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Eco-friendly travel guide to Seattle advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

Seattle Skyline view from Queen Anne Hill. The Space Needle is visible on the left, the mountain in the background is Mount Rainier, on the right is the Port of Seattle on Puget Sound

  • Air quality: 2.75 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.6 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.25 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25- $1,200
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $1,500

Responsible Travel

Within this vibrant Emerald City, there's something for just about everyone. From hipsters walking baby carriages past aging mansions and the eccentric "Republic of Fremont to the quirky character of the Seattle Waterfront, it's a one-of-a-kind city with plenty neighborhoods with different attributes ranging from posh and down-to-earth to gritty, artsy, outdoorsy, urban, and eclectic.

Seattleites; the locals in this city, are known for being as friendly as they are hip, and no doubts, visiting Seattle is a must; should you desire to have an awesome experience of walkable neighborhoods, burgeoning coffee and craft beer scenes, and relaxing summers. When one speaks of Seattle, what probably comes to mind are Grey’s Anatomy, Starbucks, and rain but then, Seattle offers so much more than its clichés. However, as you'll be moving around, there are a few tips you can use to travel responsibly in this city;

  • Be mindful of your transportation choice. There's a handful of transport options you can use to get around the city and it's up to you to opt-in for one that suits you best. Nevertheless, even with these available options, the best way to reach a nearby destination is by walking. Expanded Light Rail system and new streetcars are in the works, the Light Rail is a cheap ride from downtown to the airport, and if you're traveling within the downtown core, the bus system is an easy and convenient option to go for. More so, take note that the city’s main arteries and freeways are crowded by rush hours, and you'll find almost all the locals singing complaints of the traffic.
  • Ditch the car and pack walking shoes instead. Even with the city's fine bike lanes and effective public transportation, Seattle still remains to be one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the United States of America, and this can be simply attributed to its density. Just like Miami, San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and a few other notable sprawling urban metropolises, Seattle has a similar congestion that ranks alongside them, and everyone knows that the city does endure some of the worst traffic in the country.
    • If you know renting your own car is what works best for you, avoid renting a car from the airport. If you want to avoid an exorbitant airport rental surcharge, wait until you're in town to pick up your ride. But, if you feel picking it up from the airport is your best option, you should be ready to pay some heavy fees, sort of.
    • If you'll be taking a walk around, don't jaywalk. If you'll be taking a walk in this city, do as the locals do and wait your turn. Take note that pedestrians do get ticketed in this city and crossing the street against the light is punishable.
    • For those who will be going around to see some of the finest attractions Seattle has to offer, purchasing a CityPASS is the best way to go. If you want to enjoy seeing the Seattle Aquarium, the Space Needle, and some other top attractions in the city without spending way too much, purchase the Seattle CityPASS, and you'll be able to save some extra cash which you can divert to other needful things.
  • Act like the local; ditch the Umbrella, use the raincoat. Coming to Seattle, there's absolutely no need to pack the galoshes, even though you should expect to experience some sort of drizzle. Seattle's oceanic, marine climate makes for cool, wet winters, and with an average rainfall of 37 inches, it gets about 150 days of rain a year. Nevertheless, raincoat is the real deal in this city because if you're using an umbrella, it's easy to notice that you're a tourist. In fact, nothing screams tourist quite like an umbrella. In Seattle, morning rain usually leads to afternoon sunshine, and a light rain jacket does suffice always because the city's rain is more like a mist or a quick shower. Seattle isn't actually that rainy, just bring a raincoat, and save yourself from the touristy stress of an umbrella.
  • Go casual. As you plan to move around the city, take note that a laid-back wardrobe is the way to go even if you're no fan of flannel. So, you should pack appropriately. A casual daytime dress for women and a button-up shirt and jeans is what rocks in this city and if you even go to some of the more upscale hotels and restaurants in the city, this is what you'll see people putting on. Most of the places in the city do not have a dress code and Seattle itself is a casual town so, don't be held back from going casual.

Air Quality and Pollution

Despite “good” US Air Quality Index levels over recent years, Seattle has mixed air pollution ratings. Seattle experiences 14.2 unhealthy pollution days a year on an average note and pollution events, weather patterns, and constant daily emissions are some of the factors affecting the air quality in the city. However, there have been some measures put in place and more futuristic plans are in process to improve the city's air quality. King County is making plans to convert its ferry fleet to electric vessels and as well adopt an all-electric fleet of 1,400 buses by 2040.

