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Eco-friendly travel guide to Sosua advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

City of Sosua Aerial view

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5/ 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5/ 5
  • Parks: 4/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $350

Responsible Travel

You must have heard about the Dominican Republic, but we doubt that you have heard about or been to Sosua, a town in the country. It is known for its scenic environment as tourists visit this town to view its bay and relax.

It is a small town, so there should be no high expectations, but we assure you that you would have an enjoyable time.

It is best to travel in groups to Sosua as it is not always safe for tourists. If you are alone, ensure to avoid night movements. Being friendly with the locals will also help you to settle down without any issues.

Air Quality and Pollution

People love to analyze and know the air quality in a country before going there to know how to prepare themselves before arrival. It could be that there are things they would need to carry along if the air quality is low.

However, those who plan to travel to Sosua should not have any worries as the air quality is excellent, which is common with most cities in the Dominican Republic.

The locals try to ensure that they cut down on activities that will lead to air pollution, which has effectively paid off. Thus, you can breathe freely while in the city.

Respect the Culture

The goal of enjoying your time in Sosua is to have a free spirit, as that is the only way you can connect with the locals. It is safe to say that the city locals are generally friendly, but they would have second thoughts about a conservative tourist.

Although they love to have fun in this city, you must also be respectful as there are some boundaries that you should not cross. The locals do not appreciate it when a person is all up in their business, so you should be less nosey.

If they are comfortable with you, they will open up to you. Thus, it would be best if you go at their pace.

Top 10 Places to Visit

We will not have Sosua as a city of interest if there are no tourist sites. Thus, here are some of the top places you should visit:

  • Playa Sosua: It is one of the city’s beaches and a great place to hang out while connecting with others. You get to enjoy a fantastic view, and it gives access to an array of restaurants. You will always enjoy your time there.
  • Monkey Jungle: If you are looking for a place to have fun, this is one of the top places to visit in Sosua. You get to learn about the different species of monkeys and also get the opportunity to feed them. It allows you to do things you may have never done before.
  • Parque Nacional El Choco y Las Cuevas de Cabarete: We do not know how you feel about exploring and going on adventures, but it is something you should do while in Sosua as this place gives you the opportunity, and you will not regret it. By visiting this place, you get to explore a forest that has different walking and hiking trails.
  • Casino Playa Chiquita: Have you ever been to a casino? Why not visit this place when in Sosua? You get to have fun and have access to various women since it is attached to a nightclub.
  • Tour de Plata: To have a complete Sosua experience, you should go on a tour of one of its water bodies. The boat experience is a story you will share for the rest of your life.
  • Coral Reef Casino: One of the best ways to connect with a local is at a casino, and this is another option in the city. You will have a swell time at this place, so it should be on your list of places to visit.
  • Museo Judio de Sosua: The Jewish culture is one of the dominant religions in the city, so exploring one of its synagogues is not out of place. Many things will fascinate you about this place, starting with its architectural features. It has been in place since 1940, and you will get more historical stories when you visit it.


The urge to go out and explore is usually strong when you are in a new place, and you will be doing yourself a disservice to ignore it. There are usually many things to see, and you will get new information that always comes in handy.

Since Sosua is a small city, we would not say that there are many places to explore. However, you will have a pleasant experience as the tourist attractions they have are enough to entertain you for the duration of your stay.

Some people might fear that they would not know their way around if they decide to explore, but that is why you need to be friendly with the locals so that they can help you out.

City Parks

If you decide to explore the city parks, here are some of your options:

  • Sosua Ocean Village Water Park: We know that you would have high expectations concerning a water park, and we are pleased to say that your expectations will be met. The water park is suitable for all ages, and you get to meet new people. The vibe is usually pleasant, so we know that you will not regret visiting it as there are many activities to do.
  • Park Child Playground: Although the name implies that it is a place for children, that does not mean adults cannot hang out. The environment is usually peaceful and relaxing.

National Parks

You will sometimes see that a city also has national parks, and it will not be wrong to explore such places. A national park is usually a place of interest for the entire country and is managed by the country’s government.

However, there are no national parks within Sosua, so your park options are limited to only the city parks managed by the town’s government.

