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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saint-Barthélemy advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saint-Barthélemy, Caribbean, North America.


  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $50
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $200

Responsible Travel

This is an island country located in the Caribbean and is an overseas collectivity of France. The total area of this island is 25 square kilometers, with a total population of just 9961. The currency accepted here is the euro, and the capital of this country is Gustavia, which is also the largest city. The first colony to establish here was in 1648. International investment and wealth, which tourists generate, state how much high the living standard on this island is. Around a major part of the food in this country is imported from either US or France. The tourism in this country is around 200000 tourists per yes. There are a total of 25 hotels in this country which are built in a French Manor. There are three-star, four-star, and four-star Lux types of hotels in this country. There are resorts and private villas available on rent, and around 400 after the last are registered. This country has volcanic and drives parents, which makes it difficult to grow fruits and vegetables. However, this country's future president still grows pineapples, salt, bananas, vegetables, and sweet potatoes for a long time. The most popular sport on this island is rugby. You can also do Yachting. Interference that is present is generally arid. However, the island's eastern part Greener because of the high amount of rainfall that it receives. Some of the surveys revealed around 700 indigenous species of plants, including sea grapes, palm trees, common man grooves, and shrubs. The Fauna of this island has many Dolphins, porpoises, and Whales. The category of birds there is Brown Pelican president on the shores with magnificent frigatebirds. Marine life consists of urchins, sea cucumbers, eels, and anemones.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Saint Barthelemy is moderate. That means it is not that bad for normal people, but it may cause minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure to sensitive people. Here, local governments also implemented tighter vehicle emissions' norms, higher penalties for burning rubbish, and better road dust control. Here you will get to see more green parks as people are planting more trees to reduce pollution. Soon in Saint Barthelemy, air quality will increase, and it will be safe for all to visit the place with their loved ones. The island has such a nice and amazing clean place to visit in Saint Barthelemy with your family and friends during your tour.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Saint Barthelemy is similar to other places only. The people of Saint Barthelemy are conservative and proud of their ancestry. Tradition and culture of Saint Barthelemy occur in the great moments of family life: birth, baptism, First Communion, engagement, marriage, or funeral. And people who visit Saint Barthelemy should respect people, their culture, and sentiments. They are very nice people, and they will try to build connections with you by inviting you to their family functions and dinner parties. You will feel connected with your own family by meeting them and by joining them throughout your journey. It is your responsibility to respect every culture when you visit that place, such an amazing and nice place to visit. You can help local people here by not causes any pollution and keeping the place clean and green.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Saline Beach (Dutch southern part of the island, Saint Barthélemy): Along the southern coast of the island, the secluded Saline Beach (also known as Grand Saline) is one of the most beautiful sandy and sea beaches of St. Barth and one of the best in the Caribbean. From the parking lot, you climb and climb the hill to reach this sheltered cove, and as soon as you emerge from the dunes, the water beckons in shades of turquoise, teal, and cobalt blue. A sweep of white sand is great for sunbathing, but bring an umbrella if you want shade.

When the wind picks up, surfers enjoy the waves here. After a morning swim on the beach, you can dine at one of the two restaurants near the car park.

