready to volunteering. In general, you volunteer for social work, which helps you to become a particular person. You can contact these organizations if you want to volunteer.

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