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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean, North America.

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  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 1.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 0 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 2.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.75 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20- $400
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500

Responsible Travel

It is simply known as Saint Vincent, which is an island country in the Caribbean. It lies on the Southeastern side of the windward island. This island country's total area is 369 kilometres square, consisting of one main island Saint Vincent, grenadines, and other 32 smaller islands. It is a densely populated island country—the capital and the largest city are Kingstown. The official language is English, and the vernacular language is Vincentian Creole. Talking about the religion, according to the investigation which happened in 2012, it is stated that around 82.1% is Cristian, 7.5% do not have any relifaith6% have other religion and rest are unspecified. Out of the total population, 66% are black Africans, 19% are mixed, 6% are Indian, 4% are European, and the rest are others. The total population of this country is 110211, which makes it the 39th Most populated country. The currency is East Caribbean dollar. The first one to reach here was Christopher Columbus, who named it as Saint Vincent. This island became famous and was exposed to the country and visitors and investors after the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This increased tourism leads to vigorous activities in the construction centre which improved Buddhism. Talking about transportation, it has a new International Airport which replaced the old and existing International Airport. Cricket, rugby, and football are the most popular sports played among men, and the sport which is the most popular among women is netball. This country hosts a prime Football League known as NLAPremier League. Big drums, soca, steel pan, calypso, reggae R the instruments used in this country's music. The national anthem of this country is Saint Vincent, the land so beautiful. It was adopted after independence in 1979. This country does not have any official armed forces. However, the police service has a particular unit and a militia, which forms are supporting role. This country has a lot of air pollution due to its dense population and different construction sites, which creates a lot of pollution. Therefore please must not make much of the corruption as it will damage not inly you and your respiratory problems and affect others. Breathing polluted water can cause a lot of harm to the body and wildlife also. It is a request that the total days you are present there, you should plant a tree.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is moderately unsafe. Sensitive people here need to take extra care of themselves; travellers must carry their essentials with them. Pollution from pleasure yachts and other sources has seriously affected the Grenadines' major islands' eastern shorelines. Everyone here is taking some or other necessary steps to lower air pollution and increase air quality. The central highlands of St. Vincent also have been set aside as a natural preservation area for nesting of the St. Vincent parrot, the St. Vincent wren, and the St. Vincent solitaire, all endangered or rare species to protect them. It would help if you tried to help people there when you visit Saint Vincent and The Grenadines by keeping it clean and not throwing or doing anything against cleaning rules.

