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Eco-friendly travel guide to Slovakia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Slovakia, Europe.

A view of Bratisalva, the capital of Slovakia

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $170
  • Budget per day: US$75 - $275

Responsible Travel

The Slovakia Republic, which is also known as Slovakia is a popular country located in Central Europe. This country is landlocked by Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and many other countries. The standard of living, economy, and development of the country is very high. The country is also a very famous travel destination for tourists around the world. There are plenty of things available in the country that attract a lot of travelers every year.

The vibrant culture of the country is also another thing that makes the country a special destination compared to other countries. Slovakia offers some great and spectacular mountains that will take your breath away. There are many places available in the country, where you can visit to enjoy the green. However, you need to follow some things to keep the country that way. Here are some of the important ones given below that come under the responsibilities of eco-friendly travelers.

  • Keep in mind to visit the street food stalls available in all the corners of the country. Along with trying the traditional cuisines and dishes from expensive restaurants, the street foods also reflect a very good reflection of the culture, and they are very delicious
  • During your exploration, you will be able to get many modes of transportation. Most of them are run by fuel and pollute the air. To keep the city safe from pollution, you can choose electronic cars, bicycle, and others to explore the country very well
  • There are many city parks available in the different parts of this country, you can visit them to get close to nature. They are the best place if you want to get far from the crowds of the city and get some fresh air
  • Accommodations options are available in this country very well from hotels to apartments. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can help the country by staying at the green hotels instead of the other ones. They use eco-friendly and recycled methods to reduce waste and keep tourists from harm's way
  • During your trip, you will find many markets and shopping malls in almost every city of Slovakia. Along with shopping from the, make sure to stop at the small shops and stores to buy things from the local people. As most of them are dependent on tourism, it will help them a lot

Air Quality and Pollution

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is checking the air quality of the country before stepping in. It plays a major role in keeping your health well and safe during the trip. The air quality of Slovakia stays between safe to moderate and changes frequently. So, you need to take the necessary precautions before visiting the country, such as carrying medicines and masks. While most of the cities in the country are safe to visit, some of them are not good for people who have specific health conditions.

If you have conditions like asthma or serious breathing problems, then it is best to take the help of a doctor to know what are the different things that you need to carry. Following the recommendation of the doctor, you will be able to stay safe and secure during the trip. However, when visiting the country, you can check the air quality online to know the current condition.

Respect the Culture

One of the things that make all the country special and different from one another is the culture. The cultural and traditional diversity of a country attracts a lot of tourists every year. The folk traditions of Slovakia are very popular around the world that have some similarities with German, Hungarian, Austrian, and others. They have some of the unique traditions in the country that will help you to get a very good experience during the trip.

From food to clothes, you will be able to see the cultural reflection in almost all things. Make sure to visit all the different cities of Slovakia to understand the difference between local traditions. The majority of people in the country belong to Catholic around 63%, and you will find some people from other religions. Keep in mind to visit the small shops in the country as well to learn the culture and local people from up close.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Slovakia is one of the best countries where tourists from different parts of the world love to visit. Here the cities are wonderful and can give you a lot of joy and happiness. You can also visit them and fulfill the wishes of your holiday as soon as possible. But to make it more exciting, you have to experience these 10 places which are there in different cities.

  • Bratislava Castle (Bratislava) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this castle is the heart of Bratislava city. It has a brief history of the Romans, which you will know after visiting here. Never even think of missing it because this opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Kosice Zoo (Kosice) - This is the largest and the most brilliant zoo which you might have thought of in your dreams. Here you will get the best European and African animals in the world. Interact with those animals and make a nice friendship with them very soon. But if you miss it, then you would curse yourself throughout life.
  • Harmanecká cave (Banská Bystrica) - This cave is deep, and here you can walk in the woods and experience the best things. It might scare you a lot, but after visiting here, you will get special courage. Rather than having any second thoughts, just try it, and you would easily be able to fight fear.
  • Basilica of St. James (Levoca) - It is a catholic church located in the city of Levoca. The construction of it began in the 14th century and has some of the finest architecture. They become a point of attraction, and people love to go through them in detail. Just go for it and see how you love it to the fullest.
  • Zborov Castle (Bardejov) - Without any doubt, we can say that this castle is excellent and has some fine properties. Here you can get to discover some ruins of the early ages. They are beyond words, and nothing else can match them with the others.
  • Tatra Gallery (Poprad) - Do not go by its name because it is an art gallery situated in the main town of Poprad. It has some of the popular artworks by the famous artists of Slovakia and many other countries. Just go through them, and you will find something new which you might have never seen earlier.
  • Kaštieľ Svätý Anton (Banská Štiavnica) - It is a museum cum palace where you will get to see some prominent war weapons and armors. They were used during the days of war and had a greater significance. If you want to know the best things about them, then visit here as soon as possible.
  • Zobor (Nitra) - If you are in Nitra and feeling like having an adventure, then this is the right place. This is a mountain where you can go hiking and have a lot of fun. In the beginning, you may find it boring, but later on, you would understand its relevance.
  • Trenčín Synagogue (Trencin) - You cannot imagine that this synagogue is about 90 years old and is still famous today. The reason behind this thing is that it promotes the cultural heritage of the city and signifies it in full detail. Come here and get a fair knowledge about this thing so that you feel like narrating it among your beloved persons.
  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Zilina) - There is no doubt that this church is beautiful and has the best architecture. It tells you about the Jewish and their contributions to providing the freedom to the country. Make a note of this place and give it a double tick in your travel diaries.
Bratislava Castle