We are sure that the city parks will provide adequate fun that will make up for not having a national park within it. If you are still interested in seeing national parks, you can visit neighboring cities.


If there is something you are sure to see in Sosua, it is a beach. Thus, visiting beaches should be on your list of places to explore while you are there. Some of the beaches are:

  • Playa Alicia: The cleanliness of this beach is something to love as it is an added perk to the fun you would have. You will see many people at this beach due to its comforting environment, and you can make new friends. Looking at the water is also a relaxing feeling.
  • Sosua Beach: It is one of the famous beaches in the city and a place where you would see fellow foreigners. It also allows you to engage in many activities.
Sosua Beach


A landmark could be a statue or building, or any other factor, but it needs to be unique to catch the eyes from a distance. People should be able to use it as an identifying factor while trying to trace a place.

People are usually assured that they can navigate around a city once the city has landmarks. Thus, it is not out of place when we see tourists asking questions about the Sosua’s landmarks.

One of the most outstanding landmarks in the city is Virgin Altagracia, a catholic statue that people can see from a distance. The locals describe it as a historic landmark.


Museums are on our list of places that foreigners love to explore as we have noticed that most tourists have a curious mindset, pushing them to want to get more information about the city. After all, knowledge and information are some of the greatest weapons a person can have.

There is no better place to get information about a city or country than at a museum, so you should have visiting museums on your list of places to explore.

One of the museums you can visit in Sosua is Mundo King Art Museum. You will see different sculpture arts at this place with stories that allows you to see things from another perspective. This museum has a top reputation in the city.


We know that it is impossible to visit a place without eating, so we would highlight some of the top local meals you can get in Sosua. You should know that any of the highlighted traditional meals are foods you can get in other Dominican Republic cities as they are peculiar in the country.

While in Sosua, you should ensure to taste Sancocho before leaving. It is a type of soup prepared with vegetables and an assortment of meat. It would always leave your tastebuds craving for more due to its deliciousness.

Bacalao is also a part of the traditional local meals you can get, with cod and potatoes as its components. It is typically for seafood lovers.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some of the best traditional restaurants that give access to the best local meals in Sosua:

  • Restaurant Maria: How do you feel about eating at a place that gives an oceanic view? We know that it is something that many people fantasize about, so you should visit this place when you are in Sosua. The meals are always delicious, and the pleasing environment helps to relax the mind. They have a rich menu, and the staff are always on standby to help you decide.
  • Hispanola Diners Club: There is always a warm feeling when you step into this place as the owners are welcoming and friendly. Their meals are also tasty, and you might not want to stop ordering after tasting any of them.

Vegetarian and Vegan

The same way a person would check for restaurants in Sosua is the same way vegans would be on the lookout for restaurants that suits their preference. Thankfully, there are vegetarian restaurants in the city, so there would be no issues.

Some of them are:

  • Fresh Fresh Café: you are assured of eating healthy food options whenever you visit and buy from this restaurant. Although it can be classified as a vegan restaurant, that does not mean that non-vegans cannot eat the meals. They have an array of options that are void of artificial ingredients, and they are always yummy. Eating at this place would always give you value for your money.

Street Food

It will not be right to mention the different local meals in Sosua without talking about street foods as they are the top choices of some people. If you are wonder why they are called street food, it is because they are quick to get as you can buy them from kiosks on the street.

If you love to eat chicken and cheese, you should try Empanadas while in the city. You can eat many of it at once without realizing it.

You can also try their version of meatballs called Quipes. You can eat it and not feel hungry anytime soon as it is filling. There are also other street food options to enjoy in the city.


We know that many people who travel to a new place would also want to try the city’s drinks.

You will notice that many of the locals are coffee lovers, so it should not be surprising that this is one of the top drinks you will see. They typically like their coffee to be strong, so you would see black coffee.

If you are looking for an alcoholic drink option, you should try mamajuana. It is a combination of rum, red wine, and honey. It has a unique and irresistible taste.

You will also see different beer options in the country, so you are well covered when it concerns Sosua drinks.


The same way people are concerned about the air quality of different cities is also how they show concern about the tap water in the city they desire to visit. They love to have adequate information so that they would not drink the water if it is portable.