  • Gustavia (southernmost part of the island, Saint Barthélemy ):Gustavia, the red-winged capital of St. Barth, is a small port city and the best shopping destination in St. Barth. Chic boutiques, duty-free shops, and art galleries line the streets, luring passengers disembarking from the many cruise ships they call here, while fine dining restaurants offer mouth-watering French cuisine. The city wraps itself in a U-shape around the harbor, where village fishing boats bob alongside mega yachts. For beautiful scenery, visit Fort Gustav's ruins or head to the top of the 29-meter hill for Shell Beach among the few remaining stone walls ofFort Karl.
  • Saint Jean (Caribbean , Saint Barthélemy ) : The village of Saint-Jean is a popular tourist area outside of Gustavia, with good restaurants, marketplaces, and boutiques. Only small planes are accommodated here and only during the day. Most flights serving the island originate from St. Martin / St Maarten. Saint Jean Bay Beach, a delightful crescent of white sand, boasts excellent swimming and natural coral reef. The hotel is located close to locals and day trips from nearby Saint-Martin. This is an ideal place for parents with children. Several watersports centers rent snorkeling equipment, surfboards, windsurfers, and other beach toys.
  • Lorient (northern part of the island, Saint Barthélemy): Near saint – jean, there is a charming Lorient village you can see a 19th-century Catholic church, several shops, and a fantastic surf beach. Built from local stone, carved to size by women, the Church of Lorient uses conch shells as sacred ponds. The far end of Lorient Beach has cliff waves, which are the main surfing waters.
  • Corossol (northwestern part of the island) : Along the western shores of the island, the gable fishing village of Corossol is sometimes called the "thatched village" because of women from established island families who create straw hats and handicrafts from palm leaves. The older women speak the old Norman dialect and wear a traditional dress style with starched white sunbeams called Quichotte's. One of the main attractions here is the Inter Oceans Museum, with over 9000 shells. The calm watersCorossol Beach is a port of call for the local fisherman.
  • Fort Gustav ( Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy ): Remains of the 18th century Fort Gustav include the ruins of stone ramparts, a clockwork, part of an old brick bakery, cannons, and a powder house. Recognizable as a red and white lighthouse that was built on-site in 1961, the fort is one of the best vantage points for exploring the harbor.
  • Snorkeling and diving at ( Saint Barthélemy Nature Reserve) : The Saint Barthélemy Nature Reserve is a marine reserve divided into five distinct zones around the island to preserve fragile marine ecosystems. Many of the island's best dive sites are within the nature reserve, marked with white buoys. Divers and snorkellers can see turtles, spotted eagle rays and reef sharks, as well as many colorful coral species. Kayali is a superb dive to a depth of 30 meters where lobsters, shells, and extensive schools of tropical fish can be found. Diving and all types of fishing are prohibited in specially protected areas of the reserve.
  • Flamands Beach ( de Flamands, Saint-Barthélemy) : Flamands Beach is the widest beach on the island and also one of its most beautiful. Fishers often throw their nets here, and it is a great beach to swim when the sea is calm. The Flemings are one of the few beaches on Saint Barth with a touch, so you don't have to pull out your umbrella here.

There are several hotels here, including the luxurious Cheval Blanc St.-Barth Isle de France, one of the most exclusive hotels in St. Barth.

  • Gouverneur beach (Saint Barthélemy ): On the island's southern shore, Gouverneur Beach is a secluded curve of soft white sand, underpinned by green hills. This beautiful beach is a beloved island but still feels pristine and private, and the water is generally calm and great for swimming. Unlike some other beaches, the parking is next to the sand, although it is quite small. Those who prefer shade should have a beach umbrella.
  • Colombier Beach ( Saint Barthélemy ) : The pristine Colombier Beach, at the tip of the island, is only accessible by boat or half an hour along the goat path. Also called "Rockefeller Beach" because, over the years, David Rockefeller owned the surrounding property, it is a popular picnic spot with locals. You won't find any amenities here, so bring your food and drinks and wear sturdy shoes if you walk. Free berths are available here for beach lovers arriving by boat.


Saint-Barthélemy is the smallest and the most amazing island of the French West Indies. This delicate, precious jewel of an island feels worlds away from big-city bustle—the opportunity to live life at nature's pace is one of St. Barth's most precious commodities. Swim with turtles, dive from the cliffs, surf the turquoise waves, put the yacht at anchor, and enjoy delicious food. There are more such places to visit and do fun during holidays to Saint Barthelemy. You can visit this place any time of the month or at any time of the year. Exploring the place will also help you reach the best place to see and the best place to eat and drink. Saint Barthelemy has the best scenery you will watch and can make tons of memories, and it will also help you learn better things about the place. Nice place with nice people to visit and explore the place to help you find the best place to explore. You can try to explore more and more places to know the island much better.

City Parks

You will not get to see any city parks, but nearby you will get some city parks to enjoy picnics with your family. You can take your vehicle to travel to nearby places to visit amazing and beautiful city parks. To spend some quality time with your loved ones in eye-catchy parks, you can do long drives to parks also. Even though you will not get any city parks here, you will see a lot of greenery here. You can explore many city parks to find the best place to see the place's best scenery, and you can capture the best scenes on your camera and create memories for a lifetime.

National Parks

Saint Barthelemy has no such national parks for you to visit and see the natural scenery, wild animals, and different floras varieties. You can visit nearby national parks if you actually love to visit national parks and see amazing natural beauty. Nearby national parks have so many varieties of flora and fauna that attracts many tourists also. Visiting national parks will also help you gain some knowledge about animals and plants' wild species. National parks are also very famous here nearby to visit with your family and loved ones. National parks are an amazing place to know more about wildlife, and you can visit so many that are available near Saint Barthelemy.