The seafaring ships in South Park and Georgetown and the large concentration of industrial facilities can be attributed to Seattle PM2.5 pollution. People who stay in South Park and Georgetown are conversant with the smoke from freight trucks and the impact of this is no way healthy. What further contributes to Seattle’s highest PM2.5 levels are seasonal trends which include fall and wood burning in the winter and wildfires in the late summer. In the year 2018, elevated PM2.5 levels was as a result of wildfires and in 2017, August was the most polluted month. Nevertheless, Seattle's air quality is still rated as “good” as this is what it has consistently averaged.

Respect the Culture

Speaking of respecting the culture in Seattle, there's nothing really much to talk about. However, be informed that Seattle is more like a laid-back and accommodating environment with rooms to welcome people's individuality. Seattle itself is known for its quirky character, plenty of neighborhoods with different attributes, and hip, friendly locals. Being a casual town, it has this "air of ease" that permeates it often, and as you go about from one place to another, don't hesitate to respect people for who they identify themselves as, and don't be judgemental. Definitely, you'll meet different kinds of people in this city, especially as you go from one neighborhood to another but it's important you keep an open mind.

Another thing that seems to be quite common in this city is the Seattle Freeze. But, a lot of people tend to mistranslate this as an act of unfriendliness from the locals which isn't true, actually. The Seattle freeze is pretty real in Seattle and there's a high probability that you'll experience this at least once during your visit. When you meet a local who ghosts you while you're trying to take your cordial relationship to the next level or you and the fellow had some nice plans together and he didn't follow through, you need not get mad over this, it's just the Seattle Freeze playing through. So, you should have it in mind that this Seattle freeze can affect any local you're in contact withit's the norm here. However, it doesn't get too bad for there are cultural offerings that make up for the lack in social norms in Seattleites.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Visitors have a lot to enjoy in this city. Shall we speak of the restaurants overlooking the water, the numerous art galleries, the title-winning professional sports teams, plenty of animals in their native habitat featured at a world-class zoo that calls Seattle home, or the plenty of trails for biking this environmentally conscious city offers for all? The list does go on! And, even the pickiest travelers will be glad and fascinated by the wide variety of activities one can enjoy in this beautiful city.

Whether you would like to see the famous Space Needle, stroll around the Pioneer Square, or enjoy a leisurely stroll around Gas Works Park, you'll find Seattle teeming with an overwhelming amount of things to do as it's a buzzing modern metropolis with a great charm. There are unique coffee shops, stunning museums, beautiful parks, and even free attractions in this city, and this is why you can never be bored here whether you're on a long family vacation or a quick weekend trip. As a matter of fact, streamlining the list of the top 10 places to visit in Seattle can be quite challenging because there are old and historic landmarks, hip, trendy neighborhoods, natural beauty and wonders, and lots more to appreciate in this city!