We know that those traveling to Sosua would also be interested in this information. We cannot say that tap water in Sosua is portable, but we cannot say that it is not portable.

It is kind of in between, but it would be best to take precautions by boiling or filtering the water before drinking. You can also decide to stick to buying bottled water.

Organic Cafés

It could be that you already have an idea of what to expect from an organic café from its name as it is where people go to eat healthily. Their menu is always of high quality.

Some of the organic cafes in Sosua are:

  • Helados Bon: It is an ice-cream shop in the town where you can get healthy snacks. People love to visit this place due to its coziness, and we know that you will get a pleasant and welcoming experience. You should add it to your list of places to visit.
  • Plan B Café and Bar: Asides from the fact that they have an array of food items, it also lets you connect with others as there is a karaoke provision to keep the place lively.


One cannot talk about the drinks in a city without mentioning its breweries. Understandably, it is not every town that has a brewery, but Sosua is amongst the lucky few.

Once there is a brewery in a city, you know that you will not run out of drinks, especially beer. It is why we earlier noted that beers are amongst the top local drinks in Sosua.

Laguna SOV is a brewery in Sosua, but it goes further as it presents itself as a place where both children and adults can hang out. Many fun activities happen at this place, so you should not miss visiting it.


We earlier mentioned that beaches are amongst the major highlights in Sosua, assuring you that there are many water bodies in the city. Thus, you know that engaging in water activities are amongst the activities you can do to keep busy.

When you think of water activities, fishing and kayaking should be some of the options that come to your mind, and it is possible to engage in them in Sosua.

These activities are not strange to the locals, so you need to be friendly with them so that they can always carry you along. Allow us to assure you that you will have nothing short of a pleasant experience.

Yoga and Retreats

When talking about popular activities in Sosua that people engage in to keep busy, it will be wrong of us not to mention yoga. This is an increasing famous activity worldwide, and the people of Sosua are yoga enthusiasts.

You will notice many yoga studios in the city, and some people organize yoga retreats. If you are a yogi, we know that this would interest you, and we encourage you to go on one of the retreats to connect with people with like minds.

Yoga retreats in Sosua are usually fun, and you will some new tricks of the city that helps people to survive their stay.


It could be that you are visiting a new city because you know someone there. In such a case, accommodation would not be an issue. However, those who do not have anyone would have to sort out accommodation plans, and it becomes a hassle when you delay.

We usually advocate that people make accommodation plans early to avoid flops. By doing this, you are avoiding situations where you become stranded in a foreign land.

To make accommodation plans, you need to research the various available accommodation types and their prices. It enables you to make a comparison with your budget and pick a favorable one to make bookings.

Green Hotels

A green hotel is one of the sustainable options you have when it concerns accommodation as it ensures that you are eco-friendly while in the city.

One of the green hotels in Sosua is:

  • Casa Valeria Boutique Hotel: It usually interests people to know that there is a pool at this hotel, so you have a place to cool off and interact with others. Its restaurant and bar also serve as great interaction points. There are many facilities at this hotel that provides a comfortable stay, and you also get to engage in fun activities with fellow lodgers. There are no limitations to what you can enjoy as a guest at this hotel.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses also come in as feasible accommodation ideas. You can either get a single room or share a room with strangers if you are travelling alone. However, it is always conducive.

One of the options under this accommodation type in Sosua is:

  • VLC Guesthouse Sosua: You will enjoy access to the pool and Wi-Fi when you lodge at this guesthouse. There is also a kitchen, in case you want to prepare any meal. There is a certain pleasantness you will feel as you step into this guest house, assuring you of adequate comfort always. It should be an option on your list.


If we do not add staying at an apartment to our list of accommodation types in Sosua, our list would be incomplete. People say that you will enjoy adequate comfort at an apartment, and we can say that they are not far from the truth.

An apartment is usually built to be similar to home, so you can search for one to stay in the city. It may sometimes be more expensive than other accommodation types, but it is some people’s preference.

  • Casa Lilly: The location of this place is strategic, so you can easily navigate other areas of the city. The owners of this place are always welcoming and ready to help a foreigner. It is clean and conducive, so there is no reason why you would not want to lodge at this place.