Respect the Culture

The population of the nation in 1991 describes themselves as African/Negro/Black 17,501 as mixed 3,341 as Amerindian/Carib 1,477 as East Indian 511 as Portuguese, 982 as white, and 140 described themselves as "other. As you can see here, the population is mixed, and even after that, they respect each other and each other's sentiments and religions; they celebrate festivals together. The main festivals celebrated in St. Vincent, and the Grenadines include Nine Mornings and Vincy Mas, along with several regattas; you can also join them; they will welcome you full-heartedly. Here people are so kind that they will help you explore every place in detail and find the best places to eat, drink, and stay.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Bequia: The second-largest grenadine, the charming Bequia (pronounced "Beck Way"), is a popular yachting destination with a rich whaling history. Lush hills dotted with bougainvillaea fall onto beaches and boat-drenched bays. The island is also known for being safe and friendly. Port Elizabeth on Admiralty Bay is the main commercial centre on Bequia. The path runs along the coastline on the south side of the city, passing by restaurants and shops. Stop by the Bequia Maritime Museum to learn a little about the history of the island. At the southern end of Port Elizabeth, the trail leads to Princess Margaret Beach's slight rise. Lower Bay, this is another stretch of golden sand with great snorkelling.
  • Scuba diving and sailing in Tobago: In the southern Grenadines, Tobago Case spans five small uninhabited islands currently a key feature of the Tobago Case Marine Park. Guarded by reefs, the beaches offer calm, clear waters for swimming and snorkelling, and the surrounding coral gardens are rich in marine life. Snorkelers and divers can see sea turtles and stingrays, barracudas, and schools of reef fish. Many boaters anchor here to fish in the crystal clear waters and bask on the beaches. For those who love scuba diving, this place is best for them to visit at least once; you will visit again after that.
  • Petit St. Vincent: Petit Saint Vincent is a tropical fantasy. Also known as PSV, this private island is home to the Petit St. Vincent Resort, one of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean, where guests settle in secluded oceanfront villas dotted around the slopes and bays. To keep the island calm, there are no telephones or TVs in the villas. Instead, coloured flags convey messages to the attentive staff. The resort covers the entire island and belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World portfolio. A must-visit place with your family and friends during your trip to Saint Vincent and Grenadines.
  • Palm Island: Palm Island is a small stretch of paradise. Home to Palm Island Resort & Spa and a sprinkling of holiday villas, this beautiful island is named after the abundant coconut trees planted by the resort's former owners. Five white-sand beaches bordering the coast, with excellent snorkelling, located right on the shore in translucent turquoise waters. The island has a small airport and is also just a short boat ride from Union Island. You will get to an amazing view here that will make you capture the images in your cameras. Try to capture all the views and various species of animals, birds, and faunas to create a memory for you for a lifetime.
  • Salt Uist Bay, Myrow: Accessible only by boat, Miro is a tiny island just 2.5 square kilometres with one of the most beautiful bays in the Caribbean, Salt Whistle Bay. The bay is a popular yacht destination, and its white-sand beach palm arch is perfect for sunbathing. Baths. Several local vendors sell souvenirs and snacks along the beach. The island's only road leads uphill from the beach to a small village with spectacular ocean views and Tobago Cays. Most visitors arrive at the dock at Saline Bay. Most amazing and must-visit place in Saint Vincent and Grenadines either you can visit with your family, or alone also you can explore such an amazing place.
  • La Soufrière Volcano Walking Tour: One of the popular things to visit on the island of Saint Vincent is an excursion to the La Soufrière volcano (not to be confused with La Grande Soufrière in Guadeloupe). Rising 1,234 meters above sea level, La Soufriere is Saint Vincent's highest peak. It is still active, with the last one in 1979, thankfully without fatalities. You can climb the leeward trail (six to eight hours round trip) or the lighter and more popular windward trail (three to four hours round trip) to get to the crater. Along the way, you will learn about uniquely adapted plants and animals and see the rainforest, cloud forest, and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Once at the top, you will also have the opportunity to explore the crater.
  • Mustique: Exclusive Mustique is a private island and playground for celebrities, rock stars, and the rich. With its own airport and shared store, this five-kilometre island is home to many private villas and two luxury hotels: Firefly Mustique and The Cotton House. Coral reefs only lure offshore, and the island's white-sand beaches provide excellent swimming and snorkelling opportunities. Macaroni Beach is a favourite. Many celebs come here on this island to spend their holidays, and they love to come here away from their daily busy schedule. It would help if you visited this place during your trip to Saint Vincent and Grenadines and make tons of memories.
  • Kingstown, Saint Vincent: Kingstown is the metropolitan and main shopping centre of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with cobbled streets, colonial buildings, and several tourist attractions. The city is famous for its churches. St. George's Anglican Cathedral, a Georgian-style structure from 1820, is decorated with stained glass, and in 1823, St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral has Gothic spires and Romanesque columns and arches. Another popular attraction is the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens, the oldest in the West Indies.

For great views of Kingstown and the surrounding islands, head to Fort Charlotte, high on a ridge north of town. If you're a nature lover, you can hike the popular Vermont Nature Trail, about 14 kilometres from Kingstown, and find the endemic Saint Parrot. Vincent.

  • Saint Vincent Botanical Gardens: Founded in 1765, Saint Vincent's delightful Botanical Gardens are the oldest in the West Indies. The gardens include 20 acres of native and exotic tropical plants and trees such as hibiscus, cinnamon, nutmeg, mahogany, palms, and breadfruit tree reputedly grown from seedlings brought to the island by Captain Bligh. Bird lovers can see the endemic Saint Vincent parrot in a small aviary on site. Location: Kingstown, Saint Vincent. The garden's refreshing environment will attract you, and its mesmerizing view will make you fall in love with this beautiful and gorgeous garden. You can bring your children also, as you will get a playground for them to play.
  • Leeward Scenic Drive: Carved along rocky peaks and scenic coastal stretches, the Leeward Road is a 40 km road from Kingstown to Richmond Beach, along the protected west coast of St. Vincent. The road passes through local villages, black sand beaches, coconut plantations, and some attractions. Along the way, Caribbean Rock has a carved face dating back to 600. Many travellers also stop at Barruallier, a small fishing village with a stone altar and petroglyphs. The tradition of hunting pilot whales is still in practice. The route ends near the black sands of Richmond Beach, a popular pool. You can see La Soufrière, an active volcano and the island's highest peak in the distance. From this coastline stretch, tours depart to Balein Falls, an 18-meter waterfall at the northwestern tip of Saint Vincent. Access to the falls is via boat or foot, as there are no roads in the area.
Petit St. Vincent private island consists of softly rolling hills and natural tropical woodland spread over 115 acres, surrounded mostly by two miles of white powdered sand beaches.