Now when it is about exploring, then the above-mentioned places are not enough. You have to visit places like city parks and museums that too in other cities. Mentioned below are those examples which you can try out and explore something different.

City Parks

  • Park Svetlonošky (Kezmarok) - This park is amazing, and here you would get some fascinating trees and shrubs. Come here during the daytime and get a lot of enjoyment. People often call it an uninteresting place, but you have to have its exposure then make your own decision.
  • Lehar Ferenc Park (Komarno) - If you have a tour of this place then here you would find some attractive flowers and plants. In order to make them your memories, just take a camera with you and capture their pictures. You can also call it something which you might not have seen before.

National Parks

  • Borová hora (Zvolen) - It is a park and an arboretum where you would see some aromatic roses. They are always perfect for any of the festive and romantic seasons. See them carefully and know the best things about them.
  • Národná zoologická (Bojnice) - This is the oldest national reserve and park where you can get the best Slovakian lions and tigers. It will give you a thrill and make you enjoy the best moments of your life. And after having its tour, you would want to leave some of the good reviews about it.
Borová hora


  • Lafranconi (Bratislava) - The water of this beach is pure and in a very salty form. You would love to have a bath in it and feel like recommending it to your beloved persons. In other words, bathing here is something which you have only thought of in your imaginations.


There are no famous landmarks in the cities of Slovakia as they are known for their famous sites. Some museums are its leading example which can give you a fair idea about this matter.


  • Hornonitrianske múzeum v Prievidzi (Prievidza) - In this museum, you would have exposure to the ancient collections of historical artifacts and sculptures. The moment you see them, then you will have an eagerness to know about them more and more. This is a must-visit place, and you have to come here during the summer season.
  • Vojensko Historická Expozícia Michala Strenka (Stará Ľubovňa) - This place depicts the top-rated weapons and ammunitions of the 19th century. You will have brief information about them and know their validity during those periods. Remember this thing that without this place, your holiday is incomplete.


Eating is one of the most essential parts of your trip that will help you to know a lot about the country. Your travel to Slovakia is not complete without trying the traditional and other types of food. Slovakia offers you plenty of different cuisines, dishes, and food recipes that are rare around the world. Some of the traditional dishes and their raw taste will help you to get one of the best eating experiences. Along with the big restaurants, every lane of this country is filled with small food shops.

They offer delicious street foods at a very low price that you need to also keep on your list. In almost every major city in this country, you will find all the different types of restaurants available from cheap to expensive and local to international. Some of the dishes that you need to try in Slovakia include potato dumplings, Halusky, Lokse, Siroke rezance s tvarohom a slaninou, Harula, and many more. Do not worry if you are vegetarian, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants that offer vegan traditional dishes to help you not miss out on the traditional taste of the country.


You will not be able to get the full fun of exploring the country without having drinks with you. While some people prefer to carry water with them, others carry juices or soft drinks to get refreshed between exploration. From traditional to international, Slovakia offers plenty of drinking options to travelers. You will find some of the most popular drinks in this country from craft beer to soft drinks. Make sure to taste all of them for the best drinking experience.

The nightlife is the best place for you if you want to taste the beers and other brews in the country. You will be able to get a different range of drinks in various countries. To get all the local to international drinks at one place, visit the bars, pubs, and nightclubs of the country. You can also visit the breweries to witness the making process and taste some of them. Some breweries allow travelers to roam around and taste the beers for free, and others charge money.


Before visiting the country, you need to know what is the status of tap water there. In many places such as restaurants, hotels, they might offer tap-water for drinking or other purposes. So, knowing the quality of tap-water will help you to know that it is safe or unsafe to use. Slovakia is one of the safest countries when it comes to the quality of tap-water. You can drink the tap-water of this country without any problems. After Austria, Slovakia is the second country in Europe with the largest reserves of water. No matter which city you are in Slovakia, you will be able to drink the tap water without any worries.