  • Marigot Beach
  • Petit Cul de Sac Beach
  • Toiny Coast
  • Shell Beach
Marigot Beach


  • Fort Karl
  • Corossol
  • Swedish Clock Tower
  • Gustavia lighthouse
Gustavia lighthouse


  • St. Barth Municipal Museum (Musée Municipal de Museum)
  • Wall House Museum
  • Inter Oceans Museum
  • Pati's Gallery
  • Kalina's & Tainos


The island has more than 70 restaurants serving many traditional and non-traditional dishes. Others are many gourmet restaurants; many of the finest restaurants are located in the hotels. You will get some snack restaurants that the French call "fewer snacks" o less petit creux," which includelessndwiches, pizzas, and salads. West Indian cuisine, steamed vegetables with fresh fish is common here; Creole dishes tend to be spicier. The island hosts gastronomic events throughout the year, with dishes such as spring roll of shrimp and bacon, fresh grilled lobster, Chinese noodle salad with coconut milk, grilled beef fillet, etc. You can also try the best traditional restaurants to try the best traditional and local foods and drinks once you visit Saint Barthelemy.


In Saint Barthelemy, you will get amazing bars and pubs to enjoy your day, night, and also your cocktail party. One of the best is described here for you to join the kitchen of Le Quarter Kitchen & Cocktail Lab, make an immediate left, and wait for another door to buzz open. Now, step inside to the clandestine and intimate Rhum Room, a sacred space handled by a single bartender and comprised of a handsome bar with five high-top seats, two tables, and shelved walls lined with 824 bottles of rum and counting—that's enough to constitute the fifth largest rum collection in the world, including the complete global collection of rhums agricoles (French Caribbean rum). Live out every rum cocktail fantasy imaginable, from a passion fruit daiquiri to homemade banana rum on the rocks (or rock, shall we say, as it's served over a single, large coconut water ice square.) Also, consider a rhum tasting through curated flights that span decades and countries.


The tap water of this country is not fit for drinking; therefore, if you want to consume it Directly, you must already boil the water and cool it to drink straight. It is because water treatment plants are inefficient in providing clean tap water. Other than this, they might provide pure water. Still, the problem lies with the water distribution pipelines. The improper maintenance of these pipes leads to the junking of these pipes through which water is sent to the residential and industries. There are drinking water taps placed almost in every tourist place so that tourists who have their water bottle can refill it from there. It eliminates the use of bottled water, which will eventually increase your plastic consumption during your trip, and it will be costlier for you. As it has the ocean as a source of water, there are desalination plants. A desalination plant is the water treatment plant in which water evaporates, releasing the salt content. The evaporated water is later collected through condensation and is sent to further purification. More to this desalination is a process of removing the salt content from the water. If you're living in an apartment, then you can use a reverse osmosis filter to purify the tap water because installing a water Purifier will be too much costly and requires high maintenance or high repairing charges if broken. Though there are less pollute water and most contamination, they release chemical water directly into the water bodies without treating them properly. One of the primary sources of fresh water is rainwater; therefore, there are tanks and reservoirs to collect rainwater. More this, they usually practiced rainwater harvesting to lessen the use of surface water. It is a request that you should not use wastewater as it is precious for us, and wastage can lead to severe consequences.


Activities are those tasks which we do out of our hobby. Activities give us joy as well as experience is all different things. It never let us get bored. There are a lot of things or activities which you can perform in this country. Starting with water as it is an island country, this country's borders are connected with water, which eventually forms beaches. One of the best activities rich anyone performs on these beaches is relaxing. Beaches are the best place to relax. Another activity you can do on beaches involves sunbathing, which can help you enrich your body with Vitamin D, making your bone stronger and can cure skin-related issues such as infection, allergy, or rashes. Too much sunbathing can be dangerous for the body as it can call sunburn; therefore, you must apply sunscreen. As an exercise, you can walk on these beaches because walking on the beaches is considered a better workout than walking on a concrete track because you have to move your legs through the sand. There are other water sports activities such as kayaking, water surfing, windsurfing, which can also be performed here at a particular cost. There are also trekking tours which are organized in this country. It involves walking and discovering jungle and mountains and camping there at night. It is the best way of exploring and exercising. You can also meet many people here so no worries, even if you are traveling alone, you can enjoy yourself a lot here. Parachuting is also a good activity that can be performed here if you do not fear height. These activities can provide you with many good experiences and memories during your trip to this island country.


