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Eco-friendly travel guide to Shymkent advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

View on the downtown of Shymkent city

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$45 - $150

Responsible Travel

Tourism is an ever-growing business that has been developing for centuries now. However, we as tourists must look forward to ensuring that we are as responsible as possible and none of our activities in any way or form adversely impact the place we are visiting. As such, having a sense of regard for the place we are in, its laws, the local and native people that make the site worth visiting, and all the other aspects of its surroundings is an essential trait for all travelers across the world. In a way, we must look forward to giving back to the place we are visiting so that their wellbeing is also under consideration. As tourism plays a crucial role in many rising economies, tourists are highly encouraged to support their causes as much as possible. This is the least vacationers can do in return for the joy and fulfillment after visiting a beautiful location.

Shymkent is a major city in the country of Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, and as a result, this city is witnessed to deal a massive rush and traffic from tourists from all over the world.

Environmental issues are a serious concern for most countries around the world today, and we as tourists must ensure that we do not add on to it any further. Shymkent's city has a natural strategy to ensure that the conditions tourists visit are not harmed or spoilt at all. Their "Leave No Trace" ethic is applied to this excursion, and as visit administrators, it is something tourists are mindful of to advance. The guide on this outing has been prepared to maintain this arrangement, and all customers are wholly advised on fitting/responsible conduct while in wild zones.

Shymkent is exceptionally mindful of the economic, natural, and moral effect the travel industry can have on antiquated societies and mild conditions. The state understands that taking customers through this area can negatively affect the climate if not dealt with dependably. Like this, the travel agencies put everything on the line to limit the negative and complement the positive on the entirety of their excursions. There are additionally numerous beneficial things that the explorer can bring.

By keeping the gathering size to a limit of 12, the human effect on the delicate locales we visit could be limited – especially significant as this outing visits some sensitive environments. This is something tourists should be extremely mindful of while doing some strolling in Altyn Emel National Park, a shelter for a scope of natural life, some of it uncommon, including Central Asian gazelles and Turkmenian kulan. Tourists are encouraged to adhere to the principle ways not to harm the widely varied vegetation and not upset the untamed life. Our attention is on guaranteeing we keep up extended haul benefits for natural life similar to neighborhood networks and the objections we visit.

With an end goal to do our little part in assisting with eliminating plastic water bottle squander while voyaging, we have dispatched another activity to street test versatile water channels among our visit chiefs and explorers.

We will utilize a blend of minibusses, boats, an overnight train, and a home-grown flight on this excursion. This not just gives an intriguing combination of transport types to keep the outing fluctuated yet. Additionally, the way we will utilize a minibus for the vast majority of the excursion is likewise a naturally inviting push. By picking a minibus that can fit our customers' entirety and visit pioneers (instead of a couple of vehicles), we exclude less destructive gases. Utilizing public cars using the overnight train is another illustration of all the more ecologically benevolent transport techniques.

Find the common magnificence, Silk Road ruins, and occupied urban communities of the biggest landlocked nation on the planet on this Kazakhstan social visit. Of all the 'stans, Kazakhstan is the most prosperous because of its oil and mineral holds and has become a predominant financial power in Central Asia over ongoing years. Yet, past its flourishing urban communities, this nation is as yet educated by profound conventions and favored with scenes of enormous variety, from mountains to rich valleys, apparently interminable steppe and bone-dry desert.

We will investigate Kazakhstan's lakes and public parks, home to a few types of jeopardized creatures, and find the chronicled locales that pepper this tremendous land, from a burial charged by Timur to the remnants of Silk Road towns. Travel is a blend of the minibus, boat, short-term train, and one interior trip among Shymkent and Astana.

Air Quality and Pollution

The public air quality checking network, worked by the Kazhidromet, comprises 78 observing stations in 28 metropolitan or industrialized regions. Of these, 56 stations are manual, and 22 are programmed stations. The deliberate mixes, among others, include all-out suspended particles (TSP), sulfur dioxide (SO2), sulfate (SO4 2- ), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), smelling salts (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), phenol (C6H5OH), formaldehyde (HCHO), hydrogen fluoride (HF), chlorine (Cl2), and hydrogen chloride (HCl).

The right now utilized manual strategies are incompletely tricky. The manual wet substance techniques for vaporous impurities are not, at this point, prescribed because of impedances and the inadequate time goal of information. All things being equal, high-goal instrumental techniques are at present suggested. By utilizing quickly programmed instruments, the general population and partners can be educated promptly – generally on the web – about the brief air contamination scenes.