  • Space Needle: It's one of the top attractions in the city and you should try to experience it at least once because it's an iconic destination. The Space Needle should be on the front and center of your list if you seek the best things to do in Seattle because you'll be entertained by the performing arts venues, theaters, museums, restaurants, and lots more at the Seattle Center here which is a must-do in its own. When you descend from the observation deck, you'll find more to see. It's a very unique sight and when you ascend, bridges in the middle of lush greenery and metalwork of industrial buildings are some of the pleasant views you'll catch for it overlooks downtown Seattle with a 360° panorama. Offering breathtaking views of islands, rivers, and mountains, it was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair. It's Seattle's most popular tourist attraction and it towers more than 600 feet above the city.
  • The University of Washington: It should definitely make your list of must-see places because of its proximity to many different attractions and lovely campus. Even if you’re long past your college days, it's one of the top places to visit in Seattle. If you would love to cheer at a political rally or attend a book signing, it's a great place to be, and there are as well special events often held close to the college. In a young, vibrant neighborhood like this one, you can definitely find something to do from shopping malls and movie theaters to restaurants and bars. There are tons of attractions close to the university; should you feel awkward mingling with a college crowd. Visitors are often welcome to enjoy its performing arts venues, art galleries, and libraries. If you enjoy springtime cherry blossoms, you'll find it to be a beautiful place for sightseeing because it's a picture-perfect campus. This college isn't just for students.
  • Pike Place Market: It’s always a fun and lively place as it has over 10 million people visiting it every year. Pike Place Market isn't a place you would want to miss if you seek some of the city's biggest and brightest attractions. It's a farmer’s market like no other with buskers and artists on every corner. Here, the smell of freshly-baked bread will accompany you to almost anywhere you go and you can enjoy exploring all kinds of alleys and winding stairways. Whether you crave thick and hearty slabs of meat to put on the grill or fun, fancy cheeses, you'll find your craving satisfied because there are entire streets devoted to different foods. With goods ranging from vinyl records and rare comic books to homemade jewelry, it takes pride in hosting hundreds of vendors and it's bustling with collectors, craftsmen, artisans, florists, bakers, and lots more. Covering more than nine acres of retail space, it's a sprawling neighborhood, and it's not just your regular kind of small, rinky-dink collection of produce.
  • Woodland Park Zoo: You'll definitely be amazed at all of the things you see and experience here even if you aren’t an animal lover. It's a must-see destination in Seattle and it's always a blast here because there’s always something new going on here from wine-tasting workshops in the summer to holiday festivals in the winter. There are lots of special events hosted and you have the opportunity of getting up close and personal with nature’s most exotic creatures as there are animal tours available by request. There's a rose garden that's a fine spot for relaxation and you and your little ones can burn off some energy at the play area. Enjoyable activities are not scarce here and you can see brightly colored tropical birds fluttering from tree to tree and big, hairy gorillas slinking through the grass here. It's a treasure trove of creatures with thousands of animals on location.
  • Seattle Art Museum (SAM): There's probably a SAM close by irrespective of where you’re headed in Seattle. It's a unique place to be because it's three points of interest with fun things to do in each one and this alone makes it to be one of the major points of interest in the city. There are yoga classes on the back lawn, workshops, talks, and concerts hosted at one of its locations and another has an outdoor sculpture park. Both the interior and exteriors of this museum are very appealing and you can be taught everything you want to know here if you’re interested in the indigenous tribes of Washington. There are totem poles, textiles, fabrics, and extensive displays of Native American baskets here with collections ranging from silkscreens and Asian woodblocks to African paintings. Feel free to hit up any of the three locations; depending on what you’re interested in seeing and where you are traveling. It boasts different exhibits and activities as a trio of museums that are scattered around the city.
  • Seattle Aquarium: Who says that education can’t be fun? This place might even become a learning experience if you play your cards right for it provides wholesome entertainment for both the young and old. Consider a trip to the Seattle Aquarium if you're with your family and you can enjoy watching dive shows with them here. There are mammals and amphibians housed at the half-land, half-water habitats here, and you can gaze up into massive, transparent tunnels, or perhaps, peer down into tanks. You'll find several million gallons of water behind the glass of this place and this is a cool spot where you can hold a sea urchin in your cupped hands, touch a starfish, and feed a shark. Moon jellies, wolf eels, and a host of other amazing creatures can be found here, and this is one of the best places to see in the city if you like animals.
  • Washington Park Arboretum: This place is so lovely that you won’t believe it’s free. It's one of Seattle's major points of interest and you should make time for this place if you appreciate beautiful sights or you're a dedicated nature lover. There are some nice evergreens here and there's a famous “winter garden” with firs, even though the spring flowers won’t be in bloom. This place can still delight you even if you're traveling to Seattle during the winter. It boasts a small, well-tended forest, and there are koi ponds and footbridges its zen garden draws inspiration from. The sidewalks are lined with shady oaks and pines line and the trails are bursting with azaleas, magnolias, gardenias, and roses. Without having to worry about ticket stubs, you can enter and exit here whenever for it's completely free. It's a nice place to be if you're on a budget trip to Seattle and it's open every day from dawn until dusk.
  • T-Mobile Park: While you’re in this city, take some time to swing by here as it's considered to be one of the most fun things to do in Seattle. A “chandelier” made with 1,000 resin baseball bats and a nine-foot-tall statue of a baseball glove are some of the truly impressive attractions it's home to. Without any special events involved, you can as well enjoy a tour of T-Mobile Park. During your vacation time, you should try to see if there’s anything interesting planned by looking at their schedule. There are wrestling matches, soccer games, scholastic events, political rallies, concerts, and lots more hosted here — several events are hosted at the stadium, and it could be pretty impressive for those who are bored with baseball. A retractable roof for rainy days and a high-def scoreboard are some of the state-of-the-art features it boasts. It's a great example of a modern baseball stadium and it's home to the Seattle Mariners.
  • Golden Gardens Park: If you're planning to come here, make sure you plan your trip well because it's important that you figure out where and when to go. It's a fine spot for relaxation and rejuvenation; you can wade further into the pools and mashes, or perhaps, hike deeper into the woods. However, you’ll need to venture outside of the usual tourist traps if you desire to experience true tranquility in nature. Social media has popularized some spots on the trails and cliffs and the beaches are usually filled. As a matter of fact, be informed that there are crowded places at the park but this is a place where you can enjoy the sunset from a sandy shoreline or watch the birds for it makes for a quiet oasis when you're in the middle of a hectic vacation. It's more like an escape from the flashy places because it isn’t a flashy place.
  • Pacific Science Center: You’ll definitely want to pencil in some time here whenever you're planning to journey to Seattle for an amazing time. It's one of the most fun things to do in Seattle; you can take all of your fond memories home with you as there's a souvenir shop here, you can fill yourself up at the cafe when you’re feeling peckish, and you'll be wowed by the butterfly garden here. Offering everything from popular Hollywood blockbusters to scholarly documentaries, the IMAX theater is a nice place to be here, and there are as well space shows offered at the planetarium. Exhibits cover topics such as electricity, chemistry, space, bugs, and dinosaurs. Pacific Science Center is a fine place for education and entertainment and it's a family-friendly place.
The calm and serene Washington Park Arboretum