Saint Vincent and The Grenadines are famous for sharing the most gorgeous and eye-catchy sceneries in the [[Caribbean]]. You will get to see so many amazing places and there is so much to explore that you will leave with a full camera memory. It is also said that Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is heaven for boaters. You will also get to see the emerald volcanic islands stretches south towards Grenada, with lots of white sand beaches. Try to explore the islands more and more to find the best places to stay, for shopping, eating and capturing some amazing pictures. Try to be safe when you explore because, despite the relaxed atmosphere, crime, including mugging, is very common.

City Parks

  • Richland Park (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Walliabou Heritage Park (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Layou Petroglyph Park (Buccament)

National Parks

  • Owia Salt Pond National Park ( Owia)
  • The La Soufriere National Park (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Vermont nature trail and rain forest (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
The La Soufriere National Park


  • Questelles beach (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Mt. Wynne Beach (Rutland Vale)
  • Princess Margaret Beach (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Macaroni Beach (St. Vincent and Grenadines)
Princess Margaret Beach


  • Falls of Baleine (St. Vincent and Grenadines)
  • Fort Charlotte (Saint Vincent)
  • Owia Salt Pond (Owia)
  • Fort Duvernette (Caribbean Sea)


  • Bequia boat museum (Saint Vincent and Grenadines)
  • National Trust Museum (Saint Vincent)
  • Grenada National Museum (St. George's Grenada)
Grenada National Museum


The ingredients used in preparing the food are very fresh. Most of them grown on a small farm in St. Vincent. The sea food taken fresh from the sea by a local fisherman and sold straight to the chef just a couple of hours before it is cooked. Make sure to sample the National Dish comprising of fried Jackfish and roasted breadfruit, and wash it all down with a cool Hairoun Beer or a Sunset rum. All kind of fish are part of the cuisine. Cetaceans also are hunted, the most common being porpoises, killer whales, and pilot whales. You can also try traditional cafes and restaurants to try the best local dishes, and here local people will guide you to these traditional cafes and restaurants.


Drinking is big part of the local culture. Rum being the drink of choice is usually served before meals and on special occasions as well. Strong rum (70 per cent alcohol) is the Vincentian drink and is offered to all male guests. Women in Saint Vincent may have a beer, but usually, they do not drink strong alcohol. You can try other drinks also here according to your choice, and you can also have coffee and other drinks without alcohol. From restaurants to cafes to pubs and bars, there's a place for everyone to enjoy the drink of their choice. If you make acquaintance or friends with a local, they also might ask you for a drink or coffee.


Tap water from this country is not fit for drinking because sometimes it can cause severe problems, especially for those restrictive to specific changes. It is advised that you must purchase bottled water because it is double purified. The water is additionally filtered by these bottled water company which is claimed by them. The only problem with bottled water is that it comes in a plastic bottle that is non-biodegradable and needs to be decomposed. Even recycling centres refuse to take plastic bottles for recycling; therefore, it will increase your carbon footprints and waste for the place. More to this, plastic bottles, if calculated for a longer-term, then it will be costlier for you. It would help if you refilled an ordinary steel bottle from different accommodations like hotels, hostels, guesthouses, etc. However, you can use tap water for other purposes such as brushing, laundry, cleaning, or watering plants. You can consume tap water after boiling and straining it completely. The important thing which you must remember is that the cap of bottled water or beverages must be sealed before you take it. The primary source of fresh water in this country is surface water. There are many rivers and streams which increase the availability of surface-water. There is no scarcity of water in this country in Saint Vincent that will stop in grenadine. The primary source of freshwater is rainwater. No dance a present in this country; however, central water and sewage authority as storage tanks around the island can store up to 19836 cubic meters of water. There is a total of 47 tanks. The water in this country is very much polluted because many of the public close the garbage of waste in water bodies are drainages, which results in choking of this drainage system. The water pollution is so much that even, the water purification plants cannot treat them and make it efficient for drinking will stop. Still, the reasons include bored drainage or water supply pipes, which has many microorganisms and rust, making them unfit for drinking. There are a lot of other pollutants that are also present in this country that pollutes the water. As a responsible tourist, it is your duty that you should not create water pollution by any means.