The water is very clean and it is served in most of the places in the country. Many people boil or filter the water although there is no need. If you are worried about your health, then you can oil or filter the water. You might hear some people saying tap-water is bad but it is best to not believe them as they are a marketing strategy to sell the packaged water. Bottled water costs 1 EUR for 1000 liters and available in almost all the corners of the country.


There are plenty of activities available in the country that you can take part in to have a great time on the tour. Slovakia offers a wide range of tourist attractions that are known around entire Europe. Castles to mountains, you will need a lot of days to explore the country and beautiful cities. You need to make a list of the places that you want to see in Slovakia. Not only the famous activities that pull people from other countries to Slovakia, the unique culture, people, lifestyle, stories, and outdoor activities play a huge role in attracting tourists.

Most of the travel enthusiasts are interested to have some adrenaline rush on their trip. You will be able to take part in wildlife exploration, skiing, hiking, cave exploring, paragliding, and many other activities in this country. You can also visit the city parks, yoga centers to get far away from the crowd and get your energy back to explore the country well.


No matter where you travel, accommodation is a very important part of the trip. It helps you to get the rest you need to explore the country very well. Based on your budget and staying time in the country, you need to choose accommodation for you. While some of them offer plenty of facilities to stay comfortably, others come with basic facilities and a low price. There are plenty of accommodation options available in the country that you can choose from green hotels to camps.

As most of the other accommodation options pollute the country, you can choose to stay in green hotels to improve the environment. You will be able to get green hotels at a very low price in almost all cities of Slovakia. You can also book all of the different accommodation options using online services. Here are some of the most chosen accommodations by travelers during the trip to Slovakia.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are one of the best accommodation options available around the world that makes the country pollution-free. Tourists like to choose green hotels for their stay as it helps them to contribute to the environment of the country. You will find a lot of green hotels in Slovakia that come in between expensive to cheap prices. Like all the other accommodation options, you will be able to get all the facilities available in the green hotels.

They use recycled water, solar power, and many other eco-friendly methods to help the environment as much as they can. It is best to book the green hotels in Slovakia online to ensure your rooms and prevent any last time hassle. As an eco-friendly traveler, green hotels are the best option to stay in a travel destination to keep it safe. If you are thinking of staying in the country for a short duration, then green hotels are perfect for you.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you do not want to increase the budget and stay in the country for a long time like more than 2 weeks, then you need to choose hostels and guest houses. Hostels and guest houses range from very expensive to very cheap. Even the cheap ones offer great facilities that will make your stay comfortable in the country. This accommodation is very popular and available in Slovakia in almost all countries.

You will be able to find a lot of hostels and guest houses at a low price. You can even share the hostels with other travelers and get them at a lower price. However, these hostels and guesthouses get booked very fast in the country. You can book the hostels and guest houses online to ensure your room. It can be very hectic for you to book them offline after reaching the country.


If you are planning to stay in the country for more than 1 month, then both of the above-mentioned accommodation options can be very costly for you. Apartments are one of the best places to stay very comfortably at a low cost. You can rent an apartment from different ranges and with various benefits. Most of the apartments offer basic facilities and help to make your trip remarkable. However, the thing that makes the apartments most popular among travelers is the cultural reflection.

No matter which apartment you choose to stay in, you will be surrounded by the local people of Slovakia. Many local people rent apartments to stay in different cities for work or other purposes. It will help you a lot to learn about their traditions, culture, lifestyle, choices. You might as well as become friends with the local people and get a lot of information. You can book all the apartments online and offline using different services.


Couchsurfing has gained a lot of popularity in a short time in the traveler's community. Among all the other options, Couchsurfing is the only one that can help you to save a lot of money. You will be able to find a host very easily using online services in the country. Using this accommodation, you will be able to stay at the house of any travelers who are local to the travel destination.

The host provides food, shelter, and much information that will help you to stay comfortable during the trip. If you want to know the cultural side of the country very well, then Couchsurfing can be very helpful to you. Nothing is better than learning from the locals and getting some valuable information. Make sure to look for Couchsurfing much earlier than the departure date to help the host to prepare well.


Are you adventurous and like to stay close to nature? Well, camping is the perfect accommodation for you as it helps you to get the best natural feeling. There are many camping spots available in the country that you can choose to enjoy your stay. While some of them are cheap, some others are very expensive. These camping spots are located in different places in the country from the mountains to riversides.