Seattle has grown to be a vibrant, forward-looking city at the forefront of innovation, and it's driven in part by its flourishing economy. Being the largest city in the state of Washington, it has undergone an astonishing transformation, and awaken from being a dull port and industrial center it used to be. Speaking of attractions, you'll never find them in limited quantity here because they're in good excess. You'll find fun attractions like the Great Ferris Wheel, ferry docks, boat tours, as well as recreational spaces at the waterfront and piers which is one of the most active sightseeing areas in the city.

It also gets nicer for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts for the city boasts a magnificent mountain setting from the partly snowcapped peaks of Olympic National Park and rising out of the Cascade Mountains to the ice pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park. With an espresso bar on almost every corner, Seattle gains more fondness from many as it's famed to be the country's "Coffee Capital," and it's actually not surprising considering the fact that it's rich in culture and embraces easy-going lifestyles. One of the pleasant things about Seattle is that you can enjoy day trips to some of the prettiest attractions, beaches, and parks outside of the city, and nature lovers have some fascinating close-by places they would be intrigued to check out during their time of exploring the city.

From the iconic Space Needle to the thriving culinary scene, this metropolis offers lots of things to do, and its lush evergreen forests do ring its popularity, worldwide. Definitely, a trip to Seattle will be packed day and night with its countless craft cocktail bars and lively independent music scene plus there's an abundance of food festivals coupled with sunny springs and summers to enjoy, irrespective of the city's rainy reputation. So, the question now is, when should you visit the city to enjoy exploring Seattle better? Well, be informed that this city is most inundated with out-of-town visitors during the summer and the best time to visit depends on the type of experience desired.

City Parks

There's a perfect park for your outdoor adventure in Seattle. From stunning gardens and epic play spaces to beachfront walking paths and forests to explore, the parks in Seattle offer quite a memorable time, and you're never too far from nature in this city because there are tons of gorgeous parks plastered across different parts of the city. Whether you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the water or you seek a pleasant garden to think in, you'll find a park in Seattle that will make up for what you crave because it's easy to find parks full of trees and open grass fields in this city.