The current quality control and quality affirmation methodology identified with the programmed instruments in Kazakhstan are not sufficient. For instance, the ideas, such as reference strategies and an exhibition of proportionality, routine field alignments, and information approval, are excluded from the current activities. The explicit free unit, reference/adjustment research facility, should be set up to guarantee the gathered information's representativeness and discernibility.

Keeping up the high caliber and likeness of the information is a significant undertaking of an organization administrator. The accessible assets (reserves, offices, faculty, and specialized aptitudes) ought to be satisfactory to have the option to keep up estimation instruments inside plan boundaries. Air quality checking results will be utilized as foundation data when choosing about the fundamental outflow decreases. Actualizing the decrease measures might be extravagant; furthermore, the choices should be founded on reliable data.

The current general set of air quality laws and the received practices identified with it should be modernized following the technological modernization. Another great reasonable fixation level is set for the simple mean. However, practically speaking, yearly methods are contrasted with this worth. Two dozen contaminations characterize these two norms, and each contamination likewise has a described danger class.

These encompassing quality norms, embraced by the Soviet Union, were determined in the 1980s from the logical hypothesis of the most significant absorptive limit of climate and barometrical dissemination of contamination.

In OECD nations, encompassing quality principles are likewise founded on sound logical information. However, they are obtained from an analytical evaluation of worthy danger levels under preparatory conditions. The ideal degree of 'value' isn't just a logical remedy. Yet besides a political and social choice.

Respect the Culture

Warm climate, generally modest costs, and accommodating individuals would depict Shymkent, the third biggest city in Kazakhstan and the biggest as far as a land region.

The city has filled altogether in the most recent decade, and, starting in 2017, the populace was assessed at 943,000. Authorities anticipate that it should develop to 1,000,000 this year.

Shymkent is situated in the south of Kazakhstan, not a long way from the Kazakh line with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Deciphered from Farsi and incompletely from Turkic as a green city, Shymkent in its own correct satisfies its name with excellent green nurseries and ranches traversing across the city.

The city's historical backdrop is rich, as the principal settlement arose in the eleventh twelfth hundreds of years. However, a few antiquarians have faith in a significantly sooner rise dating to the fifth, sixth hundreds of years dependent on archaeological exhuming did in the city.

Consistently, the city was attacked by Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, the Dzungars, Kokand, and Bukhara Khanates, the Russian realm. Despite that, Shymkent withstood the attacks and figured out how to develop from a little settlement to a significant modern, exchange, and social focus.

Like this, Shymkent offers an incredible opportunity to become more acquainted with Kazakh history better, as the city saved a wide cluster of middle age landmarks. Going on an outing to Otyrar, Turkestan, and Sairam, found a few kilometers from the city, will enhance one's excursion into Kazakh history, as these are among the most established settlements in the nation.

Shymkent has a global air terminal and has trips to Moscow, Istanbul, Antalya, Urumchi, Dubai, and Novosibirsk, just as numerous urban areas in Kazakhstan. The city is likewise open via train.

To submerge in the set of experiences, guests can stroll along Kazybek Bi Street to see old structures that survived the Russian realm, the Soviet Union, and now autonomous Kazakhstan. The road has probably the most established networks globally, including Ken Baba Park recently filled in as Cathedral Garden.

The Museum of Political Repressions portraying Stalin's cleanses' repulsions and secularisation and collectivization that left many individuals starving and biting the dust offer a look at the sad yet significant piece Kazakh history.

Among other well-known spots to visit are eight parks, including the famous Ken Baba ethno Park and Independence Park, opened on the twentieth commemoration of Kazakhstan's freedom, and theatres, including Satire Humour Theatre and Puppet Theatre.

Guests likewise appreciate the city's bazaars to inundate themselves in the city's enthusiastic and energetic buzz. Recently assembled regions with high and chic structures and roads with shopping centers, eateries, restaurants, and bars likewise offer an extraordinary encounter of a cutting edge, dynamic city.