Like all the other accommodations, you will be able to get all the facilities available in the camping spots. From the toilet to the bonfire, you will be able to find a lot of benefits in the camping spots. Some of the camping spots can be booked with the help of online services. It is best to book them earlier as they tend to get booked very quickly.


Map of Slovakia with regions colour-coded
Western Slovakia
the capital city, the Danube and other river valleys
Central Slovakia
medieval mining, national parks
Eastern Slovakia
mountain ranges with fairytale castles


  • Bratislava - capital and the largest city of Slovakia with a beautifully restored historical centre full of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches, houses and palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, pleasant cafes and lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
The city of Bratisalva, Slovakia
  • Banská Bystrica - was one of the most important mining towns of Hungarian part of Austro-Hungarian Empire; beautiful restored square, many churches, castles and museums and memorial of the Slovak National Uprising.
SNP Square, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
  • Košice - metropolis of the east, second biggest city of the country with the easternmost situated Gothic Cathedral in the World, the oldest European coat of arms, a great historical city centre with the Cathedral Complex, numerous churches, palaces and interesting museums.
State Theater, Kosice
  • Poprad - the entryway into High Tatras
  • Prešov - the best example of renaissance architecture in Slovakia, numerous churches and nearby lying Solivar which is one of the most interesting salt mine museum in Europe.
A view of the Poprad River, Slovakia
  • Rajecké Teplice - very peaceful spa town surrounded by magnificent Mala Fatra National Park.
The city of Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia
  • Trenčín - one of the most beautiful Slovak towns with a castle lying above the city overlooking the historical centre and the river Váh.
A view of the city of Trenčín, Slovakia
  • Trnava - the oldest Slovak town with the highest number of churches (12) and well preserved baroque architecture.
A view from Trnava, Slovakia
  • Žilina - Fourth biggest city with a well preserved historical city centre influenced by German architecture and unique museum of the tinker´s culture located at the Budatín castle.
View of the Main Square in Zilina, Slovakia
  • Kráľovský Chlmec - Small city in the heart of Medzibodrožie. Kráľovský Chlmec (Királyhelmec) is the most populated settlement of the area. The number of inhabitants is over eight thousand and lies at the foot of a former volcano.

Getting There and Moving Around

Before starting your journey to Slovakia, you need to know what are the options available to you for reaching this country from your home. Most of the travelers choose flights to visit this country as it helps to reach faster compared to all the other options. However, the other available options help to provide many different benefits that can help you to get a nice experience. You need to choose one of them based on how much time you have on your hand to reach the country and your budget.

Some modes of transportations help to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way. However, when it comes to moving around the country, you need to choose very carefully. Most of the available options are not that good for the environment and increase air pollution in the country. Try to stick with the transportations that help to keep the country safe along with helping your health. There are plenty of eco-friendly transportations available that come at a low price.


As mentioned above, air might be the best way to visit Slovakia from most of the other countries. The country is very well connected with most of the other countries. You will be able to get international flights directly from most of the countries. However, while the flight is the best way to reach different countries very fast, there are many disadvantages that you need to know before booking the tickets.

You will not be able to enjoy all the scenery that comes with the journey, and the tickets are also very expensive compared to other transportations. If you do not have much time to explore the country, then the flight is the best option for you to reach the country faster. If you want to get the tickets at a low price, then you will need to book the tickets a lot earlier. It will ensure your seat on the flights and get the tickets at a lot discount.

M. R. Štefánik Airport, Bratislava, Slovakia


Buses are known to be the cheapest way to travel in the country. You will find a lot of buses in almost all the cities of Slovakia. Most of the buses are very comfortable for the journey and offer the best exploring experience. As the buses are very well connected to the different corners of the country, you will be able to reach the famous destinations faster. Some of the best places to get buses in the country are bus stops and terminals.

You can check the timetable to know the timings of all the intercity buses. The best thing about traveling by bus is that it will help you a lot to know about the lifestyle of the local people. You can also travel to Slovakia by bus from most of the countries that are nearby. However, from most of the other countries, you will not be able to travel directly by bus.

Local buses lined up at the Autobusová stanica Bottova, Bratislava, Slovakia


After traveling by flights, the second-most chosen mode of transportation by travelers is the trains. According to many travelers, traveling in trains is a very different and unique experience. You will be able to meet a lot of people on your way to the country. Unlike flights, you will get to see scenic beauties throughout the journey as well. The fare for traveling by trains is not as high as flights, and also you do not have to stop in the traffic.