  • Golden Gardens Park: Watching the sunset on the water and the Olympic Mountains has been made easy by this park and it's a popular spot for this activity. There are forest trails to walk on and in the northern portion of the park, you'll find an off-leash dog park. You can stroll along the rugged coastline or enjoy watching kayakers and sailboats drift by on the bay. It's a gorgeous waterfront park with a beach. However, if you're planning to come here, make sure you plan your trip well because it's important that you figure out where and when to go. It's a fine spot for relaxation and rejuvenation; you can wade further into the pools and mashes, or perhaps, hike deeper into the woods. However, you’ll need to venture outside of the usual tourist traps if you desire to experience true tranquility in nature.
  • Washington Park Arboretum: If you want to enjoy a variety of colors you’ll spot in a single outing, come on autumn, and this is even the most beautiful time to visit this place, especially the Woodland Garden here. one of the largest Japanese maple collections in North America and two quiet ponds are featured at the Woodland Garden and there are 230 acres of trees and plants at this Seattle Park. Boasting a Japanese garden in the southern part, it's a hidden jewel on the shores of Lake Washington. Without having to worry about ticket stubs, you can enter and exit here whenever for it's completely free. It's a nice place to be if you're on a budget trip to Seattle and it's open every day from dawn until dusk.
  • Discovery Park: Here, you can go bird watching on the beach or walk the loop trail through the park that runs for 2.8 miles. From peaceful forest groves and dramatic sea cliffs to two miles of tidal beaches, it's renowned for offering lofty views of the Olympic Mountain ranges. It's the largest city park in Seattle, it overlooks Puget Sound, and it's a 534-acre park on Magnolia Bluff.
  • Green Lake Park: It's a great place for a picnic and a lot of people come here to fish on the lake, windsurf, and kayak. If you come here when the leaves are changing color, you'll find it to be so pleasing; during the fall. Here, you'll see dog walkers tangled up in leashes, roller skaters weaving through the park, and joggers on their morning runs. It's one of the most iconic and favorite parks in Seattle.
The beautiful discovery park in Seattle

National Parks

Although there are no national parks in Seattle, you'll find several national parks within an easy drive from Seattle. While some of these parks offer free entrance days throughout the year, there are some that charge entrance fees.

  • Mount Rainier National Park is the closest national park to Seattle. Climbing is technically challenging for those who are inexperienced climbers and one of the most exhilarating things to do here remains climbing the mountain. It has an active volcano and it's one of the country's highest peaks. It's an excellent place for photographers too, and you can as well enjoy the mountain and forest views as you simply drive through; if you don't want to be involved in any activity.
  • Olympic National Park is another close-by national park. There are a few trails that start from the parking lot or visitor center and one of the most visited areas of this park is the Hurricane Ridge. Temperate rain forests and mountains alike are traversed by hiking trails and you can enjoy everything from mountain climbing and camping to hiking and fishing here. If you desire to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Olympic Peninsula, look no further than this place. At 7,980 feet high, the highest peak on the peninsula’s Olympic mountain is Mt. Olympus.

North Cascades National Park, San Juan Island National Historical Park, and Klondike Gold Rush National Park are other nice national parks close to Seattle.

The glorious Mount Rainier National Park


If you crave some nice, fun beach time in Seattle, a cool place you can visit is the Alki Beach. It's just a short ferry or water-taxi ride from Downtown Seattle and you can pick your spot and indulge in fresh seafood here for the boardwalk is lined with restaurants, bars, and cafés. Spending the day walking the sandy shores of Alki Beach offers a very beautiful feeling. If you want to find a spot here as you'll be coming on the weekends, it's advisable that you get here before 11 am because parking deems somewhat difficult. Offering a stunning view of the Seattle cityscape, beaches at low and high tide, and a long boardwalk, it's arguably the most classic beach in the Seattle area.

Madison Park Beach is another nice beach in Seattle. As the floating dock has diving boards, be sure to pack your swimsuit. However, take note that Madison Park Beach isn't your typical kind of beach because there is more grass than sand here. It's easy to spend a whole day hanging around here because there are ample restaurants to dine in and plenty of shops to browse. More so, drop by here early or take the bus if you'll be coming on a sunny day because parking is not easy to find here. It's a great spot to swim in Lake Washington, play frisbee, and have a picnic.

You can also check out Matthews Beach Park if you've got more time to kill. It makes for an easy and fun day out with its changing rooms and restrooms, diving dock and playground, and picnic tables. Bikers and hikers can pause and cool off with a quick dip on the Burke-Gilman trail which is a recommended spot here. A lot of people come here to sit by the lake and enjoy the lush scenery and this place is very popular among couples, friends, and the locals. It's the largest freshwater bathing beach in Seattle.

Volleyball being played at Alki Beach


If you seek to check out some of the best landmarks in Seattle, the Space Needle is an option you shouldn't miss out on. Tickets are available 30 days in advance and it's one of the world's most photographed buildings. It's a treasured Seattle symbol and one of the world's most iconic landmarks. It contains a few other landmarks worth seeing, it serves as the centerpiece to the Seattle Center, and it was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. You can visit the International Fountain, Horiuchi Mural, the Kobe Bell, the Seattle Armory, and the Pacific Science Center after your trip to the Space Needle because coming here is like a batch deal, and all these places mentioned are also Seattle's landmarks.