Shymkent has a wide selection of spots to remain, going from spending lodgings to lavish inns, including the 34,000-square-meter Rixos Khadisha Shymkent inn revealed in 2014.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Park Abaya, Shymkent: Offering concealed ways for calm walks, Park Abaya is home to numerous landmarks devoted to fallen warriors. Stroll down a commemoration path that closes with a tall monolith raised to pay tribute to warriors who lost their lives in World War II. See the esplanade fixed with Russian tanks that prompts a landmark speaking to a trooper and his canine. Another milestone portraying a fly contender aircraft - committed to Soviet World War II pilots- - was moved to the recreation center from the city's focal square. The recreation center includes restaurants, jungle gyms, and a tennis court, just as a little water park and a carnival.
  • Mega Planet: Discover all your number one brands under one rooftop and purchase anything from quality garments to the most recent gadgets, or get a couple of new goods at the store on the primary floor. The shopping center likewise houses a cinema, skating arena, and a food court. ,
  • Museum of Victims of Political Repressions: This little exhibition hall records Soviet persecution in Kazakhstan, from the secularisation (Soviet mission of political restraint from 1929 to 1932) Stalinist suppressions of the 1930s to the casualties of Zheltoksan in Almaty in 1986. There are some tragic belongings of ALZhIR detainees in the little room abutting the fundamental lobby. Photographs of deaths encompass an incredible focal model indicating opportunity endeavoring figures limited by a Soviet flag, their bodies penetrated by a wrecked Communist star.
  • Olivia: Outwardly a steamy cross between a stone-walled basement and a library, with many books on craftsmanship and configuration on encompassing racks, this gorgeous eatery serves flawlessly executed pasta dishes, risottos, and flame-broiled meats from a short yet sweet menu set up by the Michelin-featured culinary expert. An excellent Euro-driven wine rundown and expert assistance make this spot hard to blame.
  • Tauelsizdik sayabagy: Tauelsizdik sayabagy, got to by footbridge from the tall, Mother Earth–bested Independence Monument, was introduced in 2011 for the twentieth commemoration of Kazakhstan's freedom. It centers on Ramizder any, which contains arranged public and ethnic-Kazakh images intended to move public solidarity sensations, overwhelmed by the tall Altyn Shanyrak landmark, speaking to the focal rooftop opening of a yurt.
  • Kok-Saray: Barometric multirole Kok-Saray, with cut wood columns, wall paintings, and a vaporous front patio, serves the best Uzbek food around (and in Kazakhstan, guarantee enthusiasts). You can't miss its splendid lights after dull.
  • Kazakh Asia: Another standout café inside the Rixos lodging, this casual Pan-Asian spot highlights unique style with Kazakh components, an open kitchen that serves Kazakh, Chinese, Japanese and combination dishes. It tends to be an expensive treat, yet the quality is phenomenal, the faint total is critical, and there's a tolerably estimated business buffet on non-weekend days. Good morning meals, as well.
  • Regional Museum of Southern Kazakhstan: In its glossy new quarters on the northern edges of the city, this local gallery has a first-rate, trilingual showcases on nearby topography, Iron Age entombment hills (look at the human bones covered in a giant mud pot), and archaeological finds from renowned destinations, for example, Otrar (silver adornments) and Sayran (thirteenth-century Chinese jar). There's a fantastic ethnography area, with expanding horse tackle, and shamanistic executes a magnificent assortment of nineteenth-century weighty silver adornments and some fine conventional instruments. Higher up is less fascinating: a hit-and-miss cavort through Kazakhstan's later history (naming in Kazakh just), in addition to shows on the Soviet and post-autonomy periods, including Shymkent's fundamental businesses. Recognize the photographs of Shymkent's most popular little girl – acrobat Nellie Kim, champ of five Olympic Gold medals in 1976 and 1980.
  • Bar Villa: Ignoring the recreation center behind Kinoteatr Kazakhstan, Bar Villa's two degrees of generally couch seating have large windows to appreciate the verdant view, and there's a three-level nursery patio for summer. The decidedly ready charge centers around pasta, plates of mixed greens and flame broils including a few frankfurter assortments, and an astounding picture menu compensates for the absence of an English-language variant.
  • Independence Monument: This landmark comprises a tall, red rock segment finished off with Mother Earth's figure.
Museum of victims of political repression


The city of Shymkent has quite a lot of amusements to offer to its tourists. If you are a tourist in this city, you will be astounded by its beauty and how well the state maintains every aspect. The scenic beauty is breath-taking, and the town is highly conserved. There are numerous parks and landmarks in this city that speak of the past's rich cultural heritage.