People usually have a very specific stereotype of islands in their minds. Most of the people think of lounging in the sun, lazing around on the beach when they think of an island but that’s not the case. There is so much to do. Most of these activities involve water but not all. Some of the activities that you can enjoy are:

  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Volleyball
  • Jet Skiing


It is a country with a total area of 369 kilometres, making it suitable for different accommodation types. After the shooting of films The Pirate of the Caribbean,the tourism industry has expanded massively which means accommodation options have also diversified. There are different accommodation options available in this country, starting from the most luxurious resorts to the most budget-friendly options. If you have a well-planned budget and out of that budget you have planned to spend a lot on accommodation, then there are resorts available in this country. These resorts offer premium facilities such as fancy meals, a large spacious room with a private swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a television, room service, room cleaning, premium amenities for your use, and many other things. These obviously come with a hefty price tag. Therefore, they are not affordable for everyone. Other than that there are so many other options available, from boutique hotels, villas, apartments to private homes. Some of these are more environmentally friendly than others so as a responsible tourist while comfort should be a priority but the environmental impact your choice of accommodation will have should also be under consideration. There’s also something for everyone’s budget. A great way to avail special discounts and great deals will be to book in advance but that can prove to be difficult keeping the pandemic situation in mind and the ever changing plans.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from usual hotels because they have been certified by the government or any regulatory body working under the government for their eco-friendly measures while serving their customers. There are many benefits of staying in a green hotel, which includes that the dishes you get are entirely organic and made of full-time organic vegetables. Organic fruit and vegetables are those fruits and vegetables which does not have chemicals in it. These are grown naturally without adding any fertilizers and pesticides. These dishes are very much beneficial for health. The water which is used in these hotels is reused and retreated by there one water filtration plant. Green hotels help save nature as the rooms do not have air conditioners because air conditioners are the reason behind global warming. Even the electricity they consume is generated by their power plants, either using solar panels or windmills to generate electricity. These hotels cost slightly higher than ordinary hotels because of these facilities and maintenance of farms, reservoirs of water, and many others. Many tourists prefer green hotels over standard hotels because they consider their health and nature their top priority.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses are entirely different. There are backpackers as well as students hostel available in this country. Hostels are shared rooms available on rent, commonly shared by two or more people; therefore, these are the best combination options for those travelling alone. The hostels here provide complimentary breakfast facilities and necessary facilities such as water and electricity. There are many benefits of staying in and Postal, which involves that you will get a good company here as you can make a lot of friends who might be of a different nation. You can Learn a lot of things from those tourists such as the culture and the language. You can cook your food here as there is a kitchen but just provided in these rooms. You can learn different types of cuisines from your roommates. There are some limitations of hostels as well. Some of the hostels have shared bathrooms; therefore, it might be unhygienic as you might not know how your roommate is. Consequently, you must be careful of your belongings. It would help if you did not accommodate students' hostel because they have specific policies to make their students disciplined. You will not get privacy as the room which will get put to be shared by another person also. The guest house is a furniture semi-furnished house which is available on rent. It is best for those who are travelling with a large group and miss their home. You will get a kitchen also in the guest house.


Apartments are flat which are available on rent. There are different types of flats present: two bedrooms, one kitchen and one Hall or three bedrooms, one kitchen and one Hall. Apartments will provide privacy as the flat you will own on rent will be held by you, and there will be no one to disturb you so you can spend your time with family, friends. Other than these apartments help you become independent as you have to do all your work yourself. Many flats have supermarkets nearby where you can buy the essential food items and cook your food instead of bringing it from outside. Other than this, there are many other benefits of living in an apartment. You can meet a lot of other people in these apartments. Many apartments have gardens or parks that can be used for morning work, evening work, meditation, yoga or other sports activities. Some other facilities which these apartments provide are that the landlord will pay the maintenance or repair charges.


Couch surfing is an accommodation option in which a person stays with the local family without any charge. There are not much of the host present in this country because other accommodation options are affordable by most of the tourists. Couchsurfing makes you dependant on other people, especially the ones whom you don't know. Other than this, there are many benefits to staying with a host. You can see the country in detail and tell you about the additional money-saving tips and the local scams that can happen with many tourists. You must not rely entirely upon because out of these few hosts, and some have cancelled the meeting at a very end of time, which eventually created a lot of trouble for the couch surfer. Therefore, you must have a backup option ready.