It is a country with less area, and this country has a fair tourism rate; therefore, there are many accommodation options available for the tourists. The category of resorts, which are mostly present here, is the beach resorts and eco-resorts. Beach resorts are those resorts that are placed near the beaches or near any water body. Resorts are known for the premium facilities which are provided to the customers. These are very much expensive; therefore, they are not afforded by everyone. An eco-resort is a resort that is surrounded by trees. While providing some premium facilities to their customers, they often maintain their eco-friendly measures not to harm nature. More than this, 400 private villas are available on rent. These villas are spacious bungalow types with swimming pools, laundry services, and generally, These costs higher than resorts. Other than this, there are hotel rooms available and are mostly preferred by the tourist. The reason behind it is that these often come with various facilities and charges towards the customer; therefore, different tourists choose different types of rooms. Even one hotel can provide you different t types of rooms, which may vary in facilities, services, space, and charges. These hotels are best if you want to stay for a shorter duration, and for the ones who want to stay here for a more extended period, some apartments are also available for rent. There are hostel rooms available for those who do not want much of the facilities and are happy in fewer facilities.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are certified by the government and have a green certificate. They can use this certificate to attract tourists towards their side. They are superior to ordinary hotels because they also think of nature while serving their customers. Some of the facilities involve the laundry or room cleaning staff using a cleanser free from harmful or toxic chemicals. These poisonous chemicals mixed with floor cleaners and others create a very unhealthy environment and foul smell, making it difficult to stay in that room for the time smell comes. These chemical-free cleaners have a good smell and provide freshness to the body without adding any scent. These will also not cause any damage to the kids who crawl on the floor. Other than this, the food which they give is made up of organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are those items that are grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, or any other chemicals. These are available in very few stores and do not go through the harsh treatment of polishing or making fruits and vegetables attractive; therefore, they might not look appealing but healthier. Dishes made from these fruits and vegetables are slightly costlier than everyday words, but many tourists prefer them.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are the rooms that are available on rent, and there are backpacker hostels that are also available in this country. Backpacker hostels are those hostels that are mainly built for backpackers. Backpackers are those tourists who generally travel alone and have all their essential teems packed in only one bag. These people do not stay in one place for a long time; therefore, they are always searching for a budget-friendly accommodation option. These guesthouses offer shared rooms, which are generally shared by two or more people so you can get good company here. Other than this, you can roam or perform various activities together. However, you may not get privacy here because you and your roommate will share the room. Other than this, there are other problems, such as hygiene problems because many hostels have shared bathrooms. You must be careful about your belongings because you will have to share your room with another person who can be a robber or a thief. These hostel rooms are budget-friendly and offer complementary services.


Some apartments are available on rent. Apartments are flats that are available on rent. These apartments are best in providing complete privacy so that you can enjoy your trip with your loved ones. Other than this, there will be no one to disturb you to want various things. These apartments also have a kitchen where you can cook your food instead of spending n cafes and restaurants. Even some of the diners do not maintain hygiene standards, which can be harmful to your health; therefore, it is good that you cook by yourself. There are flea markets and grocery stores where you can bring essential fruits and vegetables to cook in these apartments. These apartments provide you with better security as it has guards and cameras.


There are many benefits of couch surfing: this is a free type of accommodation option. Therefore, you can save a lot of money. You can get a free guide if the host is ready to help you to explore the city in detail. Other than this, he can also tell you a lot of things about the country, such as famous tourist spots, cultural festivals, and various money-saving tips. He can also help you to learn about multiple minor scams that happen with tourists. Other than this, there are specific points that you should keep in mind while couch surfing. It is not a reliable accommodation option because it happens that the host might cancel the meeting at the very end. You must have a backup ready with you. You must not expect anything from the host, especially for sleeping because that depends on the tourist he can give you a mattress to sleep or even your room. It would be best if you were alerted because you will not know how your host is. Couch surfing makes you dependent that too on a stranger.


Camping is an adventurous activity that involves sleeping in the night sky. There are specific points which you must keep in mind. Camping depends on the weather; therefore, you must camp in good weather. It would be best if you did not camp in bad weather as it will lead to storm and some serious issues. More this, camping during summer in day time can cause sunburnt on your skin; therefore, you must find adequate shelter in daylight. Besides this, camping is very expensive because a tent and other essential items cost too much. Thus there are significantly fewer campgrounds; however, beaches are available for camping. These are the reasons and precautions that you must take while camping. Camping is better on beaches or hilly areas rather than campgrounds, and you must camp there.


Map of Saint-Barthélemy


  • Gustavia — the capital city, built around a colorful rectangular harbor lined with one and two story shops and restaurants.