City Parks

Here are some of the most popular parks in Shymkent.

  • Independence Park: This park was inaugurated in October 2011 as an honor of Independence Day's twentieth commemoration. The focal access to the recreation center is beautified with a curve, and inside the domain, there are marking wellsprings, various bloom courses of action, and plants brought from the Netherlands. In the middle, there's a landmark named Altyn Shanyraq, which speaks to the solidarity of Kazakhstani individuals, which was made from 137 metal components representing 137 ethnicities living in the nations. An enormous banner shaft is introduced in the recreation center with a size of 50 meters. A considerable extension associates the recreation center to the Ordabasy Square, representing the city's chronicled past's progress to its cutting-edge history.
  • Central Park: On the off chance that you search for calm in the hustle of the day, you can discover it in Central Park. Additionally, there is a decent open terrace café with a more extensive than average wine list, but instead costly for Shymkent.
  • Dendropark: The Dendropark was built in 1980 on a previous waste dump site, and it is the biggest park in Shymkent. This arboretum covers more than 120 hectares and incorporates more than 600 assortments of Eurasian trees and plants. The start of the recreation center, arranged with huge back streets fixed with trees devoted to characters, rapidly offers an approach to enormous wild and backwoods zones where we can notice some fantastic creatures. At the core of the recreation center is where swans, ducks, and geese live, and on which we can rehearse pedal boat (sailboat). This organic park is a hub of the course of love birds of the city, which come in enormous numbers to be photographed there.
Independence Park

National Parks

These are the national parks which you are highly recommended to visit in Shymkent.

  • Sayramsu: This park is quite possibly the most pleasant in the district. Even though it was utilized to be a public spot quite a while back, pulling in many individuals to discover unwinding and mountaineering sports, the passage to the valley is currently hindered by the Arabian manor.
  • Abay Park: Abay Park, named after Abay Kunanbayuly, a celebrated nineteenth-century writer in Kazakhstan, is a social and sporting focus in Shymkent.
  • Spread across 52 hectares: the thickly forested park has a few nature trails and is an excellent spot for calm strolls. The recreation center is likewise home to an enormous war remembrance devoted to the vast number of legends who had forfeited their lives during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).
  • Sairam-Ugam State National Natural Park: Sayram-Ugam National Park is an uneven district of the Western Tian Shan Mountains, on the line with Uzbekistan. Ugam-Chatkal National Park of Uzbekistan is across the boundary, and Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve of Kazakhstan is straightforwardly toward the upper east along the line. The territory has significant levels of species variety, covering botanical networks from steppe to high elevation zones. It is mostly known for stands of juniper backwoods and stands of foods grown from the ground trees.

center|900px|thumb|Abay Park


Since Shymkent is a city that falls under Middle Asia, there are no such beaches. However, if you travel enough, you can find some elementary beaches outside the city.


Like most of the other crucial cities of a country, Shymkent has several essential landmarks that are highly precious for the country. Here are some of the landmarks which you are recommended not to miss out on.

  • Afghan War Memorial: This war memorial is a place for those soldiers who took part in three consecutive wars. In these three clashes, which occurred somewhere between 1990 and 2015, 682 British fighters lost their lives. A work by the artist Paul Day, the dedication is arranged in Victoria Embankment Gardens, between the River Thames and the Ministry of Defence's base camp, in the region of landmarks honoring the Second World War and the Korean War.
  • Al-Farabi Square: In Shymkent's Independence Monument, Kazakhstan is a 34-meter three-edged stele supporting an eight-meter female figure "Zher-ana" - "Mother Earth." The stele represents public solidarity. The landmark is situated in Ordabasy District's territory, at the convergence of three roads bearing renowned individuals who established the framework of solidarity of the Kazakh public: Tole Bi, Bi, and Kazybek Aiteke.
  • Arboretum: Open-air amusement has consistently been famous among city inhabitants, for it helps get away from the buzzing about city life and interface with nature. Dendrological Park in Shymkent was set up for this very reason. The recreation center opened in 1979, and from that point forward, it has been running after protecting nature. Here you can see an extraordinary assortment of plants and creatures, including peacocks, squirrels, and deer.


Here are the notable museums in Shymkent that are crucial to uphold the state's rich cultural heritage.