Camping is an activity in which a person sleeps in a tent on an open campground or beaches or jungle. It is the best way to explore nature and stars because you will have a clear sky most of the time. Camping is a free accommodation option, but the tent and other essential items need to be purchased. There are few campgrounds in this country but many beaches where camping is very much possible and legally allowed. Camping is a temporary means of accommodation because after a time you will find it boring. This country has camping tours or trekking tours where you can meet a lot of people.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines regions map


  • Kingstown - the capital
  • Barrouallie
  • Chateaubelair
  • Georgetown

Getting There and Moving Around

Here are not many ways to reach here as it is an island and no land route connects it with other countries. There are only two main ways to come here, which include airways and waterways. There are six airports in this country that have access to some countries in the world. Other than this, you can also reach her by rivers such as a cruise or a ferry ride from the nearby countries. Other than this, there are a lot of ways to move around in this country.


There are six airports in this country that have access to some countries in this world. Therefore, these flights have a minimal reach. If you are living far away from this country, you have to reach here indirectly. Flights are the most convenient way to travel and saves a lot of time. The most crucial airport in this country is Argyle International Airport, which faces many tourists. This airport was opened for flights in 2017.

Argyle International Airpor


Therefore, as this is an island, there is no land route present in this country, connecting it with other countries. However, many buses can help you travel from one city to another. These buses are very much convenient and comfortable. These buses can help you to reach from one place to another in a brief period. However, you must note that you should enquire about the bus, whether that bus reaches your desired destination or not.


However, trains can cover long distances in a short period. There are different types of trains. Trains do not cost much and generally have a canteen in them. There are no trains, neither international nor intercity, because of geographical constraints and the size is compact. Another reason is that the locals prefer buses over any other public transport; therefore, trains would not generate much revenue.


Hitchhiking is a free type of travel option in which you ask any traveller to give you a free lift. It does not work every time because sometimes you might not get any travellers for a free ride. Different countries have different signs of hitchhike or help. It does not involve any amount. Usually, hitchhiking takes a lot of time.


There is only one another way to reach here: the waterways because this is an island. However, getting here by cruise or ferry is limited to some countries; therefore, only a few countries have access. Other than this, there are a lot of ways to move around the country. Out of these, walking and cycling are the two eco-friendly ways to travel, and it will also save a lot of your money. Other methods include buses which can help you to reach any place in a short period.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves buying those products which are sustainable and are beneficial for health. These products do not cost much, especially second-hand products that cost less than the original product. Food products which come under sustainable shopping involve grocery store which has organic fruits and vegetables. These organic fruits and vegetables are grown without fertilizers and pesticides. Other than this, many different products are sustainable and save the environment.


Recycling means reusing anything by giving it different shapes and sizes, which eventually changes the uses. Other than this, there are many recycling benefits, including eliminating a lot of waste and stopping pollution. Many things can be recycled, and out of this paper is the most item that is recycled. Out of this, recycling papers by converting them into newspaper saves many trees that are cut down to make paper. There are few of these recycling centres present in this country.


Waste is something that we cannot use further; therefore, it needs to be dumped. More to this, there is a lot of trash in this country. Waste that is kept open causes a lot of soil, water, and air pollution. Some of the waste gets eliminated by recycling, and some organic waste is used to make fertilizers, which reduces the amount of garbage. The leftover waste is sent to an incinerator, where it is decomposed using thermal energy.

Work and Study Abroad

There is not much of the work which is present here. It is already a densely populated country, as it is ranked 39th for its population. Therefore, you will not have many job options because many people are looking for jobs here. However, there are few jobs which can earn you some amount. These jobs include English speaking guides, linguists, babysitter, waiter, Puen and other such jobs.

Exchange Student

It is a program which helps a student to learn a lot of things abut different country which includes the culture and a lot of things. It is a program for those students who are ready to adapt to changes. It boosts the self-confidence of a student as well as helps to develop social skills. It helps a student to have a fresh start in a new institute with fresh friends and teachers. Few universities have a partnership with other colleges in other nearby countries.

Au Pair

It is a free type of accommodation in which you stay with the family. You still have the responsible work of taking care of their child to be given shelter and food. It does not involve an exchange of money. This type of work is rarely available in this country. However, after searching, you might get some family who is ready to have an AU Pair.


Few organizations are ready to have you as a volunteer because they need to expand the team. Many of the organizations have a work of cleaning the beaches and other tourist spots. Other than this, different organizations do many other volunteering works, such as helping jobless, homeless, and poor people. Some of the organizations even work for animals other than assisting humans. They provide them with food and shelter.

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