Getting There and Moving Around

There are a total of 5 airports in this country which enable good connections with European countries. Asian countries have to take a flight to the nearest land and take a flight to reach here. Other ways include waterways such as cruise ships or ferry ride. There are walking, cycling, cab and taxis out of which walking and cycling are the best way to move around for moving around.


The air connections of this country are limited to European countries, so if you live in a European country, it might not be a problem. But if you live in an Asian country, you have to take an indirect flight to reach here. Flights are the convenient and best way to travel. They can help you to reach your destination in a brief period.

Airport Saint Barthélemy


There are intercity and local buses. Intercity buses are those buses that help a person to travel from one city to another. Local buses have their reach in the town and allow everyone to move around. There are two types of local buses – day buses and night buses. These two buses operate at different timings. While using a local bus, you can meet many locals who might be traveling with you. These buses do not cost much and are comfortable to move around or to travel intercity.


Trains are one of the most convenient ways to travel from one city to another. There are different types of trains depending on size, shape, or speed. Usually, trains do not cost much money. They can help you to reach your destination in a short period. There are no trains in this country, not even to travel intercity.


Hitchhiking is the most budget-friendly way to move around as you do not have to pay the person who gave you a lift. By this method, you can even meet a local, and they can also get a company during their trip. It can also help you get to those places where even public transport is not available. You can learn many things about the place you want to visit and the local people living there. Hitchhiking sometimes can take a lot of time as the locals prefer to use buses to move around.


The only other way to reach here is by water, so you must note that you can quickly get here through waters only if you are present in the nearby countries. Other than this, the waterways will not be able to help you to get here. To move around in this country, you can try out walking, which can help you save a lot of money and save a lot of time. There are bicycles which are available on rent you can use them to move around in this. Other than this, you can even purchase a second-hand cycle if you are planning to stay for longer.

Boats in the island

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for those products which are sustainable and protects the environment. These foods and other products have less use of fewer chemicals, pesticides which may harm food and wildlife. It involves many plant products and a natural source of energy instead of fossil fuels. These products support health a lot as the food, and other products are made up of natural ingredients and less harmful chemicals that can damage health. The production of these products creates a lot of employment and supports local businesses. Therefore always doing any work in moderation and in a sustainable manner, we can prevent deterioration of resources and save them for future use. This will definitely lead to a better future for the next generation as well as our nature.


Recycling means reusing. It is very beneficial as it saves a lot of waste sent in landfills and incinerators for decomposing. It helps in the protection of environments such as timber, water, and other precious minerals. Many of the industries cause pollution because of their carelessness, and recycling saves a lot of pollution as it reduces the amount of raw material that is to be used. Recycling saves a lot of energy. Recycling is the major source of regeneration of reusable products that are not harmful to nature. Therefore every individual should take the initiative and use recycling methods to contribute to the environment.


Waste is something that cannot be used and needs to be decomposed. Ut of this waste, organic waste is used to make fertilizers. Waste consumes a lot of land in the form of landfills. Some of the trash can be harmful such as chemical, medical, and radioactive waste; therefore, they must be adequately treated. The waste management policies of this country are efficient enough to make this country clean and tidy. Waste can lead to severe diseases and illness, which can be fatal in later years of your life if not taken care of.

Work and Study Abroad

There is a total of five schools. Till 2008 there was no high school in this country. In 2008 a college opened, which provides standard educational programs to the student. There are not many job options available in this country. There are jobs which can help you to earn a small amount of money. These jobs include waiter, executive, guide, or other such jobs. Developed nations usually have a well-oriented education system and therefore focus more on your practical skills and improve your abilities to excel in life.

Exchange Student

It is an excellent program as it helps a student become adaptable to specific changes around him so that if he has to go for a job outside, he can very well go. It is a free education program where the education fees will be sponsored by the college who sent you. You only have to pay for living and spending there. Every university that has access to this program always takes an entrance test. There is no such university that facilitates this progra.

Au Pair

An Au pair is the best and cheapest way to live in any foreign country until you want. It has a work assigned to taking care of the child of the facility who has sheltered you. Other than this, it can help you To improve your language and way of speaking. It can help you to become independent. You can present your demands in front of the family who is going to hire you. You can learn a lot of things, especially the culture of that place.


Volunteering is any work that we do out of our hobby or will. It boosts the self-confidence of a person. It provides excellent satisfaction to the body because whatever you do is out of your choice. You cannot charge for what you are volunteering for. Other than this, volunteering helps a person to remain healthy.

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