  • Kylie Ethnographic Museum: This ethnographic exhibition hall in Shymkent is unique since its structure, and the whole piece was made by just a single individual - Kendebay Karabdalov. Kendebay Karabdalov reproduced more than ten instruments, earthenware, housewares that are precise of the old ones. This spot motivates for reflection. Here you can hear the sound of any device showed. One can likewise visit an earthenware workshop.
  • Buy Horde Historical Museum: The museum incorporates four exhibition halls. They are committed to the historical backdrop of the Bukey Horde, Kazakhstan's top school's historical background. The artillery of the Khan's royal residence is likewise shown here. Besides, there are tombs of artist Dauletkerey Shygayuly, enlightener Mohamed Salyk Babajanuly, and Jangir Khan.


The food items and eating habits of Shymkent people are some of the most delicious in the world. As such, tourists can expect to consume various great ecstasy dishes while enjoying their stay in Shymkent. The roads of the city are filled with delicious and crispy street food. Moreover, numerous renowned restaurants in Shymkent cook delightful food items to satisfy every customer's hunger.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are the best traditional restaurants in Shymkent. In these eating places, you would be able to find the city's authentic flavor and all the delicacies that come along with it. Tourists are highly recommended to visit these restaurants while visiting Shymkent.

  • Gosti: Elevated level Russian rebuilding in a working system suggestive of the houses and outfits of the century bourgeoisie. The patio is charming on beautiful days, with its concealed wood furniture somewhat off the road. The individual menu incorporates the best Russian specialties, pelmeni soups through soups and Stroganoff meat.
  • Del Papa: The patio at the side of Zheltoksna and Tole Bi is moderately charming, just like the inside, with its Italian-style decorative spreads with red and white tiles. The administration is immaculate (and for once not very moderate) and the items, for some imported from Italy, are brilliant.
  • Mamma Mia: For Italian gastronomy, aside from a couple of painstakingly arranged yet to be expected plans, you should look somewhere else. Then again, pizzas are a good incentive for cash and don't need garnishes. Fantastic to be fixed at a low cost. More humble cravings will like the beautiful servings of mixed greens and their new products.

Vegetarian and Vegan

The mentioned restaurants only serve a strict vegetarian diet, and as a result, every vegan tourist is safe to dine in these restaurants.

  • Kofe Molka: This Bistro is specialized for veggie lovers and serves delicious breakfast to customers.
  • Istanbul Café: The cuisine of this café includes everything in vegan, including Lacto, Ovo, Italian, and Mediterranean food.
  • Dubai Café: The cuisine of this café includes Lacto, Fast food, Beer/Wine, and Middle Eastern.

Street Food

These are the best street food stalls in the city of Shymkent.

  • Street food corner
  • Hankook
  • Wok-Wok
  • Kazakhasia


The city of Shymkent is explicitly clean and particular about its people's drinking habits. As a result, there is no irregularity in the availability of fresh drinking water in the state. The quality of water in Shymkent is very high, and there are minimal traces of impurities. However, due to regular water filtration techniques, there are no compromises on the grounds of fresh drinking water.


The tap water in the city of Shymkent is generally spotless and free from all impurities. However, tourists are not recommended to consume tap water from other regions as it may cause discomfort since most of us are not used to drinking running water from other countries. As such, going for packaged mineral water is always advised while traveling to other places.

Organic Cafés

These are the best organic cafes in Shymkent.

  • Kok-Saray
  • Faberlic
  • Coffeeshop Company
  • Rose Café


Although alcohol consumption is not very popular in Shymkent, a few breweries are quite popular in the city.

  • Shymkentpivo
  • Sigma Brau
  • Nash Bar
  • Volna


There is not one silk street. The popular exchanging course from China to Europe that Marco polo went on knows numerous routes through focal Asia. One of these ways experienced Turkestan, Shymkent, and Taraz in southern Kazakhstan. The clamoring bazaars in these urban areas give a sample of its rich exchanging history.

These days it isn't silk on proposal in Shymkent, however modest Chinese items, for example, garments, shoes, hardware, and toys. The lone genuinely focal Asian curve left on the bazaars are the segments of dried products of the soil extraordinary road food, for example, hot samosa's directly from the oven broiler.

That doesn't mean Shymkent does not merit a visit. Shymkent is the South of Kazakhstan's primary city and fills in as the doorway to some intriguing activities in the region.

Other than the bazaars, there are numerous different remainders of the silk street left, for example, mosques and catacombs. At that point, there is the staggering idea of Kazakhstan that lies at Shymkent’s doorsteps. So, to summarise, there are plenty of heart-warming and delightful activities to pursue while staying in Shymkent to make your vacation even more memorable.