Smith Tower is another popular landmark that's worth checking out in the city. There's a menu of shared dishes and classic cocktails influenced locally at the cocktail bar-style bar and you can as well catch a pleasant 360-degree view of Seattle and beyond at the Observation Tower. With treats, souvenirs, and gifts, it features a special guest experience, and offers outstanding architectural beauty and stunning, panoramic views. For more than one hundred years, it has been a cultural landmark in Seattle, it's the tallest in the Mississippi River west, and it's the first skyscraper in Seattle.

Other nice landmarks in Seattle are:

  • Seattle Public Library
  • Pike Place Market
  • Volunteer Park
  • Ballard Locks
  • Virginia V
  • Chief Seattle
  • St. James Cathedral
Chief Seattle, Seattle University


Seattle museums are eclectic and fun, even though they may not be as grand as in other cities:

  • Seattle Pinball Museum: It's one of the premier destinations of downtown Seattle and it's more like an amusement park; rather than being a quiet, somber place. Talks and waves of laughter are encouraged and crowds gather around good players. It isn’t your typical museum.
  • Official Bad Art Museum of Art (OBAMA): Offering a unique experience for tourists, every piece of artwork in this museum is weird. It's regarded to be one of the quirkiest places in Seattle.
  • Museum of Flight: It’s a must-do for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. If shooting into the sky like a real pilot has always been your dream, you should check out this museum. There are special events hosted here and it even runs a nearby aviation school.
  • Frye Art Museum: It boasts a wonderful permanent collection of paintings and sculptures and it's a great little museum with free admission.
  • Seattle Art Museum (SAM): It's a unique place to be because it's three points of interest with fun things to do in each one. It boasts different exhibits and activities as a trio of museums that are scattered around the city.
Inside the Museum of Flight in Seattle


Seattle is one of the best foodie destinations in the country and it's an excellent place to enjoy seafood such as salmon, shellfish, Dungeness crab, and Alaskan king crab because of its proximity to Alaska and the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Seattle also boasts a wide variety of Asian cuisine and donut shops and bakeries are virtually everywhere.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Some of the popular traditional local restaurants in Seattle are:

  • Pike Place Chowder
  • Bay Cafe
  • Matt's in the Market
  • Terra Plata
  • Maneki Restaurant
Outside the Maneki Restaurant in Seattle

Vegetarian and Vegan

Seattle ranks fourth in the nation for meatless meals and it does have plenty to offer vegans and vegetarians:

  • Frankie & Jo's Ballard
  • Wayward Vegan Cafe
  • Pi Vegan Pizzeria
  • Broadfork Cafe
  • Harvest Beat

Street Food

The Seattle Street Food Festival gives you an opportunity to enjoy delicious street food and you can as well enjoy everything from legit Cajun jambalaya and beignets to gut-busting biscuit sandwiches at any of these food trucks:

  • Where Ya At Matt
  • Marination Mobile
  • El Camión
  • Bread and Circuses
  • Phorale


When it comes to drinking, one thing Seattle is known for is its coffee, and the locals do love their cup of joe. You'll find coffee shops at almost all the corners in the city and there's as well a burgeoning craft brewery scene in the city.


Seattle's tap water is safe to drink and it's protected against contaminants.

Organic Cafés

Pluto Organic Cafe, Broadfork Cafe - U District, and HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe are some of the best organic cafés in Seattle.


Here are some of the finest breweries in Seattle:

  • Fair Isle Brewing
  • Stoup Brewing
  • Reuben's Brews
  • Populuxe Brewing
  • Lucky Envelope Brewing


Seattle promises some exciting outdoor activities when the weather permits and camping, hiking, and kayaking are some of the city's outdoor favorite pursuits.

Yoga and Retreats

You can trust any of these places for your yoga and retreats in Seattle:

  • Spira Power Yoga
  • 8 Limbs Yoga Centers - Capitol Hill
  • Northwest Yoga Conference
  • Urban Yoga Spa
  • The Center for Yoga of Seattle


From hotels to apartments, accommodation options are plentiful in Seattle and it isn't actually difficult to find one.