By accepting the idea of Couchsurfing, you agree to accept the locals’ lifestyle as you get to share their homes while in the city. Couchsurfing allows you to have free accommodation, but it comes at the expense of your privacy.

Some of the locals are usually accommodating and would open up their homes to foreigners. When this happens, you should be ready to collaborate and have a common ground so that living would be peaceful.

You get to have deeper insights into certain cultures and traditions of the city when you stay with a local, and we know that it can be a thrilling experience.


What do you think about camping? Is it an activity you would love to do in a new place? If yes, why not try camping when you visit Sosua?

You will see many campgrounds in the city, although camping does not need to be limited to campgrounds alone. It depends on your preference, but it is an experience and activity that helps one have a closer bond with the locals.

You will hear hilarious stories about the city, and you will have fun. If exploring the outdoors sounds like something you love doing, there is no reason why you should not join a camping team when in Sosua.

How to Get There

One important aspect of traveling is knowing how to reach your location, as it gets frustrating when you do not know the direction to head or what transport you are meant to use.

No one fancies going to the wrong location as it would be a wastage of funds, and it would disrupt all the plans made. Thus, you need to know how to get there.

Those traveling to Sosua should ask questions to know the means of transport that works from their location to destination, as it would be wrong to make assumptions. Once you have adequate knowledge about the transport means, you can choose your preference.


It is not out of place if people decide to use air to get to Sosua as it is the fastest means of transportation, and no one likes to spend many hours before arriving at their destination.

If there is a direct flight from your location to Puerto Plata airport, you are in luck as that is the closest airport to Sosua. However, people complain about the difficulty of getting such a flight.

Some people might fly to any city in the Dominican Republic and use a bus or car to Sosua. Whatever the case may be, the important aspect is that one can use air to the Sosua, so you should make plans towards it if that is your preference.


Those who do not mind traveling by road do not mind using the bus option. We doubt that you would see a bus from your country or city that goes directly to Sousa, so this option’s feasibility level is low. However, that does not mean that it is impossible.

Since there is a good road connection, those who stay in countries close to the Dominican Republic have a higher chance of using a bus to Sosua.

If you are already within the Dominican Republic, you know that you will get buses that would take you to Sosua. Thus, your proximity determines if you can use a bus to the city or not.


Some people love to use a train because it gives them more opportunities to appreciate nature while traveling. However, others do not like it because it is slow.

One can only use a train when there is a rail, but since there is no railway in Sosua, so using this option would not be possible.

This would be disappointing to some people, but it should not spoil your travel plans as you can use other available means of transportation. With time, there may be hopes for a railway to ensure that the thought of using a train to reach Sosua is possible. For now, we have to stick with other options.


If you are still thinking of a way to reach Sosua, we would suggest hitchhiking. However, this option might not be feasible from your home country as we cannot determine the ease rate at which you would see someone going to Sosua.

The idea of hitchhiking entails getting a ride, and people typically stand on the road, flagging down a driver, hoping to get a free ride.

If you want to try this idea, we would say that you should first find a way of getting to the Dominican Republic. Once you are within the country, we know that you can get a driver who would take you to Sosua for free.


One would think that since there are many water bodies in Sosua, it would be easy to get a ship that would take you to the city. However, you will be disappointed as we know that you would not get from when you check.

The water bodies serve leisure than transportation purposes. If you are looking for ways to enter the city, you should stick with other available options.

Using a ship to Sosua, and we tell foreigners to discard that idea. We are not saying that it would not be possible, but we are hopeful as it has not come to play yet, and it would be wrong to give people false hope.

Moving Around

The issues surrounding transportation do not end when you find a way of getting into the city as you also need to understand the different means of moving around. Thus, more research needs to be done.

You need to know the dos and don’ts that surrounds moving around in your new city so that you would not encounter any issues. When you know the various transport means, you get to choose the one you prefer and plan towards it before getting to the city.

This way, you will not be looking lost when you need to get from one place to another while in the new city.


Some people would say that walking is a perfect form of moving around a city, and we agree with them, especially when it concerns small cities like Sosua.