Yoga and Retreats

Shymkent is a part of Central Asia, and as such, there is a huge passion for yoga and meditation in this city. If you wish to experience yoga's goodness and implement those in your life, here are some primary yoga retreats in this city for you to take part in.

  • Yoga Room
  • "Bioritm" Studiya Fitnesa I Tantsa
  • Fitness Klub "Formula"
  • Рояль Клуб Фитнес и СПА


To enjoy your stay in Shymkent, it ought to choose a suitable location. The place where you decide to stay while being on vacation has a massive impact on the content that you take back home with you. As such, some of Shymkent's best living spaces are mentioned below, and tourists are highly recommended to check them out. All the hotels and guest houses mentioned below are highly sophisticated and yet very pleasing.

Green Hotels

The concept of green hotels has played a crucial role in this city's development. Green and organic dwellings are much safe and offer a ton of social and environmental benefits as well. As such, you can expect a green hotel in Shymkent to be powered by solar energy, and most of the water is reused efficiently so that nothing is sent off as a waste. Here are some of the most popular green hotels, and tourists are heavily advised to book their stay in one of them. This not only saves essential revenue but also helps out the environment incredibly.

  • Rixos Khadisha Shymkent: Rixos Khadisha Shymkent consolidates solace and extravagance in Shymkent, perhaps the most unique urban areas in Kazakhstan. Traditionally roused new and eco-accommodating, these lavish lodgings convenience alternatives are among the cities generally open. Of the 177 visitor units, including 7 Family Suites, 7 Luxury Suites, Royal Suite, and the Presidential Suite, the most extensive convenience in Kazakhstan, all open to a gallery with a perspective on the city. In-room offices are equipped to the requirements of global business explorers. Our Family and Luxury Suites exploit the structure's particular corner turrets, offering adjusted rooms with all-encompassing perspectives.
  • Sapar Standart Hotel: With free Wi-Fi in every open region, Sapar Standart Hotel offers Shymkent rooms. Visitors can appreciate drinks at the bar. All the cooled suites accompany a satellite TV, minibar, and free wired web. The private washroom is finished with a hairdryer, shower robe, and shoes. Izumrud Restaurant serves dishes of European cooking and is found a 2-minute stroll from the property. Sapar Standart Hotel is 100 meters from Kanny Shopping Mall. Shymkent International Airport is a 25-minute drive away.
  • Shymkent Hotel: Shymkent Hotel offers a wellness place and free Wi-Fi. Free stopping is accessible on location. The rooms have an overhang, TV, and minibar. All rooms accompany cooling and a private washroom. Morning meals are served each day in the lodging's café, or eat out in the restaurants and eateries close by. There is likewise a hall bar nearby. Room administration is accessible upon demand. A variety of exercises can be appreciated nearby or in the environmental factors, including cycling and karaoke. Visitors can enjoy an on-location water park. Mir Fantaziy Park is situated before the property. Abay Park and a shopping region are located inside a 10-minute stroll of the property.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here are some of the coziest guest houses in Shymkent.

  • Mahomet
  • Luxury House
  • Ayana


If you are looking forward to renting an apartment while enjoying your stay in Shymkent, here are the best options for your cause. These apartments have reasonable charges, and all of them are highly maintained.

  • Loft Apartments, Shymkent
  • Arman Aybusinov
  • West Apartments
  • Dias


Couchsurfing is a very growing idea that has become very popular in the city of Shymkent. You can connect with the city's locals and book your stay at their places by visiting the website of


Here are some of the most popular camping destinations in Shymkent that are loved by tourists. You are highly recommended to visit these sites if you wish to connect with their natural beauty and peace.

  • Verkhniy Otrar
  • Eco Village Kaskasu
  • Kazmunaigaz
  • Ala Archa National Park

How to Get There

Shymkent is a critical city in the country of Kazakhstan, and as such, there are quite a lot of ways to visit this city. If you reside in a far off place or outside of the country, it is recommended to travel by air as it would take the least amount of time to reach this city. Travel inside the country is very sustainable and time efficient when you use public transportation such as Trains or buses.


Shymkent is a bustling city and is very well-connected with the rest of the world's crucial towns. The Shymkent International Airport is the primary airport of this city, and most of the flights that use this airport are known to travel all across the world. As such, if you live in a different country, you can effortlessly reach Shymkent's city in significantly less time by flying.