Green Hotels

Looking for the best green hotels in Seattle? 'Check out any of these ones:

  • Best Western Plus Pioneer Square Hotel Downtown
  • The Westin Seattle
  • Ace Hotel Seattle
  • Pan Pacific Seattle
  • The Edgewater, a Noble House Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Popular hostels and guest houses in Seattle include:

  • Green Tortoise Hostel Seattle
  • Hostelling International Seattle at the American Hotel
  • Hotel Hotel Hostel
  • City Hostel Seattle
  • Luna Park Lower


There are several websites where you can find an apartment in Seattle and thankfully, there's a number of cheaper housing options available in this city. Airbnb options are available too.


Couchsurfing is a great accommodation option and you might be lucky to find a host in Seattle.


If camping in Seattle interests you, you can check out any of these places:

  • Camp Long
  • Park Lake Day Camp
  • Alki Adventure Camp
  • Ruby Chow Park
  • Camp Fire Pit

How to Get There

Depending on your closeness to the city, you'll find a handful of options you can explore to get in the city.


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport nicknamed "Sea-Tac" is the main airport serving the city.

Alternate airports include:

  • Paine Field
  • Bellingham International Airport
  • Portland International Airport
Inside the arrival hotel at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


There are bus services servicing Seattle and they do have their own stops scattered around the city. There's no designated long-distance bus terminal in Seattle, except for Greyhound Lines.

A Green Tortoise bus in Seattle


Four trains daily are operated by the Amtrak Cascades with Amtrak providing service from the 4 King Street Station, offering access to Vancouver; British Columbia, Eugene, and Portland.

The Empire Builder and the Coast Starlight are two long-distance sleeper trains that also serve Seattle.

Amtrak in Seattle


Hitchhiking in Washington State is illegal along the freeways.


You can get in the city via a cruise ship or through one of the ferries if you're living on the opposite sides of the Puget Sound.

Moving Around

The best way to get around Seattle is by car. However, Seattle's public transportation system remains to be one of the top 10 in the country.


Seattle's neighborhoods are relatively compact and walkable and you should feel safe taking a walk around at daytime. Seattle pedestrians are noted for their unusual refusal to jaywalk, the streets and drivers are generally friendly for pedestrians, and walking is highly encouraged for short trips.


Most of the streets in the city feature bike lanes and you can find bike rental shops throughout the downtown area. Seattle is a very bike-friendly city and navigating the city via bicycle is more fun and faster.

Electronic Vehicles

You should be able to pick up an electronic vehicle at one of the car rental companies in the city.

Public Bus

Buses within Seattle generally operate from 5 AM to Midnight and a single ride costs $2.75 for adults.

Tram, Train and Subway

Link Light Rail operates in the city with fares ranging from $2.25 - $3.25 depending on how far you travel. You can as well consider taking a ride on the Seattle Monorail to catch a unique view of the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Eco-friendly shops are teeming in Seattle and you should be able to shop sustainably in the city.

Food Markets

There are so many amazing food markets in Seattle:

  • Pike Place Market
  • Ballard Farmer's Market
  • Queen Anne Farmer's Market
  • Columbia City Neighborhood Farmer's Market
  • West Seattle Neighborhood Farmer's Market
  • University District Neighborhood Farmer's Market
Pike Place Market

Flea Markets

Some of the best flea markets in Seattle are:

  • Punk Rock Flea Market
  • Fremont Sunday Market
  • SODO Flea Market
  • A Very Vintage Market

Second Hand Stores

Red Light Vintage & Costume, Value Village, Lifelong Thrift, and Salvation Army are some of the popular second-hand stores in Seattle.


For your eco-friendly fashion in Seattle, you can trust places like:

  • The Girlfriend Collective
  • Amour Vert
  • Baleen Jewelry
  • Marine Layer
  • Prairie Underground


There's no additional cost for recycling service at residences in Seattle and this city mandates recycling as an essential and required service for all its residents.


Seattle residents have weekly collection for garbage.

Work and Study Abroad

Home to the prestigious University of Washington, Seattle is a fine location for work and study abroad in the United States.

Exchange Student

Almost all the colleges and universities in the city offer student exchange programs with their respective set requirements.

Au Pair

If you're an au pair in Seattle looking for opportunities, mingle and enquire from the friendly locals around who might expose you to good offers you seek.


Want to volunteer in Seattle? There are lots of volunteer opportunities near you and here are some places you can volunteer for in the city:

  • Volunteer with the City Attorney's Office
  • Volunteer with Seattle Parks & Recreation
  • Volunteer with Seattle Animal Shelter
  • Donate to Seattle Animal Shelter
  • Community Resource Hub

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