You get to see many sights and relax while walking. If you are not rushing to a place, we would advise that you walk down there. After all, everyone needs exercise at different times.


You will see people cycling around the city, making us agree that using a bicycle is a means of moving around in Sosua.

You would typically have to rent the bicycle, and you would see different bicycle rentals around the city.

Although there are no mapped out cycling areas at all points in the city, you will see them at some places. Always ensure to be safe while cycling.

Electronic Vehicles

We cannot say that it is a trend to use electronic vehicles in Sosua, so we do not know if you can use any of them.

If you can bring yours to the city, we are sure that you would get a permit to use it. However, if you plan on getting from a rental shop, it would be more difficult.

Public Bus

There are public buses in Sosua, and they serve as the popular means of moving around. You can use them within the city and also use them to travel between towns in the country.

The fares of the public buses are usually not high, so it comes in handy. If you do not know how to use the system, you should ask a local for guidance.

Tram, Train and Subway

Earlier, we stated that there are no railways in Sosua, so one cannot use a train to get into the city. Since there is this knowledge, you should also know that this method is not a feasible means of moving around.

The thought of using a train around the city would only work out when railways are constructed. However, you can pitch this idea when in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

We do not know what comes to mind when you see sustainable shopping, but it is a means of patronizing local businesses to ‘sustain’ them.

The idea is to boost the locals’ confidence and sales so that they can be encouraged to produce more.

You may feel like it is not a big deal, but it usually goes a long way, so you should engage in sustainable shopping.

Food Markets

The best place to get fresh food items in any city is the food market, so the locals are ready to welcome you with open arms if you want any of their options.

You can be sure that these food items were sourced from the best and sold at low prices.

The market experience will add to your highlights in the city.

Flea Markets

Although Sosua is a small city, it should be a surprise that it has flea markets. The idea is to have places where everyone can shop, irrespective of their budget.

Some foreigners might feel out of place when visiting the flea markets, but the smile on the locals’ faces will wash your fears away.

You can also make bargains at a flea market.

Second Hand Stores

If you are looking to get some things but have money as a constraint, you should consider visiting the various second-hand stores in Sosua.

These stores sell different items, and we are sure that you would see what you desire at any of them.

Although you are on a tight budget, we know that you would still want quality things, and we assure you that the sellers ensure to sell only the best.


If you are an eco-enthusiast, we know that you would be familiar with the term eco-fashion. It is the infusion of recycled materials into the making of clothes.

Even if you do not know how to engage in the process, you can subscribe to it by buying these clothes. It goes a long way to show that you are a sustainable tourist.


You can see individuals going around collecting plastic bottles in Sosua, letting you know that these people are aware of recycling. The progress of eco-fashion in the city also gives it away.

Although there is no proper structure covering recycling, individuals do their best to ensure it is possible, and every tourist should also do the same.

This way, you are helping the city to become better.


When it comes to waste disposal, there is a proper system that covers all the cities in the Dominican Republic. Thus, we can say that there is an effective waste management system.

It also puts a responsibility on tourists as you need to avoid littering when in the city to not pay fines. It is a welcome development that other cities and countries should also emulate.

Work and Study Abroad

You will notice that the Dominican Republic gets many people when it concerns schooling, and these students are usually bothered about working as they need to pay their bills.

If you can remember, the Dominican Republic locals are free spirits, and students are usually allowed to work while studying if they can get a place and ensure that it does not affect their studies.

Exchange Student

It is normal to see international students in Sosua. For some, it could be that they are exchange students as their schools have a relationship with schools in the Dominican Republic, and they can be in the country on exchange programs.

These students are usually gleeful and have only nice things to say about the country after their experience. The exchange student idea is usually welcoming.

Au Pair

It is common knowledge that it is not always easy to get a job, giving birth to the au pair system. With this system, you can search for jobs on a website. These locals usually post these jobs.

We cannot say that the available jobs would always help to boost your career, but it is a great start as it gives you something to do and help argument your money while in the country.


We are not surprised that people offer to be volunteers in a new place as we understand that it could be their passion.

If you are interested in being a volunteer in Sosua, all you need to do is check for the available options and see if you can fit in any of them as it does not make sense to be a redundant volunteer.

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