Shymkent International Airport


Buses play a significant role in the management of public transportation in Shymkent. Numerous buses are available at regular intervals, and tourists are highly encouraged to use this medium for traveling around the city. This not only ensures a comfortable and safe mode from roaming around, but it also keeps a check on the city's problem of rising traffic jams.


The railway service in Shymkent is very dependable and time-efficient. If you look forward to traveling by trains while being in the city, be assured that you can always be on time as the city's railway services are rarely seen lagging behind due time.


Although hitchhiking is an ancient and trusted concept in other parts of the world. Tourists are encouraged not to share their journey with strangers. However, if you are traveling in a group, you might try it out. However, travelers are recommended to be very careful while traveling with unknown locals.


You can also use private vehicles to move around the city. However, this option is not highly recommended as too many cars can cause distress in traffic.

Moving Around

Shymkent is a relatively large city, and witnessing this place's true beauty will not be possible by walking. As such, there are plenty of other time-efficient ways to deal with this concern.


As mentioned earlier, walking is only fit for those who wish to roam around their place of stay. However, it is recommended not to go out on the streets at night.


Cycling is an excellent way to explore the nearby regions and locality of the city. However, if you are traveling on bicycles, you are recommended to carry a guide with you at all times.

Electronic Vehicles

The concept of electronic vehicles has not fully flourished in the city of Shymkent. However, there are a few likes of small electronic cars that carry passengers. However, most of these vans are public.

Public Bus

Shymkent's public bus service is very efficient, and numerous buses go around the city regularly. As such, you can expect to board a bus every ten minutes to reach your preferred destination.

Tram, Train and Subway

Shymkent's train and subway services are very trustworthy, and most of the city's population depend on these modes to carry on with their professional lives. Thus, being a tourist in the city, you can rely on public train services and the tram tracks.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is a very relieving and pleasurable aspect when it comes to traveling, and most of the tourists enjoy this part heartily. As such, some of the most profound places to shop in Shymkent's city are mentioned below.

  • Шымкент плаза
  • Nike
  • Adidas

Food Markets

Some of the most important food markets of Shymkent are mentioned below.

  • Magazin Zhomart
  • Bayan Sulu
  • Magazin Dia Nusrat
  • Magazin Salem

Flea Markets

Here are some of the most critical flea markets in the city of Shymkent.

  • Bereke Rynok Second Hand Stores
  • Yang Shakhar
  • Eurasia market
  • Bazar Akbar

Second Hand Stores

These are some of the second-hand stores that you can come across while enjoying your stay in Shymkent.

  • "Eвро стиль", Second hand & Stock.
  • Оптовый Склад Second Hand.
  • Daniyar Lombard.


Here are some of the eco-fashion brands of Shymkent that are primarily local and mostly run by families.

  • Max Mara Shymkent Ggd Llp
  • Magazin "Modnyy Ray"
  • Magazin Pafos Zhenskaya Odezhda


Shymkent is not amongst the cleanest cities in the world. However, in recent years, a considerable amount of work has been put forward to ensure their disposal management's stability. Recycling is one such practice that is taken very seriously by the state. As a result, most recyclable waste and products are efficiently treated before discarding the leftover debris.


Waste management is a severe concern in the city of Shymkent. However, over the past few years, this issue has been very closely and adequately dealt with. The authorities have given their best to make sure that all the disposable waste materials are very well dispatched in the streams so that their surroundings are safe and clean.

Work and Study Abroad

Shymkent is a very profound city to pursue higher studies and live out of it while serving their country. As a result, numerous students worldwide travel to Shymkent to get admission to their preferred universities and colleges. Most of the education degrees provided by the colleges of Shymkent are highly regarded in many parts of the world. Thus, it enhances the credibility of one's education.

Exchange Student

Shymkent's city is very welcoming towards its International students and sees this as an opportunity for the youngsters to interact with their local students so that their rich cultural heritage is shared equally in the academic community.

Au Pair

Although Au Pair is quite popular in most Western countries, this concept is not very popular in Shymkent. As a result, it is advisable to book your stay in advance to not face any discomfort upon reaching your destination.


Here are some of the most profound volunteering clubs in the city of Shymkent.

  • Sana Seznam
  • NIS Volunteers Shymkent

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