If you are traveling from nearby countries in Europe, then you will be able to get some trains that are directly connected to Slovakia. However, if you are traveling from a country that is far away, then you might need to take the help of different transportations to reach the country. Booking online tickets is the best way to ensure your seat on the trains and prevent getting your name on the waiting list.

A local taxi in Bratislava, Slovakia


Hitchhiking got a lot popular in the last few years among all the people for offering the best travel experience. People who like to have an adventure on their way to the travel destination can choose this way of travel. Compared to all the other modes of transportation, you do not have to spend any money on your trip to Slovakia by hitchhiking. You might need a lot of time to reach the country using this transportation, but you will be able to get an unforgettable journey. All you have to do is hike your way to the country following the high roads and get lifts from people who are going the same way.

It will help you to get closer to the destination and know many people on your way to Slovakia. Not only to reach the country, but you can also use this mode of traveling to move to one city from another to save a lot of money and ultimate traveling experience. While hiking your way to the country, make sure to search for lifts in places where the cars slow down, such as tolls, petrol pumps, and others.


There are many other ways available that you can use to get to the country and explore it. Although most of the travelers do not choose to travel using them, you will find some people who like to travel using them to get a good experience. You can choose to travel by road using motorcycles or cars to get to the country. If you are traveling from the nearby country of Slovakia, then it will not be a problem.

However, it might take a lot of time to reach the country if you are traveling from a country that is very far. Not only will it take a lot of time, but it will also cost a lot to travel to the country using cars or bikes. Still, the travelers choose this way to travel to their destination because of the experience. You will get a lifetime experience and get to witness some of the best scenic beauties on your way to the country.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is necessary for every trip to know the culture of the palace very well. However, you need to choose sustainable shopping instead of normal shopping as an eco-friendly traveler. Not only it will help you to get the best items at low prices and save a lot of money, but it will also inspire the local people of the city to adopt recycled and vintage items.

There are many second-hand markets, flea markets, and other shops available in the country that you can visit to get the best items at very low prices. Some of the items that you can get from these markets include vintage items, antiques, second-hand clothes, accessories, and many other things.


Recycling is one of the most important things in the world for every country to make the environment safer. All of the countries around the world have to take different initiatives to recycle goods and reduce waste as much as they can. Slovakia has not stepped back in the process and started its recycling initiatives that reduced the waste of the country a lot.

Both the governments and local people of the country have helped the country very much to reduce the waste and successfully run the recycling programs. The municipal waste of the country has been recycled a lot for the last few years. The recycling of municipal waste will increase by more than 65% by the end of 2035.


Most of the total waste of Slovakia is used to be dumped for landfill purposes. Like any other country in the EU, Slovakia also produces a very low amount of waste every year. However, the amount of waste has decreased even more in the last few years. The country has taken different initiatives to reduce waste as much as they can and prevent landfills.

You will come across many waste management methods in the country that will help you to know the development. Make sure to play your part very well to keep the country waste-free and improve the environment. Place all the wastes like food waste, plastics, clothes, and others in separate cans to make the country waste-free.

Work and Study Abroad

You will come across many foreign students in Slovakia who are pursuing different courses at very low prices. With the help of different benefits, many students are studying in Slovakia. Not only study, but there are also many foreign workers you will find in the country. Just like other countries in Europe, Slovakia also offers a lot of jobs to foreign workers. You can take the help of online services to know what are the available jobs and courses in the country. Here are some of the benefits that you will be able to get in the country as a foreign student or foreign worker.

Exchange Student

The exchange student is one of the best ways for foreign students to study in different countries with a low fee. You will come across many students in the country who are studying in Slovakia using the exchange student program. According to the program, you will be able to study in other countries that have a partnership with your university with only the college fees. However, you need to be nominated by the home university to get this program and study successfully in other countries. Make sure to ask your university to know which universities of the countries have partnerships with them.

Au Pair

Au Pair is one of the best jobs for foreign students and workers in their initial stage of settlement in a country. Struggling after visiting a new country is very common for travelers. Au Pair can help you a lot to reduce the stress and get shelter, food, and some pocket money easily. All you have to do in exchange is taking care of the house, old person, children in absence of the owner or host.

Not only it is beneficial for the host, but you will also get all the facilities available along with getting help with learning the local language, information, and others. Many students and workers from other countries take the help of this job. You can search for hosts in Slovakia using online services to get the job.


Volunteering is the best way available for you to contribute to the country. If you have some time on your hand, then you can take the help of this to improve the environment, study, keep the country clean, and others. There are plenty of options available for you to volunteer in Slovakia. You can collect wastes with local workers, plant trees in different areas, teach English to local people, keep the famous attractions clean, and many others. It will help you to get close to the local people and know them very well.

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